Love Me

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Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me by Bella Andre Book Resume:

After a brutal night in the ER, Luke can't fight his desire for his wild sister-in-law another second. It's been a lifetime of doing the right thing. Tonight he's going to follow desire instead. But even after the man she always thought was such a good boy turns out to be sinfully bad between the sheets, Janica soon realizes she wants more than Luke's body. She wants his heart too.

Love Me, Love My Dog

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me, Love My Dog by P. G. Wodehouse Book Resume:

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Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me by Catherine M. Clifton Book Resume:

From the outside, Rhonda Brown appears to be a normal, straight-A college student in Tallahassee, Florida. In reality, she's a drug dealer, fashioning cocaine into high-priced and highly sought after dolls. Justifying her crimes, she believes she was forced into this lifestyle after the death of her parents; after all, she needs the money to support her and her older sister, Caroline. But Rhonda's patience with Caroline, who is battling her own demons, is coming to an end. Anything to do with Caroline is a lose-lose situation, and Rhonda is ready to get out. Just as she plans to leave, Caroline hints there is more to her sad life story than drugs, prostitution, and self-loathing. Unwilling to let go, Rhonda initiates her own investigation into Caroline's past-and what she uncovers hits her and everyone around her like a whirlwind. Rhonda soon discovers the story she has always known about her life is actually nothing but a lie. Surrounded by drugs, lies, and a long list of betrayals, Rhonda must come to terms with the decisions she has made, and the journey she takes to get there will change her life forever.

Love Me Till I Die

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me Till I Die by Daniel Schramm Book Resume:

“I know my mother has lived a long life, but it’s still hard to watch her waste away. I want her to feel loved, but I’m not sure what to say or do. I just feel awkward around her.” “I’m tired of everyone tiptoeing around me because I’m dying! I’m too young to die, but I can’t change the fact that I have a terminal illness. I just want to be loved and enjoy life while I still have time!” Death. Whether you are the one who is dying or you are the one saying goodbye, we dread the one event in life that is eventually inevitable. How does one cope with the unavoidable? How does one experience peace at the end of life? How does one love when time is short? Love Me Till I Die is written from the perspective of someone who is dying. Penned by Daniel Schramm, a hospice chaplain with years of experience working with those who are dying and their families, this short work provides valuable advice for family members, friends, caregivers, and healthcare workers as to the desires of someone who is dying. Our greatest longing is to love and be loved, especially at the end of life. This book gives voice to this yearning.

I Love Me, Too

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

I Love Me, Too by Sheila D. Lawrence Book Resume:

Are you single? Has your heart been broken? Are you tired of one failed relationship after another? Are you unhappy in your present state? Are you looking for answers? Have you been searching for purpose? Are you seeking deliverance? Do you feel unwanted? Deprived? Unloved? God has a word for you. You are not alone. He is faithful, loving and committed. God loves you!!!

Love, Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love, Me by Tiffany White Book Resume:

“LOVE, ME is humorous and fast-paced; a book that will disappoint the reader only because it’s over too quickly.” —Rendezvous Magazine Dakota Law has a way with words. Country music's brightest star, the lyrics he writes make every woman melt. Chelsea Stone is rock music's legendary bad girl with a mane of dark curls, red lips and flashy long legs, but that's not enough to stop a career on the skids and the big zero in the romance score. Dakota isn't having any of it. And he definitely isn't going to write the song she so desperately needs to revive her career. In their battle of wills, could it actually be desire that wins out?

Love Me ... Please

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me ... Please by Dr. Erica Goodstone Book Resume:

Love Me ... Please, the first book in a four part series, leads us on a path toward loving ... truly loving, from the center of our being. This book is meant for lovers, people who love, people who want to love, people who have loved, and people who want to love again. You will not find simplistic answers and easy to follow formulas for creating love. You will have to look deep into your own consciousness - your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories and dreams - to find the love, the fullest love, that you can bring into your life. And you will be reminded, over and over, to bring that love back to your own self so that you can fully share your loving self with others.

