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A Realm Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Realm Beyond by Jamarr Holland Book Resume:

Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon all the situations, events, and mysteries that people face throughout their lives? Could it be possible that the person standing in front of you at the checkout line in the grocery store is having the same thoughts about a friend of theirs that you are having about yours? Maybe there is a friend whom you would like to contact only to realize that the person is out of reach? Have you lost your motivation, with a desire to get

Passage to a Realm Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Passage to a Realm Beyond by N.A Book Resume:

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One Realm Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

One Realm Beyond by Donita K. Paul Book Resume:

Cantor D’Ahma waited his whole life for this day. Born with a gift to jump between worlds, the young realm walker is finally ready to leave his elderly mentor and accept his role as protector and defender of the realms. But mere hours after he steps through his first portal, Cantor discovers that his job will be more dangerous and difficult than he ever imagined. The realms are plagued with crime and cruelty, and even members of the once-noble Realm Walkers Guild can no longer be trusted. To make matters worse, his first assignment—finding a dragon to assist him on his quest—has led him to Bridger, who is clearly inept and won’t leave him alone. With the help of his new friends Bixby and Dukmee, Cantor must uncover the secrets of the corrupt guild before they become too powerful to be stopped. But his skills aren’t progressing as fast as he would like, and as he finds himself deeper and deeper in the guild’s layers of deceit, Cantor struggles to determine where his true allegiance lies.

Beyond the Finite

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beyond the Finite by Roald Hoffmann,Iain Boyd Whyte Book Resume:

Throughout its long history, and not just as the key aesthetic category for the Romantic Movement, the sublime has created the necessary link between aesthetic and moral judgment, offering the prospect of transcending the limits of measurement, even imagination. The best of science makes genuine claims to the sublime. For in science, as in art, every day brings the entirely new, the extreme, and the unrepresentable. How does one depict negative mass, for example, or the folding of a protein that is contagious? Can one capture emergent phenomena as they emerge? Science is continually faced with describing that which is beyond. This book, through contributions from nine prominent scholars, tackles that challenge. The explorations within Beyond the Finite range from the images taken by the Hubble Telescope to David Bohm's quantum romanticism, from Kant and Burke to a "downward spiraling infinity" of the 21st century sublime, all lucid yet transcendent. Squarely positioned at the interface between science and art, this volume's chapters capture a remarkable variety of perspectives, with neuroscience, chemistry, astronomy, physics, film, painting and music discussed in relation to the sublime experience, topics surely to peak the interest of academics and students studying the sublime in various disciplines.

From the Realm Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

From the Realm Beyond by John V. Konior,Ted J. Konior Book Resume:

The battle between good and evil dating back to the dawn of time surfaces, and is waged in its most grotesque form in the Florida coastal town of Sands Stone. Sinister forces are creating havoc, and horror and suspense abounds. A serial killer thought to be severely mentally afflicted is committed to the town's State mental institution. A bizarre series of events and horrible murders occur shortly after his institutionalization making his doctor, the caring Maria Paxton, suspect that her patient's problems could be deadly serious. Although she refuses to believe in the supernatural, the nature of continuing events causes her to realize that the serial killer is possessed. Dark forces are behind the madness, and murders are being committed that are indescribable. Although attempting to determine who is behind the chaos, the town's corrupt mayor, police chief, and the chief's detective nephew continue to practice a lucrative drug trade. Police efforts are being hampered by the presence of an evil and maniacal satanic cult priestess, and a deranged cult priest. But the cult priest is seeking means to have the priestess sacrificed while finding a way to save his son, the alleged serial killer that has been committed in Sand's Stone mental health institution. To make the already deadly and complicated situation even worse, a local newsman with a Napoleonic complex attempts to discredit the police chief while also investigating the bizarre murders that have occurred. What he discovers places him and his two-man team in danger of losing their lives. Dr. Paxton and her manly husband are thrown into the midst of the madness and end up fighting for their lives. No one is safe and the outcomeremains very much in doubt considering the bizarre murders, kidnappings, town bombings, voodoo practice, satanic cult activity, demoniac possession, human sacrifices, a freakish tropical storm, hungry alligators and poisonous snakes, a flamboyant Cajun Everglades guide, mysterious disa

Free Time

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Free Time by Graham Neville Book Resume:

For centuries Christian teachers saw leisure only as a necessary accompaniment of work, a time for the recovery of strength so that work could be resumed. But now the expansion of leisure requires a theological reassessment. These essays are offered as a contribution to that process. In this book hints are taken from a wide variety of theologians, from Augustine and Thomas Aquinas to Pascal, Klerkegaard, Berdyaev, Barth and Moltmann, as well as from sociological writers such as Thorstein Veblen and Josef Pieper. There are also thematic discussions of fantasy and imagination, of freedom-and boredom, and of play, games and laughter. The intention is to stimulate discussion, not to make definitive statements.

