Ai 2041

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AI 2041

AI 2041 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0593238303
Author: ,
Publisher: Currency
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AI 2041 by , Book Resume:

How will artificial intelligence change our world within twenty years? “This inspired collaboration between a pioneering technologist and a visionary writer of science fiction offers bold and urgent insights.”—Yann LeCun, winner of the Turing Award; chief AI scientist, Facebook “Amazingly entertaining . . . Lee and Chen take us on an immersive trip through the future. . . . Eye-opening.”—Mark Cuban AI will be the defining development of the twenty-first century. Within two decades, aspects of daily human life will be unrecognizable. AI will generate unprecedented wealth, revolutionize medicine and education through human-machine symbiosis, and create brand-new forms of communication and entertainment. In liberating us from routine work, however, AI will also challenge the organizing principles of our economic and social order. Meanwhile, AI will bring new risks in the form of autonomous weapons and smart technology that inherits human bias. AI is at a tipping point, and people need to wake up—both to AI’s radiant pathways and its existential perils for life as we know it. In this provocative, utterly original work, Kai-Fu Lee, the former president of Google China and bestselling author of AI Superpowers, teams up with celebrated novelist Chen Qiufan to imagine our world in 2041 and how it will be shaped by AI. In ten gripping short stories, they introduce readers to an array of eye-opening 2041 settings, such as: • In San Francisco, the “job reallocation” industry emerges as deep learning AI causes widespread job displacement • In Tokyo, a music fan is swept up in an immersive form of celebrity worship based on virtual reality and mixed reality • In Mumbai, a teenage girl rebels when AI’s crunching of big data gets in the way of romance • In Seoul, virtual companions with perfected natural language processing (NLP) skills offer orphaned twins new ways to connect • In Munich, a rogue scientist draws on quantum computing, computer vision and other AI technologies in a revenge plot that imperils the world By gazing toward a not-so-distant horizon, AI 2041 offers urgent insights into our collective future—while reminding readers that, ultimately, humankind remains the author of its destiny.

AI 2041

AI 2041 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9865251922
Author: 李開復,陳楸帆
Publisher: 遠見天下文化出版股份有限公司
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File Format: Pdf
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AI 2041 by 李開復,陳楸帆 Book Resume:

─────科學 + 科幻───── AI趨勢專家李開復 ×, 全球華語科幻星雲獎得主陳楸帆 聯手創作20年後的美麗AI新世界 全球重磅推薦 劉慈欣,2015年雨果獎得主、《三體》作者 雷.達里歐(Ray Dalio),橋水基金創辦人 薩蒂亞.納德拉(Satya Nadella),微軟董事長 楊立昆(Yann LeCun),圖靈獎得主 李開復40年的AI專業經驗 + 科幻小說家陳楸帆的無邊想像 秉持以人為本的態度,懷抱人類獨具的智慧,貼近技術的未來 AI時代已經開啟。在我們面前,機遇與挑戰並存。 如AI與人性特質如何共存等諸多課題,都需要深入探索和思考。 ──李開復 想要創造什麼樣的未來,就從想像那樣的未來開始。 ──陳楸帆 .AI能否幫助人類從根源上預防疫情? .如何應對未來的職場挑戰? .在AI主導的世界中如何確保文化多樣性? .如何教導下一代適應人類與AI共存的新社會? .面對AI帶來的社會問題所隱含的人性拉鋸戰,我們如何抉擇? AI能創造前所未有的財富與價值,能徹底改變醫學和教育, 能提升人類的工作、娛樂和交流的品質,能把人類從日常工作中解放出來。 不過,AI也會帶來無數挑戰和風險, 例如演算法偏見、安全隱患、深度偽造、 對隱私資料的侵犯、對自主武器的使用, 以及取代人類員工等。 不過,這些情況並非AI主導造成的, 其根源在於惡意或草率使用AI技術的幕後黑手。 全球AI領軍人物李開復最關切的是,AI正飛速發展, 人類的未來將通往何方?他放眼20年後的新世界, 架構10幅「技術藍圖」,再由科幻小說家陳楸帆據此構思10個故事。 虛構的敘事與非虛構的科技評論完美結合, 展現20年後被AI技術深刻改變的未來世界。 歡迎來到2041! 作者簡介 李開復 生於台灣,長於美國,以最高榮譽畢業於哥倫比亞大學, 並於1988年獲卡內基美隆大學電腦學博士學位。 歷任蘋果、微軟、Google頂尖科技公司全球副總裁等重要職務。 是最受年輕人歡迎的創業家、青年導師、暢銷書作家。 2009年9月在北京創立創新工場,幫助中國青年成功創業。 曾任美國「百人會」副會長, 並於2013年獲選為《時代》雜誌全球最有影響力一百人。 同時也是香港城市大學的榮譽博士、卡內基美隆大學榮譽商業管理博士, 以及美國電氣電子工程協會院士, 並於2019年起出任「世界經濟論壇」第四次工業革命中心的人工智慧委員會聯席主席。 著有《AI新世界》、《人工智慧來了》、 《李開復給青年的12封信》、《我修的死亡學分》、 《世界因你不同》、《做最好的自己》等書。 FB專頁 微博 陳楸帆 科幻作家、編劇、翻譯、策展人。 中國科普作家協會副理事長,世界華人科幻協會名譽會長, 九三學社社員。曾多次獲得星雲獎、銀河獎、 世界奇幻科幻翻譯獎等獎項,作品被翻譯為二十多國語言, 在許多歐美科幻雜誌均為首位發表作品的中國作家, 代表作包括《荒潮》、《人生算法》等。 微博:陳楸帆

