The Rancher's Secret Son

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The Rancher's Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Secret Son by Sara Orwig Book Resume:

His lover's little secret will change this rancher's life. Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Sara Orwig! Wealthy rancher Nick Milan's future was all planned: he'd marry the woman he adored and have a dazzling political career. Instead, their affair ended in bitter breakup. So he isn't prepared for the surge of desire when he sees Claire Prentiss again. Then he learns her shocking secret. Losing Nick once was hard enough, but now Claire's faced with telling him about his son. The scandal could destroy everything he's worked for. But their child needs his father. Could a happy ending still be theirs?

The Rancher's Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Secret Son by Betsy St. Amant Book Resume:

A Mother's Last Hope When her troubled teenage son is sent to Camp Hope, Emma Shaver is thrilled and relieved. The therapy horse ranch in Broken Bend, Louisiana, is well-known for giving at-risk teens a new lease on life. There's just one problem—it's owned by her old high school sweetheart, Max Ringgold, who doesn't know he's her son's father. Emma didn't plan on facing her past to ensure her son's future. But when old feelings for Max resurface, Emma must decide if she will reveal the truth to him and restore her family for good.

The Rancher's Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Secret Son by Barbara Dunlop Book Resume:

Rancher Eli Merrick has discovered a secret. It’s a sixteen-year-old secret, one with Merrick eyes, a Merrick chin and a stubborn Merrick attitude. Piper Beauregard knows that she was wrong to keep Tristen from his father. But her son had the power to hurt the Merrick brothers and split their family apart forever. Now the secret is out, and Eli is angrier than she could have imagined. After claiming his son, Eli takes him straight to Marietta, Montana to raise him on the old Douglas Ranch. Guilt-ridden at keeping the two apart, Piper knows she has to follow them. She’s still drawn to Eli's protectiveness, even after so many years, but will he ever be able to look past their history?

The Rancher's Secret Child

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Secret Child by Brenda Minton Book Resume:

Can he cowboy up for fatherhood? He had no room for love...until now. After meeting the son he never knew he had, Marcus Palermo’s simple life turns upside down. Complicating things further is Lissa Hart, the boy’s lovely guardian. She’ll help him become a parent—but falling for a gruff cowboy is not in her plans. Will she realize her future lies in Bluebonnet Springs with the rugged rancher?

The Rancher's Hired Fiancee

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Hired Fiancee by Judy Duarte Book Resume:

FAKE FIANCÉ E...TRUE ROMANCE! The Antonio Banderas look-alike standing on the porch in Western gear wasn't at all what actress Catherine Loza had expected. But when the tall, dark and totally irresistible rancher asked her to play the role of his fiancÉ e to get the local matchmakers off his back, was an offer the actress couldn't refuse. Brighton Valley mayor Ray Mendez thought he'd come up with the perfect plan. But as his fake engagement awakened stirrings of real romance-and real passion-he soon found himself wondering if he could persuade his costar to make their arrangement of convenience permanent. A proposal from the heart-and a baby on the way!-might just convince her that he was for real....

Like Father, Like Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Like Father, Like Son by Elizabeth August Book Resume:

Rebecca Worthen had fled when she had found out she was carrying Tanner Lathrop's child. Now on her deathbed she realized she had made a terrible mistake.

The Rancher's Rules

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Rules by Lucy Monroe Book Resume:

The millionaire’s forbidden virgin Grant Cortez is rich, famous and seriously sexy. But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever has, as her best friend he’s strictly a no-go zone…. Grant wants Zoe badly, but knows he can’t have her. When they’re forced to live together the temptation is too much, and so Grant imposes some rules—no kissing, and definitely no sex. But then there’s the best rule of all: some rules are just made to be broken!

The Rancher's Bride

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Bride by Tara Taylor Quinn Book Resume:

Puzzled by the hasty departure of his bride-to-be at the altar, Max Santana implores the Finders Keepers agency to find his runaway fiancee, Rachel Blair, and when he catches up with her, he finally learns the heartbreaking secret that has tormented her since college. Original.

