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Best Erotic Romance 2014

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Best Erotic Romance 2014 by Kristina Wright Book Resume:

Best Erotic Romance 2014 is naughty and nice, combining both the heat and the sweet in a set of swoonworthy stories that showcase 2014's most anticipated erotica. Exciting names include Nikki Magennis, Victoria Blisse, Crystal Jordan, Jeanette Grey and many more.Filled with couples in every stage of love, who simply can't get enough of each other, authors capture the essence of this passionate and all-consuming lust in a number of exciting shorts. From new lovers to married couples, these luscious, heartfelt tales are layered with eroticism and emotion.


Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Passion by Rachel Kramer Bussel Book Resume:

Love and sex have always been intimately intertwined, and Passion shows just how well the two can merge. This collection of steamy stories combines rich and explicit imagery with tales of classic love, letting the best writers of erotic romance bring to life tales that can be read aloud in bed. From long lost lovers reunited to love at first sight to romance rekindled, Passion’s succulent stories quicken heartbeats and appeal to everyone, from the least to the most romantic of souls.

Erotic Romance 3 - The Intern's Predicament

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Erotic Romance 3 - The Intern's Predicament by Lisa Black Book Resume:

FREE BOOK INSIDEInside you will find FREE bonus story from the series ($17 value, not available anywhere else) ***LIMITED TIME OFFER***Today only, get this Amazon Book for $5.99! Sensual And Arousing Story!Sheila was an intern in one of the most successful advertising agencies in the city and she wanted to prove her mettle. Her Creative Director was Connor, famous for both his work as well as his womanizing ways. Sheila felt nervous around him and intimidated by him but she also found herself attracted to him though she didn't want to accept it. But while working together on an ad campaign Sheila found herself dangerously close to him, would she be able to prove herself as an able copywriter or would she give herself up to Connor's irresistible charms? Get ready for a wild ride and find out what plans Connor has for Sheila!Scroll up and get a copy now! Check Out What Others Are Saying..."I have all books from this series, they are very engaging and I consume them fast!" - Kate "Very good writing, original characters, a passionate pleasure for romance genre lovers." - Sandra "Kindle Unlimited rocks, I could grab all of those quickies for free and I liked every one of them." - Olivia ________ Tags: best friend, love and romance, sensual, arousing, tension, quickies series, erotica for women, sex stories, short sex stories, sex stories for adult, stepbrother, erotic romance, free bff sex, historical romance, paranomal, boss, virgin, new contemporary romance, kissing, cuddling, boyfriend, girlfriend, billionaire, xxx, steamy domination and submission, first time sex, tease, fifty shades of grey inspired, one night stand, harlequin type romance, best romance novels, sexy ebooks

Fifty Shades of Grey

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James Book Resume:

When Anastasia Steele, a young literature student, interviews wealthy young entrepreneur Christian Grey for her campus magazine, their initial meeting introduces Anastasia to an exciting new world that will change them both forever.

Free Agent (BWWM Interracial Erotic Romance)

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Free Agent (BWWM Interracial Erotic Romance) by Lolah Lace Book Resume:

RJ Palazzo is a young self-proclaimed lover of all women. He has seen the chaos of committed relationships and he doesn't want any part of it. RJ plans on living the single life forever. His plans change when he meets his polar opposite in a young smart girl named Deja Holland. Just when he thinks the stars have aligned in his favor, there is the life-changing drama that threatens to put a halt to his newfound happiness. BALLS TO THE WALLS: Book 1 - Let's Play Ball Book 2 - Line Of Scrimmage Book 3 - Full Court Press Book 3.5 - Free Agent Book 4 - Bases Loaded Book 5 - Flag On The Play Book 6 - Out Of Bounds BWWM interracial erotic romance, interracial romance books, bwwm books, interracial romance, new adult, young love, virgin romance, love triangle, interracial drama romance, bwwm, bwwm pregnancy romance, alpha male romance books, bwwm alpha, young adult romance, bad boy romance books, second chance romance, alpha male, steamy romance books, contemporary romance books, hot romance books, love story, cheating spouse, drama filled books, romance books, romantic fiction, romance fiction books, bwwm series, bwwm romance, interracial fiction, bwwm interracial romance books, African American romance, black authors books, black women books

Savaged By The Billionaire - Book 2 (BBW Billionaire Erotic Romance)

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Savaged By The Billionaire - Book 2 (BBW Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Laila Cole Book Resume:

