The Breacher

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Contract Law and Economics

Contract Law and Economics [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
File Size: 1433 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8755753


Contract Law and Economics by Book Resume:

This unique and timely book offers an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive review of the economic literature on contract law. The topical chapters written by leading international scholars include: precontractual liability, misrepresentation, duress, gratuitous promises, gifts, standard form contracts, interpretation, contract remedies, penalty clauses, impracticability and foreseeability. Option contracts, warranties, long-term contracts, marriage contracts, franchise contracts, quasi-contracts, behavioral approaches, and civil contract law are also discussed. This excellent resource on contract law and economics will be particularly suited to contract law scholars, law teachers, policy makers, and judges. For experts in and practitioners of contract law this will be a key book to buy.

Command Legacy

Command Legacy [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Raymond A. Millen
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8219055


Command Legacy by Raymond A. Millen Book Resume:

The definitive source on small-unit tactics

Honor and Betrayal

Honor and Betrayal [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Patrick Robinson
Publisher: Da Capo Press
File Size: 730 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7041935


Honor and Betrayal by Patrick Robinson Book Resume:

THEY JUST CAPTURED IRAQ'S MOST WANTED TERRORIST. NOW THEY HAD TO DEFEND THEIR HONOR. On a daring nighttime raid in September 2009, a team of Navy SEALs grabbed the notorious terrorist Ahmad Hashim Abd al-Isawi, the villainous “Butcher of Fallujah,” mastermind behind the 2004 murder and mutilation of four American contractors. Within hours of his capture, al-Isawi, with his lip bleeding, claimed he had been beaten in his holding cell. Three Navy SEALs—members of the same team that had just captured the notorious terrorist—were charged with prisoner abuse, dereliction of duty, and lying. On the word of a terrorist! The three Navy SEALs were placed under house arrest and forbidden contact with their comrades. Despite enormous pressure from their commanders to sign confessions to “lesser charges,” the three resolute and fearless SEALs each demanded a court-martial. They were determined to prove their innocence. When Fox News broke the story about the accusations, Americans were outraged. Over 300,000 people signed petitions demanding the SEALs be exonerated. Their SEAL teammates were furious; but nothing could stop the cold determination of the military's top brass to hang these guys out to dry—not even U.S. congressmen who petitioned the Pentagon to drop the charges. Honor and Betrayal is a no-holds-barred account by bestselling author Patrick Robinson. It reveals for the first time the entire story, from the night the SEALs stormed the al-Qaeda desert stronghold, the accusations and legal twists and turns that followed, to the cut-and-thrust drama in the courtroom where the fate of three American heroes hung in the balance.


Contracts [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Brian A. Blum,Amy C. Bushaw
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
File Size: 1940 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3674241


Contracts by Brian A. Blum,Amy C. Bushaw Book Resume:

Contracts: Cases, Discussion, and Problems, Fourth Edition is known for its strikingly clear, straightforward text that illuminates cases as well as concepts and theory. The book focuses on modern cases to expose students to contemporary contract law, but it also includes many important or iconic older cases. The cases are set in context by extensive author-written explanatory text. Insightful questions draw attention to difficult and crucial aspects of the law and prompt vigorous class discussion. Numerous problems, ranging from simple to complex, supplement cases and introduce topics taught most effectively through problems. The casebook’s traditional organization begins with formation and then corresponds to the sequence followed by the Restatement (2nd) of Contracts and treatises. Its concise, efficient presentation results in an optimum length for the course. Procedural issues are highlighted when presented by the cases and transactional issues such as drafting, client counseling, and negotiation are raised through the use of questions and small exercises throughout the text. Strengthening the text’s focus on contemporary methods of contracting, modern issues in standard contracts are explored along with contracts entered into electronically. International and comparative material offers alternative approaches for students to consider, such as those taken by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts.

Aspen Treatise for Contract Law and Theory

Aspen Treatise for Contract Law and Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Eric A. Posner
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
File Size: 1320 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 588396


Aspen Treatise for Contract Law and Theory by Eric A. Posner Book Resume:

Contract Law and Theory, Second Edition conveys a grasp of theory and policy that makes all of the contract rules easier to understand. By explaining and applying contract theory to a wide range of contracts cases, Eric Posner reveals not only the "what" of doctrine but also the "why" -- why one rule rather than another makes sense from a policy perspective. An understanding of what contract theory is and how it is applied will help you to understand not only Contracts, as taught in law school, but also the many areas of law in which contractual ideas operate, such as bankruptcy law, secured transactions, and corporate law. An exciting new Student Treatise from an eminent authority, Contract Law and Theory, Second Edition features: Complete coverage of contracts that includes the principal cases covered in most first-year contracts courses A general explication of the rules of contract that begins with the simplest ideas and gradually builds in complexity A consistent emphasis on the application of theory to doctrine, through analysis of a rich selection of cases A readable and expert treatment of the role of economics in contract law Illustrative examples that point to noteworthy cases Suitability for use alongside any casebook

The Frigates of EVE Online

The Frigates of EVE Online [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: CCP
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
File Size: 1228 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9563595


The Frigates of EVE Online by CCP Book Resume:

The universe of EVE Online is peopled with characters both cunning and cutthroat, but their talents would mean little without the impressive power of their starships to bring them to bear! Featuring brand new detailed images of twenty-eight of the most iconic ships in New Eden, this beautifully illustrated guide offers an unprecedented look into frigates from each faction with intricate cutaways and complex lore. Dark Horse Books is proud to partner with CCP Games to present The Frigates of EVE Online!

