Come And Get Me

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Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1602822808
Author: ,
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9110332


Come and Get Me by , Book Resume:

What would you do if an irresistibly desirable but utterly untouchable woman whispered to you, If you want me, you'll have to come and get me? That's exactly the situation that Elliott Foster, CEO of Foster MacKenzie, finds herself in when she meets the alluring Lauren Collier, Chief Legal Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. Elliott never has a shortage of attractive women willing to share her bed, and she doesn't care if they are attracted to her or just her money. By her rules, if two women are attracted to each other there's no reason why they shouldn't spend the night together—or in some cases, the afternoon. Lauren, intriguing but decidedly oflimits, doesn't fit the mold and Elliot knows she should walk away. Instead she finds herself in the unusual position of pursuing another woman, and even more disconcertingly...on Lauren's terms. Come and Get Me is a passionate, rollercoaster romance that's anything but predictable.

Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1683319761
Author: August Norman
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5201957


Come and Get Me by August Norman Book Resume:

An intrepid journalist confronts a small town’s dark secrets in Come and Get Me, a breakneck thriller for fans of Tess Gerritsen and Julia Keller. At Indiana University, someone’s been studying the female student body: their dating customs, nocturnal activities—and how long they can survive in captivity. When award-winning journalist Caitlin Bergman is invited back to campus to receive an honorary degree, she finds an opportunity for a well-earned victory lap—and a chance to face the trauma that almost destroyed her as an undergrad. But her lap becomes an all-out race when a student begs her to probe an unsolved campus disappearance: Angela Chapman went out one Friday night and never came back. To find the missing woman, Caitlin must join forces with a local police detective and the department that botched her own case so long ago. But while Caitlin follows the clues behind Angela’s disappearance, someone else is following her... Unearthing secrets hidden beneath an idyllic Midwestern college town, Caitlin must expose what really happened to Angela—before she herself becomes the newest addition to a twisted collection.

Come & Get Me

Come & Get Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 2280453053
Author: Emma Berthet
Publisher: Harlequin
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9085898


Come & Get Me by Emma Berthet Book Resume:

Jamais elle ne doit lui révéler ses sentiments. Ça fait deux ans qu’Annabelle travaille dans le restaurant de Tobias. Et, depuis le début, elle s’est fait une promesse : quoi qu’il arrive, jamais elle ne révélera ses sentiments à celui qui a changé sa vie... et qui la considère depuis toujours comme une amie. Qu’est-ce qu’une fille perdue et brisée comme elle pourrait bien avoir à lui offrir ? Non, elle doit à tout prix laisser Tobias en dehors de son existence chaotique et se concentrer plutôt sur la façon d’éponger les dettes de son père alcoolique tout en assurant un avenir à sa petite sœur. Même si Tobias est désormais célibataire et semble de plus en plus troublé en sa présence... A propos de l'auteur Dévoreuse de livres depuis sa plus tendre enfance, Emma Berthet a très vite commencé à écrire ses propres histoires. Aujourd’hui psychomotricienne, elle s’évade la nuit en créant des personnages authentiques et attachants.

Come and Find Me (DI Marnie Rome Book 5)

Come and Find Me (DI Marnie Rome Book 5) [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1472248988
Author: Sarah Hilary
Publisher: Headline
File Size: 1475 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8709204


Come and Find Me (DI Marnie Rome Book 5) by Sarah Hilary Book Resume:

Gripping, tense, twisty and full of emotional insight, COME AND FIND ME is Sarah Hilary's Marnie Rome 5 book, for fans of Mick Herron or Clare Mackintosh. 'Hilary belts out a corker of a story, all wrapped up in her vivid, effortless prose. If you're not reading this series of London-set police procedurals then you need to start right away' Observer On the surface, Lara Chorley and Ruth Hull have nothing in common, other than their infatuation with Michael Vokey. Each is writing to a sadistic inmate, sharing her secrets, whispering her worst fears, craving his attention. DI Marnie Rome understands obsession. She's finding it hard to give up her own addiction to a dangerous man: her foster brother, Stephen Keele. She wasn't able to save her parents from Stephen. She lives with that guilt every day. As the hunt for Vokey gathers pace, Marnie fears one of the women may have found him - and is about to pay the ultimate price.

Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0062078623
Author: Hallie Ephron
Publisher: Harper Collins
File Size: 319 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8797147


Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron Book Resume:

“It takes a lot of chutzpah for a book reviewer to write books of her own….But Hallie Ephron…can hold her head high: She does it, and very well, too.” —Seattle Times A recluse who works and lives online must brave the “real world” when her sister goes missing in Come and Find Me—a gripping and ingenious novel of mystery and psychological suspense from Hallie Ephron, author of Never Tell a Lie. Writing about her sensational debut, USA Today noted, “You can imagine Hitchcock curling up with this one.” Aficionados of Rear Window, Vertigo, and North by Northwest—as well as the many fans of Harlan Coben and Mary Higgins Clark—will get a similar charge from Come and Find Me.

