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Living at the Crossroads

Living at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Publisher: Baker Academic
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Living at the Crossroads by Book Resume:

How can Christians live faithfully at the crossroads of the story of Scripture and postmodern culture? In Living at the Crossroads, authors Michael Goheen and Craig Bartholomew explore this question as they provide a general introduction to Christian worldview. Ideal for both students and lay readers, Living at the Crossroads lays out a brief summary of the biblical story and the most fundamental beliefs of Scripture. The book tells the story of Western culture from the classical period to postmodernity. The authors then provide an analysis of how Christians live in the tension that exists at the intersection of the biblical and cultural stories, exploring the important implications in key areas of life, such as education, scholarship, economics, politics, and church.

Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture

Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Patrice Pavis
Publisher: Routledge
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Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture by Patrice Pavis Book Resume:

Western culture has a long and fraught history of cultural appropriation, a history that has particular resonance within performance practice. Patrice Pavis asks what is at stake politically and aesthetically when cultures meet at the crossroads of theatre.? A series of major recent productions are analysed, including Peter Brook's Mahabharata, Cixous/Mnouchkine's Indiande, and Barba's Faust. These focus discussions on translation, appropriation, adaptation, cultural misunderstanding, and theatrical exploration. Never losing sight of the theatrical experience, Pavis confronts problems of colonialism, anthropology, and ethnography. This signals a radical movement away from the director and the word, towards the complex relationship between performance, performer, and spectator. Despite the problematic politics of cultural exchange in the theatre, interculturalism is not a one-sided process. Using the metaphor of the hourglass to discuss the transfer between source and target culture, Pavis asks what happens when the hourglass is turned upside down, when the `foreign' culture speaks for itself.

Eclecticism in Late Medieval Visual Culture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Traditions

Eclecticism in Late Medieval Visual Culture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Traditions [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Maria Alessia Rossi,Alice Isabella Sullivan
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
File Size: 875 KB
File Format: Pdf
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Eclecticism in Late Medieval Visual Culture at the Crossroads of the Latin, Greek, and Slavic Traditions by Maria Alessia Rossi,Alice Isabella Sullivan Book Resume:

This volume builds upon the new worldwide interest in the global Middle Ages. It investigates the prismatic heritage and eclectic artistic production of Eastern Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, while challenging the temporal and geographical parameters of the study of medieval, Byzantine, post-Byzantine, and early-modern art. Contact and interchange between primarily the Latin, Greek, and Slavic cultural spheres resulted in local assimilations of select elements that reshaped the artistic landscapes of regions of the Balkan Peninsula, the Carpathian Mountains, and further north. The specificities of each region, and, in modern times, politics and nationalistic approaches, have reinforced the tendency to treat them separately, preventing scholars from questioning whether the visual output could be considered as an expression of a shared history. The comparative and interdisciplinary framework of this volume provides a holistic view of the visual culture of these regions by addressing issues of transmission and appropriation, as well as notions of cross-cultural contact, while putting on the global map of art history the eclectic artistic production of Eastern Europe.

Japan at the Crossroads

Japan at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Nick Kapur
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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Japan at the Crossroads by Nick Kapur Book Resume:

In 1960, when Japan revised the postwar treaty that allows a U.S. military presence in Japan, the popular backlash changed the evolution of Japan’s politics and culture, and its global role. Nick Kapur’s analysis helps resolve Japan’s essential paradox as being innovative yet regressive, flexible yet resistant, imaginative yet wedded to tradition.

China at the Crossroads

China at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Peter Nolan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4483387


China at the Crossroads by Peter Nolan Book Resume:

This concise and timely book, written by one of the world's leading authorities on China, argues that the country is at a crossroads in its development and explores the challenges that lie ahead. A concise and timely book about China and its future, which argues that the country it at a crossroads in its development. Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on China. Explores the challenges facing China's leadership in the 21st Century, including poverty and inequality, the global business revolution, the environment, the capability and role of the state, international relations, the communist party, and the economy. Puts forward a concrete view about the course China should follow in the coming decades.

I Never Thought I'd See the Day!

I Never Thought I'd See the Day! [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: David Jeremiah
Publisher: FaithWords
File Size: 345 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8882902


I Never Thought I'd See the Day! by David Jeremiah Book Resume:

Is Western civilization in an accelerating decline? And if it continues will it eventually weaken and cause us to come to the end of cultured civilization as we now know it? "Yes," says David Jeremiah, and in his book, I NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY! he details numerous signs of this cultural decay including: America held hostage by Iran Marriage becoming obsolete Creeping socialism The invisibility of culture's enemies Increase in "spiritual warfare" America turning its back on Israel Atheist attack on religion Can this downward spiral be reversed? Yes, but only if one person at a time returns to God with our heart, our manner of life, our dedication to genuine worship of God, in serving God by helping others, in our giving, and in prayer.

Culture at the Crossroads

Culture at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Asma Hichri,Samira Mechri
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
File Size: 555 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9000352


Culture at the Crossroads by Asma Hichri,Samira Mechri Book Resume:

This collection explores the interfaces of culture, gender, and power from politico-religious, linguistic, legal and historiographic perspectives. More importantly, the contributions gathered here examine culture’s manifestations in different socio-economic, political, theoretical, and discursive contexts. Being aware of “the crisis in humanities,” researchers, scholars and experts seek to relocate culture and cultural studies within academia and analyze the epistemological relationship between culture and education, while also trying to eschew and refashion the stale conventional methodologies of approaching culture as an academic subject. Is it possible to go beyond the “crisis in humanities” by valorizing culture in social and human sciences, on the one hand, and natural and exact sciences, on the other, especially when we take into consideration the escalation of fundamentalist, extremist and xenophobic tendencies all over the globe? How can we approach the issues of ethics and teaching humanities and sciences? This book moves beyond conventional conceptions of culture that associate it with knowledge and enlightenment to suggest a holistic view of culture that enacts the dialectics of power, nationality, class, gender, and ethnicity in an ever-shifting transnational context. Engaging readers in a lively intellectual and cultural debate, this volume is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, critics, and scholars from various academic fields and disciplines, including historiography, cultural studies, anthropology, political science, literature and critical theory.

