The Turnout Queens

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The TurnOut Queens

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The TurnOut Queens by Fabiola Joseph,Christiana Harrell,Renée Wallace,Raynesha Pittman,Ben Burgess Book Resume:

Sodom and Gomorrah is Washington, D.C.'s premier gay and lesbian nightclub. Beyond the music, bottles, flyers, cages, and V.I.P sections, are the workers who keep the party going on and off the dance floor. Find out what happens once the last records are spun, and the drama follows them home. Sex, betrayal, lies, lust, and love, is never too far behind once these sexy employees clock out. Enter Gomorrah, and sit on the throne with the TurnOut queens. *** Flip Mode: Dirty With A Twist By Fabiola Joseph What happens when the queen's throne has been jeopardized ? You enter the flip mode! Monaco is used to having things her way, in and out of the bedroom. With a loving family and a career as a club promoter, which lends a helping hand to her overactive sex life, things couldn't be peachier. But when the charming, sexy, and challenging, Zora, enters the picture, the intoxicating cat and mouse games begin. Monaco soon finds herself face to face with the reality that her chaotic lifestyle isn't as perfect and fun as it seems. When both family and bedroom secrets are revealed, will she make it out unscathed, or will this turn out queen be dethroned by the flip mode? You Send Me Spinning: The DJ Diaries By Christiana Harrell Jia Lu{a.k.a}DJ Persuasion keeps the sexy ladies on the dance floor while spinning the latest tunes for the hottest club on the East Coast. She seems to have it all together when she steps on the scene, but there are two people who can send her spinning out of control. When a past lover turns her world upside down, and her best friend, who may just be a foe collide, Jia runs the risk of getting caught up in an intricate web of deceit. Will DJ Persuasion be able to spin her way to freedom and head down the road of self-discovery, or will she get caught up in the mix? Cognac: Straight, No Ice By Raynesha Pittman Coy, Gomorrah's newest cage dancer comes off as straight as the Cognac she sips, and was nicknamed after. Never in a million years did Coy imagine she'd be dancing for lesbian women to make ends meet. But there was no going back to the life she left behind in California. When she realizes she's becoming the olive in the lesbian Martini, not only does her curiosity grow, but she decides to add a performer named Ice to her glass. Some can't handle Cognac without a chaser, but will Ice be up to chasing her? Maybe: What's Your Poison? By Renee Wallace Tattoo artist and Atlanta native, Isabelle Turner, moved to D.C. looking to turn a new leaf. When she finds herself working for Bijou Desirer at club Sodom and Gomorrah, she prays that this new job brings an abundance of new opportunities. Could working the ultra-exclusive V.I.P section at one of the capitals sexiest nightclubs help her get closer to her dreams, and her dream woman? Maybe! Sinful Cindy: Can I Get A Refill? By Ben Burgess Jr Moving from one state to the next and doing various jobs from stripping to bartending, Cindy knew it was time to leave New York for a fresh start in Washington, D.C. After the last club she worked at was raided by the cops, Cindy's part-time lover, Janai hooks her up with a bartending job at the prestigious nightclub, Sodom and Gomorrah. Cindy hopes to end her nomadic lifestyle but, as her popularity rises in the club, and tension and drama builds, will Cindy finally have a place to call home? Or will she be consumed by her exciting new environment and wear out her welcome?

All the Queen's Horses and All the Queen's Men

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

All the Queen's Horses and All the Queen's Men by Chase Baldewyn Book Resume:

Follow Summer Lambert as megastore money paves the way to the top of the equestrian sport of competition show riding for her, and her daughter, Berkeley. With her plutocrat father-in-law, Rolf Lambert, as her money and power coach, and self-serving Denise as her trainer, Summer clears the path to the top of riding for herself and her daughter by eliminating any competition from the middle class riders. But without recognizing the essential worth of excellence, the vital strengthening effect of competition, and the fundamental interdependence of all classes in our society, has Summer really won? Or has Summer simply revealed the epidemic of lies and spin in our society, driven by the covert, greedy actions of the plutocrats? Has she simply exposed the existence of a new form of royal oppression in America; an ideology that is eliminating the American Dream and turning America into a two-tiered society of an upper royal class and a lower service class, rather than one with a strong, producer middle class?

