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Pseudoscience and the Paranormal

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Pseudoscience and the Paranormal by Terence Hines Book Resume:

Television, the movies, and computer games fill the minds of their viewers with a daily staple of fantasy, from tales of UFO landings, haunted houses, and communication with the dead to claims of miraculous cures by gifted healers or breakthrough treatments by means of fringe medicine. The paranormal is so ubiquitous in one form of entertainment or another that many people easily lose sight of the distinction between the real and the imaginary, or they never learn to make the distinction in the first place. In this thorough review of pseudoscience and the paranormal in contemporary life, psychologist Terence Hines teaches readers how to carefully evaluate all such claims in terms of scientific evidence. Hines devotes separate chapters to psychics; life after death; parapsychology; astrology; UFOs; ancient astronauts, cosmic collisions, and the Bermuda Triangle; faith healing; and more. New to this second edition are extended sections on psychoanalysis and pseudopsychologies, especially recovered memory therapy, satanic ritual abuse, facilitated communication, and other questionable psychotherapies. There are also new chapters on alternative medicine, which is now marketed in our drug stores, and on environmental pseudoscience, with special emphasis on the evidence that certain technologies like cell phones or environmental agents like asbestos cause cancer. Finally, Hines discusses the psychological causes for belief in the paranormal despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This valuable, highly interesting, and completely accessible analysis critiques the whole range of current paranormal claims.

The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal

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The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal by Judith Joyce Book Resume:

Stranded motorists on a lonesome road are rescued by angels. The phone rings with a call from beyond the grave. A blood-sucking predator is sighted again in the south of Texas. The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal is your gateway into the world beyond the known. Covering topics from cryptids to psychics, telekinesis to telepathy, this concise handbook will guide you through the eerie, the undeniable, and the strange world of the paranormal. Once upon a time, events like ghost sightings were commonplace. Parlors were redecorated to accommodate séance rituals, and ghost stories poured from the culture. Psychic occurrences and abilities might have been feared and disliked, but they were accepted as a normal part of life. Today, we are experiencing a resurgence of all things paranormal--in our books, our movies, on the internet, in the way we look at life. Join paranormal investigator and psychic Judith Joyce as she delves into this world with haunting detail and illuminating clarity. Joyce touches on all of the major aspects of paranormal phenomena, and more. Do you have telepathic powers? Can the Ouija board really speak from the Other Side? Use this paranormal primer to find out.

Paranormal Technology

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Paranormal Technology by David M. Rountree Book Resume:

Paranormal Technology is the first book to provide a scientific method for ghost hunting, which includes in-depth explanations of what the collected data means. Paranormal Technology offers new techniques, answers questions, and provides experiments, which will help bridge the gap between the paranormal and science. Written in everyday language, it offers keen insights into the nature of paranormal phenomena, the protocols required for collecting evidence that will stand up to scientific scrutiny, and the possible theories that may explain the source of “Ghosts”. Currently employed test equipment is examined and proper use is covered in great detail. Paranormal Technology is an indispensible aid to any scientific researcher or ghost hunting group, whether you are a beginner, or with many years of experience. This book is not a means to an end, but rather, an invitation to a fresh begining.

Adventures in Paranormal Investigation

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Adventures in Paranormal Investigation by Joe Nickell Book Resume:

Tales of alien abductions, miraculous relics, and haunted castles have attracted believers and skeptics across the globe for centuries. Paranormal investigator Joe Nickell tackles the world’s most seemingly inexplicable myths in Adventures in Paranormal Investigation. With four decades of experience in the field, Nickell employs skepticism and scientific analysis to pull truth from the mires of false evidence and trickery that surround both old and new legends and mysteries. Unlike authors who engage in hype and sensationalism in order to foster or debunk myths, Nickell approaches each case with a rational and scientific approach intended to find the truth. Occam’s Razor—all things being equal, the simplest solution is the best one—is a principal instrument in his investigative toolbox, as well as the belief that it is the claimant’s responsibility to provide the extraordinary proof required in such extraordinary cases. Adventures in Paranormal Investigation features Nickell’s on-site explorations in unusual phenomena. Among the forty unique cases, Nickell examines mysteries ranging from snake charmers who purport to hold influence over the reptiles, to the Holocaust victims who reportedly haunt a gas chamber in Dachau, to Lake Simcoe’s resident lake monster Igopogo in Canada. In addition to the case studies, Nickell analyzes how the propensity to fantasize can affect human perceptions of and belief in paranormal activity and how his personal experience with the paranormal was altered when intuition led to the discovery of a daughter he didn’t know existed. More than just another myth-busting text, Adventures in Paranormal Investigation brings together reason and scientific analyses to explain both the phenomena and the role of human perception therein, establishing Nickell as the foremost paranormal investigator of our time.

