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Cultural Ideals of Home

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Cultural Ideals of Home by Deborah Chambers Book Resume:

Spanning the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, this book investigates how home is imagined, staged and experienced in western culture. Questions about meanings of ‘home’ and domestic culture are triggered by dramatic changes in values and ideals about the dwellings we live in and the dwellings we desire or dread. Deborah Chambers explores how home is idealised as a middle-class haven, managed as an investment, and signified as a status symbol and expression of personal identity. She addresses a range of public, state, commercial, popular and expert discourses about ‘home’: the heritage industry, design, exhibitions, television, social media, home mobilities and migration, smart technologies and ecological sustainability. Drawing on cross-disciplinary research including cultural history and cultural geography, the book offers a distinctive media and cultural studies approach supported by original, historically informed case studies on interior and domestic design; exhibitions of model homes; TV home interiors; ‘media home’ imaginaries; multiscreen homes; corporate visions of ‘homes of tomorrow’ and digital smart homes. A comprehensive and engaging study, this book is ideal for students and researchers of cultural studies, cultural history, media and communication studies, as well as sociology, gender studies, cultural geography and design studies.

Between Empty Nesting and the Old Age Home - Besting, Better Nesting

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Between Empty Nesting and the Old Age Home - Besting, Better Nesting by Bob Waun Book Resume:

The U.S. Real Estate market is changing in dynamic ways. This book is a must read for anyone who earns their income in real estate. The second home market is a bright light in real estate, and this book examines some of the trends that every American needs to know. 78 Million Boomers will retire in 15 years or less. Empty Nesting is the first brief phase of the housing revolution, 'Besting or Better Nesting' is the next and most important home choice of this generation's lifetime. Besting is about lifestyle, desires and dreams. This book explores the numerous new housing options including: Condo Hotel, Fractional, Timeshare and destination clubs; that will be the choice of the Baby Boom generation. 103 quick pages will transform your view of real estate as we have known it. Rave reviews for the power of Besting from insiders in the real estate and resort industries.

Timber Home Living

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Timber Home Living by N.A Book Resume:

Timber Home Living introduces and showcases the beauty and efficiency of timber homes to an eager custom home buying audience. The magazine’s inspiring photography, informative editorial, quality advertising and essential resources involves and encourages readers to pursue their dream home.

Best Life

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Best Life by N.A Book Resume:

Best Life magazine empowers men to continually improve their physical, emotional and financial well-being to better enjoy the most rewarding years of their life.

Home Territories

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Home Territories by David Morley Book Resume:

A study of how traditional ideas of home, homeland and nation have been destabilized by patterns of migration and communication technologies. Analyzing mobility and connectedness, Morley relates them to micro-structures in the home and to debates about the nation, community and cultural identity. Explores issues such as the role of gender in the construction of domesticity, and the conflation of ideas of maternity and home, and engages with recent debates about the 'territorialisation of culture'."

Green Home Computing For Dummies

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Green Home Computing For Dummies by Woody Leonhard,Katherine Murray Book Resume:

Make your computer a green machine and live greener at home and at work Get on board the green machine! Green home computing means making the right technology choice for the environment, whether it be a Windows-based or Mac-based computer and all the peripherals. In addition, it means learning how to properly and safely dispose of those items and how to use your computer to create a greener life at home and at work. Computer expert Woody Leonhard and green living guru Katherine Murray introduce you to the many green products that exist in the world of technology, including eco-friendly desktops, laptops, and servers; energy-efficient peripherals; and the numerous Web sites that offer advice on how to go green in nearly every aspect of your life. Bestselling author Woody Leonhard and green living guru Katherine Murray show you how to make your computer more eco-friendly Discusses buying a green computer and choosing eco-friendly peripherals Discover ways to manage your power with software and servers Provides helpful explanations that decipher how to understand your computer's power consumption With this invaluable insight, you'll discover that it actually is easy being green!

Home Sweet Zero Energy Home

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Home Sweet Zero Energy Home by Barry Rehfeld Book Resume:

Zero energy homes produce at least as much energy as they consume through a combination of energy efficiencies, passive design, and renewable energy production. California has adopted zero net energy as the new residential standard for 2020; many other governments are considering similar policies. Developing zero energy homes is the first step towards making all buildings zero energy—a critical step in mitigating climate change, since buildings account for forty percent of material and energy use worldwide. Home Sweet Zero Energy Home is the first practical guidebook that clearly shows how zero energy homes can be good, livable, affordable homes. The author identifies all the pieces of the zero energy puzzle and how they fall into place, and explains how homeowners and buyers can also take smaller steps towards sharply reducing the energy use of existing buildings. Focusing on real costs and savings, this book takes an in-depth look at: *Site selection and passive design *Insulation, windows, doors, and building materials *Heating and cooling *Appliances and electronics *Financial resources and incentives Whether you are a prospective buyer, owner, or developer, Home Sweet Zero Energy Home is your complete guide to creating a more comfortable, efficient, environmentally friendly home without breaking your back or your bank account. Barry Rehfeld has been a journalist for over thirty years and is the founder of the website Zero Energy Intelligence, where he writes about everything you need to know to build, buy, or renovate a home that produces as much energy as it uses.

