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Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1429908165
Publisher: Macmillan
File Size: 1304 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4325990


Temple by Book Resume:

A blockbuster thriller from bestselling author Matthew Reilly. Four centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru. To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit. To William race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S. Army to decipher the clues to its location, it's the ultimate symbol of the apocalypse... Carved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements more destructive than any nuclear bomb--a virtual planet killer. In the wrong hands it could mean the end of mankind. And whoever possesses the idol, possesses the unfathomable--and cataclysmic--power of the gods... Now, in the foothills of the Andes, Race's team has arrived--but they're not alone. And soon they'll discover that to penetrate the temple of the idol is to break the first rule of survival. Because some treasures are meant to stay buried..and forces are ready to kill to keep it that way...

Rediscovering the Hindu Temple

Rediscovering the Hindu Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1443867349
Author: Vinayak Bharne,Krupali Krusche
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
File Size: 897 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2188803


Rediscovering the Hindu Temple by Vinayak Bharne,Krupali Krusche Book Resume:

This volume examines the multifarious dimensions that constitute the workings of the Hindu temple as an architectural and urban built form. Eleven chapters reflect on Hindu temples from multiple standpoints - tracing their elusive evolution from wayside shrines as well as canonization into classical objects; questioning the role of treatises containing their building rules; analyzing their prescribed proportions and orders; examining their presence in, and as, larger sacred habitats and ritua...

New Approaches to the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

New Approaches to the Temple of Zeus at Olympia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1443881910
Author: András Patay-Horváth
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
File Size: 1860 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 339671


New Approaches to the Temple of Zeus at Olympia by András Patay-Horváth Book Resume:

This volume brings together the proceedings of an international and interdisciplinary symposium held at Budapest between 8th and 10th May 2014. It was the first event dealing exclusively with the temple of Zeus at Olympia, which was, at the time of its construction, the largest temple in mainland Greece, and which has remained the largest ancient building of the Peloponnese ever since. Contributors come from eight countries, namely Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, and the UK, and from several different fields of classical studies, including archaeology, ancient history, numismatics, epigraphy and architecture. The contributions deal with widely different aspects of the building and its sculptural decoration, including masons’ marks, metrology, the usage of different marbles, and depictions of invisible gods, and approach these issues from new and unique perspectives. Some papers focus on the cult of Zeus, or on inscriptions found in or on coins associated with the sanctuary; others describe how later authors might have used the monument, or bridge the gap between classical studies and the latest digital technologies applied to archaeology and cultural heritage. As such, all of the essays gathered here will inspire classical scholars to make use of these new research paths.

Greek Sanctuaries and Temple Architecture

Greek Sanctuaries and Temple Architecture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1472575296
Author: Mary Emerson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 1873 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5896265


Greek Sanctuaries and Temple Architecture by Mary Emerson Book Resume:

Assuming no prior knowledge, this book introduces the reader to a selection of sites and temples, exploring them in detail and explaining all technical terms along the way. Intended for college-level students and the interested general reader, this book aims to equip the student of Greek architecture for further study, and can also serve as a handbook for visitors to the sanctuaries. The book covers many of the most popular sites, including Delphi, Olympia and the Athenian Acropolis. In this second edition there are new chapters on Western Greece, covering the site of Paestum in Magna Graecia (South Italy), and the unique temple of Olympian Zeus in Acragas, Sicily. The book also offers a concise account of the evolution of Greek architecture, explores aesthetic ideas underlying Greek architectural design, and gives consideration to specific buildings in their social and religious context. This second edition has expanded the discussion of the most important temples and lays emphasis on architectural sculpture as part of the meaning of the whole building. Along with an updated bibliography and a glossary, an abundance of plans, photos and drawings helps clarify the text.

The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple

The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317016270
Author: John W. Welch
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 780 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7289757


The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple by John W. Welch Book Resume:

No religious text has influenced the world more than has the New Testament's Sermon on the Mount, and yet this crucial text still begs to be more clearly understood. Why was it written? What unifying theme or purpose holds it all together? Should it be called a sermon? Or is it some other kind of composition? How would its earliest listeners have heard its encoded allusions and systematic program? This book offers new insights into the Sermon on the Mount by seeing it in the shadow of the all-pervasive Temple in Jerusalem, which dominated the religious landscape of the world of Jesus and his earliest disciples. Analyzing Matthew 5-7 in light of biblical and Jewish backgrounds, ritual studies, and oral performances in early Christian worship, this reading coherently integrates every line in the Sermon. It positions the Sermon as the premier Christian mystery.

Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage

Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 819212844X
Author: Biju Mathew
Publisher: Biju Mathew | Info Kerala Communications Pvt Ltd
File Size: 1893 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3128002


Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage by Biju Mathew Book Resume:

The verdant and beautiful Kerala, well known for its flora and fauna and for its rich tradition of temples, has today become one of the must see destinations in the world. Temples have always been an integral part of the culture and tradition of Kerala. This small state has become famous for its efforts to preserve the ancient culture of the big temples as well as the small family shrines, keeping their rich variety and tradition intact. These temples play an important role in spreading the greatness of Kerala in countries all over the world. Temples of Kerala have never been mere places of worship; they have played a pivotal role in the social, financial, cultural and educational fields of the state. For the rehabilitation of the poor and the deprived many schemes have been implemented by the temples like providing food and shelter to the needy. Today, if there is a great progress in the field of tourism, the temples have certainly contributed much to it. A large number of foreigners come to the state to study and understand Kerala’s traditional temple arts like Kathakali, Chakiarkoothu, Ottamthullal etc. On the happy occasion of bringing out this book, we have endeavored to include details of the prominent Ayyappan temples outside Kerala, along with those of the great temples within the state. The intention is to make this a comprehensive reference book for all well-known temples in India. May all our readers be blessed by the Almighty with peace, prosperity and good health.

