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Educational Psychology

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Educational Psychology by D. N. Tutoo Book Resume:

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Advances in Sport Psychology

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Advances in Sport Psychology by Thelma S. Horn Book Resume:

This third edition presents a thorough review of the literature and terminilogy in key topic areas. The clear explanation of potential research directions and the list of contributors make this a must-have book for students of sport psychology.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Cross-Cultural Psychology by John W. Berry,John Widdup Berry,Ype H. Poortinga,Marshall H. Segall,Pierre R. Dasen Book Resume:

Substantially revised, best-selling textbook, two new chapters on emotion and language, user-friendly new format.

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

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Introduction to Forensic Psychology by Curt R. Bartol,Anne M. Bartol Book Resume:

While students most often associate forensic psychology with criminal profiling, crime scene investigations, and serial murder, the Second Edition of Introduction to Forensic Psychology covers the many others areas where psychology has played a significant role in providing research knowledge to the civil and criminal justice systems. Practical applications and case law are discussed along with a summary of contemporary research and practice across a broad spectrum of topics. New to the Second Edition: - More contemporary developmental and biological material in criminal behaviour sections - Includes more on the relationship between mental disorders and crime and violence. - More examples throughout the text, with a case at the beginning of each chapter - Now covers topics such as: the death penalty, restorative justice, civil forensic issues, arson and typologies of juvenile firesetters, and eyewitness identification and discrimination - New learning objectives at beginning of each chapter, review questions at the ends of each chapter, a list of key concepts defined, chapter summaries, boxes - More visually appealing with 2-colour page design: improved design of figures and tables.

Social Psychology in Sport

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Social Psychology in Sport by Sophia Jowett,David Lavallee Book Resume:

The book is designed to allow readers to study issues in isolation or as part of a course or a module. The five main parts are Relationships in Sport, Coach Leadership and Group Dynamics, Motivational Climate, Key Social and Cognitive Processes in Sport, and The Athlete in the Wider Sport Environment. Each chapter is cross-referenced and provides a clear description of the topic and a concise theoretical overview along with a discussion of existing research. The chapters also introduce new research ideas, suggest practical research applications, and conclude with summaries and questions to help instructors engage the class in discussion and to help students follow the key points."--Publisher's website.

Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

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Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure by R. R. Perdue,H. J. P. Immermans,M. Uysal Book Resume:

Annotation. Knowledge of consumer psychology and consumer behaviour in relation to tourism is valuable in determining the success of tourism and hospitality ventures. The book is an edited collection of papers from the 3rd Symposium on Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, held in Melbourne, Australia in January 2003. Themes covered by the papers include attitudes, emotions and information processing; motivation and learning; consumption systems; decision and choice; experience and satisfaction; market segmentation; attraction and loyalty; and image and interpretation.

Psychology and Law

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Psychology and Law by Ronald Roesch,Stephen D. Hart,James R.P. Ogloff Book Resume:

As law is instituted by society to serve society, there can be no question that psychology plays an important and inevitable role in the legal process, clarifying or complicating legal issues. In this enlightening text, Roesch, Hart, Ogloff, and the contributors review all the key areas of the use of psychological expertise in civil, criminal, and family law. An impressive selection of academic scholars and legal professionals discusses the contributions that psychology brings to the legal arena. Topics examined in this insightful text include: juries and the current empirical literature witnesses and the validity of reports preventing mistaken convictions in eyewitness identification trials forensic assessment and treatment predicting violence in mentally and personality disordered individuals employment and discrimination new `best interests' standards for children in courts education and training in psychology and law, and ethical and legal contours of forensic psychology. The volume also features a noteworthy appendix on specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists. Psychology and Law collects a range of expert testimony in its thorough examination of the legal process, affording readers a unique survey of contemporary knowledge.

The Psychology of the Social

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The Psychology of the Social by Uwe Flick Book Resume:

Leading international social psychologists offer an integrated theory of the psychology of the social.

Handbook of Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology

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Handbook of Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology by Irving B. Weiner Book Resume:

This book provides a comprehensive overview of personality structure and process, interpersonal and intergroup relationships, social cognition, and group dynamics. Chapter cover specific topics such as temperament, dispositions, attitudes, attraction, conformity, persuasion, and individual and group differences.

