A Taste Of India

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A Taste of India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of India by Madhur Jaffrey Book Resume:

Since its publication in 1985, Madhur Jaffrey's A Taste of India has become the definitive Indian cookbook and is now reissued in a reduced-format paperback edition. Madhur Jaffrey uses her vast knowledge and descriptive skills, together with a wealth of superb photographs to set the foods of her homeland in their regional context. A Taste of India is a magnificent book, spiced with anecdotes and personal reminiscences, which conveys all the colour and diversity of India's rich culinary heritage. From the mountains of northern Kashmir she has selected a sweet pumpkin and walnut chutney that is served at wedding banquets; from the dry plains of western Saurashtra a deliccious savoury cake made from a batter of rice and split peas. Dishes like these, together with many other sweets, snacks, breads, roasts, skcwered kebabs and pilafs, form an exhaustive collection of recipes that will satisfy the most experienced cook and enthusiastic beginner alike.

A Taste of India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of India by Roz Denny Book Resume:

Recipes for a variety of Indian dishes accompany an introduction to the geography, people, culture, and cuisine of India.

A Little Taste of India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Little Taste of India by Priya Wickramasinghe,Carol Selva Rajah Book Resume:

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Food Culture in Colonial Asia

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Food Culture in Colonial Asia by Cecilia Leong-Salobir Book Resume:

Presenting a social history of colonial food practices in India, Malaysia and Singapore, this book discusses the contribution that Asian domestic servants made towards the development of this cuisine between 1858 and 1963. Domestic cookbooks, household management manuals, memoirs, diaries and travelogues are used to investigate the culinary practices in the colonial household, as well as in clubs, hill stations, hotels and restaurants. Challenging accepted ideas about colonial cuisine, the book argues that a distinctive cuisine emerged as a result of negotiation and collaboration between the expatriate British and local people, and included dishes such as curries, mulligatawny, kedgeree, country captain and pish pash. The cuisine evolved over time, with the indigenous servants preparing both local and European foods. The book highlights both the role and representation of domestic servants in the colonies. It is an important contribution for students and scholars of food history and colonial history, as well as Asian Studies.

Global Gastronomic Adventures A Real Taste of India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Global Gastronomic Adventures A Real Taste of India by Gio Angelo Book Resume:

Indian cuisine is a mix of spices and spirit and for that reason the Indian dishes have so much flavor and variety in just one bowl. They represent the Indians 100% and it’s their simplicity that strikes you at first, then you get to feel the intense flavors hidden inside. Indian cuisine is similar to spices, lots of them. Although your taste buds might not be used to this kind of spices, don’t be afraid to try them. They balance each other perfectly and the final dishes are always simple, but fragrant and they flood your senses with deliciousness and creaminess. This short book contains 10 recipes having Indian influences, 10 recipes that can be cooked at home without any advanced cooking skills or unknown Indian spice. They are cheap and easy to make, simple in their cooking technique, but complex in terms of flavors developed. This short book is only the first step to a more intensive research on the Indian cuisine so be bold and hop on this wagon – Indian cuisine will give you the surprise of your lifetime!

Star of India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Star of India by Jo Monroe Book Resume:

How did the curry get here and how did the Brits, a nation famed for a love of bland food, end up with Chicken Tikka Masala as their favourite dish? It is a history that took curry, via the British Empire, from its Eastern origins, around the globe. This book talks to the men and women who gambled everything to make a living, who endured indifference and racism to secure an income and those who got their relatives to pack the cardamom when they visited as there was no other way of obtaining the ingredients. This book looks at how the British love affair with curry has changed lives, not just in Britain but around the globe

A Taste of Honey

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Honey by Habeeb Akande Book Resume:

A Taste of Honey provides a scholarly exposition on the prominent place that sexuality and erotology enjoyed in traditional Islam. The book is divided into two parts; part one presents a critical examination of sexual ethics and part two consists of a concise treatise on the art of seduction and lovemaking. The central aim of this book argues that Islam is a sexually enlightened religion which teaches that sensuality should not be devoid of spirituality. The book also argues that the loss of sacred sensuality afflicting modern society can be reclaimed by a revival of the classical erotological tradition. Drawing upon the Qur’ān, ĥadīth and traditional erotological literature, the book follows the style and composition of classical Eastern and Afro-Arab love texts such as the Kama Sutra and Jalāl ad-Dīn aś-Śuyūţī’s erotic treatises. A Taste of Honey is a thought-provoking work on a highly sensitive, yet extremely important subject.

