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Pets in America

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Pets in America by Katherine C. Grier Book Resume:

Filled with illustrations reflecting the whimsy, the devotion, and the commerce that have shaped centuries of American pet keeping, a portrait of Americans' relationships with animals shows how the history of pets has evolved alongside changing ideas about human nature, child development, and community life.

La crepitonomie ou l'art des pets

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La crepitonomie ou l'art des pets by N.A Book Resume:

Download or read La crepitonomie ou l'art des pets book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Palace Pets 07 - La fête des gâteaux

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Palace Pets 07 - La fête des gâteaux by Walt Disney Book Resume:

Ariel est trop occupée pour jouer avec Trésor. Qu’à cela ne tienne ! La petite chatte part rendre visite à ses amis du Petit Royaume. Au palais, c’est l’effervescence : Pomme s’active aux fourneaux, Rose et Ballerine décorent la salle de bal... Eh oui, ce soir, c’est la fête des gâteaux ! Miam !

Palace Pets 08 - Le vaillant petit chevalier

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Palace Pets 08 - Le vaillant petit chevalier by Walt Disney Book Resume:

Trésor et Sultan sont si courageux qu’ils ont été tous deux désignés chevaliers du Petit Royaume. Mais l’idée de partager ce titre est bien loin de leur plaire. Pour les départager, Trésor décide d’organiser un concours... et c’est Ballerine qui en sera le juge !

La Crépitonomie, ou l'Art des pets. Poème didactique en trois chants. Par D....... de St.-P*** [i.e. Ducastel de Saint-Paul].

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La Crépitonomie, ou l'Art des pets. Poème didactique en trois chants. Par D....... de St.-P*** [i.e. Ducastel de Saint-Paul]. by N.A Book Resume:

Download or read La Crépitonomie, ou l'Art des pets. Poème didactique en trois chants. Par D....... de St.-P*** [i.e. Ducastel de Saint-Paul]. book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Pets ABC

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Pets ABC by Michael Dahl Book Resume:

Provides an introduction to different types of pets by using each letter of the alphabet.

Companion Animals and Us

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Companion Animals and Us by Anthony L. Podberscek,Elizabeth S. Paul,James A. Serpell Book Resume:

Over the past 30 years there has been a tremendous growth in interest in the multidisciplinary field of human-companion animal interactions and relationships. This is not surprising considering that pets are kept in at least half of the households in Western societies. What then, is so special about the relationships people have with their pets? Are we very different from our ancestors in the ways we feel about animals? What does pet-keeping tell us about ourselves and our relationships with people? Can pets be good for our health? Do they help promote empathy for other humans? These questions and more are explored in this book. Companion Animals and Us brings together some of the newest research from a wide variety of disciplines including anthropology, history, psychology, sociology, human and veterinary medicine. This book will make fascinating reading for anyone interested in understanding more about the human-pet relationship.

Between Pets and People

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Between Pets and People by Alan M. Beck,Aaron Honori Katcher Book Resume:

Since the first edition of Between Pets and People in 1983, the authors' then-startling contention that pets benefit our mental and physical health has found wide acceptance. Evidence in our daily lives - in television pet food ads, in doctor's offices outfitted with aquaria - attests to how widely the belief in pets' therapeutic influence is now held. This revised edition of Between Pets and People, with additional data and case studies and expanded references - including a listing of Internet resources - and a foreword by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, analyzes the surprisingly complex relationships we have with our pets. This book contains an important lesson for everyone - to accept ourselves and others in the uncritical way that pets accept us, and come to terms with our own animal nature.

Pets and the Family

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Pets and the Family by Marvin B. Sussman Book Resume:

This major work summarizes the recent research and findings on the interactions of pets and their owners and the social and emotional benefits that may be derived by families who have pets. Social and health scientists explore the pervasiveness of the animal/human bond and the high prevalence of pets in U.S. households, including pets and children, pets and the elderly, pets as factors of stability and instability in family relationships, and pets as therapy for ill, grieving, and disabled family members. With this carefully researched book, researchers and family health professionals can better understand the complexities of family/animal interaction and can pursue further study into this increasingly important subject in contemporary society.

