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Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0811226638
Author: ,
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
File Size: 1847 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6037783


Compass by , Book Resume:

Winner of the 2015 Prix Goncourt, an astounding novel that bridges Europe and the Islamic world On the shortlist for the 2017 Man Booker International Prize As night falls over Vienna, Franz Ritter, an insomniac musicologist, takes to his sickbed with an unspecified illness and spends a restless night drifting between dreams and memories, revisiting the important chapters of his life: his ongoing fascination with the Middle East and his numerous travels to Istanbul, Aleppo, Damascus, and Tehran, as well as the various writers, artists, musicians, academics, orientalists, and explorers who populate this vast dreamscape. At the center of these memories is his elusive, unrequited love, Sarah, a fiercely intelligent French scholar caught in the intricate tension between Europe and the Middle East. With exhilarating prose and sweeping erudition, Mathias Énard pulls astonishing elements from disparate sources—nineteenth-century composers and esoteric orientalists, Balzac and Agatha Christie—and binds them together in a most magical way.

Be Expert With Map and Compass

Be Expert With Map and Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1447493079
Author: Bjorn Kjellstrom
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
File Size: 1625 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1409779


Be Expert With Map and Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom Book Resume:

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

My Heart Is a Compass

My Heart Is a Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0316561770
Author: Deborah Marcero
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
File Size: 439 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9416283


My Heart Is a Compass by Deborah Marcero Book Resume:

In this celebration of the power of imagination, a creative girl on a mission to bring something new to the world becomes a storyteller and inventor of intricately detailed maps. Rose's heart is set on discovering something that's never been found. She just doesn't know where to find it. So she sets off on a wondrous journey, bounding from one spectacular world to the next. Her only guides are a set of maps drawn from her own imagination and her heart's desire to explore new and exciting worlds. In this moving story of a trailblazing spirit, Rose follows her compass, and explores her creativity in a one-of-a-kind search through a collection of intricate maps that readers will love to get lost in.

Compass South

Compass South [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1466895934
Author: Hope Larson
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
File Size: 341 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8332477


Compass South by Hope Larson Book Resume:

It's 1860 in New York City. When 12-year-old twins Alexander and Cleopatra's father disappears, they join the Black Hook Gang and are caught by the police pulling off a heist. They agree to reveal the identity of the gang in exchange for tickets to New Orleans. But once there, Alex is shanghaied to work on a ship that is heading for San Francisco via Cape Horn. Cleo stows away on a steamer to New Granada where she hopes to catch a train to San Francisco to find her brother. Neither Alexander nor Cleo realizes the real danger they are in-they are being followed by pirates who think they hold the key to treasure. How they outwit the pirates and find each other makes for a fast-paced, breathtaking adventure. A Margaret Ferguson Book

Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People (2012 edition - fully revised and updated)

Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People (2012 edition - fully revised and updated) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9287181551
Author: Collectif
Publisher: Council of Europe
File Size: 320 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2541814


Compass - Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People (2012 edition - fully revised and updated) by Collectif Book Resume:

Human rights cannot be defended by legal measures alone. They need to be protected and safeguarded by everyone, including young people. Human rights are best respected and appreciated when we know them, stand up for them and apply them in our lives.COMPASS provides youth leaders, teachers and facilitators of human rights education activities, whether professionals or volunteers, with concrete ideas and practical activities to engage, involve and motivate young people in living, learning and acting for human rights. It promotes a comprehensive perspective on human rights education and sees young people as actors for a culture of universal human rights.COMPASS was originally published in 2002 and is now available in more than 30 languages. A version specifically designed for human rights education with children - COMPASITO - enjoys a similar success. This fully revised and updated edition includes new activities and information about human rights issues such as disability and disablism, migration, religion, remembrance, war and terrorism.COMPASS is a practical tool and resource for citizenship and human rights education. It is an essential companion for all those who are curious and interested in making the right to human rights education a reality for everyone.

