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A Forgotten Place

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Forgotten Place by Charles Todd Book Resume:

Though the Great War has ended, Bess Crawford finds herself caught in deadly circumstances on a remote Welsh headland in this tenth entry from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. The fighting has ended, the Armistice signed, but the war has left wounds that are still agonizingly raw. Battlefield Nurse Bess Crawford has been assigned to a clinic for amputees, and the Welsh patients worry her. She does her best to help them, but it’s clear that they have nothing to go home to, in a valley where only the fit can work in the coal pits. When they are released, she fears that peace will do what war couldn’t—take their lives. Their officer, Captain Williams, writes to describe their despair, and his own at trying to save his men. Bess feels compelled to look into their situation, but the Army and the clinic can do nothing. Requesting leave, she quietly travels to Wales, and that bleak coal mining village, but she is too late. Captain Williams’ sister tells Bess he has left the valley. Bess is afraid he intends to kill himself. She follows him to an isolated, storm-battered peninsula—a harsh and forgotten place where secrets and death go hand in hand. Deserted by her frightened driver, Bess is stranded among strangers suspicious of outsiders. She quickly discovers these villagers are hiding something, and she’s learned too much to be allowed to leave. What’s more, no one in England knows where she is. Why is there no Constable out here? And who is the mysterious Ellen? Captain Williams and his brother’s widow are her only allies, and Bess must take care not to put them at risk as she tries to find answers. But there is a murderer here who is driven to kill again and again. And the next person in his sights is Simon Brandon, searching for Bess and unaware of his danger. . . .

Memories of a Forgotten Place

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Memories of a Forgotten Place by Dennis L. Brewer Book Resume:

Relive the journeys and adventures of a young boy in the hills of Appalachia and in a place unlike any other place. While it was a place that was real at a time in the past, it has long been forgotten by most, except in the memories of an old man who lived there. You will be brought to tears and to laughter in the pages of the book.

Sky Time in Gray's River

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Sky Time in Gray's River by Robert Michael Pyle Book Resume:

Much the way Donald Hall’s Seasons at Eagle Pond captured New England, Sky Time in Gray’s River captures the essence of the rural Northwest. Although Rober Michael Pyle is a lepidopterist, and southwestern Washington is notable for its lack of butterflies, something about the village of Gray's River spoke to him on a visit thirty years ago. Ever since then he has lived in the village, which was one of the first to be established near the mouth of the Columbia River and which still feels only tenuously connected to the twenty-first century. Sky Time brings Gray's River to life by compressing those thirty years into twelve chapters, following the lives of its people, birds, butterflies - and cats- month by month through the seasons. In showing how the village has changed his life, Pyle illustrates how a special place can change anyone lucky enough to find it and highlights what is being lost in a world of accelerating speed, mobility, and sameness. Above all, Sky Time tells us that you dont have to travel far to see something new every day - if you know how to look.

Beyond Siberia

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Beyond Siberia by Sharon Dirlam Book Resume:

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The Forgotten Promise

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Forgotten Promise by Kate Ryder Book Resume:

Irish lass, Maddie OBrien, is living an independent, carefree life in London. She loves her work with a film production company but, as the years slip by, is increasingly aware of a nagging insistence for change. During a film shoot in Dorset she is inexplicably drawn to a 17th Century cottage for sale. Although in a semi-serious relationship with Dan, Maddie takes the plunge and exchanges city life for country living. But all is not what it seems at the cottage and immediately after moving in she experiences visions and happenings which would have most people booking into the nearest hotel. Not so Maddie; she feels she has come home. Embracing her new life she soon meets Nick, a local wood sculptor, and despite both being in relationships they are immediately attracted to each other. But who is Nick and what is it that draws them together? And what is Maddie's connection with The Olde Smithy? Little by little the cottage reveals its deepest secrets taking Maddie on a journey of self-discovery back to the dangerous days of the English Civil War, visiting the ghosts of her past. Slowly her destiny is revealed and it would seem there is more than one restless spirit to appease

Globalisation and the Politics of Forgetting

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Globalisation and the Politics of Forgetting by Yong-Sook Lee,Brenda S. A. Yeoh Book Resume:

Drawing on a range of examples from both the developed and developing worlds, this volume provides a perspective on globalization and cities by considering forgotten places in global cities.

