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Discourse on the Move

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Discourse on the Move by Douglas Biber Book Resume:

Discourse on the Move is the first book-length exploration of how corpus-based methods can be used for discourse analysis, applied to the description of discourse organization. The primary goal is to bring these two analytical perspectives together: undertaking a detailed discourse analysis of each individual text, but doing so in terms that can be generalized across all texts of a corpus. The book explores two major approaches to this task: 'top-down' and 'bottom-up'. In the 'top-down' approach, the functional components of a genre are determined first, and then all texts in a corpus are analyzed in terms of those components. In contrast, textual components emerge from the corpus analysis in the bottom-up approach, and the discourse organization of individual texts is then analyzed in terms of linguistically-defined textual categories. Both approaches are illustrated through case studies of discourse structure in particular genres: fund-raising letters, biology/biochemistry research articles, and university classroom teaching.

How Animals Move

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How Animals Move by Jack Harvey Prince Book Resume:

Explains the basic principles of movement of vertebrates and insects: swimming, running and walking, flying and gliding, and undulating or wriggling.

How Do Animals Move?

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How Do Animals Move? by Niki Walker,Bobbie Kalman Book Resume:

Introduces various methods of animal locomotion, discussing quadrupedal gaits, flight, aquatic movement, and more unconventional variations.

Jews on the Move

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Jews on the Move by Sidney Goldstein,Alice Goldstein Book Resume:

Based on data from the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey, the authors examine the high level of mobility among American Jews and their increasing dispersion throughout the United States, and how this presents new challenges to the national Jewish community.

Move Alpha

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Move Alpha by Howard Lasnik,Mamoru Saito Book Resume:

This major contribution to modern syntactic theory elaborates a principles-and-parameters framework in which the differences and similarities among languages with respect to WH-questions can be captured. Move &α is part of an overall program, initiated by Noam Chomsky, to create a global theory in which the entire transformational component can be reduced to a single process, Move &α. Lasnik and Saito are concerned particularly with bounding requirements on movement (Subjacency) and proper government requirements on traces (The Empty Category Principle).The first two chapters present and extend the ideas proposed in the author's earlier article, "On the Nature of Proper Government." Included are detailed discussions of &γ-marking, the general rule Affect &α, and the definition of proper government, particularly as these relate to WH constructions. The next two chapters propose a modification of Chomsky's Barriers Theory on the basis of a close examination of topicalization and examine the consequences of the modified theory. The discussion extends to restrictions on possible antecedent governors and the implications for quantifier raising and NP-movement of these restrictions. Consequences for Superiority are also considered, and a modified version of this condition is proposed, as is an extension of Chomsky's Uniformity Condition. The final chapter takes up further theoretical issues and alternative approaches.Howard Lasnik is Professor and Mamoru Saito is Associate Professor, both at the University of Connecticut.

Make It Move!

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Make It Move! by Jennifer VanVoorst Book Resume:

Simple text and photographs introduce simple machines and give examples of their everyday use.

Literature on the Move

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Literature on the Move by Ottmar Ette Book Resume:

Literature on the Move formulates a new aesthetics for the altered conditions and challenges of the new century. The point of departure for examining a bordercrossing literature on the move is travel literature, from which the view opens up unto other spaces, dimensions and patterns of movement which will shape the literatures of the 21th Century. And these will become - one needs no prophetic gift to see - for a major part literatures with no fixed abode. Signposts of this journey through literature proposed by this book are texts by, among many others, Balzac, Barthes, Baudrillard, Borges, Calvino, Condé, Cohen, Diderot, Goethe, A.v. Humboldt, Kristeva, Reyes, Rodó or Stadler. This book will specially appeal to an audience interested by comparative literature, literary theory, and travel literature and will be of interest to anybody who delights in «literary journeys».

