A Biographical Dictionary Of Silent Film Western Actors And Actresses

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A Biographical Dictionary of Silent Film Western Actors and Actresses

A Biographical Dictionary of Silent Film Western Actors and Actresses [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476609055
Publisher: McFarland
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A Biographical Dictionary of Silent Film Western Actors and Actresses by Book Resume:

Long before sound became an essential part of motion pictures, Westerns were an established genre. The men and women who brought to life cowboys, cowgirls, villains, sidekicks, distressed damsels and outraged townspeople often continued with their film careers, finding success and fame well into the sound era--always knowing that it was in silent Westerns that their careers began. More than a thousand of these once-silent Western players are featured in this fully indexed encyclopedic work. Each entry includes a detailed biography, covering both personal and professional milestones and a complete Western filmography. A foreword is supplied by Diana Serra Cary (formerly the child star "Baby Peggy"), who performed with many of the actors herein.

Hollywood's West

Hollywood's West [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0813171806
Author: Peter C. Rollins,John E. O'Connor
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
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Hollywood's West by Peter C. Rollins,John E. O'Connor Book Resume:

American historians such as Frederick Jackson Turner have argued that the West has been the region that most clearly defines American democracy and the national ethos. Throughout the twentieth century, the “frontier thesis” influenced film and television producers who used the West as a backdrop for an array of dramatic explorations of America’s history and the evolution of its culture and values. The common themes found in Westerns distinguish the genre as a quintessentially American form of dramatic art. In Hollywood’s West, Peter C. Rollins, John E. O’Connor, and the nation’s leading film scholars analyze popular conceptions of the frontier as a fundamental element of American history and culture. This volume examines classic Western films and programs that span nearly a century, from Cimarron (1931) to Turner Network Television’s recent made-for-TV movies. Many of the films discussed here are considered among the greatest cinematic landmarks of all time. The essays highlight the ways in which Westerns have both shaped and reflected the dominant social and political concerns of their respective eras. While Cimarron challenged audiences with an innovative, complex narrative, other Westerns of the early sound era such as The Great Meadow (1931) frequently presented nostalgic visions of a simpler frontier era as a temporary diversion from the hardships of the Great Depression. Westerns of the 1950s reveal the profound uncertainty cast by the cold war, whereas later Westerns display heightened violence and cynicism, products of a society marred by wars, assassinations, riots, and political scandals. The volume concludes with a comprehensive filmography and an informative bibliography of scholarly writings on the Western genre. This collection will prove useful to film scholars, historians, and both devoted and casual fans of the Western genre. Hollywood’s West makes a significant contribution to the understanding of both the historic American frontier and its innumerable popular representations.

Women in the Western

Women in the Western [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1474444164
Author: Matheson Sue Matheson
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
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File Format: Pdf
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Women in the Western by Matheson Sue Matheson Book Resume:

In Westerns, women transmit complicated cultural coding about the nature of westward expansionism, heroism, family life, manliness and American femininity. As the genre changes and matures, depictions of women have transitioned from traditional to more modern roles. Frontier Feminine charts these significant shifts in the Western's transmission of gender values and expectations and aims to expand the critical arena in which Western film is situated by acknowledging the importance of women in this genre.

Guillermo Calles

Guillermo Calles [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0786456485
Author: Rogelio Agrasánchez, Jr.
Publisher: McFarland
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File Format: Pdf
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Guillermo Calles by Rogelio Agrasánchez, Jr. Book Resume:

In 1912, Guillermo Calles (1893–1958) became the first Mexican actor to appear in films made in California. Despite limited resources, he began directing and producing his own movies, and in 1929 pioneered production of Spanish-language sound films. His major works, among them the long-unavailable El indio yaqui and Raza de bronce (both 1927), represented Calles’ tireless crusade to restore the image of Mexicans and Indians in an era dominated by Hollywood stereotypes. This biography traces Calles’ career from his earliest Hollywood days through the 1950s. Included are the only surviving images of the filmmaker’s silent productions, a closing commentary on his intimate circle of relatives, and an appendix featuring two fascinating letters written by Calles during a filming trip.


Westerns [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1135765154
Author: Gary R. Edgerton
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1978 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 5974327


Westerns by Gary R. Edgerton Book Resume:

For nearly two centuries, Americans have embraced the Western like no other artistic genre. Creators and consumers alike have utilized this story form in literature, painting, film, radio and television to explore questions of national identity and purpose. Westerns: The Essential Collection comprises the Journal of Popular Film and Television’s rich and longstanding legacy of scholarship on Westerns with a new special issue devoted exclusively to the genre. This collection examines and analyzes the evolution and significance of the screen Western from its earliest beginnings to its current global reach and relevance in the 21st century. Westerns: The Essential Collection addresses the rise, fall and durability of the genre, and examines its preoccupation with multicultural matters in its organizational structure. Containing eighteen essays published between 1972 and 2011, this seminal work is divided into six sections covering Silent Westerns, Classic Westerns, Race and Westerns, Gender and Westerns, Revisionist Westerns and Westerns in Global Context. A wide range of international contributors offer original critical perspectives on the intricate relationship between American culture and Western films and television series. Westerns: The Essential Collection places the genre squarely within the broader aesthetic, socio-historical, cultural and political dimensions of life in the United States as well as internationally, where the Western has been reinvigorated and reinvented many times. This groundbreaking anthology illustrates how Western films and television series have been used to define the present and discover the future by looking backwards at America’s imagined past.