The Printed Book in Contemporary American Culture

The Printed Book in Contemporary American Culture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Heike Schaefer,Alexander Starre
Publisher: Springer Nature
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6243758


The Printed Book in Contemporary American Culture by Heike Schaefer,Alexander Starre Book Resume:

This essay collection explores the cultural functions the printed book performs in the digital age. It examines how the use of and attitude toward the book form have changed in light of the digital transformation of American media culture. Situated at the crossroads of American studies, literary studies, book studies, and media studies, these essays show that a sustained focus on the medial and material formats of literary communication significantly expands our accustomed ways of doing cultural studies. Addressing the changing roles of authors, publishers, and readers while covering multiple bookish formats such as artists’ books, bestselling novels, experimental fiction, and zines, this interdisciplinary volume introduces readers to current transatlantic conversations on the history and future of the printed book.

The Foods of the Greek Islands

The Foods of the Greek Islands [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Aglaia Kremezi
Publisher: HMH
File Size: 1522 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4672155


The Foods of the Greek Islands by Aglaia Kremezi Book Resume:

This New York Times Notable Book is “a real working guide to preparing the traditional dishes found all over Greece” (Newsweek). Stretching from the shores of Turkey to the Ionian Sea east of Italy, the Greek islands have been the crossroads of the Mediterranean since the time of Homer. Over the centuries, Phoenicians, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottoman Turks, and Italians have ruled the islands, putting their distinctive stamp on the food. Aglaia Kremezi, a frequent contributor to Gourmet and an international authority on Greek food, spent eight years collecting the fresh, uncomplicated recipes of the local women, fishermen, bakers, and farmers. Like all Mediterranean food, these dishes are light and healthful, simple but never plain, and make extensive use of seasonal produce, fresh herbs, and fish. Passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, most have never before been written down. All translate easily to the American home kitchen: Tomato Patties from Santorini; Spaghetti with Lobster from Kithira; Braised Lamb with Artichokes from Chios; Greens and Potato Stew from Crete; Spinach, Leek, and Fennel Pie from Skopelos; Rolled Baklava from Kos. Illustrated throughout with color photographs of the islanders preparing their specialties, and filled with stories of island history and customs, The Foods of the Greek Islands is for all cooks and travelers who want to experience this diverse and deeply rooted cuisine firsthand. “The author has combined her reportorial skills, scholarly interests and superb instincts as a cook who knows both American and Greek kitchens to produce recipes that are simple, direct yet exciting.” —The New York Times Book Review

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Eva C. Karpinski,Jennifer Henderson,Ian Sowton,Ray Ellenwood
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
File Size: 772 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4401375


Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory by Eva C. Karpinski,Jennifer Henderson,Ian Sowton,Ray Ellenwood Book Resume:

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory is a collection of essays written in honour of Barbara Godard, one of the most original and wide-ranging literary critics, theorists, teachers, translators, and public intellectuals Canada has ever produced. The contributors, both established and emerging scholars, extend Godard’s work through engagements with her published texts in the spirit of creative interchange and intergenerational relay of ideas. Their essays resonate with Godard’s innovative scholarship, situated at the intersection of such fields as literary studies, cultural studies, translation studies, feminist theory, arts criticism, social activism, institutional analysis, and public memory. In pursuit of unexpected linkages and connections, the essays venture beyond generic and disciplinary borders, zeroing in on Godard’s transdisciplinary practice which has been extremely influential in the way it framed questions and modelled interventions for the study of Canadian, Québécois, and Acadian literatures and cultures. The authors work with the materials ranging from Canadian government policies and documents to publications concerning white-supremacist organizations in Southern Ontario, online materials from a Toronto-based transgender arts festival, a photographic mural installation commemorating the Montreal Massacre, and the works of such writers and artists as Marie Clements, Nicole Brossard, France Daigle, Nancy Huston, Yvette Nolan, Gail Scott, Denise Desautels, Louise Warren, Rebecca Belmore, Vera Frenkel, Robert Lepage, and Janet Cardiff.

At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Gale Crosley,Debbie Stover
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
File Size: 1683 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6908958


At the Crossroads by Gale Crosley,Debbie Stover Book Resume:

If you'd like to know how to change your underachieving firm, At The Crossroads: The Remarkable CPA Firm That Nearly Crashed, Then Soared may hold the key to a bright new future. This innovative book is told in story form, drawing the reader behind the scenes of a dysfunctional team that applies Crosley?s Practice Growth Model to overcome the defects to produce a highly functional team.

Cosmos and Materiality in Early Modern Prague

Cosmos and Materiality in Early Modern Prague [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Suzanna Ivanič
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File Size: 1853 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8213040


Cosmos and Materiality in Early Modern Prague by Suzanna Ivanič Book Resume:

Prague in the seventeenth century is known as home to a scintillating imperial court crammed with exotic goods, scientists, and artisans, receiving ambassadors from Persia, and also as a city suffering plagues, riots, and devastating military attacks. But Prague was also the setting for a complex and shifting spiritual world. At the beginning of the century it was a multiconfessional city, but by 1700 it represented one of the most archetypical Catholic cities in Europe. Through a material approach, Cosmos and Materiality pieces together how early modern men and women experienced this transformation on a daily basis. Cosmos and Materiality in Early Modern Prague presents a bold alternative understanding of the history of early modern religion in Central Europe. The history of religion in the early modern period has overwhelmingly been analysed through a confessional lens, but this book shows how Prague's spiritual worlds were embedded in their natural environment and social relations as much if not more than in confessional identity in the seventeenth century. While texts in this period trace emerging discourses around notions of religion, superstition, magic, and what it was to be Catholic or Protestant, a material approach avoids these category mistakes being applied to everyday practice. It is through a rich seam of material evidence in Prague - spoons, glass beakers, and amulets as much as traditional devotional objects like rosaries and garnet encrusted crucifixes - that everyday beliefs, practices, and identities can be recovered.