Binding Promises

Binding Promises [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: W. David Slawson
Publisher: Princeton University Press
File Size: 1189 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3205889


Binding Promises by W. David Slawson Book Resume:

During its classical period, American contract law had three prominent characteristics: nearly unlimited freedom to choose the contents of a contract, a clear separation from the law of tort (the law of civil wrongs), and the power to make contracts without regard to the other party's ability to understand them. Combining incisive historical analysis with a keen sense of judicial politics, W. David Slawson shows how judges brought the classical period to an end about 1960 with a period of reform that continues to this day. American contract law no longer possesses any of the prominent characteristics of its classical period. For instance, courts now refuse to enforce standard contracts according to their terms; they implement the consumer's reasonable expectations instead. Businesses can no longer count on making the contracts they want: laws for certain industries or for businesses generally set many business obligations regardless of what the contracts say. A person who knowingly breaches a contract and then tries to avoid liability is subject to heavy penalties. As Slawson demonstrates, judges accomplished all these reforms, although with some help from scholars. Legislation contributed very little despite its presence in massive amounts and despite the efforts of modern institutions of law reform such as the Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. Slawson argues persuasively that this comparison demonstrates the superiority of judge-made law to legislation for reforming private law of any kind.

Breachers: Holt and McKenna

Breachers: Holt and McKenna [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Linda Mooney
Publisher: Linda Mooney
File Size: 584 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3706539


Breachers: Holt and McKenna by Linda Mooney Book Resume:

They are the cause of many legends, myths, and fairy tales. And they still live among us. There are creatures from a parallel world called Breachers who, for hundreds of years, have been inadvertently pulled into our world. They are the truth behind the creatures normally considered to be mythic. Once on Earth, they cannot go back, and those who cannot cope become rabid. Murderers. And when they go berserk, they must be put down. Jerrod Holt always wondered why he was selected to be part of the secret governmental organization. More perplexing is why his skills as a professional bodyguard are needed. He discovers his partner assigned to help him bring down a Breacher is the one woman who had caught his eye the moment he saw her at their initial group meeting. Together, he and McKenna travel to Utah to confront a killer beast, not knowing that the terror will be all too real, and too damn close to home.

Combat Leader's Field Guide

Combat Leader's Field Guide [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: MSG Jeff Kirkham, US Army Special Forces
Publisher: Stackpole Books
File Size: 980 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4813612


Combat Leader's Field Guide by MSG Jeff Kirkham, US Army Special Forces Book Resume:

A guide to the basic skills all soldiers, sailors, and Marines must know to prevail in small-unit dismounted combat operations, including planning, battle drills for offense and defense operations, patrols, construction and emplacement of fighting positions, use of weapons and call for fire, land navigation and map reading, communications, close quarter battle, and tactical combat casualty care. • Extensively updated to include both the latest doctrine and lessons learned from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq • Covers the equipment, operations, and individual security and combat skills essential for soldiers and others who must act as infantry • Essential for Army infantry NCOs and officers at the platoon and company level, Special Forces A-teams, Air Force and Navy Special Operations, Marines, and any other element that operates as infantry

Economic Analysis of the DCFR

Economic Analysis of the DCFR [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Filomena Chirico,Pierre Larouche
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
File Size: 1190 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 73389


Economic Analysis of the DCFR by Filomena Chirico,Pierre Larouche Book Resume:

The Economic Impact Group (EIG) was created to support the work on the DCFR with insights from law and economics. It brings together a number of leading European law and economics scholars. The Group looked at the main elements of the DCFR with two questions in mind: from an economic perspective, is it sensible to harmonize private law across Europe for this specific element, and is the solution chosen in the DCFR optimal? This book presents the outcome of the work of the EIG. It deals with key issues such as the function of contract law, contract formation, good faith, non-discrimination, specific performance versus damages, standard contractual terms and consumer protection in contract law. The EIG complements the work of the drafters of the DCFR with insightful and critical assessments, based on the well-established law and economics literature.

Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business

Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Marcus Carter,Kelly Bergstrom,Darryl Woodford
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
File Size: 996 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6533520


Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business by Marcus Carter,Kelly Bergstrom,Darryl Woodford Book Resume:

EVE Online is a socially complex, science-fiction-themed universe simulation and massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) first released in 2003. Notorious for its colossal battles and ruthless player culture, it has hundreds of thousands of players today. In this fascinating book, scholars, players, and EVE’s developer (CCP Games) examine the intricate world of EVEOnline--providing authentic accounts of lived experience within a game with more than a decade of history and millions of “real” dollars behind it. Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business features contributions from outstanding EVE Online players, such as The Mittani, an infamous member of the game’s community, as well as academics from around the globe. They cover a wide range of subjects: the game’s technicalities and its difficulty; its projection of humanity’s future in space; the configuration of its unique, single-server game world; the global nature of warfare in its “nullsec” territory (and how EVE players have formed a global concept of time); stereotypes of Russian players; espionage play; in-game memorials to Vile Rat (aka U.S. State Department official Sean Smith, murdered in the 2012 Benghazi attack); its gendered playing experience; and CCP Games’ relationship with players; and its history and legacy. Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business is a must for EVE Online players interested in a broad perspective on their all-consuming game. It is also accessible to scholars, game designers seeking to understand and replicate the successful aspects unique to EVE Online, and even those who have never played this notoriously complex game. Contributors: William Sims Bainbridge, National Science Foundation; Chribba; Jedrzej Czarnota; Kjartan Pierre Emilsson; Dan Erdman; Rebecca Fraimow; Martin R. Gibbs, U of Melbourne; Catherine Goodfellow; Kathryn Gronsbell; Keith Harrison; Kristin MacDonough; Mantou (Zhang Yuzhou); Oskar Milik; The Mittani (Alexander Gianturco); Joji Mori; Richard Page; Christopher Paul, Seattle U; Erica Titkemeyer, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Nick Webber, Birmingham City U.


Author: Tomas C. Mijares,Marcus L. Wall
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
File Size: 1468 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7112148


TRAINING THE SWAT TRAINER by Tomas C. Mijares,Marcus L. Wall Book Resume:

Few areas in American law enforcement are characterized by the frequency, quality, and magnitude of innovations as the advances found in tactical operations. To introduce new equipment and methods during an actual operation without adequate instruction, assessment, preparation, and practice not only invites failure but also subjects an entire organizational chain of command to preventable criticism and avoidable litigation. The purpose of this manual is to introduce police instructional personnel to the legal, administrative, and safety issues associated with this very critical area of police training. Its purpose is not to create a cookbook approach to tactical training or even develop a better instructional cadre but rather to present the guidelines to mitigate litigation both at the individual and organizational levels through a proactive approach to the occasional criticism directed toward police tactical training. Major topics include: the SWAT instructor, establishing learning goals and objectives and writing lesson plans, engaging the student, presenting the material, training aids and facilities, the need for continuous training and evaluation, documentation, adhering to standards of the profession, and special considerations of training in defense tactics. The book’s recurring theme is the warning that any technique, tactic, or new technology taught by an instructor must be applied in a manner that is consistent with existing organizational policy, state and federal legislation, and relevant case law. Substantial legal and operational guidelines are provided that are needed by tactical leaders to develop and improve their leadership skills and tactical success. Additionally, the appendices contain a wealth of information regarding state law enforcement regulatory agencies; national, regional, and state tactical officer associations; sample lesson plans, including evaluation drills; instructor evaluation questionnaire; and curriculum evaluation.

U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills

U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Department of the Navy,Adam Reger,David Wheeler
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
File Size: 1743 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1496035


U.S. Navy Pirate Combat Skills by Department of the Navy,Adam Reger,David Wheeler Book Resume:

The official U.S. Navy field manual—with more than 100 illustrations of pirate combat techniques and equipment.

Violence of Action

Violence of Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Richard Marcinko
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1526 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4428199


Violence of Action by Richard Marcinko Book Resume:

Bolder, brasher, and badder than ever before -- with an all-new team, the Rogue Warrior faces his ultimate challenge. A suitcase nuke is on its way to a major American city, and there's only one man who can stop it. Back from self-imposed exile, during which he recommitted himself to the cause, and with a brand-new team of operatives straining at the leash, the Rogue Warrior has entered a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war -- military insiders gone bad -- and what's worse, they possess suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is under the ultimate threat, but what these dangerous terrorists will find, however, is a new and improved Rogue Warrior -- not only has age weathered him into the ultimate fighting machine, but he's also got an entirely new team together, a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The ensuing chase to avoid nuclear annihilation is ripped-from-the-headlines stuff, and takes the Rogue Warrior to a new pitch, in which the very survival of his country is at stake. Can Demo Dick and his new band of Seals save the day, or is America heading for destruction? He's never had a harder he up to it, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?

Leadership and Training for the Fight

Leadership and Training for the Fight [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Paul R. Howe
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1949 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7033597


Leadership and Training for the Fight by Paul R. Howe Book Resume:

Ideal for fans of Dave Grossman, Paul Howe, George Thompson, and other authors of police books A brilliant military intelligence book that shares leadership and training for the fight Includes riveting stories of military operations In Leadership and Training for the Fight, MSG Paul R. Howe, U.S. Army Retired, shares his thoughts on leadership that he has developed through extensive combat experience. Howe analyzes leadership concepts. He also provides advice on how to understand students and to change your teaching methods. This military and leadership training book is based on Howe’s unique insight as a Special Operations soldier. Leadership and Training for the Fight is the perfect guide for anyone interested in improving their leadership skills, whether in military or civilian situations.

Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay

Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Jean Braucher,John Kidwell,William C. Whitford
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 1690 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2199846


Revisiting the Contracts Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay by Jean Braucher,John Kidwell,William C. Whitford Book Resume:

This book contains the papers prepared for a conference held at the Wisconsin Law School in 2011 to honour the work of Stewart Macaulay, one of the most famous contracts scholars of his generation. Macaulay has been writing about contracts and contract law for over 50 years; the 1960s were particularly productive years for him, when he introduced many novel ideas into the scholarly world. Macaulay's foundational work for what is now called relational contract theory was published during this period. Macaulay is also known for his use of empirical research and interdisciplinary theories to illuminate our knowledge of contracting practices. The papers in this volume reflect, in diverse ways, on the subsequent influence and the contemporary relevance of Macaulay's work. All the contributors are important contracts scholars in their own right: David Campbell and John Wightman from the UK, Brian Bix, Jay Feinman, Robert Gordon, Claire Hill, Charles Knapp, Ethan Leib, Deborah Post, Edward Rubin, Carol Sanger, Robert Scott, Gordon Smith, Josh Whitford (with Li-Wen Lin) and William Woodward from the USA. The volume also reproduces Macaulay's most cited paper, 'Non-Contractual Relations in Business', and excerpts from two other important papers of his, 'Private Legislation and the Duty to Read-Business Run by IBM Machine, the Law of Contracts and Credit Cards', and 'The Real and The Paper Deal: Empirical Pictures of Relationships, Complexity and the Urge for Transparent Simple Rules'.

Active Shooter Response Training

Active Shooter Response Training [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Scott Hyderkhan
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1454 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4853035


Active Shooter Response Training by Scott Hyderkhan Book Resume:

Active Shooter Response Training: Lone Wolf to Coordinated Attack, Second Edition, provides expanded and updated training for police and security officers who must respond to an active shooter situation. This manual addresses all facets of preparation and response, from complex logistical organization to collective and individual tactics, as well as special units or special skills tasks. Based on time-tested military training doctrine, the program described here offers a template for agencies of all sizes to offer training that effectively utilizes officers’ available time. Hyderkhan and his expert contributors cover all aspects of the active shooter response (ASR) mission, from risk analysis to logistical planning for mass casualty events. He also addresses medical care and evacuation, reunification procedures, and post-incident investigation. Active Shooter Response Training, Second Edition, provides the tools needed to prevent or mitigate tragedy in our religious congregations, schools, and public places. The book includes a voucher code for a 50% discount off of the companion online library of training videos This book is directed to law enforcement agencies, private security teams, training organizations, police leaders, and individual officers and trainers, in the US and globally. It also has potential as recommended reading in policing courses at the community college and university level.

The Operator

The Operator [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Robert O'Neill
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 441 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4094779


The Operator by Robert O'Neill Book Resume:

This instant New York Times bestseller—“a jaw-dropping, fast-paced account” (New York Post) recounts SEAL Team Operator Robert O’Neill’s incredible four-hundred-mission career, including the attempts to rescue “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell and abducted-by-Somali-pirates Captain Richard Phillips, and which culminated in the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist—Osama bin Laden. In The Operator, Robert O’Neill describes his idyllic childhood in Butte, Montana; his impulsive decision to join the SEALs; the arduous evaluation and training process; and the even tougher gauntlet he had to run to join the SEALs’ most elite unit. After officially becoming a SEAL, O’Neill would spend more than a decade in the most intense counterterror effort in US history. For extended periods, not a night passed without him and his small team recording multiple enemy kills—and though he was lucky enough to survive, several of the SEALs he’d trained with and fought beside never made it home. “Impossible to put down…The Operator is unique, surprising, a kind of counternarrative, and certainly the other half of the story of one of the world’s most famous military operations…In the larger sense, this book is about…how to be human while in the very same moment dealing with death, destruction, combat” (Doug Stanton, New York Times bestselling author). O’Neill describes the nonstop action of his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, evokes the black humor of years-long combat, brings to vivid life the lethal efficiency of the military’s most selective units, and reveals details of the most celebrated terrorist takedown in history. This is “a riveting, unvarnished, and wholly unforgettable portrait of America’s most storied commandos at war” (Joby Warrick).

Manuals Combined: U.S. Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) References

Manuals Combined: U.S. Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) References [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Publisher: Jeffrey Frank Jones
File Size: 1991 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9850289


Manuals Combined: U.S. Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) References by Book Resume:

Over 5,300 total pages .... MARINE RECON Reconnaissance units are the commander’s eyes and ears on the battlefield. They are task organized as a highly trained six man team capable of conducting specific missions behind enemy lines. Employed as part of the Marine Air- Ground Task Force, reconnaissance teams provide timely information to the supported commander to shape and influence the battlefield. The varying types of missions a Reconnaissance team conduct depends on how deep in the battle space they are operating. Division Reconnaissance units support the close and distant battlespace, while Force Reconnaissance units conduct deep reconnaissance in support of a landing force. Common missions include, but are not limited to: Plan, coordinate, and conduct amphibious-ground reconnaissance and surveillance to observe, identify, and report enemy activity, and collect other information of military significance. Conduct specialized surveying to include: underwater reconnaissance and/or demolitions, beach permeability and topography, routes, bridges, structures, urban/rural areas, helicopter landing zones (LZ), parachute drop zones (DZ), aircraft forward operating sites, and mechanized reconnaissance missions. When properly task organized with other forces, equipment or personnel, assist in specialized engineer, radio, and other special reconnaissance missions. Infiltrate mission areas by necessary means to include: surface, subsurface and airborne operations. Conduct Initial Terminal Guidance (ITG) for helicopters, landing craft, parachutists, air-delivery, and re-supply. Designate and engage selected targets with organic weapons and force fires to support battlespace shaping. This includes designation and terminal guidance of precision-guided munitions. Conduct post-strike reconnaissance to determine and report battle damage assessment on a specified target or area. Conduct limited scale raids and ambushes. Just a SAMPLE of the included publications: BASIC RECONNAISSANCE COURSE PREPARATION GUIDE RECONNAISSANCE (RECON) TRAINING AND READINESS (T&R) MANUAL RECONNAISSANCE REPORTS GUIDE GROUND RECONNAISSANCE OPERATIONS GROUND COMBAT OPERATIONS Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter and Controller DEEP AIR SUPPORT SCOUTING AND PATROLLING Civil Affairs Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures MAGTF Intelligence Production and Analysis Counterintelligence Close Air Support Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) Convoy Operations Handbook TRAINING SUPPORT PACKAGE FOR: CONVOY SURVIVABILITY Convoy Operations Battle Book Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Training, Planning and Executing Convoy Operations Urban Attacks

Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law

Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Andrew S. Gold,Paul B. Miller
Publisher: OUP Oxford
File Size: 927 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6687925


Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law by Andrew S. Gold,Paul B. Miller Book Resume:

Fiduciary law is a critically important body of law. Fiduciary duties ensure the integrity of a remarkable variety of relationships, institutions, and organizations. They apply to relationships of great personal significance, including in some jurisdictions the relationship between parents and children. They structure a wide variety of commercial relationships, and they are essential to the regulation of relationships between professional service providers and their clients, including relationships between lawyer and client, doctor and patient, and investment manager and client. Fiduciary duties, perhaps uniquely in private law, challenge traditional ways of marking the boundaries between private and public law, inasmuch as they figure prominently in public governance. Indeed, there is even a storied tradition of thinking of the authority of the state in fiduciary terms. Notwithstanding its importance, fiduciary law has been woefully under-analysed by legal theorists. Filling this gap with a series of chapters by leading theorists, this book includes chapters on: the nature of fiduciary relationships, the connection between fiduciary duties and morality, the content and significance of fiduciary loyalty, the economic significance of fiduciary law, the application of fiduciary principles to public law and international law, the import of fiduciary relationships to theories of authority, and various other fundamental topics in the field. In many cases, new and important questions are raised by the book's chapters. Indeed, this book not only offers a much-needed theoretical assessment of fiduciary topics, it defines the field going forward, setting an agenda for future philosophical study of fiduciary law.

Beginning iOS Game Center and Game Kit

Beginning iOS Game Center and Game Kit [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Kyle Richter
Publisher: Apress
File Size: 1945 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4487918


Beginning iOS Game Center and Game Kit by Kyle Richter Book Resume:

Beginning iOS Game Center and Game Kit shows you how to use Game Center and Game Kit to create fun and polished games that use advanced features such as social networking and voice over IP (VoIP). Game Kit and Game Center can help you reach new customers through social interaction, so this book shows you how you can quickly add a level of polish to your app that used to take weeks of hard work and late nights. Implementing a leaderboard and achievement system has never been so simple! Gone are the days of writing your own server. You'll also see how to easily add advanced networking concepts like VoIP support in hours, not days. Learn how to quickly implement many advanced social networking concepts into your apps. You'll be guided through the process of creating a custom Game Center Manager class that can be rapidly deployed into any of your new or existing projects. Furthermore, learn how to avoid pitfalls commonly encountered by new Game Center developers.

Beginning iOS Social Games

Beginning iOS Social Games [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Kyle Richter
Publisher: Apress
File Size: 752 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7652837


Beginning iOS Social Games by Kyle Richter Book Resume:

It's certainly fun to build games that run on your iPhone and iPad. But, wouldn't it be more fun to create games that allow you to play with other gamers in your social network? There's a whole lot more things you can do. Most of the top best selling games around the world, like World of Warcraft, let you play with others online and share your experiences with your friends. Beginning iOS Social Games is your concise introduction to iOS social and other networked gaming app development using iOS Game Center, Game Kit, Store Kit, AirPlay, iOS 7 Game Controllers, iTunes App Store and integrating with social networks/media like Facebook and Twitter. Author Kyle Richter of Empirical Development is an expert game developer who guides you through the social game app development process step by step. This book may allow you to turn your already existing, created game into a well polished networkable and/or social media capable game app.

U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry SOI Complete Training Materials

U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry SOI Complete Training Materials [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Jeffrey Jones
Publisher: Jeffrey Frank Jones
File Size: 741 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7181954


U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry SOI Complete Training Materials by Jeffrey Jones Book Resume:

Over 1,400 pages covering the following primary topics: URBAN OPERATIONS BREACHING DEMOLITIONS ANTI-ARMOR WARFARE WEAPONS TRAINING, MAINTENANCE & MARKSMANSHIP MACHINE GUNS PATROLLING INFANTRY TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES NBC COMMUNICATIONS MORTARS ... and more Following Recruit Training, the School of Infantry is the second stage of training for all Infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Enlisted Marines and marks the transition from entry-level Marines to combat-ready Marines. At SOI, Marines who have recently graduated from recruit training continue their education and training to become more proficient in the fundamentals of being a rifleman. Marines with a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of infantry are trained at the Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), while all non-infantry Marines are trained at the Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT). There are two Schools of Infantry: Camp Geiger located in North Carolina and Camp Pendleton in California. The primary role of the School of Infantry is to ensure, first and foremost, that "every Marine a rifleman." All Marine Corps assets exists to support the rifleman on the ground, and every Marine is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the Marines to their left and right. Regardless of MOS, the ITB mission ensures every Marine has the capability to fulfill his or her duties while operating in a combat environment.

Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Frank Skinner
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
File Size: 1580 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2685350


Cook, Baker, Candlestick Maker by Frank Skinner Book Resume:

Writing about "hot spots" such as Beirut, Cairo and Libya, telling you the true story of how the current war on terror began.

Law, Economics, and Morality

Law, Economics, and Morality [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Eyal Zamir,Barak Medina
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File Size: 311 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1286657


Law, Economics, and Morality by Eyal Zamir,Barak Medina Book Resume:

Law, Economics, and Morality examines the possibility of combining economic methodology and deontological morality through explicit and direct incorporation of moral constraints into economic models. Economic analysis of law is a powerful analytical methodology. However, as a purely consequentialist approach, which determines the desirability of acts and rules solely by assessing the goodness of their outcomes, standard cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is normatively objectionable. Moderate deontology prioritizes such values as autonomy, basic liberties, truth-telling, and promise-keeping over the promotion of good outcomes. It holds that there are constraints on promoting the good. Such constraints may be overridden only if enough good (or bad) is at stake. While moderate deontology conforms to prevailing moral intuitions and legal doctrines, it is arguably lacking in methodological rigor and precision. Eyal Zamir and Barak Medina argue that the normative flaws of economic analysis can be rectified without relinquishing its methodological advantages and that moral constraints can be formalized so as to make their analysis more rigorous. They discuss various substantive and methodological choices involved in modeling deontological constraints. Zamir and Medina propose to determine the permissibility of any act or rule infringing a deontological constraint by means of mathematical threshold functions. Law, Economics, and Morality presents the general structure of threshold functions, analyzes their elements and addresses possible objections to this proposal. It then illustrates the implementation of constrained CBA in several legal fields, including contract law, freedom of speech, antidiscrimination law, the fight against terrorism, and legal paternalism.

Economic Analysis of Contract Law

Economic Analysis of Contract Law [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Sugata Bag
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 1048 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5633529


Economic Analysis of Contract Law by Sugata Bag Book Resume:

This book examines the main issues arising in economic analysis of contract law with special attention given to the incomplete contracts. It discusses both the main features of contract law as they relate to the problem of economic exchange, and how the relevant legal rules and the institutions can be analysed from an economic perspective. Evaluate the welfare impacts, analyses the effects and the desirability of different breach remedies and examines the optimal incentive structure of party-designed liquidated damages under the different dimensions of informational asymmetry. Overall the book aims to contribute to the legal debate over the adoption of the specific breach remedies when the breach victim’s expectation interest is difficult to assess, and to the debate over courts' reluctance to implement large penalties in the event of breach of contracts.

Legal Orderings and Economic Institutions

Legal Orderings and Economic Institutions [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Fabrizio Cafaggi,Antonio Nicita,Ugo Pagano
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 303 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6770486


Legal Orderings and Economic Institutions by Fabrizio Cafaggi,Antonio Nicita,Ugo Pagano Book Resume:

This book addresses the lively interaction between the disciplines of law and economics. The traditional boundaries of these two disciplines have somehow inhibited a full understanding of the functioning of and the evolution of economic and legal systems. It has often been the case that these boundaries have had to be reshaped, and sometimes abolis

Indian Hill 4: From The Ashes: A Michael Talbot Adventure

Indian Hill 4: From The Ashes: A Michael Talbot Adventure [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Mark Tufo
Publisher: DevilDog Press
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Indian Hill 4: From The Ashes: A Michael Talbot Adventure by Mark Tufo Book Resume:

It has been three years since the Progerians left their mark of devastation upon Earth. The remaining humans are in a desperate race against time as they do their best to reverse engineer the alien technology they captured, in an effort to bolster their beleaguered defenses against the oncoming onslaught of Progerians hell-bent on revenge. Revenge against the humans that thwarted their take-over and revenge against the subordinate Genogerians that helped. Michael Talbot once again finds himself at the forefront to protect all that is sacred to him. He will receive help from some unexpected allies but will it be enough?

The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics

The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Francesco Parisi
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8285710


The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics by Francesco Parisi Book Resume:

Covering over one-hundred topics on issues ranging from Law and Neuroeconomics to European Union Law and Economics to Feminist Theory and Law and Economics, The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics is the definitive work in the field of law and economics. The book gathers together scholars and experts in law and economics to create the most inclusive and current work on law and economics. Edited by Francisco Parisi, the Handbook looks at the origins of the field of law and economics, tracks its progression and increased importance to both law and economics, and looks to the future of the field and its continued development by examining a cornucopia of fields touched by work in law and economics. The uniqueness of its breadth, depth, and convenience make the volume essential to scholars, students, and contributors in the field of law and economics.

