A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze

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A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A MAN FOR THE NIGHT by Miranda Lee,Natsu Momose Book Resume:

Josie’s still a virgin and she’s reluctant to go to her school reunion because she knows her spiteful classmate will laugh at her if she goes alone. A friend suggests Josie hire an escort for the night, and that’s just what she does. The escort who arrives at her door is Callum, a man so handsome he seems to have stepped out of a dream. He plays the part of her boyfriend perfectly and Josie finds herself drawn to him. When they return from the reunion, Josie’s house has been burgled! Which is why Callum agrees to stay the night at her house…just to be safe.

The Sexy Devil

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Sexy Devil by Kate Hoffmann Book Resume:

Meet Max Morgan. Unrepentantly sexy. Impossible to resist. He's broken countless hearts across the country – including Angela Weatherby's... Years later she finally gets him! Angela's night with Max is magical. He knows just what to do, where to touch, how to make her feel. He's the perfect man for her. She's not the first woman to believe that. But will she be the last?

Seducing the Best Man

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Seducing the Best Man by Sasha Summers Book Resume:

Oh, what a night! Some guys look like trouble from the start. From where Cady Egerton is sitting, Patton Ryan is just the right kind of trouble. She doesn't want a gentleman--she wants him. A man meant for hot, passionate sex. Yep, Patton is just the guy to give her one heck of a night to remember... Cady did not expect her delectable one-night hookup to show up at her best friend's engagement party--or that he'd be the best man. Now all they have in common is a serious case of lust and a desire to break up their friends' whirlwind wedding. But every minute they don't spend plotting together is bound to be nothing but pure, naked trouble.

One Blazing Night

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

One Blazing Night by Maisey Yates,Jo Leigh Book Resume:

He's a friend...with great benefits! As far as inventor Samantha O'Connel is concerned, work is better than food, a social life...even sex. Of course, all it takes is a single phone call from Matt Wilkinson--the ridiculously hot object of her girlhood fantasies--for Sam to discover even she has some naughty needs that won't be ignored. Sam's biggest challenge is that while Matt is just as much a workaholic as she is, he's also a wealthy, sexy bachelor who could have any woman he wants. With the help of the cutting-edge "smart" apartment she designed, Sam might just be able to get deliciously and nakedly close to Matt. Close enough to show him that this nerdy brainiac can be his every fantasy... even if it's only for one blazingly hot night.

Into The Night

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Into The Night by Kate Hoffmann Book Resume:

The offer: a weekend in paradise with a multimillionaire lover. No strings attached Tess Robertson is about to get engaged to a man she doesn't love. But when she meets dynamic, sexy Derek Nolan, she's thrilled to take him up on his seductive proposal instead! The fantasy: a lush tropical island filled with sun, sand and a lot of sexual exploration . Derek can hardly believe his good fortune. Tess is uninhibited and totally into their uncomplicated, steamy hot island romp! The reality: paradise is only temporary . When real life crashes back in, Tess reluctantly forces herself to leave the island and go back to the uninspired life she'd planned for herself. Too bad Derek isn't ready for the fantasy to end just yet .

A Man for All Seasons

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Man for All Seasons by Heather MacAllister Book Resume:

Marlie Waters's Christmas List: 1. Get a roommate so she can afford her mortgage after broken engagement. 2. Check! Her old family friend Tyler Burton needs a room. So what if he's been her longtime crush? 3. Ramp up her home-business success. 4. Oops. She works so much that Ty presents her with a 12 Days of Christmas charity auction dating package—just to get her out of his hair! 5. Okay, get a move on with twelve surprisingly fun dates. 6. Hmm. Start to see Ty as pretty hunky…and living under the same roof. 7. Wow. Kiss Ty. Get hot 'n' heavy under the tree one night! 8. Start to believe in holiday magic… 9. …until Ty breaks her heart again. 10. Make a new Christmas list. Well, maybe after unwrapping Ty just one more time….