Cause for Hope

Cause for Hope [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Bill Phipps
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
File Size: 1117 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3761680


Cause for Hope by Bill Phipps Book Resume:

Global society stands at a crossroads, one of those critical moments in the history of humankind. The simple fact is that the Earth cannot support our rampant overuse and misuse of its abundant gift of resources. Not only are we depleting the forests, oceans, soil, we are also poisoning the air and polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. We are living far beyond our means. Life as we are creating it is measurably and extravagantly unsustainable. - Bill Phipps. All societies live by their stories. This provocative book from one of the most provocative leaders in the Canadian church challenges the governing story that has shaped and defined Western culture and society - a story that has manifested itself in ecological destruction, war and the obscene military expenditures that go with it, unprecendented consumerism, economic disparity between rich and poor, mistreatment of non-white cultures and races, sexism, and fear. Clearly, it is time for a new story. Bill Phipps takes on the task of outlining the core themes of this new story with the passion and vision of a modern-day prophet. He shows us the deeply spiritual nature of the issues and choices that confront us. Recognizing that the challenges we face are inherently interconnected and can no longer be treated in isolation from each other, his approach is multi-faceted, touching on all aspects of life, including the role of the arts in bringing about transformation. As a culture and as a society, we do indeed stand at a crossroads - one of those rare grace-moments when we are granted the opportunity to choose our future. So the question remains before us. Will we choose the way of death, or the way of new life? Cause for Hope is part warning cry, part visionary exploration, part encouragement for the journey. As such, it is itself a cause for hope. Each chapter concludes with questions for discussion, making this book a valuable resource for study group use.

1973: Rock at the Crossroads

1973: Rock at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Andrew Grant Jackson
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
File Size: 1764 KB
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Read Count: 1684843


1973: Rock at the Crossroads by Andrew Grant Jackson Book Resume:

A fascinating account of the music and epic social change of 1973, a defining year for David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Elvis Presley, and the former members of The Beatles. 1973 was the year rock hit its peak while splintering—just like the rest of the world. Ziggy Stardust travelled to America in David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. The Dark Side of the Moon began its epic run on the Billboard charts, inspired by the madness of Pink Floyd's founder, while all four former Beatles scored top ten albums, two hitting #1. FM battled AM, and Motown battled Philly on the charts, as the era of protest soul gave way to disco, while DJ Kool Herc gave birth to hip hop in the Bronx. The glam rock of the New York Dolls and Alice Cooper split into glam metal and punk. Hippies and rednecks made peace in Austin thanks to Willie Nelson, while outlaw country, country rock, and Southern rock each pointed toward modern country. The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, and the Band played the largest rock concert to date at Watkins Glen. Led Zep’s Houses of the Holy reflected the rise of funk and reggae. The singer songwriter movement led by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell flourished at the Troubadour and Max’s Kansas City, where Bruce Springsteen and Bob Marley shared bill. Elvis Presley’s Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite was NBC’s top-rated special of the year, while Elton John’s albums dominated the number one spot for two and a half months. Just as U.S. involvement in Vietnam drew to a close, Roe v. Wade ignited a new phase in the culture war. While the oil crisis imploded the American dream of endless prosperity, and Watergate’s walls closed in on Nixon, the music of 1973 both reflected a shattered world and brought us together.

Iran At The Crossroads

Iran At The Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Miron Rezun
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1780 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2835343


Iran At The Crossroads by Miron Rezun Book Resume:

The chapters in this book were written by me or solicited from renowned experts to produce a work that anticipated an imminent post- Khomeini period in Iranian history. The first draft was not ready until June 1989, practically coinciding with the death of Khomeini and the tenth anniversary of the Iranian Revolution-an important milestone after a decade of turmoil. The book you are about to read took some time to put together. Based on extensive research, the project was undertaken in early 1988 and ended about the spring of 1990. A sincere debt of gratitude is naturally owed to all of my contributors. But the preparation of any book does not take place in a financial void. My gratitude is especially extended to the academic vice-president of my university, Dr. Robert Burridge, for granting me the seed money from the university's Development Fund. Substantial financial assistance to cover the bulk of the logistical expenses was offered by the Canadian Institute of International Peace and Security in Ottawa and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through its program of aid to scholarly conferences.

Communication at A Distance

Communication at A Distance [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: David S. Kaufer,Kathleen M. Carley
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1689 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7547541


Communication at A Distance by David S. Kaufer,Kathleen M. Carley Book Resume:

This book bridges an important gap between two major approaches to mass communication -- historical and social scientific. To do so, it employs a theory of communication that unifies social, cultural and technological concerns into a systematic and formal framework that is then used to examine the impact of print within the larger socio-cultural context and across multiple historical contexts. The authors integrate historical studies and more abstract formal representations, achieving a set of logically coherent and well-delimited hypotheses that invite further exploration, both historically and experimentally. A second gap that the book addresses is in the area of formal models of communication and diffusion. Such models typically assume a homogeneous population and a communication whose message is abstracted from the complexities of language processing. In contrast, the model presented in this book treats the population as heterogeneous and communications as potentially variable in their content as they move across speakers or readers. Written to address and overcome many of the disciplinary divisions that have prevented the study of print from being approached from the perspective of a unified theory, this book employs a focused interdisciplinary position that encompasses several domains. It shows the underlying compatibility between cognitive and social theory; between the study of language and cognition and the study of technology; between the postmodern interest in the instability of meaning and the social science interest in the diffusion of information; between the effects of technology and issues of cultural homogeneity and heterogeneity. Overall, this book reveals how small, relatively non-interactive, disciplinary-specific conversations about print are usefully conceived of as part of a larger interdisciplinary inquiry.

