Misery Bay

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Misery Bay

Misery Bay [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9781429921053
Author: ,
Publisher: Minotaur Books
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File Format: Pdf
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Misery Bay by , Book Resume:

On a frozen January night, a young man hangs himself in a lonely corner of the Upper Peninsula, in a place they call Misery Bay. Alex McKnight does not know this young man, and he won't even hear about the suicide until two months later, when the last person Alex would ever expect comes to him for help. What seems like a simple quest to find a few answers will turn into a nightmare of sudden violence and bloody revenge, and a race against time to catch a ruthless and methodical killer. McKnight knows all about evil. Mobsters, drug dealers, hit men—he's seen them all, and they've taken away almost everything he's ever loved. But none of them could have ever prepared him for the darkness he's about to face. A New York Times bestseller, Michigan Notable Book, and Boston Globe Best Crime Book of the Year, Steve Hamilton's Misery Bay marks the return of one of crime fiction's most critically acclaimed series.

Misery Bay

Misery Bay [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1631580906
Author: Chris Angus
Publisher: Skyhorse
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File Format: Pdf
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Misery Bay by Chris Angus Book Resume:

“Misery Bay” is more than just a fitting name for this outwardly innocent fishing village. Misery Bay is a picturesque fishing village on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia, a seemingly idyllic location. But the islands and hidden coves hide something more sinister. Illegal immigrants and drugs are being smuggled in for the escort services in Halifax. Special Constable Garrett Barkhouse has spent twenty years fighting these twin scourges, but now he’s burned out and planning to retire. However, his boss, Deputy Commissioner Alton Tuttle, has other plans. He entices Garrett to return to his old home town and establish a police presence on the Eastern shore. What he expects will be light duty—Garrett quickly discovers—is anything but. An unexpected murder of four young girls leads him into a thick web of interconnecting drug pushers, illegal immigrants, and prostitution. While he tries to get a handle on events, Garrett is sucked back into many of the relationships from his childhood. The cast of colorful characters includes Roland Cribby, a scallop fisherman and all around unpleasant character, old man Publicover who has just married his fifth wife, beautiful reporter Kitty Wells, and Garrett’s cousin, a giant of a man who is an enforcer for the Longshoremen on the waterfront in Halifax. An offshore oil rig, conveniently outside Canadian territorial waters, becomes the focus of the investigation. Global Resources CEO Anthony DeMaio has developed a nice sideline to the oil business. When Kitty Wells—the beautiful reporter—tries to investigate, she is swept up by the machinations and kidnapped into sex slavery. As a series of hurricanes push in from the North Atlantic, Garrett and Lonnie find themselves fighting not only drug lords and CEOs but also the elements that threaten to topple the oil rig and kill everyone on board. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook

Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1926806883
Author: Russell Mussio
Publisher: Mussio Ventures Ltd.
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9095129


Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook by Russell Mussio Book Resume:

Northeastern Ontario is a sprawling region that encompasses much of the Canadian Shield, boasting gorgeous vistas of granite rock, boreal forest and thousands of lakes. Shaped by ancient glacial activity, this wild landscape is full of interconnected streams and rivers, while heading north leads you to the remote and rugged land around Hudson Bay. From the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay to the northern backcountry of Polar Bear Provincial Park, outdoor explorers can enjoy a wealth of opportunity in this sparsely-populated region. Features - Map Key & Legend - Topographic Maps - Detailed Adventure Section >> Backroad Attractions, Fishing Locations, Hunting Areas, Paddling Routes, Parks & Campsites, Trail Systems, ATV Routes,Snowmobile Areas, Wildlife Viewing, Winter Recreation, Service Directory, Accommodations, Sales & Services, Tours & Guides, Index, Adventure Index, Map Index, Trip Planning Tools,

Ten Decades in the Life of My Dad

Ten Decades in the Life of My Dad [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1460217470
Author: Marion Elizabeth Fraser
Publisher: FriesenPress
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2678339


Ten Decades in the Life of My Dad by Marion Elizabeth Fraser Book Resume:

The 20th century heralded the greatest technological changes of any century. My Dad lived through virtually all of it - from 1898 to 1997. He served in two world wars and raised two families. Even though my Dad was a quiet man, he shared with me his stories and he shared with me his soul. His advice was always sage and he took a deep interest in the lives of his children, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. Aside from his military service, he was a self employed man - home builder, farmer, logger. This book views the 20th century through his eyes. For me it was a labour of love and an opportunity to revisit the many lessons I learned through knowing him, his life, his hopes, his dreams and his disappointments. His only regret in life was not completing his science degree at Queen’s University. He was in the class of ‘23, enrolling after returning from his overseas service in World War I in which all three of his brothers were wounded. He rarely talked about war, except to say it was a waste. Dad had a great sense of humour. He loved to read and enjoyed good movies and in his later years we watched many movies together. But mostly he worked hard. He always did whatever was necessary, but only after thinking the task through and figuring out the best way to accomplish his goals.

Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners

Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1839100893
Author: Anna Spenceley
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
File Size: 319 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3668232


Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners by Anna Spenceley Book Resume:

Offering how-to tools and step-by-step guidance, this practical Handbook combines academic insight with extensive professional experience to outline best practice in undertaking environmental, socio-cultural and economic assessments that establish the feasibility of new tourism ventures and ascertains their impact over time.

Shipwrecks of Lake Erie

Shipwrecks of Lake Erie [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1625850859
Author: David Frew
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
File Size: 672 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2129934


Shipwrecks of Lake Erie by David Frew Book Resume:

The great lakes have seen many ships meet their end, but none so much as Lake Erie. As the shallowest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is prone to sudden waves and wildly shifting sandbars. The steamer Atlantic succumbed to these conditions when, in 1852, a late night collision brought 68 of its weary immigrant passengers to watery graves. The 1916 Black Friday Storm sank four ships -- including the "unsinkable" James B. Colgate -- in the course of its 20-hour tantrum over the lake. In 1954, a difficult fishing season sent the Richard R into troubled waters in the hopes of catching a few more fish. One of the lake's sudden storms drowned the boat and three man crew. At just 50 miles wide and 200 miles long, Lake Erie has claimed more ships per square mile than any other body of freshwater. Author David Frew dives deep to discover the mysteries of some of Lake Erie's most notorious wrecks.

Northern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide

Northern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1885010737
Author: Sportsman's Connection
Publisher: Sportsman\'s Connection
File Size: 916 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5256491


Northern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide by Sportsman's Connection Book Resume:

Sportsman's Connection's Northern Michigan All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide contains maps created at twice the scale of other road atlases, which means double the detail. And while the maps are sure to be the finest quality you have ever used, what makes this eBook unique is all the additional information. Your favorite outdoor activities including fishing lakes and streams, hunting, camping, hiking and biking,snowmobiling and off-roading, paddeling, skiing, golfing and wildlife viewing are covered in great depth with helpful editorial and extensive tables, which are all cross-referenced and indexed to the map pages in a way that's fun and easy to use.

Paddling Pennsylvania

Paddling Pennsylvania [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0811741222
Author: Jeff Mitchell
Publisher: Stackpole Books
File Size: 1955 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4851576


Paddling Pennsylvania by Jeff Mitchell Book Resume:

Maps and descriptions for more than 200 Pennsylvania waterways. Information on minimum water levels, potential hazards, and difficulty level of each stream. Includes directions and recommendations for put-in and take-out at each site.

Perry's Lake Erie Fleet

Perry's Lake Erie Fleet [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1614238243
Author: David Frew
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
File Size: 1177 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5249102


Perry's Lake Erie Fleet by David Frew Book Resume:

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's defeat of the British at the Battle of Lake Erie was a defining moment both in the War of 1812 and American naval history. Yet the story of Perry's fleet did not end there. Come aboard as author David Frew chronicles the years and decades after Perry's victory. Heroic acts and bitter defeats unfold as Frew details the lives of fleet surgeon Usher Parsons, shipwright Daniel Dobbins and fleet commander Oliver Hazard Perry and his successors. The adventure moves from the tribulations of Misery Bay and a crafty British victory in the Lake Huron Campaign to the closing of the naval base in Erie and the raising of the Niagara in the twentieth century. Navigate the treacherous waters of Lake Erie, Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay to discover the fates of Perry and his fleet.