Beyond Wealth

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beyond Wealth by Alexander Green Book Resume:

It's not all about the money; the key to true riches Leo Tolstoy said, "Nobody knows where the human race is going. The highest wisdom, then, is to know where you are going." Yet many today chase the false rabbits of success: status, luxury, reputation and material possessions. In the quest to "have it all," our lives often lack real meaning and purpose. Beyond Wealth is the antidote. New York Times bestselling author Alexander Green takes things right down to brass tacks: We are here for a short time. Knowledge is limitless. Therefore, the most critical knowledge is not any particular skill but rather wisdom about "how to live." Fortunately, men and women have had several thousand years to think about what it means to live "the good life." And the answers found here, from Plato and Aristotle to Mahatma Gandhi and Stephen Hawking, will both surprise and delight you. Beyond Wealth provides insightful commentary on the most important aspects of our lives: love, work, honor, trust, freedom, death, fear, truth, beauty and other timeless issues. The book is both a thought provoking read and the ideal gift, guaranteed to ennoble, uplift and inspire.

The Pheasant Cap Master (He guan zi)

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Pheasant Cap Master (He guan zi) by Carine Defoort Book Resume:

This first book-length study in English explores the long neglected ancient Chinese treatise: the Pheasant Cap Master or He guan zi (3rd century B.C.).

The Realm Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Realm Beyond by Rosemary Altea Book Resume:

There is a huge hunger today for insight on the realm beyond our earthly lives - where do we go when we die? What is it like? Are our loved ones there? Can we communicate with them? If so, how? In The Realm Beyond, Rosemary Altea shares many true stories and insights that show how our lives connect with the spirit world. She explains how interactions with spirit have helped some to accept their time has come, and others to fight for what they have left. She describes how she has enabled the bereaved to speak with those they thought they had lost forever. And she explores the phenomena of dark souls, ghosts and angels. Ultimately, Rosemary offers a glimpse of heaven, of the wonderful possibilites of 'the other side'. The tens of thousands of letters and emails Rosemary Altea receives asking for more information about the spirit world attest to the tremendous hunger in us all for insight on the realms beyond earthly death. What is it like? Where are our loved ones? Do they see us? How can we communicate with them? The content and format of this new book are in direct response to these requests. The Realm Beyond details Rosemary Altea's experiences as a medium and healer, offers lessons in spiritual awareness and relates remarkable and moving stories of people who have sought her help in relating to the spirit world. The stories are absolutely true and designed to bring comfort, inspiration and hope to all who read them.

Shadows of the Prophet

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Shadows of the Prophet by Douglas S. Farrer Book Resume:

This is the first in-depth study of the Malay martial art, silat, and the first ethnographic account of the Haqqani Islamic Sufi Order. Drawing on 12 years of research and practice, the author provides a major contribution to the study of Malay culture.

LOVE - In Search of a Reason for Living

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

LOVE - In Search of a Reason for Living by Paul Snyder Book Resume:

LOVE -In Search Of A Reason For Living - is an essay about life, a book about you. Its purpose is to send you on a journey through your heart, mind, and soul. If you take the journey you will find in yourself the reason for living. If you care at all about life and people and yourself, you will take the journey.

Clown Through Mask

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Clown Through Mask by Veronica Coburn,Sue Morrison Book Resume:

Richard Pochinko (1946–89) played a pioneering role in North American clown theater through the creation of an original pedagogy synthesizing modern European and indigenous Native American techniques. In Clown Through Mask, Veronica Coburn and onetime Pochinko apprentice Sue Morrison lay out the methodology of the Pochinko style of clowning and offer a bold philosophical framework for its interpretation. Morrison is today a leading teacher of Pochinko's Clown through Mask technique and this book extends significantly the literature on this underdocumented form of theater.