Collisions at the Crossroads

Collisions at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Genevieve Carpio
Publisher: Univ of California Press
File Size: 1531 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2590604


Collisions at the Crossroads by Genevieve Carpio Book Resume:

There are few places where mobility has shaped identity as widely as the American West, but some locations and populations sit at its major crossroads, maintaining control over place and mobility, labor and race. In Collisions at the Crossroads, Genevieve Carpio argues that mobility, both permission to move freely and prohibitions on movement, helped shape racial formation in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By examining policies and forces as different as historical societies, Indian boarding schools, bicycle ordinances, immigration policy, incarceration, traffic checkpoints, and Route 66 heritage, she shows how local authorities constructed a racial hierarchy by allowing some people to move freely while placing limits on the mobility of others. Highlighting the ways people of color have negotiated their place within these systems, Carpio reveals a compelling and perceptive analysis of spatial mobility through physical movement and residence.


Theuerdank [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Howard Louthan
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 782 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6989020


Theuerdank by Howard Louthan Book Resume:

Now appearing in its first English translation, Theuerdank introduces readers to the fascinating world of the Renaissance. A forerunner of the graphic novel, Theuerdank , first published in 1517, includes more than 100 woodcuts executed by leading artists of Central Europe. Long hailed by scholars as a masterpiece of German literature, Theuerdank is a fictional account of Habsburg Emperor Maximilian I (1508– 19) and his journey to wed one of the most influential princesses of Europe, the wealthy heiress Mary of Burgundy. Through word and image, this epic poem, which casts Maximilian as Knight Theuerdank, recounts his adventures overcoming a series of challenges to reach his goal: avalanches, lightning strikes, shipwrecks, murder plots, duels, and pitched battles. From politics and propaganda to the environment and the natural world, from intimate glimpses of daily life to revolutionary innovations in warfare, Theuerdank sheds light on those critical changes transforming European society and culture in this period. With the inclusion of an introductory essay, chronology, genealogical tables, maps, translator’s note, and discussion questions, this volume is a useful tool for students of history, art history, German, and Renaissance studies.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Thomas Jefferson
Publisher: Algora Publishing
File Size: 537 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7548626


Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson Book Resume:

Philosopher, diplomat, politician, inventor, writer, architect, even gardener, from a historical perspective Thomas Jefferson emerges as an extraordinary individual. This is the first time an editor has focused principally on his comments regarding his time while serving as minister to France from 1784 to 1789. He was clearly many things to many people, but precisely because of these multifaceted endeavors, he has become so deeply entwined in the tapestry of America's grand democratic experiment that the quest to picture him clearly and objectively in his own life and times remains arguably elusive.The most comprehensive portrait of the American founding fathers can be seen in their personal letters and journal entries. Jefferson is certainly no exception, and those he wrote during his service as American minister to France - through many of the most critical episodes in both French and American history - are of singular importance. The format of the letters has been preserved whenever possible and, collectively, they provide a unique glimpse into the character and thought processes of Jefferson the diplomat.While Thomas Jefferson is responsible for a voluminous body of literature, this is the first time an editor has focused principally on his correspondence while serving as minister to France. The format of the selected letters, as Jefferson wrote them, is preserved whenever possible, and they are presented for the interest of a general readership as well as for students of military, diplomatic, or political history.The addressees are identified, particularly those who have been lost to history, and, where indicated, explanatory notes are provided to assist the reader in placing the correspondence in its particular historical, political, or conceptual context. Readers are encouraged to arrive at their own conclusions as to the intention of a specific piece of correspondence.After serving as a member Virginia House of Burgesses, the Continental Congress, and as governor of Virginia, in 1784, Thomas Jefferson was again called into public service: to France, first as trade commissioner and then as Benjamin Franklin's successor as minister. To be sure, he emerged as an excellent ambassador, for he had the same capacity to combine symbolic and practical representation that made Franklin's stay in France such an important episode in Franco-American relations. In a court almost paralyzed by ceremony and bored with excesses in dress and ornamentation, Jefferson's republican asceticism, his directness and apparent candor, lent him a distinction and significance which no amount of modishness could have gained for him.By design, Dr. Woods has elected to approach Jefferson's time in France from more of a documentary perspective, an interesting journey, to say the least. For whether he is writing to peers such as James Madison, Patrick Henry, and George Washington; to French associates such as the Marquis de Lafayette and Hector St. John de Crevecoeur; or even to his more social acquaintances such as Maria Cosway and Abigail Adams, Jefferson writes with, at times, surprising candor. And whether the subject might be an impassioned argument against Federalism, addressing the detail of international trade agreements, or even commenting on botany and agricultural issues, his words reflect remarkable clarity, insight, and eloquence.As the text presents, in their entirety, the original written correspondence which succeeding generations of historians have repeatedly cited as the basis for their interpretation of events or conclusions of fact, Thomas Jefferson: Diplomatic Correspondence, Paris, 1784-1789moves a step further, emerging as both a comprehensive reference resource and a unique supplement to the existing literature.