On the Move

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On the Move by Inge de Mönnink Book Resume:

This book should be seen mainly as a contribution to the long-standing tradition of English descriptive linguistics. It gives a complete account of the nature and frequency of possible noun phrase (NP) structures in contemporary British English, including the ones that deviate from the prototypical description we find in handbooks of English. The book focuses on those NPs which are characterized by the fact that one or more of the constituents is not in its prototypical position, but has moved. The detailed description of variant NPs is obtained through the careful combination of corpus data and experimental data. The book addresses the question how corpus data can be combined with intuitive data and offers a practical approach to the task: the multi-method approach. In this approach, corpus data are combined with intuitive data obtained from native speakers in an elicitation experiment.

Concepts on the Move

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Concepts on the Move by Annette W. Balkema,Henk Slager Book Resume:

In order to give an impetus to the production of an apparatus of aesthetic concepts, in line with Deleuze and Guattari's claim to create new concepts for a changing world, this volume publishes statements and discussions of ten Concept on the Move workshops, as well as texts and discussions of the concluding Concept on the Move symposium. The integral outcome of the workshops, the symposium and the discussions does not, however, present some sort of blueprint for the future of visual art and aesthetics. If one wished to designate the Concepts on the Move publication in one notion at all that definitively could only be TOOLKIT. A TOOKIT in the sense of a great collection of ideas, topics, issues, notions, and concepts emerging in the 21st-century world of visual art and theory. They indeed could serve as an impetus for the construction and production of a body of theoretical work fit to understand today's technological, theoretical, and artistic developments in the art world. Are concepts on the move? Yes, they are, and they always will be on the great journey visual art takes them.

Surviving on the Move

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Surviving on the Move by Jonathan Crush,Bruce Frayne Book Resume:

Since the collapse of apartheid, there have been major increases in migration flows within, to and from the Southern African region. Cross-border movements are at an all-time high across the region and internal migration is at record levels. The implications of greater mobility for areas of origin and destination have not been systematically explored. Migration is most often seen as a negative phenomenon, a result of increased poverty and the failure of development. More recently, the positive relationship between migration and development has been emphasised by agencies such as the Global Commission on International Migration, the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the United Nations Development Programme and the African Union. The chapters in this publication are all based on primary research and examine various facets of the relationship between migration, poverty and development, including issues that are often ignored in the migration-development debate like migration and food security and migration and vulnerability to HIV. The book argues that the development and poverty reduction potential of migration is being hindered by national policies that fail to recognise and build on the positive aspects and potential of migration. As a result, as these studies show, migrants are often pushed to the margins where they are forced to "survive on the move". Their treatment violates labour laws and basic human rights and compromises the potential of migration as a means to create sustainable livelihoods, reduce poverty and food insecurity, mitigate the brain drain and promote the productive use of remittances. This book shows that migrant lives and livelihoods should be at the centre of international and African debates about migration, poverty and development.

On the Move

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On the Move by Sue Boinski,Paul A. Garber Book Resume:

Examines social, cognitive, and ecological processes that underlie patterns and strategies of group travel. Chapters discuss how factors such as group size, resource distribution, and costs of travel affect individual and group exploitation of the environment. Most chapters focus on field studies of human and nonhuman primate groups, from squirrel monkeys to Turkana pastoralists. Chapters on other species provide a broad taxonomic perspective. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

How Animals Move

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How Animals Move by Pamela Dell Book Resume:

Discusses the various methods and reasons for animal movement. Some of the animals shown include the spider monkey, the cheetah, a grasshopper, and the bald eagle.

Quit Your Job and Move to Key West

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Quit Your Job and Move to Key West by Christopher Shultz,David L. Sloan Book Resume:

Tired of working? Sick of the Rat Race? Feel like leaving it all behind? Your are one step closer just by picking up this book. Quit Your Job And Move To Key West is your complete guide on how to do it by people who have made it happen.

