One Taste Of Angel

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One Taste of Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

One Taste of Angel by Violetta Rand Book Resume:

Their love was the stuff of Shakespeare - two star-crossed lovers from rival MC's, divided by their families' bloody history, but fate has given Eagle and Serafina a second chance. Can the biker and the stripper find their redemption in Violetta Rand's sexy standalone romance, One Taste of Angel? Eagle I’ve bled for my club. Taken four bullets. Buried eight brothers in six years. Screwed a hundred women. And only loved one. The one I lost. But there's something about Serafina that reminds me of just exactly what was taken from me. Not just because I can't resist a damsel in distress. Serafina To Eagle, I’m dead. Murdered and cremated, my ashes interred at the local cemetery. Part of a past I left long ago to save his life. Seeing him now, touching him again makes me weak, even if he doesn't recognize the woman I've become. Since my escape from Holly Beach five years ago, I’ve lived by my own rules. And no matter how much I love Eagle, he’s not going to break those rules. "Riveting, gritty cast of characters! I was captivated by this intimate glimpse into the volatile MC world. Violetta Rand's ability to portray the essence of true love is enjoyable. Great read!" -USA Today Bestselling Author D.L. Roan

A Taste of Heaven

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Heaven by Larry R. Dick Book Resume:

Does the Bible tell us specifically what heaven will be like? What will the new earth and the capital city, New Jerusalem, be like? Is heaven a real, physical place or just some kind of spiritual realm unlike anything on earth? What will people look like in heaven? What will we do forever and ever? Will there be buildings, families, nations in heaven? What language will we speak? Where is heaven? Will we see God there? Find answers to these and over 300 questions you've always wanted to ask about Heaven. This easy-to-read book is based on doctoral research, but written for the layman to present a Biblical picture of what life in eternity will be like. My hope is to bring new excitement and understanding to the average person in the pew, as well as to the Bible scholar. Perhaps it will even encourage those who do not believe everything in the Bible but do believe in a heaven. Yes, I believe the Bible tells us much about what Heaven will be like. Eden, the tabernacle, the promised land, the kingdom parables, the millennial kingdom, the church, all paint a picture of eternity. Many of the great themes and teachings of Scripture present, at the very least, a type or taste of what Heaven will be like. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things wich God hath prepared for the that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit" (1 Cor 2:9,10). Life is short and full of troubles. The good things of this world are so temporary. They are but a taste of better, eternal things to come. Only those things which last forever are real and worthwhile. But how can you look forward to something you know little about? I hope this book will fill in some of those blanks for you, encourage you to read God's Word, and give you a taste of heaven.

The Fragrance of Angels

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Fragrance of Angels by Martha Brookhart Halda Book Resume:

It happened in an instant: a car crash, thrown from the vehicle, pronounced clinically dead while lying on the road, rotors turned off the Life Flight helicopter—and then swept into eternity . . . only to return, after being pronounced dead three times, to a far different life. Welcome to The Fragrance of Angels, Martha Brookhart Halda’s memoir about time on the other side—and how and why she reshaped and developed a new purpose in life after it became more fraught with challenge after visiting heaven. The Fragrance of Angels distinguishes itself as a mother’s empowerment story, taking us from a parent’s greatest horror—dying while the kids are young—to a profound change in her approach to parenting and life. The former collegiate track, volleyball, and basketball player and mother discusses how she dealt with extensive rehabilitation, a difficult marriage, re-learning to walk and talk, returning to full-time motherhood, running the Dublin Marathon three years after her accident, striking out on her own, meeting new love, and finding new meaning in a world that never looked or felt the same to her again. Within her story is that of so many other women in the middle of their lives, yet infused with a sense of purpose and discovery borne by her time on the other side. The Fragrance of Angels is filled with a deep sense of love and challenge, physical beauty and emotional upheaval, frustration and triumph. Ultimately, it contains quite a surprise—the one Martha realized when she was in eternity.

The Heavenly Beings: The Angel of Death

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Heavenly Beings: The Angel of Death by Christine J. Ryan Book Resume:

Angela Constance Johannsen is eighteen-years-old, a senior in high school, and it would seem as if she has everything going for her. She’s smart, attractive, popular, and has a handsome boyfriend. But nothing lasts forever... her father begins drinking more and more, her boyfriend becomes cruel and controlling, and even her friends seem to be turning on her. Only two people are sticking by Angela’s side: her good friend Rebecca (a.k.a. Raz), and Andrew, who is really her guardian angel Andross in disguise. As her last year of high school unfolds, dark and bizarre things begin to happen in the world, and she begins to wonder why she has feelings for Andross and why he always has such a sad look in his eyes...

The Angel of the Revolution & The Syren of the Skies

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Angel of the Revolution & The Syren of the Skies by George Griffith Book Resume:

"The Angel of the Revolution" tells the tale of a group of self-styled 'terrorists' who conquer the world through airship warfare. Led by a crippled, brilliant Russian Jew and his daughter, the 'angel' Natasha, 'The Brotherhood of Freedom' establishes a 'pax aeronautica' over the earth after a young inventor masters the technology of flight in 1903. The hero falls in love with Natasha and joins in her war against established society in general and the Russian Czar in particular. "The Syren of the Skies" continues the tale of 'The Brotherhood of Freedom,' a worldwide brotherhood of anarchists fighting the world armed with fantastical airships. They must be quick in accomplishing their goals, as a dangerous comet is heading for the Earth.