Family History at the Crossroads

Family History at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Tamara K. Hareven,Andrejs Plakans
Publisher: Princeton University Press
File Size: 465 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6843894


Family History at the Crossroads by Tamara K. Hareven,Andrejs Plakans Book Resume:

This collection of essays covers most of the important topics in the field of family history, assesses the state of the art, and stresses the themes that will continue to generate interest in the future. Originally published in 1988. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.


Burma [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Benedict Rogers
Publisher: Random House
File Size: 539 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 148385


Burma by Benedict Rogers Book Resume:

UPDATED For more than 50 years, Burma has been ruled by a succession of military regimes which rank among the most oppressive dictatorships in the world. Accused of crimes against humanity, they have brutally mistreated their people. Yet, in the last few years, the pace of change has been breathtaking. Much is now hoped for. However, Burma is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in Southeast Asia: there are roughly seven major ethnic groups living along its borders. They have a long history of conflict with the government and have been cruelly treated by the current regime. Their future affects the country as a whole, as Benedict Rogers explains. Drawing heavily on his many fact-finding visits both inside Burma and along its frontiers, he gives a unique appraisal of the current ethnic situation and its implications for the nation as a whole. Wide-ranging, expertly researched, and full of brand new accounts of the courage and determination of the Burmese people, Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads explains the country's conflicted history, as well as its contemporary struggle for justice. Burma stands poised for freedom, or for further repression. No one can be sure. This fascinating and accessible book describes what is really happening inside this beautiful, secretive, and potentially prosperous country.

The Road to Monticello

The Road to Monticello [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Kevin J. Hayes
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File Size: 618 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1990292


The Road to Monticello by Kevin J. Hayes Book Resume:

Thomas Jefferson was an avid book-collector, a voracious reader, and a gifted writer--a man who prided himself on his knowledge of classical and modern languages and whose marginal annotations include quotations from Euripides, Herodotus, and Milton. And yet there has never been a literary life of our most literary president. In The Road to Monticello, Kevin J. Hayes fills this important gap by offering a lively account of Jefferson's spiritual and intellectual development, focusing on the books and ideas that exerted the most profound influence on him. Moving chronologically through Jefferson's life, Hayes reveals the full range and depth of Jefferson's literary passions, from the popular "small books" sold by traveling chapmen, such as The History of Tom Thumb, which enthralled him as a child; to his lifelong love of Aesop's Fables and Robinson Crusoe; his engagement with Horace, Ovid, Virgil and other writers of classical antiquity; and his deep affinity with the melancholy verse of Ossian, the legendary third-century Gaelic warrior-poet. Drawing on Jefferson's letters, journals, and commonplace books, Hayes offers a wealth of new scholarship on the print culture of colonial America, reveals an intimate portrait of Jefferson's activities beyond the political chamber, and reconstructs the president's investigations in such different fields of knowledge as law, history, philosophy and natural science. Most importantly, Hayes uncovers the ideas and exchanges which informed the thinking of America's first great intellectual and shows how his lifelong pursuit of knowledge culminated in the formation of a public offering, the "academic village" which became UVA, and his more private retreat at Monticello. Gracefully written and painstakingly researched, The Road to Monticello provides an invaluable look at Jefferson's intellectual and literary life, uncovering the roots of some of the most important--and influential--ideas that have informed American history.


Istanbul [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Thomas F. Madden
Publisher: Penguin
File Size: 1341 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8810842


Istanbul by Thomas F. Madden Book Resume:

For more than two millennia Istanbul has stood at the crossroads of the world, perched at the very tip of Europe, gazing across at the shores of Asia. The history of this city—known as Byzantium, then Constantinople, now Istanbul—is at once glorious, outsized, and astounding. Founded by the Greeks, its location blessed it as a center for trade but also made it a target of every empire in history, from Alexander the Great and his Macedonian Empire, to the Romans and later the Ottomans. At its most spectacular, Istanbul was re-founded by Emperor Constantine I as New Rome, the capital of the eastern Roman Empire. He dramatically expanded the city, filling it with artistic treasures, and adorning the streets with opulent palaces. Constantine built new walls around it all—walls that were truly impregnable and preserved power, wealth, and withstood any aggressor—walls that still stand for tourists to visit. From its ancient past to the present, we meet the city through its ordinary citizens—the Jews, Muslims, Italians, Greeks, and Russians who used the famous baths and walked the bazaars, and the rulers who built it up and then destroyed it, including Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the man who christened the city "Istanbul" in 1930. Thomas Madden's entertaining narrative brings to life the city we see today, including the rich splendor of the churches and monasteries that spread throughout the city. Istanbul draws on a lifetime of study and the latest scholarship, transporting readers to a city of unparalleled importance and majesty that holds the key to understanding modern civilization. In the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, "If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital."

Like a Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Greil Marcus
Publisher: PublicAffairs
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4271060


Like a Rolling Stone by Greil Marcus Book Resume:

Greil Marcus saw Bob Dylan for the first time in a New Jersey field in 1963. He didn't know the name of the scruffy singer who had a bit part in a Joan Baez concert, but he knew his performance was unique. So began a dedicated and enduring relationship between America's finest critic of popular music— "simply peerless," in Nick Hornby's words, "not only as a rock writer but as a cultural historian"— and Bob Dylan, who in 2016 won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In Like A Rolling Stone Marcus locates Dylan's six-minute masterwork in its richest, fullest context, capturing the heady atmosphere of the recording studio in 1965 as musicians and technicians clustered around the mercurial genius from Minnesota, the young Bob Dylan at the height of his powers. But Marcus shows how, far from being a song only of 1965, "Like a Rolling Stone" is rooted in faraway American places and times, drawing on timeless cultural impulses that make the song as challenging, disruptive, and restless today as it ever was, capable of reinvention by artists as disparate as the comedian Richard Belzer and the Italian hip-hop duo Articolo 31. "Like a Rolling Stone" never loses its essential quality, which is directly to challenge the listener: it remains a call to arms and a demand for a better world. Forty years later it is still revolutionary as will and idea, as an attack and an embrace. How Does it Feel? In this unique, burningly intense book, Marcus tells you, and much more besides.