A History of Presque Isle

A History of Presque Isle [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1475983972
Author: Eugene H. Ware
Publisher: iUniverse
File Size: 1435 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5848571


A History of Presque Isle by Eugene H. Ware Book Resume:

Presque Isle State Park, a peninsula extending seven miles into Lake Erie, attracts four million visitors each year. Since the late 1800s, the park has been an ecological and recreational paradise where visitors can enjoy solitude, reflection, and the wonders of nature. At times strong storms are driven in off of Lake Erie, however, and since 1814, man has been struggling to protect Presque Isle against the forces of nature that constantly cause destruction and erosion on the park. Through extensive research and vintage images gathered from the collections of author Eugene Ware, the Erie County Historical Society, Erie County Public Library, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and various local sources, A History of Presque Isle reflects the history and special aura of the park. It traces the long and rich past of Presque Isle and Erie, Pennsylvania, from the peninsula’s formation in the ice ages to the early 1950s. Through a series of conversations with Joe Root, the legendary hermit who lived in the park from approximately 1880 until nearly 1915, as well as his own personal reflections, Ware provides an unforgettable glimpse into the beauty and majesty of Presque Isle, including what it offers visitors today. A History of Presque Isle documents the history and complete story of a Pennsylvania park known for its ghosts, legends, and gift for influencing visitors to this day.

A Nature Guide to Ontario

A Nature Guide to Ontario [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1442659505
Author: Winifred Wake
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
File Size: 935 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3262420


A Nature Guide to Ontario by Winifred Wake Book Resume:

From Hudson Bay to Pelee Island, from Rainy River to the Quebec border, Ontario offers a rich variety of experiences for nature-lovers of all ages and interests. A Nature Guide to Ontario showcases more than six hundred of the best sites for viewing the many forms of plant and animal life found across the province. All sites are open to the general public, most are easily accessible, and a surprising number are located in or near the province's biggest cities. The book is divided into seven regions, and sites are listed under county, district, or municipality. Entries contain instructions on how to reach sites, descriptions of the major landscape and habitat features, information about typical as well as important or unusual animals and plants to be found at the site, and an address to contact for more information. Introductory chapters give an overview of Ontario's natural history and its rich and diverse plant and animal life. The book also discusses environmental concerns, offers tips on how to get the most out of an outing, and lists the 'top ten' nature sites in Ontario. There are lists of useful addresses and references, a site index, and an extensive glossary. This volume is a project of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, whose affiliates and individual members have contributed to the book. A Nature Guide to Ontario, an invaluable reference for all who want to experience and enjoy the best of Ontario's natural areas and wildernesses.

A Wicked Snow

A Wicked Snow [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0786036583
Author: Gregg Olsen
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
File Size: 546 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3138034


A Wicked Snow by Gregg Olsen Book Resume:

“Olsen will scare you—and you’ll love it.” —Lee Child Hannah Griffin was a girl when tragedy struck. She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police dug up—one of them her mother’s. The killer was never found…. Twenty years later Hannah is a talented CSI investigating a case of child abuse when the past comes hurtling back. A killer with unfinished business is on the hunt. And an anonymous message turns Hannah’s blood cold: Your Mom called . . . “A TAUT THRILLER.” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer “AN IRRESISTIBLE PAGE-TURNER.” —Kevin O’Brien “WILL KEEP FANS OF CRIME FICTION HOOKED.” —Publishers Weekly

Searching For the Forgotten War - 1812

Searching For the Forgotten War - 1812 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9781456867553
Author: Patrick Richard Carstens
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 1338 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9361468


Searching For the Forgotten War - 1812 by Patrick Richard Carstens Book Resume:

Presents information about historic sites that can be visited to relive the War of 1812, including location, hours of operation and admission. Most of the sites have been visited by the authors.

