Children And The Faces Of Television

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The Psychology of War and Peace

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Psychology of War and Peace by Fred van Houten Book Resume:

Can a Baby Be an Enemy? Our world is in a deep, prolonged crisis. The threat of global nuclear war, the chronic condition of local wars, the imperilled environment, and mass star vation are among the major forms this crisis takes. The dangers of massive overkill, overexploitation of the environment, and overpopulation are well known, but surprisingly little has been said about their potential interac tions, their bearing upon each other. If there were to be a nuclear confronta tion between today's superpowers, it might not take place in today's world, but in a far less friendly habitat, such as the world may be some decades hence. And it need hardly be added that the era of this particular super power configuration may be waning rapidly, its place to be taken by other international arrangements not necessarily less threatening. To understand and cope with our situation we need correspondingly serious reflection. This volume forms a welcome part of that process. Un avoidably, a large part of our thinking about the issues of human survival must be oriented to physical and biological aspects of the total danger. But it has not escaped the authors of this book that, coupled with these aspects, there are profound psychological dangers, such as loss of the sense of futu rity, moral deterioration, and a fatalistic decline in the will to struggle to protect our home, the Earth.

Television and the American Family

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Television and the American Family by J. Alison Bryant Book Resume:

This second edition of a trend-setting volume provides an updated examination of the interaction between families and the most pervasive mass medium: television. Charting the dynamic developments of the American family and television over the past decade, this volume provides a comprehensive representation of programmatic research into family and television and examines extensively the uses families make of television, how extensions of television affect usage, families' evolving attitudes toward television, the ways families have been and are portrayed on television, the effects television has on families, and the ways in which families can mediate its impact on their lives. The volume is an invaluable resource for scholars and students in the areas of media and society, children and media, and family studies.

"Sesame Street" and the Reform of Children's Television

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

"Sesame Street" and the Reform of Children's Television by Robert W. Morrow,Robert W.. Morrow Book Resume:

In this engaging study Robert W. Morrow explores the origins and inner workings of CTW (the Children's Television Workshop), how the workshop in New York scripted and designed Sesame Street, and how the show became both a model for network television as well as a thorn in its side. "An insightful look at American children's television." -- Library Journal

Children's Literature and the Fin de Siècle

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children's Literature and the Fin de Siècle by International Research Society for Children's Literature. Congress,International Research Society for Children's Literature,Children's Literature Association (U.S.) Book Resume:

The close of a century invites both retrospection and prognostication. As a period of transition, it also brings a sense of uncertainty, finality, and apocalypticism. This volume examines fin de siecle tensions in 19th- and 20th-century children's literature from around the world. The contributors look back at children's literature of the past and ahead toward children's literature of the future, while probing such issues as literary nonsense and the breakdown of language, the image of the child as redeemer, social engineering in children's literature, the Holocaust in children's fiction, fear in contemporary fantasy, and changing notions of masculinity.

The Faces of Televisual Media

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Faces of Televisual Media by Edward L. Palmer,Brian M. Young Book Resume:

This collection offers original, state-of-the-art contributions from leading authorities in children's televisual media. International researchers from communication and psychology provide readers with ready access to current televisual research, trends, and policymaking/political climate issues pertaining to children. This second edition provides a current summary of studies on content, viewing patterns, comprehension, effects, and individual differences in instructional and educational programming, televisual entertainment and violence programming, and televisual advertising to children. Editors Edward L. Palmer and Brian M. Young have structured the volume into three sections examining the "faces" of television: the Teaching (instructional/educational) Face, the Violent Face, and the Selling (advertising) Face. Chapters within each section identify and focus recurrent themes while integrating them topically into a coherent whole. Each area incorporates new technologies and considers their potentials, effects, and future. Subjects featured in the various chapters include: *cross-cultural and historical comparisons with an in-depth perspective on the BBC and other European/Asian televisual media roots, as well as America's formative televisual media roots; *an examination of key differences between developed and developing countries; *implications of emerging instructional/educational media for children's education--addressing both cognitive and multi-ethnic aspects; and * prominent, informed challenge to the prevailing popular view that children are unaffected and unharmed by exposure to media violence. This volume informs ongoing debates across a broad spectrum of current, critical issues, and suggests avenues for future research. It is pertinent and provocative for the most sophisticated scholar in the field, as well as for students in areas of developmental or social psychology, communication, education, sociology, marketing, broadcasting and film, public policy, advertising, and medicine/pediatrics. It is also appropriate for courses in children, media, and society.

