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Pets in America

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Pets in America by Katherine C. Grier Book Resume:

Filled with illustrations reflecting the whimsy, the devotion, and the commerce that have shaped centuries of American pet keeping, a portrait of Americans' relationships with animals shows how the history of pets has evolved alongside changing ideas about human nature, child development, and community life.

Pets Need Wholesome Food Also

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Pets Need Wholesome Food Also by N.A Book Resume:

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Pets and the Family

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Pets and the Family by Marvin B. Sussman Book Resume:

This major work summarizes the recent research and findings on the interactions of pets and their owners and the social and emotional benefits that may be derived by families who have pets. Social and health scientists explore the pervasiveness of the animal/human bond and the high prevalence of pets in U.S. households, including pets and children, pets and the elderly, pets as factors of stability and instability in family relationships, and pets as therapy for ill, grieving, and disabled family members. With this carefully researched book, researchers and family health professionals can better understand the complexities of family/animal interaction and can pursue further study into this increasingly important subject in contemporary society.

Pets' Playground

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Pets' Playground by Amanda Chin Book Resume:

Pets play an important role in child development. They promote the advancement of a range of social attributes in children, including companionship, nurturing love, affection, responsibility and respect. However, this human-animal bond can quickly dissolve if simple safety is not practiced. Current trends show that dog bites are on the rise, especially in children. This engaging and educational activity book is intended for young children between four and nine years of age. It is intended to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to help promote safety for both children and their pets. Topics with supporting activities include, what pet behavior shows about the pets feelings, safe pet toys and meals plus unsafe toys and unhealthy foods, pet care and responsibility, vet visits and more! Because of its comprehensive nature, it could easily be used in the classroom setting as well by parents and in vet offices.. There are fifteen diverse activities, one or two at the end of each chapter can be copied for multiple use or each child can have their own book. It is also fully illustrated with colorful, engaging characters and art.

Drawing Your Pets

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Drawing Your Pets by Abby Colich Book Resume:

Presents step-by-step instructions for drawing a variety of pets, accompanied by a description of each animal.

Ethical Pet Ownership

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Ethical Pet Ownership by Lisa Idzikowski Book Resume:

As of 2017, 55 percent of American households included at least one pet. Pets are ubiquitous and often considered part of the family, but are they content in a domestic setting? Is there a way for us to tell if we are giving pets a suitable standard of living? Many factors must be considered when looking at the ethics of pet ownership, including what rights animals should possess, where the animals come from, and what species of animals should be kept as pets. Readers will gain a better understanding of the many ethical considerations surrounding pet ownership.


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Pets by Peter Sloan Book Resume:

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Vet Noir

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Vet Noir by Robin Truelove Stronk Dvm,Robin Stronk Book Resume:

In the memoir Vet Noir, a seasoned veterinarian humorously recounts stories of animals she treated and the people who loved them. Robin Truelove Stronk owned her own veterinary practice in Vermont with her husband for twenty-four years where she often dealt with clients who expected too much, listened too little, arrived too late, and sometimes just fainted. With an entertaining style, Dr. Stronk shares not only her own professional challenges, but also the unique expectations of the animals' owners. From a New England dairy farmer who expected her to strip to the waist to assist his cow with a difficult birth, to the distraught owner who held her guinea pig up to the telephone so the veterinarian could hear the noise her pet was making, Dr. Stronk's anecdotes illuminate the delightful, sometimes tortuous, and very often amusing relationships between a pet, its owner, and the veterinarian. Vet Noir provides a light-hearted glimpse into the world of veterinary medicine where animals are unconditionally loved and the people are kind beyond measure, dedicated, and splendidly appreciative mostly when they are not being quirky, infuriating, and more often than not, unknowingly comical.

Cuddles to Crochet for Pets

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Cuddles to Crochet for Pets by Carolyn Christmas Book Resume:

For all those times when your cat or dog patiently awaits your attention while you crochet, reward your furry friend with his or her own crocheted blanket and toy! Choose from six sets (2 afghan sizes for each) to suit your pet's individual personality. This is one time you'll be glad to see your pet napping on your handiwork! 6 sets: Unbearably Cute (bear toy and textured blanket); Me & My Buddy (dog toy and ripple blanket); Goodies & Grannies (cupcake, doughnut, and ice cream cone toys and blanket edged with granny squares); Mouse Capades (mouse toy and blanket of maze squares); Seafood Surprise (star and fish toys and wave blanket with fish appliques); and For Birdwatchers Only (bird toy and blanket with flower granny squares).

People, Property, Or Pets?

