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The Big Feminist But

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Big Feminist But by Shannon O'Leary Book Resume:

"What do we really mean when we start a sentence with the disclaimers, 'I am not a feminst BUT...' or 'I am 100% a feminist BUT...'? What do our great big 'BUTS...' say about where things stand between the sexes in the 21st century? We asked some of the most talented ladies (and gentlemen) working in comics and animation today, along with some of the smartest writers we know, to 'but' into the heated discussion about the much more level but still contradictory playing field both sexes are struggling to find their footing on today"--Publisher description.

The Big Free

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Big Free by Martha B. Boone Book Resume:

The Big Free describes the medical humor and drama in the life of one of the first women surgeons in the busiest trauma surgery program in New Orleans in 1982. The excitement and dark humor of the inner city emergency room is the background for this coming of age story. Only a great story teller with inside knowledge can capture the intimacy of the lives of doctors, nurses and their patients. Readers will laugh and cry and long to know more of the spirited, young, female-doctor protagonist.,

Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism by Penny Griffin Book Resume:

While some have argued that we live in a ‘postfeminist’ era that renders feminism irrelevant to people’s contemporary lives this book takes ‘feminism’, the source of eternal debate, contestation and ambivalence, and situates the term within the popular, cultural practices of everyday life. It explores the intimate connections between the politics of feminism and the representational practices of contemporary popular culture, examining how feminism is ‘made sensible’ through visual imagery and popular culture representations. It investigates how popular culture is produced, represented and consumed to reproduce the conditions in which feminism is valued or dismissed, and asks whether antifeminism exists in commodity form and is commercially viable. Written in an accessible style and analysing a broad range of popular culture artefacts (including commercial advertising, printed and digital news-related journalism and commentary, music, film, television programming, websites and social media), this book will be of use to students, researchers and practitioners of International Relations, International Political Economy and gender, cultural and media studies.

The Best American Comics 2014

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Best American Comics 2014 by Scott McCloud,Bill Kartalopoulos Book Resume:

“It’s the perfect book to pick up to restore your faith in comics or help show infinite diversity in infinite combinations on display on paper using the world’s greatest artform.” — Comics Bulletin The Best American Comics showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors and highlights both fiction and nonfiction — from graphic novels, pamphlet comics, newspapers, magazines, minicomics, and the Web — to make a unique, stunning collection. Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) called guest editor Scott McCloud “just about the smartest guy in comics.”

Bad Feminist

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay Book Resume:

Bad Feminist. Derrière ce titre ironique, Roxane Gay développe une réflexion révolutionnaire et bienvenue sur l’état actuel du féminisme. Lassée des prises de position parfois trop clivantes de certaines organisations féministes, et fatiguée d’entendre des femmes dire qu’elles ne sont pas féministes, elle rappelle que la défense de l’égalité des sexes ne dispense pas d’assumer ses contradictions : on peut aimer la télé-réalité, se peindre les ongles en rose et revendiquer le fait d’être féministe. Bad Feminist regroupe ses chroniques initialement publiées dans The Guardian et sur le site The Rumpus. Roxane Gay y parle de culture, de race, de sexe et de genres, de stéréotypes sur l’amitié féminine, en se fondant sur sa propre histoire de femme noire dans l’Amérique contemporaine. Le portrait qui émerge en filigrane est celui d’une femme au regard d’une incroyable justesse, aussi bien sur elle-même que sur notre société. Une société dans laquelle les produits culturels que nous consommons entretiennent bon nombre de stéréotypes qui finissent par nous définir. Après avoir lu Bad Feminist, vous ne verrez plus les femmes, ni le monde, de la même façon.

Star Wars - L'Académie Jedi - Le Retour du Padawan

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Star Wars - L'Académie Jedi - Le Retour du Padawan by Jeffrey Brown Book Resume:

"Roman graphique très près de la BD au cours duquel le jeune Roan raconte comment se déroule sa scolarisation à l'académie des Jedi où il étudie, comme son père et son grand-père, pour devenir pilote. Roan retourne ici, après ses vacances à l'Academie, enthousiaste à l'idée d'expérimenter le nouveau simulateur de vol. Il y retrouve le personnel, les droïdes et ses camarades de classe afin de parfaire sa formation durant laquelle il s'initiera aussi à la méditation, au maniement du sabre laser, tout en ayant quelques embrouilles avec ses copains, dont son amie Gaiana. Le tout est distribué sur une grille horaire inspirée du premier cycle de l'enseignement secondaire (middle school)."--SDM.

