The Grace Of Dogs

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The Grace of Dogs

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Grace of Dogs by Andrew Root, Ph.D. Book Resume:

In the bestselling tradition of Inside of a Dog and Marley & Me, a smart, illuminating, and entertaining read on why the dog-human relationship is unique--and possibly even "spiritual." Dr. Andrew Root's search for the canine soul began the day his eight-year-old son led the family in a moving Christian ritual at the burial service for Kirby, their beloved black lab. In the coming weeks, Root found himself wondering: What was this thing we'd experienced with this animal? Why did the loss hurt so poignantly? Why did his son's act seem so right in its sacramental feel? In The Grace of Dogs, Root draws on biology, history, theology, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), and paleontology to trace how in our mutual evolution, humans and dogs have so often helped each other to become more fully ourselves. Root explores questions like: Do dogs have souls? Is it accurate to say that dogs "love" us? What do psychology and physiology say about why we react to dogs in the way that we do? The Grace of Dogs paints a vivid picture of how, beyond sentimentality, the dog-human connection can legitimately be described as "spiritual"--as existing not for the sake of gain, but for the unselfish desire to be with and for the other, and to remind us that we are persons worthy of love and able to share love. In this book for any parent whose kids have asked if they'll see Fido in Heaven, or who has looked their beloved dog in the face and wondered what's going on in there, Dr. Root delivers an illuminating and heartfelt read that will change how we understand man's best friend.

Stringbean and the Grace of Dog

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Stringbean and the Grace of Dog by Geneva Zane Book Resume:

Little Stringbean, coming of age in a strange yet strangely familiar small town. Grown from a seed and raised as a miracle by a warm but distant religious cult leader and his reclusive and deeply depressed widowed companion, Stringbean struggles with the challenges created by her outsider upbringing. In a series of delicately compelling vignettes Stringbean and the Grace of Dog vividly brings into focus the heartbreaking vulnerability of a childhood played out on the dusty stage of a ruptured world.

But by the Grace of Dog

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

But by the Grace of Dog by A.F. Henley Book Resume:

Thom Baron has been struggling with social anxiety his entire life. He's taken the medications, gone to the therapists, followed the programs, and concluded his best life is a solitary one. When he comes across a dog in obvious need at his local market, it rekindles the desire to have some company around. It may come with a dishevelled coat, a notched ear, and a refusal to respond to anything but its given name "Ugly," but it could still be a friend. However, Thom's new fur buddy has no such need to keep to itself and immediately befriends the man Thom has secretly coveted since he moved in -- Justin, Thom's gorgeous, bright-eyed neighbour. No matter how Thom tries to evade the man, the dog keeps drawing them back into each other's lives, and it doesn't take Thom long to recognize it's simply pursuing the demands of Thom's own heart. With the dog giving him the courage to try, Thom reaches out to return the love being offered. Until a stranger shows up insisting the dog is his and demanding its immediate return ... a loss Thom knows will take all of his efforts and newfound confidence with it.

By the Grace of Dog

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

By the Grace of Dog by Joan Ray Book Resume:

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The Social Lives of Dogs

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Social Lives of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Book Resume:

Explores how dogs adapt to life with their human owners, contributing to a comfortable environment by making adjustments, accomodating to newcomers, and forming alliances within the household's various subgroups. Reprint.

The Year of the Dog

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin Book Resume:

A special edition of a modern classic by the Newbery-Award winning and bestselling author of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon When Pacy's mom tells her that this is a good year for friends, family, and "finding herself," Pacy begins searching right away. As the year goes on, she struggles to find her talent, deals with disappointment, makes a new best friend, and discovers just why the Year of the Dog is a lucky one for her after all. This funny and profound book is a wonderful debut novel by award-winning and bestselling author and illustrator Grace Lin, and young readers will be sure to love and treasure it for years to come. This special edition of the modern classic features over 15 pages of new content, including deleted stories, a Q&A with the author and editor, photos from the author's childhood, and more!

The Hidden Life of Dogs

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Book Resume:

“A fascinating glimpse into the canine world, possibly deeper and more accurate than any we have had until now” (The New York Times Book Review). Long before the Dog Whisperer, anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas revealed to readers the nature of pack dynamics, leading to a completely new understanding of dogs, their personalities, and their desires. Based on thirty years of living with and observing dogs, The Hidden Life of Dogs asks one question: What do dogs want? To find out, we must meet the pack. First there is Misha, a husky Thomas followed on her daily rounds of more than 130 square miles. Then there is Maria, who adored Misha, bore his puppies, and clearly mourned when he moved away; the brave pug Bingo and his little wife, Violet; the dingo Viva; and other colorful characters. In observing them, Thomas learned that what dogs want most of all is other dogs. Informative and captivating, The Hidden Life of Dogs will give every canine owner and canine lover great insight into dog behavior. “A wonderful book . . . Too bad dogs can’t read. They’d be fascinated. Dog people will be too.” —USA Today


The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Stay by Dave Burchett Book Resume:

Amazing (Furry) Lessons from a Dog’s Life You’ll be enthralled by this story of a man and his lovable Labrador retriever, Hannah, and what their canine friendship can show us about life, grace, and long walks in the park. Hannah was Dave’s best friend. He couldn’t imagine starting a day without her tail wagging an energetic greeting, her body wiggling with sheer gratitude when her food dish was filled, and her unbridled enthusiasm for tennis balls. (How she fit three tennis balls in her mouth at once he’ll never know.) So when Dave first learned of Hannah’s cancer diagnosis, he decided to take whatever time he had left with Hannah to cherish the moments and capture his thoughts in a journal. As he wrote about his canine friend, he soon realized that Hannah was an able (and furry) mentor of faith, grace, kindness, and forgiveness. The lessons were invaluable: from being present to trusting the master. When Hannah lived well past the expected time frame, Dave started to see that the insights he was gaining were more than just journal entries about a family pet. Through Hannah’s antics, God was preparing Dave for life itself. You won’t want to miss this heartwarming tale of a dog who knew how to live . . . and showed her owner how.

Plenty in Life Is Free

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Plenty in Life Is Free by Kathy Sdao Book Resume:

In this new book, renowned dog trainer Kathy Sdao reveals how her journey through life and her decades of experience training marine mammals and dogs led her to reject a number of sacred cows including the leadership model of dog training.

Maddie on Things

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey Book Resume:

Features photographs of the author's pet coonhound Maddie as they road trip all over the United States, including Maddie standing on a horse, Maddie standing on a bicycle, and Maddie standing on the founder of

How Dogs Love Us

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns Book Resume:

A neuroscientist recounts his efforts to overcome administrative and behavioral hurdles to train his dogs to sit still during an MRI scan, an effort that produced evidence about canine empathy and the human-dog bond.

Common Man's Guide to Man's Best Friend

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Common Man's Guide to Man's Best Friend by Jonathan J. Cianfaglione Book Resume:

With dog training books galore, finding the right dog training book has become increasingly difficult. Yet, Jonathan J. Cianfaglione brings dog training to a comprehensible level for all ages. Intended to be an everyday dog training book for all levels and ages, Jonathan J. Cianfaglione does just that with "Common Man's Guide to Man's Best Friend: A Common Sense Approach to Dog Training." Using his cunning ability to take complex theories and distill them to an extremely basic level, Jonathan J. Cianfaglione points to common sense to break down dog training by showing parallels of our daily lives, and nature. Jonathan J. Cianfaglione's "Common Man's Guide to Man's Best Friend" provides a path to being a leader in the human-dog unit, consequently empowering the relationship between you and your dog. As one of the easiest to read and understand dog training books out there, coupled with the book's minimal pages, this book poses to be a must read for prospective dog owners, current dog owners, and to be passed amongst all members of the family to read. "Common Man's Guide to Man's Best Friend: A Common Sense Approach to Dog Training" not only provides a refreshing look at dog training, but also puts forth the challenge of commitment to dog owners. This book is sure to delight, and put a smile on every member of the household, including the four-legged family member.

The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God by Jep and Jessica Robertson Book Resume:

A Moving Story of Redemption and Second Chances Jep Robertson, the youngest son of Duck Commander Phil Robertson, and his wife, Jessica, open up about their personal trials, their early years together, and the challenges that might have destroyed them both had the grace of God not intervened. Jep describes being molested as a child and his reluctance to tell anyone until only a few years ago, his downward spiral into drug and alcohol abuse, and the eventual intervention of his family. Jessica shares about the difficult failure of her first marriage while still a teenager and the hurt that came along with it, much of it from the church. Her insecurities spun out of control as she wondered whether she would ever be good enough or pretty enough. This book is their love story but, more importantly, their love story for God. “We are desperate to let people know that no matter what you’ve done; no matter what you’ve lived through, you can come out of it. You can be washed clean. You are redeemed."

Part Wild

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Part Wild by Ceiridwen Terrill Book Resume:

Traces the author's four-year relationship with a wolf-dog hybrid named Inyo, recounting their shared journeys in the snow, her battles with fearful neighbors, and the wolfdog's ultimate inability to be domesticated.

Dog Stories

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dog Stories by Will Pflaum Book Resume:

Three years and one thousand dogs later, it's here: the dog camp book, DOG STORIES: Watch Your Step. Telling dog stories for years, I've heard over and over again that you should write these down. Well, now I did. What would it be like to live with 50 dogs? We sold our house in Park Slope Brooklyn and bought an ancient house with 15 acres and a massive barn in upstate New York. The barn became the home away from home for dogs from New York City, thousands of dogs (or maybe only a thousand) over many years. DOG STORIES is a collection of 15 humorous stories about dogs the situations you find yourself in if you take care of and transport hundreds of dogs over years. Your dog, or one like your dog, might be in here, maybe pseudonymously. One thousand dogs later I should be able to tell a couple of good stories. And here is the Glencadia Dog Camp guarantee: if you don't laugh once, out loud, while reading this book you are entitled to a full refund and a bone. Here's the ad: http: //

My Life in Dog Years

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen Book Resume:

Gary Paulsen has owned dozens of unforgettable and amazing dogs, and here are his favorites--one to a chapter. Among them are Snowball, the puppy he owned as a boy in the Philippines; Ike, his mysterious hunting companion; Electric Fred and his best friend, Pig; Dirk, the grim protector; and Josh, one of the remarkable border collies working on Paulsen's ranch today. My Life in Dog Years is a book for every dog lover and every Paulsen fan--a perfect combination that shows vividly the joy and wisdom that come from growing up with man's best friend. From the Hardcover edition.

