Narrating Indigenous Modernities

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Narrating Indigenous Modernities

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Narrating Indigenous Modernities by Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu Book Resume:

"The Maori of New Zealand, a nation that quietly prides itself on its pioneering egalitarianism, have had to assert their indigenous rights against the demographic, institutional, and cultural dominance of Pakeha and other immigrant minorities - European, Asian, and Polynesian - in a postcolonial society characterized by neocolonial structures of barely acknowledged inequality. While Maori writing reverberates with this struggle, literary identity discourse goes beyond any fallacious dualism of white/brown, colonizer/colonized, or modern/traditional. In a rapidly altering context of globality, such essentialism fails to account for the diverse expressions of Maori identities negotiated across multiple categories of culture, ethnicity, class, and gender. Narrating Indigenous Modernities recognizes the need to place Maori literature within a broader framework that explores the complex relationship between indigenous culture, globalization, and modernity. This study introduces a transcultural methodology for the analysis of contemporary Maori fiction, where articulations of indigeneity acknowledge cross-cultural blending and the transgression of cultural boundaries. Thus, Narrating Indigenous Modernities charts the proposition that Maori writing has acquired a fresh, transcultural quality, giving voice to both new and recuperated forms of indigeneity, tribal community, and Maoritanga (Maoridom) that generate modern indigeneities which defy any essentialist homogenization of cultural difference. Maori literature becomes, at the same time, both witness to globalized processes of radical modernity and medium for the negotiation and articulation of such structural transformations in Maoritanga."--Publisher's description.

Recovering Lost Footprints, Volume 1

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Recovering Lost Footprints, Volume 1 by Arturo Arias Book Resume:

Analyzes contemporary Maya narratives. Recovering Lost Footprints is the first full-length critical study to analyze Latin American Indigenous literary narratives in a systematic manner. In the book, Arturo Arias looks at Maya narratives in Guatemala. The study of these works is intended to spark changes so that constitutions recognize these cultures, their rights, their languages, their centers of worship, and their cosmologies. Through this study, Arias problematizes the partial or full omission of Latin America’s original inhabitants from recognized citizenry. This book analyzes these elements of exclusion in the novelistic output of three salient figures, Luis de Lión, Gaspar Pedro González, and Víctor Montejo. The works by these writers offer evidence that most native people have entered modernity without renouncing their respective cultures or the specifics of their singular identities. The philosophical ethics elaborated in the texts, such as respect for nature and recognition of the holistic value of natural beings, enable non-Indigenous readers to both understand and relate to these values.

Transcultural English Studies

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Transcultural English Studies by Frank Schulze-Engler,Sissy Helff Book Resume:

What is most strikingly new about the transcultural is its sudden ubiquity. Following in the wake of previous concepts in cultural and literary studies such as creolization, hybridity, and syncretism, and signalling a family relationship to terms such as transnationality, translocality, and transmigration, 'transcultural' terminology has unobtrusively but powerfully edged its way into contemporary theoretical and critical discourse. The four sections of this volume denote major areas where 'transcultural' questions and problematics have come to the fore: theories of culture and literature that have sought to account for the complexity of culture in a world increasingly characterized by globalization, transnationalization, and interdependence; realities of individual and collective life-worlds shaped by the ubiquity of phenomena and experiences relating to transnational connections and the blurring of cultural boundaries; fictions in literature and other media that explore these realities, negotiate the fuzzy edges of 'ethnic' or 'national' cultures, and participate in the creation of transnational public spheres as well as transcultural imaginations and memories; and, finally, pedagogy and didactics, where earlier models of teaching 'other' cultures are faced with the challenge of coming to terms with cultural complexity both in what is being taught and in the people it is taught to, and where 'target cultures' have become elusive. The idea of 'locating' culture and literature exclusively in the context of ethnicities or nations is rapidly losing plausibility throughout an 'English-speaking world' that has long since been multi- rather than monolingual. Exploring the prospects and contours of 'Transcultural English Studies' thus reflects a set of common challenges and predicaments that in recent years have increasingly moved centre stage not only in the New Literatures in English, but also in British and American studies.