Six months passed since I caught my best friend in bed with my fiance. Six hard, miserable months that left me broken, alone, and interred at the Green Grove Mental Health Facility where I was put back together by the grace of God, a great psychiatrist, and a whole lot of Xanax. I was over it, finally. I was ready to move on. But people, I'd learned, were dangerous. So were emotions. Sabin was no exception. My legs quaked just thinking of him, of the things he did to me, of the way he made me feel. Tall, dark, and handsome only scratched the surface. He was so much more complex, much more than I could handle. Warning this suspenseful 45K word story is for mature audiences only! bbw billionaire erotic romance, billionaire erotic romance, erotic romance, erotic romance suspense, suspenseful erotic romance, billionaire erotica, bbw billionaire erotica, bbw romance, bbw erotic romance

The Stopover

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Stopover by T. L. Swan Book Resume:

A memorable night of passion refuses to stay just a memory in this sizzling and scandalous romance from bestselling author T L Swan. I was upgraded to first class on a flight from London to New York. The food, champagne, and service were impeccable--the blue-eyed man sitting next to me, even better. He was smart, suave, and sexy. We talked and flirted--and though the plane was unexpectedly grounded, we still felt sky high in each other's company. We danced and laughed our way around Boston...and had a night of crazy passion that no woman could forget. That was twelve months ago, and I haven't heard from him--until today. I started a new job and met the CEO. Imagine my surprise when I saw those naughty blue eyes gazing at me from behind his mahogany desk. But I'm not that carefree girl anymore. I have a boyfriend now, and responsibilities. Now he wants to see me in his office for a private meeting. How can I resist?

Lexie's First Time

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lexie's First Time by Mimi Strong Book Resume:

Before Lexie met her billionaire, Luthor Thorne, she was once a virgin, desperate to be touched. **WARNING - CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEX SCENES or an erotic nature - adults only**

The Doctor is In (erotic romance, contemporary, erotica erotical)

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Doctor is In (erotic romance, contemporary, erotica erotical) by A.K.B. Book Resume:

Martha is a virgin and every morning takes a walk and talks to God and every day she ends up in the woods at her favorite creek where she strips her clothes off and jumps in the water, later she always pleasures herself. She is innocent and has never been with a man until she meets up with Karl. Karl is the new Doctor in town and while he is out looking for his dog who ran off he comes upon a young woman who is swimming naked and pleasuring herself. Little did he know that he would meet up with her at the new office where he will be volunteering. Things get heated up. *****Warning some sexual content**** Erotic romance, erotica, contemporary romance, sensual, steamy, search for free books love erotical

Hooked By You (Erotic Romance) - #2 Enflamed Series

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Hooked By You (Erotic Romance) - #2 Enflamed Series by Clarissa Wild Book Resume:

Get your copy of the second installment in the Enflamed Series, the best romantic ebook series this summer! HOOKED BY YOU is number 2 in the completed ENFLAMED serial. This novelette contains about 12500 words or 43 pages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION After the steamy one-night stand with sexy, mysterious and Japanese Kaito, Chloe tries to confess to her boyfriend Ethan, only to be overthrown by his sudden raging libido. One hot night wasn't enough to quell her longing and then Ethan suddenly wanted to make love to her again ... Hard to say no to that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVIEWS "The characters are well developed and the writing is sensually and sexually charged." - Goodreads Review "What a great short book. I so enjoy this book. The characters are realistic. I can't wait to read the next book." - Amazon Verified Purchase Review This has it all makes you read to the end and want more. It has some interesting things that happen and the character are believable." - Amazon Verified Purchase Review Hot and daring, Hooked By You is a must-have! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKS IN THE ENFLAMED SERIES **This is an explicit, Erotic Romance for adults only! Contains steamy hot sex between two awesome characters.** Scroll up and grab your copy today! Categories: new adult sex, cuffs and clamps (light bdsm/bondage&SM), toys, multicultural, women's fiction, short story, series, serial, enflamed series, completed series, romance, romantic, erotic romance DESCRIPTION Raveled By You (FREE) Hooked By You Cling To You Cherished By You Or get the complete collection cheaper: Enflamed - Boxed Set -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Doctor Orders and Exam (erotic romance, contemporary, erotica)

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Doctor Orders and Exam (erotic romance, contemporary, erotica) by Dee K. Book Resume:

Maria becomes sick and like a good Doctor, Andy takes care of her and nurses her back to health. Andy falls in love with her but knows there is nothing he can do since he is her doctor. Is there a way around this problem? Will she love him back if they do find a way? *****Warning: some sexual content****** Erotic romance, erotica, contemporary romance, sensual, steamy, erotical, love, adult virgin Look for perma free and free books

Destination Desire

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Destination Desire by Helen Hardt Book Resume:

What's your pleasure? A hot Korean who speaks only body language? A gorgeous and heroic Frenchman? A masked man who can seduce with a mere touch? A Jamaican god who knows exactly how to tie you up? When your destination is desire, anything goes... "A delightfully sexy read...I laughed and smiled though the whole thing. Ms. Hardt packs a lot of story into thirty-four pages. Just the kind of read I needed after such a blah day. If you need a quick mood improvement, give [French Kiss] a go. It worked for me." Manic Readers "There's some great one sided conversations, hot eroticism, and a lot of fun in [Seduced in Seoul.] It kept me smiling on every page! I highly recommend this as a fun interlude when you need a light-hearted romp through the pages of fiction in an exotic location." The Romance Studio

European Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

European Erotic Romance by Victor Skretkowicz Book Resume:

European Erotic Romance examines the Renaissance publication and translation of the ancient Greek erotic romances, and English adaptations of the genre by Sir Philip Sidney, Shakespeare and Lady Mary Sidney Wroth. Providing fresh insight into the development of the novel, this study identifies the politicization of erotic romance by the European philhellene (lovers of all things Greek) Protestant movement. To English translators and authors, the complex plots, well developed moralized characters (particularly female) and rhetorical styles of the ancient novels signify political and social reform. Generous quotation and translations ensure that European Erotic Romance is accessible to a broad spectrum of readers. Its organisation lends itself to use as a course text. It is suitable for use by senior undergraduates and specialists in Renaissance literature, translation, rhetoric and history.

Cuffed by Candlelight

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cuffed by Candlelight by Beverly Jenkins,Katherine D. Jones,Gweneth Bolton Book Resume:

Collects three erotic tales, including "Prisoner," in which Elizabeth Franklin finds herself agreeing to marry ex-con Jordan Yancey, but the arrangement becomes more when he awakens unknown desires.

Secrets 13

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Secrets 13 by Rachelle Chase,Amber Green,Charlotte Featherstone,Calista Fox Book Resume:

Amber Green- HAWKMOOR FANTASY ? SHAPE-SHIFTER Whether in downtown Manhattan or the deep Ontario forest, shape-shifters answer to Darien Hawkmoor, and rely on him to keep the peace. He acts in the name of the long-missing Lady Hawkmoor, their hereditary ruler, to whom he was bonded as a child. When Lady Hawkmoor unexpectedly surfaces, the myths evaporate. Darien must deal with a stubborn, scrappy individual whose wary eyes hold the other half of his soul, but who has the power to destroy his world. Calista Fox-In the Heat of the Night MYSTERY SUSPENSE Haunted by a century-old curse, Molina Toscano fears she won't live to see her thirtieth birthday. Nick Moretti, her former bodyguard, is hired back into service to protect her from the fatal accidents that plague her family. But In the Heat of the Night, will his passion and love for her be enough to convince Molina they have a future together? Rachelle Chase -Out of Control CONTEMPORY Astrid Thomas's world revolves around her business, Ventures, which is why she's hoping to pick up wealthy Erik Santos as a new client. Only Erik is hoping to pick up something entirely different: A weekend trophy wife. Will Astrid give in to seductive pull of Erik's proposition and do something she's never done before ? be Out of Control for 48 hours? Charlotte Featherstone- Lessons In Pleasure HISTORICAL A wicked bargain has Lily Farrington vowing never to yield to the demands of the rake she once loved and lost. Unfortunately, Damian Westerham, the Earl of St. Croix, or Saint as he is infamously known, will not take ?no? for an answer. Vow or no, he means to have Lily, and he plans on getting exactly what he wants with his Lessons In Pleasure.