Compass Theology Review

Compass Theology Review [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1925679306
Author: Peter Malone
Publisher: ISD LLC
File Size: 1287 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4426239


Compass Theology Review by Peter Malone Book Resume:

The Sun Is a Compass

The Sun Is a Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0316414433
Author: Caroline Van Hemert
Publisher: Little, Brown Spark
File Size: 1934 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3385710


The Sun Is a Compass by Caroline Van Hemert Book Resume:

For fans of Cheryl Strayed, the gripping story of a biologist's human-powered journey from the Pacific Northwest to the Arctic to rediscover her love of birds, nature, and adventure. During graduate school, as she conducted experiments on the peculiarly misshapen beaks of chickadees, ornithologist Caroline Van Hemert began to feel stifled in the isolated, sterile environment of the lab. Worried that she was losing her passion for the scientific research she once loved, she was compelled to experience wildness again, to be guided by the sounds of birds and to follow the trails of animals. In March of 2012, she and her husband set off on a 4,000-mile wilderness journey from the Pacific rainforest to the Alaskan Arctic, traveling by rowboat, ski, foot, raft, and canoe. Together, they survived harrowing dangers while also experiencing incredible moments of joy and grace -- migrating birds silhouetted against the moon, the steamy breath of caribou, and the bond that comes from sharing such experiences. A unique blend of science, adventure, and personal narrative, The Sun is a Compass explores the bounds of the physical body and the tenuousness of life in the company of the creatures who make their homes in the wildest places left in North America. Inspiring and beautifully written, this love letter to nature is a lyrical testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Winner of the 2019 Banff Mountain Book Competition: Adventure Travel

The Executive's Compass

The Executive's Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780199840540
Author: James O'Toole
Publisher: Oxford University Press
File Size: 1541 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9285863


The Executive's Compass by James O'Toole Book Resume:

American society has become increasingly polarized by single- and special-interest groups: the Greens, who demand environmental purity; admirers of Japan who want a national industrial policy; supply-side economists who want government to all but disappear. This collision of values has turned America into a battleground of either/or tradeoffs: the community vs. the individual, the environment vs. jobs, the rights of each ethnic group vs. the needs of the nation for unity. Whose values should prevail? Those of Libertarians? Communitarians? Egalitarians? Corporatists? The nation's leadership role in the post-communist world will be largely determined by how such conflicts in the political economy are resolved. Increasingly, business executives find themselves drawn into these values wars, forced to make decisions in a hothouse climate in which there are countless and conflicting opinions about what is right and wrong. Business leaders find themselves caught in the values thicket when they attempt to formulate corporate policy on such issues as plant closings, executive compensation, corporate governance, and affirmative action. In The Executive's Compass, James O'Toole guides business leaders through this minefield of modern dilemmas. In the words of ARCO's CEO, Lod Cook, "O'Toole provides business leaders with a practical compass to help them navigate the turbulent waters of social change and political conflict." O'Toole explores the philosophical and historical underpinnings of contemporary business problems, tracing their origins to the ideas of such great thinkers as Aristotle, Adam Smith, J.S. Mill, and Jefferson. By going to the roots of modern issues, he is able to clarify the sources of political disagreement, and to suggest a practical course of action for corporate leaders who find themselves caught in the gridlock of democracy. He provides an innovative values compass--a tool he has honed for over forty years as a moderator of the Aspen Institute Executive Seminar--which has been successfully applied at FORTUNE 500 firms as an introduction to the values-based management for which the Aspen Institute is renowned. The compass helps executives to understand what is wrong (and right) with our democratic system, and what the role of business is in creating The Good Society. For top executives, general managers, or anyone trying to make sense out of our rapidly changing world, The Executive's Compass helps managers deal more effectively with today's thorny issues.

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (Book 1)

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (Book 1) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0440418607
Author: Philip Pullman
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
File Size: 1562 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8161383


His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (Book 1) by Philip Pullman Book Resume:

HIS DARK MATERIALS IS NOW AN HBO ORIGINAL SERIES STARRING DAFNE KEEN, RUTH WILSON, JAMES McAVOY, AND LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA! The modern fantasy classic that Entertainment Weekly named an “All-Time Greatest Novel” and Newsweek hailed as a “Top 100 Book of All Time.” Philip Pullman takes readers to a world where humans have animal familiars and where parallel universes are within reach. Lyra is rushing to the cold, far North, where witch clans and armored bears rule. North, where the Gobblers take the children they steal—including her friend Roger. North, where her fearsome uncle Asriel is trying to build a bridge to a parallel world. Can one small girl make a difference in such great and terrible endeavors? This is Lyra: a savage, a schemer, a liar, and as fierce and true a champion as Roger or Asriel could want. But what Lyra doesn't know is that to help one of them will be to betray the other... A masterwork of storytelling and suspense, Philip Pullman's award-winning The Golden Compass is the first in the His Dark Materials series, which continues with The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. A #1 New York Times Bestseller Winner of the Guardian Prize for Children's Fiction Published in 40 Countries "Arguably the best juvenile fantasy novel of the past twenty years." —The Washington Post "Very grand indeed." —The New York Times "Pullman is quite possibly a genius." —Newsweek Don't miss Philip Pullman's epic new trilogy set in the world of His Dark Materials! ** THE BOOK OF DUST ** La Belle Sauvage The Secret Commonwealth

