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Evolving Vegan

Evolving Vegan [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1982144572
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1182 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1650509


Evolving Vegan by Book Resume:

From actor and avid traveler Mena Massoud comes a collection of diverse, delicious, and accessible vegan recipes inspired from dishes all over the world, perfect for everyone at the table! It’s safe to say that veganism is no longer just a trend. Lifelong vegans, part-timers, and aspiring vegans are a diverse and eclectic group of people from all walks of life and backgrounds, and yet, there’s very little out there in mainstream media that reflects this new reality. The Evolving Vegan cookbook celebrates both flavors and stories from a wide array of plant-based eateries all across North America, proving that a plant-friendly diet is truly accessible to all! In this book you will meet Cyrus Ichiza from Ichiza Kitchen in Portland, whose Taiwanese mother inspired him to share his Southeast Asian roots through authentically flavorful vegan dishes. You’ll learn legendary behind-the-scenes secrets of San Francisco’s Peña Pachamama, a Bolivian plant-based restaurant that serves national dishes like pique macho and aji de fideo. And you can finally conquer veganism once and for all, without sacrificing the delicious flavors you love. Containing recipes from many different countries and cultures, and including helpful tips for lifelong and transitioning vegans alike, Evolving Vegan takes you on a food-based road trip to explore the vibrancy of veganism across North America.

California Cooking and Southern Style

California Cooking and Southern Style [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1510740503
Author: Frances Schultz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 809 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8854936


California Cooking and Southern Style by Frances Schultz Book Resume:

“This ode to combining Southern and Californian menus and hospitality calls to mind a Martha Stewart entertaining tome . . . a very personal ethos on the art of entertaining.” —Booklist Entertaining Secrets from an Accomplished Hostess and Down-to-Earth Southern Belle! Set on a ranch in the stunningly beautiful Southern California wine country, well-known writer and television personality Frances Schultz’s hospitality is no secret in Santa Barbara County and beyond. The cooking of chef and recipe creator Stephanie Valentine is acclaimed by all who’ve sampled it, including Martha Stewart and Julia Child. Frances invites us into her home, her heart, and a place at her beautiful table, and she shows us how she does it. Whether you're planning a simple picnic for two or a celebration dinner for twenty, California Cooking and Southern Style is the perfect cookbook and table-scape guide to have at your fingertips always. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients and tested by everyday home cooks, the recipes are tried, true, do-able, and delicious. The same goes for the beautiful and deceptively simple table settings. A unique, at-a-glance listing of eighteen menus is followed by chapters featuring each menu with recipes, table settings, and entertaining tales and tips. With a hundred-plus recipes and photographs, California Cooking and Southern Style will make your mouth water, your eyes dance, your guests grateful, and your heart happy.

Food That Grows

Food That Grows [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Tanda Cook, ND, and Sarah Marshall, ND
Publisher: Food That Grows
File Size: 797 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 198729


Food That Grows by Tanda Cook, ND, and Sarah Marshall, ND Book Resume:

Food That Grows bridges the gap from the farm to your table with simple, easy recipes to add health to your family and your life. It is the culmination of sixteen years of study, sixty-two years of collective experience, and a million years of evolution all combining together as your personal guide to health and healing. At the most basic, molecular level, we are literally what we eat. We cannot be any other. And so we invite you to embark on a great journey of exploration of what is in your refrigerator, on your plate, and thus in your body. You will discover that this story is about so much more than simply food—it is about being nourished from the inside out free of illness living a healthy life you love!

