Punk In Russia

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Punk in Russia

Punk in Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317913108
Publisher: Routledge
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File Format: Pdf
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Punk in Russia by Book Resume:

Punk culture is currently having a revival worldwide and is poised to extend and mutate even more as youth unemployment and youth alienation increase in many countries of the world. In Russia, its power to have an impact and to shock is well illustrated by the state response to activist collective and punk band Pussy Riot. This book, based on extensive original research, examines the nature of punk culture in contemporary Russia. Drawing on interviews and observation, it explores the vibrant punk music scenes and the social relations underpinning them in three contrasting Russian cities. It relates punk to wider contemporary culture and uses the Russian example to discuss more generally what constitutes 'punk' today.

Words Will Break Cement

Words Will Break Cement [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0698135946
Author: Masha Gessen
Publisher: Penguin
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4333071


Words Will Break Cement by Masha Gessen Book Resume:

From National Book Award winner Masha Gessen, the heroic story of Pussy Riot, who resurrected the power of truth in a society built on lies. On February 21, 2012, five young women entered the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. In neon-colored dresses, tights, and balaclavas, they performed a “punk prayer” beseeching the “Mother of God” to “get rid of Putin.” They were quickly shut down by security, and in the weeks and months that followed, three of the women were arrested and tried, and two were sentenced to a remote prison colony. But the incident captured international headlines, and footage of it went viral. People across the globe recognized not only a fierce act of political confrontation but also an inspired work of art that, in a time and place saturated with lies, found a new way to speak the truth. Masha Gessen’s riveting account tells how such a phenomenon came about. Drawing on her exclusive, extensive access to the members of Pussy Riot and their families and associates, she reconstructs the fascinating personal journeys that transformed a group of young women into artists with a shared vision, gave them the courage and imagination to express it unforgettably, and endowed them with the strength to endure the devastating loneliness and isolation that have been the price of their triumph.

Pussy Riot!

Pussy Riot! [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1558618333
Author: Pussy Riot
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY
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File Format: Pdf
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Pussy Riot! by Pussy Riot Book Resume:

Letters from prison, songs, poems, and courtroom statements, plus tributes to the Russian punk band that shook the world. On February 21, 2012, five members of a Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot staged a performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Dressed in brightly colored tights and balaclavas, they performed their “Punk Prayer” asking the Virgin Mary to drive out Russian president Vladimir Putin from the church. After just forty seconds, they were chased out by security. Once a retooled video of the events circulated on YouTube (edited to seem much longer than the actual performance), the state was riled into action. Three members of the collective, Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, known as Masha, Nadya, and Katya, were arrested and charged with felony hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, an offense carrying a sentence of up to seven years. As their trial unfolded, these young women became global feminist icons, garnering the attention and support of activists and artists around the world, including Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Sting, as well as contributors to this book: Yoko Ono, Johanna Fateman, Karen Finley, Justin Vivian Bond, Eileen Myles, and JD Samson. The Internet exploded with petitions, music videos, and calls to action, and as the guilty verdict was anticipated, Pussy Riot responded with articulate, unwavering courtroom statements, calling for freedom of expression, an end to economic and gender oppression, and a separation of church and state. They were sentenced to two years in prison, and inspired a global movement. Collected here are the words that roused the world.

The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks

The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3319510797
Author: Kirsty Lohman
Publisher: Springer
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6574519


The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks by Kirsty Lohman Book Resume:

This book is the first in-depth, ethnographic study of the Dutch punk scene. It questions the artificial boundaries of subcultural research, calling for a critical analysis of the distinctions drawn between subcultural and everyday lives, and between localised and globalised subcultures. The everyday experiences of punk are framed within the mobile and connected global subculture of which they are a part. It traces its emergence in the 1970s and its development through to 2010, with chapters that map Dutch punk historically and spatially. Further chapters explore the meanings and practices attached to punk by its participants before focusing in particular on the political affiliations of punks. This book argues for an approach to social research that recognises the ‘messiness’ and the ‘connectedness’ of punk and of the social world.

Cultures of Popular Music

Cultures of Popular Music [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0335230717
Author: Andy Bennett
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
File Size: 1251 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7772641


Cultures of Popular Music by Andy Bennett Book Resume:

* What is the relationship between youth culture and popular music? * How have they evolved since the second world war? * What can we learn from a global perspective? In this lively and accessible text, Andy Bennett presents a comprehensive cultural, social and historical overview of post-war popular music genres, from rock 'n' roll and psychedelic pop, through punk and heavy metal, to rap, rave and techno. Providing a chapter by chapter account, Bennett also examines the style-based youth cultures to which such genres have given rise. Drawing on key research in sociology, media studies and cultural studies, the book considers the cultural significance of respective post-war popular music genres for young audiences, with reference to issues such as space and place, ethnicity, gender, creativity, education and leisure. A key feature of the book is its departure from conventional Anglo-American perspectives. In addition to British and US examples, the book refers to studies conducted in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Hungary, presenting the cultural relationship between youth culture and popular music as a truly global phenomenon.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1350113557
Author: Eliot Borenstein
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 465 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3496481


Pussy Riot by Eliot Borenstein Book Resume:

Both more and less than a band, Pussy Riot is continually misunderstood by the Western media. This book sets the record straight. After their scandalous performance of an anti-Putin protest song in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the imprisonment of two of its members, the punk feminist art collective known as Pussy Riot became an international phenomenon. But, what, exactly, is Pussy Riot, and what are they trying to achieve? The award-winning author Eliot Borenstein explores the movement's explosive history and takes you beyond the hype.

