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Love and Secrets

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love and Secrets by Elizabeth Lennox Book Resume:

Secrets hurt. No one knows that better than Charlotte but that painful lesson is forgotten under the charm and heat of Oz Cole’s intense green gaze. He is insufferably infuriating…and shockingly charismatic. It’s no wonder that she forgot to protect her heart. Oz is stunned when confronted with the beauty trying to untangle herself from two barking dogs. He’s even more shocked when she walks away…and he doesn’t know her name. But Oz is good at discovering secrets. And Charlotte is going to be the most fascinating mystery he’s ever revealed! Unfortunately, his secrets threaten to pull them apart.

The Dorm of Love and Secrets 1

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Dorm of Love and Secrets 1 by Nikki Asada Book Resume:

Carefree Asahi's school is divided into two curriculums: one for ace students who devote their lives to serious study, and one for ... shall we say, students who care more about enjoying life than having good grades (like Asahi herself!). When Asahi's dorm suddenly burns down, her options are to live with her aunt far, far away (leaving no time for hanging out after school), or accept the class presidents' generous offer for her to move in to the smart kids' dorm, where she must pretend to be a stick-in-the-mud studier or lose her housing. But her first night there she helps a mysterious boy back into the dorm after he breaks curfew ... and she must decide if her crush is worth breaking the smart kids' rules.

The Dorm of Love and Secrets 2

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Dorm of Love and Secrets 2 by Nikki Asada Book Resume:

Ordinary girl Asahi Suzumori is forced to live in the super elite dorm, Midnight Oil Hall, with a bunch of high achieving students, and if anyone finds out she’s not a brainiac like them, she’s out on the street! But with all the romantic summer goings-on, she can’t hide the love growing inside her!! In the second volume of this dorm-life romantic comedy, love and the situation our heroine is in are top secret!

All the Right Strings

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

All the Right Strings by Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk Book Resume:

Christine Anthony is a cellist who wants nothing more than to play with a major symphony orchestra. Until then, she works in a clothing boutique and spends her weekends playing with a string quartet at a museum. When a stylish, rich woman named Car Weldon asks Chris to deliver a purchase to her, Chris finds the world she knows thrown into a spin. Suddenly she’s doing things that would have scandalized her a few weeks previous. When Car takes her to St. Lucia on vacation, she meets new friends and a booking agent who offers her a job that changes her life. And when she draws the attention of a well-known gossip columnist and a handsome TV actor, Chris suddenly has a fame she isn’t ready for. With the right choices, her cello could take her more places than she ever imagined ... but what must she leave behind?

Dish and Tell

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dish and Tell by Patricia San Pedro,Miami Bombshells,Annie San Roman,Tammi Leader Fuller,Mercedes Soler,Sara Rosenberg,Lydia Sacasa Book Resume:

In the tradition of "The Sweet Potato Queens" and "The Bitch in the House," six dynamic divas speak the truth about careers, men, sex, money, kids, and more--powerful, inspirational advice on life and getting the best from it.

Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love and Secrets at Cassfield Manor by Sarah L. McConkie Book Resume:

"A wealthy nineteen-year-old socialite's life seems perfect until the man she plans to marry proposes to someone else."--Provided by the publisher.

The Price of Love

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Price of Love by Anne Baker Book Resume:

A young woman's desperate pursuit of love reveals secrets from more than one source... Anne Baker writes a compelling saga in The Price of Love, detailing the trials of life and love. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie Flynn. Kate McGlory longs to be loved. Her seven younger brothers are cherished by their doting mother Lena, but Kate tends to be forgotten. Then Kate catches the eye of Jack Courtney and at last she too is adored. But their courtship is not straightforward. Jack comes from a family of wealthy ship-owners in Merseyside, who may not approve of the match; Lena is terrified that history will repeat itself if her daughter falls in love with a man above her station; and, worst of all, Jack has not been entirely honest with Kate from the start... What readers are saying about The Price of Love: 'Beautifully written, the characters come to life on the page as their story unfolds. I would highly recommend this book' 'The book is very hard to put down! Anne Baker is a superb writer and never fails to excite me'