Goodbye Gluten

Goodbye Gluten [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1574415786
Author: Kim Stanford,Bill Backhaus
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
File Size: 945 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8887769


Goodbye Gluten by Kim Stanford,Bill Backhaus Book Resume:

There are many gluten-free cookbooks on the market, but none like Goodbye Gluten! Roughly one-third of people in the U.S. are either gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, and for these people, eating gluten can make them sick--very sick. The engaging team of Kim Stanford and Bill Backhaus represents both these audiences, and together they have developed over 200 flavorful and tempting recipes for all types of dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Goodbye Gluten is both a cookbook and shopping guide for people who do not want gluten in their diets and are tired of missing out on their favorite foods. In each recipe the authors use everyday brand names that can be found at your local grocery store, which means you no longer have to check labels to decipher if a product is gluten-free. Another appeal of the book is its use of Texas and Tex-Mex flavors to add a kick to what can be bland fare. Goodbye Gluten makes it easy to live the gluten-free lifestyle, because it is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. With 30 color photos of the completed dishes, even the most dedicated bread-lover will want to get into the kitchen and start cooking.

My Mexico

My Mexico [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0292754477
Author: Diana Kennedy
Publisher: University of Texas Press
File Size: 1680 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3190196


My Mexico by Diana Kennedy Book Resume:

By universal acclaim, Diana Kennedy is the world’s authority on the authentic cuisines of Mexico. For decades, she has traveled the length and breadth of the country, seeking out the home cooks, local ingredients, and traditional recipes that make Mexican cuisines some of the most varied and flavorful in the world. Kennedy has published eight classic Mexican cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-winning Oaxaca al Gusto. But her most personal book is My Mexico, a labor of love filled with more than three hundred recipes and stories that capture the essence of Mexican food culture as Kennedy has discovered and lived it. First published in 1998, My Mexico is now back in print with a fresh design and photographs—ready to lead a new generation of gastronomes on an unforgettable journey through the foods of this fascinating and complex country.

Fat is our Friend

Fat is our Friend [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1910077836
Author: Sammy Pepys
Publisher: eBook Partnership
File Size: 916 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7122943


Fat is our Friend by Sammy Pepys Book Resume:

'Fat is our Friend' will change the way you think about what you eat.Confused by the nutrition messages coming from governments and health bodies? Confused by the ever-changing advice from our daily newspapers? Join Sammy Pepys in his quest to discover what's really going on and what you can do to eat more healthily ... and lose weight. In that order.Back in 2012, Sammy Pepys just wanted to help his overweight sister-in-law, Katy, avoid a tummy tuck (bariatric surgery), knowing that all previous attempts at dieting had failed. So he developed a plan showing how best to go about things, which she then put into practice. It worked. And it was the first successful diet Katy had ever completed, achieving a 20 kilo weight loss and much-improved blood sugar levels along the way.Having an inquisitive mind, Sammy spent much of the next three years finding out just why Katy's dietary approach had been so successful and why more people are not eating this way. He learned that: We've effectively been brainwashed into thinking fats and oils are bad for us. Healthy fats such as butter, lard, coconut and olive oil facilitate the essential metabolic functions our bodies perform subconsciously day and night. An excess of sugar, refined flour, synthetic additives and those less-desirable vegetable seed oils - aka junk food - is progressively damaging our bodies.Katy's summary? 'Eat more real food, drop starches and sugar, and learn to love full-fat dairy products like cheeses and butter again to lose weight without feeling hungry. I feel energized.'

Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook

Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1449402135
Author: Sheri L. Wetherell,Barnaby Dorfman,Colin M. Saunders
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
File Size: 1883 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7748303


Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook by Sheri L. Wetherell,Barnaby Dorfman,Colin M. Saunders Book Resume:

As the first grassroots cookbook to emerge from social media, The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook features competition-tested recipes from foodie-favorite Web site Foodista.com. Foodista.com is the Web's premier source for collaborative cooking. The site's goal is to build the world's largest high-quality online cooking encyclopedia that offers followers everything from recipes to cooking instructions. Foodista.com bloggers worldwide were invited to submit their favorite blog posts, recipes, and photos to compete for a spot inside this cookbook. Winning entries were selected from all over the globe and include recipes such as Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone Calzone, Spiced Wine-Poached Persimmon, Prosciutto-Wrapped Broccolini with Basil Crisps, and Snickerdoodle Ice Cream. So, step away from the keyboard and open up The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook to explore the world of food that awaits.