Democracy, Civic Culture and Small Business in Russia's Regions

Democracy, Civic Culture and Small Business in Russia's Regions [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317435095
Author: Molly O'Neal
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 447 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6425490


Democracy, Civic Culture and Small Business in Russia's Regions by Molly O'Neal Book Resume:

This book adopts a novel analytical approach to understanding how Russia's stalled democratisation is related to the incomplete liberalisation of the economy. Based on extensive original comparative study of Russia’s regions, the book explores the precise channels of interaction that create the mutuality of property rights, entrepreneurship, rule of law, norms of citizenship and liberal democracy. It demonstrates that the extent of democratisation varies across regions, and that this variation is connected to the extent of liberalisation of the economy. Moreover, it argues that the key factor in producing this linkage is the relative prominence of small business owners and their supporters in articulating their interests vis-à-vis regional and local administrations, especially through the institutionalisation of networks and business associations. The book develops its key theses by means of detailed analysis of the experiences of four case study regions. Overall, the book provides a major contribution to understanding the path of democratisation in Russia.

Riot Days

Riot Days [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1250164915
Author: Maria Alyokhina
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
File Size: 1073 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5522141


Riot Days by Maria Alyokhina Book Resume:

A Pussy Rioter’s riveting, hallucinatory account of her years in Russia’s criminal system and of finding power in the most powerless of situations In February 2012, after smuggling an electric guitar into Moscow’s iconic central cathedral, Maria Alyokhina and other members of the radical collective Pussy Riot performed a provocative “Punk Prayer,” taking on the Orthodox church and its support for Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime. For this, they were charged with “organized hooliganism” and were tried while confined in a cage and guarded by Rottweilers. That trial and Alyokhina’s subsequent imprisonment became an international cause. For Alyokhina, her two-year sentence launched a bitter struggle against the Russian prison system and an iron-willed refusal to be deprived of her humanity. Teeming with protests and police, witnesses and cellmates, informers and interrogators, Riot Days gives voice to Alyokhina’s insistence on the right to say no, whether to a prison guard or to the president. Ultimately, this insistence delivers unprecedented victories for prisoners’ rights. Evocative, wry, laser-sharp, and laconically funny, Alyokhina’s account is studded with song lyrics, legal transcripts, and excerpts from her jail diary—dispatches from a young woman who has faced tyranny and returned with the proof that against all odds even one person can force its retreat.

Hebdige and Subculture in the Twenty-First Century

Hebdige and Subculture in the Twenty-First Century [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3030284751
Author: Keith Gildart,Anna Gough-Yates,Sian Lincoln,Bill Osgerby,Lucy Robinson,John Street,Peter Webb,Matthew Worley
Publisher: Springer Nature
File Size: 1526 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2642047


Hebdige and Subculture in the Twenty-First Century by Keith Gildart,Anna Gough-Yates,Sian Lincoln,Bill Osgerby,Lucy Robinson,John Street,Peter Webb,Matthew Worley Book Resume:

This book assesses the legacy of Dick Hebdige and his work on subcultures in his seminal work, Subculture: The Meaning of Style (1979). The volume interrogates the concept of subculture put forward by Hebdige, and asks if this concept is still capable of helping us understand the subcultures of the twenty-first century. The contributors to this volume assess the main theoretical trends behind Hebdige’s work, critically engaging with their value and how they orient a researcher or student of subculture, and also look at some absences in Hebdige’s original account of subculture, such as gender and ethnicity. The book concludes with an interview with Hebdige himself, where he deals with questions about his concept of subculture and the gestation of his original work in a way that shows his seriousness and humour in equal measure. This volume is a vital contribution to the debate on subculture from some of the best researchers and academics working in the field in the twenty-first century.

Global Punk

Global Punk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1628926066
Author: Kevin Dunn
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
File Size: 735 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3667687


Global Punk by Kevin Dunn Book Resume:

Global Punk examines the global phenomenon of DIY (do-it-yourself) punk, arguing that it provides a powerful tool for political resistance and personal self-empowerment. Drawing examples from across the evolution of punk – from the streets of 1976 London to the alleys of contemporary Jakarta – Global Punk is both historically rich and global in scope. Looking beyond the music to explore DIY punk as a lived experience, Global Punk examines the ways in which punk contributes to the process of disalienation and political engagement. The book critically examines the impact that DIY punk has had on both individuals and communities, and offers chapter-length investigations of two important aspects of DIY punk culture: independent record labels and self-published zines. Grounded in scholarly theories, but written in a highly accessible style, Global Punk shows why DIY punk remains a vital cultural form for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe today.

