A Taste Of Quebec

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A Taste of Quebec

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Quebec by Julian Armstrong Book Resume:

Take a culinary voyage through the diverse regions of la belle province. From the habitant-influenced dishes of the Saguenay to the gastronomic hotspots in the Laurentians to the hearty cooking of the lumber camps of the Mauricie, join Gazette food editor Julian Armstrong on a journey through the past and present of Quebec cuisine. Along the way meet local chefs and producers, find out about the province's top restaurants and auberges, discover "not-to-be-missed" sights and learn more about the history of this fascinating part of Canada. The 114 recipes range from much loved dishes of colonial times to the freshest gastronomy of today's chefs. Whether going down memory lane to revisit old favourites or making your first discovery, let A Taste of Quebec guide you on your explorations of this beautiful and diverse land. Bon appetit.

A Taste of Haiti

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Haiti by Mirta Yurnet-Thomas,Jay H. Moskowitz Book Resume:

With African, French, Arabic and Amerindian influences, the food and culture of Haiti are fascinating subjects to explore. From the days of slavery to present times, traditional Haitian cuisine has relied upon staples like root vegetables, pork, fish, and flavour enhancers like Pikliz (picklese, or hot pepper vinegar) and Zepis (ground spices). This cookbook offers over 100 Haitian recipes, including traditional holiday foods and the author's favourite drinks and desserts. Information on Haiti's history, holidays and celebrations, necessary food staples, and cooking methods will guide the home chef on a culinary adventure to this beautiful island. Recipe titles are given in English, Creole, and French.

Farms and Foods of the Garden State

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Farms and Foods of the Garden State by Brian Yarvin Book Resume:

This second in Hippocrene's line of state cookbooks is a comprehensive look at the incredibly diverse and bountiful state of New Jersey. The author captures the essence of the Garden State by profiling some of its most interesting farms, including a vineyard, a buffalo ranch, and a trout hatchery. More than 100 simple easy-to-follow recipes feature products from the profiled farms, making the direct but often overlooked connection between farmers and cooks. Recipes such as Chicken Vindaloo, Italian style stewed Peppers, and Portuguese Kale Soup also reflect New Jersey's ethnic diversity. An ingredients glossary and a shopping guide are also included.

A Taste of Progress

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Progress by Nelleke Teughels,Peter Scholliers Book Resume:

World exhibitions have been widely acknowledged as important sources for understanding the development of the modern consumer and urbanized society, yet whilst the function and purpose of architecture at these major events has been well-studied, the place of food has received very little attention. Food played a crucial part in the lived experience of the exhibitions: for visitors, who could acquaint themselves with the latest food innovations, exotic cuisines and ’traditional’ dishes; for officials attending lavish banquets; for the manufacturers who displayed their new culinary products; and for scientists who met to discuss the latest technologies in food hygiene. Food stood as a powerful semiotic device for communicating and maintaining conceptions of identity, history, traditions and progress, of inclusion and exclusion, making it a valuable tool for researching the construction of national or corporate sentiments. Combining recent developments in food studies and the history of major international exhibitions, this volume provides a refreshing alternative view of these international and intercultural spectacles.

A Canadian Challenge

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Canadian Challenge by Christian Dufour,Institute for Research on Public Policy Book Resume:

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The Journal of Education for the Province of Quebec

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Journal of Education for the Province of Quebec by Pierre Joseph Oliver Chauveau,Henry Hopper Miles,Patrick Delaney,George W. Colfer Book Resume:

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Public and Civic Leisure in Quebec

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Public and Civic Leisure in Quebec by André Thibault Book Resume:

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Collected Travel Writings

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Collected Travel Writings by Henry James,James James,Richard Howard Book Resume:

Sixteen delightful travel essays, collected for the first time, feature James's impressions and opinions of Great Britain, his adopted home, and America, as he revisits his homeland after a twenty-year absence.

A Taste of New Brunswick!