From Insanity to Esctasy

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

From Insanity to Esctasy by Thomas McNeight Book Resume:

DescriptionIn this book I have shown how it is possible to move from insanity, even into ecstasy. I've described what insanity was for me and how I have even had ecstatic times. I've questioned what it is and tried to describe what insanity is and shown that it is possible to move into mental wellbeing. I have looked into my beliefs on God and the cosmos. I've questioned the very foundations of my beliefs. And I have posed the question what do we really know about these things. I have posited 'what do we really know about mental illness' in this stage of our journey as a race and how to treat it. I hope, if nothing else, to make people think about these things: the fundamental notions of nothingness, Godliness, and our capacity to heal. About the AuthorTom McNeight lives in Wanganui, New Zealand. In spite of his diagnosis as a paranoid schizophrenic, with the discrimination he has often experienced and the many manual occupations he has had to work at, he has lived an interesting and exciting life. This includes such adventures as mountaineering, parachuting, bungy jumping, tramping and working in the bush, and fishing. He has completed many philosophy papers at university and has developed a skill in both writing and painting. He continues to enjoy these activities, frequently holding painting exhibitions and writing new books. His other continuing hobby is fishing.

Benjamin Fondane, a Presentation of His Life and Works

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Benjamin Fondane, a Presentation of His Life and Works by John Kenneth Hyde Book Resume:

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A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Musings by Edward L. Boye Book Resume:

Musings is a collection of short, easy-reading essays dealing with the challenges of life. Do we take certain beliefs for granted? Are our beliefs distorted by hand-me-down thinking? How can we respond to others with love, acceptance, and compassion? Poetry and humor are interspersed throughout this book's invitation to contemplate a deeper spiritual awareness. If the Beatitudes in the Bible were rewritten today, would we find this one: "Blessed are they whose plans have been foiled, for they shall be given the opportunity to see the world anew"? Readers are suggested to pick one essay a day. Reflect on the deeper messages and chuckle with the lighter moments while you consider choices that can lighten the load of living.

Focusing and Prayer

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Focusing and Prayer by Edwin M. McMahon,Peter A. Campbell Book Resume:

The authors share observations drawn form over 25 years of working together on issues of prayer and psychology. They outline how psychologist Abraham Maslow uncovered why different people need to pray in different ways.

Franz Rosenzweig’s Philosophy of Existence

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Franz Rosenzweig’s Philosophy of Existence by E.R. Freund Book Resume:

The Star of Redemption, * which presents Franz Rosenzweig's system of philosophy, begins with the sentence "from death, (vom Tode) , from the fear of death, originates all cognition of the All" and concludes with the words "into life. " This beginning and this conclusion of the book signify more than the first and last words of philosophical books usually do. Taken together - "from death into life" - they comprise the entire meaning of Rosenzweig's philosophy. The leitmotif of this philosophy is the life and death of the human being and not the I of philosophical idealism, where man ultimately signifies "for ethics" no more than" . . . a point to which it (ethics) relates its problems, as for science also he (man) is only a particular case of its general laws. "l Rosenzweig deals with the individual's actual existence, that which is termi nated by death; he speaks of the individual's hic et nunc, of his actions and decisions in the realm of concrete reality. This philosophy is not an exposition of theoretical principles. It is not concerned with man in general in abstract time, but rather with the individual human being, designated by a proper name, living in his particular time. ** Human existence in its finiteness and temporalness forms the focus in which Rosenzweig's motif can be gathered together.

Dynamics of Disaster

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dynamics of Disaster by Barbara Allen,Rachel A. Dowty Beech Book Resume:

Disasters are the result of complex interactions between social and natural forces, acting at multiple scales from the individual and community to the organisational, national and international level. Effective disaster planning, response and recovery require an understanding of these interacting forces, and the role of power, knowledge and organizations. This book sheds new light on these dynamics, and gives disaster scholars and practitioners new and valuable lessons for management and planning in practice. The authors draw on methods across the social sciences to examine disaster response and recovery as viewed by those in positions of authority and the 'recipients' of operations. These first two sections examine cases from Hurricane Katrina, while the third part compares this to other international disasters to draw out general lessons and practical applications for disaster planning in any context. The authors also offer guidance for shaping institutional structures to better meet the needs of communities and residents.