Come and Get Me [Whispering Mountain 3]

Come and Get Me [Whispering Mountain 3] [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1619263580
Author: Kortny Alexander
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
File Size: 877 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6432000


Come and Get Me [Whispering Mountain 3] by Kortny Alexander Book Resume:

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA] May knew life would get complicated when a patient’s violent past, a romance she is reluctant to acknowledge, and a life-changing surprise collided with one another. Her reluctance to answer Remy and Kane’s phone calls makes it impossible for the twins to convince her they could make her happy. She is the object of their affections, and neither man is going to give up on her. When May is forced into protective custody, she has no choice but to confront the one issue she’s not prepared to handle—Remy and Kane Durden. As danger closes in, will May give in to what her heart truly craves? Is she willing to live with the heartache she would certainly cause if she pushes away the two men who could fill her life and heart with love and happiness? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Come And Get Me: Novelindo Publishing

Come And Get Me: Novelindo Publishing [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Fanyandra
Publisher: Novelindo Publishing
File Size: 1703 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7567572


Come And Get Me: Novelindo Publishing by Fanyandra Book Resume:

Putri hanya mengingat kalau dirinya adalah gadis lajang dan hanya memiliki ayah. Namun kehadiran Septian membuatnya merasa aneh dan kejadian-kejadian aneh pun terjadi padanya. Ia pun memiliki panik yang berlebihan dan harus meminum obat untuk membuatnya tenang. Awalnya Putri hanya berpikir kalau semua serangan yang terjadi hanyalah dari Rian, cowok gila yang terobsesi padanya. Tapi semakin lama ia sadar bukan hanya Rian yang ada di belakang semua ini. Dan perlahan mimpi-mimpi yang berupa kenyataan pun membuat Putri sadar, kalau ia memiliki ikatan dengan Septian. Terkadang kita harus berkorban lebih untuk orang yang kita sayangi. Mencintai dengan tulus dan tanpa pamrih.

Come Find Me

Come Find Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0525578315
Author: Megan Miranda
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
File Size: 922 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 889857


Come Find Me by Megan Miranda Book Resume:

From the New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing Girls and The Perfect Stranger comes a captivating thriller about two teens who connect when each discovers a mysterious radio frequency, which suggests their family tragedies are mysteriously connected. After surviving an infamous family tragedy, sixteen-year-old Kennedy Jones has made it her mission to keep her brother's search through the cosmos alive. But then something disturbs the frequency on his radio telescope--a pattern registering where no signal should transmit. In a neighboring county, seventeen-year-old Nolan Chandler is determined to find out what really happened to his brother, who disappeared the day after Nolan had an eerie premonition. There hasn't been a single lead for two years, until Nolan picks up an odd signal--a pattern coming from his brother's bedroom. Drawn together by these strange signals--and their family tragedies--Kennedy and Nolan search for the origin of the mysterious frequency. But the more they uncover, the more they believe that everything's connected--even their pasts--as it appears the signal is meant for them alone, sharing a message that only they can understand. Is something coming for them? Or is the frequency warning them about something that's already here?

Come and Tell Me Some Lies

Come and Tell Me Some Lies [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1408850664
Author: Raffaella Barker
Publisher: A&C Black
File Size: 764 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3020448


Come and Tell Me Some Lies by Raffaella Barker Book Resume:

Gabriella has many siblings and many more animals. Her father is an impoverished poet with a penchant for mending cars with string and optimism, her mother a classicist now more concerned with trying to keep track of hectic family life the the declining of verbs. Gabriella and her brothers run amuck through the attics and wilderness garden of their home Mildney. Here she experiences the triumphs and pitfalls of belonging to a wayward family; and longs for conformity. Her failure to achieve it is absolute.

The Pedagogy of Special Needs Education

The Pedagogy of Special Needs Education [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1000337308
Author: Chizuko Fujita
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1308 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8499293


The Pedagogy of Special Needs Education by Chizuko Fujita Book Resume:

The Pedagogy of Special Needs Education: Phenomenology of Sameness and Difference outlines how to understand the inner and behavioral lives of children with intellectual disability through the psychology and phenomenology of "stories" derived from the experiences of living with these children. The book inquires into the meaning of the experiences of children with intellectual developmental disability using a phenomenological method. It examines how the external behaviors of children with special needs may look different from children without these needs but actually do share many similarities at the phenomenological level of lived experience. Themes of difference and sameness are employed for exploring the significances of phenomena such as "finger play," "eating as selffeeding," "smiling and turn-taking," "self-talk," and "don’t touch me." Throughout the narrating and interpreting of the case studies within the book, the author shows the tensional dialectic between individual and collective difference in order to understand what is required to help children with intellectual disability become themselves and form their personal self-identity. The Pedagogy of Special Needs Education can be used in schools, seminars, and courses related to special education programs and in special needs curricula for children with developmental disabilities. It can also support childcare professionals who carry orthopedagogical responsibilities and who are concerned about the wellbeing of children and their families experiencing special needs. Additionally, this book is valuable to students, researchers, teachers, and others interested in a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to human science, professional practice issues, and qualitative research methods.

