Huia Short Stories 7

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Huia Short Stories 7

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories 7 by Huia Publishers Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories and novel extracts from the Pikihuia Awards for Maori Writers 2007, as judged by James George and Kelly Ana Morey. Each of these finalists has brought his or her own imaginative truth to life's recurring themes; love, death, betrayal, youth, injustice and family relationships. The biennial awards and their subsequent publications have become well-known and much-anticipated, as they bring more undiscovered gems to the attention of the New Zealand reading public.

Huia Short Stories 10

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories 10 by Huia Publishers,Tihema Baker,Karuna Thurlow,Petera Hakiwai,Toni Pivac,Kelly Joseph Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories and novel extracts from the Pikihuia Awards for Maori writers 2013 as judged by Sir Mason Durie, Hana OOCORegan and Reina Whaitiri. The book contains the stories from the finalists for Best Short Story written in English, Best Short Story written in Maori and Best Novel Extract. For over ten years, the Maori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers have organised this biennial writing competition to promote Maori stories and writers. The awards and the publication of finalistsOCO stories have become popular as they uncover little-known writers."

Huia Short Stories 13

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories 13 by N.A Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories from the Pikihuia Awards for Māori writers 2019 as judged by Scotty Morrison, Robyn Bargh, Tuehu Harris, Whiti Hereaka, Poia Rewi and Carol Hirschfeld. This competition, run by the Māori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers, is held every two years to promote Māori writers and their work. This year, the awards sought short fiction from first-time, emerging and published writers in te reo Māori and English. The competition attracts several hundred entries each year from writers of all ages and those who are starting out to seasoned authors. This collection of finalists’ fiction celebrates Māori writing, introduces new talent and gives an opportunity for Māori writers to shine. The stories are: Murray's Special Day by Tracey Andersen Tunnelling by Cassandra Barnett Botched by Marino-Moana Begman Para Pounamu by Pine Campbell Tangaroa Pūkanohi Nui! by Hineteahurangi Mere Nape Durie-Ngata Storked by Paipa Edmonds Tiakina! Tiakina! by Tiahomarama Fairhall Mumsy by Olivia Aroha Giles Rocket Ship Pyjamas and Plum Jam by Olivia Aroha Giles Kōkiri ki mua - Charge forward! by K M Harris My Three Friends at School by Josh Hema The Pledge by Nadine Anne Hura Dust by Kelly Joseph The School of Life by Lauren Keenan Tina's Coming on Tuesday by Lauren Keenan Ko te Ao tō Marae by Hēmi Kelly Just Holden Together by Colleen Maria Lenihan One of the Good Ones by Moira Lomas Aunty's Teeth by Annette Morehu Te Kai a te Rangatira, he Mahi by Zeb Nicklin Te Kurī Hīroki o te Āporo Nui by Zeb Nicklin The Guises of Death Kahuru Pumipi The Bartender by Michelle Rahurahu Scott White Sheep by Penny Smits Whakaurupā Taku Aroha by Amiria Stirling No te uku - From the Clay by Bronwyn Te Koeti

HUIA Short Stories 12

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

HUIA Short Stories 12 by Shirley Simmonds ,Lauren Keenan,Tangai Waranga,Darryn Joseph,K-T Harrison,Zeb Nicklin,Atakohu Middleton,Kelly Joseph,Iraia Bailey,Aroha Awarau,Steph Matuku,Pere Durie,Olivia Aroha Giles,Te Kuru White Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories and novel extracts from the Pikihuia Awards for Māori writers 2017 as judged by Whiti Hereaka, Paula Morris, Poia Rewi and Rawinia Higgins. The book contains the stories from the finalists for Best Short Story written in English, Best Short Story written in te reo Māori and Best Novel Extract categories. This writing competition, held every two years, is organised by the Māori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers as a way to promote Māori writers and their work. The awards and the collection of finalists’ fiction celebrate Māori writing and bring new writers to light.

