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The Human Zoo

The Human Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1409020622
Author: ,
Publisher: Random House
File Size: 1306 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1630522


The Human Zoo by , Book Resume:

This study concerns the city dweller. Morris finds remarkable similarities with captive zoo animals and looks closely at the aggressive, sexual and parental behaviour of the human species under the stresses and pressures of urban living.


Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0316097438
Author: James Patterson,Michael Ledwidge
Publisher: Little, Brown
File Size: 1169 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7354721


Zoo by James Patterson,Michael Ledwidge Book Resume:

In James Patterson's pulse-racing New York Times bestseller, violent animal attacks are destroying entire cities-and two unlikely heroes must save the world before it's too late. All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling entire cities. Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a coordinated lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the violence to come becomes terrifyingly clear. With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late. The attacks are growing in ferocity, cunning, and planning, and soon there will be no place left for humans to hide. For 36 years, James Patterson has written unputdownable, pulse-racing novels-and Zoo is the thriller he was born to write. With wildly inventive imagination and white-knuckle suspense that rivals Stephen King at his very best, Zoo is an epic, non-stop thrill-ride from "one of the best of the best" (Time).

The Secret Zoo

The Secret Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780062003164
Author: Bryan Chick
Publisher: Harper Collins
File Size: 820 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4169390


The Secret Zoo by Bryan Chick Book Resume:

Something strange is happening at the Clarksville City Zoo. Late at night, monkeys are scaling the walls and searching the neighborhood—but what are they looking for? Noah, his sister Megan, and their best friends, Richie and Ella, live next door to the zoo. Megan is the first to notice the puzzling behavior of some of the animals. One day Megan disappears, and her brother and their friends realize it's up to them to find her. Their only choice is to follow a series of clues and sneak into the zoo. But once inside, will they discover there's much more to the Clarksville City Zoo than they could ever have guessed?

The Zoo

The Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0735233985
Author: Christopher Wilson
Publisher: Penguin
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4127198


The Zoo by Christopher Wilson Book Resume:

Patrick deWitt meets Catch 22, when a guileless young boy gets mixed up in Stalin's inner circle. There are certain things that Yuri Zipit knows: 1. That being official food-taster for the Great Leader of the Soviet Union requires him to drink too much vodka for a twelve-year-old. 2. That you do not have to be an Elephantologist to see that the Great Leader is dying. 3. Yuri's father is somewhere here in the Dacha. 4. It's a crime to love your family more than you love Socialism, the Party or the Republic. 5. That, because of his damaged mind, everyone thinks Yuri is a fool. But Yuri isn't. He sits quietly through excessive state dinners and witnesses it all--betrayals, body doubles, buffoonery. He's starting to get the hang of this politics thing, but there's so much to learn. Who knew that a man could be in five places at once? That someone could break your nose as a sign of friendship? That people could be disinvented? The Zoo is a cutting satire, told through the refreshing voice of one gutsy boy who will not give up on hope.

Jack at the Zoo

Jack at the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0593113926
Author: Mac Barnett
Publisher: Penguin
File Size: 390 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4308632


Jack at the Zoo by Mac Barnett Book Resume:

From New York Times bestselling author Mac Barnett and Geisel Award-winning illustrator Greg Pizzoli, an uproarious early reader series about a mischievous rabbit, a cranky old lady, and a lovable dog. Jack, Rex, and the Lady visit the zoo. But when Jack gets hungry, he sneaks into a koala's cage to steal some snacks. In a case of mistaken identity, the Lady takes the koala home and leaves Jack stuck in the cage. How will Jack escape, and will the Lady and Rex be happier with the new Jack? Welcome to the laugh-out-loud and irreverent world of Jack, a new early reader series by the New York Times bestselling and award-winning team of Mac Barnett and Greg Pizzoli.

Zoo Zen

Zoo Zen [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1622039068
Author: Kristen Fischer
Publisher: Sounds True
File Size: 854 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5336737


Zoo Zen by Kristen Fischer Book Resume:

You Can Count on Animals to Make Yoga Fun! What could be more fun for kids than to hop like a frog, slither like a snake, and roar like a lion—all while learning an empowering, healthy life skill? Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids is a delightful pose-along adventure for children ages four to eight. Young readers will join our heroine Lyla as she learns ten yoga poses from her friends at the zoo, receiving helpful tips along the way from each animal she encounters. Using rhyming and counting to make memorization easier, here is an imaginative book that combines the benefits of yoga with kids’ natural love for animals to create a magical learning journey that parents and kids can enjoy together. Ages 4–8

Put Me in the Zoo

Put Me in the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0375986863
Author: Robert Lopshire
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
File Size: 1307 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6629316


Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire Book Resume:

Spot believes he deserves to be in the zoo with the other amazing animals. In this Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss, Spot shows two young friends all the exciting things he can do with his spots. From changing their color and juggling them to moving them onto everything around him, you won’t believe what Spot can do. Beginning readers will be delighted by Robert Lopshire’s lively tale that proves there is a special spot for everyone. Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.