AI Superpowers

AI Superpowers [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1328545865
Author: Kai-Fu Lee
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
File Size: 1489 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7196061


AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee Book Resume:

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee—one of the world’s most respected experts on AI and China—reveals that China has suddenly caught up to the US at an astonishingly rapid and unexpected pace. Kai-Fu Lee argues powerfully that because of these unprecedented developments in AI, dramatic changes will be happening much sooner than many of us expected. Indeed, as the US-Sino AI competition begins to heat up, Lee urges the US and China to both accept and to embrace the great responsibilities that come with significant technological power. Most experts already say that AI will have a devastating impact on blue-collar jobs. But Lee predicts that Chinese and American AI will have a strong impact on white-collar jobs as well. Is universal basic income the solution? In Lee’s opinion, probably not. But he provides a clear description of which jobs will be affected and how soon, which jobs can be enhanced with AI, and most importantly, how we can provide solutions to some of the most profound changes in human history that are coming soon.

AI and Developing Human Intelligence

AI and Developing Human Intelligence [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1000449653
Author: John Senior,Éva Gyarmathy
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1200 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1624436


AI and Developing Human Intelligence by John Senior,Éva Gyarmathy Book Resume:

As the relationship between AI machines and humans develops, we ask what it will mean to be an intelligent learner in an emerging, socio-dynamic learningscape. The need for a new global view of intelligence and education is the core discussion of this future-focussed collection of ideas, questions, and activities for learners to explore. This fascinating guide offers activities to understand what needs to be changed in our educations systems and our view of intelligence. As well as exploring AI, HI, the future of learning and caring for all learners, this book addresses fundamental questions such as: How do we educate ourselves for an increasingly uncertain future? What is the purpose of intelligence? How can a curriculum focussing on human curiosity and creativity be created? Who are we and what are we becoming? What will we invent now that AI exists? AI and Developing Human Intelligence will interest you, inform you, and empower your understanding of "intelligence" and where we are going on the next part of our journey in understanding what it is to be human now and tomorrow.

