A Taste Of Fantasy

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A Taste of Fantasy

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Fantasy by Kevyn de Regt,Ray Isle,Julia Lee Book Resume:

Each chapter of A Taste of Fantasy focuses on a specific locale, with introductory sections on the colors, sights, sounds, textures, and flavors of the place, followed by deRegt's magnificent table settings, each designed to instantly evoke the essence of the featured city or region. deRegt draws on her keen sense of style and long experience in the creation and marketing of home accessories to conjure up table settings that are not only feasts for the eyes but also treasure troves of design inspiration and entertainment ideas.

The Taste of Different Dimensions

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Taste of Different Dimensions by Alan Dean Foster Book Resume:

The dead. The undead. Those who wish they were dead. They're all here, along with a legend from a Pacific island, a legend from beneath a Pacific island, and much, much more. Frogs and dogs, knaves and slaves, and maybe a smidgen of real but impertinent food. Extend your imagination and have a nibble. You'll come back for more.

The Taste of Blood

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Taste of Blood by Jim Wafer Book Resume:

Enter the fascinating world of the Condomble regions of Brazil, where interaction between spirits and human is considered an everyday occurrence. Jim Wafer uncovers the social life, rituals, folklore, and engaging personalities of the villagers of Jacari, among whom trances, sorcery, and spirit possession demonstrate the coexistence of different kinds of reality. This ethnography is intriguing not only because of the originality of its approach to the more enigmatic aspects of another culture but also because it uses insights gained from participation in that culture to reflect on the paradoxes inherent in the writer's own culture, and in the human condition in general.

A Taste of Honey

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson Book Resume:

Long after the Towers left the world but before the dragons came to Daluça, the emperor brought his delegation of gods and diplomats to Olorum. As the royalty negotiates over trade routes and public services, the divinity seeks arcane assistance among the local gods. Aqib bgm Sadiqi, fourth-cousin to the royal family and son of the Master of Beasts, has more mortal and pressing concerns. His heart has been captured for the first time by a handsome Daluçan soldier named Lucrio. In defiance of Saintly Canon, gossiping servants, and the furious disapproval of his father and brother, Aqib finds himself swept up in a whirlwind gay romance. But neither Aqib nor Lucrio know whether their love can survive all the hardships the world has to throw at them. A Taste of Honey is a new novella in the world of Kai Ashante Wilson's The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps.

A Taste of Magic

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Magic by Andre Norton,Jean Rabe Book Resume:

Young Wisteria draws on all of her magical abilities, which link her to the mysterious powers of nature, as she ventures into the wilderness seeking revenge on the nobleman who had destroyed her village and killed Lady Ewaren.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature by R. Reginald,Douglas Menville,Mary A. Burgess Book Resume:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, A Checklist, 1700-1974, Volume one of Two, contains an Author Index, Title Index, Series Index, Awards Index, and the Ace and Belmont Doubles Index.

The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories by T. A. Shippey Book Resume:

Stories of the unreal, of trolls and werewolves, spells and sorcerers and magic lands, have been part of the human psyche for as long as there are records. In the present century, far from being outdated by the rise of technology and science fiction, fantasy has once more become a major literary genre expressive of the deepest feelings about humanity and its relation to the natural world. In The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories, Tom Shippey brings together thirty-one short fantasy stories from the last years of the nineteenth century to the immediate present. The anthology shows both the development of the fantasy genre over time and the range of individual talents it has embraced, from Lord Dunsany and H.P. Lovecraft through Ray Bradbury, Mervyn Peake, Larry Niven, and Angela Carter, to the latest creations of Tanith Lee, Lucius Shepard, and Terry Pratchett. In addition to these marvelous tales, Shippey also provides a thoughtful introduction that discusses the nature of fantasy, and he includes an extensive bibliography listing single author collections and anthologies of fantasy writings as well as works of criticism. For established readers of fantasy fiction, Tom Shippey's selection will offer many forgotten gems, and for those less familiar with the genre, it forms an ideal introduction to perhaps the purest of literary pleasures.

Read On-- Fantasy Fiction

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Read On-- Fantasy Fiction by Neil Hollands Book Resume:

Hundreds of popular fantasy fiction titles are described and categorized according to their underlying features, including coming of age stories, Arthurian romances, breaking of curses, and barbarian warriors.

Blue Hills: a Collection of Fantasy Poetry

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Blue Hills: a Collection of Fantasy Poetry by Keili Branche Book Resume:

Poetry once used as an art form to decribe worlds and lands beyond imagination has in later years become diluted. Unscrupulous individuals, who are otherwise useless to the world have sullied it and used it to describe their feeble lives and their worthless conditions. It is because of this that people are now relunctant to read poetry because of these heathens, thinking it to be the wild rants of some dispossesed moron. Well the collection that is here written seeks to remedy that. I have pioneered the genre of FANTASY POETRY that seeks to return poetry as it was in the days when the imagination ran free and was untainted by the outside world.