Fire in the Blood

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fire in the Blood by Kelley St. John Book Resume:

A night's romp with sexy firefighter Tristan Vicknair should be so easy! Yet for Chantelle Bedeau, their steamy encounter becomes a one-night stand gone wrong. Her solution? To love him and leave him wondering…. Tristan, however, can't stop thinking about the luscious woman who disappeared from his bed. Then she turns up again six months later—haunted by a ghost with deadly intentions. But not even an angry specter is going to stop Tristan. He's going to show Chantelle exactly what she's been missing. And this time, she'll be the one begging for another night!

3 Seductions And A Wedding

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

3 Seductions And A Wedding by Julie Leto Book Resume:

Sassy heroines and irresistible heroes embark on sizzling sexual adventures as they play the game of modern love and lust. Expect fast paced reads with plenty of steamy encounters. Why wait for the wedding night? Tying the Knot Jessie might not forgive Leo for his long-ago betrayal, but after one scorching kiss, she can't fight the chemistry any more. But a girl can't base her future on great sex. Or can she? Take This Man Can hunky Drew convince Annie that he's the man for her? All he has to do is sweep her off her feet. . . then make her forget that he's a much younger man... Bedded Bliss When playboy billionaire Ajay is ready for real commitment, he thinks sexy, sensible Mallory is his woman. Too bad her only desire is to experience his prowess in bed!

Choose Me (Mills & Boon Blaze) (It's Trading Men!, Book 1)

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Choose Me (Mills & Boon Blaze) (It's Trading Men!, Book 1) by Jo Leigh Book Resume:

Charlie Winslow isn’t your average date – he’s wealthy, successful, and usually mingling with the A-list. So how did he get set up with Bree Kingston? Still, there’s something about Bree, an attraction that just keeps Charlie wanting more. And if Bree plays her cards just right, this might be her longest one-night affair ever!

On A Snowy Christmas Night

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

On A Snowy Christmas Night by Debbi Rawlins Book Resume:

After serving in the air force, cowboy Jesse McAllister has returned to the Montana countryside where he grew up. But the Sundance Dude Ranch just doesn't feel like home anymore. That is, until Shea Monroe arrives for the holidays...and sends him into a tailspin. Desperate to escape her family, the ranch is sweet relief for a loner like Shea. But a ranch full of hot cowboys...what was she thinking?

Under the Influence

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Under the Influence by Nancy Warren Book Resume:

Sexy bartender Johnny Santini mixes one wicked martini. Or so efficiency expert Natalie Fanshaw discovers when she takes a seat at his beachfront bar one lonely night. It's Valentine's Day, and they're the only single people in the heart-strewn place! Natalie knows she spends too much time with her spreadsheets—she's forgotten what it's like to be between the sheets. Johnny is such a charmer, mixing his signature cocktails while making her feel s-o-o-o very special. And when he asks her to help him create a fab new drink for the town's upcoming martini contest, Natalie can't say no. A fantasy fling with Johnny could be a recipe for disaster. But hey, she could always claim to be under the influence!

The Heat Is On

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Heat Is On by Jill Shalvis Book Resume:

Bella Manchelli's deliciously exhausted from last night's sizzling one-night stand, when she finds a dead body at her back door! Then that scrumptious stranger from last night is at her front door. . . and he's wearing a badge. Police Officer Jacob Madden is all about duty. Can duty and smoking-hot sex blend for a while? Definitely! Until Jacob discovers that guys Bella dates turn up dead...

Good To Be Bad (Mills & Boon Blaze)

A Man For The Night Mills Boon Blaze [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Good To Be Bad (Mills & Boon Blaze) by Debbi Rawlins Book Resume:

Karrie Albright has never been bad before...but that's not going to stop her now! Suddenly reunited with a college heartthrob means she's found her "man to do." And the chance to turn the night that never was into the night that never ends.