The Wildest Day at the Zoo

The Wildest Day at the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0141958421
Author: Alan Rusbridger
Publisher: Penguin UK
File Size: 633 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2106268


The Wildest Day at the Zoo by Alan Rusbridger Book Resume:

The loveable animals and their keepers at Melton Mowbray Zoo are back! Everyone has recovered from the disastrous weekend when the heating broke and Mr Pickles, the zoo director, asked all the keepers to take their animal home for the weekend. In fact, so much so, that a feeling of nonchalence pervades - the animals have been teamed with the same keepers for years and quite frankly it's become rather boring. So. in a bid to liven things up, the keepers decide to swap animals for the day and, as you can imagine this makes for some lively antics! Told in Alan's inimitable dead-pan voice this is another very charming and extremely funny story brought to life by Ben Cort's hugely imaginative illustrations.

There's A Zoo in My Poo

There's A Zoo in My Poo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1760982563
Author: Felice Jacka
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Aus.
File Size: 1446 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8943518


There's A Zoo in My Poo by Felice Jacka Book Resume:

There's a Zoo in your Poo! It needs a Zookeeper And that Keeper is YOU! Did you know that trillions of tiny bugs live in and on all of us? And there's a Zoo of bugs in our poo. But which are the good bugs and which are the bad? What should we eat to keep our good bugs happy and our body strong? Get to the guts of what you need to know about you and your poo. Professor Felice Jacka is a world expert in the field of Nutritional Psychiatry and gut health. Teacher and musician Rob Craw is a world expert at drawing bugs! They want kids to know all about the amazing stuff going on in their bodies. Get ready for a journey inside the most exciting of places ... YOU!

At the Zoo

At the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1534140344
Author: Czeena Devera
Publisher: Cherry Lake
File Size: 1944 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8613759


At the Zoo by Czeena Devera Book Resume:

At the Zoo explores the familiar sights and animals a reader might find at the zoo. The book utilizes curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading and uses the Whole Language approach to literacy, a combination of sight words and repetition builds recognition and confidence. Bold, colorful animal photographs correlate directly to text to help guide readers through the book. Book includes author biography and teaching guides.

Philadelphia Zoo, Performance Audit

Philadelphia Zoo, Performance Audit [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0788174363
Author: Jonathan A. Saidel
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
File Size: 413 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5646190


Philadelphia Zoo, Performance Audit by Jonathan A. Saidel Book Resume:

Focusing on the Phila. Zoo's operating results for FY1992 through FY1996, this audit was performed to determine if the Zoo was operating in such a manner as to ensure that it would maintain the current level of financial independence from the City and to identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs to help foster that independence. Identifies obstacles to self-sufficiency, evaluates the job that the Zoo is doing, and presents recommendations for improvements addressed at both the Zoo and the City. Includes responses to the audit by Alexander Hoskins, Pres. of the Zoological Society of Phila., as well as the City admin.

Zoo Day

Zoo Day [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1481427369
Author: Anne Rockwell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1212 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7199388


Zoo Day by Anne Rockwell Book Resume:

Soon to be a major motion picture, this is the first—and only—definitive authorized account of Neil Armstrong, the man whose “one small step” changed history. When Apollo 11 touched down on the Moon’s surface in 1969, the first man on the Moon became a legend. In First Man, author James R. Hansen explores the life of Neil Armstrong. Based on over fifty hours of interviews with the intensely private Armstrong, who also gave Hansen exclusive access to private documents and family sources, this “magnificent panorama of the second half of the American twentieth century” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) is an unparalleled biography of an American icon. In this “compelling and nuanced portrait” (Chicago Tribune) filled with revelations, Hansen vividly recreates Armstrong’s career in flying, from his seventy-eight combat missions as a naval aviator flying over North Korea to his formative trans-atmospheric flights in the rocket-powered X-15 to his piloting Gemini VIII to the first-ever docking in space. For a pilot who cared more about flying to the Moon than he did about walking on it, Hansen asserts, Armstrong’s storied vocation exacted a dear personal toll, paid in kind by his wife and children. For the near-fifty years since the Moon landing, rumors have swirled around Armstrong concerning his dreams of space travel, his religious beliefs, and his private life. A penetrating exploration of American hero worship, Hansen addresses the complex legacy of the First Man, as an astronaut and as an individual. “First Man burrows deep into Armstrong’s past and present…What emerges is an earnest and brave man” (Houston Chronicle) who will forever be known as history’s most famous space traveler.

At The Zoo

At The Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1620024195
Author: Kim Mitzo Thompson,Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand
Publisher: Twin Sisters®
File Size: 1720 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5750799


At The Zoo by Kim Mitzo Thompson,Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand Book Resume:

Children love to visit the zoo to see all of the animals. Now children can walk through the zoo and count from one to ten with lions, monkeys, elephants, kangaroos and more! Young readers will recognize word patterns and find it easy to read along with this vibrantly-illustrated book. And, aspiring mathematicians will count from one to ten and start to recognize number words, too! Learn simple Spanish words and phrases with the corresponding version En El Zoológico.

What Do You Do If You Work at the Zoo?