Male Alienation at the Crossroads of Identity, Culture and Cyberspace

Male Alienation at the Crossroads of Identity, Culture and Cyberspace [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Robert Tyminski
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1310 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4925071


Male Alienation at the Crossroads of Identity, Culture and Cyberspace by Robert Tyminski Book Resume:

"I’m broken." When a boy or man says this, he is expressing deep alienation from himself and the world. Something’s wrong, and he usually cannot begin to explain why. What brings boys and men into psychotherapy or analysis? Many of them struggle with access to their inner worlds. Experiences of alienation can lead to destructive and self-destructive behaviors, including addiction and violence. This book explores the reasons for this and considers why boys and men seek professional help. How do psychotherapists and analysts engage them when they often protest that they want to be left alone? Looking at the male psyche from boyhood through adolescence and into adulthood, Male Alienation at the Crossroads of Identity, Culture and Cyberspace provides examples from clinical practice, current events, art, and literature that show what happens when alienation is severe and leads boys and men to discharge their emotional problems in the outside world. The book examines compulsive internet use, flawed concepts of masculinity, difficulties with mutually intimate relationships, trouble showing emotions, and identity issues, as well as the role of fathers, with a focus on the types of fathers that many boys and men describe as being difficult. Tyminski provides various practical ideas about working with boys and men to encourage them to be open to their inner worlds, and emphasizes a contrast between having meaningful contacts or having a merely transactional approach to relating. Male Alienation at the Crossroads of Identity, Culture and Cyberspace will be essential reading for Jungian analysts, psychotherapists, and psychoanalysts as well as a wide range of other professionals who work with men and boys.

Dancing At the Crossroads

Dancing At the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Helena Wulff
Publisher: Berghahn Books
File Size: 1326 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9680663


Dancing At the Crossroads by Helena Wulff Book Resume:

Dancing at the crossroads used to be young people's opportunity to meet and enjoy themselves on mild summer evenings in the countryside in Ireland until this practice was banned by law, the Public Dance Halls Act in 1935. Now a key metaphor in Irish cultural and political life, "dancing at the crossroads" also crystallizes the argument of this book: Irish dance, from Riverdance (the commercial show) and competitive dancing to dance theatre, conveys that Ireland is to be found in a crossroads situation with a firm base in a distinctly Irish tradition which is also becoming a prominent part of European modernity.

At the Crossroads of Greco-Roman History, Culture, and Religion

At the Crossroads of Greco-Roman History, Culture, and Religion [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Sinclair W. Bell,Lora L. Holland
Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd
File Size: 1434 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 813962


At the Crossroads of Greco-Roman History, Culture, and Religion by Sinclair W. Bell,Lora L. Holland Book Resume:

Papers in honour of Carin M. C. Green (1948-2015) are presented under 3 headings: (1) Greek philosophy, history, and historiography; (2) Latin literature, history, and historiography; and (3) Greco-Roman material culture, religion, and literature

DEFA at the Crossroads of East German and International Film Culture

DEFA at the Crossroads of East German and International Film Culture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Marc Silberman,Henning Wrage
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
File Size: 360 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2489012


DEFA at the Crossroads of East German and International Film Culture by Marc Silberman,Henning Wrage Book Resume:

Motion picture production, distribution, exhibition and reception has always been a transnational phenomenon, yet East Germany, situated at the edge of the post-war Iron Curtain, separated by a boundary that became materialized in the Berlin Wall in 1961, resembles nothing if not an island, a protected space where film production developed under the protection of government subsidy and ideological purity. This volume proposes on the contrary that the GDR cinema was never just a monologue. Rather, its media landscape was characterized by constant dialogue, if not competition, with both the capitalist West and socialist East. These thirteen essays reshape DEFA cinema studies by exploring international networks, identifying lines of influence beyond national boundaries and recognizing genre qualities that surpass the temporal and spatial confines. The international team of film specialists present detailed analyses of over fifty films, including fiction features, adaptations of literary classics, children's films, documentaries, and examples from genres such as music, sci-fi, Westerns and crime films. With contributions by Seán Allan, Hunter Bivens, Benita Blessing, Barton Byg, Jaimey Fisher, Sabine Hake, Nick Hodgin, Manuel Köppen, Anke Pinkert, Larson Powell, Brad Prager, Marc Silberman, Stefan Soldovieri, andHenning Wrage.

A Companion to Latina/o Studies

A Companion to Latina/o Studies [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Juan Flores,Renato Rosaldo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
File Size: 409 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8020815


A Companion to Latina/o Studies by Juan Flores,Renato Rosaldo Book Resume:

A Companion to Latina/o Studies is a collection of 40 original essays written by leading scholars in the field, dedicated to exploring the question of what 'Latino/a' is. Brings together in one volume a diverse range of original essays by established and emerging scholars in the field of Latina/o Studies Offers a timely reference to the issues, topics, and approaches to the study of US Latinos - now the largest minority population in the United States Explores the depth of creative scholarship in this field, including theories of latinisimo, immigration, political and economic perspectives, education, race/class/gender and sexuality, language, and religion Considers areas of broader concern, including history, identity, public representations, cultural expression and racialization (including African and Native American heritage).

What is Work?