Women and Nonviolence

Women and Nonviolence [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1527567583
Author: Anna Hamling
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
File Size: 1539 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 786987


Women and Nonviolence by Anna Hamling Book Resume:

This innovative collection emphasises the contribution of women to the resolution of conflicts through the means of nonviolent tools. It discusses their achievements and their tactics, bringing together international scholars to draw on intersectionality as an important methodological tool in the analysis of the work of many outstanding women from diverse countries such as Yemen, Nigeria, Russia, India and the USA. The focus of this volume is the impact of women successfully building peace though nonviolent means. It also provides a study of how, and why, gender matters in the contemporary world, and will serve the needs of students and scholars in peace and conflict resolution studies, women’s studies, international development, political science, history and sociology.

The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music

The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1473910994
Author: Andy Bennett,Steve Waksman
Publisher: SAGE
File Size: 690 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 474660


The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music by Andy Bennett,Steve Waksman Book Resume:

"The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music is a comprehensive, smartly-conceived volume that can take its place as the new standard reference in popular music. The editors have shown great care in covering classic debates while moving the field into new, exciting areas of scholarship. International in its focus and pleasantly wide-ranging across historical periods, the Handbook is accessible to students but full of material of interest to those teaching and researching in the field." - Will Straw, McGill University "Celebrating the maturation of popular music studies and recognizing the immense changes that have recently taken place in the conditions of popular music production, The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music features contributions from many of the leading scholars in the field. Every chapter is well defined and to the point, with bibliographies that capture the history of the field. Authoritative, expertly organized and absolutely up-to-date, this collection will instantly become the backbone of teaching and research across the Anglophone world and is certain to be cited for years to come." - Barry Shank, author of 'The Political Force of Musical Beauty' (2014) The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music provides a highly comprehensive and accessible summary of the key aspects of popular music studies. The text is divided into 9 sections: Theory and Method The Business of Popular Music Popular Music History The Global and the Local The Star System Body and Identity Media Technology Digital Economies Each section has been chosen to reflect both established aspects of popular music studies as well as more recently emerging sub-fields. The handbook constitutes a timely and important contribution to popular music studies during a significant period of theoretical and empirical growth and innovation in the field. This is a benchmark work which will be essential reading for educators and students in popular music studies, musicology, cultural studies, media studies and cultural sociology.

Russian Nationalism

Russian Nationalism [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0429761988
Author: Marlene Laruelle
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 320 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 712594


Russian Nationalism by Marlene Laruelle Book Resume:

This book, by one of the foremost authorities on the subject, explores the complex nature of Russian nationalism. It examines nationalism as a multilayered and multifaceted repertoire displayed by a myriad of actors. It considers nationalism as various concepts and ideas emphasizing Russia’s distinctive national character, based on the country’s geography, history, Orthodoxy, and Soviet technological advances. It analyzes the ideologies of Russia’s ultra-nationalist and far-right groups, explores the use of nationalism in the conflict with Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, and discusses how Putin’s political opponents, including Alexei Navalny, make use of nationalism. Overall the book provides a rich analysis of a key force which is profoundly affecting political and societal developments both inside Russia and beyond.

Protest in Putin's Russia

Protest in Putin's Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0745696295
Author: Mischa Gabowitsch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
File Size: 1466 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6412838


Protest in Putin's Russia by Mischa Gabowitsch Book Resume:

The Russian protests, sparked by the 2011 Duma election, have been widely portrayed as a colourful but inconsequential middle-class rebellion, confined to Moscow and organized by an unpopular opposition. In this sweeping new account of the protests, Mischa Gabowitsch challenges these journalistic clichés, showing that they stem from wishful thinking and media bias rather than from accurate empirical analysis. Drawing on a rich body of material, he analyses the biggest wave of demonstrations since the end of the Soviet Union, situating them in the context of protest and social movements across Russia as a whole. He also explores the legacy of the protests in the new era after Ukraine's much larger Maidan protests, the crises in Crimea and the Donbass, and Putin's ultra-conservative turn. As the first full-length study of the Russian protests, this book will be of great value to students and scholars of Russia and to anyone interested in contemporary social movements and political protest.

National Minorities in Putin's Russia

National Minorities in Putin's Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317672445
Author: Federica Prina
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1399 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7227020


National Minorities in Putin's Russia by Federica Prina Book Resume:

Using a human rights approach, the book analyses the dynamics in the application of minority policies for the preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity in Russia. Despite Russia’s legacy of ethno-cultural and linguistic pluralism, the book argues that the Putin leadership’s overwhelming statism and promotion of Russian patriotism are inexorably leading to a reduction of Russia’s diversity. Using scores of interviews with representatives of national minorities, civil society, public officials and academics, the book highlights the reasons why Russian law and policies, as well as international standards on minority rights, are ill-equipped to withstand the centralising drive toward ever greater uniformity. While minority policies are fragmented and feeble in contemporary Russia, they are also centrally conceived, which is exacerbated by a growing democratic deficit under Putin. Crucially, in today’s Russia informal practices and networks are frequently utilised rather than formal channels in the sphere of diversity management. Informal practices, the book argues, can at times favour minorities, yet they more frequently disadvantage them and create the conditions for the co-optation of leaders of minority groups. A dilution of diversity, the book suggests, is not only resulting in the loss of Russia’s rich cultural heritage but is also impairing the peaceful coexistence of the individuals and groups that make up Russian society.