What Do You Do If You Work at the Zoo? [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0358335779
Author: Steve Jenkins,Robin Page
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
File Size: 1126 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 537917


What Do You Do If You Work at the Zoo? by Steve Jenkins,Robin Page Book Resume:

From Caldecott Honor–winning team Steve Jenkins and Robin Page comes an early introduction to one of young readers’ favorite places: the zoo! Going to the zoo is so exciting! You might see penguins swimming underwater, snakes sunning in the reptile house, or giraffes eating leaves out of high trees. You might even see people at the zoo, ones just like you! But what do those people do? Caldecott Honor–winning team Steve Jenkins and Robin Page introduce young readers to the people who keep zoo animals safe, healthy, and happy, even though they aren’t in the wild habitats they’ve evolved for. From cuddling a baby kangaroo to trimming elephant toenails to playing soccer with a rhino, zookeepers work hard and do some pretty wacky things to take care of the incredible animals we see. So, what would you do if you were in the zookeeper’s shoes? Turn the page and find out!

The Smelliest Day at the Zoo

The Smelliest Day at the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0141962348
Author: Alan Rusbridger
Publisher: Penguin UK
File Size: 1393 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8886891


The Smelliest Day at the Zoo by Alan Rusbridger Book Resume:

Slap bang in the middle of the hottest day of the year, the zoo’s drains have blocked up and there’s nowhere for the animals' poo to go! Mr Pickles the zoo keeper (who is looking distinctly green) must decide what to do with it all . . . Before the naughty chimps beat him to it!

The Coldest Day in the Zoo

The Coldest Day in the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0141958413
Author: Alan Rusbridger
Publisher: Penguin UK
File Size: 1371 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5610738


The Coldest Day in the Zoo by Alan Rusbridger Book Resume:

Slap bang in the middle of the coldest Friday of the coldest week of the year, the central heating breaks down at Melton Mowbray Zoo. The system needs a new flange but flanges can't be obtained on Fridays in Melton Mowbray, so Mr Pickles the head keeper asks all the other keepers to take the animal they are in charge of home for the weekend. The results range from disastrous to successful: when the penguin (who 'always hankered after the good life') decides to eat his tea in Mr Pumbles' bed, and the lion succeeds in scaring off Mr Leaf's mother-in-law to such an extent that she doesn't come back to lunch for three years...

A Trip to the Zoo (ENHANCED eBook)

A Trip to the Zoo (ENHANCED eBook) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1429109033
Author: Shirley J. Hewlett,Dale M. Hewlett
Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press
File Size: 1001 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7584344


A Trip to the Zoo (ENHANCED eBook) by Shirley J. Hewlett,Dale M. Hewlett Book Resume:

A Trip to the Zoo uses children's fascination with animals to teach a unit on the zoo. This volume includes poems and stories about different kinds of zoo animals as well as ideas for classroom activities and art projects.

Zoo: The Graphic Novel

Zoo: The Graphic Novel [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0316251143
Author: James Patterson,Michael Ledwidge
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
File Size: 1904 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4299106


Zoo: The Graphic Novel by James Patterson,Michael Ledwidge Book Resume:

The latest graphic novel by renowned author James Patterson leaps off the page and goes straight for the jugular! Animals the world over are setting their sights on fresh prey - man. Only biologist Jackson Oz has recognized the patterns in an escalating chain of violent attacks by animals against mankind, and these incidents are just the prelude to something far, far more terrifying. Now Oz is in a race against nature to try to warn humanity about the coming catastrophe, but is it already too late?!

Zebra at the Zoo

Zebra at the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 082344905X
Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
Publisher: Holiday House
File Size: 345 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6652934


Zebra at the Zoo by Patricia Reilly Giff Book Resume:

A broken fence and an animal on the loose take center stage in book three of the series from a two-time Newbery Honor winning author. Alex loves living on Zoo Lane, especially because he gets to visit his favorite animal in the world: the red panda. When he finds a hole in the zoo's fence, it presents the perfect opportunity to sneak into the zoo before school to see his beloved furry creatures. What Alex doesn't realize is that the broken fence will cause more problems than almost getting caught by the security guard. When an animal goes missing in the zoo, can he come clean about the fence? In this third book of the series, two-time Newbery Honor author Patricia Reilly Giff has crafted a lively mystery about conservation, animal care, friendship, and problem-solving. In touch with the programs and initiatives that today's zoos are undertaking, Giff provides readers with a fresh look at the work of zoologists. Charming line artwork by Abby Carter appears throughout and keeps the story upbeat.

Metamorphoses of the Zoo

Metamorphoses of the Zoo [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780739134566
Author: Ralph R. Acampora
Publisher: Lexington Books
File Size: 839 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9893371


Metamorphoses of the Zoo by Ralph R. Acampora Book Resume:

Metamorphoses of the Zoo marshals a unique compendium of critical interventions that envision novel modes of authentic encounter that cultivate humanity's biophilic tendencies without abusing or degrading other animals. These take the form of radical restructurings of what were formerly zoos or map out entirely new, post-zoo sites or experiences. The result is a volume that contributes to moral progress on the inter-species front and eco-psychological health for a humankind whose habitats are now mostly citified or urbanizing.