At Risk

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At Risk

At Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1135642729
Author: ,
Publisher: Routledge
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At Risk by , Book Resume:

The term 'natural disaster' is often used to refer to natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods. However, the phrase 'natural disaster' suggests an uncritical acceptance of a deeply engrained ideological and cultural myth. At Risk questions this myth and argues that extreme natural events are not disasters until a vulnerable group of people is exposed. The updated new edition confronts a further ten years of ever more expensive and deadly disasters and discusses disaster not as an aberration, but as a signal failure of mainstream 'development'. Two analytical models are provided as tools for understanding vulnerability. One links remote and distant 'root causes' to 'unsafe conditions' in a 'progression of vulnerability'. The other uses the concepts of 'access' and 'livelihood' to understand why some households are more vulnerable than others. Examining key natural events and incorporating strategies to create a safer world, this revised edition is an important resource for those involved in the fields of environment and development studies.

At Risk

At Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1453231617
Author: Alice Hoffman
Publisher: Open Road Media
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At Risk by Alice Hoffman Book Resume:

A New York Times bestseller from the author of The Rules of Magic: In 1980s America, a family copes with their daughter’s terrifying diagnosis. In a lovely old house near the coast of Massachusetts, the Farrells go through the routines of a typical August morning. Eight-year-old Charlie, a junior biologist and dinosaur expert, tries to collect one of his insect specimens. His sister, Amanda, a talented gymnast who at eleven years old is already saving her money to try out for the Olympics, prepares for her last meet of the summer. Ivan, their absent-minded father, is involved with his work as an astronomer. Out in the garden, his wife, Polly, wonders how she can trick her children into eating more zucchini. They are a family as unique and ordinary as any other, but their world will soon be shattered when Amanda is diagnosed with the disease that has been making headlines lately: AIDS. The new and still-mysterious ailment scares them—and their friends and neighbors as well. In an instant, everything that gave their lives meaning is ripped away, and the intimacy that once came so naturally vanishes. Too overcome with grief to turn to each other, Ivan and Polly seek solace elsewhere. Charlie is abandoned by his best friend and, for long stretches at a time, forgotten by his parents. Amanda, who holds on to her dreams so tightly, must somehow find a way to let go. Torn apart by the prospect of their loss, Polly, Ivan, and Charlie must find the courage to come back together again—for Amanda’s sake and for their own. At Risk is an exquisite book about true sorrow and even truer devotion.

At Risk

At Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1552775992
Author: Jacqueline Guest
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
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At Risk by Jacqueline Guest Book Resume:

Edgy and suspenseful young adult fiction that explores topics teens want to read about. Tia is spending the summer working at a special ranch designed to "scare straight" at-risk youth. She tries to bond with Sage, a street kid who has been given one last chance to get her life together. But Sage resists Tia's overtures, and when money goes missing, all fingers point to the troubled teen. At Risk combines a satisfying mystery plot with a sympathetic portrayal of teens grappling with dark pasts and uncertain futures. [Fry Reading Levels - 4.6]

World at Risk

World at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 074568162X
Author: Ulrich Beck
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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World at Risk by Ulrich Beck Book Resume:

Twenty years ago Ulrich Beck published Risk Society, a book that called our attention to the dangers of environmental catastrophes and changed the way we think about contemporary societies. During the last two decades, the dangers highlighted by Beck have taken on new forms and assumed ever greater significance. Terrorism has shifted to a global arena, financial crises have produced worldwide consequences that are difficult to control and politicians have been forced to accept that climate change is not idle speculation. In short, we have come to see that today we live in a world at risk. A new feature of our world risk society is that risk is produced for political gain. This political use of risk means that fear creeps into modern life. A need for security encroaches on our liberty and our view of equality. However, Beck is anything but an alarmist and believes that the anticipation of catastrophe can fundamentally change global politics. We have the opportunity today to reconfigure power in terms of what Beck calls a 'cosmopolitan material politics’. World at Risk is a timely and far-reaching analysis of the structural dynamics of the modern world, the global nature of risk and the future of global politics by one of the most original and exciting social thinkers writing today.