Advanced Educational Psychology

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Advanced Educational Psychology by Bangalore Kuppuswamy Book Resume:

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Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology by Steve M. Jex Book Resume:

A comprehensive treatment of the science and practice of organizational psychology Following a scientist-practitioner model, Organizational Psychology explores the practical implications of the current research in the field, expertly integrating multicultural and international issues. Beginning with a foundation of research methodology, author Steve Jex examines the behavior of individuals in organizational settings. Drawing on his experiences as a consultant and educator, he uses actual cases to illustrate workplace issues, offering balanced coverage of such key topics as occupational stress, motivation, and corporate culture. Also presented is unique information on research methods and the use of statistics in understanding organizations. With an emphasis on applying theory and research in practice, Jex explores the mechanisms that organizations use to influence employees' behavior, addressing the major motivation theories in organizational psychology. Readers will discover how psychological models can be used to improve employee morale, productivity, and quality of service. The focus then shifts from the individual to the group level-an important distinction given the increased reliance on teams in many organizations. Jex identifies the factors that have the greatest impact on group effectiveness and examines the dynamics underlying intergroup behavior. Finally, he moves to the organization ("macro") level, revealing a variety of ways in which organizations engage in planned change with the assistance of behavioral science knowledge.

Dual-process Theories in Social Psychology

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Dual-process Theories in Social Psychology by Shelly Chaiken,Yaacov Trope Book Resume:

This informative volume presents the first comprehensive review of research and theory on dual-process models of social information processing. These models distinguish between qualitatively different modes of information processing in making decisions and solving problems (e.g., associative versus rule-based, controlled versus uncontrolled, and affective versus cognitive modes). Leading contributors review the basic assumptions of these approaches and review the ways they have been applied and tested in such areas as attitudes, stereotyping, person perception, memory, and judgment. Also examined are the relationships between different sets of processing modes, the factors that determine their utilization, and how they work in combination to affect responses to social information.

International Community Psychology

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International Community Psychology by Stephanie Reich,Manuel Riemer,Isaac Prilleltensky,Maritza Montero Book Resume:

This is the first in-depth guide to global community psychology research and practice, history and development, theories and innovations, presented in one field-defining volume. This book will serve to promote international collaboration, enhance theory utilization and development, identify biases and barriers in the field, accrue critical mass for a discipline that is often marginalized, and to minimize the pervasive US-centric view of the field.

Contemporary Clinical Psychology

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Contemporary Clinical Psychology by Thomas G. Plante Book Resume:

A realistic and contemporary portrayal of the dynamic field of clinical psychology Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the most current topics professionals will face in clinical practice, the Third Edition takes an integrative biopsychosocial approach throughout and features: New coverage of innovations in psychotherapy and their implications for interventions, changing populations, and assessment Up-to-date discussion of empirically supported treatments, technology-assisted treatments such as Web-based interventions, and new cognitive behavior treatments such as ACT Insights into prevention, ethics, evidence-based treatments, and confidentiality laws and regulations including HIPAA Case studies detailing the theoretical conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of clients Chapter-ending Big Picture synopses and lists of key points and terms, as well as unique Real Students, Real Questions sections featuring actual questions asked by clinical psychology students Firsthand career advice from a diverse group of mental health professionals Current and future trends, plus a step-by-step road map that covers all aspects of becoming a clinical psychologist This broad-spectrum overview of the art and science of clinical psychology explores many different perspectives in many different settings. Author Thomas Plante draws from his own experience as a practicing clinician and college professor to reveal how science and application function together in the day-to-day practice of psychology.

Handbook of Cultural Psychology, First Edition

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Handbook of Cultural Psychology, First Edition by Shinobu Kitayama,Dov Cohen Book Resume:

Bringing together leading authorities, this definitive handbook provides a comprehensive review of the field of cultural psychology. Major theoretical perspectives are explained, and methodological issues and challenges are discussed. The volume examines how topics fundamental to psychology—identity and social relations, the self, cognition, emotion and motivation, and development—are influenced by cultural meanings and practices. It also presents cutting-edge work on the psychological and evolutionary underpinnings of cultural stability and change. In all, more than 60 contributors have written over 30 chapters covering such diverse areas as food, love, religion, intelligence, language, attachment, narratives, and work.

Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology by Andrew M. Pomerantz Book Resume:

“A very readable account; a clearly accessible introduction to the field and to critical issues within it. The particular advantage is that this text is addressed to undergraduates making career choices and provides an informed discussion of key issues.†-Kate Briggs, University of West Georgia “The book is well written, easy to understand, and covers all of the necessary topics to gain an appreciation for the field of clinical psychology.†-David Topor, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro  “The most impressive aspect of this material is the comprehensive nature of the text. The breadth, clarity, and usefulness of the coverage is first rate.†-Alan Whitlock, University of Idaho “This is very balanced in presentation-perhaps the least biased text for clinical psych I’ve seen†  -Elizabeth E. Seebach, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota "Very user-friendly- more interactive (in terms of thinking questions, ect.) than other similar texts." -Jessica Yokley, University of Pittsburgh This undergraduate core text presents a balanced overview of clinical perspectives with an emphasis on multicultural issues. Academically rigorous but accessible, it covers psychotherapy clinical assessment, ethical and professional issues, and specialized topics such as forensic and health psychology. KEY FEATURES • Includes a full chapter on cultural issues in the introductory section of the book. • Offers a full chapter on ethical issues in the introductory section of the book. • Presents a full chapter in which current and controversial topics are discussed from both sides of the debate. • Integrates discussion of ethical and professional issues throughout the book. • Incorporates useful pedagogical tools that serve to connect unfamiliar clinical psychology concepts to the everyday life of students. These include a “Considering Culture†box in each chapter following the chapter on culture, “Denise inPsychotherapy†boxes that illustrate how a client would be treated according to various approaches, at least one “Metaphorically Speaking†box in most chapters that use metaphors to teach students about new concepts, and end-of-chapter critical thinking questions. AUTHOR-CREATED ANCILLARIES • An Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM provides PowerPoint slides, a computerized test bank, suggested class activities, sample syllabi, Web and video resources for each chapter of the text. • A Student Study Site at offers self-quizzes, e-flashcards, sample case studies, Internet exercises and suggested Web resources, and SAGE journal articles with discussion questions. INTENDED AUDIENCE This balanced text gives upper-level undergraduate or first-year graduate students of Clinical Psychology an extensive review of different clinical approaches as well as a greater level of cultural understanding.

The Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology

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The Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology by Leonie Huddy,David O. Sears,Jack S. Levy Book Resume:

Political psychology applies what is known about human psychology to the study of politics. It examines how people reach political decisions on topics such as voting, party identification, and political attitudes as well as how leaders mediate political conflicts and make foreign policy decisions. The Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology gathers together a distinguished group of scholars from around the world to shed light on these vital questions. Focusing first on political psychology at the individual level (attitudes, values, decision-making, ideology, personality) and then moving to the collective (group identity, mass mobilization, political violence), this fully interdisciplinary volume covers models of the mass public and political elites and addresses both domestic issues and foreign policy. Now with new material providing an up-to-date account of cutting-edge research within both psychology and political science, this is an essential reference for scholars and students interested in the intersection of the two fields.

Psychology, Law, and Criminal Justice

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Psychology, Law, and Criminal Justice by Graham Davies,Sally Lloyd-Bostock,Clare Wilson,Mary McMurran Book Resume:

Sixty-three proceedings papers from researchers in Europe, North America, and Australasia, assess the psychological implications of legal systems and prisons. The presentations review factors involving eyewitness testimony credibility and misinformation, techniques in suspect and victim interviewing

Exercise Psychology

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Exercise Psychology by Janet Buckworth,Rod K. Dishman Book Resume:

In this in-depth examination of the relationship between exercise and psychological constructs information is presented from a wide variety of disciplines, including neuroscience and public health.

Industrial Psychology

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Industrial Psychology by R. Jayaprakash Reddy Book Resume:

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Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

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Two Essays on Analytical Psychology by Carl Gustav Jung Book Resume:

This volume from the Collected Works of C.G. Jung has become known as perhaps the best introduction to Jung's work. In these famous essays he presented the essential core of his system. This is the first paperback publication of this key work in its revised and augmented second edition. The earliest versions of the essays are included in an Appendices, containing as they do the first tentative formulations of Jung's concept of archetypes and the collective unconscious, as well as his germinating theory of types.

