The Reflective Leader

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The Reflective Leader

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective Leader by Alan Smith,Peter Shaw Book Resume:

Many people think great leaders are activists who lead from the front - but most are ordinary people who learn wisdom. This practical and inspiring guide shows how reflecting is the key to long-term effective leadership - both inside and outside the church.

The Reflective Leader

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective Leader by Raymond Smith,Karen Brofft,Nicole Law,Julie Smith Book Resume:

The Reflective Leader incorporates a contemporary view of highly effective leaders and describes a professional development process that targets central office and building leaders and guides them through the successful implementation of a Multidimensional Leadership Assessment System. School districts and schools need leaders who are adept at creating systems for change with collaboration across staff, establishing powerful relationships for work with those children entrusted to their care.

Developing as a Reflective Early Years Professional

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Developing as a Reflective Early Years Professional by Carol Hayes,Jayne Daly,Mandy Duncan,Ruth Gill,Ann Whitehouse Book Resume:

An up to date and accessible text that takes a critical approach to key themes within the early years, with a focus on reflective practice. The early years sector is subject to constant government scrutiny and policy review. Sound reflective skills can empower practitioners at all levels and the sector as a whole to respond confidently to change. In addition, the introduction of the new Early Years Foundation Stage has enshrined within it the concept of reflective practice and the new Ofsted inspection schedule highlights the importance of self-evaluation and of being part of a reflective team. The text examines theories and research into the nature of reflective practice, how it can be used and how it can improve practice and produce a more responsive and thoughtful, research-based workforce for young children and their families. A range of themes, including global childhood poverty, observation and assessment, leadership, and multi-professional working, are then explored, highlighting the importance and application of reflection throughout these areas of research and practice.

The Principal Influence

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Principal Influence by Pete Hall,Deborah Childs-Bowen,Ann Cunningham-Morris,Phyllis Pajardo,Alisa Simeral Book Resume:

Principals navigate the dynamic complexities and subtleties of their schools every day. They promote, facilitate, and lead efforts to achieve both tangible and intangible results throughout the school community. They fulfill a role that includes counseling, budgeting, inspiring, teaching, learning, disciplining, evaluating, celebrating, consoling, and a million other critical functions. As the principalship has evolved and grown, so have the expectations of it. With that in mind, ASCD developed the Principal Leadership Development Framework (PLDF). The PLDF establishes a clear and concise definition of leadership and includes clear targets that support the ongoing growth and development of leaders. Using the Framework, principals will learn to capitalize on their leadership roles: * Principal as Visionary * Principal as Instructional Leader * Principal as Engager * Principal as Learner and Collaborator The PLDF also offers 17 criteria of effective practice that allow leaders to focus on behaviors that have the greatest direct effect on the culture and status of learning and teaching. Coupled with the PLDF are tools for self-reflection that help principals identify and strengthen their reflective habits. Whether you want to develop your own capacities or support the development of a group of principals, assistant principals, or aspiring principals, The Principal Influence can help channel your efforts in ways that promote successful teaching and student learning.

Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations by Nick A. Shepherd,Peter J. Smyth Book Resume:

An organization operating in the twenty-first century is different from one that operated during the Industrial Revolution. Todays focus is on optimizing human potential; people are the enablers of most aspects of intangible value. People develop relationships with suppliers, customers, distributors, and other third parties through which work is executed. In Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations, authors Nick Shepherd and Peter Smyth take an integrated view of organizational performance that blends a focus on both outcomes and relationships. Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations suggests a framework for developing and applying an improved approach to organizational leadership and management. In addition to philosophy and conceptual approaches, it presents tested practical tools and direction. It also delivers case studies of organizations that have applied Shepherds and Smyths ideas and realized measurable improvements in the day-to-day activities of the organization, along with measurably improved outcomes from the organizational activity. Using over twenty years of practical consulting experience as well as careers in management, Shepherd and Smyth demonstrate how effective leaders can maintain a focus on organizational tasks and outcomes and do this while building and enhancing human relationships.

Spiritual Leadership

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Spiritual Leadership by Leonard Doohan Book Resume:

This book is a spirituality of leadership written for those individuals who want to integrate their leadership with the values of their lives.

Classroom management

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Classroom management by Len A. Froyen Book Resume:

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The Reflective Early Years Practitioner

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective Early Years Practitioner by Elaine Hallet Book Resume:

Shortlisted for the 2013 Nursery World Awards! 'The author offers opportunity to reflect upon experience and brings together reflective practice and work-based learning, aiming to support the professional growth of a reflective early years workforce' -Karen Ward, Senior Lecturer in Early Years, Birmingham City University Work-based reflective learning is a key part of the professional development of practitioners working in the early years sector. The Reflective Early Years Practitioner focuses on the practitioner's role and development within a wide range of contexts in this area. Informed by empirical research, packed with case studies from a wide range of settings and with points for reflection in each chapter, the author covers: - developing as an early years practitioner - reflective vocational progression - pedagogical examples for continuing professional development - study skills to begin reflective practice - professionalism and reflective leadership in the early years Vital aspects of practice, such as assessing and planning for children's learning, developing inclusive teaching strategies and integrated practice are highlighted within the chapters. This is essential reading for students undertaking work-based and academic study in early years and for those working towards post-graduate and professional qualifications. It provides readers with tools to continually practice work-based reflective learning now and in the future.