Treetops at Risk

Treetops at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1461471613
Author: Margaret Lowman,Soubadra Devy,T. Ganesh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2963586


Treetops at Risk by Margaret Lowman,Soubadra Devy,T. Ganesh Book Resume:

Forest canopies not only support high terrestrial biodiversity but also represent a critical interface between the atmosphere and the earth. They provide goods and services to support diverse human communities and offer opportunities to explore sustainable use of these resources for many generations of local livelihoods. Forest canopies are important carbon sequestration units, and in this sense, serve as climate control for the planet. Canopies are important energy production centers for the planet, and serve as the basis for many food chains. The canopy can also act as a hook for education outreach and conservation, inspiring ecotourism through recreation and other sustainable uses such as treetop walks, zip lines, and birding. Despite these critical services provided by forest canopies, almost no dedicated research in the treetops was initiated until as recently as the late 1970s when single rope techniques were developed by mountaineering professionals and adapted for use in the canopy. Subsequently, an array of canopy access tools was designed in the 1980s and early 1990s that have opened up this “eighth continent” for global exploration and discovery. This volume uses the major findings of the 5th international canopy conference as a platform for organization, but it does not mimic the sessions and presentations of the conference itself. Instead, it builds on the important themes that emerged from the conference and solicits articles that represent future priorities and advancements for canopy science in the next decade. Despite the global efforts of hundreds of forest scientists over the past 3 decades, forests are degrading at an accelerated rate and biodiversity is increasingly threatened by human activities. Given these trends - despite the very best efforts of the world’s best scientists - other approaches must be taken. This volume summarizes the issue of “treetops at risk” and assembles a global authorship to examine past accomplishments and future initiatives critical in forest conservation.

The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk

The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1462523803
Author: Deborah Fein,Molly Helt,Lynn Brennan,Marianne Barton
Publisher: Guilford Publications
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1084814


The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk by Deborah Fein,Molly Helt,Lynn Brennan,Marianne Barton Book Resume:

Suspecting that your baby or toddler may have autism spectrum disorder or another developmental delay can be scary and overwhelming. But there is a lot you can do to help, even while waiting for an evaluation or early intervention. With the right tools, everyday tasks can be terrific opportunities for building critical social and communication skills. Start at the kitchen table, bathtub, or shopping cart! In this easy-to-navigate guide, leading experts present more than 100 games and activities designed to support development in children from birth to age 3. Your child's daily routines are transformed into learning opportunities that promote crucial abilities, like how to imitate others or use simple hand gestures to convey wants and needs. As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life. Now you can be the best teacher, too. Winner (First Place)--American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award, Child Health Category

Protecting Human Rights Defenders at Risk

Protecting Human Rights Defenders at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0429687990
Author: Alice M. Nah
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1567 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 185407


Protecting Human Rights Defenders at Risk by Alice M. Nah Book Resume:

This book assesses the construction, operation and effects of the international protection regime for human rights defenders, which has evolved significantly over the last twenty years in response to the risks people face as they promote and protect human rights. Drawing upon the experiences of human rights defenders who continue to persevere in their activism in Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico and Colombia, this edited collection examines the ways in which formal protection mechanisms by state and civil society actors intersect with self-protection measures and informal protection initiatives by families and friends. It highlights that protection practices are most effective when they are designed to address the specific risks that human rights defenders face (which are gendered and intersectional); reflect how defenders understand ‘risk’, ‘security’ and ‘protection’; and are appropriate for the dynamic socio-political and legal contexts in which defenders operate. This book proposes ways in which the protection of human rights defenders at risk should be reimagined and practised. This book will be a though-provoking guide for students and scholars of politics, international relations, law and human rights, as well as to practitioners engaged in the protection of human rights defenders at risk.

Democracy at Risk

Democracy at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780815797869
Author: Stephen Macedo
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
File Size: 1124 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5040618


Democracy at Risk by Stephen Macedo Book Resume:

Voter turnout was unusually high in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. At first glance, that level of participation—largely spurred by war in Iraq and a burgeoning culture war at home—might look like vindication of democracy. If the recent past is any indication, however, too many Americans will soon return to apathy and inactivity. Clearly, all is not well in our civic life. Citizens are participating in public affairs too infrequently, too unequally, and in too few venues to develop and sustain a robust democracy. This important new book explores the problem of America's decreasing involvement in its own affairs. D emocracy at Risk reveals the dangers of civic disengagement for the future of representative democracy. The authors, all eminent scholars, undertake three main tasks: documenting recent trends in civic engagement, exploring the influence that the design of political institutions and public policies have had on those trends, and recommending steps that will increase the amount and quality of civic engagement in America. The authors focus their attention on three key areas: the electoral process, including elections and the way people get involved; the impact of location, including demographic shifts and changing development patterns; and the critical role of nonprofit organizations and voluntary associations, including the philanthropy that help keep them going. This important project, initially sponsored by the American Political Science Association, tests the proposition that social science has useful insights on the state of our democratic life. Most importantly, it charts a course for reinvigorating civic participation in the world's oldest democracy. The authors: Stephen Macedo (Princeton University), Yvette Alex-Assensoh (Indiana University), Jeffrey M. Berry (Tufts), Michael Brintnall (American Political Science Association), David E. Campbell (Notre Dame), Luis Ricardo Fraga (Stanford), Archon Fung (Harvard), William A. Galston (University of Maryland), Christopher F. Karpowitz (Princeton), Margaret Levi (University of Washington), Meira Levinson (Radcliffe Institute), Keena Lipsitz (California–Berkeley), Richard G. Niemi (University of Rochester), Robert D. Putnam (Harvard), Wendy M. Rahn (University of Minnesota), Keith Reeves (Swarthmore), Rob Reich (Stanford), Robert R. Rodgers (Princeton), Todd Swanstrom (Saint Louis University), and Katherine Cramer Walsh (University of Wisconsin).

At Risk

At Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1448183561
Author: Stella Rimington
Publisher: Random House
File Size: 1922 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5976016


At Risk by Stella Rimington Book Resume:

Former Director of MI5 Stella Rimington brings the high-stakes world of intelligence to life in AT RISK – the first novel in her bestselling series featuring MI5 Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle. For MI5 officer Liz Carlyle, the nagging complications of her private life are quickly forgotten at Monday’s counter-terrorism meeting. An invisible may have entered mainland Britain. An ‘invisible’ is a terrorist who is an ethnic native of the target country, who can cross its borders unchecked and move about unnoticed – the ultimate nightmare. By the time they're identified, it may be too late. The intelligence operation that follows will test Liz to the limit. Who or what is the target? Where and who is the invisible? With each passing hour the danger increases. But as Liz desperately sifts through the incoming intelligence, she finally realises a truth that could prove deadly: her ability to get inside her enemy’s head is the only hope of averting disaster... But the clock is ticking - and anyone could be at risk.

The Citizens at Risk

The Citizens at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1136534520
Author: Pedro Jacobi,Marianne Kjellen,Gordon McGranahan,Jacob Songsore,Charles Surjadi
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1027 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3109017


The Citizens at Risk by Pedro Jacobi,Marianne Kjellen,Gordon McGranahan,Jacob Songsore,Charles Surjadi Book Resume:

Local environments such as cities and neighbourhoods are becoming a focal point for those concerned with environmental justice and sustainability. The Citizens at Risk takes up this emerging agenda and analyses the key issues in a refreshingly simple yet sophisticated style. Taking a comparative look at cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the book examines: the changing nature of urban environmental risks, the rules governing the distribution of such risks and their differential impact, how the risks arise and who is responsible The authors clearly describe the most pressing urban environmental challenges, such as improving health conditions in deprived urban settlements, ensuring sustainable urban development in a globalizing world, and achieving environmental justice along with the greening of development. They argue that current debates on sustainable development fail to come to terms with these challenges, and call for a more politically and ethically explicit approach. For policy makers, students, academics, activists or concerned general readers, this book applies a wealth of empirical analysis and theoretical insight to the interaction of citizens, their cities and their environment.

At Risk Youth

At Risk Youth [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1133709583
Author: J. Jeffries McWhirter,Benedict T. McWhirter,Ellen Hawley McWhirter,Robert J. McWhirter
Publisher: Nelson Education
File Size: 454 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2527788


At Risk Youth by J. Jeffries McWhirter,Benedict T. McWhirter,Ellen Hawley McWhirter,Robert J. McWhirter Book Resume:

This text provides the conceptual and practical information on key issues and problems that students need to prepare effectively for work with at-risk youth. The authors describe and discuss the latest prevention and intervention techniques that will help future and current professionals perform their jobs successfully and improve the lives of young people at risk. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

At Risk Students

At Risk Students [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317922360
Author: Jonas Cox,Richard Sagor
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1832 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2549913


At Risk Students by Jonas Cox,Richard Sagor Book Resume:

This book is organized around CBUPO, the basic psychological needs of all students: competence, ,belonging, usefulness, potency, and optimism. When teachers and schools focus on meeting these needs, the rate of at-riskness is drastically reduced. This book presents practical strategies and tips to help teachers and administrators help all students become successful learners. The revised edition offers new material on using classroom assessment, complying with standards and high stakes testing, an updated approach to evaluating At-Risk Prevention programs, and alternative strategies for meeting the motivational needs of at-risk youth, from developmental constructivism to mastery learning.