The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values

The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 039363583X
Author: Brian Christian
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
File Size: 1584 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8176225


The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values by Brian Christian Book Resume:

A jaw-dropping exploration of everything that goes wrong when we build AI systems and the movement to fix them. Today’s “machine-learning” systems, trained by data, are so effective that we’ve invited them to see and hear for us—and to make decisions on our behalf. But alarm bells are ringing. Recent years have seen an eruption of concern as the field of machine learning advances. When the systems we attempt to teach will not, in the end, do what we want or what we expect, ethical and potentially existential risks emerge. Researchers call this the alignment problem. Systems cull résumés until, years later, we discover that they have inherent gender biases. Algorithms decide bail and parole—and appear to assess Black and White defendants differently. We can no longer assume that our mortgage application, or even our medical tests, will be seen by human eyes. And as autonomous vehicles share our streets, we are increasingly putting our lives in their hands. The mathematical and computational models driving these changes range in complexity from something that can fit on a spreadsheet to a complex system that might credibly be called “artificial intelligence.” They are steadily replacing both human judgment and explicitly programmed software. In best-selling author Brian Christian’s riveting account, we meet the alignment problem’s “first-responders,” and learn their ambitious plan to solve it before our hands are completely off the wheel. In a masterful blend of history and on-the ground reporting, Christian traces the explosive growth in the field of machine learning and surveys its current, sprawling frontier. Readers encounter a discipline finding its legs amid exhilarating and sometimes terrifying progress. Whether they—and we—succeed or fail in solving the alignment problem will be a defining human story. The Alignment Problem offers an unflinching reckoning with humanity’s biases and blind spots, our own unstated assumptions and often contradictory goals. A dazzlingly interdisciplinary work, it takes a hard look not only at our technology but at our culture—and finds a story by turns harrowing and hopeful.

Design the Home You Love

Design the Home You Love [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1984856626
Author: Lee Mayer,Emily Motayed
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
File Size: 1949 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7485541


Design the Home You Love by Lee Mayer,Emily Motayed Book Resume:

From the co-founders of Havenly comes “a perfect read for anyone looking to infuse more personality and style into their space—on their own time and budget, and in their own unique way” (Rachel Zoe). “Not only do Lee and Emily unpack all their tips for creating a space that looks as good as it feels, but they do it in a way that is made for real-life application.”—Bobby Berk, design expert and host of Netflix’s Queer Eye Interior design can be daunting, and as a result, many of us never even attempt to design our own homes. In Design the Home You Love, Havenly founders Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed break down the ambiguous world of home design. First you learn how to identify your own style (whether you’re a fan of Parisian Modern or California Casual) and then how to incorporate furniture that matches your style and fits your budget. Design the Home You Love takes you step-by-step and room-by-room through each part of the house to help you fulfill your home’s potential. Whether you’re looking to give your home a complete makeover, spruce up your rental apartment, or merely take your living room from blah to fab, Lee and Emily bring fresh ideas, advice, and inspiration to the table. Illustrated with eye-catching photography and livable inspiration from real-life clients, this is the interior design book that finally makes it possible for us all to achieve our design goals.

Waste Tide

Waste Tide [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0765389320
Author: Chen Qiufan
Publisher: Tor Books
File Size: 718 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5525500


Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan Book Resume:

A LOCUS AWARD FINALIST FOR BEST FIRST NOVEL Award-winning author Chen Qiufan's Waste Tide is a thought-provoking vision of the future. Translated by Ken Liu, who brought Cixin Liu's Hugo Award-winning The Three Body Problem to English-speaking readers. Mimi is drowning in the world's trash. She’s a waste worker on Silicon Isle, where electronics -- from cell phones and laptops to bots and bionic limbs — are sent to be recycled. These amass in towering heaps, polluting every spare inch of land. On this island off the coast of China, the fruits of capitalism and consumer culture come to a toxic end. Mimi and thousands of migrant waste workers like her are lured to Silicon Isle with the promise of steady work and a better life. They're the lifeblood of the island’s economy, but are at the mercy of those in power. A storm is brewing, between ruthless local gangs, warring for control. Ecoterrorists, set on toppling the status quo. American investors, hungry for profit. And a Chinese-American interpreter, searching for his roots. As these forces collide, a war erupts -- between the rich and the poor; between tradition and modern ambition; between humanity’s past and its future. Mimi, and others like her, must decide if they will remain pawns in this war or change the rules of the game altogether. "An accomplished eco-techno-thriller with heart and soul as well as brain. Chen Qiufan is an astute observer, both of the present world and of the future that the next generation is in danger of inheriting." – David Mitchell, New York Times bestselling author of Cloud Atlas At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Twilight of the Elites