Food That Comforts Body and Soul

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Food That Comforts Body and Soul by Sheila Bertram-Byrd Book Resume:

The devotions in this book are from the heart of a mother learning to live in the joy of the Lord in spite of her circumstances. Quiet time with the Father and creating comfort food in her kitchen have brought harmony to her life, while blessing others in the process. Time spent within the pages of this book can feed your soul as well as your body. Open the book, take a look; youre the cook! Bon appetit! A portion of the sale of this book will go to help support the efforts of Hope Again International. Hope Again is committed to ending the plague of human trafficking through awareness and support of the children it has touched. Wont you be a partner with us by logging on to and doing your part to educate those who remain silent? Let the branches of HOPE extend to those whose bark of innocence has been stripped away. I am hope. We are hope. Saving ourselves one child at a time.

A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul by Dr. Carol Kennedy Book Resume:

Do you like chocolate? Do you find it sweet, delicious and satisfying? Gods Word can be the same. Once it becomes part of your daily diet, you will hunger for it. Like chocolate, Gods Word is sweet, satisfying and delicious. Dr. Carol claims chocolate as her modern parable, and shows the reader how the Word sweetens relationships and calms situations. Find God at work in over 100 stories. Smile and cry at Thanks for the Soldiers. Feel your heart strings tugged while reading The Granmum Bag.

Living in the Realm of Miracles and Angel Encounters

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Living in the Realm of Miracles and Angel Encounters by Brigitte A. Murchison Book Resume:

Living In The Realm Of Miracles and Angel Encounters You will experience unbelievable, soul-stirring, miracles that will alter your reality of this world. Be prepared to be amazed and illuminated in these compelling and riveting true life stories of miracles and angel encounters, such as Louisiana author, Anne Butler, held in the arms of angels, premonition dream visions of: 9/11 disaster, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa's deaths, Space Shuttle Columbia's crash, and the Oklahoma City bombing. Firsthand accounts of miracles, such as: pets brought back to life, divine healings, lives saved, angels at a Joyce Meyer conference, angels saving author's life, Hurricane Katrina miracle, and many more incredible and inspiring stories of faith, proving the overpowering evidence of the existence of angels and miracles in our world today. Read this intriguing and inspirational book of astonishing faith filled stories where ordinary things may not be what they seem What a wonderful God we have - he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy, and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials. And why does he do this? So that when others are troubled, needing our sympathy and encouragement, we can pass onto them this same help and comfort God has given us 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5 (TLB)

Angel of the Knight

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Angel of the Knight by Diana Hall Book Resume:

'Twas a Hellish Match What else could Falke de Chretian call it when he was unwillingly betrothed to a woman of few attractions and many secrets? But the Lady Gwendolyn hid a golden self beneath a drab exterior, and is heart was soon divided 'twixt her and a nameless night angel—a woman both mysterious…and strangely familiar! Though dismissed as the homely "Lady Wren," Gwendolyn was the true guardian spirit of her rightful lands, ministering tot he sick and helping the needy. Yet her soul slumbered in silent loneliness, until awakened by the earthly charms of devilish Falke de Chretian.

Darien: Guardian Angel of Jesus

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Darien: Guardian Angel of Jesus by Roger Elwood Book Resume:

Originally introduced in Roger Elwood's Angelwalk, the angel Darien is given the great honor and daunting responsibility of acting as the guardian of Jesus. But when Jesus is crucified, he begins to doubt the Creator's plan. An intriguing novel to deepen our understanding of the life of Christ.

Unexpected Angel & Undercover Elf

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Unexpected Angel & Undercover Elf by Kate Hoffmann Book Resume:

One realistic department store Santa. Two genuine Christmas miracles. Who said Christmas was just for kids? Unexpected Angel by Kate Hoffmann Alex Marrin knows his seven-year-old son, Eric, wants a perfect Christmas— the way it used to be before the divorce. Heck, the kid's even put in an order with Santa! But when beautiful Christmas consultant Holly Bennett shows up on their doorstep, Alex can't help wondering if she's the answer to Eric's prayers—or his? Undercover Elf by Kate Hoffmann Aspiring reporter Claudia Moore is looking for her big break. And when she hears about a store Santa who really grants children's wishes, she thinks she's found it. Only, she never dreamed she have to go undercover—as an elf, of all things! And if that wasn't bad enough, she finds herself falling in love—with the very man she planned to expose….

