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Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives

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Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives by N.A Book Resume:

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Japanese Experience with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

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Japanese Experience with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery by Masaaki Yamamoto Book Resume:

This publication provides an excellent overview of Japan's 20-year experience with stereotactic radiosurgery using the Leksell Gamma Knife. Leading experts discuss their long-term results with gamma knife radiosurgery. Studies focusing on dose selection for optimal treatment results and avoidance of complications are also presented. In addition, gamma knife treatments of extracranial pathologies are reviewed.

Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing for Combat

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Knife Fighting, Knife Throwing for Combat by Michael D. Echanis Book Resume:

Soldier of Fortune magazine described the late Michael D Echanis as "one of the leading experts of hand-to-hand combat in the world". Before creating one of the most effective knife-defence systems in modern warfare, Echanis studied under the supreme grandmaster of hwa rang do, Joo Bang Lee, and specialised in un shin bup, the Korean counterpart to ninjutsu.

Gamma Knife Brain Surgery

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Gamma Knife Brain Surgery by L. Dade Lunsford,Douglas Kondziolka,John C. Flickinger Book Resume:

'The book is compact and well presented and can certainly be recommended for the departmental library.'

The Country of the Knife

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The Country of the Knife by Robert E. Howard Book Resume:

A spy is murdered and information is entrusted to an Englishman to take to El Borak… but the way to reach El Borak is filled with peril!

Knife Self-Defense for Combat

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Knife Self-Defense for Combat by Michael D. Echanis Book Resume:

In the study of unconventional warfare, few names carry as much weight as Michael D. Echanis. The shadowy hand-to-hand combat pioneer died under mysterious circumstances, but before meeting a violent, fiery death in an unexplained plane crash in Nicaragua, he penned Knife Self-Defence for Combat, the definitive guide to controlling and disarming a knife attacker and a must-have for any paramilitary operative. Previously unavailable to the general public on the open market, this modern mercenary's favorite contains more than 30 fully illustrated techniques.

Knife crime

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Knife crime by Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Home Affairs Committee Book Resume:

Incorporating HC 1206-i, session 2007-08 previously unpublished

Knives 2020

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Knives 2020 by Joe Kertzman Book Resume:

Discover stunning custom knives! Throughout history, knives of untold numbers of styles, materials and designs have been carried as tools, weapons and adornments -- and each knife has a distinct attraction all its own. That allure has helped custom knifemaking evolve, and continue to grow and thrive today. The pages of Knives 2020, 40th Edition give you the most elite crop of knives and makers that the world of blades has to offer. Knives 2020 showcases blades of every class and style with more than 800 spectacular full-color images, along with descriptions of the makers who created them. Inside this 40th edition of Knives you will find captivating feature articles on a wide variety of knife styles and designs, the latest trends and state of the art in materials, patterns and fabrication that will not disappoint any knife enthusiast--whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned edge aficionado. In addition, you can utilize the completely updated Custom Knifemaker Directory to find the creator of your next favorite blade. Enthralling articles about the legendary Bowie knife, Wharncliffe edges, tomahawk evolution, dive knives, traveling with blades, tactical folders and more. Trends chapter with the hottest designs for flippers, daggers, sushi knives, fighters, straight razors, tantos, folding saws, ultra-thin setups and pocketknives. State of the Art chapter parades carved, sculpted, damascus, engraved, san mai steel and artisan knives from some of the world's most skilled craftsmen. The comprehensive Custom Knifemaker Directory includes contact information, websites, specialties, materials, price ranges, tools, tang stamps and comments. Knives 2020 is your go-to resource for all things knives, blades and edges. Dive into the world's greatest knife book and discover the wonderful universe of custom blades.

The Knife and Gun Club

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The Knife and Gun Club by Eugene Richards Book Resume:

Award-winning photographer Eugene Richards was asked by a magazine to report on what happens inside a typical emergency room. Once inside, he took photograps, talked with doctors and nurses and made friends with paramedics. He discovered a world he never knew existed. The Knife And Gun Club is the fascinating account of his exploration of emergency room medicine. Serial in LIFE magazine.

In Dull Knife's Wake

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In Dull Knife's Wake by Vernon R. Maddux,Albert Glenn Maddux Book Resume:

In 1877, after the defeat of Custer at Little Bighorn, the U.S. Government removed the Northern Cheyenne from their traditional homelands to a reservation in Indian Territory(Oklahoma.) This is the story surrounding the breakout of the Northern Cheyenne from Darlington Reservation in 1878 and their bloody but futile attempt to return to their homeland in Montana.

Knife Fighting

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Knife Fighting by Sammy Franco Book Resume:

Be Prepared for the Fast, Furious and Fatal World of Knife Fighting Written by world renowned martial arts expert Sammy Franco, Knife Fighting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Practical Knife Fighting for Self-Defense prepares you for the deadly world of knife fighting. Complete and Comprehensive Knife Fighting Instruction With over 200 photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, this comprehensive book cuts through the guess work and teaches you the most practical and effective knife fighting techniques for real-world survival. Knife Fighting Will Teach You: • How to choose the best combat knife • Knife carry, quick draw and concealment strategies • Knife grips, stances, ranges and footwork • How to control fear during a knife fight • Knife targeting and reaction dynamics • Knife cuts and angles of attack • Franco’s knife fighting blueprint • Knife fighting defensive skills • Knife fighting training drills and exercises • And much, much more 35+ Years of Real-World Knife Fighting Experience Whether you are a beginner or seasoned knife fighting expert, Knife Fighting: A Step-by-Step Guide to Practical Knife Fighting for Self-Defense teaches you battle-tested knife fighting skills that will get you home alive and in one piece.