Lesbian Lust: A Lesbian Erotic Romance Bundle

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lesbian Lust: A Lesbian Erotic Romance Bundle by Evie Sparrow Book Resume:

Lesbian Lust: A Lesbian Erotic Romance Bundle is a collection of 3 steamy lesbian erotic romance novellas, telling the sensual, sweet, and sexy stories of three F/F romances. From first time experiences with another woman, to new and blossoming love, to older and younger pairings filled with passionate nights, these three lesbian F/F erotic romance books are guaranteed to leave you happy and satisfied. Contained in this collection are the erotic lesbian romances, Touching, Kissing, and Tasting. Also included is a forth book titled, Bedding the Boss. * Touching Final year college student Andree knew just about all there was to know about the going-ons at her university. The who’s who, what’s what, and where’s where. That is, until a poster catches her eye. A new Girl’s Society is coming to campus, and as an lesbian, she’s more than a little intrigued. She never expects to run into Hester, a gorgeous woman with green eyes that snare her through the crowd. She’s spellbound, stunned by this gorgeous, sexy woman… and yet Andree can’t help but feel a little dismayed. Here Hester was, the girl of Andree’s dreams, and what were the chances that she would be a lesbian? Very minimal. Extremely doubtful. A tale as old as time. But when, to her surprise, Hester sends her unmistakable signals, Andree is filled with a renewed vigor. She could never have known that Hester was a very experienced lesbian. She could never have expected that Hester would teach her new things about pleasure… * Kissing After a string of failed relationships, Caroline finds herself taking a liking to a younger waitress in a restaurant she frequents. She has no idea if the waitress is straight or lesbian… or if it’s even appropriate for Caroline to be fantasizing about a college student fifteen years her junior. But there’s something about the way the waitress looks at her and talks to her that drives her crazy. Caroline stays up at night thinking about her… imagining touching her body and kissing those beautiful, full lips. When the waitress agrees to meet Caroline privately to go over her art portfolio, Caroline doesn’t know what to expect. Could it be the younger waitress swings her way? And could it lead to an explosive night of pleasure? Maybe even… love? * Tasting All the lesbians were talking about the new girl on university campus, Yasmin. The young woman was gorgeous, and had everybody talking… and dreaming. But Yasmin was straight as an arrow, reserved, and had no desire to experiment. At least, that’s what everybody thought, including Eliza, who had set her sights on Yasmin the moment she saw her. To her delight, Yasmin seems more than a little amenable to the idea of trying something new… …like a woman. Now it’s up to Eliza to show Yasmin what she’s really been missing. To show her that maybe, just maybe, those repressed desires and urges she’s been feeling are a sign that she might have been playing for the wrong team all along… *

Stepbrother Dominant

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Stepbrother Dominant by Cherrie Pye Book Resume:

It isn't a blind date - not really. Suzie isn't looking for love. She just wants to finally try the filthy, dirty, hard sex she’s always wanted. And her friend has just the alpha male to hook her up with with. Suzie doesn't realize the "date" will be with her stepbrother. And now that he knows about her kinky desires, he's going to give it to her way too hard – and without protection... (This sexy short story contains adult fantasies of a young girl losing her innocence with her stepbrother, and even getting pregnant!)

Billionaire Novelist #3 (Erotic Romance)

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Billionaire Novelist #3 (Erotic Romance) by Mimi Strong Book Resume:

Tori, a recent college graduate, gets a job working for a mysterious billionaire. Book 3: To avoid cabin fever, Smith and Tori leave Vermont, only to find themselves in a new type of fever in Montreal. Between the sex shops, a rock concert, and an unexpected naked reunion with an old flame, Tori's world is unraveling. The final blow is Smith revealing his dark secret--the secret that torments him like a ghost. * * ALPHA-MALE WARNING! This series explores an erotic romance involving an emotionally-damaged alpha male. Contains explicit sex, including graphic scenes some readers may find offensive; recommended for adults only, 18+ ** Keywords: billionaire romance, billionaire erotica, billionaire series, New York Times bestselling author Mimi Strong, erotic romance, contemporary romance, romance novel, HEA, happily ever after, sexy romance, new adult romance, romantic comedy, erotic comedy, sexy comedy

F/F Erotic Romance Volume 1

Erotic Romance Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

F/F Erotic Romance Volume 1 by Alisha Ashton Book Resume:

F/F Erotic Romance Volume 1 is a collection of 5 sexy sapphic stories of lesbian love, steamy encounters, first-time experiences, dominant and submissive lesbian encounters, and of new barriers broken, and new highs attained. This collection of lesbian romance novellas explores moments of toughness and tenderness, of loving care and burning passion, and of new directions found in life, new partners to love, and emotional desires fulfilled. In this lesbian romance bundle you’ll find stories that are sweet, that are spicy, that are heartwarming, and that are exciting. Contained in this novel-length, 52,000 word collection of sexy lesbian stories are the books: The Housekeeper A College Experience A Surprise At My Dental Appointment Just Posing For Pictures New Year Was Banging!