Love Don't Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Don't Love Me by Synnamyn Book Resume:

Can these lifelong friends ever find true love happiness amongst all the drama that ties them together? A tight nit group of friends all after the same thing: true love and ultimate happiness, but for them it seems like life won't let that happen! When the dream couple Kyla and Darious are pulled apart by Darious's cheating ways, Kyla goes on to find true love in a man named Amir. Darious isn't through loving Kyla yet and sets out to destroy her happiness by doing whatever it takes. Then there's Greg who loses his faith when his soul mate is killed by a case of mistaken identity. He's spiraling down a long road of despair and depression. Will he ever be able to find his way back? Priscilla and Felicia are both strong, smart and attractive women with one down fall: falling for bad boys when the answer to true love is much closer than they expected. Last there's, Sophie who is suffering from a broken spirit and wondering if she can ever love again.

Love Me Harder

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me Harder by Cate Tayler Book Resume:

Take two spicy chefs. Stir in a meddling mentor and a deadline for success. Pepper with hot sex and longing looks. A recipe for love…or will it all go up in flames? The First Course… Juliet Winslow earned her saltiness. The sassy chef made a fresh start in Mystic Point after divorcing her cheating bastard of a husband. Now the renowned head chef of the local French bistro is living the free life she wants, surrounded by good friends and the occasional casual fling. Until one tempting night with a scrumptious cowboy gives her a taste of what she’s missing. The Main Course… Nate Faulkner is on a mission. After discovering the truth of his parentage, the cowboy chef left his Montana home determined to prove his worth to his family and the father he yearns to know. His chance comes when his mentor agrees to invest in a restaurant with him, a small French bistro in a beach town in Connecticut. Nate has big plans for reinventing the place, but the tasty head chef who comes with the business is cooking up all sorts of distractions and threatening to throw his carefully planned menu into chaos. Dessert… A battle of wills is being whipped up in the kitchen. The harder Juliet and Nate fight against the attraction simmering between them, the hungrier they get for one another. But do they have the right ingredients for a happily-ever-after?

I Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

I Love Me by Elyssa Book Resume:

Statistics show that up to 90% of children in the U.S.A. struggle with low self-esteem. 75% of boys and girls with low self-esteem are reportedly participating in harmful activities. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied! Written and beautifully illustrated by 9 and 10 year old sisters, I Love ME! is an easy, fun guide for boys and girls 7-12 to develop self-confidence in 7 simple, yet powerful steps. Through personal stories, fun exercises, affirmations, and practical tips, I Love ME! teaches and inspires kids and tweens to have the courage to love themselves, take care of themselves, choose well, be grateful, believe in themselves, be more, and give back so they can be happier, more successful, and bully-proof! In this book, kids and tweens will discover: 1. Their own uniqueness and many talents so they can be empowered to dream big 2. Why it is important to love their body and take care of it 3. How to make choices that help them live a life with fewer regrets 4. A fun, original, creative game to instantly find gratitude for everything and everyone 5. Things they need to do in order to avoid falling into the bullying and victim “traps” 6. Where and how to look for the right sources of information to keep a positive mindset 7. How they can set themselves up for success and set a good example for others and much more!

Just Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Just Love Me by Jeanne L. Lee Book Resume:

Just Love Me reveals the thoughts and emotions of a woman struggling with a suddenly unmanageable life; numerous hospitalizations, suicide attempts, everyday turmoil, and finally, the arduous search for an accurate diagnosis. By looking at the youthful, vital, attractive women before them, for years doctors never suspected the culprit to be Alzheimer's disease (AD). This account is unique in that most books on the subject of Alzheimer's are written by a care partner or medical professional. Lee's book joins only a handful of other accounts written by person's living with early-stage dementia. Just Love Me should be required reading for anyone who has any contact with a person afflicted with AD, whether by birth, marriage, friendship, or a professional relationship. Jeanne Lee's very personal, frank description of her life experiences before, approaching, and during the early stages of AD enables readers to better understand the disease from the inside out; a view not often seen by non-sufferers. By getting inside the mind of the author and experiencing with her the worries and frustrations that constantly torment her, the symptoms of AD become less enigmatic for the reader.