Building and Negotiating Religious Identities in a Zen Buddhist Temple

Building and Negotiating Religious Identities in a Zen Buddhist Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9811388636
Author: Fan Zhang
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 731 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4258489


Building and Negotiating Religious Identities in a Zen Buddhist Temple by Fan Zhang Book Resume:

This book explores the practices in a Zen Buddhist temple located in Northwest Ohio against the backdrop of globalization. Drawing on the previous studies on Buddhist modernization and westernization, it provides a better understanding of the westernization of Buddhism and its adapted practices and rituals in the host culture. Using rhetorical criticism methodology, the author approaches this temple as an embodiment of Buddhist rhetoric with both discursive and non-discursive expressions within the discourses of modernity. By analyzing the rhetorical practices at the temple through abbots’ teaching videos, the temple website, members’ dharma names, and the materiality of the temple space and artifacts, the author discovers how Buddhist rhetoric functions to constitute and negotiate the religious identities of the community members through its various rituals and activities. At the same time, the author examines how the temple’s space and settings facilitate the collective the formation and preservation of the Buddhist identity. Through a nuanced discussion of Buddhist rhetoric, this book illuminates a new rhetorical methodology to understand religious identity construction. Furthermore, it offers deeper insights into the future development of modern Buddhism, which are also applicable to Buddhist practitioners and other major world religions.

The Origins of the Second Temple

The Origins of the Second Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317491637
Author: Diana Vikander Edelman
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 462 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4766863


The Origins of the Second Temple by Diana Vikander Edelman Book Resume:

Darius I, King of Persia, claims to have accomplished many deeds in the early years of his reign, but was one of them the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem? The editor who added the date to the books of Haggai and Zechariah thought so, and the author of Ezra 1-6 then relied on his dates when writing his account of the rebuilding process. The genealogical information contained in the book of Nehemiah, however, suggests otherwise; it indicates that Zerubbabel and Nehemiah were either contemporaries, or a generation apart in age, not some 65 years apart. Thus, either Zerubabbel and the temple rebuilding needs to be moved to the reign of Artaxerxes I, or Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the city walls needs to be moved to the reign of Darius I. In this ground-breaking volume, the argument is made that the temple was built during the reign of Artaxerxes I. The editor of Haggai and Zechariah mistakenly set the event under Darius I because he was influenced by both a desire to show the fulfillment of inherited prophecy and by Darius widely circulated autobiography of his rise to power. In light of the settlement patterns in Yehud during the Persian period, it is proposed that Artaxerxes I instituted a master plan to incorporate Yehud into the Persian road, postal, and military systems. The rebuilding of the temple was a minor part of the larger plan that provided soldiers stationed in the fortress in Jerusalem and civilians living in the new provincial seat with a place to worship their native god while also providing a place to store taxes and monies collected on behalf of the Persian administration.

The Temple and the Crown

The Temple and the Crown [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1504037618
Author: Katherine Kurtz,Deborah Turner Harris
Publisher: Open Road Media
File Size: 1967 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4443306


The Temple and the Crown by Katherine Kurtz,Deborah Turner Harris Book Resume:

The Knights Templar battle an occult order in this “soundly researched [and] briskly paced” alternate history set during the Scottish War of Independence (Booklist). In this stunning sequel to their acclaimed historical fantasy The Temple and the Stone, coauthors Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris return to the legends of the fabled Order of the Knights Templar, the mystical medieval brotherhood of warrior monks born in the crucible of the Holy Land Crusades. Returning to a brilliantly recreated alternate past, two of the world’s premier fantasists spin a breathtaking tale of courage, destiny, duty, and magic that unfolds against a backdrop of England’s tumultuous struggle with Scotland and the heroic exploits of Scotsmen Robert the Bruce and William “Braveheart” Wallace. Unwavering devotion to God and their magical order has carried noble knights Arnault de Saint Clair and Torquil Lennox into the heat of battle in war-torn Scotland in these dark days of conflict, only to discover that there are forces at work far more sinister than kings and crowns. The English liege, Edward I, is determined to destroy the Knights Templar, who have sided with the enemy Scots, while in France, Philip IV, known as “King Philip the Fair,” is driven by his greed for the legendary Templar wealth and would usurp the power of the Pope himself to attain their riches. But unbeknownst to either king, they are both in the thrall of the Knights of the Black Swan, a malevolent supernatural order with loyalties to Lucifer alone. On the eve of the decisive battle of Bannockburn, Saint Clair, Lennox, and their brave Templar brethren will be compelled to stand against these minions of the Devil, who are willing to see thousands die and kingdoms crumble to feed their unholy hunger for ultimate power. The Temple and the Crown is an epic tale that celebrates a history that never was, a legend that has endured for centuries, and the heroic exploits of Scotsmen Robert the Bruce and William “Braveheart” Wallace.

A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period (vol. 1)

A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period (vol. 1) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0567216179
Author: Lester L. Grabbe
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 1492 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9004953


A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period (vol. 1) by Lester L. Grabbe Book Resume:

In the first of four volumes on A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period, Lester Grabbe presents a comprehensive history of Yehud - the Aramaic name for Judah - during the Persian Period. Among the many crucial questions he addresses are: What are the sources for this period and how do we evaluate them? And how do we make them 'speak' to us through the fog of centuries? This first volume, Yehud: A History of the Persian Province of Judah offers the most up to date and comprehensive examination of the political and administrative structures; the society and economy; the religion, temple and cult; the developments in thought and literature; and the major political events of Judah at the time.

Jewish Scribes in the Second-Temple Period

Jewish Scribes in the Second-Temple Period [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0567299015
Author: Christine Schams
Publisher: A&C Black
File Size: 808 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2401431


Jewish Scribes in the Second-Temple Period by Christine Schams Book Resume:

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement series, 291

White Cloud Temple in Beijing

White Cloud Temple in Beijing [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9949553083
Author: Wander Stories
Publisher: WanderStories
File Size: 1326 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9041562


White Cloud Temple in Beijing by Wander Stories Book Resume:

Dear Traveler, Welcome to the WanderStories™ tour of the White Cloud Temple in Beijing. We, at WanderStories™, are storytellers. We don’t tell you where to eat or sleep, we don’t intend to replace a typical travel reference guide. Our mission is to be the best local guide that you would wish to have by your side when visiting the sights. So, we meet you at the sight and take you on a tour. WanderStories™ travel guides are unique because our storytelling style puts you alongside the best local guide who tells you fascinating stories and unusual facts recreating the passion and sacrifice that forged the beauty of these places right here in front of you, while a wealth of high quality photos, historic pictures, and illustrations brings your tour vividly to life. Our promise: • when you visit the White Cloud Temple with this travel guide you will have the best local guide at your fingertips • when you read this travel guide in the comfort of your armchair you will feel as if you are actually visiting the White Cloud Temple with the best local guide Let’s go! Your guide, WanderStories