The Art of Leadership

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Art of Leadership by Notker Wolf,Enrica Rosanna Book Resume:

Without question, managing people effectively requires strong leadership. Are these leadership qualities easily teachable? What exactly characterizes good leadership qualities? And what are the significant gender differences between masculine and feminine leadership styles? Abbot Primate Notker Wolf and Sister Enrica Rosanna have each held significant leadership positions, and based on their real-world experience, they clearly examine and answer these questions. Together they establish common mistakes that most people make and explain what it truly takes to become an effective leader in business, politics, school, and family life. This is a book that is beneficial to everyone, even if the reader is not in a leadership role.

The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television by Ted Okuda,Jack Mulqueen Book Resume:

There was a time when every television station in Chicago produced or aired programming for children, and this book discusses the back stories and details of this special era from the people who created, lived, and enjoyed it, such as producers, on-air personalities, and fans. This compendium describes how from the late 1940s through the early 1970s, local television stations created a golden age of children's television unique in American broadcasting and how the FCC changed the regulations governing the relationship between sponsors and local programming in 1972, effectively bringing the genre to a close since the programs operated under strict budgetary constraints. The story of this chapter in television history show the richness of imagination and inventiveness of children's programming and the devotion of the fans. Featured shows include Bozo's Circus; Garfield Goose; Kukla, Fran, & Ollie; The Mulqueen's Kiddie-A-Go-Go; Ray Rayner and Friends; and Super Circus. "Today, we can be nostalgic about the passing of great local children's fare such as Bozo's Circus . . . and Garfield Goose. However, I believe that today's children have more and better choices in programming . . . . What is missing is the localism, the heart and soul that emanated from these and other programs. Economics, regulation, and expectations for what a program should look like have altered children's television forever. As you read this book, perhaps you will not only find memories or curiosities from a bygone era, but inspiration to create children's television for today's audiences. A pie in the face is still funny, kids still like to dance, and the last time I looked, you could still buy six buckets and nail them to a board and call it a Grand Prize Game."—from the foreword by Neal Sabin, WCIU-TV, Chicago Behind-the-Scenes Stories of the Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television as Told by the People Who Lived It At one time every station in Chicago—a maximum of five, until 1964—produced or aired some programming for children. From the late 1940s through the early 1970s, local television stations created a golden age of children's television unique in American broadcasting. Though the shows often operated under strict budgetary constraints, these programs were rich in imagination, inventiveness, and devoted fans. The mere mention of their names brings smiles to the faces of Midwestern Baby Boomers everywhere: Kukla, Fran, & Ollie, Super Circus, Garfield Goose, Bozo's Circus, Mulqueens' Kiddie-A-Go-Go, BJ & Dirty Dragon, Ray Rayner and Friends, and a host of others. In 1972 the FCC changed the regulations governing the relationship between sponsors and local programming, effectively bringing to a close this chapter of television history. What Chicago kids' show had American Bandstand host Dick Clark dancing on T.V. for the first time ever? Why did one have to wait months and, more often, years to get tickets for Bozo's Circus? Which very popular and successful host never wanted to do a children's T.V. show? Who really made the puppet Garfield Goose (you may not have known it was a mystery)? Remember the talent that bit the head off a parakeet on live TV and the shocked emcee's reaction? What sent television executives into a quandary when Kiddie-A-Go-Go went on the air? Which show was almost forced off the air because a giant soft drink company opposed a so-called rival's use of the word sip? Now, discover the back stories and details of this special era from the people who created, lived, and enjoyed it—producers, on-air personalities, and fans.