The MOVE Crisis in Philadelphia

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The MOVE Crisis in Philadelphia by Hizkias Assefa Book Resume:

In 1985, police bombed the Philadelphia community occupied by members of the black counterculture group MOVE (short for “The Movement”). What began fifteen years earlier as a neighborhood squabble provoked by conflicting lifestyles ended in the destruction of sixty-one homes and the death of eleven residents - five of them children. Some 250 people were left homeless. Was this tragedy the only solution to the conflict? Were John Africa and his morally and ecologically idealistic followers “too crazy” to negotiate with? The authors interviewed MOVE members and their neighbors, third-party intervenors, and representatives of the Philadelpia administration in the 1970s, and draw on their own knowledge of the field of dispute resolution. More than simply describing a terrible event, they examine the dynamics of conflict, analyzing attempts at third-party mediation and the possibility of resolution without violence. Their analytical approach provides insight into other major conflicts, such as the problems of perception and misperception in U.S. - Iranian relations. In an age when terrorism and hostage-taking are regular features on the six o'clock news, their questioning of traditional views on negotiation with “irrational” adversaries is especially important.

People on the Move

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People on the Move by Harald Kleinschmidt Book Resume:

Describes internal and external migration in Europe and Southeast Asia over a period of 1500 years and analyzes attitudes and perceptions of migrants.

People on the Move

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People on the Move by Council of Europe Book Resume:

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Everybody Move!

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Everybody Move! by CIRA Ontario Book Resume:

Promotes daily physical activities in children from early elementary through high school.

What Happens When You Move?

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What Happens When You Move? by Jacqui Bailey Book Resume:

Presents information about how human beings move, discussing bones and muscles, what happens when they break or get strained, and how to keep them healthy and working effectively.

Priced to Move (The Shop-Til-U-Drop Collection Book #1)

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Priced to Move (The Shop-Til-U-Drop Collection Book #1) by Ginny Aiken Book Resume:

Gemologist Andrea Adams is suffering a bad case of burnout at her plum job in the New York Diamond District. So she swaps the Big Apple for Louisville, Kentucky, and joins the S.T.U.D. television shopping network as its newest host. When she's paired up with a hunky but clueless Ken doll of a cohost, Andrea wonders if she made the right move. Top it all off with foul play, a trip to Myanmar, and lots and lots of rubies, and you've got a story any woman would like to read. This exciting and fast-paced novel kicks off Ginny Aiken's Shop-Til-U-Drop Collection.

Move, Sing, Listen, Play (Revised)

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Move, Sing, Listen, Play (Revised) by Donna Wood Book Resume:

This textbook offers various methods by which young children can be stimulated to discover music through personal experience. Movement activities, the sound and rhythms of speech, singing and the playing of musical instruments are all incorporated to teach the elements of music. Methods and materials are designed for children from birth to six years of age.

Europe's Automotive Industry on the Move

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Europe's Automotive Industry on the Move by Oliver Heneric,Georg Licht,Wolfgang Sofka Book Resume:

The automotive industry is a major pillar of the modern global economy and one of Europe’s key industries. There can hardly be any doubt about the important role of this sector as an engine for employment, growth and innovation in Europe, and there are crucial challenges and opportunities ahead. The authors shed light on a broad range of issues – globalisation and restructuring, trade and foreign direct investment, innovation, regulation, and industry policy – and put a special focus on the new member states. While change may be inevitable, progress is not. This book shall serve as a map to all stakeholders: business executives and policy makers, investors and scholars.

So You Want to Move a Building?.

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So You Want to Move a Building?. by Brian Birchall Book Resume:

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On the Move

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On the Move by Timothy Cresswell Book Resume:

On the Move presents a rich history of one of the key concepts of modern life: mobility. Increasing mobility has been a constant throughout the modern era, evident in mass car ownership, plane travel, and the rise of the Internet. Typically, people have equated increasing mobility with increasing freedom. However, as Cresswell shows, while mobility has certainly increased in modern times, attempts to control and restrict mobility are just as characteristic of modernity. Through a series of fascinating historical episodes Cresswell shows how mobility and its regulation have been central to the experience of modernity.