The Humorless Ladies of Border Control

The Humorless Ladies of Border Control [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1620971801
Author: Franz Nicolay
Publisher: New Press, The
File Size: 331 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3585108


The Humorless Ladies of Border Control by Franz Nicolay Book Resume:

In 2009, musician Franz Nicolay left his job in the Hold Steady, aka “the world’s greatest bar band.” Over the next five years, he crossed the world with a guitar in one hand, a banjo in the other, and an accordion on his back, playing the anarcho-leftist squats and DIY spaces of the punk rock diaspora. He meets Polish artists nostalgic for their revolutionary days, Mongolian neo-Nazis in full SS regalia, and a gay expat in Ulaanbaatar who needs an armed escort between his home and his job. The Russian punk scene is thrust onto the international stage with the furor surrounding the arrest of the group Pussy Riot, and Ukrainians find themselves in the midst of a revolution and then a full-blown war.> While engaging with the works of literary predecessors from Rebecca West to Chekhov and the nineteenth-century French aristocrat the Marquis de Custine, Nicolay explores the past and future of punk rock culture in the postcommunist world in the kind of book a punk rock Paul Theroux might have written, with a humor reminiscent of Gary Shteyngart. An audacious debut from a vivid new voice, The Humorless Ladies of Border Control is an unforgettable, funny, and sharply drawn depiction of surprisingly robust hidden spaces tucked within faraway lands.

Rocking St. Petersburg - Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in Post-Soviet Popular Music

Rocking St. Petersburg - Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in Post-Soviet Popular Music [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3838261003
Author: David-Emil Wickström
Publisher: ibidem-Verlag / ibidem Press
File Size: 375 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5727305


Rocking St. Petersburg - Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in Post-Soviet Popular Music by David-Emil Wickström Book Resume:

In this remarkable book, David-Emil Wickström traces the transcultural flow of popular music production emanating from St. Petersburg, a central hub of the Russian music scene. With a specific focus on the post-Soviet emigrant community in Germany and their event 'Russendisko', Wickström – himself a trumpet player in two local bands – explores St. Petersburg's vibrant music scene, which provides an electrifying platform for musical exchange. The findings shed a new light on Soviet and post-Soviet popular music history and even Russia's relationship to Ukraine. Wickström demonstrates the filtering processes embedded in transcultural flows and how music is attributed new meanings within new contexts. This innovative book not only promotes a deeper understanding of the role of popular music in society, it also enables a better comprehension of cultural processes in the second decade after the fall of the Soviet Union."

Art and Protest in Putin's Russia

Art and Protest in Putin's Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317543009
Author: Lena Jonson
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 864 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1139704


Art and Protest in Putin's Russia by Lena Jonson Book Resume:

The Pussy Riot protest, and the subsequent heavy handed treatment of the protestors, grabbed the headlines, but this was not an isolated instance of art being noticeably critical of the regime. As this book, based on extensive original research, shows, there has been gradually emerging over recent decades a significant counter-culture in the art world which satirises and ridicules the regime and the values it represents, at the same time putting forward, through art, alternative values. The book traces the development of art and protest in recent decades, discusses how art of this kind engages in political and social protest, and provides many illustrations as examples of art as protest. The book concludes by discussing how important art has been in facilitating new social values and in prompting political protests.

Fashion and the Consumer Revolution in Contemporary Russia

Fashion and the Consumer Revolution in Contemporary Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1135020299
Author: Olga Gurova
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1016 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 656225


Fashion and the Consumer Revolution in Contemporary Russia by Olga Gurova Book Resume:

This book explores how clothing consumption has changed in Russia in the past 20 years as capitalism has grown in a postsocialist state, bringing with it a "consumer revolution." It shows how there has been and continues to be a massive change in the fashion retail market and how ideal lifestyles portrayed in glossy magazines and other media have contributed to the consumer revolution, as have shifts in the social structure and everyday life. Overall, the book, which includes the findings of extensive original research, including in-depth interviews with consumers, relates changes in fashion and retail to changing outlooks, identities, and ideologies in Russia more generally. The mentioned changes are also linked to the theoretical concept of fashion formed in postsocialist society.

Russia and East Asia

Russia and East Asia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317819888
Author: Tsuneo Akaha,Anna Vassilieva
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 954 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2679956


Russia and East Asia by Tsuneo Akaha,Anna Vassilieva Book Resume:

Russia has generally been neglected in the academic and policy discourse on regional integration in East Asia. This book fills this gap, with particular attention to the role of Pacific Russia in the deepening regional integration in East Asia. It examines the increasingly diverse foreign policy interests of Russia related to emerging economic and political realities of the world, and Russia’s potential role in the regional integration in East Asia. Topics discussed include Russian strategic interests and security policy in East Asia generally, Russia’s bilateral relations with China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula, opportunities and challenges energy and immigration presents for Russia and its engagement with East Asia, and Russia’s present and future roles in regional integration in East Asia.