Before you judge me try hard to love me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Before you judge me try hard to love me by Subina Giuletti Book Resume:

A deep novel - with a personal dedication from Rev. June Juliet Gatlin, Michael Jackson's spiritual advisor. When Michael Jackson died, millions of people were affected and many felt that there was something strange around his death. In this book you will have intimate insights into Michael's personal world, for the first time in the form of a novel, and perhaps find a new answer. This is about the moving spectrum of feelings behind his dramas - taking into account his spiritual interests, but above all the question as to why ... why did he of all people have to experience disasters of this scale? The touching and poignant story of Michael Jackson as the emotional story of his life: nuances that are so often and readily omitted by the tabloids, his thoughts, feelings, fears, especially in the last two years before his death - are based on details, facts and background knowledge of people who knew Michael personally. Michael always said: Before you judge me, try hard to love me. This is an important piece of truth about Michael – share the thrill, read the book, gift it, review it, criticize it - give the truth around Michael Jackson a chance - let the true Michael live!

Did She Love Me?

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Did She Love Me? by Jyotirmoy Mazumdar Book Resume:

Do you think Career is the most important thing of everyone's life? Do you think love has boundaries and restrictions? Would you go on to an unknown place for someone you hardly know? Do you think you can chase your dreams and your love together? Can love make you forget things you thought were the most important in your life? Yes, Love can change your life. In today’s modern world, Yes: You can forget your dreams and fall in love. He is a guy who wants to go beyond his limits to crack IIT, away from his parents away from the world. But he falls in love. Can his friends save his ship from sinking or has it already sunk? Can he achieve his dreams or does love become his new goal?

Love Me Back

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me Back by Cheryl A. Baisden Book Resume:

Saddled with broken ribs, bruises and welts, an uncaring mother, the anguish of lingering sexual abuse, Beth Brown should have ceased to exist long ago. Yet, now, as an adult, she not only prospers in the heart of Kansas City, she also starts to relish the company of dear friends and manages to preserve herself to see the day she is reunited with the long lost love of her life. In Love Me Back by Cheryl A. Baisden, we stumble upon the gut-wrenching tale of a small town girl who, bursting with love for all that breathes and exists, perseveres despite the forms of ignominy thrown her way. Its triumphant description of a healing retreat within nature¿s deep reserve, unyielding good will, and the all-overpowering conquest of sincere love invites a second look at all the travails of our tired, inspiration-strapped world.

Love Me Anyway

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me Anyway by JL Redington Book Resume:

There is a serial killer loose in America’s National Parks. Greyson Beauchene, Head Ranger of Alaska’s Denali National Park is certain he will never have to deal with that because his park is too ‘out of the way.’ However, Ranger Beauchene soon finds out he is dead wrong. Greyson and his two assistants are flown by helicopter into a remote section of the park where hikers have found a casket, one of the biggest indicators the serial killer has found Denali. Greyson’s team is joined by one incredibly irritating and extremely demanding FBI Profiler and her two Agents. Very good at what she does, Aspen O’Connell sets out to take control of the crime scene and everyone involved in it, and Greyson is having none of it. Greyson, Aspen and their teams must work together to find this killer before he kills again. Events move quickly as the group pieces together clues from the crime scene and a profile is established. As they work through abduction attempts and visible threats, Greyson and Aspen struggle to put their growing feelings for each other in a place that will keep them focused on finding an evil, evil man and bringing justice to innocent victims.

