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Psychology and Deterrence

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Psychology and Deterrence by Robert Jervis,Richard Ned Lebow,Janice Gross Stein Book Resume:

Now available in paperback, Psychology and Deterrence reveals deterrence strategy's hidden and generally simplistic assumptions about the nature of power and aggression, threat and response, and calculation and behavior in the international arena.


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Psychology by Michael W. Eysenck Book Resume:

This text provides a detailed account of psychology. Most topics are dealt with in terms of theory, evidence, and evaluation. The book features key research studies, case studies, research activities, and personal reflections.

What is Psychology?

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What is Psychology? by Andrew M. Colman Book Resume:

This clear and lively introduction to psychology assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. Extensively revised and updated, this third edition describes psychology as it is taught at universitues. Examples are used throughout to illustrate fundamental ideas, with a self-assessment quiz focusing readers' minds on a number of intriguing psychological problems. The differences betwen psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis are explained, and the professions and careers associated with psychology are explored. Suggestions for further reading and useful internet sites are included.


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Psychology by Knowledge Flow Book Resume:

A brief textbook on Psychology is a best book to understand the nature of human psychology and the science of human behavior. The book Psychology has covered the topics very well starting with introduction of psychology, functions of different parts of brain, science of psychology, psychological behavior, and mental disorders and covers other side like learning and thinking, memory, sensation and emotions while keep explain topics chapter to chapter. This book provides clear learning objectives, based on the recommended learning method which guide students and teacher through the depth and well maintain text. This book has a learning approach that engages students intensely in the study of psychology.

The Psychology Book

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The Psychology Book by DK Book Resume:

The Psychology Book clearly and simply explains more than one hundred groundbreaking ideas of the great scientists and thinkers who contributed to the development of psychological thought. Using easy-to-follow graphics and artworks, succinct quotations, and thoroughly accessible text, The Psychology Book makes abstract concepts concrete. The Psychology Book includes innovative ideas from ancient and medieval thinkers ranging from Galen and René Descartes to the leaders of psychotherapy, such as Sigmund Freud and Abraham Maslow. The voices that continue to shape modern psychology, from Nico Fridja to David Rosenhan, are also included, giving anyone with an interest in psychology an essential resource to psychological thinking and history.

Positivism in Psychology

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Positivism in Psychology by Charles W. Tolman Book Resume:

Positivism needs further scrutiny. In recent years, there has been little consensus about the nature of positivism or about the precise forms its influence has taken on psychological theory. One symptom of this lack of clarity has been that ostensibly anti-positivist psychological theorizing is frequently found reproducing one or more distinctively positivist assumptions. The contributors to this volume believe that, while virtually every theoretically engaged psychologist today openly rejects positivism in both its 19th century and 20th century forms, it is indispensable to look at positivism from all sides and to appraise its role and importance in order to make possible the further development of psychological theory.


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Psychology by Suzie Morony Book Resume:

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Biographical Dictionary of Psychology

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Biographical Dictionary of Psychology by Noel Sheehy,Antony J. Chapman,Wendy A. Conroy Book Resume:

This Dictionary provides biographical and bibliographical information on over 500 psychologists from all over the world from 1850 to the present day. All branches of psychology and its related disciplines are featured.

The Practice of Psychology

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The Practice of Psychology by Rogers Wright,Nicholas A. Cummings Book Resume:

The impressive list of contributors to this volume constitutes a virtual 'who's who' of professional psychology. This volume is an invaluable resource for the practitioner who wishes to understand the context for psychological practice, and for the graduate student who is learning about professional issues in psychology.

A Dictionary of Psychology

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A Dictionary of Psychology by Andrew M. Colman Book Resume:

Including more than 11,000 definitions, this authoritative and up-to-date dictionary covers all branches of psychology. Clear, concise descriptions for each entry offer extensive coverage of key areas including cognition, sensation and perception, emotion and motivation, learning and skills, language, mental disorder, and research methods. The range of entries extends to related disciplines including psychoanalysis, psychiatry, the neurosciences, and statistics. Entries are extensively cross-referenced for ease of use, and cover word origins and derivations as well as definitions. More than 100 illustrations complement the text. This fourth edition has incorporated a large number of significant revisions and additions, many in response to the 2013 publication of the American Psychiatric Association's latest edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, bringing the Dictionary fully up to date with the most recent literature of the subject. In addition to the alphabetical entries, the dictionary also includes appendices covering over 800 commonly used abbreviations and symbols, as well as a list of phobias and phobic stimuli, with definitions. Comprehensive and clearly written, this dictionary is an invaluable work of reference for students, lecturers, and the general reader with an interest in psychology.

Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology by Alan Carr Book Resume:

Clinical Psychology is for students studying clinical psychology as part of an undergraduate programme in psychology, nursing, sociology or social and behavioural sciences. Undergraduate students who wish to know if postgraduate study in clinical psychology would be of interest to them will find this book particularly useful. The book will inform students about: the profession of clinical psychology how to get onto a clinical psychology postgraduate training programme the way clinical psychologists work with children, adolescents and adults with common psychological problems the main models of practice used by clinical psychologists, and the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of psychological interventions. There is a focus on both clinical case studies and relevant research, and the book includes summaries, revision questions, advice on further reading and a glossaryof key terms, all of which make it an excellent student-friendly introduction to an exceptionally interesting subject.