The Queen's Secret

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Queen's Secret by Charles Templeton Book Resume:

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Ellery Queen's Eyewitnesses

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ellery Queen's Eyewitnesses by Ellery Queen Book Resume:

Gathers nearly twenty mysteries whose solutions depend on the accuracy, reliability, or honesty of witnesses

Beekeeping in the Tropics

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beekeeping in the Tropics by Francis G. Smith Book Resume:

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Cheap seats

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cheap seats by James E. Campbell Book Resume:

Cheap Seats is a thorough and innovative investigation into the electoral system's impact on partisan politics and representation in Congress. Campbell presents an impressive array of evidence, including both quantitative analysis of election returns from 1936 to 1994 and in-depth studies of several cheap-seat districts. He also explores the important theoretical issues of representation that cheap seats raise and offers several proposals to reform the system.

100 years of the F.A. Cup

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

100 years of the F.A. Cup by Tony Pawson Book Resume:

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The Ipinions Journal

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Ipinions Journal by Anthony Livingston Hall Book Resume:

ANTHONY LIVINGSTON HALL COMMENTS ON: Bush's legacy of support for Africa: "I was dismayed by the number of people who refused to believe that Bush had done more for Africa than any other US president; notwithstanding testimonials I proffered from renowned crusaders for African development (like Sir Bob Geldof and Bono) to support this claim." Oprah's school for African girls: "I applaud Oprah for founding this school for the same reason I applauded Madonna for adopting that African boy: She is fulfilling a need which honors our shared humanity in a way that few of us can afford, or are even conscientious enough, to do." Native Americans ethnically cleansing blacks from their tribes: "Indeed, I do marvel at this curious thing: that they would rather be condemned as racists for expelling blacks than be criticized as niggards for hording their gambling loot." French President Nicolas Sarkozy's love affair with the US "Sarkozy displays a Blairite affinity for America that any self-respecting Frenchman must find particularly gaulling." Bungled terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow: "Wannabe suicide bombers rammed their jeep packed with explosives into Glasgow Airport on Saturday morning shouting "Allah, Allah, Allah"-no doubt hoping to go off in a blaze of glory for eternal assignations with their apocryphal 72 virgins." Steroids in baseball: "In fact, steroid use has flourished in baseball (and other professional sports) pursuant to an open conspiracy among players and team owners to feed the gladiatorial lust of fans who want to see bigger, stronger and faster cyborgs perform for their atavistic enjoyment."

Historical Records of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Historical Records of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders by Great Britain. Army. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Battalion, 1st Book Resume:

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The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Laurelton by Roberta Kossoff,Annette Henkin Landau Book Resume:

When the 13 colonies declared their independence from the British, the area of Queens that eventually became Laurelton consisted of woodlands, ponds, and farms. This rural community gained some recognition when an attempt to build an upscale housing development for wealthy New Yorkers failed, but left in its place an elegant, new Long Island Railroad Station named “Laurelton.” In 1929, the stock market crash and Depression led New Yorkers to the discovery that home ownership was a thrifty alternative to renting. As Laurelton was a beautiful and safe area, real estate boomed. The neighborhood experienced a momentous ethnic change in the 1970s, and within 20 years 80 percent of Laurelton’s population was Afircan American and Caribbean middle-class professionals. Laurelton is in the eighth-wealthiest council district in New York City, and its reputation for beauty and community involvement continues.

The First of Foot

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The First of Foot by Augustus Muir Book Resume:

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The Law Reports. Queen's Bench Division

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Law Reports. Queen's Bench Division by N.A Book Resume:

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China Station

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

China Station by Mark Felton Book Resume:

The Author, who lives in Shanghai, sets out to demonstrate that the British military has been at the forefront of many of the great changes that have swept China over the last two centuries.He devotes chapters to the various wars, military adventures and rebellions that regularly punctuated Sino/British relationships since the 1st Opium War 1839-1842. This classic example of Imperial intervention saw the establishment of Hong Kong and Shanghai as key trading centres. The Second Opium War and the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions saw the advancement of British influence despite determined but unsuccessful efforts by the Chinese to loosen the grip of Western domination. The Royal Navys might ensured that, by gunboat diplomacy, trading rights and new posts were established and great fortunes made.But in the 1940s the British grossly underestimated Japanese military might and intentions with disastrous results. After the Second World War the British returned to find that the Americans had supplanted them. The Communists victory in the Civil War sealed British and Western fates and, while Hong Kong remained under British control until 1997, the end of British rule was almost inevitable. But the handover was a masterly piece of pragmatic capitalism and the former Colony remains an economic powerhouse with strong British influence.