The Paleo Cookbook

The Paleo Cookbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1628738324
Author: Anna Conrad
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1464 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5971585


The Paleo Cookbook by Anna Conrad Book Resume:

When chef and caterer Anna Conrad was asked to provide paleo recipes for a fitness group’s twenty-eight-day paleo challenge, she was a little skeptical. Could an athlete—or even an average person—really maintain a balanced body without any grains or dairy? Before agreeing to the job, she decided to follow the diet for two weeks to see how she felt. In that short amount of time, she lost eight pounds without feeling hungry or deprived, and her blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol all stayed within healthy limits. She gladly provided the recipes and now offers a paleo menu as a regular part of her catering business. In this book, Conrad explains the basics of the paleo diet and then provides ninety delicious recipes for every meal of the day, plus some snacks and desserts. She also includes the menu for her twenty-eight-day paleo challenge for those just starting the paleo lifestyle. Recipes include: Pumpkin spice muffins Basil pesto stir-fry Garlic lime chicken Pork tenderloin with apples and onions Bison chili Baked fish with asparagus and roasted beets Stuffed portobellos Lime coconut candy Blueberry citrus pound cake And many more!

Eat to Defeat Menopause

Eat to Defeat Menopause [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0738215104
Author: Karen Giblin,Mache Seibel
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
File Size: 686 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8405012


Eat to Defeat Menopause by Karen Giblin,Mache Seibel Book Resume:

Eat to Defeat Menopause combines easy-to-understand health information to combat the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause with delicious and healthy recipes from both the authors and some of America's top chefs. Along with practical advice, essential information on women's health, and a healthy dose of humor, Eat to Defeat Menopause offers dietary strategies to improve sleep, hot flashes, and other menopausal symptoms; key foods for health and wellness during menopause; information on soy foods--the perfect food for menopause; dietary guidelines and healthy weight tips and more.

Vegan Everything

Vegan Everything [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1615195890
Author: Nadine Horn,Jörg Mayer
Publisher: The Experiment
File Size: 1324 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4273670


Vegan Everything by Nadine Horn,Jörg Mayer Book Resume:

If you can crave it, you can cook it! 100 easy, eclectic recipes to feed you all day, every day Whatever you may be craving for dinner tonight—pizza, burgers, quesadillas, ramen, dumplings, curries, falafel, jambalaya—you can make—totally vegan, completely delicious, and faster than you’d have thought possible. But you won’t just find delectable dinners here. From breakfast to dessert, Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer have got you covered—from savory breakfast waffles to classic French toast, decadent mocha cupcakes to chocolatey brownies and beyond. Here are 100 vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods, plus fun new inventions and healthy options that are perfect for everyday eating: Quick meals: Coconut Farro, Bánh Mì Deluxe, Sesame Noodles Easy recipes: Speedy Ramen, Overnight Oats, Peanut Truffles Party hits: Ginger Nori Cakes, Antipasto Pizza Bites, Berry Cheesecake Exciting global fusions: Bavarian Samosas, Mexican Paella, Thai Tempura This is Vegan Everything—the only vegan cookbook you’ll ever need.

Great Food, All Day Long

Great Food, All Day Long [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0679604375
Author: Maya Angelou
Publisher: Random House
File Size: 1778 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7190340


Great Food, All Day Long by Maya Angelou Book Resume:

“At one time, I described myself as a cook, a driver, and a writer. I no longer drive, but I do still write and I do still cook. And having reached the delicious age of eighty-one, I realize that I have been feeding other people and eating for a long time. I have been cooking nearly all my life, so I have developed some philosophies.” Renowned and beloved author Maya Angelou returns to the kitchen—both hers and ours—with her second cookbook, filled with time-tested recipes and the intimate, autobiographical sketches of how they came to be. Inspired by Angelou’s own dramatic weight loss, the focus here is on good food, well-made and eaten in moderation. When preparing for a party, for example, Angelou says, “Remember, cooking large amounts of food does not mean that you are obligated to eat large portions.” When you create food that is full of flavor, you will find that you need less of it to feel satisfied, and you can use one dish to nourish yourself all day long. And oh, what food you will create! Savor recipes for Mixed-Up Tamale Pie, All Day and Night Cornbread, Sweet Potatoes McMillan, Braised Lamb with White Beans, and Pytt I Panna (Swedish hash.) All the delicious dishes here can be eaten in small portions, and many times a day. More important, they can be converted into other mouth-watering incarnations. So Crown Roast of Pork becomes Pork Tacos and Pork Fried Rice, while Roasted Chicken becomes Chicken Tetrazzini and Chicken Curry. And throughout, Maya Angelou’s rich and wise voice carries the food from written word to body-and-soul-enriching experience. Featuring gorgeous illustrations throughout and Angelou’s own tips and tricks on everything from portion control to timing a meal, Great Food, All Day Long is an essential reference for everyone who wants to eat better and smarter—and a delightful peek into the kitchen and the heart of a remarkable woman.

Cook It in Cast Iron

Cook It in Cast Iron [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1940352509
Author: Cook's Country
Publisher: America\'s Test Kitchen
File Size: 1006 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4117390


Cook It in Cast Iron by Cook's Country Book Resume:

Learn to cook it all in cast iron! The cast-iron skillet is a sturdy, versatile, traditional kitchen workhorse that 85% of us own but far fewer of us reach for daily, mostly because we have one or two recipes we use it for and otherwise it stays in the back of the cabinet. In this new cookbook, the editors of Cook's Country will show you everything you need to know about cast-iron cookware and the many (and often surprising) dishes you can cook and bake in this multitasker of a pan, from the classic dishes everyone knows and loves like steak, perfect fried eggs, and cornbread, to innovative and inspiring recipes like skillet apple pie, pizza, and cinnamon swirl bread. Learn about this cast iron's history and what makes it uniquely American and let us show you how to shop for, season, care for, and clean this perfect pan.

Backroads & Byways of Northern California: Drives, Day Trips and Weekend Excursions (Backroads & Byways)

Backroads & Byways of Northern California: Drives, Day Trips and Weekend Excursions (Backroads & Byways) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1581578040
Author: Michele Bigley
Publisher: The Countryman Press
File Size: 1709 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6489570


Backroads & Byways of Northern California: Drives, Day Trips and Weekend Excursions (Backroads & Byways) by Michele Bigley Book Resume:

Take to the road and explore the "other" Northern California, with its rugged beauty, small-town ambience, and, of course, all that wine. Covering not just Wine Country, Backroads & Byways of Northern California takes you places the other guides don’t know about. From her base in San Francisco, Michele Bigley has the inside knowledge of a local and the keen eye of a seasoned travel writer; she shows you the best spots and the best, most interesting routes to reach them. Each chapter’s itinerary is a new adventure. Take to the road and explore the other Northern California, with its rugged beauty, small-town ambience, and, of course, all that wine.

The Great Outdoorsman Cookbook

The Great Outdoorsman Cookbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1418573310
Author: Jimmy Holt,Vernon Summerlin
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
File Size: 753 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7968330


The Great Outdoorsman Cookbook by Jimmy Holt,Vernon Summerlin Book Resume:

After thirty years of hosting a hunting and fishing television show and writing outdoor stories, Jimmy Holt has teamed up with outdoor/travel writer and radio personality Vernon Summerlin to create The Great Outdoorsman Cookbook. Here readers will find hundreds of recipes for preparing fish, game, and companion dishes along with Jimmy's and Vernon's anecdotes and tips on fishing, hunting, and cooking. This cookbook features many special ways to prepare favorite fish and game, from smoking and grilling to cooking in old-fashioned Dutch ovens and modern ovens. There are recipes for fish and venison, "but," says Jimmy Holt, "we've included enough beaver, bear, quail, wild turkey, raccoon, and opossum recipes so that you can prepare these critters if you shoot or trap them." From soup to desserts and all the trimmings, here is the best cookbook from the best outdoor cooks around the nation.