The Challenges for Russia's Politicized Economic System

The Challenges for Russia's Politicized Economic System [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317634217
Author: Susanne Oxenstierna
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1518 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8766109


The Challenges for Russia's Politicized Economic System by Susanne Oxenstierna Book Resume:

During the early 2000s the market liberalization reforms to the Russian economy, begun in the 1990s, were consolidated. But since the mid 2000s economic policy has moved into a new phase, characterized by more state intervention with less efficiency and more structural problems. Corruption, weak competitiveness, heavy dependency on energy exports, an unbalanced labour market, and unequal regional development are trends that have arisen and which, this book argues, will worsen unless the government changes direction. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the current Russian economic system, highlighting especially structural and institutional defects, and areas where political considerations are causing distortions, and puts forward proposals on how the present situation could be remedied.

Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television

Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317526244
Author: Stephen Hutchings,Vera Tolz
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 856 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7336983


Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television by Stephen Hutchings,Vera Tolz Book Resume:

Russia, one of the most ethno-culturally diverse countries in the world, provides a rich case study on how globalisation and associated international trends are disrupting, and causing the radical rethinking of approaches to, inter-ethnic cohesion. The book highlights the importance of television broadcasting in shaping national discourse and the place of ethno-cultural diversity within it. It argues that television’s role here has been reinforced, rather than diminished, by the rise of new media technologies. Through an analysis of a wide range of news and other television programmes, the book shows how the covert meanings of discourse on a particular issue can diverge from the overt significance attributed to it, just as the impact of that discourse may not conform with the original aims of the broadcasters. The book discusses the tension between the imperative to maintain security through centralised government and overall national cohesion that Russia shares with other European states, and the need to remain sensitive to, and to accommodate, the needs and perspectives of ethnic minorities and labour migrants. It compares the increasingly isolationist popular ethnonationalism in Russia, which harks back to "old-fashioned" values, with the similar rise of the Tea Party in the United States and the UK Independence Party in Britain. Throughout, this extremely rich, well-argued book complicates and challenges received wisdom on Russia’s recent descent into authoritarianism. It points to a regime struggling to negotiate the dilemmas it faces, given its Soviet legacy of ethnic particularism, weak civil society, large native Muslim population and overbearing, yet far from entirely effective, state control of the media.

Punk Culture in Contemporary China

Punk Culture in Contemporary China [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9811309779
Author: Jian Xiao
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 1276 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7600570


Punk Culture in Contemporary China by Jian Xiao Book Resume:

This book explores for the first time the punk phenomenon in contemporary China. As China has urbanised within the context of explosive economic growth and a closed political system, urban subcultures and phenomena of alienation and anomie have emerged, and yet, the political and economic differences between China and western societies has ensured that these subcultures operate and are motivated by profoundly different structures. This book will be of interest to cultural historians, media studies and urban studies researchers, and (ex-) punk rockers.

The Return of the Cold War

The Return of the Cold War [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 131740954X
Author: J. L. Black,Michael Johns
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1748 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5308395


The Return of the Cold War by J. L. Black,Michael Johns Book Resume:

This book examines the crisis in Ukraine, tracing its development and analysing the factors which lie behind it. It discusses above all how the two sides have engaged in political posturing, accusations, escalating sanctions and further escalating threats, arguing that the ease with which both sides have reverted to a Cold War mentality demonstrates that the Cold War belief systems never really disappeared, and that the hopes raised in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union for a new era in East-West relations were misplaced. The book pays special attention to the often ignored origins of the crisis within Ukraine itself, and the permanent damage caused by the fact that Ukrainians are killing Ukrainians in the eastern parts of the country. It also assesses why Cold War belief systems have re-emerged so easily, and concludes by considering the likely long-term ramifications of the crisis, arguing that the deep-rooted lack of trust makes the possibility of compromise even harder than in the original Cold War.

The Russian Presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, 2008-2012

The Russian Presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, 2008-2012 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317669541
Author: J. L. Black
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1408 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9085183


The Russian Presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, 2008-2012 by J. L. Black Book Resume:

The term "tandem" was used to describe the Putin-Medvedev combination which ruled Russia from 2008 to 2012, when Medvedev was president and Putin prime minister. Many people saw Putin as the real wielder of power, with Medvedev as his puppet. Others, however, saw Medvedev as a visionary, someone who envisioned large scale schemes - even though these schemes have not yet come to fruition. At the same time, many in the West regarded Medvedev favourably, and gave him credit for raising expectations among both the elite and the middle classes in Russia in such a way as to make it difficult for the Russian state to return to its old ways. This book presents a comprehensive survey of the Medvedev presidency, covering all areas including politics, the economy, international relations and social developments. The author concludes that it is still too early to assess Medvedev's achievements definitively.