Striding Both Worlds

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Striding Both Worlds by Melissa Kennedy Book Resume:

"Striding Both Worlds "illuminates European influences in the fiction of Witi Ihimaera, Aotearoa New Zealand s foremost M ori writer, in order to question the common interpretation of M ori writing as displaying a distinctive M ori world-view and literary style. Far from being discrete endogenous units, all cultures and literatures arise out of constant interaction, engagement, and even friction. Thus, M ori culture since the 1970s has been shaped by a long history of interaction with colonial British, Pakeha, and other postcolonial and indigenous cultures. M ori sovereignty and renaissance movements have harnessed the structures of European modernity, nation-building, and, more recently, Western global capitalism, transculturation, and diaspora contexts which contest New Zealand bicultural identity, encouraging M ori to express their difference and self-sufficiency. Ihimaera s fiction has been largely viewed as embodying the specific values of M ori renaissance and biculturalism. However, Ihimaera, in his techniques, modes, and themes, is indebted to a wider range of literary influences than national literary critique accounts for. In taking an international literary perspective, this book draws critical attention to little-known or disregarded aspects such as Ihimaera s love of opera, the extravagance of his baroque lyricism, his exploration of fantasy, and his increasing interest in taking M ori into the global arena. In revealing a broad range of cultural and aesthetic influences and inter-references commonly seen as irrelevant to contemporary M ori literature, "Striding Both Worlds "argues for a hitherto frequently overlooked and undervalued depth and complexity to Ihimaera s imaginary. The present study argues that an emphasis on difference tends to lose sight of fiction s capacity to appreciate originality and individuality in the polyphony of its very form and function. In effect, literary negotiation of M ori sovereign space takes place in its forms rather than in its content: the uniqueness of M ori literature is found in the way it uses the common tools of literary fiction, including language, imagery, the text s relationship to reality, and the function of characterization. By interpeting aspects of Ihimaera s oeuvre for what they share with other literatures in English, "Striding Both Worlds "aims to present an additional, complementary approach to M ori, New Zealand, and postcolonial literary analysis."

Narrating Indigenous Modernities

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Narrating Indigenous Modernities by Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu Book Resume:

"The Maori of New Zealand, a nation that quietly prides itself on its pioneering egalitarianism, have had to assert their indigenous rights against the demographic, institutional, and cultural dominance of Pakeha and other immigrant minorities - European, Asian, and Polynesian - in a postcolonial society characterized by neocolonial structures of barely acknowledged inequality. While Maori writing reverberates with this struggle, literary identity discourse goes beyond any fallacious dualism of white/brown, colonizer/colonized, or modern/traditional. In a rapidly altering context of globality, such essentialism fails to account for the diverse expressions of Maori identities negotiated across multiple categories of culture, ethnicity, class, and gender. Narrating Indigenous Modernities recognizes the need to place Maori literature within a broader framework that explores the complex relationship between indigenous culture, globalization, and modernity. This study introduces a transcultural methodology for the analysis of contemporary Maori fiction, where articulations of indigeneity acknowledge cross-cultural blending and the transgression of cultural boundaries. Thus, Narrating Indigenous Modernities charts the proposition that Maori writing has acquired a fresh, transcultural quality, giving voice to both new and recuperated forms of indigeneity, tribal community, and Maoritanga (Maoridom) that generate modern indigeneities which defy any essentialist homogenization of cultural difference. Maori literature becomes, at the same time, both witness to globalized processes of radical modernity and medium for the negotiation and articulation of such structural transformations in Maoritanga."--Publisher's description.

Street Dreams

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Street Dreams by Tama Wise Book Resume:

Tyson Rua has more than his fair share of problems growing up in South Auckland. Working a night job to support his mother and helping bring up his two younger brothers is just the half of it. His best friend Rawiri is falling afoul of a broken home, and now Tyson's fallen in love at first sight. Only thing is, it's another guy. Living life on the sidelines of the local hip-hop scene, Tyson finds that to succeed in becoming a local graffiti artist or in getting the man of his dreams, he's going to have to get a whole lot more involved. And that means more problems. The least of which is the leader of the local rap crew he's found himself running with. Love, life, and hip-hop never do things by halfÉ