Mother Teresa's Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mother Teresa's Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity by Susan Conroy Book Resume:

An inside view of Mother Teresa's heroic love at work A moving first-hand account of Mother Teresa and her work, written by someone who worked by her side. As an idealistic young volunteer, author Susan Conroy spent a summer serving in one of Mother Teresa's orphanages and in the Home for the Dying. "In a city where I found hell on earth," she says, "I also found each day a deep sense of peace and incredible happiness." It was an experience that changed her life forever. She learned why Mother Teresa had found real joy in working with the poorest of the poor. Along the way, she took striking photographs that have never been seen before now - photographs that show Mother Teresa at her everyday best. This is an account you won't soon forget, told with simple and loving directness by an eyewitness.

Shadow Life

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Shadow Life by Jenna Ware Book Resume:

A patriotic love story, an unlikely romantic adventure, behind the scenes in aviation history. Based on real life. Joe Ware was a man of national note, a conservative Republican Christian 40 years older, and I was private, a liberal Democrat Jewish transsexual. He was former Lockheed Skunk Works, who helped make the first two Air Force Ones for President Eisenhower and who was Depart-ment Manager of Engineering Flight Test over the U-2, and the SR-71; I was a social worker and, before that, in the National Security Agency, NSGA, NSOC, SIGINT, Ft. Meade, Mary-land. Shadow Life: Aerospace, Love, and Secrets is a beautiful romance between two people in a mixed marriage, fighting to stay together, corrects popular misconceptions about transgender and transsexual living, and makes a suggestion. I've been in this since the 1970s, I've lived the life, and I've helped others. Inspired by Kenji Yoshino (Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights, 2006), I'm concerned about the current direction of the transgender paradigm: It's still hiding key stigmata. I know where the bodies are buried. I've done it myself. I tried to keep my sexuality away from other people's concern, but there is no such thing as actual stealth living. People knew. I wouldn't discuss it, and my husband and I caught hell for years. Now I see most transgender people doing the same thing in another way, unwittingly enabling prejudice and opposition they don't handle any better than I did. It's not the fact they're transgender they're hiding but what they really need or desire. The transgender movement is winning access to places most don't even want to go, where dis-robing is required. If they can't say it, they can't show it. So they don't go, marginalizing them-selves into a less than equal integration, furthering lack of awareness, preventing equal em-ployment, and where it's discovered during sex, possibly even incurring surprise violence or murder. Trans people can never fully integrate into society if we're embarrassed to embrace ourselves. Leaders of the social movement cannot advocate for something they downplay. They need to bring these issues to the fore, not leave them to serve as doubt and denial, not relegate them to the periphery or treat questions as offensive. Rhetoric must be as clear in media as it would be in locker rooms so that those who are interested may more fully integrate. I've waited 20 years for leaders to do so. Most of them don't, so I did, herein. Shadow Life is explicit.

White Dresses

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

White Dresses by Mary Pflum Peterson Book Resume:

In this riveting, poignant memoir of three generations of women and the white dresses that adorned them—television producer Mary Pflum Peterson recounts a journey through loss and redemption, and her battle to rescue her mother, a former nun, from compulsive hoarding. As a successful television journalist at Good Morning America, Mary Pflum is known as a polished and highly organized producer. It’s a persona at odds with her tortured childhood, where she watched her emotionally vulnerable mother fill their house with teetering piles of assorted “treasures.” But one thing has always united mother and daughter—their love of white dresses. From the dress worn by Mary’s mother when she became a nun and married Jesus, to the wedding gown she donned years later, to the special nightshirts she gifted Mary after the birth of her children, to graduation dresses and christening gowns, these white dresses embodied hope and new beginnings. After her mother’s sudden death in 2010, Mary digs deep to understand the events that led to Anne’s unraveling. At twenty-one, Anne entered a convent, committed to a life of prayer and helping others. But lengthy periods of enforced fasting, isolation from her beloved students, and constant humiliation eventually drove her to flee the convent almost a decade later. Hoping to find new purpose as a wife and mother, Anne instead married an abusive, closeted gay man—their eventual divorce another sign of her failure. Anne retreats into chaos. By the time Mary is ten, their house is cluttered with broken appliances and stacks of unopened mail. Anne promises but fails to clean up for Mary’s high school graduation party, where Mary is being honored as her school’s valedictorian, causing her perfectionist daughter’s fear and shame to grow in tandem with the heaps upon heaps of junk. In spite of everything, their bond endures. Through the white dresses, pivotal events in their lives are celebrated, even as Mary tries in vain to save Anne from herself. Unflinchingly honest, insightful, and compelling, White Dresses is a beautiful, powerful story—and a reminder of the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters.


Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nanny by Nancy Salz Book Resume:

Nancy Salz reveals the pain of conflicted love for her mother and the longtime nanny who raised her. While searching for her late nanny's life story, Salz recovers their intense bond that survived derision and death and unearths secrets kept for nearly fifty years. Elizabeth Hanna, called Miss Hanna, was not of their world, but this was the world that she walked into. Her job was to keep the author fed, dressed, clean and loved. Salz soon learned that her own job was to protect her nanny and herself from the constant, cutting ridicule of her mother. Salz made a vow as a child never to speak of her love for her nanny, "that ugly woman," as her mother called her. When Salz was sixteen, Miss Hanna was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma; she moved from her tiny bedroom to a Dickensian public nursing home and then a Catholic hospice, where she died. In 2008, a few years after her mother died, Salz broke her vow and began a search for Miss Hanna and the orphan asylum where she had been raised. Generous strangers, the Internet and just plain luck helped Salz discover Miss Hanna's roots and secrets - and she finally understood why her nanny's eyes stayed sad, even when she smiled.

Leaving Shades

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Leaving Shades by Gloria Cook Book Resume:

When Beth returns to her childhood home, she discovers that much of her life has been based on deception... After a tragic miscarriage, Beth Tresaile returns to Owles House, the place of her miserable childhood, accompanied by her best friend, Kitty Copeland. Beth is determined to get revenge on her estranged mother, Christina, who neglected and abandoned her. But Beth slowly begins to discover that much of her childhood was built on deception. Kitty is captivated with Cornwall, and Beth reluctantly becomes involved with the locals. However, there are fresh troubles ahead when her married lover, Kitty’s brother, wants to come back into her life... A captivating Cornish saga filled with love and secrets, perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs and Margaret Dickinson.

The Lemon Tree Hotel

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Lemon Tree Hotel by Rosanna Ley Book Resume:

A story about love, family secrets, and a little piece of heaven . . . In the beautiful village of Vernazza, the Mazzone family have transformed an old convent overlooking the glamorous Italian Riviera into the elegant Lemon Tree Hotel. For Chiara, her daughter Elene and her granddaughter Isabella, the running of their hotel is the driving force in their lives. One day, two unexpected guests check in. The first, Dante, is a face from Chiara's past, but what exactly happened between them all those years ago, Elene wonders. Meanwhile, Isabella is preoccupied with the second guest, a mysterious young man who seems to know a lot about the history of the old convent and the people who live there. Isabella is determined to find out his true intentions and discover the secret past of the Lemon Tree Hotel.

Goodnight Amy

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Goodnight Amy by Victor Pemberton Book Resume:

A family united by war... divided by a terrible secret. Goodnight Amy is moving wartime saga from Victor Pemberton that follows a troubled family as they face desertion and shocking secrets. Perfect for fans of Pam Evans and Dilly Court. 'With so many novels using a war-time setting, it takes a special writer to ensure that his book stands out from the throng. Victor Pemberton is such a writer, and Goodnight Amy is a wonderfully detailed and involving study of a community surviving the destruction of war' - Barry Forshaw Agnes Dodds walked out of the small Islington house which she had called home, leaving her husband and four children, and disappeared into the streets of a London devastated by the Blitz. For her eldest daughter, Amy, there is no time to feel sorry; it is all she can do to hold the family together. With no mother and a father who is useless, Amy sees little hope for the future until she meets Tim Gudgeon. Tim, who is secretly in love with Amy, believes that he has seen Agnes. Suddenly Amy is full of determination to find Agnes and discover why she left. But Agnes took with her a secret strong enough to drive a mother from her children and one that Amy may wish she had never heard... What readers are saying about Goodnight Amy: 'A very good story - enjoyable, different [and] very down to earth' 'Enjoyable from start to finish' 'Takes you back in time - five stars'

