One Taste Just Ain T Enough

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One Taste Just Ain't Enough

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

One Taste Just Ain't Enough by Chase Monet Book Resume:

Kendrick leads the playboy lifestyle to the fullest. His photography career puts him in constant contact with models, actresses and other female entertainers. He is the polar opposite of his brother Andre who is a one woman man. When Andre gets engaged to Jasleen Porter, Kendrick is totally against it. In his eyes, she is all wrong for his brother. The more time he spends with Jasleen however, he begins to fall for her in the worst way. So much so that he tries to undermine her relationship with his brother in an attempt to steal her away. It works, but only temporarily. Once Jasleen finds out the things that Kendrick has done to keep her and Andre apart, she becomes vindictive and seeks to settle the score. She continues to send mixed signals to Kendrick however. A night of passion between them leads Kendrick to believe that he has finally won her heart. When he learns that the wedding is still on, he is devastated. Standing at the altar with his brother, he has to make a decision. Will he defer to his brother's happiness or will he stop the wedding and declare his love for Jasleen?

One Taste of Scandal

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

One Taste of Scandal by Heather Hiestand Book Resume:

A cup of sugar. . .a dash of cream. . ..and a craving for a cake decorator that won't be denied. . . When Captain Judah Shield learns he is more bastard than noble born, he goes in search of his true lineage. Determined not to lean on his family's wealth, he accepts a job managing Redcake's Tea Shop. Despite the flurry of excitement a single soldier creates among the staff, Judah clearly has no time for a wife. Though what man doesn't have time for a delectable beauty like lovely Magdalene Cross?. . . He has the bearing of an English gentleman and the fiery touch of a true rake. Which is precisely why Magdalene must avoid Judah if she hopes to escape her family's reputation for scandal. Surely no good can come from a man whose kiss leaves her hungry for more. Certainly not the kind of marriage that could restore her social status. Still, Magdalene cannot help imagining what an incredible wedding night it would be—and when fate steps in, she may not have to imagine after all. . . "One Taste of Scandal is a delicious, multi-layered Victorian treat." --Gina Robinson, author of The Last Honest Seamstress and the Agent Ex series 89,400 Words

Something Just Ain't Right

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Something Just Ain't Right by Kai L. Christian Book Resume:

"When Alexander Gray meets Mia Price, the southern belle of his dreams, he must decide which fate would wound him more: being spurned or being burned? He screws up his courage long enough to ask her out, and they realize that perhaps they are meant to build a life together after all. That path will not be a smooth one for either, but now, as a couple, they must face their choices together"--P. [4] of cover.

Restaurant to Another World (Light Novel) Vol. 3

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Restaurant to Another World (Light Novel) Vol. 3 by Junpei Inuzuka Book Resume:

Behind a magical door that connects our world to another is a strange little restaurant known as "Western Cuisine Nekoya," which serves up an array of delicious dishes. But which is the tastiest of them all? The debate has raged for thirty years without consensus, and continues to do so as the bell rings each Saturday and the customers flood in.

Tomorrow's Sun

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Tomorrow's Sun by Sharia Kharif Book Resume:

Sometimes, the memories are too much to bear and the nightmares seem to take over, but Nawe will do anything to leave her demons behind. All she wants is to be free from her past, to love and be loved unconditionally. After witnessing his brother's death, Rashid breaks away from the life of brutality that promises to destroy everything. He tries to stay clean, if not for himself then for the woman he loves...but the past has a way of sneaking up on you. Nawe's nightmares become reality, and Rashid can't resist one last hustle...a hustle that isn't going according to plan. Now that lives are in danger, the two must decide how to continue. Will they let the past dictate how they love? Or, will love be their guide?

The Taste of Champagne Urge

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Taste of Champagne Urge by Lyndon Walters Book Resume:

“... it will be a ‘Number 1 Book Seller’ around the world” -Dawn Gobourne- Librarian, Marcus Garvey Library, London “The Taste of Champagne Urge by Lyndon Walters . . . needs to be given credit for attempting an unusual concept . . . The central plot is dreamt up by two brains. . . The identity of the person in whose head the two brains reside, is a mystery almost till the very end of the novel .The author’s aim with this book is to analyze human behavior . . . definitely worth a read and I would recommend it to all readers”. -Online Book Club “What a fantastic work by Lyndon Walters! I do honestly believe that this huge piece of writing would be turned to a futuristic movie series . . . put together in one of the clearest contrast of writing in relating complex ideas and stories . . . what a perfect way to narrate a story about Man, Love, Relationship, Politics and Ruler- ship in a dramatic and futuristic symbolism”. -Godson Azu - Writer and Commentator, BenTV/Freevoiceradio London “Lyndon Walters debut novel is an unputdownable epic of gargamtuan proportions literally and literarily . . . a plot and diversions that take you on a rollercoaster of a narrative that is relentless in its grip . . . To capture what its all about in a précis would be like unlocking the secret of the universe in a sentence . . . Cannot recommend it enough”. -Dotun Adebayo BBC Radio “The author effectively creates an alternate reality and through it challenges the audience to explore the things they often take for granted . . . he cleverly creates a complex and complicated narrative and elevates the genre into one that will resonate with audiences of all stripes . . . several similar books have been adapted and produced into films to both critical and financial successes including The Matrix and Cloud Atlas . . . audiences around the world will one day enjoy The Taste of Champagne Urge”. -Lawrence Koster – Hollywood Treatment Film Screen Writer

The River Keeper

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The River Keeper by Sarah Martin Byrd Book Resume:

Callie Mae McCauley knows a girl’s got to be leathery, or she’ll be tore to pieces by the weight of all her troubles and trials . . . The tragedy Callie endures will forever change her simple, yet full life in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Orphaned at age eight, she must move to her Granny Jane’s, where she soon realizes the shock of what she’s seen has stolen her voice. A new neighbor and Granny Jane’s swarm of honeybees help Callie find her tongue. She soon discovers that, although Chloe Combs may be peculiar, Miss Chloe may be her only friend when her uncles come to claim their share of Granny Jane’s land that straddles the New River. Her uncles have a plan, and they won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way, certainly not their niece Callie. When Callie ends up in an orphanage, she knows a mountain girl can’t be held inside walls of plaster and wood. A mountain girl’s got to feel the earth beneath her feet and listen as the river makes sweet music in her ears. But time is running out for Callie to save the New River—her river—from her greedy uncles’ plan.

When Justice Come A-Callin'

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

When Justice Come A-Callin' by Sharia Kharif Book Resume:

An aging griot spins stories filled with gossiping hens and troublemaking 'possums, a blues-crooning rooster and preaching peacock, freed Tennessee slaves and singing catfish. Every captivating tale tells a story of survival, hope, and American Black History. These unmistakably Southern folktales will hook you with their vibrant characters and bold illustrations.

The Essential Rock Discography

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Essential Rock Discography by Martin Charles Strong Book Resume:

Covers British and American artists and groups, including a biography or history and chronological discographical listings in each entry.

The Complete Library of American Phonograph Recordings

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Library of American Phonograph Recordings by Jerry Osborne Book Resume:

The complete library... is the first attempt... to provide the reader with a year-by-year compilation of every known record release, of every possible type, by every conceivable record label.

The Great Rock Discography

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Great Rock Discography by Martin Charles Strong Book Resume:

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The Complex Chronicles

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complex Chronicles by Sherry Matulis Book Resume:

By the spring of 2069, the last of the twenty-four Central Care Complexes had been completed. Scattered throughout that part of North America formerly known as the United States, each Complex occupied a large, highly-fortified section of what once had been a major metropolis; and all, contrary to their euphemistic names, had been established to serve but one purposethat of protecting those despots whose former political, bureaucratic and religious hide-outs could no longer be secured from the mad masses they had created. Each Complex was populated by a Director, several Deputy Directors and Charges, and as many captive Members as were able to survive the twenty hour work shifts, starvation rations and increasingly insane dictates of their overlords. Any infraction of any of the innumerable rules could meet, at the Directors discretion, with a sentence of injection or expulsion. Conditioned to fear the latter above all else, Members, given the choice, nearly always opted for a quick, relatively painless death within familiar confines, as opposed to the dreaded Outside. The compulsory indoctrination sessions which occupied most of the waking hours of the young were devoted, primarily, to demonizing human sexuality. Within the Complex, Members were forbidden to have sex with other humans, but were required to have sex, at specific intervals, with a machine--:the Master-Bator. And not too secondarily, the sessions were given to exaggerating conditions on the Outside that needed no exaggeration. Assured daily that there was no hope of survival outside the walls of the Complex, warned of the myriad tortures that would precede being eaten alive, with but a rare maverick exception, the Members docilely complied with all the Directives they could remember and settled into the weary, hungry, hobbled existence of being privileged to be enslaved. THE COMPLEX CHRONICLES, set in a not too distant future, is a Libertarians satirical dystopian extrapolation on present day society. Richard Condon said: The job of satire is to frighten and enlighten. The writer hopes she has done her job well and makes no apologies for the brutal nature of the book, except to say that she has never learned how to make future shining cities on a hill out of present dung-heaps.