The Reflective Spin

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective Spin by Ai-Yen Chen,John Van Maanen Book Resume:

The new millennium brings with it new challenges and possibilities. A globalised world in which education will be the key to cross-national relations necessitates a fundamental understanding of the way education is practised in different cultures across the world. The Reflective Spin is the first book of its kind -- about university teachers, about professionals sharing their experiences in improving learning and teaching practices. The writers of the cases generously share their concerns, struggles, knowledge and insights as they examine the values, assumptions, presuppositions and perspectives about learning and teaching in higher education. Readers will benefit from this sharing of a new reflective experience in a multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-perspective context.

Schoolwide and Classroom Management

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Schoolwide and Classroom Management by Len A. Froyen,Annette M. Iverson Book Resume:

This book emphasizes the development of management skills across three major areas of teaching: content (instruction), covenant (relationships), and conduct (student behavior).It takes an ecological/systems-level approach to classroom management, especially in presenting schoolwide discipline policy and procedures. It also features a comprehensive chapter on communication skills which forms the foundation to effective management. It integrates theory and practice through in-depth examples in each chapter by presenting procedures first, then providing examples of theories. It also describes and provides examples of three problem-solving models to promote positive problem-solving.For professionals who want to learn classroom management from a systems level perspective.

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming by Simon Priest,Michael A. Gass Book Resume:

Through Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming, Second Edition, readers will enhance their understanding of this rapidly growing profession. The authors provide in-depth descriptions and real world applications of the technical, organizational, instructional, and facilitative skills that are essential to adventure leadership. They also identify what they call the metaskills that superior leaders use to combine the other essential skills seamlessly and effectively.

Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Becoming a Reflective Practitioner by Christopher Johns Book Resume:

From Reviews of the second edition: 'Christopher Johns is an internationally recognised pioneer of reflective practice in nursing and health care. The first edition of this book was an excellent resource and this updated version is equally impressive. This is a superb resource for nurses and all those eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in reflective practice. It is well presented, user-friendly and stimulating.' Nursing Standard Becoming a Reflective Practitioner is a practical guide to using reflection in every day clinical practice. It explores the value of using models of reflection, with particular reference to Christopher Johns' own model for structured reflection. Becoming a Reflective Practitioner includes accounts of everyday practice to guide the reader through the stages of reflective practice within the context of care, 'desirable practice', and the caring relationship. This third edition reflects significant developments in reflective theory and gives greater attention to different approaches to reflection including the use of narrative dialogue. New chapters are included on ensuring quality and managing conflict. Exemplars are included throughout and further references and reflected reading are included at the end of each chapter. Reflective practice is acknowledged as an effective approach to developing nursing care which evolves as the practitioner develops his or her own practice. This book will therefore be of interest to all nurses involved in developing their clinical practice. A practical guide to developing reflective practice Reflects significant developments in reflective theory Examines Christopher Johns’ own model for structured reflection Centred on care and the caring relationship Challenges practitioners to question their practice

The Reflective School Counselor's Guide to Practitioner Research

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective School Counselor's Guide to Practitioner Research by Vicki Brooks-McNamara,Danielle Torres Book Resume:

Provides a step-by-step process for conducting practitioner inquiry projects by collecting, analyzing, and using data, and offers guidelines for developing counselors' advocacy, leadership, and collaboration skills.

A Reflective Planning Journal for School Leaders

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Reflective Planning Journal for School Leaders by Olaf Jorgenson Book Resume:

This concise guide offers monthly themes for reflection and professional development, advice from award-winning principals, space for planning and goal setting, and suggestions for increasing parent involvement.

The Right Choice

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Right Choice by Ted Hutchin Book Resume:

The need for competent leadership remains one of the most pressing issues facing organizations. Introducing a powerful technique to help readers become better decision makers, The Right Choice: Using Theory of Constraints for Effective Leadership supplies the understanding required to manage effectively well into the future through the use of the coaching cycle and the reflection process. Using case studies, the book explains how to create a leadership culture at the organizational, team, and individual levels through the development of the flight crew, as well as how to link that to effective strategies and tactics in leading the organization forward. The case studies illustrate what leaders have actually done, what they’ve struggled with, and the importance of understanding causal relationships. Emphasizing the importance of consequences when making choices, the book reflects the author's vast experience with companies across a range of industries. It explains how to resolve conflicts and restore relationships through the use of time-tested tools, in particular, the cloud technique from the Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes. The book details a practical methodology that you can use in various situations. Through the use of the coaching cycle and the coaching quadrant, it provides a solid platform for any leader wishing to take their organization forward. The tools and methods described in this book will help you become a leader who engages with the people in your organization and allows them to choose to engage rather than be forced.