The Paranormal Research & Investigation HandBook

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The Paranormal Research & Investigation HandBook by Celia M.I Morgan Book Resume:

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In Search of the Paranormal

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In Search of the Paranormal by Richard Estep Book Resume:

From exploring the Tower of London to investigating a haunted Colorado firehouse, paranormal researcher Richard Estep takes you behind the scenes for an up-close-and-personal encounter with a fascinating legion of hauntings. This collection reveals some of the most chilling, captivating, and weird cases that Richard has investigated over the past twenty years, in England and in the United States. In Search of the Paranormal is filled with rich historical detail, present-day research, and compelling eyewitness accounts. You are there with the team at each haunted location: walking through a desecrated graveyard, shivering in a dark basement, getting thrown into The Clink, watching a “ghost-lit” stage in an old theater. Employing a variety of investigative methods—from high-tech gadgets to old-fashioned practices such as dowsing, table tipping, and Ouija boards—Richard Estep and his team uncover the dark mysteries of the paranormal realm. Praise: “This book is written from the heart. Believe in the paranormal or not, Richard Estep’s words ring out with sincerity and integrity.”—Patrick Burns, star of Haunting Evidence “Within these pages, you can join Richard on his ghostly adventures, from the UK to the US and experience with him what it’s like to be a Paranormal Investigator.”—Paul Bradford, star of Ghost Hunters International

The Psychology of Paranormal Belief

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The Psychology of Paranormal Belief by Harvey J. Irwin Book Resume:

This book, written by an internationally renowned researcher in the field, provides a thorough and systematic review of empirical investigations into the bases of belief in paranormal phenomena. Opening with a foreword by the highly respected researchers into paranormal belief Dr Caroline Watt and Professor Richard Wiseman, this book will be of particular interest to professional researchers and serious students of the subject, as well as to clinical psychologists and counsellors.

Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal

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Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal by Carl Gustav Jung,Roderick Main Book Resume:

Jung's lifelong interest in the paranormal contributed significantly to the development of his influential but controversial theory of synchronicity. In this volume Roderick Main brings together a selection of Jung's writings on topics from well-known and less accessible sources to explore the close relationship between them. In a searching introduction he addresses all the main aspects of synchronicity and clarifies the confusions and difficulties commonly experienced by readers interested in achieving a real understanding of what Jung had to say. This book provides an excellent companion to Jung's Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle (Routledge) and reveals the full extent and range of Jung's researches into a range of psychic phenomena which are still not yet adequately explained.

An Introduction to the Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience

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An Introduction to the Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience by Tony Jinks Book Resume:

When someone admits to a strange experience, such as witnessing an unidentified flying object, having telepathic hunches, or seeing angels or ghosts, listeners usually explain it away as mistaken perception, intoxication, ignorance, or even mental illness. Though these unsympathetic psychology-based explanations remain the most popular responses to claims of the supernatural, those who use them often have little understanding of what such dismissive “solutions” actually entail. This study offers a balanced and accessible analysis of various explanations for the paranormal. By providing insight into how these theories are applied, or misapplied, to inquiry into the paranormal, it clarifies the relationship between the field of psychology and the supernatural. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Scientifical Americans

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Scientifical Americans by Sharon A. Hill Book Resume:

In the 21st century, reality television and the Internet have fed public interest in ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology and other unusual phenomena. By 2010, roughly 2000 amateur research and investigation groups formed in the U.S.--ghost hunters, Bigfoot chasers and UFO researchers, using an array of (supposedly) scientific equipment and methods to prove the existence of the paranormal. American culture's honorific regard for science, coupled with the public's unfamiliarity with scientific methods, created a niche for self-styled paranormal experts to achieve national renown without scientific training or credentials. The author provides a comprehensive examination of the ideas, missions and methods promoted by these passionate amateurs.

Critical Reflections on the Paranormal

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Critical Reflections on the Paranormal by Michael F. Stoeber,Hugo Anthony Meynell Book Resume:

Collection of essays that clarifies and evaluates the various aspects of paranormal phenomena, including telepathy, psychokinesis, trance-mediumship, near-death experiences and past-life memories.

