Queen Bee S Party

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Queen Bee's Party

Queen Bee's Party [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1796003824
Author: Bee Smith
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 532 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8790562


Queen Bee's Party by Bee Smith Book Resume:

By late 2018, Bee still kept on writing and making the most outrageous discoveries about her family in the experiment. In January 2019, she officially became Queen Bee after first suggesting it in 1979, and she’s never been happier with her theories. This is why the fourth book was written, Queen Bee’s Party. Enjoy! The series of books written so far by Bee Smith are as follows: Book 1—Experimenting with Basic Tasks Book 2—One Example Book 3—The Crow Report Book 4—Queen Bee’s Party Book 5—The Diary’s in a Good Place But there’s more that might be on the horizon: Book 6—Picnic Blanket for One So look out for that one also.

Queen Bees and Wannabes, 3rd Edition

Queen Bees and Wannabes, 3rd Edition [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1101903066
Author: Rosalind Wiseman
Publisher: Harmony
File Size: 1183 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5600401


Queen Bees and Wannabes, 3rd Edition by Rosalind Wiseman Book Resume:

“My daughter used to be so wonderful. Now I can barely stand her and she won’t tell me anything. How can I find out what’s going on?” “There’s a clique in my daughter’s grade that’s making her life miserable. She doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Her own supposed friends are turning on her, and she’s too afraid to do anything. What can I do?” Welcome to the wonderful world of your daughter’s adolescence. A world in which she comes to school one day to find that her friends have suddenly decided that she no longer belongs. Or she’s teased mercilessly for wearing the wrong outfit or having the wrong friend. Or branded with a reputation she can’t shake. Or pressured into conforming so she won’t be kicked out of the group. For better or worse, your daughter’s friendships are the key to enduring adolescence—as well as the biggest threat to her well-being. In her groundbreaking book, Queen Bees and Wannabes, Empower cofounder Rosalind Wiseman takes you inside the secret world of girls’ friendships. Wiseman has spent more than a decade listening to thousands of girls talk about the powerful role cliques play in shaping what they wear and say, how they respond to boys, and how they feel about themselves. In this candid, insightful book, she dissects each role in the clique: Queen Bees, Wannabes, Messengers, Bankers, Targets, Torn Bystanders, and more. She discusses girls’ power plays, from birthday invitations to cafeteria seating arrangements and illicit parties. She takes readers into “Girl World” to analyze teasing, gossip, and reputations; beauty and fashion; alcohol and drugs; boys and sex; and more, and how cliques play a role in every situation. Each chapter includes “Check Your Baggage” sections to help you identify how your own background and biases affect how you see your daughter. “What You Can Do to Help” sections offer extensive sample scripts, bulleted lists, and other easy-to-use advice to get you inside your daughter’s world and help you help her. It’s not just about helping your daughter make it alive out of junior high. This book will help you understand how your daughter’s relationship with friends and cliques sets the stage for other intimate relationships as she grows and guides her when she has tougher choices to make about intimacy, drinking and drugs, and other hazards. With its revealing look into the secret world of teenage girls and cliques, enlivened with the voices of dozens of girls and a much-needed sense of humor, Queen Bees and Wannabes will equip you with all the tools you need to build the right foundation to help your daughter make smarter choices and empower her during this baffling, tumultuous time of life.

Queen Bees And Wannabes for the Facebook Generation

Queen Bees And Wannabes for the Facebook Generation [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0748126929
Author: Rosalind Wiseman
Publisher: Hachette UK
File Size: 404 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2025707


Queen Bees And Wannabes for the Facebook Generation by Rosalind Wiseman Book Resume:

When Rosalind Wiseman first published QUEEN BEES & WANNABEES, she fundamentally changed the way adults look at girls' friendships and conflicts - from how they choose their best friends, how they express their anger, their boundaries with boys, and their relationships with parents. Wiseman showed how girls of every background are profoundly influence by their interactions with one another. Now, Wiseman has revised and updated her groundbreaking book for a new generation of girls living in the age of Facebook, IM and text message.. Packed with insights about technology's impact on Girl World and enlivened with the experiences of girls, boys, and parents, the book that inspired the hit movie Mean Girls offers concrete strategies to help you empower your daughter to be socially competent and treat herself with dignity.

