Told By The Pioneers

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Told by the Pioneers...

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Told by the Pioneers... by United States. Work Projects Administration. State of Washington Book Resume:

To preserve stories of pioneers, which had not already found their way into published histories and reminiscences of the State of Washington, a project was begun in the early part of 1936 as part of a Friendly Visiting Program to elderly persons receiving old age assistance from the Washington State Dept. of Public Welfare. Consequently, these elderly persons were interviewed and their early stories, which might otherwise have been lost, have been preserved as part of the pioneer lore of the State of Washington. Selected interviews and excerpts were chosen by the editors based on the most picturesque background and popular appeal for publication as Told by the Pioneers. The book states, "The originals [interviews] are on file at the State Library where they can be consulted for statistics and other data." However, WSL does not and has not had the complete collection of original interviews. The manuscript collection titled, Washington Pioneer Project Records and Interviews 1936-1937, consists of the original interviews that WSL does have that correspond with the book.

Pioneering Aviation in the West

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pioneering Aviation in the West by Lloyd M. Bungey Book Resume:

This is authentic, and very exciting, history from yesteryears. It ranges from the first, shaky, local flights through both world wars and onward.

Grandchildren of the Pioneers

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Grandchildren of the Pioneers by Marie Kramer Book Resume:

True, compelling Nebraska stories, including the Roaring '20s, Depression, World War II, and Blizzards of 1949 are narrated by the people who lived them.

Minds behind the Brain : A History of the Pioneers and Their Discoveries

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Minds behind the Brain : A History of the Pioneers and Their Discoveries by Department of Psychology Washington University Stanley Finger Professor Book Resume:

Attractively illustrated with over a hundred halftones and drawings, this volume presents a series of vibrant profiles that trace the evolution of our knowledge about the brain. Beginning almost 5000 years ago, with the ancient Egyptian study of "the marrow of the skull," Stanley Finger takes us on a fascinating journey from the classical world of Hippocrates, to the time of Descartes and the era of Broca and Ramon y Cajal, to modern researchers such as Sperry. Here is a truly remarkable cast of characters. We meet Galen, a man of titanic ego and abrasive disposition, whose teachings dominated medicine for a thousand years; Vesalius, a contemporary of Copernicus, who pushed our understanding of human anatomy to new heights; Otto Loewi, pioneer in neurotransmitters, who gave the Nazis his Nobel prize money and fled Austria for England; and Rita Levi-Montalcini, discoverer of nerve growth factor, who in war-torn Italy was forced to do her research in her bedroom. For each individual, Finger examines the philosophy, the tools, the books, and the ideas that brought new insights. Finger also looks at broader topics--how dependent are researchers on the work of others? What makes the time ripe for discovery? And what role does chance or serendipity play? And he includes many fascinating background figures as well, from Leonardo da Vinci and Emanuel Swedenborg to Karl August Weinhold--who claimed to have reanimated a dead cat by filling its skull with silver and zinc--and Mary Shelley, whose Frankenstein was inspired by such experiments. Wide ranging in scope, imbued with an infectious spirit of adventure, here are vivid portraits of giants in the field of neuroscience--remarkable individuals who found new ways to think about the machinery of the mind.

The Pioneers of Massachusetts

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pioneers of Massachusetts by Charles Henry Pope Book Resume:

Attempts to identify all the men who came to Massachusetts between 1620 and 1650, a period of enormous influx, and to follow them down to the time of their death with a genealogical sketch.