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The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

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Cowboy's Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cowboy's Secret Son by Robin Perini Book Resume:

From solitary cowboy… To protective daddy His Texas ranch has been a refuge for Jared King ever since tragedy tore his life apart. But when the widowed rancher is reunited with the one-night stand he never forgot and meets the child he never knew existed, he quickly learns just how much danger they’re both in. Now, with Courtney Jamison trusting him to keep her and their son safe, will the city girl who invaded his heart stick around once the danger has passed?

The Cowboy's Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cowboy's Secret Son by Gayle Wilson Book Resume:

Mark Peterson never got over his first love, Jillian Salvini, who deserted him ten years ago, when her family left town in the middle of the night. Now, Jillian is back with her son, Drew--who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mark! Can old wounds be healed so that they may finally become a family?

The Rancher's Redemption

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Redemption by Kate Pearce Book Resume:

Family, community, hard work. It’s what always draws the folks of Morgantown back to the ranch—along with the promise of so much more . . . Widowed for ten years, now running the family ranch, Adam Miller is no longer the fun-loving guy who married his high school sweetheart the moment they graduated. His bitterness in the aftermath of her death even alienated his closest link to her—Lizzie Taylor, her best friend. But when Adam comes across Lizzie in a dire situation, he’s compelled to help—and finds himself with an unusual opportunity to make amends . . . A struggling single mom, Lizzie’s extremely wealthy ex ran out on her when she got pregnant. But now he and his family have decided to fight for custody of her young son. When Adam shocks her by offering to pose as her partner, awkward as it may feel, it’s Lizzie’s best chance to hold onto her child. And as they strive to present a united front, their old friendship rekindles, sparking an unexpected attraction—along with past hurts and secrets. Soon they realize they’ll have to find a way to forgive if they want to move forward—especially with each other . . . Praise for Kate Pearce’s The Rancher “Pearce’s fans and contemporary romance readers will want to pick this one up and read it to the end.” —Publishers Weekly “Fans of Pearce’s Morgan Ranch series and all who enjoy contemporary western romances will relish the love story.” —Booklist (Starred Review)

Cattle Rancher, Secret Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cattle Rancher, Secret Son by Margaret Way Book Resume:

He's the toast of Australian society… Cattleman Cal McKendrick is under pressure from his family to produce an heir for the magnificent McKendrick homestead that lies deep in the Outback. Then he discovers he's already a father! She's the mother of the son he never knew he had Gina Romano had loved Cal with all her soul. But in her heart she'd known she'd never be good enough for him or his society family—so she'd kept her pregnancy secret. Now that Cal knows the truth, he demands she marry him. But Gina wants Cal's love, not just to be his convenient bride.…

The Rancher

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher by Diana Palmer Book Resume:

DAYS ARE HOT ON SKYLANCE RANCH, AND THE NIGHTS EVEN HOTTER! New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer brings her readers back to Branntville, Texas, with Cort Brannt's story. The heir to the Skylance Ranch empire has women gallop into his life, but the handsome lone wolf sends them just as quickly on their way...until a pretty, vivacious neighbor appears on the range. Has the most eligible bachelor in Branntville met his match? "Palmer demonstrates, yet again, why she's the queen of desperado quests for justice and true love."-Publishers Weekly on Dangerous

Rancher's Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rancher's Son by Leigh Duncan Book Resume:

Sarah Magarity just broke the first rule of social work: don't get personally involved. But how can she ignore the orphaned tyke who shows up in her office on Christmas Eve? The chance to make a difference is awfully tempting. So's the rancher with the sexy smile who might be the boy's father. Still, Sarah has to be nuts to let Ty Parker sweet-talk her into a cattle drive across rugged Florida wilderness. Ty can't believe he might have a son to carry on his legacy. Still, until the DNA results come back, he isn't making any plans. But a strange thing happens on the open road. Amid rattlesnake scares and cozy campfires, he's growing closer to the boy…and to Sarah, the fiery redhead Ty can't keep out of his arms. They could be a happy family, unless the truth tears them apart….

The Rancher's Surprise Son

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Surprise Son by Christine Wenger Book Resume:

"Cody Masters always believed that nothing could keep him and his high school sweetheart, Laura Duke, apart. Not her parents, not town gossip -- not even a jail sentence! But when the cowboy returns home, he finds a new man in Laura's life: a little boy with all-too-familiar blue eyes ... Even though Laura insists a failed marriage produced Johnny, Cody isn't giving up on his dream of their family. The only problem is getting her to trust him again. Because Laura is harboring a secret that is keeping them apart ... but could also bond them, and little Johnny, forever!"--Publisher description.