Queen Bees

Queen Bees [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1473618045
Author: Siân Evans
Publisher: Hachette UK
File Size: 1019 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 502077


Queen Bees by Siân Evans Book Resume:

'ENORMOUS FUN' GUARDIAN 'SO ENTERTAINING' THE TIMES 'GOSSIPY, LIGHT AND FUN' TLS Queen Bees looks at the lives of six remarkable women who made careers out of being society hostesses, including Lady Astor, who went on to become the first female MP, and Mrs Greville, who cultivated relationships with Edward VII, as well as Lady Londonderry, Lady Cunard, Laura Corrigan and Lady Colefax. Written with wit, verve and heart, Queen Bees is the story of a form of societal revolution, and the extraordinary women who helped it happen. In the aftermath of the First World War, the previously strict hierarchies of the British class system were weakened. For a number of ambitious, spirited women, this was the chance they needed to slip through the cracks and take their place at the top of society as the great hostesses of the time. In an age when the place of women was uncertain, becoming a hostess was not a chore, but a career choice, and though some of the hostesses' backgrounds were surprisingly humble, their aspirations were anything but. During the inter-war years these extraordinary women ruled over London society from their dining tables and salons - entertaining everyone from the Mosleys to the Mitfords, from millionaires to maharajahs, from film stars to royalty - and their influence can still be felt today.

Queen Bee: Roxanne Quimby, Burt's Bees, and Her Quest for a New National Park

Queen Bee: Roxanne Quimby, Burt's Bees, and Her Quest for a New National Park [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0884484203
Author: Phyllis Austin
Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers and Cadent Publishing
File Size: 363 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7935973


Queen Bee: Roxanne Quimby, Burt's Bees, and Her Quest for a New National Park by Phyllis Austin Book Resume:

How did she navigate the world of venture capitalists and investment bankers to engineer the sale of her company and reap a personal fortune? And what does her subsequent odyssey to buy and donate a new national park in Maine’s north woods—thus repaying what she regards as the “harmonic debt to the planet” she incurred by manufacturing beauty products—tell us about America and the American dream? Queen Bee is a fascinating biography of a fascinating woman, her game-changing skin-care company, and the quest to create a national park in the north woods. A richly textured portrait of the woman who built Burt’s Bees from nothing and altered the global business of skin care. A tightly woven story of the paper-industry exodus, the giant clearance sale of the north woods, the downward spiral of paper-company towns, and the battle for a new national park. A tale of the American Dream in action— what it can do for the fortunate few who are in the right place at the right time with wits and determination, and what it can do to the unfortunate many who find themselves on the wrong side of “creative destruction.”

The Crow Report

The Crow Report [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1796003794
Author: Bee Smith
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 1968 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 663756


The Crow Report by Bee Smith Book Resume:

In 2018, Bee felt like she became the “queen of Hollywood” after she thought she spotted the love of her life, her first love, who appeared as a big Hollywood director. From that moment on, Bee got into professional writing for the first time and started the notes facility on her iPhone, and from this experience, she came out with this third book, The Crow Report. Enjoy! The series of books written so far by Bee Smith are as follows: • Book 1—Experimenting with Basic Tasks • Book 2—One Example • Book 3—The Crow Report • Book 4—Queen Bee’s Party • Book 5—The Diary’s in a Good Place But there’s more that might be on the horizon: • Book 6—Picnic Blanket for One Look out for that one also!