Science Experiments That Fly and Move

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Science Experiments That Fly and Move by Kristi Lew Book Resume:

Provides step-by-step instructions for science projects using household materials and explains the science behind the experiments.

The Dodgers Move West

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The Dodgers Move West by Neil Sullivan Book Resume:

For many New Yorkers, the removal of the Brooklyn Dodgers--perhaps the most popular baseball team of all time--to Los Angeles in 1957 remains one of the most traumatic events since World War II. Neil J. Sullivan's controversial reassessment of a story that has reached almost mythic proportions in its many retellings shifts responsibility for the move onto the local governmental maneuverings that occurred on both sides of the continent. Conventional wisdom has it that Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley cold-heartedly abandoned the devoted Brooklyn fans for the easy money of Los Angeles. Sullivan argues that O'Malley had, in fact, wanted to stay in Brooklyn, hoping to build a new stadium with his own money. Situated in an increasingly unsafe neighborhood and without parking facilities, Ebbets Field had become obsolete. Yet an uncooperative New York City administration, led by Robert Moses, blocked O'Malley's plan to use the ideal site at the Atlantic Avenue Long Island Railroad terminal. A political battle over the Dodgers' move also erupted in Los Angeles. Mayor Poulson's suggestion to use Chavez Ravine as the new stadium site triggered opposition from residents concerned about a giveaway. Eventually a telethon campaign that enlisted the help of celebrities such as Groucho Marx, George Burns, and Ronald Reagan enabled the approval of the deal. Set against a backdrop of sporting passion and rivalry, and appearing over thirty years after the Dodgers' last season in Brooklyn, this engrossing book offers new insights into the power struggles existing in the nation's two largest cities.

Organize Pack Move!

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Organize Pack Move! by Nancy Giehl,Joan Hobbs Book Resume:

Guide to help prepare for the big day with valuable tips on getting organized, budgeting, choosing a mover, packing valuables, handling children and pets, and setting up the new house.

Present Move

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Present Move by Benjamin Maira Book Resume:

A previous move of God, traditions, religion systems, human philosophy, perverse science, secular world view and doctrine of men can hinder the present work of God. When Jesus was doing his earthly ministry, it was the political figures, the religious leaders and followers of Judaism of the day, who opposed fresh move of God. Today the Holy Spirit is moving in a special way and God requires his people to respond well and respect his work and word. The God we worship and serve, he is a God of motion and mobility. God is never stationery or stagnant. But our God is the mighty God at work! What the Holy Spirit did in the book of acts he is doing today. The Holy Spirit wants the church, Christians and ministers of the gospel to produce much fruit, increase and multiply. It is very surprising how in the book of acts everywhere there was fruitfulness, increase and multiplication! Yet today the people of God settle for the least instead of Gods best. God requires you to be fruitful, increase and multiply in your entire life. Allow the Holy Spirit to work with your life and achieve his mighty progress. Look worldwide see and hear what God is doing and saying. The move of the Holy Spirit is here! Be part of it, Serve God and support the work of God.


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MOVE by Oliver Schaeffer,Michael-Marcus Vogt Book Resume:

Dynamic components and adaptive elements are becoming increasingly important in contemporary architecture, and not just because of their visual effect. If architects and engineers are engaging more and more with the issue of movement – whether in the form of sun-tracking solar cells, lowerable walls, or intelligently programmed elevators – it’s because they are busy exploring responses to three challenges: How can we control and reduce the energy requirement of buildings? How can we expand the range of possible uses? And how can we represent, illustrate, accommodate, and control dynamic movements in buildings? Designers and builders who seek to use kinetic components face technical and design challenges that aren’t covered by traditional structural theory. For these users, this book presents the technical tools and constructional solutions that will allow them to implement these movements concretely and deploy them functionally within the domains of of "Energy," "Change of Use," and "Interaction." First it lays out the fundamentals and design principles of kinetics in architecture, technology, art, and nature in a structured manner. In a third section, forty movable elements are shown in action, each on a double page – with specially prepared phase drawings and organized by type of movement, including rotation, sliding, folding, and transformation. The international examples from noted architects range from window mechanisms to solar protection and light redirection systems, movable walls and roofs, and movable civil engineering structures.