Behavioral Law and Economics

Behavioral Law and Economics [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Eyal Zamir,Doron Teichman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File Size: 483 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5826496


Behavioral Law and Economics by Eyal Zamir,Doron Teichman Book Resume:

In the past few decades, economic analysis of law has been challenged by a growing body of experimental and empirical studies that attest to prevalent and systematic deviations from the assumptions of economic rationality. While the findings on bounded rationality and heuristics and biases were initially perceived as antithetical to standard economic and legal-economic analysis, over time they have been largely integrated into mainstream economic analysis, including economic analysis of law. Moreover, the impact of behavioral insights has long since transcended purely economic analysis of law: in recent years, the behavioral movement has become one of the most influential developments in legal scholarship in general. Behavioral Law and Economics offers a state-of-the-art overview of the field. Eyal Zamir and Doron Teichman survey the entire body of psychological research that lies at the basis of behavioral analysis of law, and critically evaluate the core methodological questions of this area of research. Following this, the book discusses the fundamental normative questions stemming from the psychological findings on bounded rationality, and explores their implications for setting the law's goals and designing the means to attain them. The book then provides a systematic and critical examination of the contributions of behavioral studies to all major fields of law including: property, contracts, consumer protection, torts, corporate, securities regulation, antitrust, administrative, constitutional, international, criminal, and evidence law, as well as to the behavior of key players in the legal arena: litigants and judicial decision-makers.

Starfist: Technokill

Starfist: Technokill [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: David Sherman,Dan Cragg
Publisher: Del Rey
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Starfist: Technokill by David Sherman,Dan Cragg Book Resume:

A terrifying secret, an evil coterie of ruthless masterminds, a murderous battle of cunning and deadly skill—it’s time to send in the Marines! After the Confederation makes a shocking discovery on an alien world, a nefarious band of opportunists from the highest echelons of power plot to steal the vast riches for themselves. Along with the ability to crush any resistance, these moguls possess spacecraft, unlimited resources, and a deadly arsenal of cutting-edge weapons. The only one without a price tag is the Confederation president. Now she is sending Gunnery Sergeant Bass, the men of third platoon, and a single special agent to expose the shadowy figures behind the corruption. And so, on an obscure planet, home to unimaginable treasure and an unsettling species, the toughest fighters in Human Space confront their fiercest battle. For there will be no losers in this war, only the triumphant, the dead, and the vanished . . .

City of Exiles

City of Exiles [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Alec Nevala-Lee
Publisher: Penguin
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Read Count: 3156567


City of Exiles by Alec Nevala-Lee Book Resume:

In the lightning-paced sequel to The Icon Thief, Europe’s turbulent past and terrifying future are set to collide in the streets and prisons of London—and beyond. Rachel Wolfe, a gifted FBI agent assigned to a major investigation overseas, discovers that a notorious gun runner has been murdered at his home in London, his body set on fire. When a second victim is found under identical circumstances, the ensuing chase plunges Wolfe and her colleagues into a breathless race across Europe, a secret war between two ruthless intelligence factions, and a hunt for a remorseless killer with a deadly appointment in Helsinki. At the heart of the mystery lies one of the strangest unsolved incidents in the history of Russia—the unexplained death of nine mountaineers in the Dyatlov Pass five decades before. And at the center of it all stands a figure from Wolfe’s own past, the Russian thief and former assassin known in another life as the Scythian…

Foundational Principles of Contract Law

Foundational Principles of Contract Law [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Melvin A. Eisenberg
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Foundational Principles of Contract Law by Melvin A. Eisenberg Book Resume:

Foundational Principles of Contract Law not only sets out the principles and rules of contract law, it places more emphasis on what the principles and rules of contract law should be, based on policy, morality, and experience. A major premise of the book is that the best way to grasp contract law is to understand it from a critical perspective as an organic, dynamic subject. When contract law is approached in this way it is much easier to grasp and learn than when it is presented simply as a static collection of principles and rules. Professor Eisenberg covers almost all areas of contract law, including the enforceability of promises, remedies for breach of contract, problems of assent, form contracts, the effect of mistake and changed circumstances, interpretation, and problems of performance. Although the emphasis of the book is on the principles and rules of contract law, it also covers important theories in contract law, such as the theory of efficient breach, the theory of overreliance, the normative theory of contracts, formalism, and theories of contract interpretation.

Handbook of Law and Economics

Handbook of Law and Economics [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: A. Mitchell Polinsky,Steven Shavell
Publisher: Elsevier
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Handbook of Law and Economics by A. Mitchell Polinsky,Steven Shavell Book Resume:

Law can be viewed as a body of rules and legal sanctions that channel behavior in socially desirable directions — for example, by encouraging individuals to take proper precautions to prevent accidents or by discouraging competitors from colluding to raise prices. The incentives created by the legal system are thus a natural subject of study by economists. Moreover, given the importance of law to the welfare of societies, the economic analysis of law merits prominent treatment as a subdiscipline of economics. Our hope is that this two volume Handbook will foster the study of the legal system by economists. *The two volumes form a comprehensive and accessible survey of the current state of the field. *Chapters prepared by leading specialists of the area. *Summarizes received results as well as new developments.