A Guy's Guide to Great Eating

A Guy's Guide to Great Eating [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0547346700
Author: Don Mauer
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
File Size: 1163 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4064644


A Guy's Guide to Great Eating by Don Mauer Book Resume:

From the author of the spectacularly successful Lean and Lovin' It, a brawny collection of big-flavored, fat-reduced recipes for men who love to eat. A once overweight guy who never met a food he didn't love, Don Mauer learned the hard way that most low-fat cookbooks don't appeal to meat-and-potatoes taste buds and come with skimpy portions that may work for New York fashion models but leave men hungry. This cookbook is different, written for men by a real guy with a big appetite. The 175 easy-to-make recipes - Smokin' Chili Pepper Cheeseburgers, Seemingly Sinful Fat-Free Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Pie, Fresh Blueberry Cobbler - are based on Mauer's own favorites. The guy-sized portions get 20 percent or less of their calories from fat, and each recipe comes with a full nutritional analysis, including the amount of saturated fat. A Guy's Guide to Great Eating will end the arguments in the kitchen between men who insist on eating what they love and the people who love them.

The Olive Oil and Vinegar Lover's Cookbook

The Olive Oil and Vinegar Lover's Cookbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1771511370
Author: Emily Lycopolus
Publisher: TouchWood Editions
File Size: 1366 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9655006


The Olive Oil and Vinegar Lover's Cookbook by Emily Lycopolus Book Resume:

Second place winner of an Alcuin Soiciety Awards for Excellence in Book Design Inspiring recipes for the olive oil and vinegar aficionado in a gorgeously photographed book—these are the absolute best ways to elevate the flavour of your fare using fresh flavoured olive oils and white and dark balsamic vinegars. Have you recently become enamoured with fresh and flavoured extra-virgin olive oil, infused olive oil, and flavoured balsamic vinegars, only to take them home and wonder: what exactly do I do with them? These are simple but gratifying recipes that use 50 of the most popular and widely available olive oil and vinegar products to amplify the flavour in all kinds of dishes including appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, baked goods, and desserts. You’ll also find inspiration to expand your repertoire once you learn the basics of flavour pairing. With sections on ways to experiment with marinades, salad dressings, brines, and even cocktails, you’ll never run out of ways to use your favourite products. Every recipe is guaranteed to take your dish from ordinary to exceptional. The Olive Oil and Vinegar Lover’s Cookbook provides you with possibilities that are truly endless.

Vegan Diet Cookbook: Tasty Vegan Recipes, Great for the Vegetarian Diet

Vegan Diet Cookbook: Tasty Vegan Recipes, Great for the Vegetarian Diet [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1630227935
Author: Linda Stonefield
Publisher: Editorial Imagen LLC
File Size: 1053 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6317874


Vegan Diet Cookbook: Tasty Vegan Recipes, Great for the Vegetarian Diet by Linda Stonefield Book Resume:

Vegan Diet Cookbook: Tasty Vegan Recipes, Great for the Vegetarian Diet For those on the strict vegan diet it is difficult at times to find the right vegan diet recipes that are truly animal free. Being a vegan is the strictest of all vegetarians, meaning the only foods consumed are plant-based. Vegans even forgo dairy and eggs. Vegan diet books are important among this group, in helping to keep on their diets and in finding good recipes to keep them on away from animal-based foods. This vegan diet book contains recipes that are strictly for vegan diets. A word of caution, not all vegan diet food is animal-free. Never assume this, always read the ingredient list when purchasing prepared foods like breads, cereals and other similar foods. The vegan diet recipe will call for only wholesome plant-based ingredients and foods that are soy-based used for dairy and egg substitute. This is the best diet cookbook for an easy vegan diet. Recipes include foods for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks and desserts. Many of the recipes on the veganism diet are easily altered to your own tastes, substitute ingredients for others; try out different flavors and combinations. Cut the recipe in half to make less, or double it to make more. This vegan diet cookbook contains recipes for vegan burgers, pizza, tacos. There are soup and salad recipes that will go great as standalone meals or as good additions to larger meals. Vegan diets are highly nutritious using the best foods nature offers in the form of delicious vegetables and fruits and herbs and grains. These foods are high in vitamins and minerals, giving the body all the carbohydrates, fiber, and even protein needed to have a healthy immune system. Even when cooking from conventional recipes, there are substitutes for all the animal-based ingredients easily found in health food stores these days.

A Year Devoted to Exploring Our Great United States

A Year Devoted to Exploring Our Great United States [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1640278125
Author: James Angerman
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
File Size: 1317 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5418339


A Year Devoted to Exploring Our Great United States by James Angerman Book Resume:

How many times have you worked with or met then asked someone, “Have you been here or done this?” Many have said that they’ve lived all their lives where they were born, or only eighty miles away, have never seen the ocean! We decided, with no children, only our cat, to spend our savings to get in our VW camper van and see what the great outdoors of the United States have to offer. To our surprise, it was the opportunity of a lifetime! Each season and each state has history,

Cooking Season by Season

Cooking Season by Season [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1465405186
Author: DK
Publisher: Penguin
File Size: 1533 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 528994


Cooking Season by Season by DK Book Resume:

Both an exhaustive recipe resource and an authoritative produce guide in one, Cooking Season by Season will put you back in touch with the flavors of the season. Evidence of a turn to seasonality can be seen in the explosion of farmers' markets across the country, as people reconnect with what's grown, reared, or fished local to them. The number of farmers' markets in the US has grown from 1,755 in 1994 to 5,274 in 2009. With 1000 recipes organized by season, and "Season's Best" features highlighting which produce tastes amazing right now and how to make the most of it, Cooking Season by Season will be the kitchen companion you turn to 365 days of the year.

The Self-Care Cookbook

The Self-Care Cookbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1572848022
Author: Frank Ardito
Publisher: Agate Publishing
File Size: 952 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1713808


The Self-Care Cookbook by Frank Ardito Book Resume:

“A gem! In an insightful and meaningful way, Dr. Ardito perfectly combines cooking healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes with eating and wellness. Love it!” —Dr. Kim Rostello, exercise physiologist, Chicago Blackhawks The Self-Care Cookbook, written by health and wellness expert Dr. Frank Ardito, explores the intersection of cooking, eating, health, and wellness by offering 130 recipes designed to help you improve every aspect of your life. Ardito doesn’t believe in bad food, restrictions, or denial. True wellness—complete wellness—addresses both ends of the spectrum: fresh, light dishes that strengthen our bodies and wonderful indulgences that feed our souls. The first of its kind, The Self-Care Cookbook is divided into ten chapters, each of which focuses on one dimension of personal wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, environmental, intellectual, nutritional, protectoral, social, occupational, and financial. Each chapter includes thirteen recipes—from starters to mains to desserts—that support well-being through carefully selected ingredients and cooking methods. For example, the intellectual wellness chapter includes foods that improve cognition and kitchen techniques that challenge the brain. This book encourages you to prepare these recipes by yourself, for yourself, as a way to create a true sense of wholeness and satisfaction. A balanced life includes both celebratory and health-supportive foods, and this book helps you decide which you most want or need at any given moment. “Dr. Ardito’s book reminds us that cooking and nutrition is a fun and important part of total health, and it provides an easy to follow road map to help us feed and maintain all aspects wellness.” —Mike Gattone, MS, CSCS, senior international coach, USA Weightlifting