Twilight of the Elites [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307720470
Author: Chris Hayes
Publisher: Crown
File Size: 831 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4589795


Twilight of the Elites by Chris Hayes Book Resume:

A powerful and original argument that traces the roots of our present crisis of authority to an unlikely source: the meritocracy. Over the past decade, Americans watched in bafflement and rage as one institution after another – from Wall Street to Congress, the Catholic Church to corporate America, even Major League Baseball – imploded under the weight of corruption and incompetence. In the wake of the Fail Decade, Americans have historically low levels of trust in their institutions; the social contract between ordinary citizens and elites lies in tatters. How did we get here? With Twilight of the Elites, Christopher Hayes offers a radically novel answer. Since the 1960s, as the meritocracy elevated a more diverse group of men and women into power, they learned to embrace the accelerating inequality that had placed them near the very top. Their ascension heightened social distance and spawned a new American elite--one more prone to failure and corruption than any that came before it. Mixing deft political analysis, timely social commentary, and deep historical understanding, Twilight of the Elites describes how the society we have come to inhabit – utterly forgiving at the top and relentlessly punitive at the bottom – produces leaders who are out of touch with the people they have been trusted to govern. Hayes argues that the public's failure to trust the federal government, corporate America, and the media has led to a crisis of authority that threatens to engulf not just our politics but our day-to-day lives. Upending well-worn ideological and partisan categories, Hayes entirely reorients our perspective on our times. Twilight of the Elites is the defining work of social criticism for the post-bailout age.

Invisible Planets

Invisible Planets [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0765384183
Author: Ken Liu
Publisher: Macmillan
File Size: 1080 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2132625


Invisible Planets by Ken Liu Book Resume:

Invisible Planets, edited by multi award-winning writer Ken Liu--translator of the bestselling and Hugo Award-winning novel The Three Body Problem by acclaimed Chinese author Cixin Liu--is his second thought-provoking anthology of Chinese short speculative fiction. Invisible Planets is a groundbreaking anthology of Chinese short speculative fiction. The thirteen stories in this collection, including two by Cixin Liu and the Hugo and Sturgeon award-nominated “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang, add up to a strong and diverse representation of Chinese SF. Some have won awards, some have garnered serioius critical acclaim, some have been selected for Year’s Best anthologies, and some are simply Ken Liu’s personal favorites. To round out the collection, there are several essays from Chinese scholars and authors, plus an illuminating introduction by Ken Liu. Anyone with an interest in international science fiction will find Invisible Planets an indispensable addition to their collection. For more Chinese SF in translation, check out Broken Stars. Stories: “The Year of the Rat” by Chen Qiufan “The Fist of Lijian” by Chen Qiufan “The Flower of Shazui” by Chen Qiufan “A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight” by Xia Jia “Tongtong’s Summer” by Xia Jia “Night Journey of the Dragon-Horse” by Xia jia “The City of Silence” by Ma Boyong “Invisible Planets” by Hao Jingfang “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang “Call Girl” by Tang Fei “Grave of the Fireflies” by Cheng Jingbo “The Circle” by Liu Cixin “Taking Care of God” by Liu Cixin Essays: “The Worst of All Possible Universes and the Best of All Possible Earths: Three-Body and Chinese Science Fiction” by Liu Cixin and Ken Liu “The Torn Generation” Chinese Science Fiction in a Culture in Transition” by Chen Qiufan and Ken Liu “What Makes Chinese Science Fiction Chinese?” by Xia Jia and Ken Liu At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Trapped Under the Sea

Trapped Under the Sea [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307886743
Author: Neil Swidey
Publisher: Crown
File Size: 798 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9363624


Trapped Under the Sea by Neil Swidey Book Resume:

The harrowing story of five men who were sent into a dark, airless, miles-long tunnel, hundreds of feet below the ocean, to do a nearly impossible job—with deadly results A quarter-century ago, Boston had the dirtiest harbor in America. The city had been dumping sewage into it for generations, coating the seafloor with a layer of “black mayonnaise.” Fisheries collapsed, wildlife fled, and locals referred to floating tampon applicators as “beach whistles.” In the 1990s, work began on a state-of-the-art treatment plant and a 10-mile-long tunnel—its endpoint stretching farther from civilization than the earth’s deepest ocean trench—to carry waste out of the harbor. With this impressive feat of engineering, Boston was poised to show the country how to rebound from environmental ruin. But when bad decisions and clashing corporations endangered the project, a team of commercial divers was sent on a perilous mission to rescue the stymied cleanup effort. Five divers went in; not all of them came out alive. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and thousands of documents collected over five years of reporting, award-winning writer Neil Swidey takes us deep into the lives of the divers, engineers, politicians, lawyers, and investigators involved in the tragedy and its aftermath, creating a taut, action-packed narrative. The climax comes just after the hard-partying DJ Gillis and his friend Billy Juse trade assignments as they head into the tunnel, sentencing one of them to death. An intimate portrait of the wreckage left in the wake of lives lost, the book—which Dennis Lehane calls "extraordinary" and compares with The Perfect Storm—is also a morality tale. What is the true cost of these large-scale construction projects, as designers and builders, emboldened by new technology and pressured to address a growing population’s rapacious needs, push the limits of the possible? This is a story about human risk—how it is calculated, discounted, and transferred—and the institutional failures that can lead to catastrophe. Suspenseful yet humane, Trapped Under the Sea reminds us that behind every bridge, tower, and tunnel—behind the infrastructure that makes modern life possible—lies unsung bravery and extraordinary sacrifice.

The Future Starts Now

The Future Starts Now [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1472981510
Author: Theo Priestley,Bronwyn Williams
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 1975 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5996389


The Future Starts Now by Theo Priestley,Bronwyn Williams Book Resume:

The future is an uncertain, uncomfortable prospect for employees, employers and society at large. A flurry of unprecedented events have proven that, despite what some politicians and economists may tell us, the future is not set in stone. Instead, it is constantly being shaped and redefined by the everyday decisions of individuals and organizations. In light of this uncertainty, The Future Starts Now looks toward the various innovations and technologies that may shape our future. Authors Theo Priestley and Bronwyn Williams have brought together the world's leading futurists to articulate and clarify the current trajectories in technology, economics, politics and business. This is a comprehensive history of tomorrow, exploring groundbreaking topics such as AI, privacy, education and the future of work. While the guidance, insight and predictions are fascinating for anyone curious about what the future may hold, the book also functions as an invaluable guide for business professionals looking to steer their career or their organization with foresight and confidence.

Unlikely Brothers

Unlikely Brothers [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307464865
Author: John Prendergast,Michael Mattocks
Publisher: Crown
File Size: 1883 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1414082


Unlikely Brothers by John Prendergast,Michael Mattocks Book Resume:

“You don’t look like brothers . . .” Peace activist and cofounder of the Enough Project, John Prendergast is known as a champion of human rights in Africa. But the not-so-public face of J.P. is the life he’s led as a Big Brother to Michael Mattocks. As a curious, driven, and emotionally wounded twenty-year-old, J.P. made the life-changing decision to form a “Big Brother/Little Brother” relationship with then seven-year-old Michael, who was living out of plastic bags and drifting from one homeless shelter to the next with his mother and siblings. Lacking a connection with his own brother and distancing himself from a disastrous relationship with his father, J.P. formed a unique bond with Michael the moment they met. Michael and J.P. became like family, with Michael and some of his siblings even living with J.P. one summer. In the years that followed, J.P. took Michael and his brothers on outings, whether it was fishing, playing basketball, patronizing cheap restaurants, or going on road trips. This friendship would continue for over twenty-five years as the two coped with varying degrees of violence, instability, and trauma in their own lives. Told in duet, Unlikely Brothers follows Michael as he grows up on the tough streets of Washington, D.C., where as a young teenager he watched his best friend get shot, dropped out of school, and started dealing crack cocaine shortly thereafter. By sixteen, Michael had become the kingpin of his neighborhood, guns and drugs always close at hand. Meanwhile, J.P. was traveling to and from African war zones. J.P. offered Michael a refuge from the streets, never really confronting the gravity of what Michael was going through in his adolescence. In turn, Michael afforded J.P. an escape from his own turbulent personal and professional life. As the years go by, the two swoop in and out of each other’s lives, slowly disconnecting as they disappear into their respective worlds, but making their way back to each other at a critical moment for both of them. The effect the two have on each other is extremely significant to both of their paths to redemption. Inspirational and deeply moving, Unlikely Brothers beautifully showcases how life’s most random moments can often be the most profound.