The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

FANTASYLAND by D.J. Starling Book Resume:

Believe in magic. Put a song in your heart. Know the power of love. FANTASYLAND Won’t you come on in? Meet all the lonely people. Be there when they discover that dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Sandi... Shattered by a devastating loss, she’s struggling to move beyond her grief as she embarks on a new life. But when a charming stranger elicits a magnetic attraction, unyielding heartache overrides her desires and undermines her chance for happiness. Rick... Teen idol at fourteen, well-polished Hollywood playboy by seventeen, he enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle into his twenties. Yet he’s plagued by gnawing self-doubts and the fears they feed when his world is rocked by the sudden reappearance of a woman he had vowed to forget. Steve. . . Driven by staunch principles, he’s satisfied with the simple, quiet life he leads. He never could have imagined the twists and turns in the path ahead that will change him forever and force him to battle guilt and betrayal in his quest for his heart’s desire.

Who Said It Would Be Easy?

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Who Said It Would Be Easy? by Cheryl Faye Book Resume:

Who Said It Would Be Easy? is the story of a man and woman who rely on their faith in God to live and love, despite formidable trials and tragedy. Charisse Ellison is a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old single woman who is new to her faith, but convinced that her relationship with God is the only way to have the truly fulfilling life she desires—one that includes a husband and children. Stefàn Cooper is a thirty-three-year-old bachelor who has no desire to change his ways. Tall, muscular, and strikingly handsome, Stefàn is used to getting what he wants from the opposite sex but is intrigued by Charisse’s seeming indifference to his charms. The couple’s intense romance leads them on a journey that challenges the bravado Stefàn has held on to for most of his adult life and forces Charisse to see that God’s answered prayers don’t always come packaged the way we expect. Who Said It Would Be Easy? is a story that offers hope in situations that, at first seem hopeless, and shows that through faith in an all-powerful God, even the most painful experiences can culminate in true joy and peace.

Dazzling Stranger

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dazzling Stranger by Colin Harper Book Resume:

The guitarists' guitarist and the songwriters' songwriter, the legendary Bert Jansch has influenced stars as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Donovan, Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Bernard Butler, Beth Orton and Laura Marling. Unassuming, enigmatic and completely focused on his music until his death in October 2011, he remained singularly resilient to the vagaries of fashion, being rediscovered and revered by new generations of artists every few years. Born in Edinburgh in 1943, Jansch became an inspirational and pioneering figure during Britain's 'folk revival' of the 1960s. In 1967 he formed folk/jazz fusion band Pentangle with John Renbourn and enjoyed international success until they split in 1973, when he returned to a solo career. In Dazzling Stranger, Colin Harper looks at the career Jansch enjoyed, which has secured his standing as one of the true originals of British music.

The Bee-keepers' Review

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Bee-keepers' Review by N.A Book Resume:

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Mimi's Heart

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mimi's Heart by Olivia Wallace Book Resume:

The desire for freedom and desperate need to get away from her brother drove hairstylist Tameika "Mimi" Johnson to move away from her childhood home in Arkansas to the big city of Houston, Texas. There, she started her life anew and did everything from her work to her relationships on her own Terms.When tragedy strikes and her brother is found murdered, Mimi has to return to the place where she'd ran away from past hurts and now has to face them head on.When her childhood crush comes back into her life, secrets begin to reveal themselves from unexpected sources faster than she can handle them.Mimi is forced to face her inner-demons and figure out if home really is where the heart is

Looking for a Turnout

The Turnout Queens [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Looking for a Turnout by Joan Finnigan Book Resume:

Lowbrow. Middlebrow. Highbrow. Freeing the regional from the universal. Such is the poetry of Joan Finnigan, which has been collected, selected, revised, and revisited in Looking for a Turnout, her first book of poems in more than a decade.