Dolly Parton, Songteller

Dolly Parton, Songteller [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1797208381
Author: Dolly Parton,Robert K. Oermann
Publisher: Chronicle Books
File Size: 790 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8159740


Dolly Parton, Songteller by Dolly Parton,Robert K. Oermann Book Resume:

Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics is a landmark celebration of the remarkable life and career of a country music and pop culture legend. As told by Dolly Parton in her own inimitable words, explore the songs that have defined her journey. Illustrated throughout with previously unpublished images from Dolly Parton's personal and business archives. Mining over 60 years of songwriting, Dolly Parton highlights 175 of her songs and brings readers behind the lyrics. • Packed with never-before-seen photographs and classic memorabilia • Explores personal stories, candid insights, and myriad memories behind the songs Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics reveals the stories and memories that have made Dolly a beloved icon across generations, genders, and social and international boundaries. Containing rare photos and memorabilia from Parton's archives, this book is a show-stopping must-have for every Dolly Parton fan. • Learn the history behind classic Parton songs like "Jolene," "9 to 5," "I Will Always Love You," and more. • The perfect gift for Dolly Parton fans (everyone loves Dolly!) as well as lovers of music history and country Add it to the shelf with books like Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, The Beatles Anthology by The Beatles, and Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

Come For Me

Come For Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Mia Ford
Publisher: Mia Ford
File Size: 1402 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5956652


Come For Me by Mia Ford Book Resume:

She left me. Married another man and ripped my heart out. Now she's back and begging for my help. No way am I getting involved. Except I already am. Savannah. Her name still makes my head buzz. We were in love, or so I thought. But she broke my heart. I made the army my home and tried to forget her fresh floral scent. Her heart-pounding beauty. The fool who stole her from me. I thought I'd succeeded. Until I got the call. "Jayden, I need your help." What could I say? It's been years since Savannah begged me for anything. Her child is missing. The cops think he's dead. Her husband thinks she's depressed. Crazy. Maybe she is. I won't stop until I find out the truth. The man who stole her son will pay. And just maybe Savannah and I can fix what we used to have.

The Mordida Man

The Mordida Man [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1453228209
Author: Ross Thomas
Publisher: Open Road Media
File Size: 722 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4594320


The Mordida Man by Ross Thomas Book Resume:

Only one man can save the president’s kidnapped brother in this propulsive thriller from the author “without peer in American suspense” (Los Angeles Times). American agents abduct a high-profile terrorist in broad daylight on the streets of London, subduing him with a tranquilizer. He dies a few hours later on a flight back to Washington, DC, and the body is dropped into the ocean. Hours later, the President’s brother—a political powerhouse in his own right—boards a plane to Las Vegas that doesn’t land in Nevada. Libyan radicals are at the controls, and he is their prisoner. The only man who can save him is Chubb Dunjee. A former United Nations operative with skills in every aspect of political negotiation, Chubb became famous for solving problems with well-placed bribes. Saving the President’s brother should be no trouble for him. But the Libyans don’t want a bribe. They want blood.

Come and Get Us

Come and Get Us [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 031650517X
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: BookShots
File Size: 881 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9310708


Come and Get Us by James Patterson Book Resume:

In this exciting thriller, an athletic soccer mom and her family face a car chase . . . and the most deadly enemy ever. Miranda Cooper's life takes a terrifying turn when an SUV deliberately runs her and her husband off a desolate Arizona road. With her husband badly wounded, she must run for help alone as his cryptic parting words echo in her head: "Be careful who you trust." BookShots Lightning-fast stories by James Patterson Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson

Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1101205946
Author: Alyssa Brooks
Publisher: Penguin
File Size: 554 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7270203


Come and Get Me by Alyssa Brooks Book Resume:

“Come & Get Me is an erotic screwball comedy with heart. . . Look out, world: Alyssa Brooks is on her way up!”—Diane Whiteside Sadie had to admit it—Dylan was perfect husband material. He was a lawyer, an unselfish lover, always understanding, and totally hot in a three-piece suit. So why did it freak her out when he proposed? Because she was only twenty-seven? Because she wasn’t ready for the role of lawyer’s wife? Or maybe because first, she’d like to take their sex life to another level—like it was in her cop fantasies. That’s when Sadie said You want me? Come and get me. From the beaches of Kauai to the sweltering sands of Egypt, the pursuit is on between the slippery prey and a hunter determined to take it—wherever and however. But when Sadie meets two strangers who fulfill one of her naughtiest fantasies, she hasn’t a clue that Dylan is playing a game of his own.