Heart of Dankness

Heart of Dankness [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0771039719
Author: Mark Haskell Smith
Publisher: Signal
File Size: 707 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3102857


Heart of Dankness by Mark Haskell Smith Book Resume:

Moneyball meets the documentary "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" in this non-fiction book that explores the culture of cannabis, from its humble beginnings as a textile fiber in 2727 BC, to its illegalization during the Great Depression, to its increasing use as medicinal treatment -- all culminating in the annual event for marijuana aficionados everywhere: the Cannabis Cup. After spending three years researching his novel Baked, Mark Haskell Smith turns his focus on the one event that intrigued him in the fascinating world of the cannabis culture: the Cannabis Cup competition. What makes a strain of marijuana award-winning? he wonders. Who would risk everything to grow the good stuff? Is this really a nearly $100 billion a year industry? Alternating between California, the hub of the legalization and decriminalization debate, and Amsterdam, where the world's preeminent cannabis festival takes place each year, Mark discovers a compelling world where science meets agriculture, and hedonism toes the line of criminality. Combining wit, curiosity, and frankness, Heart of Dankness reveals the world of underground botany and outlaw farming, where "strain hunters" risk fines, imprisonment, and reputation to develop amazing weed -- and, ultimately, battle for the coveted Cannabis Cup, and millions of dollars.

The Prime

The Prime [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 110190433X
Author: Kulreet Chaudhary
Publisher: Harmony
File Size: 1271 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2065573


The Prime by Kulreet Chaudhary Book Resume:

Prepared to live at your prime? Integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discovered a beautiful side effect to the eating and lifestyle tools she gave her brain patients--spontaneously shedding excess pounds. In this, her first book, she shows us how to sharpen the brain, and smarten and heal the gut. Weight gain is not about the food, but about the body’s environment. Excess weight is a result of the body being in a toxic, inflammatory state. If your body is not prepared or ‘primed’ for weight loss, you will fight an uphill biochemical battle. Her program is not about what you can't have or do, it's about adding simple teas and herbs, and succeeding without giving up any foods you love. With The Prime, Dr. Chaudhary has reverse engineered our way of eating, so we can stop dieting backward and start losing weight instead. You'll learn: --The importance of neuroadaptation, food addiction, and the brain (or, why your brain and gut have made it so hard to lose weight in the past!) --Why it’s not about what you eat, but what you digest --How to determine if you have a Leaky Brain—and what The Prime can do about it (hint: everything) --How to easily crush cravings (no willpower required), ignite energy and fat, and biohack your lifestyle habits. Lastly, you’ll learn how to live fully Primed, the secrets of the Super-Primed, and when you’re ready to explore new foods, how to eat according to your unique constitution.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1461536502
Author: Kai-Fu Lee
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1239 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1049663


Automatic Speech Recognition by Kai-Fu Lee Book Resume:

Speech Recognition has a long history of being one of the difficult problems in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. As one goes from problem solving tasks such as puzzles and chess to perceptual tasks such as speech and vision, the problem characteristics change dramatically: knowledge poor to knowledge rich; low data rates to high data rates; slow response time (minutes to hours) to instantaneous response time. These characteristics taken together increase the computational complexity of the problem by several orders of magnitude. Further, speech provides a challenging task domain which embodies many of the requirements of intelligent behavior: operate in real time; exploit vast amounts of knowledge, tolerate errorful, unexpected unknown input; use symbols and abstractions; communicate in natural language and learn from the environment. Voice input to computers offers a number of advantages. It provides a natural, fast, hands free, eyes free, location free input medium. However, there are many as yet unsolved problems that prevent routine use of speech as an input device by non-experts. These include cost, real time response, speaker independence, robustness to variations such as noise, microphone, speech rate and loudness, and the ability to handle non-grammatical speech. Satisfactory solutions to each of these problems can be expected within the next decade. Recognition of unrestricted spontaneous continuous speech appears unsolvable at present. However, by the addition of simple constraints, such as clarification dialog to resolve ambiguity, we believe it will be possible to develop systems capable of accepting very large vocabulary continuous speechdictation.

The Cold Start Problem

The Cold Start Problem [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0062969757
Author: Andrew Chen
Publisher: HarperCollins
File Size: 1191 KB
File Format: Pdf
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The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen Book Resume:

A venture capitalist draws on expertise developed at the premier venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, and as an executive at Uber to address how tech’s most successful products have solved the dreaded "cold start problem”—by leveraging networks effects to launch and scale towards billions of users. Although software has become easier to build, launching and scaling new products and services remains difficult. Startups face daunting challenges entering the technology ecosystem, including stiff competition, copycats, and ineffective marketing channels. Teams launching new products must consider the advantages of “the network effect,” where a product or service’s value increases as more users engage with it. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants utilize network effects, and most tech products incorporate them, whether they’re messaging apps, workplace collaboration tools, or marketplaces. Network effects provide a path for fledgling products to break through, attracting new users through viral growth and word of mouth. Yet most entrepreneurs lack the vocabulary and context to describe them—much less understand the fundamental principles that drive the effect. What exactly are network effects? How do teams create and build them into their products? How do products compete in a market where every player has them? Andrew Chen draws on his experience and on interviews with the CEOs and founding teams of LinkedIn, Twitch, Zoom, Dropbox, Tinder, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest — to provide unique insights in answering these questions. Chen also provides practical frameworks and principles that can be applied across products and industries. The Cold Start Problem reveals what makes winning networks successful, why some startups fail to successfully scale, and most crucially, why products that create and compete using the network effect are vitally important today.

Loosed upon the World

Loosed upon the World [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 148145031X
Author: John Joseph Adams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Loosed upon the World by John Joseph Adams Book Resume:

Collected by the editor of the award-winning Lightspeed magazine, the first, definitive anthology of climate fiction—a cutting-edge genre made popular by Margaret Atwood. Is it the end of the world as we know it? Climate Fiction, or Cli-Fi, is exploring the world we live in now—and in the very near future—as the effects of global warming become more evident. Join bestselling, award-winning writers like Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Kim Stanley Robinson, Seanan McGuire, and many others at the brink of tomorrow. Loosed Upon the World is so believable, it’s frightening.

The Elements of Computing Systems

The Elements of Computing Systems [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0262257920
Author: Noam Nisan,Shimon Schocken
Publisher: MIT Press
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The Elements of Computing Systems by Noam Nisan,Shimon Schocken Book Resume:

A textbook with a hands-on approach that leads students through the gradual construction of a complete and working computer system including the hardware platform and the software hierarchy. In the early days of computer science, the interactions of hardware, software, compilers, and operating system were simple enough to allow students to see an overall picture of how computers worked. With the increasing complexity of computer technology and the resulting specialization of knowledge, such clarity is often lost. Unlike other texts that cover only one aspect of the field, The Elements of Computing Systems gives students an integrated and rigorous picture of applied computer science, as its comes to play in the construction of a simple yet powerful computer system. Indeed, the best way to understand how computers work is to build one from scratch, and this textbook leads students through twelve chapters and projects that gradually build a basic hardware platform and a modern software hierarchy from the ground up. In the process, the students gain hands-on knowledge of hardware architecture, operating systems, programming languages, compilers, data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. Using this constructive approach, the book exposes a significant body of computer science knowledge and demonstrates how theoretical and applied techniques taught in other courses fit into the overall picture. Designed to support one- or two-semester courses, the book is based on an abstraction-implementation paradigm; each chapter presents a key hardware or software abstraction, a proposed implementation that makes it concrete, and an actual project. The emerging computer system can be built by following the chapters, although this is only one option, since the projects are self-contained and can be done or skipped in any order. All the computer science knowledge necessary for completing the projects is embedded in the book, the only pre-requisite being a programming experience. The book's web site provides all tools and materials necessary to build all the hardware and software systems described in the text, including two hundred test programs for the twelve projects. The projects and systems can be modified to meet various teaching needs, and all the supplied software is open-source.

