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Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies by Alan Gratz Book Resume:

From Alan Gratz, the highly acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author of the blockbuster Refugee, comes a thrilling new multi-perspective novel, this time centered around D-Day. D-Day, June 6, 1944: the most expansive military endeavor in history. No less than world cooperation would bring down Hitler and the Axis powers. And so people -- and kids -- across the globe lent their part. From the young US soldiers in the boats to spies in the French countryside, the coordination of thousands came together. Alan Gratz, author of the New York Times bestselling Refugee, explores the necessity of teamwork and heroism in dismantling tyranny in this epic, yet personal, look at D-Day in time for the 75th anniversary of the operation.

The Pacific War

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pacific War by Alan J. Levine Book Resume:

Nineteen ninety-five is a year of celebration and remembrance of the Axis collapse that signaled the end of the Second World War. In August, the world will mark the 50th anniversary of V-J Day. Particularly important, then, is this new historical study o the Pacific phase of World War War II that coers not just the military, but also the political side of the war. Rejecting recent trends that tend to whitewash or demonize the Japanese, this book casts new light on many controversial issues from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. It treats the submarine campaign, the air attacks on Japan, the use of the atomic bombs, and Japan's surrender in unusual detail. Finally, it emphasizes that the war was primarily a struggle for the air and sea.

Why the Allies Won

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Why the Allies Won by Richard Overy,R. J. Overy Book Resume:

Explains how the Allies regained military superiority after 1942, and discusses important campaigns, naval battles, industrial strength, fighting ability, leadership, and moral issues

Allies for Armageddon

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies for Armageddon by Victoria Clark Book Resume:

Clark explores the 400 year history of this powerful political ideology from its beginnings among the Puritans of 17th century England to the present-day United States, where Christian Zionists wield unprecedented influence.

Auschwitz and the Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Auschwitz and the Allies by Martin Gilbert Book Resume:

When Hitler announced that the result of the war in Europe would be 'the complete annihilation of the Jews', he did so in 1942, not only in public, but before an enormous crowd in Berlin. The Allies heard, but, astonishingly, they did not listen.In 1944, Allied reconnaissance pilots, searching out industrial targets in the area, repeatedly photographed Auschwitz. The pictures, apparently overlooked by the Allies, were routinely filed in government archives and not examined until 1979.First-hand reports on the horrors of the death camps came to the West by 1944 in the person of two escaped Auschwitz prisoners. Their testimonies, and those of subsequent escapees, were either ignored or dismissed.Despite the fact that, the same year, Churchill himself had ordered feasibility studies for air strikes on Auschwitz, the RAF not only did nothing, but eventually passed the buck to the Americans, who also did nothing.This book explains the reasons why.

Polychaetes & Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Polychaetes & Allies by Pamela L. Beesley,Graham J. B. Ross,Christopher J. Glasby,Australian Biological Resources Study Book Resume:

A comprehensive account of Polychaetes in Australia. Based on nearly 2400 references, the authors reveal the wealth of diversity in the largely unknown world of these worm groups, in terms of their morphology, behaviour, reproduction and significance in marine ecosystems.


Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies by Samuel Delany,Tananarive Due,Catherine Taylor,Jane Miller,Emilia Nielsen,Ru Puro,Sarah Vap,Rachel Levitsky,Tess Liem,Walter Johnson,Tef Poe,Robin D. G. Kelley,Vijay Iyer,Micki McEyla,Abdullah Taïa,Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore,Mark Nowak,Roderick Ferguson Book Resume:

Original poetry, fiction, and cultural criticism explore issues of trust, bridge-building, difference, and betrayal, both political and private. How do we know who is on our side? Is it possible for someone who is not like us to share our hopes? Can links forged by empathy or mutual interest match those created by shared experience? What can we gain from alliances that we cannot achieve on our own? These are difficult question to answer even in intimate settings, and more so in arenas of cultural and political struggle. Through original poetry, fiction, and cultural criticism from both established writers and newcomers, Allies offers unique insights into issues of trust, bridge-building, difference, and betrayal. Drawing on the prophetic power of the imagination to conjure both the possible dangers and life-giving possibilities of alliances—be they political, private (such as marriage), therapeutic, or even aesthetic (between readers and writers, for example)—Allies will be essential reading for our times. Allies is the first publication of Boston Review's newly inaugurated Arts in Society department. A radical revisioning of the magazine's poetry and fiction, the department unites them—along with cultural criticism and belles lettres—into a project that explores how the arts can speak directly to the most pressing political and civic concerns of our age, from growing inequality to racial and gender regimes, a disempowered electorate, and a collapsing natural world. Fiction Samuel Delay, Tananarive Due, Catherine Taylor Poetry Jane Miller, Ru Puro, Emilia Nielsen, Sarah Vap, Rachel Levitsky, Tess Liem Interviews Walter Johnson and Tef Poe, Robin D. G. Kelley and Vijay Iyer Essays Roderick Ferguson, Micki McEyla, Mark Nowak, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Abdullah Taïa

Enemies to Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Enemies to Allies by Brian C. Etheridge Book Resume:

At the close of World War II, the United States went from being allied with the Soviet Union against Germany to alignment with the Germans against the Soviet Union -- almost overnight. While many Americans came to perceive the German people as democrats standing firm with their Western allies on the front lines of the Cold War, others were wary of a renewed Third Reich and viewed all Germans as nascent Nazis bent on world domination. These adversarial perspectives added measurably to the atmosphere of fear and distrust that defined the Cold War. In Enemies to Allies, Brian C. Etheridge examines more than one hundred years of American interpretations and representations of Germany. With a particular focus on the postwar period, he demonstrates how a wide array of actors -- including special interest groups and US and West German policymakers -- employed powerful narratives to influence public opinion and achieve their foreign policy objectives. Etheridge also analyses bestselling books, popular television shows such as Hogan's Heroes, and award-winning movies such as Schindler's List to reveal how narratives about the Third Reich and Cold War Germany were manufactured, contested, and co-opted as rival viewpoints competed for legitimacy. From the Holocaust to the Berlin Wall, Etheridge explores the contingent nature of some of the most potent moral symbols and images of the second half of the twentieth century. This groundbreaking study draws from theories of public memory and public diplomacy to demonstrate how conflicting US accounts of German history serve as a window for understanding not only American identity, but international relations and state power.

US Allies in a Changing World

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

US Allies in a Changing World by Barry M. Rubin,Barry R. Rubin,Thomas A. Keaney,Thomas Keaney,Director Barry Rubin Book Resume:

This volume explores the development of the United States' alliances from the American perspective, as well as that of its most important allies - Britain, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and the Gulf States.

From Allies to Enemies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

From Allies to Enemies by Simei Qing Book Resume:

Simei Qing offers a new perspective on relations between the U.S. and China after World War II. Based on American, Russian, and newly declassified Chinese sources, this book reveals rarely examined assumptions entrenched in mainstream policy debates on both sides, and sheds light on the origins and development of U.S.-China confrontations.

Allies At War

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies At War by Philip Gordon,Jeremy Shapiro Book Resume:

A thorough analysis of where U.S./European relations have gone wrong--and how to set them right ALLIES AT WAR is the first and most comprehensive assessment of what went wrong between America and Europe during the crisis over Iraq and is based on extensive interviews with policymakers in the United States and Europe. It puts the crisis over Iraq in historical context by examining US-Europe relations since World War II and shows how the alliance traditionally managed to overcome its many internal difficulties and crises. It describes how the deep strategic differences that emerged at the end of the Cold War and the disputes over the Balkans and the Middle East during the Clinton years already had some analysts questioning whether the Alliance could survive. It shows how the Bush administration’s unilateral diplomacy and world-view helped bring already simmering tensions to a boil, and describes in depth the events leading up to the Iraq crisis of 2003. Gordon and Shapiro explain how powerful forces such rising American power and the September 11 terrorist attacks have made relations between America and Europe increasingly difficult. But the authors argue that the split over Iraq was not inevitable: it was the result of misguided decisions and unnecessary provocations on both sides. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that claims that the Iraq war signaled the effective end of the Atlantic Alliance, the authors warn that assuming the end of the Alliance could quickly become a self-fulfilling prophesy: leaving the United States isolated, resented, and responsible for bearing the burdens of maintaining international security largely alone. In response to those who argue that the Atlantic Alliance is no longer viable or necessary, ALLIES AT WAR demonstrates that even after Iraq, the United States and Europe can work together, and indeed must if they wish to effectively address the most pressing problems of our age. The book makes concrete proposals for restoring transatlantic relations and updating the alliance to meet new challenges like global terrorism and the transformation of an unstable Middle East.