Finding Your Way Home

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Finding Your Way Home by Lucynda Koesters Book Resume:

Part-Time Dad, Full-Time Heart is a book to encourage and give hope to Dads. Many changes in our society dictate a single adult raising children. Whether you are a part-time Dad due to divorce, a young Dad wishing to learn success secrets, you have chosen to be part-time due to employment arrangements, or any other innumerable reasons, this book is for you. Keith Jowers has a personal passion to reach Dads and communicates how to keep a connection to their children for life. He shares how Dads can change the next generation by their influence, character and love. He shares humorous, real-life stories, but simple and insightful ways to interact more with your children and make being a Dad exciting. Keith heard a judge by court order declare him a part-time Dad, but in his heart, he heard God's voice telling him he could have a full-time love and relationship with his daughter if he really wanted it. Each chapter of the book provides a commentary and perspective from his daughter, Kristina. She shares the proven, incredible difference that her Dad played in her life and what it means to a child's future to have the Dad connection.

Home Cape Town

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Home Cape Town by Craig Fraser Book Resume:

Home, Cape Town, combines photographs of the interiors of peoples homes with lifestyle street scenes, which will give the reader a vibrant sense of Cape Town living. Each house is unique and an expression of the owner. Quotes from the owners reflect the rich mosaic of living in Cape Town.

The Perfect Home for a Long Life

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The Perfect Home for a Long Life by Lyndsay Green Book Resume:

The Perfect Home for a Long Life responds to the anxieties of boomers and seniors about where to live when they grow old and their fears about ending up in a nursing home. This book is designed to help people plan their future by providing creative and concrete examples of the many ways they can organize their living arrangements to support lives of quality and fulfillment throughout their retirement years. Housing needs are as individual as the residents themselves, and The Perfect Home for a Long Life guides the reader to discover what their needs are and how to fulfill them. The Perfect Home for a Long Life looks at downsizing, modifying your home, and retirement communities, as well as innovative solutions such as cohousing, shared housing, supportive housing, along with a number of other creative options. The focus is on practical housing solutions and replicable ideas with insights into the benefits and challenges of each option. The ideas are illuminated through dozens of confidential interviews with seniors, who share insights into living arrangements that are working for them and why. Combining practical lived experiences with research, tips and resources, The Perfect Home for a Long Life is an essential guide for anyone experiencing retirement or planning for the future.

Zéro déchet

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Zéro déchet by Béa Johnson Book Resume:

Béa Johnson est une française installée aux États-Unis avec son mari Scott et leurs deux jeunes garçons. Elle s'est lancée dans une étonnante aventure : simplifier sa vie en réduisant ses déchets. Aujourd'hui, la famille Johnson n'en produit plus qu'un litre par an ! Dans ce livre, Béa nous dévoile des centaines d'astuces et de conseils pratiques pour adopter un mode de vie durable...

Miami Home Decor

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Miami Home Decor by Florida Design Inc. Book Resume:

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The Coach U Personal Development Workbook and Guide

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The Coach U Personal Development Workbook and Guide by Coach U, Inc. Book Resume:

Get this hands-on training guide to help you launch your coaching career. The Coach U Personal Development Workbook and Guide provides you with the tools you need to build your personal foundation -- preparing yourself to successfully coach others. The detailed and flexible self-assessment lesson plans allow you to set your own pace while engaging in a continuous process of self-awareness and self-improvement. Thousands of people who have completed the personal foundation module have found it helps them to develop the critical tools necessary to become a truly effective and successful coach. As personal and professional coaching continues to prove its benefits to businesses and individuals, Coach U, Inc., through its Coach U and Corporate Coach U divisions, remains the recognized leader for professional coach training and certification. Founded in 1988, Coach U, Inc., is the largest provider of online training for individuals interested in entering the fields of personal and professional coaching. Coach U, Inc., has educated more than ten thousand people, providing them the information, tools, and knowledge they need to successfully enter the fast-growing world of life, career, business, and corporate coaching.

In Defense of the American Teen

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In Defense of the American Teen by Ryan Teves Book Resume:

As a tutor, and as a certified math and science teacher, complaints similar in nature, came up time and time again regarding our secondary schools and their inability to excite our young. More importantly, these complaints seem to match the experiences of the author himself in reflecting back on the middle and high school years. This book brings merit to the feelings of our young and makes some suggestions for fresh change. While light and somtimes in jest, the book points out real deficiencies in the secondary school experience and takes on the noble task of defending the American teen. Our young are the brightest and kindest in the world and should be labeled as such.