Divinely Dressed

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Divinely Dressed by Penny J. Kendall Book Resume:

Divinely Dressed: Putting on Garments of Grace is a spiritual makeover; a transformative journey for God's woman to find her true identity in Christ; to see herself through His eyes, and to exchange the old clothes of the world for garments so full of grace that the image of His glory will radiate from her life onto those around her. " have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator." Colossians 3: 9-10Using Paul's letter to the Colossians as a guide, this eight-lesson study will shepherd those seeking individually or together in groups, through the important steps involved in setting aside the tattered, worn fashions which may not flatter the Christ-life, and replace them with qualities that compliment her so much better. She will learn who she is in Christ, and what garments best represent her identity in Him. She will discover how to put on the graces of Christ that will better serve to protect, identify, and beautify the woman she was created to be. She will walk away from this beauty consultation transformed, with a refreshed wardrobe that unmistakably reveals her identity as a daughter of the King.

The Year of the Dogs

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Year of the Dogs by Vincent J. Musi Book Resume:

From a labrador that likes opera to a tooting bulldog, Vincent Musi chronicled the character and personality of everyday dogs and compiled them into one gorgeous and captivating book. Discover the stunning collection of photographs that shows the majesty, playfulness, and joy that is man's best friend: As a National Geographic photographer, taking pictures of lions, tigers, and bears was a regular day's work for Vincent Musi, but in 2017 he gave himself a new challenge: dogs. Using the same lighting and photographic techniques he uses for his National Geographic photography, Musi spent a year shooting portraits of dogs and compiling them into a book complete with all of the tail wags, wet noses, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. • Features over 100 dogs in a series of exquisite photos with close-ups, profiles, and full body shots along with a narrative about each dog • Presented in an elegant package that properly showcase the vitality of Musi's photos • Vincent J. Musi is a popular speaker, National Geographic photographer, and owner of the Unleashed Studio. He resides in South Carolina With delightful and informative bios displayed next to each portrait, The Year of the Dogs will have you entertained and doggedly coming back for more. Makes an excellent coffee table book for casual browsing and to inspire happy conversations about dogs. The Year of the Dogs will be the go-to gift book for dog lovers of all ages.

Sammy Meets Grandma

The Grace Of Dogs [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Sammy Meets Grandma by Lynn Miclea Book Resume:

"Sammy Meets Grandma" is a fun and charming, feel-good story about the true joy of helping others. When Sammy is brought to a senior facility to meet Grandma, he discovers a whole new world in which to explore and play, while showing his loving and playful nature, his sense of humor, and his unique view of life. Join Sammy, who is at his silly, playful, and mischievous best. Can dogs dance? Is he able to catch a squirrel? Join Sammy as he has funny adventures while also helping and touching the residents there, bringing life and happiness to those who need it the most and making a huge difference in their lives. This is a sweet and empowering story, filled with fun and humor, which helps encourage us to reach out to others through simple acts of kindness, bringing joy and smiles to those whose lives we touch. We are reminded that we are all connected, and that by being our own unique selves and being there for others, we can make an amazing difference in the lives of those around us. Excellent book for teaching children about joy, love, life, kindness, helping others, and also about taking care of dogs - great to have in your child's library! *** The stories in the Sammy-the-Dog series teach about kindness and helping others, no matter what the species, age, gender, or who they are. Sammy discovers that he loves helping others, and in this wonderful series, he helps various people and other animals, as only he can. Sammy is part gentle and loving therapy dog, part compassionate helper dog, and part happy, playful, and silly dog. Laugh along with his crazy antics, as life changes for all the people and animals that he helps in these fun adventures. The Sammy-the-Dog series of children's books also teaches as well as entertains. Throughout these sweet and delightfully fun adventures, there are gentle teachings about rescue dogs, therapy dogs, how to treat dogs, being gentle with dogs, what not to feed dogs, keeping dogs happy and healthy, and keeping dogs safe on a leash when outside. And most importantly, these stories teach, support, and encourage love, kindness, compassion, and helping others. Although these books are written for children, the meanings under the story lines, and the layers and metaphors are really powerful and meaningful for adults as well. This is a great series for teaching children about compassion, joy, love, life, and kindness, set within sweet, fun, and entertaining stories - great to have in your child's library! Don't miss out - read all the books in the Sammy-the-Dog series!