An Ancient Greek Temple

An Ancient Greek Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1905638620
Author: John Malam,David Salariya
Publisher: The Salariya Book Company
File Size: 892 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1263228


An Ancient Greek Temple by John Malam,David Salariya Book Resume:

Take an incredible tour through an ancient Greek temple. This is the inside story of the magnificent temples which were built by the Greeks to worship their many gods and goddesses. Discover the amazing rituals and festivals that were at the centre of Greek life. Learn how the world of the Greeks was brought to an end by their foreign neighbours. Superb cutaway illustrations and pinpoint enlargements accompany the text. Informative captions, maps, a complete glossary and an index enhance the book's educational value.

The Temple of Doubt

The Temple of Doubt [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1634500059
Author: Anne Boles Levy
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1614 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5064890


The Temple of Doubt by Anne Boles Levy Book Resume:

“Fiercely original with a capable and plucky heroine, The Temple of Doubt rips open a door to a fresh new fantasy world.” —Amalie Howard, author of the Aquarathi series and Alpha Goddess It’s been two six-days since a falling star crashed into the marshes beyond Port Sapphire, putting the wilds of Kuldor off-limits to fifteen-year-old Hadara. She feels this loss deeply and is eager to join her mother beyond the city limits to gather illegal herbs and throw off the yoke of her tedious religious schooling. Medicines of any sort are heresy to the people of Port Sapphire, who must rely on magic provided by the god Nihil for aid. And if people die from that magic, their own lack of faith is surely to blame. At least, that’s what Hadara has been taught—and has so far refused to believe. Hadara and her mother have ignored the priests’ many warnings about their herb gathering, secure in knowing their tropical island is far from Nihil’s critical gaze. Then two powerful high priests arrive from Nihil’s home city to investigate the fallen star, insisting it harbors an unseen demon. This sets off speculation that an evil force is already at work in Port Sapphire and brings one of the holy men to Hadara’s doorstep. When he chooses Hadara as a guide into the wilds, she sets off a chain of events that will upend everything she’s been taught about the sacred and the profane. The Temple of Doubt is the first installment in a series that follows a teenager who is given a greater destiny and purpose than she could’ve ever imagined. Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Kings

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Kings [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1387323067
Author: Dennis Herman
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
File Size: 1195 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6156834


The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Kings by Dennis Herman Book Resume:

This book looks into the life of each king in Jerusalem, and those in Samaria in the most logical manner. In the way they were recorded in scripture. Each king fulled one little part in God's prophetic timing. A timing and pattern this world is repeating today. The lives of those kings and the symbols involved either established or called attention to that pattern. Unlike other books of this nature, this book sticks to scripture for the answers. This book shows the world how God recorded answers in other books of the Bible generations before the questions were asked. In short, this book shows how God was in control every step of the way, and knew the outcome of every event long before details began to unfold. If only those kings knew how to go back to scripture for the answers they needed. Think of how the course of this world could have been changed. But human nature has always depended too much on itself, and not enough on the God who created this world.

God and Temple

God and Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1498299407
Author: Ronald Ernest Clements
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
File Size: 642 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3041143


God and Temple by Ronald Ernest Clements Book Resume:

The temple of Jerusalem became the center in ancient Israel of a whole group of concepts concerning the divine presence. It was regarded as the very dwelling place of God, the earthly throne of the heavenly King. In order to understand the origin of this belief, Dr. Clements examines the Canaanite notions of divine dwelling-places, and the early ideas of God's presence in Israel. The origins of the Israelite temple in Jerusalem are then considered, and the nature of its rites and symbolism. Particular attention is given to the relationship between the temple of the Davidic monarchy and its significance for the political history of the Israelite nation. The destruction of the temple in 586 BC severely challenged the traditional views about its meaning and led ultimately to great changes in the Jewish understanding of the divine presence. Jerusalem, and the religious ideas surrounding it, became increasingly part of an eschatological hope. Dr. Clements shows how this was important for the early Christian church, which rejected the Jerusalem temple, and which asserted that the divine presence had been revealed to man in Jesus Christ and was experienced in the church through the Holy Spirit.

Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary: The Story of Jerusalem's Most Sacred Space

Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary: The Story of Jerusalem's Most Sacred Space [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 125014065X
Author: Ilene Cooper
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
File Size: 1911 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 733841


Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary: The Story of Jerusalem's Most Sacred Space by Ilene Cooper Book Resume:

Veteran author Ilene Cooper explores the turbulent history of one of Jerusalem's most sacred sites in this timely, illustrated nonfiction offering, Faith and Fury: The Temple Mount and the Noble Sanctuary. Towering over the Old City of Jerusalem is a place where worlds meet, conflict arises, and history changes. Known to Jews as the Temple Mount, it was once the site of the great temples built by Solomon and Herod. To Muslims, it is the Noble Sanctuary and home to one of the most sacred buildings in the Muslim world, the Dome of the Rock. Venerated by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, it attracts pilgrims and tourists from around the world—and is the focus of the bitter and intractable conflict between Israel and the Arab world that dominates today's news.

The Temple of Love

The Temple of Love [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1788670159
Author: Barbara Cartland
Publisher: Barbara Cartland EBooks ltd
File Size: 1129 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9088118


The Temple of Love by Barbara Cartland Book Resume:

Desperate to avoid being trapped into marriage by the lovely but scheming Lady Charlotte Denington, the handsome young Duke of Ingleby is relieved to be sent on a special secret mission for the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. He is to find and if he is in time to save an ancient Buddhist Temple on the island of Java from desecration and looting by the Dutch who are the Rulers of the country at the time. Travelling incognito and posing as an English tourist keen to photograph the delightful scenery of Java, the Duke unexpectedly meets a beautiful and ethereal young woman called ‘Sarida’ at the Temple’s portal. Although clearly English, Sarida bears this Javanese name and is attuned to Javanese culture. Indeed she believes fervently in the Buddha. The Duke is entranced and then enthralled when he discovers that he and she bear an uncanny resemblance to the sculpted portrayals of a Javanese King and Princess in the depths of the Temple. It is as if they have been together and loved each other in another life. Even without speaking they both understand that this is what the Buddhists have always called The Wheel of Rebirth. And, as together they face terrible danger, it is immediately obvious that the attraction between them is too powerful to resist. It is all an essential part of the Divine power of the Temple of Love.