On Our Minds

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

On Our Minds by Eric M. Gander Book Resume:

There is no question more fundamental to human existence than that posed by the nature-versus-nurture debate. For much of the past century, it was widely believed that there was no essential human nature and that people could be educated or socialized to thrive in almost any imaginable culture. Today, that orthodoxy is being directly and forcefully challenged by a new science of the mind: evolutionary psychology. Like the theory of evolution itself, the implications of evolutionary psychology are provocative and unsettling. Rather than viewing the human mind as a mysterious black box or a blank slate, evolutionary psychologists see it as a physical organ that has evolved to process certain types of information in certain ways that enables us to thrive only in certain types of cultures. In On Our Minds, Eric M. Gander examines all sides of the public debate between evolutionary psychologists and their critics. Paying particularly close attention to the popular science writings of Steven Pinker, Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, and Stephen Jay Gould, Gander traces the history of the controversy, succinctly summarizes the claims and theories of the evolutionary psychologists, dissects the various arguments deployed by each side, and considers in detail the far-reaching ramifications—social, cultural, and political—of this debate. Gander's lucid and highly readable account concludes that evolutionary psychology now holds the potential to answer our oldest and most profound moral and philosophical questions, fundamentally changing our self–perception as a species.

Mapping European Security After Kosovo

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mapping European Security After Kosovo by Peter Van Ham,Sergei Medvedev Book Resume:

This book provides new and stimulating perspectives on how Kosovo has shaped the new Europe. It breaks down traditional assumptions in the field of security studies by sidelining the theoretical worldview that underlies mainstream strategic thinking on recent events in Kosovo. The contributors challenge the epistemological definition of the Kosovo conflict, arguing that we should not only be concerned with the 'Kosovo out there', but also with the debate about what counts as security, and how our definition of security is shaped by various power and knowledge interests in Kosovo.

In Realms Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

In Realms Beyond by Al Miner,Lama Sing Book Resume:

Miner writes of his channeled readings of those who are dying and beyond, with insights that relate to the scientific, medical, and spiritual.

It's All in a Word: God, Life, and Meaning

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

It's All in a Word: God, Life, and Meaning by William E. Marsh Book Resume:

Why do we speak? We speak because we have purpose, and we have purpose because we have been created, created, as it were, with speech. We speak because we have been spoken into existence. This book is about this speech, this Word that spoke us into existence. It's about how to know this Word, this Word that made us, this Word that gives us form, joy, and meaning. It's about how to know our creator, the loving and holy God who made us. For when we know our creator, we know who we are and we know why we are here. We know how to live, and we know how to die. We know everything we need to know. It all begins with speech, the Word became flesh, the Word that made the world. That's why we speak.

The Integrity Model of Existential Psychotherapy in Working with the 'Difficult Patient'

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Integrity Model of Existential Psychotherapy in Working with the 'Difficult Patient' by Nedra Lander,Danielle Nahon Book Resume:

Dealing with the therapeutic impasse is one of the most challenging tasks faced by therapists. The Integrity Model of Existential Psychotherapy in Working with the 'Difficult Patient' describes how the Integrity model of psychotherapy provides an original solution to dealing with difficult issues such as resistance, acting out, counter-transference, guilt, value clashes and cultural diversity. The Integrity model is based on an existential approach to living and views psychological difficulties as stemming from a lack of fidelity to one's values. In this book, the authors explore how this approach to psychotherapy can enhance other therapeutic models or stand on its own to offer a valuable alternative perspective on the causes of mental illness. Case material is provided to illustrate the value of the Integrity model in relation to a range of clinical issues, including: Borderline Personality Disorders Antisocial Personality Post-Traumatic Stress Schizophrenia Workplace Stress Addictions. This book provides a provocative and insightful presentation of the subject of impasses, as well as dealing with associated issues including the role of values in psychotherapy, community, spirituality, and therapist responsibility. It will be of great interest to counsellors and psychotherapists.

Gramsci's Marxism

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Gramsci's Marxism by Nigel M. Greaves Book Resume:

This book re-dresses the ambiguity that has arisen around Gramsci’s writings in recent times. It sets out to reclaim the philosophical linkages to historical materialism and to draw out a more integrated and less fragmented schema that seeks to place Gramsci on equal footing with other philosophers in the Marxist tradition.