Children and Television

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children and Television by Barrie Gunter,Jill L. McAleer Book Resume:

Does violence on TV lead to violent behaviour? How can parents influence children¿s viewing? Fears over the effect of television on children have been around since it was invented. The recent explosion in the number of channels and new multimedia entertainment lends a new urgency to the discussion. This completely revised second edition of Children and Television brings the story of children and television right up to date. In addition to presenting the latest research on all of the themes covered in the first edition, it includes a discussion of the new entertainment media now available and a new chapter which examines the role of television in influencing children¿s health related attitudes behaviour. Barrie Gunter and Jill McAleer examine the research evidence in to the effects of television on children and their responses to it. They conclude that children are sophisticated viewers and control television far more than it controls them.

Children and Media Violence

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children and Media Violence by Ulla Carlsson,Cecilia von Feilitzen,UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children and Violence on the Screen Book Resume:

This yearbook compiles information on research findings on children and youth and media violence, as seen from the perspective of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child. The thematic focus of the yearbook is on the influence of children's exposure to media violence. Section 1 of the yearbook, "Children and Media on the UN and UNESCO Agendas," includes articles on the significance of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Section 2, "Children and Violence on the Screen: Research Articles," includes articles on U.S. television violence and children, the nature and context of violence on American television, and media violence in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Europe, and Argentina. Section 3, "Children's Media Situation: Research Articles," contains articles describing children's media access and use in various parts of the world, including Asia, China, Australia, South Africa, and Belgium. Section 4, "Media in the World," provides statistics on children and the media worldwide. Section 5, "Children in the World," details demographic indicators for children worldwide. Section 6, "Children's Participation in the Media: Some Examples," describes examples of positive child participation in the media production process. Section 7 contains international declarations and resolutions regarding children and the media. Section 8 discusses regulations and measures as a basis for building television policy. A bibliography containing approximately 300 references on children and media violence published after 1970 completes the yearbook. (KB)

Charlotte's Creek

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Charlotte's Creek by Therese Creed Book Resume:

After a couple of years working in a privileged private school, Lucy Francis yearns for adventure. So when she hears about a job teaching four children on a massive cattle property in North Queensland, she decides to throw caution - and her teaching job - to the winds. When Lucy arrives at Charlotte's Creek Station she finds a family in crisis. To make matters worse, the four children she's been charged with educating are very spirited, not always cooperative, and dismally behind in their schooling. To Lucy, the only person who seems to be keeping Charlotte's Creek afloat is the family's gruff stockman, Ted. With his support and encouragement Lucy throws herself into the day-to-day activities of the station and makes excellent progress with the children. Though Lucy and Ted's feelings for each other grow, Ted can't see any future for them because of his lack of prospects. As the family divisions at Charlotte's Creek prove insurmountable and the property looks set to be put on the market, Lucy faces returning to the city and leaving Ted behind. . . By the bestselling author of Redstone Station, this is the story of a strong young woman stepping into the unknown, trying to make things work, and finding love.

A Cry from the Cross

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Cry from the Cross by Robert D. Cornwall Book Resume:

Sermons / Good Friday Christianity is a faith centered around an instrument of suffering and death -- a cross. The hope of every believer is rooted in it. Over the centuries, the cross has become a universal symbol of both suffering and redemption. On Good Friday, the cross takes center stage in our worship. Passages from the gospels retelling the agonizing tale of Jesus' betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and death are recited to the point where the words may become commonplace for some Christians. We may know the words, but have we explored their meaning? A Cry from the Cross, a series of seven sermons, explores each of the last seven statements given by Jesus as recorded in the gospels of Mark, Luke, and John. As each statement is explored -- statements like "Father, Forgive Them" or "Woman, Here Is Your Son" - Robert Cornwall offers deeper insights into the meaning and significance of the cross as it relates to the Christian faith. This is a useful resource for pastors and lay ministers, one that can be used as an inspiration for Good Friday sermons, a Lenten study series, or simply a window to greater personal insight into that day on a hill outside Jerusalem so many years ago -- a day that shaped the future of the entire world. Robert D. Cornwall is the pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lompoc, California. He is currently the editor of Sharing the Practice, a publication of the Academy of Parish Clergy. He has previously taught courses on theology and church history at Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan, Kansas and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He has received degrees from Northwest Christian College (Eugene, Oregon) and Fuller Theological Seminary. He lives in California with his wife, Cheryl and their son, Brett.