Italian Goth Subculture

Italian Goth Subculture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3030398110
Author: Simone Tosoni,Emanuela Zuccalà
Publisher: Springer Nature
File Size: 600 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5779535


Italian Goth Subculture by Simone Tosoni,Emanuela Zuccalà Book Resume:

This book is the first in-depth investigation of the Goth subculture in Italy, focusing in particular on the city of Milan. It grows out of a three year research project - the first in Italy of this scope on the topic - based on the life histories of two dozen participants. In light of this, Simone Tosoni and Emanuela Zuccalà propose an innovative approach to the study of spectacular subcultures: contrarily to the most common accounts of the spectacular subcultures of the 80s, this book describes the experience of subcultural belonging as plural and internally diversified. In particular, three different variations - or 'enactments' - of goth are described in-depth: the politically engaged one; the one typical of the scene of the alternative music clubs spread all over northern Italy; and the one, common in the little towns surrounding Milan (but not limited to it), where participants used to 'enact' the dark subculture alone or in small groups. Their book argues that while these three different variations of goth shared the same canon of subcultural resources (music, style, patterns of cultural consumptions), they differed under relevant points of view, like forms of socialization, stance toward political activism, identity construction processes, and even their relationship with urban space. Yet, contrarily to the stress on individual differences in 'subcultural' belonging typical of post-subcultural theorists, the Milanese variations of goth appear to have been socially shared, as socially shared were the different 'practices of enactment' of the subculture that characterized each of them.

Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context

Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1137385138
Author: Matthias Schwartz,Heike Winkel
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 1673 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4169266


Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context by Matthias Schwartz,Heike Winkel Book Resume:

The demise of state Socialisms caused radical social, cultural and economic changes in Eastern Europe. Since then, young people have been confronted with fundamental disruptions and transformations to their daily environment, while an unsettling, globalized world substantially reshapes local belongings and conventional values. In times of multiple instabilities and uncertainties, this volume argues, young people prefer to try to adjust to given circumstances than to adopt the behaviour of potential rebellious, adolescent role models, dissident counter-cultures or artistic breakings of taboo. Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context takes this situation as a starting point for an examination of generational change, cultural belongings, political activism and everyday practices of young people in different Eastern European countries from an interdisciplinary perspective. It argues that the conditions of global change not only call for a differentiated evaluation of youth cultures, but also for a revision of our understanding of 'youth' itself – in Eastern Europe and beyond.

Boundaries of Utopia - Imagining Communism from Plato to Stalin

Boundaries of Utopia - Imagining Communism from Plato to Stalin [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1134485409
Author: Erik van Ree
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1686 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6591621


Boundaries of Utopia - Imagining Communism from Plato to Stalin by Erik van Ree Book Resume:

The idea that socialism could be established in a single country was adopted as an official doctrine by the Soviet Union in 1925, Stalin and Bukharin being the main formulators of the policy. Before this there had been much debate as to whether the only way to secure socialism would be as a result of socialist revolution on a much broader scale, across all Europe or wider still. This book traces the development of ideas about communist utopia from Plato onwards, paying particular attention to debates about universalist ideology versus the possibility for "socialism in one country". The book argues that although the prevailing view is that "socialism in one country" was a sharp break from a long tradition that tended to view socialism as only possible if universal, in fact the territorially confined socialist project had long roots, including in the writings of Marx and Engels.

The Future Is History

The Future Is History [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0698406206
Author: Masha Gessen
Publisher: Penguin
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7031220


The Future Is History by Masha Gessen Book Resume:

WINNER OF THE 2017 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD IN NONFICTION FINALIST FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARDS WINNER OF THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY'S HELEN BERNSTEIN BOOK AWARD NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2017 BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, LOS ANGELES TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, BOSTON GLOBE, SEATTLE TIMES, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, NEWSWEEK, PASTE, and POP SUGAR The essential journalist and bestselling biographer of Vladimir Putin reveals how, in the space of a generation, Russia surrendered to a more virulent and invincible new strain of autocracy. Award-winning journalist Masha Gessen's understanding of the events and forces that have wracked Russia in recent times is unparalleled. In The Future Is History, Gessen follows the lives of four people born at what promised to be the dawn of democracy. Each of them came of age with unprecedented expectations, some as the children and grandchildren of the very architects of the new Russia, each with newfound aspirations of their own--as entrepreneurs, activists, thinkers, and writers, sexual and social beings. Gessen charts their paths against the machinations of the regime that would crush them all, and against the war it waged on understanding itself, which ensured the unobstructed reemergence of the old Soviet order in the form of today's terrifying and seemingly unstoppable mafia state. Powerful and urgent, The Future Is History is a cautionary tale for our time and for all time.


Fearless [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1664233822
Author: Punkin Durio
Publisher: WestBow Press
File Size: 1604 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1005782


Fearless by Punkin Durio Book Resume:

This is the miraculous story of a little woman who chose to follow a big God and became the most traveled missionary who ever lived. The book includes vignettes of her travels and visits to other countries, as well as her own personal story, which led to her ministry.