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People, Property, Or Pets? by Marc D. Hauser,Fiery Cushman,Matthew Kamen Book Resume:

A child can't be owned, but parents are legally responsible for their child's care. A painting and a dog can be owned; both fall under the jurisdiction of the law and in particular, property rights. But why should a dog, man's best friend, an animal with a mind and emotions, fall under the same category as a painting? How could the law be so foolish? Requiring legal guardianship for animals would have radical consequences for how we live our lives.

Between Pets and People

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Between Pets and People by Alan M. Beck,Aaron Honori Katcher Book Resume:

Since the first edition of Between Pets and People in 1983, the authors' then-startling contention that pets benefit our mental and physical health has found wide acceptance. Evidence in our daily lives - in television pet food ads, in doctor's offices outfitted with aquaria - attests to how widely the belief in pets' therapeutic influence is now held. This revised edition of Between Pets and People, with additional data and case studies and expanded references - including a listing of Internet resources - and a foreword by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, analyzes the surprisingly complex relationships we have with our pets. This book contains an important lesson for everyone - to accept ourselves and others in the uncritical way that pets accept us, and come to terms with our own animal nature.

Graphing with Pets

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Graphing with Pets by Harry James Book Resume:

A story about how four children set up and expand their own animal care business demonstrates how graphs can be made and interpreted to answer questions about how to run a business.

Pets In My Heart

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Pets In My Heart by Charles H. Rudolph Book Resume:

Pets In My Heart is a warm, sentimental look at the pets that have helped shape the author's life. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, the story will appeal to pet lovers of all ages. Pets In My Heart is a true story as seen from the author's point of view.

Playful Painting: Pets

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Playful Painting: Pets by Faye Moorhouse Book Resume:

From an affectionate French Bulldog and astute Boxer to a sassy tabby cat, if you love animals and art, then your tail will be wagging with each of our easy-to-learn lessons and the humor that goes with them. You’ll be an expert in gouache, pencil, and ink in no time! Playful Painting: Pets is the first title in Walter Foster’s new compact and portable Playful Painting series, and it is aimed at artists, doodlers, and painting enthusiasts. There has never been a better time to learn to paint and illustrate whimsical portraits of your pets and favorite animals! Startup is easy, with minimal tools and materials required. You’ll be inspired to create when you see our gallery of dozens of cute cat and dog breeds (plus mixes!) as well as birds, pigs, rabbits, and other favorites. Then, when you’re ready, dive into exclusive bonus content to see how to use finished artwork in fresh and clever ways. Artist Faye Moorhouse illustrates this book in her signature friendly, quirky style. Not an artist? Playful Painting: Pets is a perfect gift for the animal lover in your life and a must-have for anyone who’s shared their life and living space with furry or feathered friends.

Music Row Dogs and Nashville Cats

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Music Row Dogs and Nashville Cats by Karen Will Rogers,Laura Lacy Book Resume:

Features a photographic tribute to the stars of country music and their pets, with profiles of Vince Gill, Tammy Wynette, Wynonna Judd, Tanya Tucker, Clint Black, Billy Ray Cyrus, Trisha Yearwood, Charlie Daniels, Brenda Lee, and Neal McCoy, among others, along with their favorite animal companions. Original.

About Pets

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About Pets by Sindy McKay Book Resume:

Examines both popular and unusual pets, discussing the joys and responsibilites of pet ownership.

Behavior of Exotic Pets

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Behavior of Exotic Pets by Valarie V. Tynes Book Resume:

Behavior of Exotic Pets is the first book on the subject to be written by behavioral experts, all with a wealth of practical experience. The book is divided into chapters devoted to particular species or groups of species commonly kept as exotic pets. The normal behavior for each group of animals is explained, including reproduction, parenting, communication and social behavior. The animals' environmental needs based on their behavior are covered to enable owners to provide better husbandry and avoid potential behavioral problems. Descriptions of common behavioral problems are included, with practical recommendations for their treatment or management. This text is essential for any veterinary professional who would like to improve their knowledge of exotic animal behavior in order to provide enhanced treatment of their clients’ pets. It also serves as a valuable reference for animal behaviorists, veterinary students and anyone caring for these animals in captivity. Key features: Covers the full range of exotic pets, including some that aren't covered in any other texts, highlighting what is unique to each individual species. Practical consideration is given to issues like housing and handling of animals. Separate chapters on learning, welfare and behavioral pharmacology are also included, all with practical applications for those treating or caring for exotic pets.

What Sign Is Your Pet?

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What Sign Is Your Pet? by Donald Wolf Book Resume:

Does she lie down while eating? Definitely a Taurus. Does he treat your house like his castle? Must be a Leo! Read about your pet's astrological sign and discover how much better you'll understand and enjoy your cat or dog. If you don't know your pet's birth date, veterinarian Dr. Donald Wolf includes an easy-to-use checklist that lets you accurately pinpoint your pet's sign.