The WPA Guide to Pennsylvania

The WPA Guide to Pennsylvania [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1595342362
Author: Federal Writers' Project
Publisher: Trinity University Press
File Size: 734 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3059140


The WPA Guide to Pennsylvania by Federal Writers' Project Book Resume:

During the 1930s in the United States, the Works Progress Administration developed the Federal Writers’ Project to support writers and artists while making a national effort to document the country’s shared history and culture. The American Guide series consists of individual guides to each of the states. Little-known authors—many of whom would later become celebrated literary figures—were commissioned to write these important books. John Steinbeck, Saul Bellow, Zora Neale Hurston, and Ralph Ellison are among the more than 6,000 writers, editors, historians, and researchers who documented this celebration of local histories. Photographs, drawings, driving tours, detailed descriptions of towns, and rich cultural details exhibit each state’s unique flavor. The Keystone State is well represented in the WPA Guide to Pennsylvania. The essays explore the rich descriptions of the states historically significant cities—such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia—as well as the diversity of the state which also includes many farms and small mining communities.

Erie, Pa and Presque Isle State Park Facts and Legends

Erie, Pa and Presque Isle State Park Facts and Legends [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1503580059
Author: Susan L. Duda
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 782 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7697238


Erie, Pa and Presque Isle State Park Facts and Legends by Susan L. Duda Book Resume:

Erie, Pennsylvania and Presque Isle State Parks rich history is encapsulated in this book of facts and legends. It contains many beautiful pictures of Eries heritage and is in bullet format to make for easy reading. If you are looking for entertainment, this book highlights many cultural activities Erie has to offer.

Hiking through History Pennsylvania

Hiking through History Pennsylvania [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1493036831
Author: Bob Frye
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
File Size: 432 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4448754


Hiking through History Pennsylvania by Bob Frye Book Resume:

In Hiking through History Pennsylvania, you can hike where George Washington suffered his first humiliating defeat as a military commander as well as the grounds where, over the course of a winter, he molded what would become a victorious army. Or you can walk the battlefield that not only turned the tide of the Civil War, but spawned one of the most famous speeches in American history. Or walk where the world’s first commercial oil well was drilled. There’s all that and more to explore. Hiking Through History Pennsylvania profiles 40 hikes focusing on the state’s military, industrial, natural and conservation history. Tragedies, some intentional, some not, are explored, too. Whether you’re a curious tourist or a local history buff, this is a comprehensive guidebook to the area’s natural and human history.

Northern Wisconsin - Vilas Area Fishing Map Guide

Northern Wisconsin - Vilas Area Fishing Map Guide [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1885010230
Author: Sportsman's Connection
Publisher: Sportsman\'s Connection
File Size: 1212 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2465070


Northern Wisconsin - Vilas Area Fishing Map Guide by Sportsman's Connection Book Resume:

Newly updated for 2016, the Northern Wisconsin Vilas Area Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts. Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy eBook. Eagle River, St. Germain and Boulder Junction weren't quite enough. So we threw in Phelps, Conover, Mercer, Manitowish, Presque Isle, Arbor Vitae and Lac du Flambeau. More great fishing lakes than you can shake a rod at - over 180 lakes in all across Ashland, Iron, Price and Vilas Counties. Whether you’re camping and walleye fishing on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage, chasing muskies on Lac Vieux Desert or exploring on the Eagle River Chain, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of the area's many excellent fisheries. Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Northern Wisconsin Vilas Area Fishing Map Guide.

Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction

Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476619182
Author: David Geherin
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 1321 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8564752


Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction by David Geherin Book Resume:

Small towns have long been a commonplace setting in cozy mysteries, but in recent years writers of realistic crime fiction have discovered fresh possibilities in small town settings. There they can take advantage of distinct facets of small town life--a sense of community, slower pace of life, proximity to nature--and yet deal with social, economic and environmental issues. Because crimes in small communities hit closer to home, the human element can better be emphasized. This book focuses on the work of ten contemporary authors who have placed small towns like Rocksburg, Pennsylvania (K. C. Constantine), West Table, Missouri (Daniel Woodrell), Niniltna, Alaska (Dana Stabenow), Aurora, Minnesota (William Kent Krueger), Paradise, Michigan (Steve Hamilton), Millersburg, Ohio (P. L. Gaus), Heartsdale, Georgia (Karin Slaughter), Millers Kill, New York (Julia Spencer-Fleming), Durant, Wyoming (Craig Johnson), and a number of national parks (Nevada Barr) on the map of American crime fiction.