The Windfall

The Windfall [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0451498933
Author: Diksha Basu
Publisher: Ballantine Books
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The Windfall by Diksha Basu Book Resume:

“Charming . . . What Kevin Kwan did for rich-people problems, Diksha Basu does for trying-to-be-rich-people problems.”—People NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY ESQUIRE • A PEOPLE PICK • A TIME PICK The Jhas are moving up. For the past thirty years, their lives have been defined by cramped spaces and gossipy neighbors. But when Mr. Jha comes into an enormous sum of money—the result of an unexpectedly successful internet venture—he moves his reluctant wife from their housing complex in East Delhi to the super-rich side of town, ultimately forcing them, and their son, to reckon with who they are and what really matters to them. Hilarious and wise, The Windfall illuminates with warmth and heart the precariousness of social status, the fragility of pride, and, above all, the human drive to build and share a home. Even the rich, it turns out, need to belong somewhere. Praise for The Windfall “A delightful comedy of errors.”—NPR, Weekend Edition “Ultra-charming.”—Vogue “I almost fell out of bed laughing.”—Kevin Kwan, author of Crazy Rich Asians “A fun and heartfelt comedy of manners.”—Rolling Stone “Though money doesn’t necessarily buy the Jhas happiness, it delivers readers plenty of laughs and more.”—Esquire “Endearing, astute.”—Christian Science Monitor

Trying Not to Try

Trying Not to Try [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0770437621
Author: Edward Slingerland
Publisher: Crown
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Trying Not to Try by Edward Slingerland Book Resume:

A deeply original exploration of the power of spontaneity—an ancient Chinese ideal that cognitive scientists are only now beginning to understand—and why it is so essential to our well-being Why is it always hard to fall asleep the night before an important meeting? Or be charming and relaxed on a first date? What is it about a politician who seems wooden or a comedian whose jokes fall flat or an athlete who chokes? In all of these cases, striving seems to backfire. In Trying Not To Try, Edward Slingerland explains why we find spontaneity so elusive, and shows how early Chinese thought points the way to happier, more authentic lives. We’ve long been told that the way to achieve our goals is through careful reasoning and conscious effort. But recent research suggests that many aspects of a satisfying life, like happiness and spontaneity, are best pursued indirectly. The early Chinese philosophers knew this, and they wrote extensively about an effortless way of being in the world, which they called wu-wei (ooo-way). They believed it was the source of all success in life, and they developed various strategies for getting it and hanging on to it. With clarity and wit, Slingerland introduces us to these thinkers and the marvelous characters in their texts, from the butcher whose blade glides effortlessly through an ox to the wood carver who sees his sculpture simply emerge from a solid block. Slingerland uncovers a direct line from wu-wei to the Force in Star Wars, explains why wu-wei is more powerful than flow, and tells us what it all means for getting a date. He also shows how new research reveals what’s happening in the brain when we’re in a state of wu-wei—why it makes us happy and effective and trustworthy, and how it might have even made civilization possible. Through stories of mythical creatures and drunken cart riders, jazz musicians and Japanese motorcycle gangs, Slingerland effortlessly blends Eastern thought and cutting-edge science to show us how we can live more fulfilling lives. Trying Not To Try is mind-expanding and deeply pleasurable, the perfect antidote to our striving modern culture.