Tallchief's Love Tales Trilogy

Tallchief's Love Tales Trilogy [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1456835386
Author: Bill Tallchief
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
File Size: 368 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4312006


Tallchief's Love Tales Trilogy by Bill Tallchief Book Resume:

“So, you think I’m not a lady?”
“No, I said you weren’t acting like a lady”
“Mommy’s hurt,
“ Girl, git outta there quick, RayRay’s on his way with
Mommy’s hurt!”
BoomBoom an’ Snake, they’s pissed”
“She loved this boy!”

“Have I taken this too far?” he questioned himself.
“I cannot lose her, I cannot” he thought.
She stood at the bay window, intently peering at the freshly fallen snow.
…a trickle of tear formed…
She abhors the heat and humidity and was closed to idea of being here.

“The silence was awakened by the deep sighs of lust.”
The water flows steadily upon them. He kisses her neck, her cheek, her shoulder….he has her locked in place…
“Calm down and let’s do this like rational people. “
Six shots….. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!
Wake up, Dana….please wake up!!...

A Clash of Separation and Redemption

A Conflict of Sun and Snow

A Road You Dare Not Travel

It's Me in the Middle

It's Me in the Middle [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1648041515
Author: Linda Laws
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
File Size: 1882 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2465200


It's Me in the Middle by Linda Laws Book Resume:

It’s Me in the Middle By: Linda Laws It’s Me in the Middle is a true story that reads like a horror movie about how author Linda Laws got to where she is today. Tears welled in her eyes as she wrote the book enclosed, recalling how unjustly she was treated by her family. Growing up in the mid-1950s, things were not easy for her big heart and naivety which got her into trouble.

Come to Me Quietly

Come to Me Quietly [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 069814404X
Author: A. L. Jackson
Publisher: Penguin
File Size: 1750 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7819580


Come to Me Quietly by A. L. Jackson Book Resume:

From the acclaimed bestselling author of Lost to You and When We Collide comes a New Adult novel of one woman’s obsession: a man who’s as passionate as he is elusive—and as tempting as he is trouble… Aleena Moore is haunted by Jared Holt. It’s been six years since she’s seen her brother’s best friend, the self-destructive bad boy she secretly loved in high school. As the years pass, she knows it’s time to move on. Time to decide between a practical nursing degree and her true dream as an artist. Time to get over Jared and give another guy a chance… Just when she opens her heart to her friend, Gabe, Aly returns home to find Jared sleeping on her couch. The teenage boy she loved has grown into a man she can’t resist. Covered in tattoos and lost in rage, he’s begging to be saved from his demons—the memories of the day he destroyed his family. As the two reconnect, their passion is hot enough to torch Aly’s judgment. But can she risk her future for a man who lives on the edge of destruction?

An Innocent Man the Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer

An Innocent Man the Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1426951345
Author: Gene Baumgaertner
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
File Size: 1307 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3295593


An Innocent Man the Life and Times of an American Baby Boomer by Gene Baumgaertner Book Resume:

Come travel back to a different but vaguely familiar world. Journey to a time when inflation barely existed, gasoline was cheap, cars had big gas-guzzling engines, and people almost never locked their front doors. Written in the first person, An Innocent Man follows the life and time of Edgar Rice Baker from his childhood as he encounters all of the trappings, joys, and nuances of the Baby Boomer years. It was an age of innocence, when kids walked to school, when beer and liquor were the worst things your kids could get in to, and when getting a drivers license and a set of wheels (where the heater worked and the engine ran) were the most important first steps in transitioning to adulthood. If you are over fifty, do you remember the good old days? Those were happy days of wine and roses, when life was simpler, and we all were more innocent. An Innocent Man transports us back to the fifties and sixtiesfor a nostalgic walk down the primrose lane.

O Give Me a Home

O Give Me a Home [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1365538974
Author: James Hursey
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
File Size: 1259 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6285520


O Give Me a Home by James Hursey Book Resume:

An old man visits closed and decaying buildings which he remembers entering many years before as a small, frightened nine-year-old, then mines his now fading memories for this stark recounting of growing up in a large, state-run, military orphanage. He remembers newkie lessons perhaps too well-learned and a kiddie dorm perhaps too well-ordered; he remembers a fellow orphan who finds a way out and another who would rather stay in; he tells of violent daytime battles and innocent nighttime rendezvous; and of a happy-go-lucky garbage man and a not so lucky marksman; of unconsummated first love and an unexpected last message. All of these memories are interspersed here and there with interludial vignettes of orphanage life and are ultimately flanked, like caliginous bookends, by two sad goodbyes, one wistful and one anguished, but each demarcating a decisive fork in life's road.