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The Judge

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The Judge by Frank Sikora Book Resume:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., led the black drive for civil rights, but the changes he sought came largely in legal opinions issues by federal judges. Foremost of these was Frank Minis Johnson, Jr., of Montgomery, Alabama, who presided over some of the most emotional hearings and trials of the rights movement--hearings brimming with dramatic and poignant testimony from the black people who cried out for the freedoms that are the legacy of all Americans. Beginning with Judge Johnson's coming-of-age in the hill country of Winston County, Alabama, this book covers many of his notable cases: the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Freedom Rides, school desegregation, the Selma-to-Montgomery march, and the night-rider slaying of Viola Liuzzo, as well as Johnson's work for prisoners, women, and the mentally ill. Much of the book is comprised of interviews and direct quotes from Johnson himself, making this recounting of Judge Johnson's life dynamically autobiographical. Includes a new introduction and afterward by the author, Frank Sikora.

Convincing the Judge

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Convincing the Judge by Cecil C. Kuhne (III) Book Resume:

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The Judge in a Democracy

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge in a Democracy by Aharon Barak Book Resume:

Whether examining election outcomes, the legal status of terrorism suspects, or if (or how) people can be sentenced to death, a judge in a modern democracy assumes a role that raises some of the most contentious political issues of our day. But do judges even have a role beyond deciding the disputes before them under law? What are the criteria for judging the justices who write opinions for the United States Supreme Court or constitutional courts in other democracies? These are the questions that one of the world's foremost judges and legal theorists, Aharon Barak, poses in this book. In fluent prose, Barak sets forth a powerful vision of the role of the judge. He argues that this role comprises two central elements beyond dispute resolution: bridging the gap between the law and society, and protecting the constitution and democracy. The former involves balancing the need to adapt the law to social change against the need for stability; the latter, judges' ultimate accountability, not to public opinion or to politicians, but to the "internal morality" of democracy. Barak's vigorous support of "purposive interpretation" (interpreting legal texts--for example, statutes and constitutions--in light of their purpose) contrasts sharply with the influential "originalism" advocated by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. As he explores these questions, Barak also traces how supreme courts in major democracies have evolved since World War II, and he guides us through many of his own decisions to show how he has tried to put these principles into action, even under the burden of judging on terrorism.

The Judge and the Spectator

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge and the Spectator by Joke J. Hermsen,Joke Johannetta Hermsen,Dana Richard Villa Book Resume:

Since early texts as "Thinking and Politics", Arendt had highlighted the contrast between philosophical and political thinking and compelled herself to find a satisfactory answer to the question: "how do philosophy and politics relate?". In her last work "Lectures on Kant's Political Philosophy" (1982), Arendt analyses the "political" dimensions of Kant's critical thinking. To think critically implies taking the viewpoints of others into account: one has to "enlarge" one's own mind by comparing our judgement with the possible judgements of others. While thinking remains a solitary activity, it does not cut itself off from all others.The essays in this book address the philosophical and moral questions raised by Arendt's attempt to draw out the political implications of "critical thinking" in Kant's sense. In one way or another, they all address the place of judgment in Arendt's thought. Arendt's turn to Kant and The Critique of Judgment was motivated by her desire to find a form of philosophizing that was not hostile to politics and the public realm. But did she really think that Kant's characterization of the judging spectator pointed the way out of the opposition between the universal and the particular, between looking at things sub specie aeternitatis and looking at things from a political point of view? To what extent did she think that Kant was successful in revealing a mode of thought oriented towards public persuasion, yet one which retained its critical independence?Each of the essays wrestles with the complexities of a complex thinker. They remind us that critical thinking or Selbstdenken is among the most difficult and rare arts, even though it is an art potentially accessible to everyone. They also remind us that Hannah Arendt was a virtuoso of this art, and of how her example points the way toward a renewal of judgment as the political faculty par excellence.

You Be the Judge

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You Be the Judge by Joel Lurie Grishaver Book Resume:

Describes ethical problems from everyday Jewish life and supplies pertinent material for solving them according to Jewish law.

Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the Army

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Digest of Opinions of the Judge Advocate General of the Army by United States. Army. Office of the Judge Advocate General Book Resume:

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Doc and the Judge

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Doc and the Judge by Gary M. Granger Book Resume:

Friendship with the Judge came at a pivotal time in Doc's life; he quickly became the closest, truest, most generous brother Doc ever knew. They were a chemical reaction when they came together with a thought, an idea or a plan to pull off another coup. As the saying goes, "There's synergy creating energy that's stronger than the sum of its parts." That was Doc and the Judge, the Judge was fire, Doc was water. The Judge was all reaction and Doc was all control. Doc and the Judge redefined "business as usual." They didn't just "break on through to the other side" as Jim Morrison urged in his hypnotic sixties reverie they crashed and crashed on through! They made tons of money for the grey suits that supported and funded them, and a tidy pile of cash for themselves along the way. Though it was truly not about the money for them, it was about being "dudes." They defined themselves, daring the world to defy their ability to turn cultural trends into big money returns for the true believers who backed them. They never compromised, never shrank from a battle and never feared losing it all. Their business acumen and inherent credibility was inextricably linked to their integrity and musical and business authenticity. Doc watched over the Judge for his own good and the Judge knew and respected his faith. The Judge was a searing, shooting star flashing blindingly across the night sky and defiantly demanding acceptance on his own terms. The Doc executed the business and kept it real. They took on the world, bought and sold it many times over laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. They were inseparable during the decade of the 70's, Butch and the Kid many called them. The Judge always swore he ruled his court. Doc smiles at these memories suspecting that even now he's hanging out with God and is slipping a wickedly powerful toke or perhaps a St. Pauli's girl to the Apostles when the big "G" isn't looking.