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: 1 Chronicles

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: 1 Chronicles [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 138736913X
Author: Dennis Herman
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
File Size: 1212 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7555217


The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: 1 Chronicles by Dennis Herman Book Resume:

The majority of this book looks at David, his life, the kingdom he built, and his relationship with the temple. It was David's desire to build an elaborate stone temple dedicated to God. Was that what God really wanted? Of course there were a few changes between the Tabernacle Moses built, and the stone temple David planned for, and Solomon built. What were those changes, how did they come about, why did God allow them, and what effect did they have on the nation of Israel? I shouldn't have to say this, but the answers are all in scripture. We don't have to jump out of the Bible into history books, online videos, or any other sources. That is the beauty of the Bible, and one of the things this book does. If nothing else, this book looks back over previous stories in scripture showing how God knew what was going to happen long before it happened. When we take a serious look at scripture, we find where God warned about mistakes people made long before they thought about making them.

Painted Earth Temple

Painted Earth Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9781416562382
Author: Heyoka Merrifield
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 954 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2821747


Painted Earth Temple by Heyoka Merrifield Book Resume:

In this second volume of the White Buffalo Woman Trilogy, Heyoka Merrifield transports us back to ancient Europe as a mythical tribe of hunter-gatherers is forced on an odyssey away from Gaia's land and into the New World. Painted Earth Temple reveals the rites and rituals of a culture of antiquity showing us that their traditions have never been more pertinent than in today's modern age. The Native American saga continues in Lying Down Mountain, the volume in the trilogy.

The Dark Temple

The Dark Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1788631072
Author: R.D. Shah
Publisher: Canelo
File Size: 650 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5990678


The Dark Temple by R.D. Shah Book Resume:

A brutal cult. A gruesome rite. A primal evil... At a remote farmhouse outside Turin, a mysterious religious exorcism goes horribly wrong, setting in motion a series of catastrophic events, that threatens to bring the world to its knees... Meanwhile, Professor Alex Harker is settling into his new life in the Templar Brotherhood, when he is suddenly whisked away to the Tower of London. There he learns of a disturbing murder, and a strange riddle hinting at a sinister truth. Now the fate of the Templars hangs in the balance, at risk from a powerful conspiracy, which, unbelievably, seems to lead back to the very source of evil: the Devil himself... A stunning conspiracy thriller you’ll have to read to believe, perfect for fans of Scott Mariani, Chris Kuzneski and Dan Brown.

Digital Archetypes

Digital Archetypes [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1472435001
Author: Dr David Beynon,Professor Sambit Datta
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
File Size: 1561 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9651706


Digital Archetypes by Dr David Beynon,Professor Sambit Datta Book Resume:

This unique book presents a broad multi-disciplinary examination of early temple architecture in Asia, written by two experts in digital reconstruction and the history and theory of Asian architecture. The authors examine the archetypes of Early Brahmanic, Hindu and Buddhist temple architecture from their origins in north western India to their subsequent spread and adaptation eastwards into Southeast Asia. While the epic monuments of Asia are well known, much less is known about the connections between their building traditions, especially the common themes and mutual influences in the early architecture of Java, Cambodia and Champa. While others have made significant historiographic connections between these temple building traditions, this book unravels, for the first time, the specifically compositional and architectural linkages along the trading routes of South and Southeast Asia. Through digital reconstruction and recovery of three dimensional temple forms, the authors have developed a digital dataset of early Indian antecedents, tested new technologies for the acquisition of built heritage and developed new methods for comparative analysis of built form geometry. Overall the book presents a novel approach to the study of heritage and representation within the framework of emerging digital techniques and methods.

The Last Secret of the Temple

The Last Secret of the Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 155584880X
Author: Paul Sussman
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
File Size: 923 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4555811


The Last Secret of the Temple by Paul Sussman Book Resume:

An ancient secret threatens to unleash a modern war in this international-bestselling “thriller on par with the best literature out there” (James Rollins). Jerusalem, 70 AD: As the invading Romans destroy the Holy Temple, a young Jewish boy is hidden away—chosen as the guardian of a great secret. And for seventy generations, the secret is kept safe . . . But now, in order to ignite a new conflict between Israel and the Arab world, a Jewish radical is prepared to reveal what has been hidden for centuries. The only ones who can stop the coming bloodshed are a beautiful young Palestinian journalist and two detectives—one Israeli, one Egyptian—in an unlikely alliance. As their separate searches for the truth intertwine, they discover there are some in this war-torn region who believe true peace can only be found in death . . . Full of the detail and in-depth knowledge only a bestselling author and true-life archaeologist could deliver, this is a “tightly-plotted, richly-observed, thought-provoking thriller” (Raymond Khoury). “Sussman, an archeologist, puts in plenty of satisfying twists and turns, and grounds the story in the violence and intrigue of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” —Publishers Weekly

The Temple, Antichrist and the New World Order, Understanding Prophetic Events 2000 Plus! - End Times Series Three

The Temple, Antichrist and the New World Order, Understanding Prophetic Events 2000 Plus! - End Times Series Three [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1909132748
Author: Dr. Alan Pateman
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
File Size: 996 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 155005


The Temple, Antichrist and the New World Order, Understanding Prophetic Events 2000 Plus! - End Times Series Three by Dr. Alan Pateman Book Resume:

Somewhere, perhaps in Europe there is a man, brilliant in mind, full of charisma working behind the scenes to gain political position. Someone who will sell his soul to get that position and Satan will be quick to give him the “Kingdoms of this World.” The bible points to this coming dictator as the “antichrist” destined to lead the world into terrible deception; a period called the great tribulation. The lives of everyone will be profoundly affected, even destroyed, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. Many say that now is the time, it is this generation, our generation, that has been called to live out our destiny during the period that the ancients called the “birth pangs of the Messiah.” With this in mind, I pray you will respond to this Book, “The Temple, Antichrist and The New World Order” not out of fear, but with an eagerness to understand this very important subject.

Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage 2019

Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage 2019 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 8193456785
Author: Infokerala Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Publisher: Info Kerala Communications Pvt Ltd
File Size: 1641 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2927149


Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage 2019 by Infokerala Communications Pvt. Ltd. Book Resume:

The verdant and beautiful Kerala, well known for its flora and fauna and for its rich tradition of temples, has today become one of the must see destinations in the world. Temples have always been an integral part of the culture and tradition of Kerala. This small state has become famous for its efforts to preserve the ancient culture of the big temples as well as the small family shrines, keeping their rich variety and tradition intact. These temples play an important role in spreading the greatness of Kerala in countries all over the world. Temples of Kerala have never been mere places of worship; they have played a pivotal role in the social, financial, cultural and educational fields of the state. For the rehabilitation of the poor and the deprived many schemes have been implemented by the temples like providing food and shelter to the needy. Today, if there is a great progress in the field of tourism, the temples have certainly contributed much to it. A large number of foreigners come to the state to study and understand Kerala’s traditional temple arts like Kathakali, Chakiarkoothu, Ottamthullal etc. On the happy occasion of bringing out this book, we have endeavored to include details of the prominent Ayyappan temples outside Kerala, along with those of the great temples within the state. The intention is to make this a comprehensive reference book for all well-known temples in India. May all our readers be blessed by the Almighty with peace, prosperity and good health.

The Fall of the Southern Shaolin Temple and Rise of the Ten Tigers of Canton

The Fall of the Southern Shaolin Temple and Rise of the Ten Tigers of Canton [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1728385202
Author: Paul Burkinshaw
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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File Format: Pdf
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The Fall of the Southern Shaolin Temple and Rise of the Ten Tigers of Canton by Paul Burkinshaw Book Resume:

The Fall of the Southern Shaolin Temple and the Rise of the Ten Tigers of Canton tells the legendary story of the Southern Shaolin Temples in Fukien Provence, China, and of the renowned Shaolin Kung Fu masters who trained there. Events and betrayals led to the destruction of these Southern Shaolin Temples. The survivors fled from the Ch’ing/Qing army and dispersed around Kwangtung/Guangdong Province. Many of these eventually settled in or around the provincial capital city of Canton. They, in turn, taught their kung fu among the general population, which led to the rise of several eminent kung fu masters. The ten best were chosen and from then on would be known as the Ten Tigers of Canton.

Temple of the Living God

Temple of the Living God [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1532641672
Author: Philip N. Richardson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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Temple of the Living God by Philip N. Richardson Book Resume:

When writing to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul used figurative temple language repeatedly to shape the identity of his audience (“Temple of God,” “Temple of the Holy Spirit,” and “Temple of the Living God”). While other scholars have identified the place of the Jerusalem temple in Paul’s thinking or the impact of temples in the life of Corinth, there has been no comprehensive study of the way that figurative temple language in philosophy could have influenced the Corinthians’ worldview. Hellenistic philosophy was pervasive in the first century and provided theological guidance for faith and practice to Paul’s Gentile audience before their conversion. Philip N. Richardson provides a comprehensive survey of figurative temple language in Hellenistic philosophy, shedding light on the way that the kinds of philosophical thought known in cities like Corinth may have influenced the Corinthians to think about figurative temple language. This study throws into sharp relief the similarities and differences between Paul’s use of temple language and that of philosophy, and illuminates Paul’s setting of this language in the wider framework of 1–2 Corinthians and his purpose for its use in the argument of the letters.

Tantric Temples

Tantric Temples [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0892546018
Author: Peter Levenda
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
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Tantric Temples by Peter Levenda Book Resume:

Tantra is one of the most misunderstood of the esoteric disciplines. In order to get a clear idea as to the nature of Tantric ritual and belief it is necessary to go where Tantra is still practiced and from where important Tantric teachings originated a thousand years ago: the island of Java in present-day Indonesia. This book illustrates the history of Tantrism in Java with more than a hundred photographs of temples, statues and iconography dedicated to the system -- some rarely seen before, including the recently-excavated "white temple" of Yogyakarta -- and accounts of contemporary practices in the shrines, cemeteries and secret schools of Java It is this Tantra -- the Tantra of Java -- that has influenced secret societies, mystics, alchemists, Kabbalists and magicians for hundreds if not thousands of years. This book tells the story of how human sexuality became a metaphor and a template for both spiritual transformation and the manipulation of reality/ of how various sexual acts and psycho-biological states became the basis for a comprehensive cosmology that incorporates every aspect of human experience. Sometimes the secrets are buried where you least expect to find them. Sometimes they are hidden in plain sight. Sometimes... they are both. In the largest Muslim country in the world we will discover a path of Tantra so unique, yet so vibrant and alive, that we will be astonished that no one had heard of it until now.

Tabernacles and Temples

Tabernacles and Temples [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Glen Carpenter
Publisher: Glen Carpenter
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Tabernacles and Temples by Glen Carpenter Book Resume:

This book is excerpted and expanded from CONNECTIONS: A Guide to Types and Symbols in the Bible - by Glen Carpenter This book will help the reader understand the temples and tabernacles as seen in the Old Testament. It also includes a description of the tabernacle/temple objects. Each of these is described in terms of how they relate to New Covenant truths - including the awesome plan for the Body of Christ - and compares them to the great temple seen in heaven in the book of Revelation.

