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Contemporary British Television Crime Drama

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Contemporary British Television Crime Drama by Ruth McElroy Book Resume:

Contemporary British Television Crime Drama examines one of the medium’s most popular genres and places it within its historical and industrial context. The television crime drama has proved itself capable of numerous generic reinventions and continues to enjoy some of the highest viewing figures. Crime drama offers audiences stories of right and wrong, moral authority asserted and resisted, and professionals and criminals, doing so in ways that are often highly entertaining, innovative, and thought provoking. In examining the appeal of this highly dynamic genre, this volume explores how it responds not only to changing social debates on crime and policing, but also to processes of hybridization within the television industry itself. Contributors, many of whom are leading figures in UK television studies, analyse popular series such as Broadchurch, Between the Lines, Foyle’s War, Poirot, Prime Suspect, Sherlock and Wallander. Essays examine the main characteristics of television crime drama production, including the nature of trans-Atlantic franchises and literary and transnational adaptations. Adopting a range of feminist, historical, aesthetic and industrial approaches, they offer incisive interrogations that provide readers with a rich understanding of the allure of crime drama to both viewers and commissioners.

The Mystery Fancier

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Mystery Fancier by William F. Deeck Book Resume:

A bibliography of various mystery novels published between November 1976 and Fall 1992.

Mystery Fanfare

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mystery Fanfare by Michael L. Cook Book Resume:

This work is a composite index of the complete runs of all mystery and detective fan magazines that have been published, through 1981. Added to it are indexes of many magazines of related nature. This includes magazines that are primarily oriented to boys' book collecting, the paperbacks, and the pulp magazine hero characters, since these all have a place in the mystery and detective genre.

Beyond the Usual Beating

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beyond the Usual Beating by Andrew S. Baer Book Resume:

The malign and long-lasting influence of Chicago police commander Jon Burge cannot be overestimated, particularly as fresh examples of local and national criminal-justice abuse continue to surface with dismaying frequency. Burge’s decades-long tenure on the Chicago police force was marked by racist and barbaric interrogation methods, including psychological torture, burnings, and mock executions—techniques that went far “beyond the usual beating.” After being exposed in 1989, he became a symbol of police brutality and the unequal treatment of nonwhite people, and the persistent outcry against him led to reforms such as the abolition of the death penalty in Illinois. But Burge hardly developed or operated in a vacuum, as Andrew S. Baer explores to stark effect here. He identifies the darkness of the Burge era as a product of local social forces, arising from a specific milieu beyond the nationwide racialized reactionary fever of the 1960s and 1970s. Similarly, the popular resistance movements that rallied in his wake actually predated Burge’s exposure but cohered with unexpected power due to the galvanizing focus on his crimes and abuses. For more than thirty years, a shifting coalition including torture survivors, their families, civil rights attorneys, and journalists helped to corroborate allegations of violence, free the wrongfully convicted, have Burge fired and incarcerated, and win passage of a municipal reparations package, among other victories. Beyond the Usual Beating reveals that though the Burge scandal underscores the relationship between personal bigotry and structural racism in the criminal justice system, it also shows how ordinary people held perpetrators accountable in the face of intransigent local power.

Wheel of Fire

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wheel of Fire by Hilary Bonner Book Resume:

A mysterious fire at a Somerset manor house leads to a complex and intriguing case for Bristol detective David Vogel. When Sir John Fairbrother, head of one of the world’s biggest private banks, burns to death, along with his nurse, in a catastrophic fire at his Somerset manor house, Detective Inspector David Vogel finds himself dealing with a complex and mystifying sequence of events. If arson was involved, as Vogel believes, the obvious suspect is Sir John’s chauffeur/gardener, George Grey ... but is he guilty? Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and bring those responsible for the fire and two further suspicious deaths to justice, Vogel uncovers a tangled web of intrigue which exceeds anything he at first imagined.