Your Soul's Compass

Your Soul's Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9781401923662
Author: Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.,Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D.
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
File Size: 896 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6399425


Your Soul's Compass by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.,Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D. Book Resume:

In this time of global change and uncertainty, of spiritual indirection, Americans are asking these age-old questions with renewed curiosity. There’s a thirst for meaning and purpose—a dawning realization that happiness isn’t a commodity that can be bought with a gold card. Fulfillment and joy arise naturally from creative and compassionate action-- from the understanding that all life is interconnected and guided by a higher intelligence. Our personal choices make a difference, and when they are spiritually inspired even the smallest action serves a larger whole. Sacred texts ranging from the Torah to the New Testament, the Tao Te Ching to the Buddhist scriptures, the Vedantas to the Koran, speak of making life-enhancing choices where a force greater than the individual flows through us and informs our thoughts and actions. In this book we’ll focus on the three classic aspects of living such a spiritually guided life: (1) alignment: maintaining a direct and personal connection to the Source of our Being; (2) discernment: distinguishing the movement of Spirit in our lives from our own wants, fears and social conditioning; and (3) action: making our best, most inspired contribution to the evolution of life.

Sass and Compass in Action

Sass and Compass in Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1638351015
Author: Brandon Mathis,Wynn Netherland,Chris Eppstein,Nathan Weizenbaum
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1609 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5152487


Sass and Compass in Action by Brandon Mathis,Wynn Netherland,Chris Eppstein,Nathan Weizenbaum Book Resume:

Summary Sass and Compass in Action is the definitive guide to stylesheet authoring using these two revolutionary tools. Written for both designers and developers, this book demonstrates the power of both Sass and Compass through a series of examples that address common pain points associated with traditional stylesheet authoring. The book begins with simple topics such as CSS resets and moves on to more involved topics such as grid frameworks and CSS3 vendor implementation differences. About this Book For 15 years, we've been using CSS to patiently paint the web by hand. No more! Sass and Compass add scripting and a library of components to standard CSS so you can simplify stylesheet authoring, automate tedious tasks, and add dynamic styling features to your pages. Think of Sass and Compass as power tools that allow you to paint with remarkable speed and precision. Sass and Compass in Action is a hands-on guide to stylesheet authoring using these two revolutionary tools. This practical book shows you how to eliminate common CSS pain points and concentrate on making your pages pop. You'll begin with simple topics like CSS resets and then progress to more substantial challenges like building a personal stylesheet framework to bundle and reuse your own approaches and opinions. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. What's Inside CSS for desktop and mobile web apps Loaded with examples and reusable techniques Authors are Sass and Compass creators and core team members About the Authors Wynn Netherland is a full stack web developer who co hosts The Changelog Podcast. Chris Eppstein is the creator of Compass and a member of the Sass core team. Brandon Mathis is a passionate professional web designer with deep Sass skills. Nathan Weizenbaum is the creator and lead developer of Sass. Table of Contents PART 1: GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH SASS AND COMPASS Sass and Compass make stylesheets fun again Basic Sass syntax PART 2: USING SASS AND COMPASS IN PRACTICE CSS grids without the math Eliminate the mundane using Compass CSS3 with Compass PART 3: TUNING FOR PRODUCTION Spriting From prototype to production High-performance stylesheets PART 4: ADVANCED SASS AND COMPASS Scripting with Sass Creating and sharing a Compass extension

The Moral Compass

The Moral Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1607520575
Author: Lindsay J. Thompson
Publisher: IAP
File Size: 883 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5660732


The Moral Compass by Lindsay J. Thompson Book Resume:

The Moral Compass presents a model of morality as a guide to values-based leadership. In a free, pluralist society, diverse stakeholders with competing moral claims present serious challenges to the strategic momentum of business, government, NGOs, and community organizations. Leaders need to know how to manage these challenges effectively. The Moral Compass is their guide. As recent history has repeatedly demonstrated, leaders who avoid, impose, or gloss over the centrality of values in realizing a strategic vision can produce severely flawed outcomes such as loss of confidence, corruption, and market failure. The Moral Compass provides leaders with effective tools to manage this complex, strategic environment by engaging directly with stakeholders to clarify and articulate normative values without privileging or diminishing specific moral traditions. The Moral Compass is rich blend of scholarship, practical wisdom, and usable tools. It is a readable, accessible book that draws from a range of scholarship in humanities, business, science, and social sciences to explain the dynamics of human morality. Academically oriented readers will find intellectually challenging resources and references. Pragmatic readers will be able to use this knowledge to cultivate a robust personal moral compass as a leadership tool for building ethical teams, practice groups, and organizational cultures, for framing and managing moral dilemmas, and for conducting an ethical discernment and decisionmaking process. Ethics in business and leadership studies is emerging as a rich field for scholarship. As an active business faculty member in the field, Dr Thompson is familiar with the published literature of colleagues in the Society for Business Ethics, the International Society for Business Ethics and Economics, the Academy of Management, and the American Philosophical Association. As a blend of theory and practice, The Moral Compass is unique among business ethics books in providing a framework for including and managing the volatility of ethical issues arising from tensions between traditional religious and modern secular morality. Rather than avoid these conflicts, the book anchors their source in the inherent complexity of human neurochemistry, individuation, and socialization as a context for moral meaning and conscience. The book includes numerous exercises in reflection, dialogue, and discernment that enable readers to find common moral ground with people from divergent wisdom traditions. The book synthesizes a wide range of knowledge in a presenting practical model for moral discernment, dialogue, and decision making.

The Values Compass

The Values Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1501183400
Author: Mandeep Rai
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
File Size: 1634 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3152595


The Values Compass by Mandeep Rai Book Resume:

AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER “The Values Compass takes us into the hearts, minds, and traditions of the cultures and people of the world. It demonstrates how interconnected we are and how the divisions that exist between us stem from acting with narrow self-interest rather than concern for the good of our human family. I hope that the book will contribute to making our world a happier place.” —THE DALAI LAMA Every day we make decisions based on what we believe in: values that define the ambitions we set, the choices we make, and the relationships we choose. In The Values Compass, Dr. Mandeep Rai shows how the countries of the world epitomize the power of values, provide an ideal guide to help us understand our own, and teach us important lessons about success. From Moroccan compromise to Armenian survival and American entrepreneurship, The Values Compass shows how we can incorporate the values that animate nations into our own lives—seeing ourselves through the eyes of the world, and shedding new light on the opportunities and challenges that define us. The result is an insightful and readable collection that helps us reflect on the values that matter most, last longest, and have the greatest power to create change.

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1780995121
Author: Barbara Berger
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
File Size: 986 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3121052


Find and Follow Your Inner Compass by Barbara Berger Book Resume:

In a time when we are bombarded from morning to evening with information from all sides as to what is best and what we should and shouldn't do to live happy lives, how can we navigate through this massive sea of information and know what's best for us in any given situation? Is there a reliable way to make decisions and navigate wisely through life? Yes! In this book Barbara Berger maps out what the Inner Compass is and how we can read its signals. How do we use the Inner Compass in our daily lives, at work and in our relationships? What sabotages our ability to listen to and follow the Inner Compass? What do we do when the Inner Compass points us in a direction we believe other people will disapprove of? Find and follow your Inner Compass and experience more flow and joy in your life.

Ship Magnetism and the Magnetic Compass

Ship Magnetism and the Magnetic Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1483180549
Author: F. G. Merrifield
Publisher: Elsevier
File Size: 1283 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6888348


Ship Magnetism and the Magnetic Compass by F. G. Merrifield Book Resume:

Ship Magnetism and the Magnetic Compass deals with the magnetism of ships and the deviation of the magnetic compass produced by this magnetism. Emphasis is placed on the distinction between the deviation itself and what causes the deviation. Numerous worked examples for exercise are found at the end of each chapter. Comprised of 15 chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to magnetometry, paying particular attention to the magnitude of the forces involved in magnetism and the manner in which these forces act. The strength of a magnetic pole is also considered, along with the angle of deflection of the needle when in two magnetic fields. Subsequent chapters offer a thorough treatment of the strength of the magnetic field and the magnet's moment of inertia and magnetic moment; the earth's magnetic force; and how the different parts of the ship's magnetic force give different types of deviation. The book also explains the heeling error and its causes; the principle underlying successful compass adjustment; the effect of the ship's magnetic forces on the directive force felt by the compass needles; and sub-permanent magnetism. This monograph will be of value to students and practitioners interested in ship magnetism and the magnetic compass.