Capitalism at Risk

Capitalism at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1422142345
Author: Joseph L. Bower,Herman B. Leonard,Lynn S. Paine
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
File Size: 1633 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3150738


Capitalism at Risk by Joseph L. Bower,Herman B. Leonard,Lynn S. Paine Book Resume:

The spread of capitalism worldwide has made people wealthier than ever before. But capitalism’s future is far from assured. The global financial meltdown of 2008 nearly produced a great depression. Economies in Europe are still teetering. Income inequality, resource depletion, mass migrations from poor to rich countries, religious fundamentalism—these are just a few of the threats to continuing prosperity. How can capitalism be sustained? And who should spearhead the effort? Critics turn to government. In Capitalism at Risk, Harvard Business School professors Joseph Bower, Herman Leonard, and Lynn Paine argue that while governments must play a role, businesses should take the lead. For enterprising companies—whether large multinationals, established regional players, or small start-ups—the current threats to market capitalism present important opportunities. Capitalism at Risk draws on discussions with business leaders around the world to identify ten potential disruptors of the global market system. Presenting examples of companies already making a difference, the authors explain how business must serve both as innovator and activist—developing corporate strategies that effect change at the community, national, and international levels. Filled with rich insights, Capitalism at Risk presents a compelling and constructive vision for the future of market capitalism.

Americans at Risk

Americans at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307266036
Author: Irwin Redlener
Publisher: Knopf
File Size: 616 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5117737


Americans at Risk by Irwin Redlener Book Resume:

This important book by one of our leading experts on disaster preparedness offers a compelling narrative about our nation’s inability to properly plan for large-scale disasters and proposes changes that can still be made to assure the safety of its citizens. Five years after 9/11 and one year after Hurricane Katrina, it is painfully clear that the government’s emergency response capacity is plagued by incompetence and a paralyzing bureaucracy. Irwin Redlener, who founded and directs the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, brings his years of experience with disasters and health care crises, national and international, to an incisive analysis of why our health care system, our infrastructure, and our overall approach to disaster readiness have left the nation vulnerable, virtually unable to respond effectively to catastrophic events. He has had frank, and sometimes shocking, conversations about the failure of systems during and after disasters with a broad spectrum of people—from hospital workers and FEMA officials to Washington policy makers and military leaders. And he also analyzes the role of nongovernmental organizations, such as the American Red Cross in the aftermath of Katrina. Redlener points out how a government with a track record of over-the-top cronyism and a stunning disregard for accountability has spent billions on “random acts of preparedness,” with very little to show for it—other than an ever-growing bureaucracy. As a doctor, Redlener is especially concerned about America’s increasingly dysfunctional and expensive health care system, incapable of handling a large-scale public health emergency, such as pandemic flu or widespread bioterrorism. And he also looks at the serious problem of a disengaged, uninformed citizenry—one of the most important obstacles to assuring optimal readiness for any major crisis. Redlener describes five natural and man-made disaster scenarios as a way to imagine what we might face, what our current systems would and would not prepare us for, and what would constitute optimal planning—for government and the public—in each situation. To see what could be learned from others, he points up some of the more effective ways countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have dealt with various disasters. And he concludes with a real prescription: a nine-point proposal for how America can be better prepared as well as an addendum of what citizens themselves can do. An essential book for our time, Americans at Risk is a devastating and realistic account of where we stand today.

Belle of Batoche

Belle of Batoche [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1554695759
Author: Jacqueline Guest
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
File Size: 734 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6955289


Belle of Batoche by Jacqueline Guest Book Resume:

Belle, an 11-year-old Metis girl, and Sarah both want the coveted job of church bell ringer. An embroidery contest is held to award the position, and Sarah cheats. Before Belle can expose her, the two are caught up in the advancing forces of General Middleton and his troops as they surround Batoche in the 1885 Riel Rebellion. The church bell disappeared that day and remains missing to this day.