The Last of the Pioneers

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Last of the Pioneers by Keith Earnest Andersen Book Resume:

This story is unusual but true--as told by eyewitnesses or by those whose lives overlapped those eyewitnesses. The story is about the lives of four generations of ancestors beginning in old Europe and then coming to America in the 1800s with a wave of other immigrants. They moved westward, lured by the promises of homesteads. They became the last of the pioneers as they reached the wilderness frontiers of Canada in the far West. They had been held back by the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression but then escaped to something better in California. These family lines were linked by a trusted belief system that informed them and gave them hope. There was an unpredictable series of good things and bad things that happened to them on a daily basis. Their Christian worldview and trust in God saw them through these many struggles. Keith E. Andersen was born in Alberta, Canada, in 1932. He graduated from high school in Kelseyville, California, in 1949. He then served four years in the United States Air Force from 1950 to 1954. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters Degree, together with teaching and school administration credentials. He taught in the public schools for five years before serving as school principle for thirteen years. He served as Assistant Superintendent until retiring in 1990. He served for more than thirty years in public education. The author has served in his local church for over fifty years as adult Bible teacher, elder, deacon, and other roles. He is active in the distribution of bibles through Gideons International. The author and his wife of 58 years live in Napa, California and have four adult children and six grandchildren.

California Baseball: from the Pioneers to the Glory Years

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

California Baseball: from the Pioneers to the Glory Years by Chris Goode Book Resume:

Beginning in the 1890s, the book examines the personalities, schools, teams, managers, and owners that helped shape baseball in California. It provides an insightful history of the game from the perspective of the California minor leagues, particularly the California League and Pacific Coast League. While focusing on the lives of a select group of pioneers integral to the sport in the Golden State, it reveals a representative and interesting sample of the achievements, events, and contributions spanning a half-century. Frank Chance, Walter Johnson, Hal Chase, Mike Donlin, Charlie Graham, Hap Hogan, Hen Berry, and Cy Moreing lead teams including Santa Clara College, St. Mary's, the Los Angeles Angels, Stockton Millers, San Jose Prune Pickers, Vernon Tigers, Santa Cruz Sand Crabs, Oakland Oaks, and San Francisco Seals. We begin in San Francisco in 1897 at the genesis of professional baseball in California ' at the San Francisco Examiner Baseball Tournament.

Old Rail Fence Corners

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Old Rail Fence Corners by Lucy Leavenworth Wilder Morris Book Resume:

Old Rail Fence Corners is the story of Minnesota's early settlers in their own words--hardship and happiness on the frontier. These simple, direct accounts, collected at the beginning of the twentieth century, paint vivid pictures of life in Minnesota from the 1840s to the 1860s. A new introduction by Marjorie Kreidburg describes the life and times of the book and of Lucy Leavenworth Wilder Morris, its remarkable editor. Praise for Old Rail Fence Corners: "These personal anecdotes are the stuff of social history--the testimony of ordinary, everyday people, which, when pieced together, give us a picture of pioneer life." --Marilyn J. Lass, Minnesota Reviews

The Pathfinder; or, The inland sea, by the author of 'The pioneers'.

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pathfinder; or, The inland sea, by the author of 'The pioneers'. by James Fenimore Cooper Book Resume:

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The Knowledge That Leads to Wholeness

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Knowledge That Leads to Wholeness by Robert Lloyd Book Resume:

The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness is the first book to specifically illustrate how the major Gnostic myths underlie Jungs theory of individuation. It is a compelling and in-depth examination of a life-changing journey that begins with the author discovering the forgotten secrets of the Gnostics. These secrets are gradually unveiled as the author and his loyal dog, Gold, are initiated, each in their own way, to put the ancient knowledge into practice. Dr. Lloyd explores the esoteric side of Carl Jung and reveals the connections between Jungs pivotal theory of individuation, i.e. the journey to wholeness, and the powerful, visionary myths told by the pioneers of the psyche, the Gnostics. He details what happens to a person who is on the road to wholeness, how the person will change, and how a new divine-human identity will be born into the world as a result of undertaking this transformational odyssey. -KIRKUS DISCOVERIES Review - Did Carl Jungs principles of psychology have Gnostic origins? A Marine Corps Ph.D. explores the complex mystical possibilities. Lloyd splits his expansive hypothesis of the souls journey into three vital steps (preparation, undertaking and re-birth) in discovering Jungs path to wholeness. He credits Jung with saving his life by way of unlocking his imagination (the souls voice) and spiritual mindset. The author familiarizes readers with the Gnostic religious movement, practitioners of an intensely spiritual inner exploration, who believed that humans are not bound to experiences solely of the body and mind. His literary gift to Jung is these comparative ruminations, all exuding a great amount of imagination and provocative thought. Running parallel to the authors spiritually progressive interests is his adventuresome interaction with and imaginal dog named Gold, who discovers two seeds of knowledge. The first rediscovers the spark of divine life, whereby humans are one and the same with God, and the second amplifies Jungs individuation theory that the human ego must relate to the unconscious mind to achieve psychological health. Unerringly throughout his narrative, Lloyd grafts Gnostic myths with Jungian wisdom. He focuses on the psychic creator and king of the material world Demiurge in association with second-century Gnostic visionary Valentinus, whose tragic myth of Sophia tells of a restless female deity who travels outside of herself searching for wholeness rather than looking inward, and her ultimate repentance. Comparatively, Jung also writes of humans who restrict themselves to their five senses rather than tapping into the core strength of their imaginative visions where uncanny experiences might spring forth. As Lloyd (and Gold) survey principles of higher consciousness, the self, the transformative life-cycle process, and the concluding Syrian lyrical myth Song of the Pearl as they are juxtaposed against Jungs theories, the author also cites Gnostic challenges to contemporary religious beliefs as in the re-imagined genesis of Jesus of Nazareth. Most interestingly, Lloyd inserts Jung into his narrative to quiz his arbiters as to whether they have the desire to discover the mystery of their existence. Unfiltered hokum for some, but those who are open to it will find much-needed nourishment and direction for their searching souls. --Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 646-654-7277 fax 646-654-4706 [email protected] Visit

True History of Some of the Pioneers of Colorado

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

True History of Some of the Pioneers of Colorado by Luella Shaw Book Resume:

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The Pioneers

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pioneers by Katharine Susannah Prichard Book Resume:

The Pioneers won the Hodder and Stoughton All Empire Literature Prize for Australasia in 1915, giving its author one thousand pounds and the opportunity to launch her career as a creative writer. The book is set in Gippsland and based on the author's experiences from her time there. The Pioneers has been filmed twice, once in 1916 and once in 1926. A one-act dramatic version was first performed in 1923.Katharine Susannah Prichard was born in Fiji, where her father was editor of the Fiji Times, in 1883, and grew up in Melbourne and Launceston. After matriculation, she was briefly a governess in Gippsland and Broken Hill before travelling back and forth to London. In 1919, she married Gallipoli veteran Hugo (Jim) Throssell, VC, whom she'd met in a London convalescent hospital, and settled in Perth. Jim Throssell killed himself in 1933. Katharine was a founding member of the Australian Communist Party in 1920. Her son, Ric, was born in 1922. Katharine was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1951. In addition to her many novels, Katharine also wrote short stories, drama, autobiography and poetry. She continued both political work and writing almost to her death in Perth in 1969.

The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians by Henry Miers Elliot,John Dowson Book Resume:

This extensive eight-volume work was first published between 1867 and 1877 by the linguist John Dowson (1820-81) from the manuscripts of the colonial administrator and scholar Sir Henry Miers Elliot (1808-53). Before his death, hoping to bolster British colonial ideology, Elliot had intended to evaluate scores of Arabic and Persian historians of India, believing that his translations would demonstrate the violence of the Muslim rulers and 'make our native subjects more sensible of the immense advantages accruing to them under the mildness and the equity of our rule'. Volume 2 begins with accounts of the earliest inroads of the Ghaznivid conquerors, tracing the rise to power of the Muslims in India. It includes History of the World Conqueror by Ata-Malik Jovayni (1226-83), one of the main sources on the rapid sweep of Genghis Khan's armies through Asia. The volume closes in 1257 during the reign of Nasir-ud-din Mahmud (1246-66).

The pioneers

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The pioneers by H.J. Ruetenik Book Resume:

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The Pioneers, Or, The Sources of the Susquehanna

Told By The Pioneers [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pioneers, Or, The Sources of the Susquehanna by James Fenimore Cooper Book Resume:

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