The Lady Upstairs

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Lady Upstairs by Marilyn Nissenson Book Resume:

The Lady Upstairs is the dramatic story of Dorothy Schiff---liberal activist, society stalwart, and the most dynamic female newspaper publisher of her day. From 1939 until 1976 she owned and guided the New York Post, the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the United States. Dolly, as she was called, made the Post one of the most dedicated supporters of New Deal liberalism in the country, while simultaneously maintaining its distinct personality as a chatty, parochial, New York tabloid. Unfazed by political or personal controversy, Schiff backed editorial writers like James Wechsler and Max Lerner and reporters like Murray Kempton and Pete Hamill. Under her guidance the Post broke the story of Richard Nixon's slush fund. It helped bring down such icons of the day as Joseph McCarthy, Walter Winchell, and Robert Moses. It supported the civil rights movement and opposed the Vietnam War. Although Dolly seldom appeared in the newsroom, she approved and commented on every major story and every minor column in the paper, until eventually selling it to Rupert Murdoch. Dolly's private life could have been a staple of the Post's society gossip columns. Endlessly flirtatious, she married four times and had extra-marital romances with, among others, Franklin Roosevelt and Max Beaverbrook. She was a friend of national politicians such as Adlai Stevenson, the Kennedys, Lyndon Johnson, and Nelson Rockefeller. Born into a staunchly Republican German-Jewish banking family, she used her inheritance to further causes of the political left. She used her charm and her social connections in the service of her paper, which was the center of her life. The Lady Upstairs is the portrait of a unique life and a crucial era in American history.

The Big Screen

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Big Screen by David Thomson Book Resume:

The Big Screen tells the enthralling story of the movies: their rise and spread, their remarkable influence over us, and the technology that made the screen—smaller now, but ever more ubiquitous—as important as the images it carries. The Big Screen is not another history of the movies. Rather, it is a wide-ranging narrative about the movies and their signal role in modern life. At first, film was a waking dream, the gift of appearance delivered for a nickel to huddled masses sitting in the dark. But soon, and abruptly, movies began transforming our societies and our perceptions of the world. The celebrated film authority David Thomson takes us around the globe, through time, and across many media—moving from Eadweard Muybridge to Steve Jobs, from Sunrise to I Love Lucy, from John Wayne to George Clooney, from television commercials to streaming video—to tell the complex, gripping, paradoxical story of the movies. He tracks the ways we were initially enchanted by movies as imitations of life—the stories, the stars, the look—and how we allowed them to show us how to live. At the same time, movies, offering a seductive escape from everyday reality and its responsibilities, have made it possible for us to evade life altogether. The entranced audience has become a model for powerless and anxiety-ridden citizens trying to pursue happiness and dodge terror by sitting quietly in a dark room. Does the big screen take us out into the world, or merely mesmerize us? That is Thomson's question in this grand adventure of a book. Books about the movies are often aimed at film buffs, but this passionate and provocative feat of storytelling is vital to anyone trying to make sense of the age of screens—the age that, more than ever, we are living in.

Ces hommes qui m'expliquent la vie

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ces hommes qui m'expliquent la vie by Rebecca Solnit Book Resume:

Pourquoi les hommes se sentent-ils obligés d'expliquer aux femmes ce qu'elles savent déjà ? D'où vient leur certitude de savoir mieux qu'elles ce qu'elles doivent penser, ou faire ? Peut-être de l'Histoire, qui a constamment relégué les voix des femmes au silence. Dans ce recueil d'essais où la colère le dispute à l'intelligence et à l'humour, Rebecca Solnit explore une nouvelle façon de penser le féminisme. Et fournit des armes pour les luttes à venir. Traduit de l'anglais (États-Unis) par Céline Leroy

Taking On the Big Boys

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taking On the Big Boys by Ellen Bravo Book Resume:

A manifesto for the workplace feminist that moved Oscar winner Jane Fonda to exclaim “Please, please, please. All working women must read this book!” Enough about “breaking the glass ceiling.” Here are blueprints for a redesign of the entire building, ground up, to benefit women and men—as well as the bottom line. In Taking on the Big Boys, longtime labor activist Ellen Bravo explores workplace environments in both business and government. She recounts women’s testimonies from offices, assembly lines, hospitals, and schools, unmasking the patronizing, trivializing, and minimizing tactics employed by “the big boys” and their surrogates, such as portraying feminism as women against men, and dismissing demands for pay equity, family leave, and flex time as outrageous. Also included are practical tips on everything from dealing with a sexual harasser to getting family members to share chores—and build equal relationships. In this “smart, kind, funny, and very effective” Gold Medal Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Women’s Issues, Bravo argues for feminism as a system of beliefs, laws, and practices that value women and work associated with women, while detailing activist strategies to achieve a society where everybody—women and men—reach their potential (Gloria Steinem, feminist icon).