Behavior of Exotic Pets

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Behavior of Exotic Pets by Valarie V. Tynes Book Resume:

Behavior of Exotic Pets is the first book on the subject tobe written by behavioral experts, all with a wealth of practicalexperience. Divided into species-specific chapters, the bookexplains the normal behavior for each group of animals, includingreproduction, parenting, communication and social behavior. Thebook also addresses animals’ environmental needs based ontheir behavior to enable owners to provide better husbandry andavoid potential problems. Descriptions of common behavioralproblems are included, with practical recommendations for theirtreatment or management. This text is essential for any veterinary professional who wouldlike to improve their knowledge of exotic animal behavior. It alsoserves as a valuable reference for animal behaviorists, exoticanimal veterinarians, veterinary students, and anyone caring forthese animals in captivity. Key features: The first and only book on exotic pet behavior written bybehaviorists Covers a wide range of exotic pet species Discusses methods for treating and managing common behavioralproblems Offers practical advice on topics such as housing and handlingof animals Includes separate chapters on learning, welfare, and behavioralpharmacology


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Pets by Erica Fudge Book Resume:

'When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me?' - Michel de Montaigne. Why do we live with pets? Is there something more to our relationship with them than simply companionship? What is it we look for in our pets and what does this say about us as human beings? In this fascinating book, Erica Fudge explores the nature of this most complex of relationships and the difficulties of knowing what it is that one is living with when one chooses to share a home with an animal. Fudge argues that our capacity for compassion and ability to live alongside others is evident in our relationships with our pets, those paradoxical creatures who give us a sense of comfort and security while simultaneously troubling the categories human and animal. For what is a pet if it isn't a fully-fledged member of the human family? This book proposes that by crossing over these boundaries pets help construct who it is we think we are. Drawing on the works of modern writers, such as J. M. Coetzee, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and Jacques Derrida, Fudge shows how pets have been used to think with and to undermine our easy conceptions of human, animal and home. Indeed, "Pets" shows our obsession with domestic animals that reveals many of the paradoxes, contra - dictions and ambiguities of life. Living with pets provides thought-provoking perspectives on our notions of possession and mastery, mutuality and cohabitation, love and dominance. We might think of pets as simply happy, loved additions to human homes but as this captivating book reveals perhaps it is the pets that make the home and without pets perhaps we might not be the humans we think we are. For anyone who has ever wondered, like Montaigne, what their cat is thinking, it will be illuminating reading.

Medieval Pets

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Medieval Pets by Kathleen Walker-Meikle Book Resume:

An engaging and informative survey of medieval pet keeping which also examines their representation in art and literature.

Angel Pets

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Angel Pets by Margrit Coates Book Resume:

Margrit Coates is an internationally acclaimed animal healer and communicator. In Angel Pets, she reveals how animals talk to us all the time and shares their incredible true stories. Meet Rusty, the lost dog whom Margrit guided home using the psychic connection between them; Mitzi, the brave little cat who made the greatest sacrifice; Twinkle, the determined rabbit who saved a girl's life; Gypsy, the sheepdog with special healing powers; Freddy's friend, the demon cat who was really an angel in disguise, and many, many more wonderful animals. Through these amazing stories, Margrit answers the question that every pet owner will have asked themselves: what is my pet really thinking? Offering helpful tips, she unlocks the secret of tuning into and connecting with pets at the very deepest level. A heartwarming read, this book will change the way you relate to animals forever.