Critical Infrastructures at Risk

Critical Infrastructures at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1402043643
Author: A.V. Gheorghe,M. Masera,M. Weijnen,L.J. De Vries
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1699 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4668653


Critical Infrastructures at Risk by A.V. Gheorghe,M. Masera,M. Weijnen,L.J. De Vries Book Resume:

Europe witnessed in the last years a number of significant power contingencies. Some of them revealed the potentiality of vast impact on the welfare of society and triggered pressing questions on the reliability of electric power systems. Society has incorporated electricity as an inherent component, indispensable for achieving the expected level of quality of life. Therefore, any impingement on the continuity of the electricity service would be able to distress society as a whole, affecting individuals, social and economic activities, other infrastructures and essential government functions. It would be possible to hypothesize that in extreme situations this could even upset national security. This book explores the potential risks and vulnerabilities of the European electricity infrastructure, other infrastructures and our society as whole increasingly depend on. The work was initiated by the need to verify the potential effects of the ongoing market and technical transformation of the infrastructure, which is fundamentally changing its operation and performance. The final aim is to set the basis for an appropriate industrial and political European-wide response to the risk challenges.

Cities at Risk

Cities at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9400761848
Author: Helene Joffe,Tiziana Rossetto,John Adams
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1713 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5068746


Cities at Risk by Helene Joffe,Tiziana Rossetto,John Adams Book Resume:

With the major growth of the world’s population over the past century, as well as rapid urbanisation, people increasingly live in crowded cities. This trend is often accompanied by proliferation of poorly built housing, uncontrolled use of land, occupation of unsafe environments and overstretched services. When a natural hazard strikes such a city many people are vulnerable to loss of life and property. This book explores what these people think and feel about the threats that they face. How do they live with perils ranging from earthquakes to monsoons, from floods to hurricanes, in the 21st century? The authors are drawn from a large range of disciplines: Psychology, Engineering, Geography, Anthropology and Urban Planning. They also reflect on how perils are represented in multiple cultures: the United States, Japan, Turkey, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The book therefore not only brings to light the ways that different cultures represent natural hazards but also the different ways in which various disciplines write about living with perils in the 21st century. The book is addressed both to researchers and to organizations involved with risk management and risk mitigation.

Drug Abuse Prevention for At-Risk Groups

Drug Abuse Prevention for At-Risk Groups [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780788143748
Author: Karol L. Kumpfer
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
File Size: 1987 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2167549


Drug Abuse Prevention for At-Risk Groups by Karol L. Kumpfer Book Resume:

Provides practitioners with the information they need to prepare their communities for prevention programming & to select & implement drug abuse prevention strategies that effectively address the needs of their local communities. The target audience for this document includes prevention program administrators, prevention specialists, community volunteers, community activists, parents, teachers, counselors, etc. Contents: intro. to selective prevention; intro. to & key elements of the strengthening families program; & implementation of the strengthening families program. Appendixes on skills training programs for parents, children & families.

Education Reform and Students at Risk

Education Reform and Students at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0788178938
Author: Robert J. Rossi,Samuel C. Stringfield
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
File Size: 1594 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 166354


Education Reform and Students at Risk by Robert J. Rossi,Samuel C. Stringfield Book Resume:

This study was conducted by the Amer. Institutes for Research and the Johns Hopkins Center for the Education of Students Placed at Risk. Case studies were conducted of 12 model and 6 replicate school sites nationwide, and reports, books, articles, and practical guides for education practitioners were prepared. Reveals the essential mechanics of effective reforms for students at risk. Documents the incentives for and barriers to implementing and sustaining these reforms and their effects on students. This report reviews the findings of the study and presents their implications for policy, practice, and needed future research.

Humanity at Risk

Humanity at Risk [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1623563194
Author: Daniel Innerarity,Javier Solana
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
File Size: 1077 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4419388


Humanity at Risk by Daniel Innerarity,Javier Solana Book Resume:

Humanity at Risk compares diverse approaches to the theme of global threats using the tools of philosophy, critical theory, and political thought alongside more practical, socio-political observations. By defining the idea of "global risk" more specifically, Editors Innerarity and Solana, and their contributors, believe we can understand how these risks should be evaluated, predicted, and managed within the framework of democratic societies.The goal of this book is to highlight more precisely the necessity, in the face of new global risks, for new governance at a national, European, and global level.