The Judge

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge by J. S. Williams Book Resume:

Jail is a perilous place when you are a judge. Especially when people you convicted and cheated are locked up with you. But Bruce Evans is a man with a sense of justice and some freaky abilities. This is paranormal jail at its best.

The Judge

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge by Randy Singer Book Resume:

Previously published as The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney. When a brilliant billionaire is diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he realizes that all his considerable wealth cannot prepare him to meet his Maker. But he has an idea that might: he will stage the ultimate reality show. With his true agenda hidden, he auditions followers from all the world’s major religions, inviting them to the trial of their lives on a remote island, where they must defend their beliefs against spiritual challenges. Oliver Finney, a feisty old judge with his own secrets, is chosen to defend Christianity. As the program takes a strange twist, he quickly realizes he is trapped in a game of deadly agendas that may cost him his life. With Internet access monitored, Finney sends coded messages to his law clerk, Nikki Moreno. Aided by a teen crypto-geek, Nikki soon discovers the key to understanding Finney’s clues in an apologetics book Finney wrote and must race against time to decipher the mysteries contained in the ancient words of Christ before her boss dies defending them.

The Judge's Daughter

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge's Daughter by Lois Glass Webb Book Resume:

Set in towns along the Mississippi River, The Judge's Daughter is a mid-nineteenth century romance novel. Fanny Britton, headstrong but resilient is dominated by her widowed father, the Judge. To gain independence, she must marry and meets the "perfect" man, Joshua Devlin, who claims to read law. She is seduced and learns too late that he is a riverboat deckhand with ambition toward wealth operating gambling casinos. Now pregnant, she must marry him, satisfied she can coerce him into law. Judge Britton annuls their marriage. They remarry. Devlin wrongly believes Fanny's cousin, Alex, fathered her second child. He leaves, accepts money from her rival, BEATY, who becomes his casino business partner. He still loves Fanny and seeks solace in alcohol. The Judge attempts to have Devlin assassinated. Beaty saves him, ships another body, made unrecognizable, to Fanny as Devlin. Fanny, "a widow," is again dependent on the Judge. He is caught in bank fraud and flees with Fanny and her children. Devlin returns reformed and wealthy, locates Fanny and suspects the Judge is his assassin. Fanny protects her father. Devlin finally turns to a rich widow. Fanny then tries to win him back and at the same time save her father.

The Judge

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge by Paul Kengor,Patricia Clark Doerner Book Resume:

"Bill Clark was Ronald Reagan's single most trusted aide, perhaps the most powerful national security advisor in American history. His close relationship with Reagan allows a special insight into the President as well as other close friends from the earliest Reagan years: Lyn Nofziger, Cap Weinberger and Bill Casey. Also featured are the exquisite Clare Boothe Luce; the elegant Nancy Reagan; the mercurial Alexander Haig; Britain's "Iron Lady", Margaret Thatcher; France's wily François Mitterrand, the saintly Pope John Paul II, and an anxious Saddam Hussein, among others. With Reagan, Clark accomplished many things, but none more profound than the track they laid to undermine Soviet communism, to win the Cold War. "--from cover.

The Judge Lied

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Judge Lied by Yinka Bamgbelu Book Resume:

The Judge Lied: True Story “Someone must be trusted, let it be the judges.” –Lord Denning “Transparent, equality, and EXACT laws.” – President Thomas Jefferson In recent years, there has been a rising crescendo of complaint over the legitimacy – sometimes even the honesty – of particular judicial conduct. From political conservatives come charges that judges are overriding the will of the people as expressed in statute and referenda relating to abortions, gay rights, affirmative action, religion, and other subjects. From political liberals come charges of bias against women, sexual misconduct, harshness towards the interest of minorities, and forced imposition of deeply conservative political views. From both sides come charges of overriding the people’s views and protecting the professional politicians by striking down term limits. From all venues, even high-priced corporate lawyers, comes tyrannical and arbitrary conduct by trial judges. Misuse of position and even bribery are known to have sometimes existed. Beyond these matters, one dean of a law school’s thirty-four years as a law professor and litigator persuaded him that there is yet another problem, one that is widespread. It is that judges too often are unwilling to listen to facts or reasons. They start with predilections heavily favouring one side; predilections, which they, of course, deny, and then prove impervious to facts and resulting reasons contrary to their bias. When judges act on the basis of their prior predilection, ignore facts, and even make up supposed counter facts, they destroy a central tenet of the judicial system: the decision of cases based upon facts rather than prejudice. They also destroy faith in the judicial system.

The personality of the judge

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The personality of the judge by Bernard Lloyd Shientag Book Resume:

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Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do what is Right?

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do what is Right? by David Penchansky Book Resume:

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You be the Judge

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You be the Judge by Omar Cunningham Book Resume:

Brian Rodgers dreamed of becoming a police officer from the time he was a child. Struggling to earn a college degree, financial pressures forced him from school and into a job as a dispatcher. Contending with supervisors that are prejudiced against him because of his race, Brian suffers a series of career setbacks that frustrate and disillusion him. A long period of unemployment and near despair conclude as Brian finds employment as a uniformed officer in a town where racial discrimination is not a factor and his path to success is secured.

Here Comes the Judge!

The Judge Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Here Comes the Judge! by Billy St. John Book Resume:

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You be the Judge - the Whippet

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You be the Judge - the Whippet by Robert W. Cole Book Resume:

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You be the Judge - the Brussels Griffon

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You be the Judge - the Brussels Griffon by N.A Book Resume:

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