What is Work? [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Raffaella Sarti,Anna Bellavitis,Manuela Martini
Publisher: Berghahn Books
File Size: 1655 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7415149


What is Work? by Raffaella Sarti,Anna Bellavitis,Manuela Martini Book Resume:

Every society throughout history has defined what counts as work and what doesn’t. And more often than not, those lines of demarcation are inextricable from considerations of gender. What Is Work? offers a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding labor within the highly gendered realm of household economies. Drawing from scholarship on gender history, economic sociology, family history, civil law, and feminist economics, these essays explore the changing and often contested boundaries between what was and is considered work in different Euro-American contexts over several centuries, with an eye to the ambiguities and biases that have shaped mainstream conceptions of work across all social sectors.

Fandom At The Crossroads

Fandom At The Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Katherine Larsen
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
File Size: 532 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5632627


Fandom At The Crossroads by Katherine Larsen Book Resume:

Fandom At The Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships is an in-depth exploration of the reciprocal relationship between a groundbreaking cult television show and its equally groundbreaking fandom. For the past six years the authors have inhabited the close-knit fan communities of the television show Supernatural, engaging in criticism and celebration, reading and writing fanfiction, and attending fan conventions. Their close relationships within the community allow an intimate behind-the-scenes examination of fan psychology, passion, motivation, and shame. The authors also speak directly to the creative side in order to understand what fuels the passionate reciprocal relationship Supernatural has with its fans, and to interrogate the reality of fans’ fears and shame. As they go behind the scenes and onto the sets to talk with Supernatural’s showrunners, writers, and actors, the authors struggle to negotiate a hybrid identity as “aca-fans”. Fangirls one moment, “legitimate” researchers the next, the boundaries often blur. Their repeated breaking of the fan/creative side boundary is mirrored in Supernatural’s reputation for fourth wall breaking, which has attracted journalistic coverage everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to the New York Times. Written with humor and irreverence, Stalking Fandom combines an innovative theorizing of fandom and popular culture, which will be useful in a variety of courses, with a behind-the-scenes story that anyone who’s ever been a fan or wondered why others are fans will find fascinating.

The Person at the Crossroads: A Philosophical Approach

The Person at the Crossroads: A Philosophical Approach [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: James Beauregard,Giusy Gallo,Claudia Stancati
Publisher: Vernon Press
File Size: 535 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2432111


The Person at the Crossroads: A Philosophical Approach by James Beauregard,Giusy Gallo,Claudia Stancati Book Resume:

‘The Person at the Crossroads: A Philosophical Approach’ brings together scholars from around the world who share a common interest in the nature and activity of the human person. Personhood is examined from a variety of perspectives, both philosophical and theological, drawing on the rich traditions of both Western and Eastern thought. Readers will find themselves on a journey through the works of past and current scholars including, Confucius, Augustine, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Horace Bushnell, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Michael Polanyi, Rudolf Carnap, Karol Wojtyla, Erazim Kohak, and many other authors who touch upon the personalist tradition and the human person. This volume will be of particular interest to readers interested in the nature of the human person, as well as philosophy and theology undergraduate and graduate students and professors teaching in these areas.

Crossroads in Literature and Culture

Crossroads in Literature and Culture [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Jacek Fabiszak,Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka,Bartosz Wolski
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1290 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4597187


Crossroads in Literature and Culture by Jacek Fabiszak,Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka,Bartosz Wolski Book Resume:

The book contains a selection of papers focusing on the idea of crossing boundaries in literary and cultural texts composed in English. The authors come from different methodological schools and analyse texts coming from different periods and cultures, trying to find common ground (the theme of the volume) between the apparently generically and temporarily varied works and phenomena. In this way, a plethora of perspectives is offered, perspectives which represent a high standard both in terms of theoretical reflection and in-depth analysis of selected texts. Consequently, the volume is addressed to a wide scope of both scholars and students working in the field of English and American literary and cultural studies; furthermore, it will be of interest also to students interested in theoretical issues linked with investigations into literature and culture.

Reading at a Crossroads?

Reading at a Crossroads? [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Rand J. Spiro,Michael DeSchryver,Michelle Schira Hagerman,Paul M. Morsink,Penny Thompson
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 642 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2959522


Reading at a Crossroads? by Rand J. Spiro,Michael DeSchryver,Michelle Schira Hagerman,Paul M. Morsink,Penny Thompson Book Resume:

The Internet is transforming the experience of reading and learning-through-reading. Is this transformation effecting a radical change in reading processes as readers synthesize understandings from fragments across multiple texts? Or, conversely, is the Internet merely a new place to use the same reading skills and processes developed through experience with traditional print-based media? Are the changes in reading processes a matter of degree, or are they fundamentally new? And if so, how must reading theory, research, and instruction adjust? This volume brings together distinguished experts from the fields of reading research, teacher education, educational psychology, cognitive science, rhetoric and composition, digital humanities, and educational technology to address these questions. Every question is not answered in every chapter. How could they be? But every contributor has many thoughtful things to say about a subset of these important questions. Together, they add up to a comprehensive response to the issues the field faces as it approaches what may well be—or not —a crossroads. A website devoted to extending discussion around the book in creative (and disjunctive) ways [] moves it beyond the printed page.