Callum's Compass

Callum's Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Sara L. Foust
Publisher: Silver Lining Literary Services-Sara L. Foust
File Size: 1683 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2559675


Callum's Compass by Sara L. Foust Book Resume:

Kat Williams's brother died in a gruesome accident in the mountains of East Tennessee. She blames herself. Ryan Jenkins's fiancée was murdered. He couldn’t protect her. With the death of her brother, Kat believes she is unworthy of love from anyone—even God. When a good friend elicits a promise that she will stop living in the past, then leaves her clues to a real-life treasure hunt, Kat embarks on an adventure chock-full of danger. To find the treasure, Kat will have to survive wild animals—and even wilder men. Can she rely on Ryan, the handsome wildlife officer assigned to protect her … without falling in love? Ryan swore off love when his fiancée was murdered, but feelings long buried rise to the surface around Kat. He volunteers to help with her treasure hunt, vowing to keep her safe. Together they venture deep into caves and tunnels … and even deeper into the depths of their unplumbed hearts.

The Compass

The Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9781469706252
Author: Deborah Radwan
Publisher: iUniverse
File Size: 722 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4151160


The Compass by Deborah Radwan Book Resume:

Thirteen-year-old Rudy and his friends routinely ride their bikes through their rundown neighborhood, shouting insults at their neighbor, Jacob, an elderly Jewish man out tending his garden. Then Rudy discovers that his mother has arranged for him to help Jacob tear down his fence that summer. When a sullen Rudy shows up at Jacob’s door, it’s hard to know which of them is most wary of the other. Yet when Rudy sees the beautiful gardens Jacob and his neighbors, Frederick and Yoshito, have created in their backyards, he can’t help but be impressed. During the hot summer days that follow, fatherless Rudy, who wants to “belong to something,” toils in the sun with a shovel and an attitude, reluctant to accept even a glass of Frederick’s iced tea. Gradually he learns that the older men—Jacob, from Germany; Frederick, an African American from the pre–civil rights movement South; and Yoshito, a Japanese American who spent three years in an internment camp during World War II—have become like brothers, bonded through tragedy and the drive to transform barren dirt into something beautiful. Frederick and Yoshito have made peace with their pasts and removed the fence between their yards, but Jacob is still haunted by what happened to his family at Auschwitz, memories retriggered by Rudy and his friends. As they work alongside each other, Jacob and Rudy do more than tear down a fence in this story of healing and hope that changes Rudy’s life in ways he never imagined.

Einstein's Compass

Einstein's Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0998830895
Author: Grace Blair,Laren Bright
Publisher: Bublish, Inc.
File Size: 730 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2872106


Einstein's Compass by Grace Blair,Laren Bright Book Resume:

How did Albert Einstein come up with his wondrous theories of light and time? In Einstein's Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure, a young Albert is given a supernatural compass that allows him to travel through time and space, and find wisdom in other dimensions, including the lost city of Atlantis. But evil forces seek the power of the compass, including a monstrous, shape-shifting dragon from a different age. Can the compass protect Albert from such villainy?

Resetting the Compass

Resetting the Compass [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0643099921
Author: David Yencken,Debra Wilkinson
File Size: 1377 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4237714


Resetting the Compass by David Yencken,Debra Wilkinson Book Resume:

Resetting the Compass: Australia's Journey Towards Sustainability Updated Edition sets out Australia's environmental problems in their global context and explains what is now needed to fix them. It also illustrates how ecological sustainability can be achieved together with economic, social and cultural sustainability. The book examines the pressures on our environment from population growth, consumption patterns and technological change. The specific actions needed to deal with each of the problems identified are described in detail. This Edition includes: *Assessments from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. *Figures related to Australia's emissions from the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. *Assessments of conditions and trends from the National Land and Water Audit. *Estimates of the volume of vegetation clearing and new information on wind farms. This book is essential reading for politicians and public servants; business leaders and managers; environmentalists; academics and students in environmental courses; and all those interested in environmental issues.

Compass Points

Compass Points [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780829429510
Author: Margaret Silf
Publisher: Loyola Press
File Size: 901 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6515959


Compass Points by Margaret Silf Book Resume:

You can find God as easily at the car wash as you can at the cathedral. For many Christians, it’s relatively effortless to experience God in special places, such as a church or a mountaintop; or at special times, such as the birth of a child or the wedding of two people deeply in love. But it can be quite a challenge for us to meet God in the most ordinary of places, in the most ordinary of times. God in the magnificent? No problem. God in the mundane? That’s a bit harder. In Compass Points, best-selling Ignatian spirituality author and beloved speaker Margaret Silf leads us to discover God beyond the grandiose and to find the Divine in our daily lives. Through short but powerful meditations and vignettes based on her own authentic spiritual experiences, Silf reveals the interior process of Ignatian mindfulness—of which a core tenet is that God can be found in all things. By joining Silf on her journey through real life in the real world, readers will have their own eyes, minds, and hearts opened to the Divine experience and will come to more fully recognize God’s active, abiding presence in everything that they see and do.