Be Your Pet's Best Friend

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Be Your Pet's Best Friend by Barbara Novero Levy Book Resume:

This book was written by a person deeply in love with pets. A long-time pet-owner and dedicated pet-lover, Barbara has compiled a comprehensive overview of pet-related information that includes choosing a pet, caring for that pet, and developing plans for the pet's future. The pages are filled with enlightening data such as a cost overview of owning a pet, an invaluable section on pet first aid, and an equally important chapter on toxins. With editorial help from an impressive group of experienced veterinary and human-pet animal bonding professionals, this book is a MUST for persons planning to add a pet to their life as well as a concise resource for those who already have a pet. The addition of forms meant to be copied and used by the reader are an invaluable resource!

Kooky Pets

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Kooky Pets by Koldo Barroso Book Resume:

Inside all of us lives a secret creature called a "Kooky Pet" who catalyzes our most intimate dreams and wishful yearnings. This book comprises of a collection of imaginary portraits of these absurd and fun pet characters, including stories, and witness descriptions. If you're not afraid of meeting a surreal world where the cutest animals will reflect the most ridiculous and contradictory side of you, you're going to love this book!Compiled with the collaboration of a team of erudite scientists, "Kooky Pets" is the product an Internet and social media experience where the blog readers are the co-creators as well as protagonists. The result of this fun experiment are 40 pages of fantasy and imagination, including 19 pages of full color illustrations by artist Koldo Barroso.

Diseases of Man Acquired from His Pets

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Diseases of Man Acquired from His Pets by B. Bisseru Book Resume:

Diseases of Man Acquired from his Pets provides guideline of the diseases that man may acquire from animals. This book is composed of nine chapters. The chapters are divided broadly into the types of animals kept as pets. This book begins with a general introduction to animal pets. The subsequent chapters deal with diseases acquired from carnivores, birds, and rodents, with a particular emphasis on leptospirosis, which affects rodents, carnivores, farm animals, man and, to a limited extent, birds. These chapters discuss the epidemiology, clinical signs, symptoms and treatment of this infection. These topics are followed by a chapter on Ungulates, which includes farm animals, the occupational hazards of handling large numbers of animals since livestock are in very close contact with the farmer and farm workers. Similarly, the occupational hazards from birds (factory farming) through Newcastle disease, which sometimes affects pet birds (parrots), and other diseases are explored. The remaining chapters concern certain infectious diseases acquired from reptiles, amphibians, fish, and arthropods. This book is of value to practitioners and students, both of human and veterinary medicine, and those interested in animal care.

Classroom Pets

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Classroom Pets by Lerner Publishing Group Book Resume:

This new series will surely delight your young classroom pet lovers! By using short, repetitive sentences and crisp, full-color photographs, these books introduce beginning readers to classroom pets, their basic needs, and how to care for them.

Hands-On Healing For Pets

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Hands-On Healing For Pets by Margrit Coates Book Resume:

This phenomenal book by Margrit Coates,the world's leading animal healer, will teach you how to make a real difference to your pet's happiness and well-being through hands-on energy healing. Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary - yet very effective - therapy that can be used to help improve your pet's health and behaviour. In this fascinating guide, Margrit Coates provides practical advice on when, where and how to use hands-on healing to treat your pet. Whether you are caring for a dog or cat, rabbit or gerbil, bird or even a pet reptile or injured wild animals, the essential steps are given here, along with sections on other alternative treatments such as crystals, massage and flower remedies, and pet horoscopes. Throughout, Margrit shares case studies of animals who have been helped by hands-on healing.

Domestic Pets

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Domestic Pets by Irene Lovgren Book Resume:

Thinking of getting a pet? Or maybe have one already? How prepared are you? Domestic Pets Owners Guide is filled with ‘all around’ information about Cats and Kittens, Dogs and Puppies, Birds, Rodents and Hermit Crabs. It talks about the process of acquiring pets, their diets and general care. Topics in this informative guide include a comprehensive mini guide for aquarists (especially beginner hobbyists) with special chapter about Siamese Fighter Fish. It contributes towards better understanding of pets and prepares for the realities, making pet ownership responsible as well as more enjoyable.