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IPhoto 2 for Mac OS X

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

IPhoto 2 for Mac OS X by Adam C. Engst Book Resume:

Explains how to import, organize, modify, and share photographs using the Macintosh photograph editing and management software.

IPhoto 2

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

IPhoto 2 by David Pogue,Joseph Schorr,Derrick Story Book Resume:

Explains how to import, organize, modify, and share photographs using the Macintosh photograph editing and management software.

iPhoto 2 For Dummies

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

iPhoto 2 For Dummies by Curt Simmons Book Resume:

If you have a Mac with OS X and a digital camera, iPhoto For Dummies unlocks all the secrets to taking great digital pictures and doing just about anything with them. And if you already have piles of photos scanned into your computer from other sources, don’t fret—iPhoto works with them, too. Discover the easy ways to edit and enhance photos, fix common problems like that eerie “red-eye” effect, organize your photos for easy access and security, and even how to create a hard-bound photo album. And because pictures are twice the fun if you share them, iPhoto For Dummies shows you how to print those great shots for framing, turn them into a slide show or a Web site gallery, or even mix them with video clips and music to create a movie you can burn to a DVD to produce a truly one-of-a-kind gift. A jargon-free guide to importing, organizing, editing, and sharing digital or scanned photos using the latest version of Apple’s iPhoto application for Mac OS X. Softcover.

IPhoto 5

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

IPhoto 5 by David Pogue,Derrick Story Book Resume:

iPhoto 5 allows the user to "transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them and publish , print or share them. This version offers 50 new features - but a pritned manual isn't among them." - back cover.

IPhoto 4

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

IPhoto 4 by David Pogue,Derrick Story Book Resume:

Introduces digital photography and explains how to import, modify, organize, transfer, and present photographs using the Macintosh photograph editing and management software.

IPhoto '08

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

IPhoto '08 by David Pogue,Derrick Story Book Resume:

Apple has taken iPhoto 08 to a whole new level. Now, in addition to handling upwards of 250,000 images, the program lets you easily categorize and navigate through those photos with a feature called "Events". Plus, new editing tools let you copy and paste adjustments between photos. Books and calendars have been improved, too, as has the program's ability to publish pictures on the Web. Apple makes it all sound easy: drag this, click that, and you're done. But you can still get lost, especially if you're a newcomer. iPhoto '08: The Missing Manual explains how to take advantage of all these powerful tools and new features without confusion or frustration. Bestselling authors David Pogue and Derrick Story give you a witty, objective, and clear-cut explanation of how things work, with plenty of undocumented tips and tricks for mastering the new iPhoto. Four sections help you import, organize, edit, share, and even take your photos: Digital Photography: The Missing Manual offers a course in picture-taking and digital cameras -- how to buy and use your digital camera, how to compose brilliant photos in various situations (sports, portraits, nighttime shots, even kid photography), and how to get the most out of batteries and memory cards. iPhoto Basics covers the fundamentals of getting your photos into iPhoto, organizing and filing them, searching and editing them. Meet Your Public teaches you all about slideshows, making or ordering prints, creating books, calendars and greeting cards, and sharing photos on web sites or by email. iPhoto Stunts explains how to turn photos into screen savers or desktop pictures, using plug-ins, managing Photo Libraries, and even getting photos to and from camera phones and Palm organizers. You also learn how to build a personal web site built with iWeb, and much more in this comprehensive guide. It's the top-selling iPhoto book for good reason.

Mac OS X Hands-on Training

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mac OS X Hands-on Training by Garrick Chow Book Resume:

Explores the new Macintosh operating system, covering topics such as organizing files, running applications, communicating via e-mail, and navigating the Internet.

101 trucs indispensables à connaître sur Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

101 trucs indispensables à connaître sur Mac OS X Snow Leopard by Pierre Fontaine Book Resume:

Journaliste spécialisé dans l'informatique et les nouvelles technologies, Pierre Fontaine s'intéresse particulièrement aux utilisations du Nat et au monde du Libre. Il est également co-auteur de plusieurs ouvrages chez Micro Application, ayant pour sujet la sécurité, les réseaux, le montage de serveurs ou les logiciels libres.

Taking Your iPhoto '11 to the Max

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taking Your iPhoto '11 to the Max by Michael Grothaus Book Resume:

Taking Your iPhoto '11 to the Max walks users through Apple's most popular software application in the iLife suite—iPhoto. This book helps readers use iPhoto to its fullest to organize and create digital memories and keepsakes. Learn all about Apple's newest version of iPhoto—iPhoto ‘11 Explore iPhoto, one menu button at a time Walk-through tutorials guide you step-by-step

Le Mac Pas à Pas pour les Nuls, Nouvelle édition

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Le Mac Pas à Pas pour les Nuls, Nouvelle édition by Bernard JOLIVALT Book Resume:

Un livre indispensable pour réussir le premier contact avec son nouveau compagnon qu'il soit portable ou de bureau La collection Pas à Pas Pour les Nuls Ce sont des livres en couleurs au format poche agrandi qui inaugurent un nouveau concept dans la collection. Ces livres sont des créations originales qui se proposent de vous former aux différentes fonctions d'un logiciel en suivant des pas à pas très pédagogiques. Contrairement aux autres Nuls qui sont des livres de référence, ici, on prend une tâche, et on déroule son processus étape par étape. Chaque tâche est décrite sur deux pages, le texte en page de gauche et les illustrations correspondantes en page de droite. Toutes les tâches sont regroupées dans des parties thématiques. Au programme : Les différents types de Mac Découverte du bureau de Mac OS X Le Dock Les menus du Finder Se déplacer dans les dossiers Gérer les fenêtres Connexion à Internet Surfer sur le Web avec Safari Envoyer et recevoir des emails Gérer et retoucher ses photos Géolocalisation Musique et vidéo sur le Mac

Digital Photography

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Digital Photography by Ken Milburn Book Resume:

Provides information on digital photography, covering such topics as getting the best shot, panoramas, photo corrections, converting photographs to paintings, retouching photographs, color printing, and creating a digital slide show.

Meet iPhoto for iOS 6

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Meet iPhoto for iOS 6 by Lisa L. Spangenberg Book Resume:

With iPhoto for iOS, browsing, editing, and sharing your photos is just a tap away. iPhoto for iOS takes full advantage of gestures on an iPad or iPhone for editing and manipulating photos and lets you easily share your photos over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through social networks, email, and the Web. With this practical and invaluable guide, you,ll learn how to polish and show off your photos. Author Lisa L. Spangenberg will show you how to get images onto your iOS device; work with photos, albums, and events; edit and adjust photos; and share your finished work.

My iPhoto

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

My iPhoto by Michael Grothaus Book Resume:

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhoto screenshots that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into iPhoto problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from iPhoto. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing everything you want to do with iPhoto. Learn how to Import your photos Flag and rate your photos Search your photos by text, date, keywords, and more Organize your photos into events and albums Create Smart albums Create Faces albums to group photos of your friends and family together Use Places to see a map of everywhere you’ve taken a photo Enhance and retouch your photos Add effects and filters to your photos Use iPhoto’s advanced editing tools Create printed books, cards, and calendars using your photos Create slideshows Share your photos online via iCloud, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and more

OS X Yosemite All-in-One For Dummies

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

OS X Yosemite All-in-One For Dummies by Mark L. Chambers Book Resume:

Get the most out of the latest version of OS X This reference combines eight content-rich minibooks in one complete package to give you all-access, easy-to-understand coverage of the key features and tools needed to get the most out of the latest OS X release from Apple. In OS X Yosemite All-in-One For Dummies, you'll learn the ins and outs of OS X basics, navigating and running programs, searching with Spotlight, having fun with Photo Booth, keeping in touch with Contacts, using Reminders, writing in Notes, setting up the Notification Center, customizing the OS X desktop, jamming with iTunes, organizing and tweaking photos with iPhoto, making movie magic with iMovie, turning your Mac into a DVD theater, publishing documents with Pages, chatting with Messages and FaceTime, letting your imagination run wild with iBooks, expanding your horizons with iCloud, and so much more. Combining the power and stability of UNIX with Apple's legendary elegance and style, OS X is the default operating system installed on every desktop and laptop computer sold by Apple. In OS X Yosemite All-in-One For Dummies, you'll get the best-of-the-best content from indispensable For Dummies books: Introducing OS X; Customizing and Sharing; The Digital hub; Using iWork; The Typical Internet Stuff; Networking in OS X; Expanding Your System; and Advanced OS X. Goes well beyond the basics of how to use OS X Covers the key features and tools essential for all users of OS X Shows you how to use OS X to make your work and personal life more organized and fun If you're a first-time Apple consumer just switching over from a PC, or a beginner-to-intermediate Mac user upgrading to the newest version of OS X, this comprehensive and all-encompassing guide will have you whizzing around OS X like a pro in no time.

iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual by David Pogue,Lesa Snider Book Resume:

With better ways to get your photos online and new options for creating printed projects, iPhoto '11 makes it easier than ever to transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them, and publish, print, or share them in maps—but there's still no printed manual for the program. Fortunately, David Pogue and Lesa Snider team up in this witty, authoritative book that should have been in the box. Organize your collection. Discover all of the options for grouping your pictures—by events, in albums, or based on who’s in the photo or where it was taken. Sharpen your editing skills. Learn how to use iPhoto’s beefed-up editing options, including its Photoshop-like adjustments panel. Share images online. Get your photos to everyone on your list by publishing them to Flickr, Facebook, and MobileMe. Dive into creative projects. Have fun building slideshows (with music), gift books, calendars, and cards.