Sua Sponte

Sua Sponte [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Dick Couch
Publisher: Penguin
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Sua Sponte by Dick Couch Book Resume:

Sua Sponte Latin for “Of Their Own Accord” The 75th Ranger Regiment’s Motto Army Rangers are not born. They are made. The modern 75th Ranger Regiment represents the culmination of 250 years of American soldiering. As a fighting force with our nation’s oldest and deepest tradition, the Regiment traces its origins to Richard Rogers’s Rangers during the prerevolutionary French and Indian War, through the likes of Francis Marion and John Mosby, to the five active Ranger battalions of the Second World War, and finally, to the four battalions of the current Ranger regiment engaged in modern combat. Granted unprecedented access to the training of this highly restricted component of America’s Special Operations Forces in a time of war, retired Navy captain Dick Couch tells the personal story of the young men who begin this difficult and dangerous journey to become Rangers. Many will try, but only a select few will survive to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Sua Sponte follows a group of these aspiring young warriors through the crucible that is Ranger training and their preparation for direct-action missions in Afghanistan against America’s enemies, anywhere, any time, and under any conditions. INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS

The Rovan Binary

The Rovan Binary [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Michael McCloskey
Publisher: Squidlord LLC
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The Rovan Binary by Michael McCloskey Book Resume:

The Rovan Binary is the 12th book in the PIT series. The PIT team continues to pull at the thread of the Rovan mystery by visiting another suspected colony. Though they find more clues, the next choice they must make threatens to tear the team apart...

Sons of Valor

Sons of Valor [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Brian Andrews,Jeffrey Wilson
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
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Sons of Valor by Brian Andrews,Jeffrey Wilson Book Resume:

Sons of valor ... Navy SEAL Keith “Chunk” Redman has been one of the military’s top doorkickers since the day he pinned on his trident: loyal, single-minded, lethal. Tasked to lead a new, covert team of Tier One SEALs—the most elite special operators in the world—Chunk can no longer simply rely on the status quo. To safeguard America, he needs help to stay a step ahead of its adversaries. Brilliant at spotting patterns in the data that others miss, ex–CIA analyst Whitney Watts sees evidence of a troubling link between illicit Chinese arms sales and an attack on a US military convoy in Afghanistan. If she’s right, it would portend not only massive casualties, but a devastating threat to global stability. Sons of war ... From the ashes of a never-ending war, a new generation of terrorists has arisen: sophisticated, tech-savvy, and hiding in plain sight among America’s allies. Battered by the Taliban and by the West, they call themselves al Qadr—Power and Destiny—and they’re determined to wrest back control of their homeland. Armed with a powerful combat drone, they can strike with deadly precision at US forces in the region—but their ambitions reach far, far beyond that. A new legacy ... The new Tier One’s first mission will require them to not only prove themselves, but to stop an enemy who’s using military tactics against them. Chunk and his team aren’t just the tip of the spear; they’re America’s first, last, and best counterterrorism defense. And they couldn’t have arrived at a more urgent—and perilous—time.

Green Team

Green Team [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Richard Marcinko
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Green Team by Richard Marcinko Book Resume:

Richard Marcinko's revelations in his explosive #1 bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior, reverberated through the highest levels of the U.S. government. But, bound by government restrictions, he was forbidden to tell the whole story. The answer was fiction. First came Rogue Warrior: Red Cell, the take-no-prisoners bestseller with Marcinko as hero. Now the Rogue Warrior's back and he's hotter than ever, in a knockout novel of courage and nonstop action. In Portsmouth, England, an aircraft carrier has been sabotaged, killing the American Chief of Naval Operations, one of the few friends the Rogue Warrior had left in the Navy. Marcinko discovers a holy war is brewing -- a violent religious movement, encircling the globe and zeroing in on the West. Defeating that menace will be the supreme test of Marcinko's GREEN TEAM, a top-secret unit operating outside the U.S. military's chain of command. But in Washington, the political wolves select Dick Marcinko as their sacrificial lamb. For the Rogue Warrior it's time to declare a holy war of his own. The enemy may have the ultimate weapon, but GREEN TEAM has Marcinko's Tenth Commandment of SpecWar: There Are No Rules -- Thou Shalt Win at All Cost!

Economics and the Law

Economics and the Law [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Nicholas Mercuro,Steven G. Medema
Publisher: Princeton University Press
File Size: 1161 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8668204


Economics and the Law by Nicholas Mercuro,Steven G. Medema Book Resume:

This is an expanded second edition of Nicholas Mercuro and Steven Medema's influential book Economics and the Law, whose publication in 1998 marked the most comprehensive overview of the various schools of thought in the burgeoning field of Law and Economics. Each of these competing yet complementary traditions has both redefined the study of law and exposed the key economic implications of the legal environment. The book remains true to the scope and aims of the first edition, but also takes account of the field's evolution. At the book's core is an expanded discussion of the Chicago school, Public Choice Theory, Institutional Law and Economics, and New Institutional Economics. A new chapter explores the Law and Economics literature on social norms, today an integral part of each of the schools of thought. The chapter on the New Haven and Modern Civic Republican approaches has likewise been expanded. These chapters are complemented by a discussion of the Austrian school of Law and Economics. Each chapter now includes an "At Work" section presenting applications of that particular school of thought. By providing readers with a concise, noncritical description of the broad contours of each school, this book illuminates the fundamental insights of a field with important implications not only for economics and the law, but also for political science, philosophy, public administration, and sociology.