Effective Change in Schools

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Effective Change in Schools by Una Connolly,Chris James Book Resume:

Focusing on the Improving Schools Project in South Wales, Effective Change in Schools explores the process of successful and substantial educational change. The 32 schools which took part in the project all made significant changes in their practice in order to improve pupil achievement. This book describes and analyses the central features of that educational transformation process. The authors include: *information about the project, its aims and purposes *fresh and innovative perspective on the change process in schools and the leadership and management of change *examination of the key aspects of school effectiveness and improvement *description of the strategies adopted by the schools to initiate change and an outline of the issues that the schools faced as they attempted to move forward *consideration of the role of leadership in educational transformation and the essence of the successful leader. This is an invaluable guide to anyone endeavouring to bring about change in their own school or who has an interest in educational management and leadership.

As One with Authority, Second Edition

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

As One with Authority, Second Edition by Jackson W. Carroll Book Resume:

Congregations today face both old and often new, unprecedented challenges--spiritual, moral, technological, and economic--for which there are no easy solutions. Facing such challenges calls for pastors able to lead with authority in ways at the same time faithful to the gospel and appropriate to the congregation's setting and the issues at hand. Yet many pastors are unsure of their authority, often experiencing conflict as they attempt to lead. Others have abused their authority and brought mistrust and suspicion to ordained ministry, making it difficult for other clergy to lead. In this book, a new and revised edition of his earlier, highly regarded work on pastoral authority and leadership, Jackson Carroll brings together theological and sociological perspectives to provide an interpretation of pastoral authority as reflective leadership, a style of leadership that involves vision and discernment, and that is appropriate for the many roles in which pastors engage--preaching, worship leadership, teaching, counseling, and shaping the congregation's corporate life. In this new edition Carroll draws on what he has learned from many conversations with pastors and lay leaders since the book's initial publication as well as insights from others. He also introduces helpful new case material from practicing pastors and incorporates the perspectives of several recent leadership theorists and practitioners to deepen and enhance the discussion of pastoral authority as reflective leadership.

The Reflective Executive

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Reflective Executive by Emilie Griffin Book Resume:

This profoundly practical book is for businesswomen and businessmen who wish to integrate spiritual values with day-to-day decision-making, tight scheduling, and high-pressured management of multimillion-dollar responsibilities. Emilie Griffin--a veteran in the marketing field and the author of several acclaimed books on spirituality--draws on time-honored scriptural resources and management principles to unpack the spiritual meaning of executive life. Her central premise is that the spiritual imagination must be refreshed to see God's presence in the work itself--even the details. Her approach is wide-ranging, drawing on the poetic mysticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Teilhard de Chardin and the practical wisdom of such business thinkers as Peter Drucker and Rosabeth Moss Kanter. The Reflective Executive eschews dualism and provides spiritual insights on such themes as effectiveness, time, contribution, decision-making, setting goals and priorities, weighing failure and success, building on strength, and envisioning God as lord of the marketplace. The book also includes practical exercises and themes for reflection.

Transformative Learning in Nursing

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Transformative Learning in Nursing by Arlene H. Morris, EdD, RN, CNE,Debbie R. Faulk, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE Book Resume:

Transformative Learning Theory offers a uniquely inclusive methodology across all levels of nursing education for educators and students focused on common nursing arenas and situations. This is the only book to present practical, innovative strategies for novice and experienced nurse educators to apply Transformative Learning Theory in various curricula, courses, and learning situations. Geared for adult and returning students, the text addresses common learning issues from both learner and teacher perspectives, enabling educators and students to apply Transformative Learning to evaluate their own authentic transformation throughout their careers. Key Features: Offers a uniquely inclusive theory and methodology "Transformative Learning Theory" across degree levels for educators and students Includes practical learning strategies and activities for a broad nursing curriculum Addresses the needs of novice nurse educators with clinical, but limited pedagogical, expertise and experienced nurse educators seeking new frameworks and techniques Provides direct application for classroom, online, or hybrid learning environments Covers all aspects of simulation Designed for graduate nursing education courses

Designing the School Leader's Portfolio

The Reflective Leader [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Designing the School Leader's Portfolio by Mary E. Dietz Book Resume:

Provides collaborative, data-based strategies to help educational leaders construct portfolios and link leadership growth to school improvement goals. Includes a CD-ROM with resources, tools, and templates.