Huia Short Stories 9

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories 9 by Anahera Gildea,Anita Tipene,Ann French,Challen Wilson,Dionne Norman,Helen Waaka,Hira Hunapo,Lesley Rain Walker,Marama Salsano,Mark Sweet,Olivia Giles,Piripi Evans,Raschel Miette,Robert Madden,Sharon Clair,Tania Waikato,Tania Bayer,Terence Rissetto,Whai Conroy,Erin Thompson-Pou,Fred Te Maro,Mataia Keepa,PJ Akuhata,Te Atawhai Kumar,Gordon Te Araroa-Ham,KT Harrison Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories and novel extracts from the Pikihuia Awards for Maori Writers 2011, as judged by Keri Hulme, Katie Wolfe, Erima Henare and Reina Whaitiri. The book will contain the stories from the 18 finalists for Best Short Story written in English, the five finalists for the Best Short Story in Maori and the six finalists for the Best Novel Extract. For over ten years, the Maori Literature Trust and Huia Publishers have been responsible for this unique and increasingly popular biennial writing competition. The awards and their subsequent publications have become much anticipated as they bring more undiscovered gems to the attention of the New Zealand reading public. Past winners and finalists include James George, Briar Grace-Smith, Kelly Ana Morey and Paula Morris.

Huia Short Stories

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories by N.A Book Resume:

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Huia Short Stories 9

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Huia Short Stories 9 by Huia Publishers Book Resume:

Here are the best short stories and novel extracts from the Pikihuia Awards for Māori Writers 2011, as judged by Keri Hulme, Katie Wolfe, Erima Henare and Reina Whaitiri. The book contains the stories from the 18 finalists for Best Short Story written in English, the five finalists for the Best Short Story in Māori, and the six finalists for the Best Novel Extract.

Niu Voices

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Niu Voices by Huia Publishers Book Resume:

The literature of New Zealand rarely reflects the amazing, strong and vibrant culture of the Pacific. The Creative New Zealand Pacific Arts Committee took the initiative in 2003 of organising a number of creative writing workshops for new Pacific writers. They published the best of this writing in First Draft. Building on this and other initiatives, Huia Publishers in partnership with the Pacific Arts Committee, present this anthology of new writing from emerging and established Pacific writers.


Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Legacy by Whiti Hereaka Book Resume:

Seventeen-year-old Riki is worried about school and the future, but mostly about his girlfriend, Gemma, who has suddenly stopped seeing or texting him. But on his way to see her, he’s hit by a bus and his life radically changes. Riki wakes up one hundred years earlier in Egypt, in 1915, and finds he’s living through his great-great-grandfather’s experiences in the Māori Contingent. At the same time that Riki tries to make sense of what’s happening and find a way home, we go back in time and read transcripts of interviews Riki’s great-great-grandfather gave in 1975 about his experiences in this war and its impact on their family. Gradually we realise the fates of Riki and his great-great-grandfather are intertwined.


Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Purapurawhetū by Briar Grace-Smith Book Resume:

Purapurawhetu is a story with many threads. At its heart is the darkness of loss and grief. Woven around and throughout are other characters' experience of loss and dispossession. But it is ultimately a story of forgiveness and healing, and of humour - out of turmoil comes the ability to move forward. 'Purapurawhetu. When someone special dies, their spirit joins the others in a wild tango across the night sky.'


Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Watched by Tihema Baker Book Resume:

Remember always: You are being Watched. One morning Jason and Rory wake up in their dorm room at boarding school, the next, they have been transported to an intensive training facility for teens with superpowers. Equipped with the abilities to manipulate gravity and harness dark energy, Jason and Rory discover their strengths, weaknesses – and themselves. Enveloped in a realm of action, mystery and superhuman powers, the two protagonists believe they are being trained to hone their powers and ensure the ongoing survival of humanity. But as they grow more powerful and discover the secrets of the Watchers, Jason and Rory struggle to keep their friendship intact and support the Watched whose real aim is to control the Earth and all on it.

New Zealand Writing

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

New Zealand Writing by Mark Pirie Book Resume:

A collection of poetry and prose by thirty emerging writers of the 1990s. Some of the work has appeared previously in magazines and books. The editor's introduction discusses recent developments in New Zealand writing and the styles of the writers, and brief notes on the contributors are included.