Angels Share the Power of “I Love Me”

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Angels Share the Power of “I Love Me” by Aura D’Amato Book Resume:

Angels are with you in every moment of your life! The angelic messages in this book reveal the powerful meaning of “I love me” and how it can bring victorious and joyful living to your life and to the world. Angels are with you in every moment and have God’s authority to assist you in all areas of your life. They bring God’s power to uplift your spirit and heal your body. They inspire wisdom and light the path before you. Angels can do mighty things, for God is their source of power and love. The angelic messages in this book are intended for people from all walks of life. This book can help you to understand the power of God’s love that is within you to realize your dreams for an abundant, prosperous, peaceful, and joyful way of living. Open this inspirational book and learn from the angels the power that comes from saying “I love me.” Learn how truly loved and magnificent you are. It can bring forth Divine love into your life and into the world.

Love Me Tender

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me Tender by Max Cryer Book Resume:

Some of the world's best-loved songs have had remarkable origins. Had Robert Burns not heard an old man sing a quavering version of an ancient Scottish country song, we would never have had 'Auld Lang Syne'. Miss Jane Ross wrote down the tune she heard played by a piper at an Irish village fair in 1855. Had she not done so, the rest of the world would not have heard 'Danny Boy'. Marie Antoinette heard a peasant nurse sing an obscure lullaby to her princely son. The empress's unexpected promotion of the song resulted in its now being listed by The Guinness Book of Records as one of the three most familiar songs in the world. Love Me Tender tells the remarkable stories behind 40 popular and traditional songs. Some evolved from folksongs, some are from musical theatre, while others hit the mark because a particular recording appeared at just the right time. In some cases, one word made all the difference: Paul McCartney composed a tune but could only think of the words 'scrambled eggs' to fit it, but fortunately he later came up with the perfect solution - 'Yesterday'. In a book full of surprises and curiosities, Max Cryer reveals stories from all around the world, and from artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Cole Porter. This truly fascinating book makes enthralling reading.

Someone to Love Me

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Someone to Love Me by Nicole S. Rouse Book Resume:

"What's done in the dark comes to light eventually," says the pastor of First Baptist Church in Chicago. Those words enter Jerome Thomas' spirit and release bittersweet memories of his past; memories he worked hard to suppress for the sake of his family. In the early years of his marriage to Renee, Jerome made several mistakes. He neglected his family, struggled with bouts of alcoholism, and wasted money. But the one mistake he regrets the most was cheating on his wife with Taylor. Every morning before she opens her eyes, Taylor Belle says a quick prayer for forgiveness. The guilt of the affair she had with Jerome and the lives of the people she hurt weigh heavy on her heart. Several years have passed since the affair, but there is still unfinished business between them. As life becomes more complicated, Taylor knows that she needs to settle things with Jerome before God will lift the burden on her heart. Although Jerome and Taylor now live in different states, they share a secret that could potentially destroy their families. What will happen when the actions of their last intimate encounter catch up with them? Once the truth is exposed, Jerome and Taylor are alienated by their loved ones and are forced to rely on faith and the power of God's love to repair the sins of the past. Will God mend old wounds and restore the love and peace they once knew? Or, are Jerome and Taylor destined to live in sorrow because of the shame of their past?

Love Me True

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Me True by Heather Boyd Book Resume:

Claribel Wheaton never doubted she’d snare the dashing Lord Ramsbury. She even had a cunning plan to prevent his marriage. Unfortunately, her plans failed quite badly and she unwittingly spends a night in the wrong man’s bed. Lord Justin is a man in love with the written word and a woman who wouldn’t give him the time of day. When he misplaces a cherished book of prose and fate delivers the woman of his dreams into his arms, he’s honor bound to make it right. But can Justin convince Claribel that his love is true and that being married to a budding poet is everything her romantic heart desires? A sizzling regency romance novella

Will You Love Me?

Love Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Will You Love Me? by Tom Douglas Book Resume:

WILL YOU LOVE ME? about two broken hearts connecting in cyberspace. This is the journey of our life together. Our road has not always been smooth. There are trials and tribulations, yet when we seek that still small voice of God, He will lead us down the right path. It's not always what we want but it is always what we need. Every individual, in their personal walk of life, has their own mountains and valleys to overcome. When the valleys seem too dark to bear and the hills too high to climb we ask, "Please God, will you hold onto me as You lead me through?" Sequel to THE LONGEST MILE...