An Excursion Into the Paranormal

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An Excursion Into the Paranormal by George Karolyi Book Resume:

"Paranormal phenomena encompass all phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of currently prevailing scientific knowledge, but which nevertheless can be shown to exist to a high degree of probability by accepted scientific methodology, or which are frequently reported by numerous reliable observers in a consistent way. This book is not an attempt to describe paranormal phenomena in an all-inclusive or systematic way. Rather, the book is a description of the author's own selective venture into the field of the paranorma, and presents the quthor's own results in particular areas. Nevertheless, these areas cover a wide range of the overall field, and include topics such as the human aura, corona discharge photography, extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, survival related phenomena, correlations between bioelectric variables and parnormal abilities, and attempts to enhance paranormal abilities via biofeedback."--Publisher's description.

The Trickster and the Paranormal

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The Trickster and the Paranormal by George P. Hansen Book Resume:

Paranormal and supernatural events have been reported for millennia. They have fostered history’s most important cultural transformations (e.g., via the miracles of Moses, Jesus, Mohammed). Paranormal phenomena are frequently portrayed in the world’s greatest art and literature, as well as in popular TV shows and movies. Most adults in the U.S. believe in them. Yet they have a marginal place in modern culture. No university departments are devoted to studying psychic phenomena. In fact, a panoply of scientists now aggressively denounces them. These facts present a deeply puzzling situation. But they become coherent after pondering the trickster figure, an archaic being found worldwide in mythology and folklore. The trickster governs paradox and the irrational, but his messages are concealed. This book draws upon theories of the trickster from anthropology, folklore, sociology, semiotics, and literary criticism. It examines psychic phenomena and UFOs and explains why they are so problematical for science.

Authors of the Impossible

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Authors of the Impossible by Jeffrey J. Kripal Book Resume:

"This is a quietly earth-shattering project that constitutes a logical next step in the development of Jeffrey Kripal's thinking over the course of his career and grows directly out of Esalen. In Kripal we have a classic Romantic thinker/writer who is formulating---in a conscious meld of the subjective and objective that is the hallmark of Romantic writing---his own distinctive and highly original Biographia Spiritualis." Victoria Nelsoh, author of the Secret Life of Puppets --

The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal

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The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal by Lynne Kelly Book Resume:

A rational explanation of 27 paranormal phenomena - from walking over hot coals to spontaneous combustion - that appear to defy the laws of science.

Paranormal Bedfordshire

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Paranormal Bedfordshire by Damien O'Dell Book Resume:

The first book to explore, in depth, the complete range of paranormal phenomena reported throughout Bedfordshire in modern times.

Exploring the Occult and Paranormal in West Africa

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Exploring the Occult and Paranormal in West Africa by Josephat Obi Oguejiofor,Tobias Wendl Book Resume:

The point of departure for this book is a phenomenon which is often referred to as the "return of the religious," a recent but apparently ubiquitous phenomenon which does not fit the modernist axiom of secularization, neither in the "developed" nor the "developing" worlds. In Africa, the last two decades have witnessed a remarkable and steady increase in the spread and reinforcement of occult and paranormal phenomena. The reports on these developments are not restricted to specific countries or areas; they cover the whole continent and surface in the most diverse images, media, stories, and rumors. The credence accorded to them has become an important factor that shapes social relationships in everyday life, economic and political actions, medical decisions, and religious adherence. (Series: African Studies / Afrikanische Studien - Vol. 47)

The Paranormal

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The Paranormal by Hugh Montefiore Book Resume:

The paranormal concerns happenings and experiences which defy rational or scientific explanation. Most people believe that they occur, but scientists tend to dismiss them as superstition, and the churches seem frightened of them. Experienced author, Bishop Hugh Montefiore, makes here a serious study of this fascinating subject. Never averse to controversy, he is not afraid to take on Professor Richard Dawkins, the well-known populariser of the natural sciences, who dismisses the paranormal out of hand. Here the subject is dealt with in a balanced and reasonable fashion. He cites many cases, giving reasons for and against accepting them as paranormal. Suggesting criteria by which to judge them, he leaves readers to make up their own minds, until the last chapter, where he gives his own conclusions.He ranges more widely than previous books on the subject by including the paranormal in religion. In the first part, he examines alleged cases of telepathy, precognition, automatic writing, mediums, ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings, and even astrology. In the second part, he considers the paranormal in religion, including near death experiences, exorcism and reincarnation. In the third part, he examines specifically Christian experiences, including visions and the extraordinary experiences of mystics. He even suggests that the paranormal is to be found in the scriptures.This remarkable book, which includes interviews with those who have experienced the paranormal, should prove to be irresistible reading.