Making Sense of Taste

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Making Sense of Taste by Carolyn Korsmeyer Book Resume:

Taste, perhaps the most intimate of the five senses, has traditionally been considered beneath the concern of philosophy, too bound to the body, too personal and idiosyncratic. Yet, in addition to providing physical pleasure, eating and drinking bear symbolic and aesthetic value in human experience, and they continually inspire writers and artists. Carolyn Korsmeyer explains how taste came to occupy so low a place in the hierarchy of senses and why it is deserving of greater philosophical respect and attention. Korsmeyer begins with the Greek thinkers who classified taste as an inferior, bodily sense; she then traces the parallels between notions of aesthetic and gustatory taste that were explored in the formation of modern aesthetic theories. She presents scientific views of how taste actually works and identifies multiple components of taste experiences. Turning to taste's objects—food and drink—she looks at the different meanings they convey in art and literature as well as in ordinary human life and proposes an approach to the aesthetic value of taste that recognizes the representational and expressive roles of food. Korsmeyer's consideration of art encompasses works that employ food in contexts sacred and profane, that seek to whet the appetite and to keep it at bay; her selection of literary vignettes ranges from narratives of macabre devouring to stories of communities forged by shared eating.

This Hungry World

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

This Hungry World by Elizabeth S. Helfman Book Resume:

Discusses the world-wide problem of food supply and some of the ways being tested to increase the quantity and quality of available food.

Agricultural Statistical Summary

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Agricultural Statistical Summary by Florida. Marketing Bureau Book Resume:

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Twisted Trail

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Twisted Trail by C.R. Monroe Book Resume:

He was a half-breed, one-of-a-kind, Texas Ranger, but he didnt know it. Suffering from a head wound he had lost all memory of who or what he was. Found bleeding and half dead by hands from the Box Bar B, they had taken him to the ranch and in time his body healed, but not his mind. Searching for his identity, he followed clues that lead him up into the Northwest Territories, home of the Arapaho and Sioux Nations, where tensions were high. The Nations were gearing up to defend their homes and their way of life. Ex-soldiers, refugees from the Civil War, having their lives torn apart with nothing left, were migrating west looking for opportunities. One opportunity took the form of attempting to seize a ranch that lay within the Nations hunting ground, unawares of old standing treaties. Bank robbers out of Texas and on the run, were having serious moral conflicts and had chosen sides. This volatile mix of conflicting emotions, fear, greed, and opposing forces was what this young man, who didnt even know his own name, but remembered the name of his horse Jinx, was

Uncollected stories of William Faulkner

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Uncollected stories of William Faulkner by Noel Polk,John D. Hart,William Faulkner Book Resume:

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Hadrian's Walls

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Hadrian's Walls by Robert Draper Book Resume:

The lifelong friendship between the two most famous citizens of Shepherdsville, East Texas--Sonny Hope, director of the local penitentiary, and Hadrian Coleman, the prison's most celebrated convict--is forever altered when Hadrian receives a governor's pardon, thanks to Sonny. 60,000 first printing. Tour.

Mortal Jigsaw Puzzle

One Taste Just Ain T Enough [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mortal Jigsaw Puzzle by Grieving Patriot Book Resume:

The Mortal Jigsaw puzzle follows the struggles of a heroic urban vice principal, as he attempts to control a large high school teetering on the verge of chaos. During the course of an infamous day known as Fat Lip Friday, the ghetto principal tries valiantly to keep control of his school in the midst of a full blown gang war. Immersed in an environment replete with urban music, violence, verbiage, and dress, the reader is bombarded with shocking images of life in the modern hood. As the visceral educational conflagration unfolds, the protagonist, Jose Perez, unexpectedly catches glimpses of a diabolical conspiracy of which street gangs are just a small part. Thanks to his keen senses, Mr. Perez slowly collects the pieces to a profoundly disturbing global puzzle comprised of codes, lyrics, art, and symbols of Egyptian, Masonic, and satanic origin. While attempting to place the gratuitous carnage and depravity of the inner city into perspective, Mr. Perez accidentally stumbles upon an interdisciplinary mind control plan which draws upon religion, politics, economics, psychology, marketing, history, and the occult. Alarmed by his findings, Mr. Perez warns his community of their pending doom, only to be hunted down by the very debt cattle whom he tries to save from oblivion. In the end, both his community and his nation are condemned to fall under this nefarious plot, as this educators quixotic mission abruptly ends with an ominous knock on his front door.