The Police Procedural

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Police Procedural by George N. Dove Book Resume:

In the late 1940s and early 1950s a new kind of detective story appeared on the scene. This was a story in which the mystery is solved by regular police detectives, usually working in teams and using ordinary police routines. This kind of narrative is customarily called the "police procedural" story. And it is the subject of this book. Though there has been numberless writers of these stories, there has never been a book of criticism before.

Two Bronze Pennies

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Two Bronze Pennies by Chris Nickson Book Resume:

The second intriguing historical mystery to feature Detective Inspector Tom Harper Leeds, England, Christmas Eve, 1890. DI Tom Harper is looking forward to a well-earned rest. But it’s not to be. A young man has been found stabbed to death in the city’s poverty-stricken Jewish district, his body carefully arranged in the shape of a cross, two bronze pennies covering his eyes. Could someone be pursuing a personal vendetta against the Jews? Harper’s investigations are hampered by the arrival of Capitaine Bertrand Muyrere of the French police, who has come to Leeds to look into the disappearance of the famous French inventor Louis Le Prince, vanished without trace after boarding a train to Paris. With no one in the close-knit Jewish community talking to the police and with tensions rising, DI Harper realizes he’ll have to resort to more unorthodox methods in order to unmask the killer.

The Mystery Fancier (Vol. 2 No. 6) November-December 1978

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Mystery Fancier (Vol. 2 No. 6) November-December 1978 by Agatha Christie,Rex Stout Book Resume:

Volume 2 Number 6 of The Mystery Fancier, November-December 1978, contains: "Behind the Scenes at Bouchercon 9: or, It Was Murder at the Bismark!" by Mary Ann Grochowski, "Miss Marple She Isn't," by David H. Doerrer, "Agatha Christie Is Still Alive and Well," by Amnon Kabatchnik, "When Is This Stiff Dead? Detective Stories and Definitions of Death," by Thompson and Banks, "The Weevil in the Beancurd: Or, The Cop Abroad," by George N. Dove, and "The Nero Wolfe Saga: Part X," by Guy M. Townsend.

Criminal Procedure II

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Criminal Procedure II by Richard G. Singer Book Resume:

Part of the time-tested Examples & Explanations series, Richard G. Singer's Examples & Explanations: Criminal Procedure II, for the second-semester Criminal Procedure course, covers all of the post-arrest, "bail-to-jail" topics. the Second Edition highlights important recent developments in these areas. Examples & Explanations: Criminal Procedure II, from Bail to Jail, Second Edition, features: respected educator-author Richard G. Singer the proven-effective Examples & Explanations pedagogy a clear and engaging writing style complete topical coverage that traces that of most Criminal Procedure II courses and casebooks a comparative look at different approaches taken by various jurisdictions With a greater focus on prosecutorial discretion, the Second Edition includes: a rewritten sentencing chapter examining the dramatic changes in the constitutional view on sentencing in Blakely v. Washington and Booker v. United States new chapters on: victim's rights non-criminal remedies for attorney misconduct, including disciplinary measures (and including a lengthy analysis of the prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team) speedy trial 2007 Supreme Court cases Cunningham and Rita You can trust Richard G. Singer and the Examples & Explanations series to give your students the help many of them need to get the most out of their Criminal Procedure studies.

Anatomy of Murder

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Anatomy of Murder by Carl Darryl Malmgren,Michael Rapport Book Resume:

Anatomy of Murder identifies and explores three basic fictional forms dealing with murder and detection—mystery, detective, and crime fiction. Mystery fiction takes place in a centered world, one whose most distinctive characteristic is motivation. Covering the forms of murder fiction, the book examines texts by Doyle, Christie, Sayers, Hammett, Chandler, Highsmith, Jim Thompson, Thomas Harris, and others.