Reconstructing the Temple

Reconstructing the Temple [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 019086897X
Author: Andrew R. Davis
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Reconstructing the Temple by Andrew R. Davis Book Resume:

This book examines temple renovation as a rhetorical topic within royal literature of the ancient Near East. Unlike newly founded temples, which were celebrated for their novelty, temple renovations were oriented toward the past. Kings took the opportunity to rehearse a selective history of the temple, evoking certain past traditions and omitting others. In this way, temple renovations were a kind of historiography. Andrew R. Davis demonstrates a pattern in the rhetoric of temple renovation texts: that kings in ancient Mesopotamia, Israel, Syria and Persia used temple renovation to correct, or at least distance themselves from, some turmoil of recent history and to associate their reigns with an earlier and more illustrious past. Davis draws on the royal literature of the seventh and sixth centuries BCE for main evidence of this rhetoric. Furthermore, he argues for reading the story of Jeroboam I's placement of calves at Dan and Bethel (1 Kgs 12:25-33) as an eighth-century BCE account of temple renovation with a similar rhetoric. Concluding with further examples in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Reconstructing the Temple demonstrates that the rhetoric of temple renovation was a distinct and longstanding topic in the ancient Near East.


TEMPLE MANAGEMENT IN THE ?GAMA-S [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1637145454
Author: Dr. Deepa Duraiswamy
Publisher: Notion Press
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TEMPLE MANAGEMENT IN THE ?GAMA-S by Dr. Deepa Duraiswamy Book Resume:

For at least 1500 years, temple design, construction and worship have followed the canon of the ?gama-s. Shouldn’t temple management also follow the ?gama-s? Steeped in a history of more than two millennia, the real bequest of India’s ancient temples is that they are still living sacred spaces. The gods that were invoked in these temples more than a thousand years ago, continue to reside in the sanctums and gaze benevolently upon their devotees. The bells ring for morning service as they did a thousand years ago. The ?c?rya waves the ?rati just as another ?c?rya did a thousand years ago. No other organization in the world can boast of such amazing continuity. The secret to this longevity lies in the ?gama-s. ?gama-s are the traditional canon believed to be as old as the Vedas, with detailed manuals on temple-building, consecration and ritual worship. While the world outside the temples – a world of kings and kingdoms – has changed, temples continue to follow the ?gama-s in letter and spirit in their everyday religious function, notwithstanding the many changes in administrative formats. By studying the activities of the temple, material and manpower required, qualifications and roles prescribed for the temple professionals, this thesis attempts to reconstruct an ?gamic temple management framework, using the K?mik?gama as primary text with other ?gama-s, secondary literature and inscriptional evidence as required.

Tomoto's Wish Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Tomoto's Wish Temple, Kyoto, Japan [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: 王sir(Frogwong)
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Tomoto's Wish Temple, Kyoto, Japan by 王sir(Frogwong) Book Resume:

Wong Sir's Trip Higashi-honganji, Kyoto, Japan Higashi-honganji and Nishi-honganji It is a large temple of two major schools of the largest Buddhist sect in Japan The relative position of the two temples on the map is in a straight line. But you can't reach straight. The main entrances to both temples are on the east side. From the Nishi-honganji to the Higashi-honganji To circle half a circle to the East Gate, walk about 20 minutes Higashi-honganji is a large temple of the true Great Valley of the Pure Earth True Religious Sect Located in the Lower Beijing District of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan Built in 1602, officially known as the Temple of The Real Zongben Higashi-honganji is close to Kyoto Tower, about a 5 minute walk away The interior of the place dedicated to the Buddha's statue is brilliant Belt park in front of the Higashi-honganji, on both sides of the fountain It is one of the scenic spots for cherry blossoms and maple saves in Kyoto The view of cherry blossoms or red leaves dancing with the Kyoto Tower The "enclave" of the Higashi-honganji (land outside the temple's territorial) is a residence of the Higashi-honganji, a recluse for the former lord after his retreat Ping An Era (794-1185) Built on the old site of the six river original courtyard pool of emperor Yu's source and emperor's original courtyard The site was originally surrounded by special types of orange trees, also known as the shell house In 1641, the 13th generation of the master of the net earth was declared as Ask Ishikawa Toyama to be home light in the third-generation shogun Dechuan Create a garden on donated land Involved in the park has elegant pool spring back-to-tour garden It's also a cherry blossom in the spring. Attracting visitors to the spring cherry blossoms at the beginning of each year The residence is full of flowers throughout the year 1936 was designated as a scenic area of the country. Into the Higashi-honganji to visit to take off shoes, do not directly carry shoes to go There are plastic bags in the temple to carry the shoes away Many tourists leave with their shoes on the lowest level of the board. It's wrong to put your shoes on the ground. Japan's Shinto (always) has multiple gate factions The Temple of The Wish is one of the largest denominations. The elders of the first generation of the Kaiji Temple were pro-Kaida in Otani's Ben-Wish Temple Now up to the 24th generation In 1262, after the death of the ancestors of the Tibetan Temple of Allah, Its son-in-law, Sini, established the Otani Temple as a tomb for the relatives of the people By the time of the 3rd world, the Temple of Hope was officially established Historically known as the Otani Temple of The Wish, the pro-people are listed as ancestors The monastery can be entangled with strong heart and a considerable number of believers indirectly became a huge force The great names of the contemporary times (feudal lords) will attract or destroy monasteries. The 8th seat of this wish temple, such as the main lotus, was attacked by monks and soldiers of the Yanli Temple in Bilushan Lotus escapes Kyoto Rebuilding the Temple of Shiji in Kyoto And Osaka At present, you can still find the remains of the Temple of The Hope of Sanko Ben. The 10th generation of the temple's main government, such as Move the temple to The Ishiyama Temple, currently near Osaka City Passed to the 11th generation of the door master, is the era of the Japanese Warring States He fought with "The Sixth Day Demon King" Yoshida, who fought for ten years. It's already a "great name of the warring states." Mr. Yoshida has fought many victories and defeats with the Temple of Benwish. Finally surrendered the armed forces of the Temple of Wish, and the two sides spoke of The Temple of the Wishing to Exit Ishiyama and Goyama Mr. Iwata's Master of The Future gathering for the Unbelievers Put the faith center of Shiyama's wish temple to burn to the ground, to put an end to the after-suffering In 1590, Fengchen Xiuji inherited the legacy of the long-term work of the letter of Weaving Field, one world The 11th generation of the temple's door master shows good relations with Fengchen Xiuji After Fengchen Xiuji came to power, he donated the land where the temple is now located The Temple of Ben wish is moving back to Kyoto, until today After Take power, Mr. Dechuan took a similar path with Mr. Yoshida. Worried that the true believers of net soil can't forget Fengchen Xiuji After the death of the original long-male religion such as the inheritance of the wish of the temple master Dechuan Jiakang does not support teaching such as, changed by the obvious three sons quasi-inheritance In 1602, Thechuan Jiakang donated six lands in Wumaru. To frustrated teachings such as the establishment of a new temple of hope Since then, the Temple of Wish has been divided into two On the west side is the Longgu Mountain Wish Temple, known as the Nishi-honganji On the east side is the authentic temple known as the Higashi-honganji It is generally believed that The People's Dayu kagawa is afraid that the forces of the Temple of wish are too great to control Deliberately divide the temple of the wish, let the East and West wish the temple to check and balance each other The Higashi-honganji, like the Nishi-honganji, is served as the patriarch of the people The meaning of the East-West Temple is quite strong with each other After the completion of the Imperial Palace in 1636, the Temple of The Holy See Higashi-honganji also completed the Imperial Hall of the Temple in 1658. This great statue is very large. At that time, the size is second only to the Great Buddha Temple in Fangguang Temple, Dongshan Higashi-honganji was hit by four fires during the Edo period Dubbed by Kyoto people as "the Temple of The Wish of Easy Fire". The Higashi-honganji wish was destroyed twice in 1858 and 1864 The fire torched most of the buildings in the Higashi-honganji The current building was built during the Meiji era (1868-1912) The building of the Nishi-honganji has been preserved since the beginning of Edo This is also why the Nishi-honganji is listed as a World Heritage Site The Higashi-honganji can't list the reasons for it The main building of the Higashi-honganji is now for the Meiji period reconstruction It took nearly 16 years to build and complete in 1895 There is a statue of the founder of the sect in the Royal Hall Laying tatami as many as 927, known as "thousands of folds" Higashi-honganji Imperial Hall is 76 meters long, 58 meters deep and 38 meters high Dongda Temple is 57 meters long, 50 meters deep and 49 meters high. Higashi-honganji Imperial Hall and Dongda Temple and called the world's largest wooden building The Ameda Hall next to the Royal Hall, dedicated to the Buddha Both the Imperial Hall and the Amito Hall were rebuilt in 1895. The hairrope used in the construction, made up of a mixture of human hair and cannabis Donated by parish faithful across the country, there is still one in the Ameda Church There's a very smelly channel to the Amitohall, and you can smell wood. Higashi-honganji Address: Seven uplinks 600-8505 in Wumartong, Kyoto City,6505 Phone: 075-371-9181 Entrance fee: Free Wheelchair accessible: Yes Opening hours: 5:00 - 17:30 (March - October) 6:20 - 16:30 (November - February) Tickets: 500 yen Traffic: 7 minutewalk from JR Kyoto Station 5 minutewalk from the five stations on the Wumar line 15 minutewalk from the four stations of the Jinghan Railway 1 minute walk from the city bus WuMaro station Parking: Not available (public parking nearby) Website: http://www.higashihonganji.or.jp/english/ https://youtu.be/LlZF6tTDSbo