Kitchen Knife Skills

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Kitchen Knife Skills by Marianne Lumb Book Resume:

Good knife skills can be the most important ingredient in preparing a dish. Mastering professional knife skills makes a cook not only faster but safer as well. Kitchen Knife Skills shows the home cook how to choose and care for knives, how to keep them sharp and how to make the best use of their most important features. This comprehensive guide details the standard professional techniques used by chefs the world over, allowing the home cook to work just like the professionals -- quickly, effectively and stylishly. Detailed, step-by-step photos and instructions show how to prepare anything in the kitchen, including: -Vegetables -Fruits -Herbs -Poultry and meat -Fish -Bread and cakes From filleting a fish to fanning a piece of fruit, every knife and knife skill is described in detail in this outstanding resource book. Using this guide, anyone can cook like a professional chef.


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Knife by Janet Oluwapeyibomi Adebanwo Book Resume:

Writing this book has given me the privilege to know more about youth crime, than I ever knew. As a youth myself, i pains me to see other teenagers and youth dying primarily in the hands of their fellow youths. And it makes me feel so sick. So one of the reasons for writing this book is to reach out to the youths out there so that they can change for the better. This book is written to show the youths that taking people's lives is something that is evil and shouldn't be allowed to continue.

Knives 2011

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Knives 2011 by Joe Kertzman Book Resume:

A Stunning Showcase Of Custom Knives&break; The craft of knifemaking is alive and well, as evidenced by the stunning edged masterpieces revealed between the covers of the best book on blades ever published—Knives 2011. The art of fashioning knives includes carving, engraving, sculpting, scrimshaw, jewel inlaying, damascus-making and more. Never have so many embellishments been revealed in one medium, then captured in a full-color, glossy, photo-driven book such as this must-have volume that's ready for the coffee table or special place on the bookshelf.&break; Treat yourself to feature stories covering one of the best wedges in the business, friction forging, “Swordplay Renaissance-Style,” the latest in cleaver offerings, “Scrimshaw That Drives Men Crazy” and villagers' blade art. Learn how one knife collector—Paul Lansingh—is giving back to the world of knives. Find out the answer to the question, “Why Do We Love Knives?” Follow author James Ayres and his wife, Mary Lou, on their quest to find carbon steel along the cobblestone streets of Europe. In the Factory Trends section, take a look at the newest in “Blue Collar Blades.”&break; In between, enjoy the latest Trends and State Of The Art in knives. It's a trip worth taking. The pages are palpable, the text worth reading and the pictures worth a thousand words and more. Each bladed creation is a work of art in its own right, and a credit to its maker.

The Phase I Archeological Research Program for the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

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The Phase I Archeological Research Program for the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site by Thomas David Thiessen Book Resume:

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Kage Dojo Knife Defense System

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Kage Dojo Knife Defense System by Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D Book Resume:

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Knives Cooks Love

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Knives Cooks Love by Sur La Table,Sarah Jay Book Resume:

In "Knives Cooks Love," trusted cookware authority Sur La Table teams up with writer Jay to guide chefs of all levels so their knives will last a lifetime. The nuances between knife blades and handles are discussed, and numerous cutting techniques are showcased. These skills are then put to the test with more than 20 knife-essential, tantalizing recipes.

Gamma Knife Surgery

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Gamma Knife Surgery by Jeremy Ganz Book Resume:

Radiosurgery has become an established technique, with more than 15000 patients treated world-wide, most of them in the last five years. Yet, there is much uncertainty in the general medical community as to the nature, advantages and limitations of the method. This uncertainty provokes unnecessary debate between colleagues and is a source of avoidable stress to patients. This book provides an account of the scientific basis of radiosurgery and describes its current applications in respect of the only well established radiosurgical device, the Leksell Gamma Knife. The book assumes the general medical knowledge of a newly qualified medical practitioner. There are three sections. The first outlines the rationale for radiosurgery and the principles of stereotaxy, radiophysics and radiobiology. The middle section, consisting of a single chapter, describes what a potential patient may expect to experience. In the final section, the current applications are gone through, one by one, indicating what can and what cannot be achieved. The book is intended for neurologists, neurosurgeons, internists, otolaryngologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, general practitioners, medical students and anyone else who might wish to refer a patient to or advise a patient about Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

Knife Fighting Fundamentals

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Knife Fighting Fundamentals by Street Defense, Inc International,Foster Stanback Book Resume:

Knife Fighting Fundamentals provides an overview of effective unarmed defenses against knife attacks as well as tactics that can be employed when carrying a knife for self-defense. The book includes detailed illustrations of each technique. There is also helpful information about how to avoid knife encounters, the psychological and physiological effects of a knife attack, how to choose the best knife for personal protection, and legal considerations.

The Knife

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The Knife by Pauline Cartwright Book Resume:

George takes his grandmother's special knife without asking and loses it.