Experimental Psychology

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Experimental Psychology by Ram Nath Sharma,Rachana Sharma Book Resume:

Experimental Psychology, That Studies External Behaviour As Well As The Internal Processes Of The Different Stages Of Human Development As Also Of Animals, Is Considered The Most Important Branch Of Psychology. The Credit For Establishing Psychology On A Scientific Basis Is Given To Experimental Method. The Scope Of Experimental Psychology Is Widening With The Invention Of New Tools And Instruments For Experiments. It Is The Core Of The Curriculum Prescribed For Psychology In Almost All The Indian Universities, Both At The Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels.The Present Book, Experimental Psychology, Is A Textbook Focusing On The Experimental Methods In The Fast Growing Area Of Psychology. It Attempts To Provide An In-Depth Study Of Important Areas Covered By Experimental Psychology: Physco-Physics, Animal Psychology, Learning Psychology, Psychology Of Individual Differences, Child Psychology, Education Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Etc. Besides These, It Includes Experiments In Physiological Psychology, Nervous System, Mental Processes And Aspects Of Human Behaviour.The Book Has Been Particularly Designed To Help Students Prepare For University Examinations. The Language Used Is Lucid, Simple And Unburdened By Technical Jargon. The Presentation Of Subject Matter Has Been Made From The Pragmatic Viewpoint, Following A Tried And Tested Pedagogical Style, Enabling The Reader To Easily Understand And Grasp The Subject. It Is Hoped That It Will Prove Highly Useful To Both Students And Teachers Of Psychology.

The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology

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The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology by Kirk J. Schneider,James F. T. Bugental,J. Fraser Pierson Book Resume:

The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology is a landmark in the resurgent field of humanistic psychology and psychotherapy. Their range of topics is far-reaching--from the historical, theoretical, and methodological, to the spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and multicultural. Students and professionals are looking for the fuller, deeper, and more personal psychological orientation that this Handbook promotes.

Doing Sport Psychology

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Doing Sport Psychology by Mark B. Andersen Book Resume:

Mark B. Andersen examines authentic examples of sport psychologists at work to teach readers how to use their knowledge of sport psychology in an effective and efficient manner.

Forensic Psychology

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Forensic Psychology by Matthew T. Huss Book Resume:

Forensic Psychology provides students with an in-depth and insightful introduction to the clinical practice of forensic psychology, the assessment and treatment of individuals who interact with the legal system. Focuses on the clinical practice of forensic psychology Integrates research, cases, and theory that provides students with a well-balanced picture of forensic psychology Incorporates two main themes, scope of practice and therapeutic jurisprudence, that focus on empirically supported clinical practice and expose students to case law and statutory law necessary in the practice of forensic psychology Utilizes real world examples and cases such as the impact of intelligence testing in the landmark Atkins vs. Virginia case that help students understand the practical role of forensic psychology Encourages an understanding of the law as a living and breathing entity, examining its ability to be therapeutic or anti-therapeutic for the people most directly affected by it Examines not only the criminal aspects of psychology and law but also civil aspects such as civil competence issues, sexual harassment claims, child custody evaluations, and personal injury cases which are often part of forensic practice Covers unique challenges that forensic psychologists often face clinically, legally, and ethically Instructor's Resources available at

Handbook of Community Psychology

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Handbook of Community Psychology by Julian Rappaport,Edward Seidman Book Resume:

This comprehensive handbook, the first in its field, brings together 106 different contributors. The 38 interrelated but at the same time independent chapters discuss key areas including conceptual frameworks; empirically grounded constructs; intervention strategies and tactics; social systems; designs, assessment, and analysis; cross-cutting professional issues; and contemporary intersections with related fields such as violence prevention and HIV/AIDS.