The Diary's in a Good Place

The Diary's in a Good Place [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1796003859
Author: Bee Smith
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 1351 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5345534


The Diary's in a Good Place by Bee Smith Book Resume:

At around Sept 2018 - Apr 2019, Bee wrote the most personal of personal diaries to her first love, Conrad. Throughout this period of writing it, she got the vibe the Company somehow got into her diary even though it was hidden in a good place and posted it online on her hidden website, but I guess that’s a good place as any to keep it. In this personal diary to Conrad, Bee was crying with her words typically over the heartache she felt all her life on how she lost him, her first love. Enjoy! The series of books written so far by Bee Smith are as follows: Book 1 – Experimenting With Basic Tasks Book 2 – One Example Book 3 – The Crow Report Book 4 – Queen Bee’s Party Book 5 – The Diary’s In A Good Place But there’s more that might be on the horizon: Book 6 – Picnic Blanket For One So look out for that one also.

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307345343
Author: Rosalind Wiseman,Elizabeth Rapoport
Publisher: Harmony
File Size: 1430 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9286316


Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads by Rosalind Wiseman,Elizabeth Rapoport Book Resume:

What happens to Queen Bees and Wannabes when they grow up? Even the most well-adjusted moms and dads can experience peer pressure and conflicts with other adults that make them act like they’re back in seventh grade. In Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads, Rosalind Wiseman gives us the tools to handle difficult situations involving teachers and other parents with grace. Reassuring, funny, and unfailingly honest, Wiseman reveals: • Why PTA meetings and Back-to-School nights tap into parents’ deepest insecurities • How to recognize the archetypal moms and dads—from Caveman Dad to Hovercraft Mom • How and when to step in and step out of your child’s conflicts with other children, parents, teachers, or coaches • How to interpret the code phrases other parents use to avoid (or provoke) confrontation • Why too many well-meaning dads sit on the sidelines, and how vital it is that they step up to the plate • What to do and say when the playing field becomes an arena for people to bully and dominate other kids and adults • How to have respectful yet honest conversations with other parents about sex and drugs when your values are in conflict • How the way you handle parties, risky behavior, and academic performance affects your child • How unspoken assumptions about race, religion, and other hot-button subjects sabotage parents’ ability to work together Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads is filled with the kind of true stories that made Wiseman’s New York Times bestselling book Queen Bees & Wannabes impossible to put down. There are tales of hardworking parents with whom any of us can identify, along with tales of outrageously bad parents—the kind we all have to reckon with. For instance, what do you do when parents donate a large sum of money to a school and their child is promptly transferred into the honors program–while your son with better grades doesn’t make the cut? What about the mother who helps her daughter compose poison-pen e-mails to yours? And what do you say to the parent-coach who screams at your child when the team is losing? Wiseman offers practical advice on avoiding the most common parenting “land mines” and useful scripts to help you navigate difficult but necessary conversations. Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads is essential reading for parents today. It offers us the tools to become wiser, more relaxed parents–and the inspiration to speak out, act according to our values, show humility, and set the kind of example that will make a real difference in our children’s lives. Also available as a Random House AudioBook and as an eBook

The Queen Bee's Class in Session - An Outrageously Sexy Group MFM Short Story from Steam Books

The Queen Bee's Class in Session - An Outrageously Sexy Group MFM Short Story from Steam Books [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Dara Tulen,Steam Books
Publisher: Steam Books
File Size: 951 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 225417


The Queen Bee's Class in Session - An Outrageously Sexy Group MFM Short Story from Steam Books by Dara Tulen,Steam Books Book Resume:

Sophie is a college professor who is taking a new medication for anxiety, which has a very interesting side effect: it makes her incredibly randy. She doesn't realize this though, when she takes the pill just before going into a class of young men to lecture them about the mating habits of the queen bee... BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot story "Party Hearty" by Logan Woods. WARNING: This 3,795-word short story is a steamy read that features explicit scenes between a sexy teacher and an entire class full of young men in the prime of their youths in a group scenario, and even includes some exhibitionist and femdom action. It may be too much for some readers to handle!