Mac Digital Photography

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mac Digital Photography by Dennis R. Cohan,Erica Sadun Book Resume:

Download or read Mac Digital Photography book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max by Erica Sadun,Michael Grothaus,Steve Sande Book Resume:

iPad 2: It looks different. It acts different. It connects to the world, yet it is as personal as a well-worn book. And now it has two cameras! Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max is written so that anyone can quickly get up to speed on Apple’s latest hit. As bloggers at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com), the authors have the happy privilege of working with Apple products every day, and they'll guide you through all of the perks of being an iPad 2 owner. This book takes you from selecting and buying an iPad, to connecting it to the Internet, to using the incredible power of the iPad and all its apps to enhance your life. Whether you’re using your iPad to surf the Internet, admire family photos, listen to music, watch movies, create or edit movies, or read a book, this book will help guide you. Discover how your iPad 2 can be a virtual shopping mall, opening the door to purchases of music, books, videos, and movies. This book will help you organize your daily life through the use of Calendar, Notes, and Contacts, communicate with friends and colleagues with Mail, and find your way with Maps. You'll also learn how get the most out of your iPad's two cameras. Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max introduces the essentials of using your iPad 2 for recreation, travel, and work—and includes the basics of Apple's iWork suite for iPad. Learn to create business or personal documents with Pages, make professional presentations with Keynote, and keep data and finances under control with Numbers.

Office 2011 for Mac For Dummies

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Office 2011 for Mac For Dummies by Bob LeVitus Book Resume:

Get started with Office 2011 for Mac and discover the creative possibilities The leading suite of productivity software for the Mac, Microsoft Office helps users complete common business tasks, including word processing, e-mail, presentations, financial analysis, and much more. Office 2011 for Mac For Dummies is the perfect companion for Microsoft Office for Mac users upgrading to the newest version, new computer users, and those who may have switched from the Windows version of Office. Written by one of the most popular gurus in the Mac community, Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, the book explains every 2011 application so you can become savvy in no time. Addresses ways to refine and edit documents with Word Explains how to add pizzazz to your slide shows with PowerPoint Guides you through crunching numbers and data with Excel Demonstrates how to send, receive, and manage your e-mail on Outlook Encourages you to organize your contact information, schedule your time, and more With Office 2011 for Mac For Dummies, you'll learn everything you need to know to make the most of Office on your Mac!

iPad (iPad 2, iPad Retina, iPad Air, iPad mini) avec IOS7, c'est facile :)

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

iPad (iPad 2, iPad Retina, iPad Air, iPad mini) avec IOS7, c'est facile :) by Colette MICHEL Book Resume:

S'il ne vous en faut qu'un, ce sera celui-là : ce guide en couleurs est le petit mode d'emploi clair, simple et malin dont vous avez toujours rêvé pour votre iPad ! "iPad avec iOS7 c'est facile" est un guide tout en couleurs. Il permet à un utilisateur qui n'y connaît rien d'apprendre à se servir de son iPad, sous iOS 7, sans avoir à y consacrer trop de temps. Ce livre concerne les iPad récents et plus anciens qui tournent avec le système iOS 7 : iPad Air, iPad mini Retina, iPad Retina, iPad 2. Il ne présente que les notions vraiment indispensables. Les chapitres sont courts. L'apprentissage s'effectue par étape. L'utilisateur suit les instructions proposées afin de passer plus vite à la pratique. Les illustrations d'écrans sont toujours là pour éviter d'être perdu. Des conseils malins permettent aussi de gagner du temps ou de résoudre quelques petites difficultés. Les 12 chapitres de "iPad avec iOS7 c'est facile" : - les différents modèles d'iPad et le système iOS 7 : premier démarrage - maîtriser l'iPad au quotidien - personnaliser son iPad - naviguer sur le Web avec Safari - e-mail et messages - télécharger des applications, des livres et des magazines - musique et vidéos - photo et vidéo - réseaux sociaux et jeux - exploiter les applications intégrées - synchroniser et sauvegarder - initialiser, mettre à jour, sauvegarder - protection, dépannage et accessoires.

Switching to a Mac For Dummies

Iphoto 2 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Switching to a Mac For Dummies by Arnold Reinhold Book Resume:

Thinking of making the switch from your PC to a Mac? Congratulations! You’re in for a great, virus-free ride. And Switching to Mac For Dummies makes it smoother than you ever imagined. From buying the Mac that’s right for you to transferring your files to breaking your old Windows habits and learning to do things the (much easier) Mac way, it makes the whole process practically effortless. Whether you’ve been using Windows XP, Vista, or even Linux, you’ll find simple, straightforward ways to make your transition go smoothly. That will leave you plenty of time to get familiar with Mac’s prodigious and dynamic OS X capabilities. You’ll also connect with iLife, Mac’s amazing integrated software suite that lets you turn your computer into a powerful media center—not just for listening and watching, but for creating music, video, and much more. Discover how to: Decide whether the switch to Mac is right for you Choose the Mac that will change your life Keep and reuse elements of your old setup Go online with your Mac Connect to your home network—even that old PC Go media crazy with iTunes, iPhoto and more Take advantage of Mac’s business capabilities Complete with handy cheat sheet of common Mac short cuts and commands as well as a glossary of Mac world lingo, Switching to Mac For Dummies ensures that your switch will be the smartest thing you ever do.