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It by Stephen King Book Resume:

They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they were grown-up men and women who had gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them could withstand the force that drew them back to Derry, Maine to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.

It Happens Every Summer

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It Happens Every Summer by David Rogers Book Resume:

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IT Professional's Guide to Desktop Control

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IT Professional's Guide to Desktop Control by TechRepublic Book Resume:

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The Way Hollywood Tells it

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The Way Hollywood Tells it by David Bordwell Book Resume:

Includes information on Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Asian films, Brian de Plama, European cinema, Alfred Hitchcock, Hong Kong films, Sam Peckinpah, Arthur Penn, Otto Preminger, Brett Ratner, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Orson Welles, American Graffiti, At Long Last Love, A Beautiful Mind, Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Jaws, Jerry Maguire, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Matrix trilogy, Memento, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sixth Sense, Star Wars series, Two Weeks Notice, arcing shots, axis of action, black and white footage, camera movement, characterization, climax, close ups, comedies, complicating action, cutting, dialogue hook, directors, editing, energy, epilogue, establishing shots, fantasy, film noir, flashbacks, following shots, foreshadowing, four part structure, framing, handheld shots, heroes, horror, hyperclassical construction, independent films, innovation, intensified continuity, intercutting, long lens, long takes, low budget films, montage sequences, motifs, multiple camera shooting, narrative, over the shoulder shots, overt narration, plot, postclassical cinema, protagonists, puzzle films, rapid cutting, reverse order plotting, romantic comedy, science fiction, set up, shots, singles, soundtracks, special effects, Stedicam, story development, studio era, television, thrillers, time, tracking shots, video, violence, visceral effects, visual style, wide angle lens, wide screen, wipe by cuts, wipes, etc.


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IT by Ayers Brooks Book Resume:

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Agile IT Organization Design

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Agile IT Organization Design by Sriram Narayan Book Resume:

Design IT Organizations for Agility at Scale Aspiring digital businesses need overall IT agility, not just development team agility. In Agile IT Organization Design , IT management consultant and ThoughtWorks veteran Sriram Narayan shows how to infuse agility throughout your organization. Drawing on more than fifteen years’ experience working with enterprise clients in IT-intensive industries, he introduces an agile approach to “Business–IT Effectiveness” that is as practical as it is valuable. The author shows how structural, political, operational, and cultural facets of organization design influence overall IT agility—and how you can promote better collaboration across diverse functions, from sales and marketing to product development, and engineering to IT operations. Through real examples, he helps you evaluate and improve organization designs that enhance autonomy, mastery, and purpose: the key ingredients for a highly motivated workforce. You’ll find “close range” coverage of team design, accountability, alignment, project finance, tooling, metrics, organizational norms, communication, and culture. For each, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where your organization stands, and clear direction for making improvements. Ready to optimize the performance of your IT organization or digital business? Here are practical solutions for the long term, and for right now. Govern for value over predictability Organize for responsiveness, not lowest cost Clarify accountability for outcomes and for decisions along the way Strengthen the alignment of autonomous teams Move beyond project teams to capability teams Break down tool-induced silos Choose financial practices that are free of harmful side effects Create and retain great teams despite today’s “talent crunch” Reform metrics to promote (not prevent) agility Evolve culture through improvements to structure, practices, and leadership—and careful, deliberate interventions

Pitch It!

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Pitch It! by Dev Prasad Book Resume:

Pitch It! is an innovative and delightful book consisting of enthralling anecdotes linking top cricketing giants and corporate moguls that will act as a catalyst for professionals to soar to top echelons in their respective fields. Peppered with fascinating case studies from an eclectic spectrum of industries ranging from IT, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Aerospace, Banking, Petrochemicals, and Food & Beverages, Pitch It! provides the essential blueprint for creating and sustaining winning organizations. ‘Pitch It! is a great compilation of winning strategies... Greatly enjoyed following winning habits through the lenses of two different arenas I love’—K Srinivas, President, Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel Limited ‘A great assembly of vignettes of the game and its relevance in business. Loved each chapter...makes you want to go back to it each time. Unputdownable!’—S.V. Nathan, Director, Deloitte Pitch It! has a foreword by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and epilogue by former Indian cricketer & coach, Venkatesh Prasad. Dev prasad’s debut book KRISHNA: A Journey Through the Lands & Legends of Krishna was longlisted for 2010 Vodafone Crossword Award.

To Whom It May Concern... In the struggle

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To Whom It May Concern... In the struggle by Nadia Dunlap Book Resume:

This book is a must read for anyone who may have been, or knows someone who is heartbroken and wants to heal and doesn’t know how to heal. The complexity of pain has no name, no boundaries and has no respect for any person. Emotional pain doesn’t and for permission or care about your background or economic standing. Pain invites itself in all of our lives at one point or another. Yet, by holding this book, you have made the first crucial step towards self-healing. You have decided to look beyond the present and imagine your life as you want it to be“To whom it may concern” is an emotionally charged book full of motivating stories that were written for all shattered hearts and the never ending tears of people all around the world. For the lost, the confused and for those who feel they can’t make it another day. This book is especially for you: Yes, there is someone who understands, who cares and wants you to heal and see you never go through these experiences or situations again. This book exposes all hurts, open and closed wounds, through such a deeply emotional narrative, that you will be able to identify with each and every story within. Whatever your pain, within these pages you will find the source of hope and discover the healing in transparency – raw emotions, the almost physical sense of pain and loss – that will help you open the door that has kept your struggles hidden for far too long. Supported by alarming statistics and the signs for certain behaviors and patterns that will help you recognize that your path has been walked many times before, but can have a happy ending. Upon reading these stories, you will find the courage to say no, call for help, quit an improper lifestyle or just find the will to love yourself, maybe for the first time. We only have one life to live and deserve to happy in this life. Let “To whom it may concern” help you heal from every hurt and pain that lies deep inside your heart. Read this book today.... It will change your tomorrow for forever.