Sanctum Genesis #1

Sanctum Genesis #1 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1594653372
Author: Christophe Bec,Philippe Thirault,Stefano Raffaele
Publisher: Humanoids Inc
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Sanctum Genesis #1 by Christophe Bec,Philippe Thirault,Stefano Raffaele Book Resume:

Journey to the roots of the nightmare as the Nazi party attempts to control the ancient evil entity that was introduced in the bestselling series Sanctum. PUBLICATION IN 2 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK Aleppo, Syria, 1934. Following a major archeological discovery, German soldiers from the esoteric branch of the Nazi party forcibly take over the site and hold the French-led archeological team hostage. The Nazis are after an ancient weapon that they hope can further their world conquering plans, but in the process of uncovering it they awaken Môt, a primeval divinity that proves utterly impossible to control. A tale of suspense, action-adventure, and horror for fans of Indiana Jones and Lovecraftian horror.

From Temple to Museum

From Temple to Museum [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1351356097
Author: Salila Kulshreshtha
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
File Size: 1398 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3903528


From Temple to Museum by Salila Kulshreshtha Book Resume:

Religious icons have been a contested terrain across the world. Their implications and understanding travel further than the artistic or the aesthetic and inform contemporary preoccupations.This book traces the lives of religious sculptures beyond the moment of their creation. It lays bare their purpose and evolution by contextualising them in their original architectural or ritual setting while also following their displacement. The work examines how these images may have moved during different spates of temple renovation and acquired new identities by being relocated either within sacred precincts or in private collections and museums, art markets or even desecrated and lost. The book highlights contentious issues in Indian archaeology such as renegotiating identities of religious images, reuse and sharing of sacred space by adherents of different faiths, rebuilding of temples and consequent reinvention of these sites. The author also engages with postcolonial debates surrounding history writing and knowledge creation in British India and how colonial archaeology, archival practices, official surveys and institutionalisation of museums has influenced the current understanding of religion, sacred space and religious icons. In doing so it bridges the historiographical divide between the ancient and the modern as well as socio-religious practices and their institutional memory and preservation. Drawn from a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary study of religious sculptures, classical texts, colonial archival records, British travelogues, official correspondences and fieldwork, the book will interest scholars and researchers of history, archaeology, religion, art history, museums studies, South Asian studies and Buddhist studies.


Shipwreckers [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1368012329
Author: Scott Peterson,Joshua Pruett
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
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Read Count: 2030343


Shipwreckers by Scott Peterson,Joshua Pruett Book Resume:

When Dani and her big brother Mike find themselves aboard the ill-fated river expedition of careless adventurer, Captain Kevin, they must work together to save themselves and the captain from all manner of deadly trials and traps. Complete with treacherous temples, ancient idols, and plenty of explosions, Shipwreckers is a big adventure that brings humor along for a dangerous and thrilling ride up the Amazon. In a place where laughter meets non-stop action, you'll find Shipwreckers and its cast of soon-to-be fan-favorite characters.