Metaphors of Conciousness

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Metaphors of Conciousness by Ronald S. Valle,Rolf von Eckartsberg Book Resume:

As we move into the 1980s, there is an increasing awareness that our civilization is going through a profound cultural transformation. At the heart of this transformation lies what is often called a "paradigm shift"-a dramatic change in the thoughts, perceptions, and values which form a particular vision of reality. The paradigm that is now shifting comprises a large number of ideas and values that have dominated our society for several hundred years; values that have been associated with various streams of Western culture, among them the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century, The Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. They include the belief in the scientific method as the only valid approach to knowledge, the split between mind and matter, the view of nature as a mechanical system, the view of life in society as a competitive struggle for survival, and the belief in unlimited material progress to be achieved through economic and technological growth. All these ideas and values are now found to be severely limited and in need of radical revision.

Speculative Theology and Common-Sense Religion

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Speculative Theology and Common-Sense Religion by Linden J. DeBie Book Resume:

Evangelicals in nineteenth-century America had a headquarters at Princeton. Charles Hodge never expected that a former student of Princeton and his own replacement during his hiatus in Europe, John W. Nevin, would lead the German Reformed Church's seminary in a new, and in his mind, destructive direction. The two, along with their institutions, would clash over philosophy and religion, producing some of the best historical theology ever written in the United States. The clash was broad, influencing everything from hermeneutics to liturgy, but at its core was the philosophical antagonism of Princeton's Scottish common-sense perspective and the German speculative method employed by Mercersburg. Both Princeton and Mercersburg were the cautious and critical beneficiaries of a century of European Protestant science, philosophy, and theology, and they were intent on adapting that legacy to the American religious context. For Princeton, much of the new European thought was suspect. In contrast, Mercersburg embraced a great deal of what the Continent offered. Princeton followed a conservative path, never straying far from the foundation established by Locke. They enshrined an evangelical perspective that would become a bedrock for conservative Protestants to this day. In contrast, Nevin and the Mercersburg school were swayed by the advances in theological science made by Germany's mediating school of theology. They embraced a churchy idealism called evangelical catholicism and emphatically warned that the direction of Princeton and with it Protestant American religion and politics, would grow increasingly subjective, thus divided and absorbed with individual salvation. They cautioned against the spirit of the growing evangelical bias toward personal religion as it led to sectarian disunity and they warned evangelicals not to confuse numerical success with spiritual success. In contrast, Princeton was alarmed at the direction of European philosophy and theology and they resisted Mercersburg with what today continues to be the fundamental teachings of evangelical theology. Princeton's appeal was in its common-sense philosophical moorings, which drew rapidly industrializing America into its arms. Mercersburg countered with a philosophically defended, churchly idealism based on a speculative philosophy that effectively critiqued what many to this day find divisive and dangerous about America's current Religious Right.

The Philosophy of John William Miller

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Philosophy of John William Miller by Joseph P. Fell Book Resume:

This issue of the Bucknell Review represents the first concerted effort to introduce and interpret Miller's philosophy, which was sometimes called historical idealism.

The Christianization of Pyrrhonism

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Christianization of Pyrrhonism by J.R. Maia Neto Book Resume:

Augustine's christianization of Plato and Thomas Aquinas's of Aristotle provided the two main foundations of medieval Judeo- Christian philosophy. In The Christianization of Pyrrhonism, José R. Maia Neto shows that Greek scepticism played a similar role in the development of a major strand of modern religious thought. From the Jansenist reaction of Molinism in the early 17th century to Shestov's resistance to the arrival of Kantian enlightenment in Russia in the late 19th century, Greek scepticism was reconstructed in terms of Christian doctrines and used against major secular philosophers who posed threats to religion. At the same time, the ancient sceptics' practical stance was attacked in order that it does not constitute a viable alternative to the modern secular philosophies. The resulting Christianized Pyrrhonism would be the basis for a genuine Christian or Biblical thought, for the first time emancipated from the rationalist assumptions and methods of Greek philosophy. The Christianization of Pyrrhonism is extremely valuable for those interested in the modern developments of ancient scepticism, in the relations between religious and philosophical ideas in modernity, and for scholars and the general public interested in Pascal, Kierkegaard and Shestov.