ttyl - 10th Anniversary update and reissue

ttyl - 10th Anniversary update and reissue [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1613126298
Author: Lauren Myracle
Publisher: Abrams
File Size: 1135 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4744005


ttyl - 10th Anniversary update and reissue by Lauren Myracle Book Resume:

It’s time for a new generation of readers to discover the phenomenally bestselling and beloved series, told entirely in messages and texts. With a fresh look and updated cultural references, the notorious list-topping series is ready for the iPhone generation. First published in 2004 (holy moly!), ttyl and its sequels follow the ups and downs of high school for the winsome threesome, three very different but very close friends: wild Maddie (mad maddie), bubbly Angela (SnowAngel), and reserved Zoe (zoegirl). Through teacher crushes, cross-country moves, bossy Queen Bees, incriminating party pics, and other bumps along the way, author Lauren Myracle explores the many potholes of teenagedom with the unflinching honesty and pitch-perfect humor that made this series a staple of young adult literature.


Honey [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1452134510
Author: Stephanie Rosenbaum
Publisher: Chronicle Books
File Size: 1852 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9428895


Honey by Stephanie Rosenbaum Book Resume:

Just like the highly successful Lavender Garden, Honey: From Flower to Table dips into the myth, magic, science, and literature behind this sacred and sensuous food. Author Stephanie Rosenbaum traces the amazing process that turns flower nectar into honey, and takes the reader on a fascinating tour of the history and symbolism of honey. Cooking and crafting chapters include recipes for mouthwatering honey delicacies and step-by-step instructions for simple crafts like honeycomb candles and lip balms. A sumptuous feast for the senses, Honey perfect for honey lovers or anyone who fills life with sweet inspiration.

Bees in America

Bees in America [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0813172063
Author: Tammy Horn
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
File Size: 1152 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8449136


Bees in America by Tammy Horn Book Resume:

" Honey bees--and the qualities associated with them--have quietly influenced American values for four centuries. During every major period in the country's history, bees and beekeepers have represented order and stability in a country without a national religion, political party, or language. Bees in America is an enlightening cultural history of bees and beekeeping in the United States. Tammy Horn, herself a beekeeper, offers a varied social and technological history from the colonial period, when the British first introduced bees to the New World, to the present, when bees are being used by the American military to detect bombs. Early European colonists introduced bees to the New World as part of an agrarian philosophy borrowed from the Greeks and Romans. Their legacy was intended to provide sustenance and a livelihood for immigrants in search of new opportunities, and the honey bee became a sign of colonization, alerting Native Americans to settlers' westward advance. Colonists imagined their own endeavors in terms of bees' hallmark traits of industry and thrift and the image of the busy and growing hive soon shaped American ideals about work, family, community, and leisure. The image of the hive continued to be popular in the eighteenth century, symbolizing a society working together for the common good and reflecting Enlightenment principles of order and balance. Less than a half-century later, Mormons settling Utah (where the bee is the state symbol) adopted the hive as a metaphor for their protected and close-knit culture that revolved around industry, harmony, frugality, and cooperation. In the Great Depression, beehives provided food and bartering goods for many farm families, and during World War II, the War Food Administration urged beekeepers to conserve every ounce of beeswax their bees provided, as more than a million pounds a year were being used in the manufacture of war products ranging from waterproofing products to tape. The bee remains a bellwether in modern America. Like so many other insects and animals, the bee population was decimated by the growing use of chemical pesticides in the 1970s. Nevertheless, beekeeping has experienced a revival as natural products containing honey and beeswax have increased the visibility and desirability of the honey bee. Still a powerful representation of success, the industrious honey bee continues to serve both as a source of income and a metaphor for globalization as America emerges as a leader in the Information Age.