Democracy in Poland

Democracy in Poland [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317396219
Author: Anna Gwiazda
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 548 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9957193


Democracy in Poland by Anna Gwiazda Book Resume:

This book assesses the quality of democracy in Poland from the collapse of communism in 1989 up to the 2011 parliamentary election. It presents an in-depth, empirically grounded study comparing two decades of democratic politics. Drawing on democratic theory and comparative politics, the book puts forward an evaluation of democracy based on four dimensions: representation, participation, competition and accountability. The book is an important contribution to debates on the performance of the new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, where some scholars argue that there is a ‘democratic crisis’, that, after a period of democratic progress, most of these countries are experiencing democratic fatigue and that their democratic performance is poor. However, the Polish case shows that democracy is not in crisis - in fact, the quality of democracy in Poland has improved. The book shows that democratic quality stems from good democratic institutions. Moreover, the Polish case shows useful lessons that can be learnt by democratic reformers in countries that are undergoing the transition to democracy or are aiming to consolidate their democratic systems. It concludes that effective accountability, good representation and stable competition are vital.

Eurasian Integration - The View from Within

Eurasian Integration - The View from Within [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317572831
Author: Piotr Dutkiewicz,Richard Sakwa
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 412 KB
File Format: Pdf
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Eurasian Integration - The View from Within by Piotr Dutkiewicz,Richard Sakwa Book Resume:

As Eurasia and the adjacent territories become more important to the world, there is increasing interest from international powers, accompanied by attempts to give institutional form to traditional economic and security links within the region. This book includes a range of substantive work from scholars based in the region, offering contrasting perspectives on the process of Eurasian integration and its place in the world. Chapters consider economic, political, social and security developments, with notable studies of the major countries involved in the development of the Eurasian Economic Union. The work also examines the connections between the region and China, greater Asia and the European Union. It outlines the varying dynamics, with populations growing in Central Asia while at best stagnant elsewhere. The book discusses the increasing strategic significance of the region and explores how the new post-Soviet states are growing in national cohesion and political self-confidence. Above all, the book examines the concept of ’Eurasia’, outlining the debates about the concept and how various aspects of the legacy of ‘Eurasianism’ contribute to contemporary plans for integration. The book argues that although regional integration is very much a popular idea in our age, with the potential for economic benefits and increased international influence, in practice contemporary projects for Eurasian integration have been highly ambiguous and contested. Nevertheless, significant steps have been taken towards the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union. The book analyses developments to date, noting the achievements as well as the challenges.

Please Kill Me

Please Kill Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0802192769
Author: Legs McNeil,Gillian McCain
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
File Size: 1219 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7210240


Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil,Gillian McCain Book Resume:

“Ranks up there with the great rock & roll books of all time.”—Time Out New York “Lurid, insolent, disorderly, funny, sometimes gross, sometimes mean and occasionally touching . . . Resounds with authenticity.”—The New York Times “No volume serves juicier dish on punk’s New York birth . . . Tales of sex, drugs and music that will make you wish you’d been there.”—Rolling Stone A contemporary classic, Please Kill Me is the definitive oral history of the most nihilistic of all pop movements. Iggy Pop, Richard Hell, the Ramones, and scores of other punk figures lend their voices to this decisive account of that explosive era. This 20th anniversary edition features new photos and an afterword by the authors. “Utterly and shamelessly sensational.”—Newsday

Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus

Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317691563
Author: Alexander Agadjanian,Ansgar Jödicke,Evert van der Zweerde
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 723 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 23743


Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus by Alexander Agadjanian,Ansgar Jödicke,Evert van der Zweerde Book Resume:

This book explores developments in the three major societies of the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – focusing especially on religion, historical traditions, national consciousness, and political culture, and on how these factors interact. It outlines how, despite close geographical interlacement, common historical memories and inherited structures, the three countries have deep differences; and it discusses how development in all three nations has differed significantly from the countries’ declared commitments to democratic orientation and European norms and values. The book also considers how external factors and international relations continue to impact on the three countries.

Read & Riot

Read & Riot [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0062741594
Author: Nadya Tolokonnikova
Publisher: HarperCollins
File Size: 488 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4919430


Read & Riot by Nadya Tolokonnikova Book Resume:

From artist, activist, and Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova, a guerilla guide to radical protest and joyful political resistance The face of modern protest is wearing a brightly colored ski mask. Nadya Tolokonnikova, founding member of the Russian activist group Pussy Riot, is a creative activist, professional protestor, brazen feminist, shocking visual artist, and force to be reckoned with. Her spontaneous, explosive approach to political action has involved jumping over barbed wire, kissing police officers, giving guerilla performances in crowded subway cars, and going on a hunger strike to protest the abuse of prisoners. She’s been horse-whipped by police in Sochi, temporarily blinded when officers threw green paint in her eyes, and monitored by the Russian government. But what made Nadya an activist icon overnight happened on February 21, 2012, when she was arrested for performing an anti-Putin protest song in a Moscow church. She was sent to a Russian prison for 18 months and emerged as an international symbol of radical resistance, as calls to “Free Pussy Riot” resounded around the world. With her emblematic ski mask, black lipstick, and unwavering bravery, Nadya has become an emissary of hope and optimism despite overwhelming and ugly political corruption. Read & Riot is structured around Nadya’s ten rules for revolution (Be a pirate! Make your government shit its pants! Take back the joy!) and illustrated throughout with stunning examples from her extraordinary life and the philosophies of other revolutionary rebels throughout history. Rooted in action and going beyond the typical “call your senator” guidelines, Read & Riot gives us a refreshing model for civil disobedience, and encourages our right to question every status quo and make political action exciting—even joyful.