Nous sommes tous des féministes suivi de Le danger de l'histoire unique

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nous sommes tous des féministes suivi de Le danger de l'histoire unique by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Book Resume:

'Partout dans le monde, la question du genre est cruciale. Alors j’aimerais aujourd’hui que nous nous mettions à rêver à un monde différent et à le préparer. Un monde plus équitable. Un monde où les hommes et les femmes seront plus heureux et plus honnêtes envers eux-mêmes. Et voici le point de départ : nous devons élever nos filles autrement. Nous devons élever nos fils autrement.' Dans ces deux discours, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie porte une voix, rare et puissante, d’émancipation.

The Big Letdown

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Big Letdown by Kimberly Seals Allers Book Resume:

Pediatricians say you should but it's okay if you don't. The hospital says, "Breast is best," but sends you home with formula "just in case." Your sister-in-law says, "Of course you should!" Your mother says, "I didn't, and you turned out just fine." Celebrities are photographed nursing in public, yet breastfeeding mothers are asked to cover up in malls and on airplanes. Breastfeeding is a private act, yet everyone has an opinion about it. How did feeding our babies get so complicated? Journalist and infant health advocate Kimberly Seals Allers breaks breastfeeding out of the realm of "personal choice" and shows our broader connection to an industrialized food system that begins at birth, the fallout of feminist ideals, and the federal policies that are far from family friendly. The Big Letdown uncovers the multibillion-dollar forces battling to replace mothers' milk and the failure of the medical establishment to protect infant health. Weaving together research and personal stories with original reporting on medicine, big pharma, and hospitals, Kimberly Seals Allers shows how mothers and babies have been abandoned by all the forces that should be supporting families from the start--and what we can do to help.

The Big Lie

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Big Lie by Tanya Selvaratnam Book Resume:

A candid assessment of the pros and cons of delayed motherhood. Biology does not bend to feminist ideals and science does not work miracles. That is the message of this eye-opening discussion of the consequences of delayed motherhood. Part personal account, part manifesto, Selvaratnam recounts her emotional journey through multiple miscarriages after the age of 37. Her doctor told her she still "had time," but Selvaratnam found little reliable and often conflicting information about a mature woman's biological ability (or inability) to conceive. Beyond her personal story, the author speaks to women in similar situations around the country, as well as fertility doctors, adoption counselors, reproductive health professionals, celebrities, feminists, journalists, and sociologists. Through in-depth reporting and her own experience, Selvaratnam urges more widespread education and open discussion about delayed motherhood in the hope that long-lasting solutions can take effect. The result is a book full of valuable information that will enable women to make smarter choices about their reproductive futures and to strike a more realistic balance between science, society and personal goals.


The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Monstre by Gérard DEPARDIEU Book Resume:

"Il faut laisser sortir ses monstres, si on ne veut pas que ce soient eux qui nous bouffent." J'ai connu un potier dans le Berry : quand ça le faisait chier de faire des assiettes, toujours les mêmes, il prenait sa terre et il faisait un monstre. Un énorme monstre. En terre cuite. Et il disait : "Je fais ça parce qu'il faut que ça sorte ! J'en ai plein comme ça à l'intérieur de moi !" Il avait raison. Il faut laisser sortir ses monstres, si on ne veut pas que ce soient eux qui nous bouffent.

Foulards et hymens

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Foulards et hymens by Mona ELTAHAWY Book Resume:

​Essai coup-de-poing sur le calvaire vécu par les femmes dans le monde arabe, état des lieux accablant de la misogynie ambiante dans un Moyen-Orient travaillé par les extrémismes, Foulards et hymens est un document choc, brillant et nécessaire. Nous, les femmes arabes, vivons dans une culture qui nous est fondamentalement hostile. Face à ce constat, la journaliste égyptienne Mona Eltahawy, elle-même emprisonnée, battue, sexuellement agressée sur la place Tahrir en 2011, a décidé de prendre la parole. Dire la difficulté de vivre dans une société patriarcale qui diabolise la femme, la cache, la rejette. Dire la situation de ces femmes forcées de porter le hijab et le niqab, embarquées en pleine rue pour un " test de virginité ", battues, violées, excisées, mutilées. Dire que si le monde arabe hait ses femmes, c'est parce qu'il les craint. Qu'il craint ce qui se trouve sous le voile, le nie, piétine son existence, sous prétexte de mieux le préserver. Parler pour libérer la parole féminine. Car comme nous le rappelle Mona Eltahawy : l'acte le plus subversif qu'une femme puisse commettre est de parler de sa vie comme si elle importait réellement.

Gender Studies in Europe

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Gender Studies in Europe by Luisa Passerini,Dawn Lyon,Liana Borghi Book Resume:

Proceedings of a conference organised by the Gender Studies Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in collaboration with the University of Florence and in association with ATHENA (EU-funded Socrates Thematic Network Project for Women's Studies in Europe).