Farm Tractors on the Move

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Farm Tractors on the Move by Kristin L. Nelson Book Resume:

Describes farm tractors, including their different parts, how they are used, and the work they do.

Move On

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Move On by Bernice S. Dyson Book Resume:

Bernice knows firsthand that life is an obstacle course full of challenging mental and physical obstacles. Like millions of other people she's had to move on from some of life's most unbelievably challenging obstacles including everything from the death of her spouse to losing all of her businesses, losing her wealth, being deceived, being disrespected, losing romantic relationships and losing her mind to name a few. Growing up in Harlem, Bernice learned how to dream and to have the courage to pursue those dreams. This coupled up with loving herself, planning and being humble enough to seek help when she needed to, has enabled her to continuously MOVE ON with her life when faced with these obstacles. If the obstacle didn't kill her it made her stronger, and luckily she's still here to talk about it. Bernice has had to MOVE ON over the past ten years more times than she can remember, out of necessity to find herself actualization and happiness or find where she belongs and with whom she would like to be. She's continuously MOVED ON by remaining positive, thinking planning and loving herself enough to know she deserves only the best that this life has to offer her. Bernice believes anyone can move on with their life and make it through any and all obstacles by taking one obstacle at a time, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other until you reach your finish line on your journey in life .It is vitally important to MOVE ON. FORGIVE YOUR PAST AND MOVE ON TO YOUR FUTURE WHERE YOUR HAPPINESS AWAITS YOU.

The Move of God in Man

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Move of God in Man by Witness Lee Book Resume:

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The Power Move

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The Power Move by David E. Ziton Book Resume:

The Power Move: Accelerate Your Professional Advancement through the Power of Knowledge provides the opportunity to step back and view the realities regarding your work environment and how to function and advance within this competitive and dynamic environment. For most of us, an enormous amount of time is spent working, thinking about work, and talking about work. The path we follow to enter the labor force varies yet this destination is shared by all. Our colorful journeys vary due to diverse upbringings and cultures; however, we all are faced with the need to survive and provide. Th e motivation to write The Power Move is focused on assisting each reader to successfully achieve the following: Clarity of their employment status; Ability to identify and capture a new job and/ or career advancement opportunity to reach the next level; and, Follow a dynamic yet simple methodology to building a knowledge base and action plan to achieve a Power Move. Do we have the opportunity to overcome and live active, enriching lives outside of the pressures of work? How does an employee excel and make a positive contribution while maintaining honest and sincere business principles? How does an employee overcome the pressures that influence hem to compromise their principles, which are based upon fundamental beliefs of ethical and humane business practices? The Power Move takes a realistic approach to such questions and provides solutions to stand out within the work environment while maintaining a personal identity founded on integrity, ethics, and professionalism.

In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being by Philip Clayton,Arthur Robert Peacocke Book Resume:

Foreword by Mary Ann Meyers Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in the doctrine of panentheism -- the belief that the world is contained within the Divine, although God is also more than the world. Here for the first time leading scientists and theologians meet to debate the merits of this compelling new understanding of the God-world relation. Atheist and theist, Eastern and Western, conservative and liberal, modern and postmodern, physicist and biologist, Orthodox and Protestant -- the authors explore the tensions between traditional views of God and contemporary science and ask whether panentheism provides a more credible account of divine action for our age. Their responses, which vary from deeply appreciative to sharply critical, are preceded by an overview of the history and key tenets of panentheism and followed by a concluding evaluation and synthesis. Contributors: Joseph A. Bracken Michael W. Brierley Philip Clayton Paul Davies Celia E. Deane-Drummond Denis Edwards Niels Henrik Gregersen David Ray Griffin Robert L. Herrmann Christopher C. Knight Andrew Louth Harold J. Morowitz Alexei V. Nesteruk Ruth Page Arthur Peacocke Russell Stannard Keith Ward Kallistos Ware