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of New Brunswick! by Karen Elaine Powell Book Resume:

New Brunswicker's love to gather in the kitchen sharing fun, food and good times. This collection of traditional recipes brings home the comfort of New Brunswick kitchens. The collection emphasizes the wonderful bounty provided by the land and sea. From tasty appetizers to hearty soups, satisfying suppers to picnic and barbeque fare, and from taste tempting delicacies of the sea to the sweet grand finale, these recipes are as pleasing to the cook as they are to the palate. We invite you to share the good times and one of the essential ingredients, good food. Take home a bit of the relaxed, friendly Maritime lifestyle to your home.

Made In Quebec

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Made In Quebec by Julian Armstrong Book Resume:

Canada’s culinary treasure revealed in recipes, stories and photographs. Canada has a culinary treasure in Quebec, one that is not perhaps as celebrated as it could be, at least outside of that distinct and gloriously food-obsessed region. Julian Armstrong, longtime food writer for The Gazette of Montreal, has spent her career eating, cooking, thinking and writing about Quebecois food. Made in Quebec: A Culinary Journey is the result of those years of delicious effort. Quebec has a cuisine firmly based on French foundations, but blended and enriched over the years by the cooking styles of a variety of immigrant groups, initially British and American, more recently Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and Asian. More than in any other province or region in Canada, people in Quebec are passionate and knowledgeable about their food. The restaurant scene is robust, not just in Montreal and Quebec City—you can go to just about any small town in la belle province and have a splendid meal. Farmers, purveyors, chefs, casual and dedicated home cooks - all are poised in every season to produce or procure the perfect, seasonal ingredient. Not for them the out-of-season asparagus from Peru. Quebec is where you can truly experience what food tasted like before the industrial food complex. Here unpasteurized milk and cheese is commonplace; indeed there is a herd of cattle descended from cows brought from France by Samuel de Champlain producing milk just for this purpose. Imagine that in the rest of Canada! Of course, Quebec is big news in the global foodie world these days, with Martin Picard (Au Pied de Cochon), David McMillan and Fred Morin (The Art of Living According to Joe Beef), and Chuck Hughes (Garde Manger and Chuck’s Day Off) showing off the joys of dining in this great province. But there is much more still to discover about Quebec, from restaurateurs certainly, but also from farmers, foragers, artisanal cheese and bread makers, home cooks, and so many more. These people, their stories and recipes, comprise Made in Quebec. It is high time for a comprehensive celebration of Quebecois cuisine.

Sexy Bodies

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Sexy Bodies by Elizabeth Grosz,Elspeth Probyn Book Resume:

Are bodies sexy? How? In what sorts of ways? Sexy Bodies investigates the production of sexual bodies and sexual practices, of sexualities which are dyke, bi, transracial, and even hetero. It celebrates lesbian and queer sexualities but also explores what runs underneath and within all sexualities, discovering what is fundamentally weird and strange about all bodies, all carnalities. Looking at a pleasurable variety of cultural forms and texts, the contributors consider the particular charms of girls and horses, from National Velvet to Marnie; discuss figures of the lesbian body from vampires to tribades to tomboys; uncover 'virtual' lesbians in the fiction of Jeanette Winterson; track desire in the music of legendary Blues singers; and investigate the ever-scrutinised and celebrated body of Elizabeth Taylor. The collection includes two important pieces of fiction by Mary Fallon and Nicole Brossard. Sexy Bodies makes new connections between and amongst bodies, cruising the borders of the obscene, the pleasurable, the desirable and the hitherto unspoken rethinking sexuality anew as deeply and strangely sexy.

Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary by David Clandfield,Pierre Perrault,Jerry White,Toronto International Film Festival Group Book Resume:

One of the great exponents of the direct cinema style, Quebecois poet, essayist, and film-maker Pierre Perrault (1927-1999) began his documentary career in radio before joining the more traditional Ren’e Bonni’ere filming life in the lower St. Lawrence. In the 1960s he joined the National Film Board of Canada to shoot films in the new direct style, taking a small two-man crew into communities to reveal their beliefs and allegiances as they coped with social change. His legendary trilogy on the Ile-aux-Coudres opened with his most famous work, Pour la suite du monde (1963). Ostensibly a look at the local people’s effort to revive a traditional beluga hunt, it is actually the beginning of a lifelong inquiry into the relationship between community and national identity. This relationship emerges most clearly in the highly poetic Un pays sans bon sens! (1970), which brought Perrault into conflict with the NFB. The film was sidelined for many years. After a trip outside Quebec to Moncton to document francophone student unrest, Perrault made a second trilogy, this one in northwestern Quebec, showing the collapse of traditional farming communities relocated to the Abitibi during the Great Depression. Further explorations took Perrault to the northern interiors of Quebec, the hunting woods of Maniwaki, and to the tall ships retracing Jacques Cartier’s voyages of discovery. The triology culminated in the desolate arctic landscapes of the mysterious muskox, and two of his most haunting creations. The first major publication on Perrault in English, Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary discusses not only the world that Perrault’s cinema revealed but a revolution in film-making from a great poet. Co-written and edited by David Clandfield, Principal of New College in the University of Toronto, Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary also features contributions from scholar Jerry White, as well as translations of some of Perrault’s writings on film. Published by the Toronto International Film Festival. Distributed in Canada by Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Distributed outside Canada by Indiana University Press.

A Taste for Empire and Glory

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste for Empire and Glory by Philip Lawson Book Resume:

In the decade and a half before his untimely death at 46, Philip Lawson had already achieved more than many historians. This posthumously published collection brings together his work on the British overseas expansion during the 'long' 18th century and includes two previously unpublished essays. The first articles deal with general issues of approach and interpretation, with Canada and the thirteen colonies, and with India and the empire of tea. The final essays illustrate Anglo-Indian relations and the tea trade, showing the relationship between the establishment of Indian tea plantations, the growth of the tea trade, and the political and cultural impact of tea drinking on the British and their colonists. Taken together these studies make an outstanding contribution to the field, important to anyone interested in the history of Hanoverian Britain as an imperial power.

Montreal and Quebec City Colourguide

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Montreal and Quebec City Colourguide by Formac Publishing Company Limited Book Resume:

Written entirely by local residents, the Montreal and Quebec City Colourguide gives readers the benefit of inside knowledge on accommodations, events, places to eat, places to shop, and places to relax.

Montreal and Quebec City Colourguide

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Montreal and Quebec City Colourguide by Susan Hargrove Book Resume:

Montreal and Quebec City are pre-eminent destinations for Canadian, American, and European travellers alike. Written by knowledgeable local contributors, this new edition provides fully updated coverage of these two vibrant cultural centres. It includes detailed information on shopping, dining, museums, galleries, festivals, nightlife and more. This edition features the most current and in-depth information on Quebec City's culture, history, and cuisine as it celebrates the 400th anniversary of its founding.

A Taste for Speed

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste for Speed by John Joseph Kelly Book Resume:

Bill Braden was the nephew of Harry Greening, Canada's first great raceboat driver in the 1920s. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he lived there for many years before moving to nearby Waterdown, Ontario, near the start of W.W. II. He always had 'a taste for speed', purchasing his first motorcycle, an Ariel, in England at age 19, and going on to motorbike across war-threatened Europe in 1935. For the rest of his life, he kept fast and fancy cars around his house and reveled in their ownership. During World War II, he volunteered for the Canadian Army and became a Major in the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, and served in Canada, as well as in England and Northwest Europe from 1941-1945. For a decade after the war, he established himself as the top speedboat driver in Canada. He drove his own 'Ariel' boats in competitions both in Canada and the United States. His reputation was such that in 1951, when Colonel Gordon Thompson of London, Ontario, purchased 'Miss Canada IV' and renamed her 'Miss Supertest', he hired Bill Braden to drive the boat. This began a five year relationship with the Thompson family, which culminated in the 1956 Harmsworth Trophy challenge, where for the first time, a Canadian boat captured one heat off of the American boat, and where Bill Braden proved his courage while almost dying behind the wheel of his hydroplane. The story had a sad ending two summers later, when Will returned to boat racing, and was killed in a freak accident while competing for the Duke of York Trophy on Fairy Lake at Huntsville, Ontario. He left behind a widow and six young children, as well as a sterling legacy that has survived five plus decades of scrutiny.

Journal of a Tour from Boston to Niagara Falls and Quebec

A Taste Of Quebec [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Journal of a Tour from Boston to Niagara Falls and Quebec by John Grew Book Resume:

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