Applied Sport Psychology

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Applied Sport Psychology by Brian Hemmings,Tim Holder Book Resume:

Taking a refreshingly different approach to the subject, this new textbook uses original case studies of psychological support work with individual athletes and groups to illustrate the underlying theory and inform the reader of cutting edge practice in the field. It addresses ‘real world’ issues and helps the student understand the problems and challenges that the sport psychologist faces and is employed to resolve. The book begins by exploring the use of case studies as a professional method for disseminating applied knowledge and practice in sport psychology. The remaining chapters constitute the core of the book: the case studies themselves. Each case study demonstrates scientific rigour in reporting the background information, initial assessment, intervention and monitoring, evaluation of the intervention, and also considers consultant effectiveness through reflective practice. The chapters also contain summaries and an accompanying set of questions for students. Written by a team of experienced practitioners this book shows how sport psychology actually works in practice. As such it will prove invaluable to students of sport psychology in both sport and exercise science and psychology programmes. It will also be an extremely useful resource for coaches and sports professionals undergoing training in sport psychology.

Health Psychology

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Health Psychology by Gillian N. Penny,Paul Bennett,Michael Herbert,Mike Herbert Book Resume:

The psychology of health is a rapidly expanding field within psychology. It draws upon a number of areas of psychology for its theoretical base but, whilst the contribution of social and cognitive psychology is widely acknowledged, that of lifespan psychology is perhaps less well recognised. However, a lifespan perspective has much to offer the health psychologist in the search for a more comprehensive understanding of health and illness. This book brings together European, American and Australian researchers whose interests in health psychology can be located within a lifespan context. The book explores the relevance of developmental and ageing processes to such issues as health and illness perception, illness prevention and health promotion, the experience of chronic illness, health and illness behaviour and the costs and consequences of illness. It does so by addressing specific health concerns within each of five stages in the life-cycle-childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood and old age. Thus, for example, the implications of emergent sexuality for health are addressed within the section on adolescence, psychological aspects of reproductive failure and the new technologies are considered within the section on early adulthood whilst issues of social support, social control and health are explored in the section on old age. Taken as a whole, the book offers the reader an interesting and informative illustration of the ways in which a lifespan perspective can enhance our understanding of health and illness.

Psychology of Poverty and Disadvantage

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Psychology of Poverty and Disadvantage by Ajit K. Mohanty,Girishwar Misra Book Resume:

Papers presented at the Seminar on "Psychology of Poverty and Disadvantage", 18-20 December, 1997, organized by Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology, at Bhubaneswar.

Ethics in Psychology

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Ethics in Psychology by Gerald P. Koocher,Gerald P.. Koocher,Voran Honors Distinguished Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Emerita) Patricia Keith-Spiegel,Patricia Keith-Spiegel,Professor of Psychology and Dean of the College of Science and Health Gerald P Koocher Book Resume:

Psychologists today must deal with a broad range of ethical issues--from charging fees to maintaining a client's confidentiality, and from conducting research to respecting clients, colleagues, and students. As the field of psychology has grown in size and scope, the role of ethics has become more important and complex whether the psychologist is involved in teaching, counseling, research, or practice. Now this most widely read and cited ethics text in psychology has been revised to reflect the ethics questions and dilemmas that psychologists encounter in their everyday work. Ethics in Psychology has been completely updated in response to evolving trends in psychological research and practice, as well as extensive changes in the American Psychological Association's ethics code. Gerald P. Koocher and Patricia Keith-Spiegel take a practical, commonsense approach to ethics in modern-day psychological practice, and offer constructive suggestions for both preventing problems and resolving ethical predicaments. In this book, their main intent is to present the full range of contemporary ethical issues in psychology as not only relevant and intriguing, but also as integral and unavoidable aspects of the profession. The authors make extensive use of actual case studies in order to illustrate how the APA guidelines apply to specific situations, such as fee setting, advertising for clients, research ethics, sexual attraction, classroom ethics, managed care issues, confidentiality, and much more. The most recent ethics code of the American Psychological Association (1992) is used here only as a starting point. The authors go well beyond the APA code and incorporate the input of many experts. In addition to the analysis of a wide variety of general situations, new problematic areas are identified and explored. The book includes two appendixes - Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, adopted by American Psychological Association, Rules and Procedures of the Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association - both in an easy-to-use format. In addition, each chapter lists summary guidelines along with current and valuable references. Highly readable, the book unites a straightforward, lively writing style with humorous anecdotes that highlight the human side of ethics and make the book a pleasure to read. Ethics in Psychology will be an indispensable guide to ethical decision-making for all psychologists and students in psychology.