Club Of Angels

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Club Of Angels by Luis Fernando Verissimo Book Resume:

With the knowledge that every mouthful may be your last comes a special flavor, an added piquancy, that is hard to resist. Not for nothing is gluttony a deadly sin. At first there were ten of them. Once the gilded youth of their city, they would meet each month to dine fabulously and celebrate their friendship and singularity. But 20 years on, the world is not as impressed with them as they anticipated. Indignant girlfriends, distrustful wives, bankruptcy, divorce and death have weakened their bond - until Daniel meets Lucidio. In his new friend Daniel thinks he has found the recipe to reinvigorate their meetings. Lucidio is mysteriously taciturn but in the privacy of Daniel's kitchen, his genius recreates their favourite dishes as a gastronomic experience like no other. One helping is never enough. Particularly for a group that have always wanted more ...

Guardian Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Guardian Angel by Roy E. Peterson Book Resume:

Guardian Angel is a kaleidoscope of vivid poetic imagery and begins with "To all the angels I have known and some I never knew a thousand pardons for the stress I must have put you through." Guardian Angels protect the good from bad consequences. LTC Roy Peterson is the embodiment of the renaissance soldier, statesman, and literary gentleman and harkens back to the likes of Poe and Longfellow, but with the romantic urges of Hemingway and Lord Byron.

I Rode on the Wings of an Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

I Rode on the Wings of an Angel by Maxwell Bennett Book Resume:

I Road on the Wings of an Angel a humorous like at the life of a person that was victimize by its Government sent to prison and how he survived. Youll see how Angels appeared, how they always seem to be at his side during every major event warding off what would other wise had been disaster situation. After being sentenced and leaving the Federal courtroom preparing to go to prison instead of being condemned by the angels, the angels comforted him. See how when in the prison system threats from fellow inmates threats from the correctional officers, the angels often stepped in to intervene? In I Road on the Wings of an Angel, I try to show the funny often-humorous innocent side of it all.

A Discourse on the Prospects of Letters and Taste in Virginia

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Discourse on the Prospects of Letters and Taste in Virginia by Jesse Burton Harrison Book Resume:

Download or read A Discourse on the Prospects of Letters and Taste in Virginia book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Wanton Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wanton Angel by Elizabeth Chadwick Book Resume:

Her beauty was intoxicating. Drunk on passion, in the midst of the burning town of Amnonville and among the flames eating away at the Fallen Angel brothel where he found her, Aaron Court mistakenly took Susanna’s innocence. When he discovered that she was not the Gold Rush’s newest lady for hire but the naive younger sister of the brothel’s owner, Court realized that he had a lot of explaining to do. But he could not forget her sizzling embrace, luscious lips, or burning passion. Although he was determined to save her reputation, Court could not resist her ever-present temptation.

Seraphim Trilogy Book One; What the Herald Angel Sang

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Seraphim Trilogy Book One; What the Herald Angel Sang by Teralee E. M. Bird Book Resume:

A group of nine people, family & stranger, are forced to hide to escape the evil hunting them, General Mikhael Malig. Lorraine MacKie, an expectant mother among them, has visions of the future. She has seen her unborn child will one day help to change the world. Born blind, Gideon is destined to help save humanity from forces that would lead every soul to the darkness they themselves are trapped within. As Gideon grows, he is shaped by the people around him, gaining understanding and appreciation of the weaknesses & strengths of those he loves. As an adult, he will meet the woman who with her own unique gift will give him the strength he needs to do what he must. This woman is Sera, a deaf half-human, half-angel, created in a government lab with seven others. First she must overcome her own disability before she can discover who and what she really is. When she finally does, she will go in search of Gideon, and complete the great task they were born to do.

Ten Days with an Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ten Days with an Angel by Michael Combs Book Resume:

"Ten Days with an Angel" is a personal account of a young, professional man whose shallow life is transformed after meeting an angel. While taking some time off from work, he is confronted by a man claiming to be an angel. Over the course of the next 10 days there are a series of bizarre "coincidences" with no logical explanation. Intrigued both by the days' events and the angel's uncanny insights and predictions, the author cannot help but follow along to see what's around the next corner. As the various events enfold, the angel shares his observations about mankind, causing the young man to question his own values and purpose in life. But the angel is full of profound answers and the incidents turn into a vehicle for change, not just for the man, but for all who experience the angel's unusual methods.

Ivy of the Angel

One Taste Of Angel [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ivy of the Angel by Lena Kennedy Book Resume:

Encounter a wealth of lively characters and true-to-life situation in this collection of vivid and compelling stories. Ivy of the Angel reveals why an elderly bag lady becomes the centre of attention in an Oxford Street store. Dive into a tale of thwarted love in London's East End in The Lonely Road And see how the smooth surface of a buried past can be disrupted by the intrusions of the present. The Willows Wept With Me, Linda's Revenge and The Long Dream With the freshness and directness that have become her hallmark, Lena Kennedy explores the enduring power of love, the triumph of hope over adversity, the problems of illness and prejudice, and the quirky kindness of fate. ************** What readers are saying about IVY OF THE ANGEL: AND OTHER STORIES 'Couldn't put it down' - 5 STARS 'A great writer' - 5 STARS 'A very enjoyable read' - 5 STARS 'A brilliant book' - 5 STARS 'A really good read by one of my favourite authors' - 5 STARS