Tito, Mihailović, and the Allies, 1941-1945

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Tito, Mihailović, and the Allies, 1941-1945 by Walter R. Roberts Book Resume:

Download or read Tito, Mihailović, and the Allies, 1941-1945 book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Spirit Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Spirit Allies by Christopher Penczak Book Resume:

The author "shares personal anecdotes and 30 simple techniques and exercises such as relaxation, automatic writing, and shamanic journeying to show how to contact our own guides."--Cover.

Divided Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Divided Allies by Thomas K. Robb,David James Gill Book Resume:

By directly challenging existing accounts of post-World War II relations among the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Divided Allies is a significant contribution to transnational and diplomatic history. At its heart, Divided Allies examines why strategic cooperation among these closely allied Western powers in the Asia-Pacific region was limited during the early Cold War. Thomas K. Robb and David James Gill probe the difficulties of security cooperation as the leadership of these four states balanced intramural competition with the need to develop a common strategy against the Soviet Union and the new communist power, the People's Republic of China. Robb and Gill expose contention and disorganization among non-communist allies in the early phase of containment strategy in Asia-Pacific. In particular, the authors note the significance of economic, racial, and cultural elements to planning for regional security and they highlight how these domestic matters resulted in international disorganization. Divided Allies shows that, amidst these contentious relations, the antipodean powers Australia and New Zealand occupied an important role in the region and successfully utilized quadrilateral diplomacy to advance their own national interests, such as the crafting of the 1951 ANZUS collective security treaty. As fractious as were allied relations in the early days of NATO, Robb and Gill demonstrate that the post-World War II Asia-Pacific was as contentious, and that Britain and the commonwealth nations were necessary partners in the development of early global Cold War strategy.

Separatism, the Allies and the Mafia

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Separatism, the Allies and the Mafia by Monte S. Finkelstein Book Resume:

This study examines the separatist movement's origins, its leaders and followers, the actions in which separatists engaged to establish a free Sicily, the factors that caused the movement's demise, and its legacy. This book also examines the relationship of the separatist movement to the United States, Great Britain, and the Sicilian mafia.

Allies and Adversaries

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies and Adversaries by Mark A. Stoler Book Resume:

During World War II the uniformed heads of the U.S. armed services assumed a pivotal and unprecedented role in the formulation of the nation's foreign policies. Organized soon after Pearl Harbor as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, these individuals were officia

Allies in Emancipation

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allies in Emancipation by Patricia O'Brien,Martin Sullivan Book Resume:

Covers the theory behind disability support, the concept of devaluation, the interface between disability theory and support, compliance issues, quality of life issues, citizenship issues, engaging people with disabilities in meaningful activity, and more.

The Allies

Allies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Allies by Winston Groom Book Resume:

Best-selling author Winston Groom tells the complex story of how Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--the three iconic and vastly different Allied leaders--aligned to win World War II and created a new world order. By the end of World War II, 59 nations were arrayed against the axis powers, but three great Allied leaders--Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--had emerged to control the war in Europe and the Pacific. Vastly different in upbringing and political beliefs, they were not always in agreement--or even on good terms. But, often led by Churchill's enduring spirit, in the end these three men changed the course of history. Using the remarkable letters between the three world leaders, enriching narrative details of their personal lives, and riveting tales of battles won and lost, best-selling historian Winston Groom returns to share one of the biggest stories of the 20th century: The interwoven and remarkable tale, and a fascinating study of leadership styles, of three world leaders who fought the largest war in history.