Self, Community and Psychology

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Self, Community and Psychology by Norman Duncan (Ph. D.) Book Resume:

A reader for students at the University of South Africa studying community psychology. It addresses ideologies of race, gender and sexuality that together create particular South African post-colonial realities which legitimise oppression and cultural dispossession.

Depth Psychology

Psychology Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Depth Psychology by Dennis Patrick Slattery Book Resume:

Developed in the spirit of C.G. Jung, and extended by the work of James Hillman, Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field grows directly from the soil of the Romantic Movement of the 19th century, itself a rebellion against the legacy of Enlightenment fundamentalism, which emphasized the literal reality of the world, and feasted on Measurement and the quantification of all knowledge.

Object Relations Theory and Self Psychology in Soc

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Object Relations Theory and Self Psychology in Soc by Eda Goldstein Book Resume:

Object Relations and Self Psychology are two leading schools of psychological thought discussed in social work classrooms and applied by practitioners to a variety of social work populations. Yet both groups have lacked a basic manual for teaching and reference -- until now. For them, Dr. Eda G. Goldstein's book fills a void on two fronts: Part I provides a readable, systematic, and comprehensive review of object relations and self psychology, while Part II gives readers a friendly, step-by-step description and illustration of basic treatment techniques. For educators, this textbook offers a learned and accessible discussion of the major concepts and terminology, treatment principles, and the relationship of object relations and self psychology to classic Freudian theory. Practitioners find within these pages treatment guidelines for such varied problems as illness and disability, the loss of a significant other, and such special problems as substance abuse, child maltreatment, and couple and family disruptions. In a single volume, Dr. Goldstein has met the complex challenges of education and clinical practice.

Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1

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Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1 by Michel Hersen,Alan M. Gross Book Resume:

Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1: Adults provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of clinical psychological practice for adults from assessment through treatment, including the innovations of the past decade in ethics, cross cultural psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, cognitive behavioral treatment, psychopharmacology, and geropsychology.

The Psychology of Health

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The Psychology of Health by Marian Pitts,Keith Phillips Book Resume:

Completely revised and updated second edition of this classic text which contains additional chapters on cancer, nutrition and exercise, social drugs and the impact of social inequalities upon health.

South African Supplement to Social Psychology

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South African Supplement to Social Psychology by N.A Book Resume:

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Handbook of Positive Psychology

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Handbook of Positive Psychology by C. R. Snyder,Shane J. Lopez Book Resume:

Psychology has long been enamored of the dark side of human existence, rarely exploring a more positive view of the mind. What has psychology contributed, for example, to our understanding of the various human virtues? Regrettably, not much. The last decade, however, has witnessed a growing movement to abandon the exclusive focus on the negative. Psychologists from several subdisciplines are now asking an intriguing question: "What strengths does a person employ to deal effectively with life?" The Handbook of Positive Psychology provides a forum for a more positive view of the human condition. In its pages, readers are treated to an analysis of what the foremost experts believe to be the fundamental strengths of humankind. Both seasoned professionals and students just entering the field are eager to grasp the power and vitality of the human spirit as it faces a multitude of life challenges. The Handbook is the first systematic attempt to bring together leading scholars to give voice to the emerging field of positive psychology.

Social Psychology

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Social Psychology by Rajendra Kumar Sharma,Rachana Sharma Book Resume:

The Matter Of This Book Has Been Drawn From Authentic Sources : Books Written By Western Scholars And Papers Published In Eminent Journals. The Subject Has Been Presented In An Analytical Style With Central, Side And Running Headings To Facilitate Understanding. Selected Questions Actually Asked In Various University Examinations Have Been Given At The End Of Each Chapter For The Purpose Of Preparation For The Examinations. Biblio¬Graphy At The End Is For Those Who Wish To Engage In Intense And Wide Reading.

Psychology and Social Responsibility

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Psychology and Social Responsibility by Sylvia Staub,Paula Green Book Resume:

This book brings together for the first time many if the leading writers and thinkers from the psychological and mental health fields. Contributes include Robert Jay Lifton, Joanna Macy, Roger Walsh and others.