Bullshit Jobs

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber Book Resume:

Alors que le progrès technologique a toujours été vu comme l’horizon d’une libération du travail, notre société moderne repose en grande partie sur l’aliénation de la majorité des employés de bureau. Beaucoup sont amenés à dédier leur vie à des tâches inutiles, sans réel intérêt et vides de sens, tout en ayant pleinement conscience de la superficialité de leur contribution à la société. C’est de ce paradoxe qu’est né et s’est répandu, sous la plume de David Graeber, le concept de « bullshit jobs » – ou « jobs à la con », comme on les appelle en français. Dans son style unique, virulent et limpide, l’auteur procède ici à un examen poussé de ce phénomène. Il soutient que, lorsque 1 % de la population contrôle la majeure partie des richesses d’une société, ce sont eux qui définissent les tâches « utiles » et « importantes ». Mais que penser d’une société qui, d’une part, méprise et sous-paie ses infirmières, chauffeurs de bus, jardiniers ou musiciens ‒ autant de professions authentiquement créatrices de valeur ‒ et, d’autre part, entretient toute une classe d’avocats d’affaires, d’actuaires, de managers intermédiaires et autres gratte-papier surpayés pour accomplir des tâches inutiles, voire nuisibles ? Graeber s’appuie sur les réflexions de grands penseurs, philosophes et scientifiques pour déterminer l’origine de cette anomalie, tant économique que sociale, et en détailler les conséquences individuelles et politiques : la dépression, l’anxiété et les relations de travail sadomasochistes se répandent ; l’effondrement de l’estime de soi s’apparente à « une cicatrice qui balafre notre âme collective ». Sa démonstration est émaillée de témoignages éclairants envoyés par des salariés de tous pays, récits tour à tour déchirants, consternants ou hilarants. Il y a le consultant en informatique qui ne possède aucune des qualifications requises pour le poste, mais qui reçoit promotion sur promotion, bien qu’il fasse des pieds et des mains pour se faire virer ; le salarié supervisé par vingt-cinq managers intermédiaires dont pas un seul ne répond à ses requêtes ; le sous-sous-sous-contractant de l’armée allemande qui parcourt chaque semaine 500 kilomètres en voiture pour aller signer un papier qui autorisera un soldat à déplacer son ordinateur dans la pièce d’à côté... Graeber en appelle finalement à une révolte du salarié moderne ainsi qu’à une vaste réorganisation des valeurs qui placerait le travail créatif et aidant au cœur de notre culture et ferait de la technologie un outil de libération plutôt que d’asservissement, assouvissant enfin notre soif de sens et d’épanouissement.

Ms. Magazine

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ms. Magazine by N.A Book Resume:

Download or read Ms. Magazine book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

"How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?"

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

"How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?" by Tahneer Oksman Book Resume:

American comics reflect the distinct sensibilities and experiences of the Jewish American men who played an outsized role in creating them, but what about the contributions of Jewish women? Focusing on the visionary work of seven contemporary female Jewish cartoonists, Tahneer Oksman draws a remarkable connection between innovations in modes of graphic storytelling and the unstable, contradictory, and ambiguous figurations of the Jewish self in the postmodern era. Oksman isolates the dynamic Jewishness that connects each frame in the autobiographical comics of Aline Kominsky Crumb, Vanessa Davis, Miss Lasko-Gross, Lauren Weinstein, Sarah Glidden, Miriam Libicki, and Liana Finck. Rooted in a conception of identity based as much on rebellion as identification and belonging, these artists' representations of Jewishness take shape in the spaces between how we see ourselves and how others see us. They experiment with different representations and affiliations without forgetting that identity ties the self to others. Stemming from Kominsky Crumb's iconic 1989 comic "Nose Job," in which her alter ego refuses to assimilate through cosmetic surgery, Oksman's study is an arresting exploration of invention in the face of the pressure to disappear.

Neuf parfaits étrangers

The Big Feminist But Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Neuf parfaits étrangers by Béatrice Taupeau,Liane Moriarty Book Resume:

Neuf citadins stressés, prêts pour un break dans une sublime station thermale. Le Tranquillum House leur propose, grâce à une approche révolutionnaire, de renouer avec l'énergie positive pour prendre un nouveau départ. Coupés du monde extérieur, délestés de leurs portables, tous s'attendent avec impatience à une transformation totale. Au fur et à mesure de la cure, entre méditation, tai chi et techniques de bien-être, les langues se délient, les secrets enfouis resurgissent, les animosités aussi. On leur avait promis la quiétude et le renouveau, c'est le lâcher-prise qui s'installe... mais pas celui auquel ils s'attendaient. Avec l'humour et la subtilité qui ont fait son succès, Liane Moriarty, l'auteur du Secret du mari et de Petits secrets, grands mensonges, traque les vérités cachées derrière les apparences et la quête parfois absurde du changement à tout prix. Du grand art.