Handbook of Personality Psychology

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Handbook of Personality Psychology by Robert Hogan Book Resume:

This comprehensive reference work on personality psychology discusses the development and measurement of personality, biological and social determinants, dynamic personality processes, the personality's relation to the self, and personality in relation to applied psychology. Each chapter provides a concise summary of the subject. Topics include such areas as: the nature of personality psychology; the Five Factor model; individual differences; stability of personality; evolutionary foundations of personality; cross-cultural perspectives; emotion; psychological defences; and the connection between personality and health.


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Psychology by Douglas Bernstein,Louis A. Penner,Alison Clarke-Stewart,Edward Roy Book Resume:

PSYCHOLOGY, 9TH EDITION, by Bernstein et al. continues to strike a balance between classical and contemporary topics with a comprehensive, research-oriented approach. The text takes an active learning approach with the use of hallmark pedagogical features such as Linkages, Focus on Research Methods, and Thinking Critically. Features new to the print program include streamlined content, integration of Positive Psychology throughout the text, and optional four-color Neuropsychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology chapters. Leading-edge technology enhancements to the program include static and interactive eBooks; upgraded Flash-enabled Netlabs, Web tutorials, and animations; interactive Concept Maps; Active Learning and Critical Thinking Booklets; and a new DVD entitled Revealing Psychology. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Handbook of Social Psychology

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The Handbook of Social Psychology by Daniel Todd Gilbert,Susan T. Fiske,Gardner Lindzey Book Resume:

Leading experts from all areas of social psychology contribute to a discussion of new scientific methods and analytic techniques and look at research advances in their respective specialties.


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Addiction by Paul Davis,Robert Patton,Sue Jackson Book Resume:

Provides a comprehensive overview of the psychology of addictions and their treatment across specialities and types of services.

Readings in Philosophy of Psychology

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Readings in Philosophy of Psychology by Ned Block Book Resume:

Essays discuss behaviorism, reductionism, physicalism, functionalism, the nature of mental states, and the foundations of psychoanalysis

Health Psychology

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Health Psychology by Anthony J. Curtis Book Resume:

"Health Psychology is tailor-made for the student new to higher-level study. With its helpful textbook features provided to assist in examination and learning techniques, it should interest all introductory psychology students, as well as those training for the caring services, whether nurses, paramedics or social workers."--BOOK JACKET.

Ethics in Psychology

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Ethics in Psychology by Gerald P. Koocher,Patricia Keith-Spiegel Book Resume:

Psychologists today must deal with a broad range of ethical issues--from charging fees to maintaining a client's confidentiality, and from conducting research to respecting clients, colleagues, and students. As the field of psychology has grown in size and scope, the role of ethics has become more important and complex whether the psychologist is involved in teaching, counseling, research, or practice. Now this most widely read and cited ethics text in psychology has been revised to reflect the ethics questions and dilemmas that psychologists encounter in their everyday work. Ethics in Psychology has been completely updated in response to evolving trends in psychological research and practice, as well as extensive changes in the American Psychological Association's ethics code. Gerald P. Koocher and Patricia Keith-Spiegel take a practical, commonsense approach to ethics in modern-day psychological practice, and offer constructive suggestions for both preventing problems and resolving ethical predicaments. In this book, their main intent is to present the full range of contemporary ethical issues in psychology as not only relevant and intriguing, but also as integral and unavoidable aspects of the profession. The authors make extensive use of actual case studies in order to illustrate how the APA guidelines apply to specific situations, such as fee setting, advertising for clients, research ethics, sexual attraction, classroom ethics, managed care issues, confidentiality, and much more. The most recent ethics code of the American Psychological Association (1992) is used here only as a starting point. The authors go well beyond the APA code and incorporate the input of many experts. In addition to the analysis of a wide variety of general situations, new problematic areas are identified and explored. The book includes two appendixes - Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, adopted by American Psychological Association, Rules and Procedures of the Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association - both in an easy-to-use format. In addition, each chapter lists summary guidelines along with current and valuable references. Highly readable, the book unites a straightforward, lively writing style with humorous anecdotes that highlight the human side of ethics and make the book a pleasure to read. Ethics in Psychology will be an indispensable guide to ethical decision-making for all psychologists and students in psychology.

The Social Psychology of Groups

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The Social Psychology of Groups by N.A Book Resume:

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The Psychology of Hope

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The Psychology of Hope by C. R. Snyder Book Resume:

Why do some people lead positive, hope-filled lives, while others wallow in pessimism? In The Psychology of Hope, a professor of psychology reveals the specific character traits that produce highly hopeful individuals. He offers a test to measure one's level of optimism and gives specific advice on how to become a more hopeful person.