The Sky Realm

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Sky Realm by Sheeza Iqbal Book Resume:

The Sky Realm is where her rightful home is. Aaliyah, an everyday teenager on Earth, she has been led to believe that she is nothing more than an ordinary village healer. After a cruel attack on her grandmother, Aaliyah discovers not only that she is an Ultimate, who can reign over the four elements, but also that the people around her are not who she thought they were. Now, Aaliyah must do everything in her yet-to-emerge powers to defeat an evil force and salvage her home. Her journey of a thousand miles starts with a spark and consumes her as she strives for justice, love and power.


A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cassalancq by Peter Chrisler Book Resume:

The world was young once as we all were, and there is a magic to lost worlds become so just in the telling. Forget your dreary functional life and allow yourself to dream a little away and suddenly you are in the realm of Cassalancq. It is a beautiful place just beyond our reach as the times become rougher clouding our once all trusting, all feeling eyes into nonreceptacles to the pleasures that could be just round the bend. Stretch your mind’s eye to encompass a vision of mine of this enchanting isle.

A Forgotten Promise

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Forgotten Promise by Sophie Barwick Book Resume:

An ancient and half forgotten treaty exists between the Immortal Jilliian and the human Nattiine, but why should anyone honour it when the Humans have forgotten the existence of such an agreement? At least that is what Annaramani believes, but when she finds herself offered to the humans as part of the treaty what will she do? And what will happen when she discovers a long standing enemy of both people encamped within the kings mind? Will she stay and protect her two new friends or will she run to save her own skin?

Hainan Dream (Miss Su) The way to the deepest South of China

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Hainan Dream (Miss Su) The way to the deepest South of China by Burkhard Eiswaldt Book Resume:

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A forgotten conference: the negotiations at Peking, 1900-1901

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A forgotten conference: the negotiations at Peking, 1900-1901 by John S. Kelly Book Resume:

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Patagonia, a Forgotten Land

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Patagonia, a Forgotten Land by C. A. Brebbia Book Resume:

This book describes the history of Patagonia from its discovery by Magellan to recent times. Since its early exploration Patagonia has been associated with conditions of extreme hardship and suffering. Men and ships were lost in the dangerous waters of the Straits of Tierra del Fuego, giving rise to tales of mysterious cities populated by the shipwrecked sailors, survivors of the many failed expeditions. Early Spanish attempts to colonize Patagonia ended in failure and the region remained largely uninhabited until the arrival of the Welsh in 1865. Their peaceful coexistence with the natives ended abruptly when the Argentine Army entered Patagonia and took over the Indian lands, which were promptly distributed to new settlers. As a new frontier society, Patagonia could not fail to attract its share of desperadoes and adventurers, the most notorious of whom are described in the book, including gold prospectors, hunters and bandits such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The volume also narrates the anarchist’s struggles that took place in Patagonia at the beginning of the 1900s and the unsuccessful attempt by Perón’s government to convert Argentina into a nuclear power. In the early 1800’s the French traveller and explorer D’Orbigny said, " Perhaps there is no region within the world of which so much has been said, but so little is known." Patagonia is still a largely unknown and uninhabited place, but it does have a rich history as described in this book.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture by Larry J. Griffin,Peggy G. Hargis,Charles Reagan Wilson Book Resume:

This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture offers a timely, authoritative, and interdisciplinary exploration of issues related to social class in the South from the colonial era to the present. With introductory essays by J. Wayne Flynt and by editors Larry J. Griffin and Peggy G. Hargis, the volume is a comprehensive, stand-alone reference to this complex subject, which underpins the history of the region and shapes its future. In 58 thematic essays and 103 topical entries, the contributors explore the effects of class on all aspects of life in the South--its role in Indian removal, the Civil War, the New Deal, and the civil rights movement, for example, and how it has been manifested in religion, sports, country and gospel music, and matters of gender. Artisans and the working class, indentured workers and steelworkers, the Freedmen's Bureau and the Knights of Labor are all examined. This volume provides a full investigation of social class in the region and situates class concerns at the center of our understanding of Southern culture.

A Forgotten Landscape

A Forgotten Place Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Forgotten Landscape by Ariana Mangum Book Resume:

A beautifully told comprehensive history of the Houghton family of Virginia during World War Two.