Dental Education at the Crossroads

Dental Education at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Institute of Medicine,Committee on the Future of Dental Education
Publisher: National Academies Press
File Size: 1060 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2445719


Dental Education at the Crossroads by Institute of Medicine,Committee on the Future of Dental Education Book Resume:

Six dental schools have closed in the last decade and others are in jeopardy. Facing this uncertainty about the status of dental education and the continued tension between educators and practitioners, leaders in the profession have recognized the need for purpose and direction. This comprehensive volume--the first to cover the education, research, and patient care missions of dental schools--offers specific recommendations on oral health assessment, access to dental care, dental school curricula, financing for education, research priorities, examinations and licensing, workforce planning, and other key areas. Well organized and accessible, the book Recaps the evolution of dental practice and education. Reviews key indicators of oral health status, outlines oral health goals, and discusses implications for education. Addresses major curriculum concerns. Examines health services that dental schools provide to patients and communities. Looks at faculty and student involvement in research. Explores the relationship of dental education to the university, the dental profession, and society at large. Accreditation, the dental workforce, and other critical policy issues are highlighted as well. Of greatest interest to deans, faculty, administrators, and students at dental schools, as well as to academic health centers and universities, this book also will be informative for health policymakers, dental professionals, and dental researchers.

Kashmir at the Crossroads

Kashmir at the Crossroads [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Sumantra Bose
Publisher: Yale University Press
File Size: 1420 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9880583


Kashmir at the Crossroads by Sumantra Bose Book Resume:

An authoritative, fresh, and vividly written account of the Kashmir conflict—from 1947 to the present The India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir is one of the world’s incendiary conflicts. Since 1990, at least 60,000 people have been killed—insurgents, civilians, and military and police personnel. In 2019, the conflict entered a dangerous new phase. India’s Hindu nationalist government, under Narendra Modi, repealed Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomous status and divided it into two territories subject to New Delhi’s direct rule. The drastic move was accompanied by mass arrests and lengthy suspension of mobile and internet services. In this definitive account, Sumantra Bose examines the conflict in Kashmir from its origins to the present volatile juncture. He explores the global context of the current situation, including China’s growing role, as well as the human tragedy of the people caught in the bitter dispute. Drawing on three decades of field experience in Kashmir, Bose asks whether a compromise settlement is still possible given the ascendancy of Hindu nationalism in India and the complex geopolitical context.

Rise Up

Rise Up [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Al Sharpton
Publisher: Harlequin
File Size: 837 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8644199


Rise Up by Al Sharpton Book Resume:

NOW A NATIONAL BESTSELLER “This man is a gift from God to the world. This book is a gift from Al Sharpton to us. Let’s appreciate them both.”—Michael Eric Dyson Beginning with a foreword by Michael Eric Dyson, Rise Up is a rousing call to action for our nation, drawing on lessons learned from Reverend Al Sharpton’s unique experience as a politician, television and radio host, and civil rights leader. Rise Up offers timeless lessons for anyone who’s stood at the crossroads of their personal or political life, weighing their choices of how to proceed. When the young Alfred Charles Sharpton told his mother he wanted to be a preacher, little did he know that his journey would also lead him to prominence as a politician, founder of the National Action Network, civil rights activist, and television and radio talk show host. His enduring ability and willingness to take on the political power structure makes him the preeminent voice for the modern era, a time unprecedented in its challenges. In Rise Up, Reverend Sharpton revisits the highlights of the Obama administration, the 2016 election and Trump’s subsequent hold on the GOP, and draws on his decades-long experience with other key players in politics and activism, including Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and more. The time has come to take a hard look at our collective failures and shortcomings and reclaim our core values in order to build a clear and just path forward for America. Our nation today stands at a crossroads—and change can’t wait. “Full of history, honesty, and valuable suggestions, Rise Up should be a staple in every home, school and library as an essential primer on civil and political rights in America.”—Martin Luther King, III “If you want to learn how to use your voice to change a nation, you should study closely this man—and this book.” —Van Jones “My Bed-Stuy (do or die) brother has been at the forefront of our battles again and again. From way back in da way back to this present revolution the world is in now, Rev. has been about Black Lives Matter from the jump, also at a time when it was not the most popular or hip thing to be about. I look forward, standing next to him, to see, to witness this new energy, this new day that is about to be in these United States of America.”—Spike Lee Don't miss Rev. Sharpton's new book, Righteous Troublemakers: Untold Stories of the Social Justice Movement in America.

Sounds German

Sounds German [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Kirkland A. Fulk
Publisher: Berghahn Books
File Size: 1114 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1705652


Sounds German by Kirkland A. Fulk Book Resume:

For decades, Germany has been shaped and reshaped by the sounds of popular music—whether viewed as uniquely German or an ideological invader from abroad. This collected volume brings together leading figures in the field of German Studies, popular music studies, and cultural studies at large to survey the sociopolitical impact of music on conceptions of the German state and national identity, gender and sexuality, and transnational cultural production and consumption, expanding on the ways in which sounds, technologies, media practices, and exchanges of popular music provide a unique glimpse into the cultural dynamics of postwar Germany.

Akram Khan

Akram Khan [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Royona Mitra
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 591 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8878449


Akram Khan by Royona Mitra Book Resume:

Through seven key case studies from Khan's oeuvre, this book demonstrates how Akram Khan's 'new interculturalism' is a challenge to the 1980s western 'intercultural theatre' project, as a more nuanced and embodied approach to representing Othernesses, from his own position of the Other.

Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives

Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Daniel Stein,Shane Denson,Christina Meyer
Publisher: A&C Black
File Size: 360 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8459448


Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives by Daniel Stein,Shane Denson,Christina Meyer Book Resume:

This book brings together an international group of scholars who chart and analyze the ways in which comic book history and new forms of graphic narrative have negotiated the aesthetic, social, political, economic, and cultural interactions that reach across national borders in an increasingly interconnected and globalizing world. Exploring the tendencies of graphic narratives - from popular comic book serials and graphic novels to manga - to cross national and cultural boundaries, Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives addresses a previously marginalized area in comics studies. By placing graphic narratives in the global flow of cultural production and reception, the book investigates controversial representations of transnational politics, examines transnational adaptations of superhero characters, and maps many of the translations and transformations that have come to shape contemporary comics culture on a global scale.