Feasts and Fasts

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Feasts and Fasts by Colleen Taylor Sen Book Resume:

From dal to samosas, paneer to vindaloo, dosa to naan, Indian food is diverse and wide-ranging—unsurprising when you consider India’s incredible range of climates, languages, religions, tribes, and customs. Its cuisine differs from north to south, yet what is it that makes Indian food recognizably Indian, and how did it get that way? To answer those questions, Colleen Taylor Sen examines the diet of the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years, describing the country’s cuisine in the context of its religious, moral, social, and philosophical development. Exploring the ancient indigenous plants such as lentils, eggplants, and peppers that are central to the Indian diet, Sen depicts the country’s agricultural bounty and the fascination it has long held for foreign visitors. She illuminates how India’s place at the center of a vast network of land and sea trade routes led it to become a conduit for plants, dishes, and cooking techniques to and from the rest of the world. She shows the influence of the British and Portuguese during the colonial period, and she addresses India’s dietary prescriptions and proscriptions, the origins of vegetarianism, its culinary borrowings and innovations, and the links between diet, health, and medicine. She also offers a taste of Indian cooking itself—especially its use of spices, from chili pepper, cardamom, and cumin to turmeric, ginger, and coriander—and outlines how the country’s cuisine varies throughout its many regions. Lavishly illustrated with one hundred images, Feasts and Fasts is a mouthwatering tour of Indian food full of fascinating anecdotes and delicious recipes that will have readers devouring its pages.

The Taste of Sweet

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Taste of Sweet by Joanne Chen Book Resume:

Dismissed as déclassé by gourmands, blamed for the scourge of obesity, and yet loved by all, the taste of sweet has long been at the center of both controversy and celebration. For anyone who has ever felt conflicted about a cupcake, this is a book to sink your teeth into. In The Taste of Sweet, unabashed dessert lover Joanne Chen takes us on an unexpected adventure into the nature of a taste you thought you knew and reveals a world you never imagined. Sweet is complicated, our individual relationships with it shaped as much by childhood memories and clever marketing as the actual sensation of the confection on the tongue. How did organic honey become a luxury while high-fructose corn syrup has been demonized? Why do Americans think of sweets as a guilty pleasure when other cultures just enjoy them? What new sweetener, destined to change the very definition of the word sweet, is being perfected right now in labs around the world? Chen finds the answers by visiting sensory scientists who study taste buds, horticulturalists who are out to breed the perfect strawberry, and educators who are researching the link between class and obesity. Along the way she sheds new light on a familiar taste by exploring the historical sweet­scape through the banquet tables of emperors, the pie safes of American pioneers, the corporate giants that exist to fulfill our every sweet wish, and the desserts that have delighted her throughout the years. This fabulously entertaining story of sweet will change the way you think about your next cookie. From the Hardcover edition.

A Taste for Indian Films

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste for Indian Films by Sudha Rajagopalan Book Resume:

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Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey Book Resume:

Devour three darkly romantic adventures and sharpen your knowledge of how to catch a vampire - and perhaps a handsome Drake brother of your own - in this breathtaking bind-up, only available in eBook format. A Killer First Date Lucy Hamilton in mad about her best friend's brother, Nicholas Drake. Who wouldn't be? He's super sexy and deliciously dangerous. And Nicholas thinks Lucy is hot too. But what with all the life-and-death drama in their hometown of Violet Hill lately, they've not been on a first date - not officially. It's time they got away from it all. But that's easier said than done when your boyfriend was born into an ancient vampire dynasty . . . A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton Every new recruit to the Helios-Ra Society is issued this guidebook, with secrets to the inner workings of the vampires they are hunting. But when new recruit Lucy Hamilton gets her hands on a copy, she can't help but add a few notes of her own. After all, she has first-hand knowledge of the various vampire societies that often contradicts the conventional wisdom of her new academy. Corsets and Crossbows It is 1816 and it's time to make room for new traditions! Rosalind Wild thinks it's time for the Helios-Ra to give full membership to the female descendants of the society. So when Rosalind interrupts a plot to assassinate the leader of the Helios-Ra, she sees an opportunity to prove her worth. But she never expected the assassin to be someone so irresistible, and off-limits. Written as a series of letters to a close confidante, this e-novella gives a glimpse of the early days of the vampire-hunting society as seen through the eyes of the feisty ancestor of Hunter Wild, Quinn Drake's girlfriend. Lost Girls The fight between Drakes and vampires starts here! The thrilling story of how Liam Drake met his perfect match.