A Taste of Afrika

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste of Afrika by Omowale Book Resume:

At last! A book that provides the missing link to the ancient knowledge, power and creativity of our ancestors! This book dynamically discloses the early and glorious testimony of the ancients. A Taste of Afrika is an Afrikan Naming Book with pronunciation, meaning and origin of hundreds of Afrikan names. Living in the Sasa of the Zamani Sasa that conceptualizes Afrikan time, this book keeps Afrikan history alive and in front of, as well as behind, the present, by sharing Afrikan proverbs, history, theology and poetry, and giving Afrikan people in the Diaspora the opportunity to reconnect with their ancestral names. Zamani Sasa is loosely translated as "from the past to the present and into the future" because traditional Afrikan people lived in the "now." There was no "past or present tense" in the language. In traditional Afrikan society no one ever died. As long as they were remembered, they remained alive in the Zamani. Long live the Ancestors! Zamani Sasa! Freedom now! Uhuru Sasa!

A Taste for Indian Films

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste for Indian Films by Sudha Rajagopalan Book Resume:

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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction by N.A Book Resume:

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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction by N.A Book Resume:

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The Taste of Champagne Urge

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Taste of Champagne Urge by Lyndon Walters Book Resume:

“... it will be a ‘Number 1 Book Seller’ around the world” -Dawn Gobourne- Librarian, Marcus Garvey Library, London “The Taste of Champagne Urge by Lyndon Walters . . . needs to be given credit for attempting an unusual concept . . . The central plot is dreamt up by two brains. . . The identity of the person in whose head the two brains reside, is a mystery almost till the very end of the novel .The author’s aim with this book is to analyze human behavior . . . definitely worth a read and I would recommend it to all readers”. -Online Book Club “What a fantastic work by Lyndon Walters! I do honestly believe that this huge piece of writing would be turned to a futuristic movie series . . . put together in one of the clearest contrast of writing in relating complex ideas and stories . . . what a perfect way to narrate a story about Man, Love, Relationship, Politics and Ruler- ship in a dramatic and futuristic symbolism”. -Godson Azu - Writer and Commentator, BenTV/Freevoiceradio London “Lyndon Walters debut novel is an unputdownable epic of gargamtuan proportions literally and literarily . . . a plot and diversions that take you on a rollercoaster of a narrative that is relentless in its grip . . . To capture what its all about in a précis would be like unlocking the secret of the universe in a sentence . . . Cannot recommend it enough”. -Dotun Adebayo BBC Radio “The author effectively creates an alternate reality and through it challenges the audience to explore the things they often take for granted . . . he cleverly creates a complex and complicated narrative and elevates the genre into one that will resonate with audiences of all stripes . . . several similar books have been adapted and produced into films to both critical and financial successes including The Matrix and Cloud Atlas . . . audiences around the world will one day enjoy The Taste of Champagne Urge”. -Lawrence Koster – Hollywood Treatment Film Screen Writer

A Taste for China

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Taste for China by Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins Book Resume:

'A Taste for China' offers an account of how literature of the long eighteenth century generated a model of English selfhood dependent on figures of China. It shows how various genres of writing in this period call upon 'things Chinese' to define the tasteful English subject of modernity. Chinoiserie is no mere exotic curiosity in this culture, but a potent, multivalent sign of England's participation in a cosmopolitan world order.


A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wisdom by Horace Smith Book Resume:

DescriptionThis book looks at culture being one of the greatest causes of ill health, and our affinity to it. Culture is a set pattern learnt by a group of people. If we look at Hitler and the Nazis, they had a culture based on a pattern, and that was to conquer the world. So did the Roman Empire. Culture is based on a set of rules that support an idea that is long dead. More people are breaking away from their ancestral routes. For instance most Asian cultures. Young women are now beginning to look outside their culture for lifetime partners, sometimes meeting the resistance of their families.However, there is some irony in this book. This book shows that the sane are insane with their animalistic behaviour. While Peter is struggling to break free from his ancestral routes, he thinks of himself as white as he was growing up, which spared him from all the tragedies that black men went through. He uses the white television heroes as his teachers. Eventually Peter breaks free from his ancestral routes to live his life.About the AuthorBorn in 1964, Smith suffered sexual and psychological abuse as a small child at the hands of his local church minister. Struggling to cope with the effects this had on him and being bombarded with religious and bullying abuse he developed schizophrenia at the age of 15. Smith has, despite all the odds, worked hard to regain control of his life by taking on board the advice of his counsellor. He has travelled and worked and his life is now taking an up turn. We are proud to be publishing his first two books and hope there are many more to come.

Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav by Ora Wiskind-Elper Book Resume:

One of the most radically innovative of Hasidic masters, Reb Nahman of Bratslav transformed images and concepts basic to Jewish thought into new and compelling forms. Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav uses comparative literary criticism, a range of Hasidic commentary, and original exegesis of the source texts to bring the complex artistry of Reb Nahman's thought to light making it accessible to a wider audience.

Island of Fantasy - A Memoir of an English Teacher in Korea

A Taste Of Fantasy [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Island of Fantasy - A Memoir of an English Teacher in Korea by Shawn Matthews Book Resume:

In this memoir, the author says goodbye to a mundane existence in America and, given a free air ticket and an apartment, ventures to teach English on a remote island off the coast of South Korea. Dubbed the Island of Fantasy, Koje-do is a mixture of charm and peaceful beauty, but in its city center sits Wonder School - a place of frantic chaos and disorganization. Treated like an English speaking slave by the school's owners, Shawn Matthews struggles to teach students unlike anything his unscrupulous (yet amusing) recruiter had depicted. Outside the job he meets a cast of memorable characters including the mysterious Choi and two-timing Natasha.