The Rancher's Secret Wife

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher's Secret Wife by Brenda Minton Book Resume:

"After knowing the woman for all of three hours, soldier Reese Cooper married waitress Cheyenne Jones. She was pregnant and scared, alone in Las Vegas--and he was about to ship out on a dangerous tour of duty. But months later, Reese comes home to Dawson, Oklahoma, no longer the strong cowboy who vowed to help Cheyenne. Shrapnel and a guarded heart changed everything. But with a wife and baby counting on him, Reese is about to learn what real courage is all about"--Publisher.

Frank Norris Revisited

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Frank Norris Revisited by Joseph R. McElrath Book Resume:

The renown Frank Norris attained in his brief lifetime sprang from his compelling--and to many Americans startling--novels about people whose lives have escaped their control and have become grotesquely warped by the confluent forces of hereditary and environment. In the decades after his death in 1902, though, this broad appeal fossilized to some degree, and Norris's Naturalistic novels entered the domain of the literary historian, serving as benchmarks in the genre's evolution. Fortunately for this author of such masterpieces as McTeague (1899), The Octopus (1901), and The Pit (1903), a long-overdue critical interest in his writing materialized in the 1970s, since which time Norris has been regarded as not only an experimenter in many voices and types of writing, but also as a chronicler of a culture in flux. In "revisiting" Frank Norris--and appropriately so as America nears another fin de siecle and reflects on its sociocultural identity--Joseph R. McElrath, Jr., takes as a starting point Warren French's 1962 volume in this series and provides a complementary portrait of the artist. McElrath assesses the spate of relatively recent "historical reconstructions" of Norris's canon and finds a writer who, though at times transcendent in the Naturalistic vein, was pragmatic in his choice of subject matter and "not always grandly serious." It is in part the delight Norris took in parody, McElrath argues, that makes him still so readable. Norris is fittingly remembered as a Literary Naturalist, McElrath concedes, but only if this school of writing is understood as a continuum of the Humanist tradition, not a pseudoscientific aberration. McElrath contends that Norris's questioning of "Who are we?" and "Where are we going?" puts him in league with Thomas More, Erasmus, Rabelais, and Shakespeare--as well as with Emile Zola, whose novelistic trouncing of Victorian cultural values so influenced Norris's writing. McElrath concurs foremost with estimations of Norris as a touchstone of the changes in art and thought that made the 1890s such a paradoxical decade. Norris kept his finger on America's pulse, McElrath observes--from his luridly thrilling adventure-romance, Moran of the Lady Letty (1898); to Blix (1899), his partially autobiographical contribution to the period's love idylls, in which good young people triumph over adversities to know happiness; to his most widely read novel, McTeague, a frank, post-Darwinian portrait of greed, sexual arousal, brutal violence, and psychopathology among the denizens of society's underside. When Norris died at the age of 32, his contemporaries mourned the loss of, potentially, the Great American Novelist. In his insightful exploration of this complex writer, Joseph McElrath holds a mirror up to the world Norris depicted with such immediacy, and the images we see look much like the America of today.

The Rancher Next Door

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Rancher Next Door by Susan Mallery Book Resume:

Her Daddy said the Darbys were dirt... But to young Katie Fitzgerald, the sun rose and set on rugged Jack Darby. Jack was her childhood hero, her secret teen beau. But he hadn't loved her enough to leave their feuding families behind, and blinding heartbreak had led her into another man's arms–and 11 years of loneliness. Fraternizing with the Fitzgeralds was forbidden... When Katie returned to the ranch next door, emotions tore through Jack like a Texas twister. Anguish over her youthful betrayal, tenderness for her shy son–and a hunger so deep it hollowed him out. But hadn't 11 lonely years taught him he was a fool to love a Fitzgerald?

The Writers Directory 2008

The Rancher's Secret Son [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Writers Directory 2008 by Michelle Kazensky Book Resume:

Features bibliographical, biographical and contact information for living authors worldwide who have at least one English publication. Entries include name, pseudonyms, addresses, citizenship, birth date, specialization, career information and a bibliography.