Made like a rat

Made like a rat [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 2823806326
Author: Michel MARCHETEAU
Publisher: 12-21
File Size: 969 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8540078


Made like a rat by Michel MARCHETEAU Book Resume:

Made like a rat. L'anglais par les animaux Michel Marcheteau 2 000 expressions anglaises et françaises qui mettent en scène nos amis les bêtes. NON ! En anglais, "fait comme un rat" ne se dit pas "made like a rat", mais "cornered". Les expressions animalières abondent dans les deux langues, mais - on l'aurait parié -, l'anglais et le français n'envisagent pas toujours les choses de la même façon ! Cet ouvrage recense un grand nombre de ces expressions de la langue de tous les jours. Elles vous permettront de donner plus d'authenticité à votre anglais tout en montrant que les "frogs" (grenouilles = Français) peuvent fort bien se débrouiller dans la langue des "rosbifs". INEDIT


Beeconomy [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0813139880
Author: Tammy Horn
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
File Size: 690 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 696717


Beeconomy by Tammy Horn Book Resume:

Queen bee. Worker bees. Busy as a bee. These phrases have shaped perceptions of women for centuries, but how did these stereotypes begin? Who are the women who keep bees and what can we learn from them? Beeconomy examines the fascinating evolution of the relationship between women and bees around the world. From Africa to Australia to Asia, women have participated in the pragmatic aspects of honey hunting and in the more advanced skills associated with beekeeping as hive technology has advanced through the centuries. Synthesizing the various aspects of hive-related products, such as beewax and cosmetics, as well as the more specialized skills of queen production and knowledge-based economies of research and science, noted bee expert Tammy Horn documents how and why women should consider being beekeepers. The women profiled in the book suggest ways of managing careers, gender discrimination, motherhood, marriage, and single-parenting -- all while enjoying the community created by women who work with honey bees. Horn finds in beekeeping an opportunity for a new sustainable economy, one that takes into consideration environment, children, and family needs. Beeconomy not only explores globalization, food history, gender studies, and politics; it is a collective call to action.

Shadowhunters and Downworlders

Shadowhunters and Downworlders [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1937856291
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
File Size: 1411 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2055466


Shadowhunters and Downworlders by Cassandra Clare Book Resume:

Explore the world of the Mortal Instruments with Cassandra Clare and more Join Cassandra Clare and a Circle of more than a dozen top YA writers, including New York Times bestsellers Holly Black, Rachel Caine, and Kami Garcia, as they write about the Mortal Instruments series, its characters, and its world. Inside you’ll read: • A cinematic tutorial on why the best friend (Simon) always loses out to the bad boy (Jace) • The unexpected benefits of the incest taboo • What we can read between the lines of Alec and Magnus’ European vacation • The importance of friendship, art, humor, and rebellion • And more, from the virtues of Downworlders to the naughty side of Shadowhunting

Grandma's Ways For Modern Days

Grandma's Ways For Modern Days [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1848034075
Author: Diana Peacock,Paul Peacock
Publisher: Hachette UK
File Size: 465 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5821676


Grandma's Ways For Modern Days by Diana Peacock,Paul Peacock Book Resume:

Grandma's Ways represents a large repository of knowledge that we have mostly forgotten. With a little modification for these busy modern times. Techniques for preserving food, keeping hens and bees, growing vegetables and fruit, making your own cosmetics and a host of other things will bring us not only closer to the products we enjoy, but closer to benefiting from the work we do for ourselves. There's nothing more satisfying than cooking wholesome food from scratch at home, baking your own bread, growing your own vegetables, foraging in the wild and even making your own household cleaning products. Not only will you live a more sustainable life in terms of the environment, you'll save money too.

The mother of all parties

The mother of all parties [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9353577055
Author: Padmini Sankar
Publisher: Harper Collins
File Size: 651 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9033387


The mother of all parties by Padmini Sankar Book Resume:

Pam has had enough of Honey Sarin, whose cutting barbs and snide comments have gone a little too far. This time, Pam is not going to take it lying down. For her twentieth anniversary, she resolves to throw the biggest, most glamorous party Dubai has ever seen - one that will outdo Honey's whose own twentieth anniversary is a week before Pam's. But the going isn't easy, and Pam finds herself facing countless obstacles: an ex-flame wo returns and sets her heart beating again, an indifferent hiusband who patronises and undermines her, a shockingly rude daughter who won't let Pam into her life, and last but not the least, an absconding worker whom she shelters. As Pam struggles to juggle all the different aspects of her life, will she be able to throw the mother of all parties?