The Seven Year-Old Pilot

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Seven Year-Old Pilot by Steven Archille Book Resume:

Flying has been my dream since before I can remember... literally. My Aunt Odette tells me that when I was three years old, she took me with her to the Port-au-Prince International Airport to pick someone up, and when I saw an airliner up close for the first time, I excitedly yelled out, "I want to drive that!" I don't recall that event, but it serves as evidence that my fascination with flying began at a remarkably young age. My first memory of wanting to fly came a few years later at the age of seven. I was on my very first flight, from Port-au-Prince to New York City, where I was going to start a new life in a new country. I remember looking at all the people boarding the airplane and wondering how that "big silver bird" was going to get us into the air (that silver bird was an American Airlines Boeing 727). To this day, the whole experience is vivid in my mind: being greeted with a smile by the captain at the aircraft entry door, the funny feeling in my stomach as the plane accelerated down the runway, leaping into the air, and my utter disbelief that we didn't drop out of the sky! I was mesmerized by it all, and by the time the plane came to a stop at our gate, my dream had been born... I wanted to become an airline pilot. I have been blessed to be living that dream since 1999. It's a dream from which I hope never to awaken. This is the story of the lifelong journey I have taken in realizing that dream. I invite you to come along with me as we go from my birth in Haiti to the present day, as I live my dream every day. You will come with me as I move to America at the age of seven, a country I knew nothing about and whose language I didn't speak, a land that would truly prove to be "the land of opportunity." You will feel my sense of wonder and bewilderment growing up in New York City, trying to understand my new world. You will face my struggles to fit in with the kids in the housing project where my family lived for a decade as Mom and Dad saved money to buy a house. You will meet my parents, who encouraged my dream of flying, and my fifth grade teacher who helped me to see that it was possible not only to dream it, but also to achieve it. It's a story of potential fulfilled, and my family's sacrifices to get me through college and flight school. You will fly with me from my first lesson to my first airline job as a copilot, to the day I earned my four-stripes and first heard someone call me "Captain." You will sit with me in the captain's seat as I fly an airline jet over Haiti for the first time, looking down from thirty-eight thousand feet onto the land of my birth where my dream had been born. You will soar with me over the majestic Amazon jungle in Brazil, over the desert-flanked Nile River in Egypt, and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. You will fly with me through New York City blizzards, Indian monsoons, and Arabian sandstorms. You will travel with me on adventures to Europe, South America, the Middle East, South Asia, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world I used to dream of going to as a child; places that have affected me profoundly and where I left a little part of myself. I have seen all these things through the eyes of the seven year-old boy from Haiti that I was and in many ways, still am; the little boy who had a sense of just how incredible the world and life are, who dreamt of a life of worldwide adventure, and was blessed to have his dream come true. That is the reason for the title of this book, "The Seven Year-Old Pilot," because even after years of flying around the world, in many ways, I still feel like that little boy, and I always try to approach my travels and my life with his sense of gratitude, amazement, and awe. I truly believe that every one of us has life experiences and lessons worth sharing that can inspire, enlighten, teach, and benefit others because we have all liv

Children and Television

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children and Television by Norma Pecora,John P. Murray,Ellen Ann Wartella Book Resume:

This seminal volume is a comprehensive review of the literature on children's television, covering fifty years of academic research on children and television. The work includes studies of content, effects, and policy, and offers research conducted by social scientists and cultural studies scholars. The research questions represented here consider the content of programming, children's responses to television, regulation concerning children's television policies, issues of advertising, and concerns about sex and race stereotyping, often voicing concerns that children's entertainment be held to a higher standard. The volume also offers essays by scholars who have been seeking answers to some of the most critical questions addressed by this research. It represents the interdisciplinary nature of research on children and television, and draws on many academic traditions, including communication studies, psychology, sociology, education, economics, and medicine. The full bibliography is included on CD. Arguably the most comprehensive bibliography of research on children and television, this work illustrates the ongoing evolution of scholarship in this area, and establishes how it informs or changes public policy, as well as defining its role in shaping a future agenda. The volume will be a required resource for scholars, researchers, and policy makers concerned with issues of children and television, media policy, media literacy and education, and family studies.

Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics - E-Book

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics - E-Book by Victor C. Strasburger Book Resume:

Dr. Strasburger addresses a popular topic in mainstream media: What are the effects of the multitude of media that are available to our children and adolescents? His well-published authors try to answser this question with articles devoted to thefollowng topics: Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents; What Every Pediatrician Needs to Know About Social Networking Sites; Should Babies Be Watching TV and Videos?; Internet Bullying; Creative and Prosocial Uses of Media; Videogames: Good or Bad?; The New Threat of Digital Advertising; Does Media Use Cause Obesity?; Media in the Classroom; Eating Disorders and the Media; and Setting Up an Adolescent Health Website.

The Different Faces of Motherhood

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Different Faces of Motherhood by Beverly Birns,Dale Hay Book Resume:

The Different Faces of Motherhood began during a conversation between the two editors, developmental psychologists who have spent our professional careers working with infants and very young children. We are well aware of the impor tance of infants to their mothers and of mothers to their infants. However, we were particularly aware of the fact that, whereas our knowledge about infants increases exponentially . each decade, our assumptions about mothers change relatively little. We were concerned about the theories that underlie the advice given to mothers and also about the assumption that mothers appear to be generic. More and more we have learned about individual differences in babies, but not more and more about individual differences in mothers. Our second concern has been to expand our knowledge about mothers. Our assumptions were few and our questions were many. We believed that the experience of women would vary greatly, both in outlook and in behavior, depending on each woman's age, marital status, finan Cial status, ethnicity, health, education and work experience, as well as a wom an's own experience in her family origin and her relationship to her husband. If we are to understand child development and believe that the early years are important in a child's life, then it seems critical to examine our beliefs about mothers. If we are to understand human development, then being a mother is surely an important area of inquiry.


Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Television by Toby Miller Book Resume:

Download or read Television book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

The Intuitive Sources of Probabilistic Thinking in Children

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Intuitive Sources of Probabilistic Thinking in Children by H. Fischbein Book Resume:

About a year ago I promised my friend Fischbein a preface to his book of which I knew the French manuscript. Now with the printer's proofs under my eyes I like the book even better than I did then, because of, and influenced by, new experiences in the meantime, and fresh thoughts that crossed my mind. Have I been influenced by what I remembered from the manuscript? If so, it must have happened unconsciously. But of course, what struck me in this work a year ago, struck a responsive chord in my own mind. In the past, mathematics teaching theory has strongly been influenced by a view on mathematics as a heap of concepts, and on learning mathematics as concepts attainment. Mathematics teaching practice has been jeopardised by this theoretical approach, which in its most dangerous form expresses itself as a radical atomism. To concepts attainment Fischbein opposes acquisition of intuitions. In my own publications I avoided the word "intuition" because of the variety of its meanings across languages. For some time I have used the term "constitution of mathematical objects", which I think means the same as Fischbein's "acquisition of intuitions" - indeed as I view it, constituting a mental object precedes its conceptualising, and under this viewpoint I tried to observe mathematical activities of young children.

A Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing E-Book

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing E-Book by Dr Jim Richardson,Edward Alan Glasper Book Resume:

nurse for life – electronic access only Get to all of the high-quality content from Elsevier faster than ever! Your favourite textbooks are now available as e-books through nurse for life, allowing you to: Electronically search the book Create and share notes and highlights Save time with automatic referencing Load it up and change the way you learn! What do I get? You will be emailed a PIN code that will give you perpetual access to the electronic version of the book through nurse for life. Book description This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Covering the full age and specialty spectrum this text brings together for the first time, individual chapters from among the most respected children's nurses. This textbook is rooted in child-centred health care within a family context and draws upon best contemporary practice throughout the UK and further afield. This innovative text harnesses new design parameters in enquiry-based/problem-based learning, providing up-to-date information on a wide range of topics. In an exciting addition each chapter offers readers additional material on an Evolve website. Full Microsoft PowerPoint presentations augment the written chapters and provide extra information that includes case studies, moving image, photographs and text. Each chapter offers readers additional material on an Evolve website. Full Microsoft PowerPoint presentations augment the written chapters and provide extra information that includes case studies, moving image, photographs and text. Aims, objectives, learning outcomes, a summary box in each chapter and key points assist learning and understanding Professional conversation boxes enliven the text on the page and make it more interesting to dip into Suggestions for seminar discussion topics to help teachers Case studies help to relate theory to practice Prompts to promote reflective practice Activity boxes/suggested visits Evidence based practice boxes which highlight key research studies, annotated bibliographies including details of web-sites and full contemporary references to the evidence base Resource lists including recommended web-site addresses

Faces of the State

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Faces of the State by Yael Navaro-Yashin Book Resume:

List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction Semiconscious States: The Political and the Psychic in Urban Public Life 1 Entering the City 1 Secularism in Public Life 6 The Turkish Astronomer and the Little Prince 8 The Construction of "Turkish Culture" 10 "The Anthropology of Turkey" 12 The Not-Too-Native Anthropologist 13 Researching the Political 15 PART I: CULTURAL POLITICS 17 1. Prophecies of Culture: Rumor, Humor, and Secularist Projections about "Islamic Public Life" 19 "The Native" 19 Tales of Nightmare 22 Rumor or Reality? 29 The Issues at Stake 36 The Prophecy 40 Public Life and the Construction of "Local Culture" 42 2. The Place of Turkey: Contested Regionalism in an Ambiguous Area 44 "Turkey" as Sign 44 The History of "Region" 46 Beheadings in Saudi Arabia 51 Joining the Customs Union 55 The Place of Turkey 58 The Contest over "Region" 65 "The Middle Eastern Woman" 67 Undoing Area Studies 73 3. The Market for Identities: Buying and Selling Secularity and Islam 78 Consuming "Culture" 78 The Veil as a Commodity 82 Secularist Commodities 85 Istanbul's New Marketplaces 90 The Islamist Department Store 94 The Trademark of Islam 98 The Force of Symbols 107 The Market for Identities 111 PART II: STATE FANTASIES 115 4. Rituals for the State: Public Statism and the Production of "Civil Society" 117 The Soldier's Farewell 117 The Wrestler as Leviathan 122 The Flag Campaign 127 Does "Civil Society" Exist? 130 "The Transparent Reflection of Society" 137 "A Holiday of the People" 144 The Agency of "Society" 152 5. Fantasies for the State: Hype, Cynicism, and the Everyday Life of Statecraft 155 Does the "State" Exist? 155 Mundane Cynicism 166 The Truck That Crashed into the "State" 171 The Magnetism of State Crime 180 The Afterlife of the "State" 183 6. The Cult of Ataturk: The Apparition of a Secularist Leader in Uncanny Forms 188 Like a Cross That Stops the Devil ... 190 "Visits to a Saint's Tomb" 191 Mystical Apparitions 193 Calling Spirits 194 Numerology 195 Statues and Idols 196 Heads of State 199 Secularist Excesses 201 Notes 205 Bibliography 231 Index 241.

Children of Deh Koh

Children And The Faces Of Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children of Deh Koh by Erika Friedl Book Resume:

The people Friedl studied are Shi'a Lurs living in the high mountains of southwest Iran. This book focuses on children and compliments her earlier work on women of the same village (see document no. 6.) The same families and names appear in both books. Beginning with pregnancy and birth, she discusses the development of children by age group and gender up to marriage. The material conveyed is personal and anecdotal, covering children's behavior and play and their relationships with each other and adults. She masterfully relates their thinking and feelings through acute observation and verbatim conversation. Rural familial dynamics and gender relations are artfully revealed.