Power and Peril

Power and Peril [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3110678942
Author: Michael K.W. Suh
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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Read Count: 7677707


Power and Peril by Michael K.W. Suh Book Resume:

This study probes the significance of Paul's statement in 1 Corinthians 3:16 announced to a group of believers in Corinth: "Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells among you?" The question is framed in the Greek language such that Paul expected an affirmative response (i.e. ‘Yes, we know we are the temple of God’), and yet mapping such an idea onto a gathering of people is rather unprecedented in antiquity. By surveying relevant literary texts and material culture from the ancient Mediterranean (roughly 400 BCE—200 CE), the author shows how Paul appropriated the concept of temple in his exhortation to the Corinthians. A few key texts in 1 Corinthians can be read as a cohesive and coherent set of passages that unpack the idea of the Corinthians as "the temple of God." While these passages are not typically read together, this study shows how themes such as power and spirit, traditions from Exodus, divine benefits, and sacrificial foods found in these passages reflect similar concerns observed in temples and other sanctuaries in ancient Greek, Roman, and Jewish contexts. Careful analysis of the religious experience of visitors to temples—an important topic that remains largely ignored in secondary literature—gives greater clarity to the nuances of Paul’s temple discourse. As the temple, the Corinthian community not only receives God's power and benefits, but also remains vulnerable to peril posed by insiders and outsiders.

Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context

Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3110740990
Author: Tova Ganzel
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
File Size: 1132 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5033662


Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context by Tova Ganzel Book Resume:

Ezekiel's Visionary Temple in Babylonian Context examines evidence from Babylonian sources to better understand Ezekiel's vision of the future temple as it appears in chapters 40–48. Tova Ganzel argues that Neo-Babylonian temples provide a meaningful backdrop against which many unique features of Ezekiel's vision can and should be interpreted. In pointing to the similarities between Neo-Babylonian temples and the description in the book of Ezekiel, Ganzel demonstrates how these temples served as a context for the prophet's visions and describes the extent to which these similarities provide a further basis for broader research of the connections between Babylonia and the Bible. Ultimately, she argues the extent to which the book of Ezekiel models its temple on those of the Babylonians. Thus, this book suggests a comprehensive picture of the book of Ezekiel’s worldview and to contextualize its visionary temple by comparing its vision to the actual temples surrounding the Judeans in exile.

Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani

Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0824879422
Author: Patrick Vinton Kirch,Clive Ruggles
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
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Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani by Patrick Vinton Kirch,Clive Ruggles Book Resume:

Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani is a collaborative study of 78 temple sites in the ancient moku of Kahikinui and Kaupō in southeastern Maui, undertaken using a novel approach that combines archaeology and archaeoastronomy. Although temple sites (heiau) were the primary focus of Hawaiian archaeologists in the earlier part of the twentieth century, they were later neglected as attention turned to the excavation of artifact-rich habitation sites and theoretical and methodological approaches focused more upon entire cultural landscapes. This book restores heiau to center stage. Its title, meaning “Temples, Land, and Sky,” reflects the integrated approach taken by Patrick Vinton Kirch and Clive Ruggles, based upon detailed mapping of the structures, precise determination of their orientations, and accurate dating. Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani is the outcome of a joint fieldwork project by the two authors, spanning more than fifteen years, in a remarkably well-preserved archaeological landscape containing precontact house sites, walls, and terraces for dryland cultivation, and including scores of heiau ranging from simple upright stones dedicated to Kāne, to massive platforms where the priests performed rites of human sacrifice to the war god Kū. Many of these heiau are newly discovered and reported for the first time in the book. The authors offer a fresh narrative based upon some provocative interpretations of the complex relationships between the Hawaiian temple system, the landscape, and the heavens (the “skyscape”). They demonstrate that renewed attention to heiau in the context of contemporary methodological and theoretical perspectives offers important new insights into ancient Hawaiian cosmology, ritual practices, ethnogeography, political organization, and the habitus of everyday life. Clearly, Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani repositions the study of heiau at the forefront of Hawaiian archaeology.

Tom Temple's Career

Tom Temple's Career [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1479437247
Author: Horatio Alger Jr.
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
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Tom Temple's Career by Horatio Alger Jr. Book Resume:

Horatio Alger Jr. (1832-1899) was a prolific 19th-century American writer, best known for his many young adult novels about impoverished boys and their rise from humble backgrounds to lives of middle-class security and comfort through hard work, determination, courage, and honesty. His writings were characterized by the "rags-to-riches" narrative, which had a formative effect on America during the Gilded Age.

Karnataka's Rich Heritage – Temple Sculptures & Dancing Apsaras

Karnataka's Rich Heritage – Temple Sculptures & Dancing Apsaras [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1947137360
Author: Lalit Chugh
Publisher: Notion Press
File Size: 1816 KB
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Read Count: 32566


Karnataka's Rich Heritage – Temple Sculptures & Dancing Apsaras by Lalit Chugh Book Resume:

Nataraja, the dancing Siva sculpture, is perhaps the most well-known among all Hindu sculptures, and rightly so. It has evoked highly advanced discussions among scientists, philosophers, performing artists, art critics, art collectors, historians, archaeologists and mythologists. The Nataraja sculpture also occupies a pride of a place at CERN, the European Centre for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva. Siva, according to Hindu Mythology, was the very first dancer in the world. All dramaturgy and dance traditions emerge from Siva’s cosmic dance. Tandu, Siva’s disciple narrated the description of Siva’s dance to Bharata Muni and he is believed to have compiled the Natyasastra, the world’s first treatise on dramaturgy, dance and other performing arts. Scholars believe that the Natyasastra was written over a long period of time between the 2nd century BCE and 2nd century CE with contributions from various sages, with its foundation having been laid by Bharata Muni. Convergence between Hindu mythology, Natyasastra and Silpasastra was the natural outcome. Karnataka, and its temple architecture tradition, played a pioneering role in giving an artistic form to this convergence in its temple sculptures. Though this trend may have started earlier during 2nd and 3rd century CE, it started to take the center stage from the times of the Badami Chalukyas. Passing through various refinements between 5th and 10th centuries, it reached its peak with the Hoysala art. This book traces the history of temple sculpture evolution and development through the centuries by referring to the existing sculptural forms and the canonical literature that developed over time.