Contested Spatialities, Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism

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Contested Spatialities, Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism by Michael Janoschka,Heiko Haas Book Resume:

Lifestyle Migration and Residential Tourism represent a major trend in individualized societies worldwide, which is attracting a rapidly growing interest from the academic community. This volume for the first time, critically analyses the spatial, social and political consequences of such leisure-oriented mobilities and migrations. The book approaches the topic from a multidisciplinary and international perspective, unifying different branches of research, such as lifestyle migration, amenity migration, retirement migration, and second home tourism. By covering a variety of regions and landscapes such as mountain and coastal areas, rural and inland communities this volume productively engages with the formal and analytical variations of the phenomenon resulting in an enriching debate at the intersection of different areas of research. Amongst others, topics like political contest and civic participation of lifestyle migrants, their impacts on local communities, social tensions and inequalities induced by the phenomenon, as well as modes of transnational living, home and belonging will be thoroughly explored. This thought provoking volume will provide deep analytical and conceptual insights into the contested geographies of lifestyle migration and further knowledge into the spatial, social and political consequences of leisure-oriented mobilities. It will be valuable reading for students, researchers and academics from a plethora of academic disciplines.

The Life Book

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The Life Book by Nina Grunfeld Book Resume:

A one-stop-shop and life-long reference for all your self-help needs. From fitness to self esteem, from confidence to creativity, The Life Bookis the only self-help book you'll ever need to buy. Full colour, highly illustrated and beautifully executed, the book is very visually enticing. A unique proposition and probably the most mass-market self-help book ever published. A broad appeal that spans serious, serial personal development buyers, those brand new to the genre and those with a just passing interest. A practical, usable, easy to access guide with real value. Or a great coffee-table book you can dip in and out of. The ultimate life skills book which is ideal for front-list led displays and personal development sections with limited space. A world-class, highly-regarded author who is an expert in her field. Great perceived value: the high-concept finish, visually-enticing internal design and extensive content will make this book a great value purchase.

Faith Begins @ Home Prayer

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Faith Begins @ Home Prayer by Mark Holmen Book Resume:

Parents want to pray at home with their children, but many don't know where to start. This new series of Faith Begins @Home resources is designed to help parents bring faith home. Faith Begins @Home Prayer is an easy-to-use resource that starts from square one and ends in a 24/7 lifestyle of family faith. Parents will find step-by-step tips and age-appropriate guides for leading kids into a lifestyle of prayer, as well as true-life stories from families experiencing the power and blessing of God in their homes as they develop their "spiritual skills" with their children.

Consumed: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending

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Consumed: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending by Andrew Benett,Ann O'Reilly Book Resume:

As the effects of the global recession linger, consumers everywhere are changing their purchasing patterns, paying greater attention to what and why they are buying, and from whom. While many feel rampant spending is hard-wired into the modern psyche and that we will be back to our wasteful ways soon enough, there are clear indications of a permanent shift in the way we shop. Even before the economic downturn, consumers' definitions of value had begun to change. People were becoming more mindful about their purchases and more attuned to the social and environmental implications of their choices. To better understand this important evolution and its ramifications for business, Andrew Benett and Anne O'Reilly launched a groundbreaking study on the New Consumer and the escalating dissatisfaction over hyperconsumerism. Here, for the first time, is an in-depth look at the new face of the global consumer, showing that: • A significant majority in the seven markets surveyed are deeply worried about the direction in which our consumption-obsessed society is moving. They believe people have become both physically and mentally lazy, and that, as a society, we have lost sight of what truly matters. • Two-thirds believe they would be better off if they lived more simply, and a quarter say they would be happier if they owned fewer things. • Half of Americans surveyed are deriving a sense of satisfaction from reducing their purchases during the downturn, and three-quarters are feeling good about cutting back on the amount of waste they create. • A majority of Americans have no intention of going back to their old shopping patterns, even when the economy rebounds. Now, as the consumer voice signals its changed priorities, forward-thinking companies are responding by rejecting excess and artificiality in favor of products and communications that offer authenticity, substance, and interconnectedness—all values today's more mindful consumer craves. In this book, the brand experts look at corporations as diverse as Glenmorangie and Wal-Mart to see what lessons they can offer to businesses attempting to grow in the postconsumerism era. They also spoke with corporate leaders in a variety of industries to learn how they are recasting their businesses and brands in order to prepare for the changes ahead. Through cutting-edge research and a sharp look at new industry models, Consumed provides real direction for marketers and managers.

Home Designs Indoor/outdoor

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Home Designs Indoor/outdoor by N.A Book Resume:

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