Weird Tales 290 (Spring 1988)

Weird Tales 290 (Spring 1988) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0809532069
Author: Darrell Schweitzer
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
File Size: 500 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3882945


Weird Tales 290 (Spring 1988) by Darrell Schweitzer Book Resume:

The sixty-fifty anniversary issue of Weird Tales showcases the work of Featured Author Gene Wolfe and Featured Artist George Barr (who contributed all the artwork). Also includes work by Ramsey Campbell, F. Paul Wilson, T.E.D. Klein, Tanith Lee, and many more.

Masterminds and Wingmen

Masterminds and Wingmen [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307986667
Author: Rosalind Wiseman
Publisher: Harmony
File Size: 1247 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5527454


Masterminds and Wingmen by Rosalind Wiseman Book Resume:

A landmark book that reveals the way boys think and that shows parents, educators and coaches how to reach out and help boys overcome their most common and difficult challenges -- by the bestselling author who changed our conception of adolescent girls. Do you constantly struggle to pull information from your son, student, or athlete, only to encounter mumbling or evasive assurances such as “It’s nothing” or “I’m good?” Do you sense that the boy you care about is being bullied, but that he’ll do anything to avoid your “help?” Have you repeatedly reminded him that schoolwork and chores come before video games only to spy him reaching for the controller as soon as you leave the room? Have you watched with frustration as your boy flounders with girls? Welcome to Boy World. It’s a place where asking for help or showing emotional pain often feels impossible. Where sports and video games can mean everything, but working hard in school frequently earns ridicule from “the guys” even as they ask to copy assignments. Where “masterminds” dominate and friends ruthlessly insult each other but can never object when someone steps over the line. Where hiding problems from adults is the ironclad rule because their involvement only makes situations worse. Boy world is governed by social hierarchies and a powerful set of unwritten rules that have huge implications for your boy’s relationships, his interactions with you, and the man he’ll become. If you want what’s best for him, you need to know what these rules are and how to work with them effectively. What you’ll find in Masterminds and Wingmen is critically important for every parent – or anyone who cares about boys – to know. Collaborating with a large team of middle- and high-school-age editors, Rosalind Wiseman has created an unprecedented guide to the life your boy is actually experiencing – his on-the-ground reality. Not only does Wiseman challenge you to examine your assumptions, she offers innovative coping strategies aimed at helping your boy develop a positive, authentic, and strong sense of self.

One Summer

One Summer [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0230761798
Author: David Baldacci
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
File Size: 1952 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7864619


One Summer by David Baldacci Book Resume:

One Summer by bestselling author, David Baldacci, is a tender and absorbing portrait of a family rebuilding itself after being torn apart by grief. When thirty-four-year-old ex-war veteran Jack Armstrong is told he has only weeks to live, his first concern is for his beloved wife Lizzie, and their children: baby Jackie, twelve-year-old would-be actor Cory and rebellious teenage daughter Mikki. It seems so cruel that an apparently fatal illness should claim him, a survivor of Afghanistan and Iraq, when he still has so much left to live for. On Christmas Eve, as Jack prepares to say goodbye to his family, unthinkable tragedy strikes again and Lizzie is killed in a car accident. Just when Jack thought living was far harder than dying, and the children's future looked so bleak, something remarkable happens which gives Jack the valuable second chance he'd only dreamed of. Unexpectedly, the family inherits Lizzie's beautiful childhood home on the oceanfront in South Carolina. During one unforgettable summer Jack and the children struggle to rebuild their lives. They learn to live again – and to love again. And they learn the biggest lesson of all – the importance of family.