Does It Matter?

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Does It Matter? by Nicholas G. Carr Book Resume:

Over the last decade, and even since the bursting of the technology bubble, pundits, consultants, and thought leaders have argued that information technology provides the edge necessary for business success. IT expert Nicholas G. Carr offers a radically different view in this eloquent and explosive book. As IT's power and presence have grown, he argues, its strategic relevance has actually decreased. IT has been transformed from a source of advantage into a commoditized "cost of doing business"--with huge implications for business management. Expanding on Carr's seminal Harvard Business Review article that generated a storm of controversy, Does IT Matter? provides a truly compelling--and unsettling--account of IT's changing business role and its leveling influence on competition. Through astute analysis of historical and contemporary examples, Carr shows that the evolution of IT closely parallels that of earlier technologies such as railroads and electric power. He goes on to lay out a new agenda for IT management, stressing cost control and risk management over innovation and investment. And he examines the broader implications for business strategy and organization as well as for the technology industry. A frame-changing statement on one of the most important business phenomena of our time, Does IT Matter? marks a crucial milepost in the debate about IT's future. An acclaimed business writer and thinker, Nicholas G. Carr is a former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review.

It Cannot Be Stormed

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It Cannot Be Stormed by Ernst von Salomon Book Resume:

Disaffected intellectual Iversen runs a small newspaper in Weimar, Germany, during the 1920s. He becomes involved in the Farmers' Movement and heckles the oppressive, debt-ridden German institutions in the name of traditional peasants' rights. He is left only with his sense of attachment to the rural life to which he's never quite belonged, and his loyalty to Claus Heim as he navigates a dark world that is careening toward disaster.

IT Manager's Guide to Business Strategy

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IT Manager's Guide to Business Strategy by TechRepublic Book Resume:

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Life (Or Something Like It) at Mallard High

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Life (Or Something Like It) at Mallard High by Greg Martini Book Resume:

I dont yell at people. I just shatter them emotionally and make them cry. Meet Tony Calamari. Freshman year at Mallard High does not begin well. For one thing, too many adults are telling him what to do, and there are too many annoying kids he has to spend four more years with. Like the last nine years werent bad enough (yes, hes counting kindergarten). If only he could ignore as many people as possible, but no one will let him. Which is just typical. Then one day he finds himself assigned to a classroom where maybe, just maybe, he might begin to like high school in spite of himself.

Your Mind And How To Use It

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Your Mind And How To Use It by William Walker Atkinson Book Resume:

A manual of practical psychology. The values to be derived from such a work are necessarily suggestive, and nothing is more powerfully helpful to any one than suggestions. So when considering in this book the subjects of mind and will, ably and interestingly presented by Mr. Atkinson, the reader must be benefitted, for it is the law of suggestion that attributes, elements of greatness within respond to suggestions from without. No one, therefore, can carefully read this book without awakening responsiveness and obtaining a further knowledge and control of the faculties therein treated.

Monitoring Internal Control Systems and IT

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Monitoring Internal Control Systems and IT by ISACA Book Resume:

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It's Called the Sugar Plum

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It's Called the Sugar Plum by Israel Horovitz Book Resume:

THE STORY: Zuckerman, a college student, has ran over and killed a young man riding a skate board. As the play opens he is in his room pasting newspaper clippings into a scrapbook, humming contentedly, as he listens to a report of the accident on the radio. There is a knock at the door. Joanna, the fiancee of the dead man, enters in tears of accusation. After her initial tirade it's not long before they end up in each other's arms and in bed, quarreling over the amount of space devoted to each of them in the newspaper's report of the accident. Zuckerman's outrage during the quarrel is the only emotion he feels, whereas shedding tears is no problem for Joanna. But what amuses and disturbs them most is the chilling speed with which their instinctive self-concern overcomes the grief of the one and the guilt of the other. What develops is an intense new liaison between the two of them which quickly erases all memories of the departed.

Nothing Like It In the World

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Nothing Like It In the World by Stephen E. Ambrose Book Resume:

Chronicles the race to finish the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s and the exploits, sacrifices, triumphs, and tragedies of the individuals who made it happen.

Is it Righteous to Be?

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Is it Righteous to Be? by Emmanuel Lévinas,Jill Robbins Book Resume:

In the twenty interviews collected in this volume, seventeen of which appear in English for the first time, Levinas sets forth the central features of his ethical philosophy and discusses biographical matters not available elsewhere.

How to Solve It

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How to Solve It by G. Polya Book Resume:

A perennial bestseller by eminent mathematician G. Polya, How to Solve It will show anyone in any field how to think straight. In lucid and appealing prose, Polya reveals how the mathematical method of demonstrating a proof or finding an unknown can be of help in attacking any problem that can be "reasoned" out—from building a bridge to winning a game of anagrams. Generations of readers have relished Polya's deft—indeed, brilliant—instructions on stripping away irrelevancies and going straight to the heart of the problem.