Listening to the Quiet

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Listening to the Quiet by Gloria Cook Book Resume:

When new passions rise to the surface, old secrets threaten to ruin everything... Jo Venner returns to the Cornish tin-mining village to where she grew up to take up the post of schoolmistress filled with memories of the happy days she spent there as a child. Despite being rejected by her mother, she is determined to build a life in Parmath. She soon falls in love with Luke Vigus who stirs up feelings she has never known before. But Luke is burdened with the responsibility of an alcoholic mother and his three young half-siblings – and their relationship can never be accepted by the villagers. Meanwhile Marcus Lidgey, the schoolmaster, is drawn to Jo. Yet he too harbours a dark past and is gradually, dreadfully, losing his mind... An emotional saga of love and community set in Cornwall, perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs and Margaret Dickinson

The Secret Life of Love and Sex

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Secret Life of Love and Sex by Terence Watts Book Resume:

Just as a relationship needs love and sex to nurture it, so there are times when lies and secrets are necessary too. Some people seem to be able to get the balance just right without really trying very hard at all, while others never do seem to ‘get it'. Yet it's an easy trick to learn and here's your chance, because all these things and lots more are covered in vivid detail: Why personality matters and how to work it out; Understanding the amazing differences between men and women; How to get off to a good start; How to get back on track when things go wrong; Dealing with sexual difficulties - easily; Handling a break up by taking charge and ending it elegantly. Sharing your life with another is not an easy task - in fact the surprise is not so much that it often doesn't work but that it can be spectacularly successful! From page one onwards, you will begin to gain a stunning insight into how you can find and keep the love you've always wanted. Written by an expert in relationships and human nature, this book can set you on your way to true happiness.

Tomorrow the World

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Tomorrow the World by Josephine Cox Book Resume:

One snow storm. One choice. A lifetime of consequences. In Tomorrow the World, Josephine Cox writes a moving saga of heartache, friendship and longing. Perfect for fans of Cathy Sharp and Sheila Newberry. Bridget Mulligan loves her husband. He is caring, loyal and dependable - everything a woman could ask for. But she can't quite forget Harry - the one that got away - and when a snow storm drives her into his arms, the inevitable happens. Nine months later a child is born. Overcome with remorse, Bridget is determined that her husband should know the truth, but her confession can lead only to heartbreak. Although he allows his wife and her child to continue living in his home, Tom Mulligan makes it clear that their marriage is over. Lonely and afraid, Bridget finds comfort in the friendship of Fanny, a feisty young mother who knows what it is to be alone. But Bridget's life can never be complete until she has the love of the only man she ever really wanted... What readers are saying about Tomorrow the World: 'Brilliant read, loved it. I just couldn't put it down. Was disappointed when I finished it. Excellent writer, felt like I was in the story myself' 'I found this book hard to put down, the further you get into the book it gets more and more exciting' 'Gripping - five stars'

Love, Deception, Murder and Secrets

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love, Deception, Murder and Secrets by N.A Book Resume:

Download or read Love, Deception, Murder and Secrets book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

The Chocolatier: A Heartwarming Novel of Chocolate, Love, and Secrets on the Italian Coast

Love And Secrets Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Chocolatier: A Heartwarming Novel of Chocolate, Love, and Secrets on the Italian Coast by Jan Moran Book Resume:

A young widow. A husband she thought she knew. On the picturesque Italian coast of Amalfi lies a chocolatier's destiny... San Francisco, 1953: When widowed Celina Savoia, a chocolatière, takes her son to meet his father's family, she discovers her husband concealed a treacherous secret.