Taste and the Ancient Senses

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taste and the Ancient Senses by Kelli C. Rudolph Book Resume:

Olives, bread, meat and wine: it is deceptively easy to evoke ancient Greece and Rome through a few items of food and drink. But how were their tastes different from ours? How did they understand the sense of taste itself, in relation to their own bodies and to other modes of sensory experience? This volume, the first of its kind to explore the ancient sense of taste, draws on the literature, philosophy, history and archaeology of Greco-Roman antiquity to provide answers to these central questions. By surveying and probing the literary and material remains from the Archaic period to late antiquity, contributors investigate the cultural and intellectual development towards attitudes and theories about taste. These specially commissioned chapters also open a window onto ancient thinking about perception and the body. Importantly, these authors go beyond exploring the functional significance of taste to uncover its value and meaning in the actions, thoughts and words of the Greeks and Romans. Taste and the Ancient Senses presents a full range of interpretative approaches to the gustatory sense, and provides an indispensable resource for students and scholars of classical antiquity and sensory studies.

Taste of Eastern India

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taste of Eastern India by Kankana Saxena Book Resume:

The Vibrant Flavors of Bengali Cuisine Brought to Your Home Kitchen Bengali native Kankana Saxena captures the wealth of intoxicating dishes and depths of favor that are fundamental to the Bengali community with savory stews, fragrant rice dishes, zesty spice blends and iconic street foods. Each recipe preserves the authenticity of traditional Indian cuisine but with a modern approach specific to the Eastern region—such as Chicken Shingara, which is similar to an Indian samosa but in Kolkata they’re smaller, spicier and deep-fried. There’s Chaana Kaju Torkari, which features paneer (Indian cottage cheese) that is rolled into dumplings for a hearty stew. Meanwhile, Fulkobi Aachaar reinvents Indian spiced cauliflower as a show-stopping pickled condiment. Brimming with culinary tradition and adventure, this rich collection of recipes transports you to the bustling streets of Kolkata, where the food is as fun to make as it is to eat.

A Taste of Persia

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Persia by Najmieh Batmanglij Book Resume:

This book is an introduction to the world¿s other ancient cuisine. Persia's cookery, like China¿s, carries within it thousands of years of history, change and refinement, yet still with its roots in ancient sources. A Taste of Persia is a collection of authentic recipes from one of the world¿s most sophisticated and ancient cuisines, chosen and adapted for today¿s lifestyle and kitchen. Here are light appetisers and marinated kebabs, hearty stews and rich, golden-crusted rices, among many other dishes, all fragrant with the distinctive Persian use of herbs, spices and fruits. Each recipe offers clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Most take less than an hour to prepare; many require only a few moments; many others can be made in advance. Besides its 100 recipes and 60 colour photographs, the book includes a useful glossary of Persian cooking techniques and ingredients, and a brief history of Persian cookery. Together these make a complete introduction to this remarkable cuisine.

A Taste of Greece

A Taste Of India [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Greece by Sarah Spencer Book Resume:

Bring the flavors of Greece into your kitchen with easy to make, authentic Greek Recipes! ***BLACK AND WHITE EDITION*** From ancient times to the modern day, Greek cooking has evolved to be some of the healthiest around the globe. Greek culture has given a loving name for their own food; they call it "the food of the Gods." With a focus on including whole and local foods, the Greek diet helps to maintain heart health and prevent the development of diabetes, and some areas of Greece are recognized as having some of the lowest cancer rates in the world. And it's not just good for us; it's delicious! Greek food is hailed across the world for its amazingly textured cuisine that provides a perfect balance of different flavors. Greek foods are naturally healthy and full of flavors, reflecting the culture's deep and sentimental attachment to their local food. Inside, you'll find: Introduction to cooking food in Greece, the ingredients that are often used and the common methods Delightful appetizer recipes such as the Fried Cheese Saganaki, the Spinach, and Cheese Pie Spanokopita, and the Traditional Greek Hummus Tasty salad and soup recipes such as the Classic Greek Salad, the Eggplant Salad Melitzanosalata, and the Lentil Soup Fakes Delicious sandwich and bread recipes like the Greek Pita Bread, the Chicken Gyro Pita Sandwich, and the Greek Burger with Kefalotyri Bountiful beef, lamb and pork recipes such as the Beef Kebabs, Greek Lamb Chops, and the Classic Moussaka Wholesome chicken and poultry recipes like the Greek-Style Grilled Chicken, the Chicken Gyro, and the Chicken Feta Orzo Satisfying fish and seafood recipes like the Grilled Octopus, the Shrimp Kebabs, and the Stuffed Squid Vegetarian and side recipes like the Manestra Pasta, the Gigantes Plaki Butter Beans, and the Baked Lemon Potatoes Luscious dessert recipes such as the Baklava, the Honey Loukoumades, and the Semolina Halva All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. . Let's start cooking! Scroll back up and order your copy today!