Policing the Police 2 Edition

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Policing the Police 2 Edition by Praveen Kumar Book Resume:

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Dick Tracy and American Culture

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Dick Tracy and American Culture by Garyn G. Roberts Book Resume:

In October 1931, Dick Tracy made his debut on the pages of the Detroit Mirror. Since then America's most famous crime fighter has tangled with a variety of protagonists from locations as diverse as the inner city and outer space, all the time maintaining the moral high ground while reflecting American popular culture. Through extensive research and interviews with Chester Gould (the creator of "Dick Tracy"), his assistants, Dick Locher (the current artist), Max Allan Collins (who scripted the stories for more than 15 years) and many others associated with the strip, Dick Tracy as a cultural icon emerges. The strips use of both innovative and established police methods and the true-to-life portrayals of Tracy's family and fellow cops are detailed. The artists behind the strip are fully revealed and Dick Tracy paraphernalia and the 1990 movie Dick Tracy are discussed. Dick Tracy's appearances in other media--books, comics, radio, movie serials, "B" movies, television dramas, and animated cartoons--are fully covered.

The Armchair Detective

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The Armchair Detective by N.A Book Resume:

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The Philosophy of Clint Eastwood

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The Philosophy of Clint Eastwood by Richard T. McClelland,Brian B. Clayton Book Resume:

The Old Fashioned explores the history of the “original cocktail” through its ingredients and accessories—a rocks glass, rye whiskey or bourbon, sugar, bitters, and orange zest to garnish—and the many people and places that have contributed to the drink's legend. Featuring a handpicked selection of recipes along with delicious details about the particularities that arose with each new variation, this spirited guide is an entertaining read.

Places for Dead Bodies

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Places for Dead Bodies by Gary J. Hausladen Book Resume:

From Tony Hillerman's Navajo Southwest to Martin Cruz Smith's Moscow, an exotic, vividly described locale is one of the great pleasures of many murder mysteries. Indeed, the sense of place, no less than the compelling character of the detective, is often what keeps authors writing and readers reading a particular series of mystery novels. This book investigates how "police procedural" murder mysteries have been used to convey a sense of place. Gary Hausladen delves into the work of more than thirty authors, including Tony Hillerman, Martin Cruz Smith, James Lee Burke, David Lindsey, P. D. James, and many others. Arranging the authors by their region of choice, he discusses police procedurals set in America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe, Moscow, Asia, and selected locales in other parts of the world, as well as in historical places ranging from the Roman Empire to turn-of-the-century Cairo.

Comportement organisationnel - Vol. 2

Police Procedural Pdf 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Comportement organisationnel - Vol. 2 by Assâad El Akremi,Sylvie Guerrero,Jean-Pierre Neveu Book Resume:

Comprendre les attitudes et les comportements des individus et des groupes humains dans les organisations, en analyser les évolutions, en connaître les déterminants et les conséquences, soulèvent des questions sans cesse renouvelées. Cet ouvrage propose de développer trois champs fondamentaux du comportement organisationnel : la justice organisationnelle, les enjeux de carrière et l'épuisement professionnel. Chacun de ces champs correspond à des thèmes de recherche particulièrement féconds et à des problématiques centrales pour le management des ressources humaines dans les entreprises et les administrations. Traitée sous forme d'états de l'art actualisés, c'est la place des relations humaines dans les organisations qui est explorée selon des perspectives variées et novatrices dans cet ouvrage. A la frontière entre les sciences de gestion et la psychologie organisationnelle, le comportement organisationnel analyse les relations entre l'individu et l'organisation. Les onze chapitres de l'ouvrage proposent d'en étudier plusieurs thèmes majeurs, de façon exhaustive et pédagogique. Ce livre intéressera les étudiants de masters et de doctorats, les enseignants et chercheurs en gestion des ressources humaines et dans les différentes disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales où l'individu et l'organisation sont étudiés. Il s'adresse également aux cadres et aux experts en ressources humaines, aux consultants en organisation et en management, aux dirigeants d'entreprise, aux responsables syndicaux ou encore aux managers.

Mystery and Suspense Writers: Ross MacDonald to women of mystery

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Mystery and Suspense Writers: Ross MacDonald to women of mystery by Robin W. Winks,Maureen Corrigan Book Resume:

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Law Library Journal

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Law Library Journal by N.A Book Resume:

Vols. 1- include Proceedings of the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Index to Legal Periodicals

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Index to Legal Periodicals by Eldon Revare James Book Resume:

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