Word & Image in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Word & Image in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures by Michael Meyer Book Resume:

Verbal imagery and visual images as well as the intricate relationships between verbal and visual representations have long shaped the imagination and the practice of intercultural relationships. The contributions to this volume take a fresh look at the ideology of form, especially the gendered and racial implications of the gaze and the voice in various media and intermedial transformations. Analyses of how culturally specific forms of visual and verbal expression are individually understood and manipulated complement reflections on the potential and limitations of representation. The juxtaposition of visual and verbal signifiers explores the gap between them as a space beyond cultural boundaries.Topics treated include: Caliban; English satirical iconotexts; Oriental travel writing and illustration; expatriate description and picturesque illustration of Edinburgh; ethnographic film; African studio photography; South African cartoons; imagery, ekphrasis, and race in South African art and fiction; face and visuality, representation and memory in Asian fiction; Bollywood; Asian historical film; Asian-British pop music; Australian landscape in painting and fiction; indigenous children's fiction from Aotearoa New Zealand, Canada, and the USA; Canadian photography; Native Americans in film.Writers and artists discussed include: Philip Kwame Apagya; the Asian Dub Foundation; Breyten Breytenbach; Richard Burton; Peter Carey; Gurinder Chadha; Daniel Chodowiecki; J.M. Coetzee; Ashutosh Gowariker; Patricia Grace; W. Greatbatch; Hogarth; Francis K. Honny; Jim Jarmusch; Robyn Kahukiwa; Seydou Keita; Thomas King; Vladyana Krykorka; Alfred Kubin; Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak; Kathleen and Michael Lacapa; László Lakner; George Littlechild; Ken Lum; Franz Marc; Zakes Mda; Ketan Mehta; M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam); Timothy Mo; William Kent Monkman; Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; John Hamilton Mortimer; Sidney Nolan; Jean Rouch; Salman Rushdie; William Shakespeare; Robert Louis Stevenson; Richard Van C& Zapiro.

Indigenous Modernities

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Indigenous Modernities by Jyoti Hosagrahar Book Resume:

Challenging conventional and Western approaches to Urbanism, this book examines the case of Delhi and how it has evolved from a traditional to a modern city, whilst asking what these terms mean in the context of the built environment.

Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review by N.A Book Resume:

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Alter/native Modernities

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Alter/native Modernities by Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar Book Resume:

To think in terms of "alternative modernities" is to admit that modernity is inescapable and to desist from speculations about modernityʹs end. Modernity today is global and multiple and no longer has a Western "governing center" to accompany it. The essays in this collection, therefore, approach the dilemmas of modernity from transnational and transcultural perspectives. The idea of "alternative modernities" holds that modernity always unfolds within specific cultures or civilizations and that different starting points of the transition to modernity lead to different outcomes. Without abandoning the Western discourse on the subject, the contributors to this volume write from the standpoint that modernity is in truth a richly mulitiplicitous concept. Believing that the language and lessons of Western modernity must be submitted to comparative study of its global receptions, they focus on such sites as China, Russia, India, Trinidad, and Mexico. Other essays treat more theoretical aspects of modernity, such as its self-understanding and the potential reconcilability of cosmopolitanism and diversity. -- Description from (Feb. 15, 2012).

Narrating Architecture

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Narrating Architecture by James Madge,Andrew Peckham Book Resume:

This anthology brings together the best and most interesting papers from the first ten years of The Journal of Architecture, published together for the first time in a single volume. Covering a wide range of topics of central importance to architecture today, the papers also address the related topics to which architecture and architectural studies are inextricably linked. The invited authors draw on sociology, philosophy, cultural studies and the sciences to round out the collection and highlight the breadth and vitality of modern architectural studies, offering perspectives from different disciplines as well as different corners of the globe.