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux Book Resume:

A long-awaited new edition of the seminal text on the spiritual system that is a convergence of Gnosticism and Haitian voodoo, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is a singular sacred work that is comprehensive in scope -- from "how to be a lucky Hoodoo" to how magick and voodoo intersect energetically, to esoteric time travel. Complete with charts and graphs and instructive interdimensional physics, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is an "object of desire" among students of the occult. Weiser's long-anticipated republication of this rare text will be an event in the annals of esoteric publishing, as the book itself is somewhat of an "unholy grail." There are listservers devoted to it and much discussion of the mysteries held within its pages. While The Voudon Gnostic Workbook has remained a controversial book considered important for masters of metaphysics, it recently came into popular culture and renewed popularity when Grant Morrison revealed it had been the inspiration for his cult comics The Invisibles, using the cribbed time travel from Bertiaux' s masterwork. Voodoo is not an evil religion and is much misunderstood. It derives from the Dahomean Gods called the "Loa." Esoteric voodoo is actually a highly practical procedure for leading us into making contact with the deepest levels of our being and most ancient modes of consciousness. Michael Bertiaux's Voudon Gnostic Workbook is the most comprehensive and illuminating contemporary book on the subject. Launched out of a correspondence course and series of classes for students and followers of Voudon Gnosticism and the OTO, this seminal text is at once one of the most mysterious and magnificent of all esoteric books.

Literary Structures of Religious Meaning in the Qu'ran

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Literary Structures of Religious Meaning in the Qu'ran by Issa J Boullata Book Resume:

This volume studies how the literary elements in the Qur'an function in conveying its religious message effectively. It is divided into three parts. Part one includes studies of the whole Qur'an or large segments of it belonging to one historical period of its revelation; these studies concentrate on the analysis of its language, its style, its structural composition, its aesthetic characteristics, its rhetorical devices, its imagery, and the impact of these elements and their significance. Part two includes studies on individual suras of the Qur'an, each of which focuses on the sura's literary elements and how they produce meaning; each also explores the structure of this meaning and the coherence of its effect. Part three includes studies on Muslim appreciations of the literary aspects of the Qur'an in past generations and shows how modern linguistic, semantic, semiotic, and literary scholarship can add to their contributions.

Telling Stories

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Telling Stories by Michael Roemer Book Resume:

Asks important questions about the very nature of stories and examines why we read stories rather than just learning the endings.

An Introduction to Bradley's Metaphysics

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

An Introduction to Bradley's Metaphysics by W. J. Mander,William J. Mander Book Resume:

Provides a brief introduction to and critical assessment of the thought of the greatest of the British Idealist philosophers, F.H. Bradley (1846-1924), whose work has been largely neglected in this century. Dr Mander concentrates on Bradley's logical and metaphysical theories.

Biblical Parables and Their Modern Re-creations

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Biblical Parables and Their Modern Re-creations by Gila Safran Naveh Book Resume:

Offers a penetrating cross-cultural analysis of the enduring genre of parables, revealing a dramatic social, cultural, and political shift in the way we view the divine.

Reality and Mystical Experience

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Reality and Mystical Experience by F. Samuel Brainard Book Resume:

Responding to our modern disillusionment with any claims to absolute truth regarding morality or reality, this book offers a conceptual approach for discussing absolutes without denying either the relevance of divergent religious and philosophical teachings or the evidence supporting postmodern and poststructuralist critiques. Case studies of mysticism within Advaita-Ved&_nta Hinduism, M&_dhyamika Buddhism, and Nicene Christianity demonstrate the value of this approach and offer many fresh insights into the metaphysical presuppositions of these religions as well as into the nature and value of mystical experience. Like Douglas Hofstadter's G&_del, Escher, Bach, this book finds ultimate reality to be rationally graspable only as an eternal fugue of pattern and paradox. Yet it does not so much counter other philosophical views as provide a conceptual tool for understanding and classifying incommensurable views.

What Christians Really Believe--and why

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

What Christians Really Believe--and why by Stanley James Grenz,Stanley Grenz Book Resume:

In this book, Stanley Grenz presents the central tenets of Christian faith clearly and concisely, answering the most commonly asked questions: Why belive at all? Which God? Who is Jesus and what did he do? What am I searching for?

Beauty Unlimited

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beauty Unlimited by Gregory Velazco Trianosky,Noël Carroll Book Resume:

“A feminist aesthetics text which bridges aesthetic theory, art and popular culture and acknowledges the evolving character of standards of beauty” (Teaching Philosophy). Emphasizing the human body in all of its forms, Beauty Unlimited expands the boundaries of what is meant by beauty, both geographically and aesthetically. Peg Zeglin Brand and an international group of contributors interrogate the body and the meaning of physical beauty in this multidisciplinary volume. This striking and provocative book explores the history of bodily beautification; the physicality of socially or culturally determined choices of beautification; the interplay of gender, race, class, age, sexuality, and ethnicity within and on the body; and the aesthetic meaning of the concept of beauty in an increasingly globalized world.