Digital Leisure, the Internet and Popular Culture

Digital Leisure, the Internet and Popular Culture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1137405880
Author: Karl Spracklen
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 535 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9485723


Digital Leisure, the Internet and Popular Culture by Karl Spracklen Book Resume:

Spracklen explores the impact of the internet on leisure and leisure studies, examining the ways in which digital leisure spaces and activities have become part of everyday leisure. Covering a range of issues from social media and file-sharing to romance on the Internet, this book presents new theoretical directions for digital leisure.

Crime and Punishment in Russia

Crime and Punishment in Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1474224377
Author: Jonathan Daly
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 759 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3321709


Crime and Punishment in Russia by Jonathan Daly Book Resume:

Crime and Punishment in Russia surveys the evolution of criminal justice in Russia during a span of more than 300 years, from the early modern era to the present day. Maps, organizational charts, a list of important dates, and a glossary help the reader to navigate key institutional, legal, political, and cultural developments in this evolution. The book approaches Russia both on its own terms and in light of changes in Europe and the wider West, to which Russia's rulers and educated elites continuously looked for legal models and inspiration. It examines the weak advancement of the rule of the law over the period and analyzes the contrasts and seeming contradictions of a society in which capital punishment was sharply restricted in the mid-1700s, while penal and administrative exile remained heavily applied until 1917 and even beyond. Daly also provides concise political, social, and economic contextual detail, showing how the story of crime and punishment fits into the broader narrative of modern Russian history. This is an important and useful book for all students of modern Russian history as well as of the history of crime and punishment in modern Europe.

Burning Down the Haus

Burning Down the Haus [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1616208848
Author: Tim Mohr
Publisher: Algonquin Books
File Size: 1548 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4167483


Burning Down the Haus by Tim Mohr Book Resume:

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY Rolling Stone * BookPage * Amazon * Rough Trade Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal for Excellence “[A] riveting and inspiring history of punk’s hard-fought struggle in East Germany.” —The New York Times Book Review “A thrilling and essential social history that details the rebellious youth movement that helped change the world.” —Rolling Stone “Original and inspiring . . . Mr. Mohr has writ­ten an im­por­tant work of Cold War cul­tural his­tory.” —The Wall Street Journal “Wildly entertaining . . . A thrilling tale . . . A joy in the way it brings back punk’s fury and high stakes.”—Vogue It began with a handful of East Berlin teens who heard the Sex Pistols on a British military radio broadcast to troops in West Berlin, and it ended with the collapse of the East German dictatorship. Punk rock was a life-changing discovery. The buzz-saw guitars, the messed-up clothing and hair, the rejection of society and the DIY approach to building a new one: in their gray surroundings, where everyone’s future was preordained by some communist apparatchik, punk represented a revolutionary philosophy—quite literally, as it turned out. But as these young kids tried to form bands and became more visible, security forces—including the dreaded secret police, the Stasi—targeted them. They were spied on by friends and even members of their own families; they were expelled from schools and fired from jobs; they were beaten by police and imprisoned. Instead of conforming, the punks fought back, playing an indispensable role in the underground movements that helped bring down the Berlin Wall. This secret history of East German punk rock is not just about the music; it is a story of extraordinary bravery in the face of one of the most oppressive regimes in history. Rollicking, cinematic, deeply researched, highly readable, and thrillingly topical, Burning Down the Haus brings to life the young men and women who successfully fought authoritarianism three chords at a time—and is a fiery testament to the irrepressible spirit of revolution.

Chechnya at War and Beyond

Chechnya at War and Beyond [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317756169
Author: Anne Le Huérou,Aude Merlin,Amandine Regamey,Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 564 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7598065


Chechnya at War and Beyond by Anne Le Huérou,Aude Merlin,Amandine Regamey,Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski Book Resume:

The Russia-Chechen wars have had an extraordinarily destructive impact on the communities and on the trajectories of personal lives in the North Caucasus Republic of Chechnya. This book presents in-depth analysis of the Chechen conflicts and their consequences on Chechen society. It discusses the nature of the violence, examines the dramatic changes which have taken place in society, in the economy and in religion, and surveys current developments, including how the conflict is being remembered and how Chechnya is reconstructed and governed.

Music and Political Youth Organizations in Russia

Music and Political Youth Organizations in Russia [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 365804313X
Author: Chiara Pierobon
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1959 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5513331


Music and Political Youth Organizations in Russia by Chiara Pierobon Book Resume:

Chiara Pierobon analyzes the relationship existing between political youth organizations, music and national identity in contemporary Russia. In particular she focuses the most important political youth organizations present in the city of St. Petersburg and describes their contribution to the conceptualization of post-Soviet national identity(ies), as captured through an analysis of their music. The book distinguishes itself for its conceptualization of music and provides new empirical insights into the use of this medium as a research tool and as an analytic device for the study and comparison of political youth organizations. It also suggests the adoption of a new approach looking at the national identity issue as an “operational category offering a [new] relevant framework for the study of contemporary Russia” (Laruelle 2010).