Modernity and Malaysia

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Modernity and Malaysia by Alberto Gomes Book Resume:

Bringing together over thirty years of detailed ethnographic research on the Menraq of Malaysia, this fascinating book analyzes and documents the experience of development and modernization in tribal communities. Descendents of hunter-gatherers who have inhabited Southeast Asia for about 40,000 years, the Menraq (also known as Semang or Negritos) were nomadic foragers until they were resettled in a Malaysian government-mandated settlement in 1972. Modernity and Malaysia begins with the ‘Jeli Incident’ in which several Menraq were alleged to have killed three Malays, members of the dominant ethnic group in the country. Alberto Gomes links this uncharacteristic violence to Menraq experiences of Malaysian-style modernity that have left them displaced, depressed, discontented, and disillusioned. Tracing the transformation of the lives of Menraq resulting from resettlement, development, and various ‘civilizing projects’, this book examines how the encounter with modernity has led the subsistence-oriented, relatively autonomous Menraq into a life of dependence on the state and the market. Challenging conventional social scientific understanding of concepts such as modernity and marginalization, and providing empirical material for comparison with the experience of modernity for indigenous peoples around the world, Modernity and Malaysia is a valuable resource for students and scholars of anthropology, development studies and indigenous studies, as well as those with a more general interest in asian studies.

Cruel Modernity

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cruel Modernity by Jean Franco Book Resume:

Analyzing the conditions under which dehumanizing cruelty came to be used by states and rogue groups in Latin America, Jean Franco argues that acts of extreme cruelty and the ways they are rationalized are defining features of modernity.

Opera Indigene: Re/presenting First Nations and Indigenous Cultures

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Opera Indigene: Re/presenting First Nations and Indigenous Cultures by Dr Dylan Robinson,Dr Pamela Karantonis Book Resume:

The representation of non-Western cultures in opera has long been a focus of critical inquiry. Within this field, the diverse relationships between opera and First Nations and Indigenous cultures, however, have received far less attention. Opera Indigene takes this subject as its focus, addressing the changing historical depictions of Indigenous cultures in opera and the more contemporary practices of Indigenous and First Nations artists. The use of 're/presenting' in the title signals an important distinction between how representations of Indigenous identity have been constructed in operatic history and how Indigenous artists have more recently utilized opera as an interface to present and develop their cultural practices. This volume explores how operas on Indigenous subjects reflect the evolving relationships between Indigenous peoples, the colonizing forces of imperial power, and forms of internal colonization in developing nation-states. Drawing upon postcolonial theory, ethnomusicology, cultural geography and critical discourses on nationalism and multiculturalism, the collection brings together experts on opera and music in Canada, the Americas and Australia in a stimulating comparative study of operatic re/presentation.

Queen of Beauty

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Queen of Beauty by Paula Morris Book Resume:

Spanning three generations of a large Pakeha/Maori family in a narrative that skilfully handles interwoven stories and multiple voices, Queen of Beauty explores the fragility of truth, the elusiveness of the past, and the transcendent power of love. Virginia Seton lives in rainy, seedy New Orleans, working as a researcher for a historical novelist with a 'strip-mined' imagination. On a brief trip back to New Zealand for her sister's wedding, Virginia is drawn into the family secrets, lies and tensions of both the past and the present.

Malaysia, Modernity and the Multimedia Super Corridor

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Malaysia, Modernity and the Multimedia Super Corridor by Tim Bunnell Book Resume:

Based on fieldwork in Malaysia, this book provides a critical examination of the country's main urban region. The study first provides a theoretical reworking of geographies of modernity and details the emergence of a globally-oriented, 'high-tech' stage of national development. The Multimedia Super Corridor is framed in terms of a political vision of a 'fully developed' Malaysia before the author traces an imagined trajectory through surrounding landscapes in the late 1990s. As the first book length academic analysis of the development of Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan Area and the construction of the Multimedia Super Corridor, this work offers a situated, contextual account which will appeal to all those with research interests in Asian Urban Studies and Asian Sociology.