Journey to Awareness and Beyond

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Journey to Awareness and Beyond by Liana Mattulich MD Book Resume:

An enriched view of personal reality drawing from medical and theoretical sciences as well as the esoteric, combining modern experimental science with ancient wisdom which provide keys to the physiology of happiness: Anatomy and Physiology of Mind-Body concepts and the Body Energy Spectrum, Consciousness and the Mind, Dimensional reality, personal reality and time, Spiritual evolution and the soul, Happiness as a self-regulated mind and physiology. A reading experience with an open perspective from human life and mind -- to matter and energies. The book describes for a layman or a professional the weaving of metaphors, exercises and scientific procedures which promote joy in life and the realization of inner freedom. Comprehensive references of both scientific research and empirical experience are provided. Experience proven approaches to joy of well-being of body and mind: subtle energies and Energy Psychology, Meridian physiology in Eastern & Western health practices; Understanding the self, personal direction, goals, and change; Psychology of success, intention, High Will, imagery, inspiration and motivation. Learn leadership qualities, communication skills, assertiveness, and Responsible Open Self-Expression used in managing personal relationships. This is the only book that amalgamates scientific technology with ancient wisdom practices in an integrated system of self-transformation going beyond intellectual and philosophical information alone. More information: www.JourneyToAwareness.org -OR- www.InnerKeys.info

War at a Distance

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War at a Distance by Mary A. Favret Book Resume:

What does it mean to live during wartime away from the battle zone? What is it like for citizens to go about daily routines while their country sends soldiers to kill and be killed across the globe? Timely and thought-provoking, War at a Distance considers how those left on the home front register wars and wartime in their everyday lives, particularly when military conflict remains removed from immediate perception, available only through media forms. Looking back over two centuries, Mary Favret locates the origins of modern wartime in the Napoleonic era and describes how global military operations affected the British populace, as the nation's army and navy waged battles far from home for decades. She reveals that the literature and art produced in Britain during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries obsessively cultivated means for feeling as much as understanding such wars, and established forms still relevant today. Favret examines wartime literature and art as varied as meditations on the Iliad, the history of meteorology, landscape painting in India, and popular poetry in newspapers and periodicals; she locates the embedded sense of war and dislocation in works ranging from Austen, Coleridge, and Wordsworth to Woolf, Stevens, and Sebald; and she contemplates how literature provides the public with methods for responding to violent calamities happening elsewhere. Bringing to light Romanticism's legacy in reflections on modern warfare, this book shows that war's absent presence affects home in deep and irrevocable ways.

Spirituality for the Skeptic

A Realm Beyond Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Spirituality for the Skeptic by Robert C. Solomon Book Resume:

Is it possible to be spiritual and yet not believe in the supernatural? Can a person be spiritual without belonging to a religious group or organization? In this book, philosopher Robert Solomon offers challenging answers to these questions as he explodes commonly held myths about what is means to be spiritual in today's pluralistic world. Based on Solomon's own struggles to reconcile philosophy with religion, Spirituality for the Skeptic offers a model of a vibrant, fulfilling spirituality that embraces the complexities of human existence and acknowledges the joys and tragedies of life. Solomon has forged an enlightened new path that synthesizes spirituality with emotions, intellect, science, and common sense. His new paradigm, "naturalized" spirituality, establishes as its cornerstone the "thoughtful love of life"--a passionate concern for the here-and-now, and not the by-and-by. Being spiritual doesn't mean being holed up as a recluse, spending hours in meditation and contemplation, Solomon argues. It demands involvement and emotional engagement with others in the struggle to find meaning in our lives. As such, this modern-day spirituality encompasses a passionate enthusiasm for the world, the transformation of self, cosmic trust and rationality, coming to terms with fate, and viewing life as a gift, all of which are explored in depth throughout this book. Spirituality for the Skeptic answers the need for a non-institutional, non-dogmatic spirituality that leads to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. By examining the ideas of great thinkers from Socrates and Nietzsche to Buddha to Kafka, Solomon arrives at a practical vision of spirituality that should appeal to many seekers looking to make sense of the human condition.