Black Ice Matter

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Black Ice Matter by Gina Cole Book Resume:

This collection of short stories explores connections between extremes of heat and cold. Sometimes this is spatial or geographical; sometimes it is metaphorical. Sometimes it involves juxtapositions of time; sometimes heat appears where only ice is expected. In the stories, a woman is caught between traditional Fijian ways and the brutality of the military dictatorship; a glaciology researcher falls into a crevasse and confronts the unexpected; two women lose children in freak shooting accidents; a young child in a Barbie Doll sweatshop dreams of a different life; secondary school girls struggle with secrets about an addicted janitor; and two women take a deathly trip through a glacier melt stream. These are some of the unpredictable stories in this collection that follow themes of ice and glaciers in the heat of the South Pacific and take us into unusual lives and explorations.

Josefa and the Vu

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Josefa and the Vu by Tulia Thompson Book Resume:

When Josefa is met by a giant mysterious warrior claiming to be an ancestral guardian spirit, everything gets chaotic. Meanwhile Jack Bucksworth, the school bully, has stolen his family's sacred tabua and to get it back, Josefa and his friend Ming must embark on a terrifying adventure involving dangerous cliffs, cheeky brothers and eerie laughter. This gripping adventure story will appeal to children aged 9 - 12 years.


Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Purakau by Various Authors Book Resume:

A lively, stimulating and engaging retelling of purakau - Maori myths - by contemporary Maori writers. Ka mua, ka muri . . . Ancient Maori creation myths, portrayals of larger-than-life heroes and tales of engrossing magical beings have endured through the ages. Some hail back to Hawaiki, some are firmly grounded in New Zealand and its landscape. Through countless generations, the stories have been reshaped and passed on. This new collection presents a wide range of traditional myths that have been retold by some of our best Maori wordsmiths. The writers have added their own creativity, perspectives and sometimes wonderfully unexpected twists, bringing new life and energy to these rich, spellbinding and significant taonga. Take a fresh look at Papatuanuku, a wild ride with Maui, or have a creepy encounter with Ruruhi-Kerepo, for these and many more mythical figures await you. Explore the past, from it shape the future . . . The contributors are: Jacqueline Carter, David Geary, Patricia Grace, Briar Grace-Smith, Whiti Hereaka, Keri Hulme, Witi Ihimaera, Kelly Joseph, Hemi, Kelly, Nic Low, Tina Makereti, Kelly Ana Morey, Paula Morris, Frazer Rangihuna, Renee, Robert Sullivan, Apirana Taylor, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Clayton Te Kohe, Hone Tuwhare, Briar Wood.

Once Upon a Time in Aotearoa

Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Once Upon a Time in Aotearoa by Tina Makereti Book Resume:

Vulnerable gods and goddesses Children born with unusual gifts The protection offered by Mountains Birds with bad timing Once Upon a Time in Aotearoa explores a world where mythological characters and stories become part of everyday life. Old and new worlds co-exist, cultures mingle and magic happens. Familiar characters appear, but in these versions the gods live in a contemporary world and are motivated by human concerns. In this perplexing world, characters connect with each other and find ancient wisdom that carries them through. 'Bold and sexy, this collection is a crafty combo of mystery and history that makes the old new.' Acclaimed playwright, author and literary judge David Geary 'I loved this book because the stories were wacky and entirely original but based upon blending contemporary and traditional values- so they were very thought provoking.' Brian Bargh, Huia Publisher


Huia Short Stories 7 [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Stonefish by Keri Hulme Book Resume:

Stonefish is a collection of short stories and poems by the only New Zealand writer to win the Pegasus Prize for M ori Literature and the Booker Prize. 'a The scallops arranged in the spider lambis were succulently decadent. A bottle of rare wine had been reduced to its essence and sprinkled over the raw bodies, and rough salt, and finely-chopped redware. The flush of the shell echoed visually the wine and the seaweed, and although there were but five scallops, they were truly sweet meat. The slices of mild green pepper were almost transparent, and they tangled artfully with shreds of young daikon, and pressure-steamed fragments of ti. Hot and crisp and oily-melting, a challenging blend. And the tea, as always, was Black Dragon tea, a hint of smoky coolness in the steam, and a consummation in the mouth. People died just to get it to these islands she had learned. She could think of many worse reasons to diea.'