Trading the Measured Move

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Trading the Measured Move by David Halsey Book Resume:

A timely guide to profiting in markets dominated by high frequency trading and other computer driven strategies Strategies employing complex computer algorithms, and often utilizing high frequency trading tactics, have placed individual traders at a significant disadvantage in today's financial markets. It's been estimated that high-frequency traders—one form of computerized trading—accounts for more than half of each day's total equity market trades. In this environment, individual traders need to learn new techniques that can help them navigate modern markets and avoid being whipsawed by larger, institutional players. Trading the Measured Move offers a blueprint for profiting from the price waves created by computer-driven algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies. The core of author David Halsey's approach is a novel application of Fibonnaci retracements, which he uses to set price targets and low-risk entry points. When properly applied, it allows traders to gauge market sentiment, recognize institutional participation at specific support and resistance levels, and differentiate between short-term and long-term trades at various price points in the market. Provides guidance for individual traders who fear they can't compete in today's high-frequency dominated markets Outlines specific trade set ups, including opening gap strategies, breakouts and failed breakout strategies, range trading strategies, and pivot trading strategies Reveals how to escape institutional strategies designed to profit from slower-moving market participants Engaging and informative, Trading the Measured Move will provide you with a new perspective, and new strategies, to successfully navigate today's computer driven financial markets

Move, Move, Move

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Move, Move, Move by Terri Swavely Book Resume:

This book is about the daily life struggles of the author's grandson Alex with his A.D.H.D. and Asperger's Syndrome. The author hopes this book will help educate parents, family members and people in general, to the struggles that children with these issues face every day. It is also meant to show children that have similar issues that they are not alone. Experts estimate that two to six children out of every 1,000 will have autism. Males are four times more likely to have autism than females. 5% of all proceeds from this book are donated toDevereux Foundation. Devereux is a non-profit organization providing services around the nation for persons with emotional, developmental & educational disabilities. Please go to Devereux's website- http://www.devereux.org/ and check if there is a location near you.

Kids Can Listen! Kids Can Move!

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Kids Can Listen! Kids Can Move! by Lynn Kleiner Book Resume:

Lynn Kleiner presents her creative ideas and stories for movement and percussion-playing as she delights preschool through primary-age children with orchestral favorites. There are selections for marching, dancing, trotting, skipping, jumping, hiding, sleeping, playing instruments, entering class, and saying goodbye. Lots of fun, this book will allow teachers to capture children's interest in orchestral music for a lifetime. The CD contains 25 tracks including selections from Bizet's Carmen, Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals, Dvorák's New World Symphony, Haydn's Surprise Symphony, and many more.

Your Move

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Your Move by Ann Hutchinson Guest Book Resume:

The author takes a new approach to teaching notation through movement exercises, thus enlarging the scope of the book to teachers of movement and choreography as well as the traditional dance notation students. Updated and enlarged to reflect the most recent scholarship and through a series of exercises, this book guides students through: movement, stillness, timing, shaping, accents travelling direction, flexion and extension rotations, revolutions and turns supporting balance relationships. All of these movements are related to notation, so the student learns how to notate and describe the movements as they are performed.

One Move Checkmates

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One Move Checkmates by N.A Book Resume:

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It's Your Move

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

It's Your Move by Cyndi Maxey,Jill Bremer Book Resume:

From the coauthor of "Training from the Heart" comes a motivational book on living one's best life at home or at work.

Two move

M O V E [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Two move by Miguel Á Hernández-Navarro Book Resume:

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