Die Vermessung der Globalisierung

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Die Vermessung der Globalisierung by Mita Banerjee Book Resume:

To read the foundational texts of the American Renaissance as well as other canonical nineteenth-century texts as instances of "literary minstrelsy" may at first seem counterintuitive not only in the apparent confounding of popular and literary cultures, but also in the relative significance such a reading would accord to the ethnic difference portrayed in these narratives. Yet, such a reversal of perspective is precisely what this book suggests. Are the strolling Indian in Thoreau's Walden, the Native physician in The Scarlet Letter, or the unkempt Mexican girl in Kate Chopin's The Awakening, really only incidental to these literary narratives? Proposing the concept of "ethnic ventriloquism," this study argues that the commitment of nineteenth-century America to democratic self-renewal may be much more indebted to ethnic sources than it would at first appear. America's pledge to democracy may in fact be an instance of a white subject speaking in an ethnic voice, a literary instance of brownface, redface, yellowface, or blackface. The aim of this re-reading of nineteenth-century American literature is to recover the referent of such ethnic ventriloquism, to imagine the moment where the "real" owner of the ethnic voice appears alongside the white ventriloquist to contemplate the logic of national self-definition of which he may not only be the source, but - in a reversal of roles between ventriloquist and ventriloquist's dummy - the mastermind.

Intimate Indigeneities

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Intimate Indigeneities by Andrew Canessa Book Resume:

Analyzing the nuances of identity formation in rural Andean culture, Andrew Canessa draws on two decades of ethnographic research in a remote indigenous community in Bolivia's highlands.

Boundary Writing

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Boundary Writing by Lynette Russell Book Resume:

Have globalization and the emergence of virtual cultures reduced cultural diversity? Will the world become homogenized or Americanized? This work demonstrates that this oversimplification denies the reality that there is greater space for cultural diversity.

Native and National in Brazil

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Native and National in Brazil by Tracy Devine Guzmán Book Resume:

How do the lives of indigenous peoples relate to the romanticized role of "Indians" in Brazilian history, politics, and cultural production? Native and National in Brazil charts this enigmatic relationship from the sixteenth century to the present, focusing on the consolidation of the dominant national imaginary in the postindependence period and highlighting Native peoples' ongoing work to decolonize it. Engaging issues ranging from sovereignty, citizenship, and national security to the revolutionary potential of art, sustainable development, and the gendering of ethnic differences, Tracy Devine Guzman argues that the tensions between popular renderings of "Indianness" and lived indigenous experience are critical to the unfolding of Brazilian nationalism, on the one hand, and the growth of the Brazilian indigenous movement, on the other. Devine Guzman suggests that the "indigenous question" now posed by Brazilian indigenous peoples themselves--how to be Native and national at the same time--can help us to rethink national belonging in accordance with the protection of human rights, the promotion of social justice, and the consolidation of democratic governance for indigenous and nonindigenous citizens alike.

Poetics of Love in the Arabic Novel

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Poetics of Love in the Arabic Novel by Wen-chin Ouyang Book Resume:

Considers the Arabic novel within the triangle of the nation-state, modernity and tradition.The novel is now a major genre in the Arabic literary field; this book explores the development of the novel, especially the ways in which the genre engages with a

Engaging Modernity

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Engaging Modernity by Ousseina Alidou Book Resume:

Seizing the space opened by the early 1990s democratization movement, Muslim women are carving an active, influential, but often-overlooked role for themselves during a time of great change. Engaging Modernity provides a compelling portrait of Muslim women in Niger as they confronted the challenges and opportunities of the late twentieth century. Based on thorough scholarly research and extensive fieldwork—including a wealth of interviews—Ousseina Alidou’s work offers insights into the meaning of modernity for Muslim women in Niger. Mixing biography with sociological data, social theory and linguistic analysis, this is a multilayered vision of political Islam, education, popular culture, and war and its aftermath. Alidou offers a gripping look at one of the Muslim world’s most powerful untold stories. Runner-up, Aidoo-Snyder Book Prize, Women’s Caucus of the African Studies Association, 2007

Postcolonial Issues in Australian Literature

Narrating Indigenous Modernities [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Postcolonial Issues in Australian Literature by N.A Book Resume:

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