Starring Red Wing!

Starring Red Wing! [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1496218094
Author: Linda M. Waggoner
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 322841


Starring Red Wing! by Linda M. Waggoner Book Resume:

The epic biography Starring Red Wing! brings the exciting career, dedicated activism, and noteworthy legacy of Ho-Chunk actress Lilian Margaret St. Cyr vividly to life. Known to film audiences as "Princess Red Wing," St. Cyr emerged as the most popular Native American actress in the pre-Hollywood and early studio-system era in the United States. Today St. Cyr is known for her portrayal of Naturich in Cecile B. DeMille's The Squaw Man (1914); although DeMille claimed to have "discovered the little Indian girl," the viewing public had already long adored her as a petite, daredevil Indian heroine. She befriended and worked with icons such as Mary Pickford, Jewell Carmen, Tom Mix, Max Sennett, and William Selig. Born on the Winnebago Reservation in 1884 and orphaned in 1888, she spent ten years in Indian boarding schools before graduating from the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in 1902. She married James Young Johnson, and in 1907 the couple reinvented themselves as the stage personas "Princess Red Wing" and "Young Deer," performing in Wild West shows around New York and beginning their film careers. As their popularity grew, St. Cyr and Johnson decamped from the East Coast and helped establish the second motion picture company in Southern California, where Red Wing became a Native American leading lady in westerns until her career waned in 1917. After returning to the reservation to work as a housekeeper, she took her show on a two-year tour to educate the public about Native culture and lived out her life in New York, performing, educating, and crafting regalia. Starring Red Wing! is a sweeping narrative of St. Cyr's evolution as America's first Native American film star, from her childhood and performance career to her days as a respected elder of the multi-tribal New York City Indian Community.

Montana Entertainers

Montana Entertainers [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1439667330
Author: Brian D'Ambrosio
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
File Size: 1635 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1687710


Montana Entertainers by Brian D'Ambrosio Book Resume:

Treasure State stars Gary Cooper and Myrna Loy found unparalleled success during the Golden Age of Hollywood. For more than a century, Montana has supplied a rich vein of entertainment and personality--from daredevils to dancers and even mimes. Born in Miles City in 1895, comedian Gilbert "Pee Wee" Holmes played sidekick to such stars as Tom Mix. One-time Butte resident Julian Eltinge went on to become America's first famous female impersonator. There was Taylor Gordon, whose golden voice propelled the son of a slave from White Sulphur Springs to Harlem Renaissance fame. From the little-known Robyn Adair to the ever-popular Michelle Williams, author Brian D'Ambrosio marks Big Sky Country's long-standing connections with America's performing arts.

Western Film Highlights

Western Film Highlights [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476608652
Author: Henryk Hoffmann
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 1300 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7071702


Western Film Highlights by Henryk Hoffmann Book Resume:

Westerns may have had their heyday, but they remain popular. The greatest films from 1914, when The Squaw Man and The Virginian were among the genre’s best, through 2001, when American Outlaws and Texas Rangers were tops, are the subject of this work. For each year, the author names the outstanding western films in the following categories: picture, screenplay (original and adaptation), direction, cinematography, music, male and female leading roles, and male and female supporting roles. Also for each year, the author lists the westerns that received Academy Award nominations (and those that won), makes note of the births and deaths of notable actors, directors, producers, composers, cinematographers, authors and other such personalities, and describes the genre’s significant achievements.

Wallace Reid

Wallace Reid [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780786482665
Author: E.J. Fleming
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 1196 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 137044


Wallace Reid by E.J. Fleming Book Resume:

For a decade Wallace Reid was the most recognized face in Hollywood, the most universally beloved actor in silent film. Today all that is widely remembered of “Wally” Reid is that he died in a padded sanitarium cell, the victim of a fatal morphine addiction. Of all the actors who have enjoyed great fame only to vanish from the public eye, Reid perhaps fell the fastest and the hardest. This first full biography recounts Reid’s complicated childhood, his disrupted family history and his rise to film stardom despite these restricting factors. It documents his myriad talents and accomplishments, most notably his gift for brilliant onscreen acting. The text explores in depth how the modern studio, however unconsciously, turned the popular star, a well-adjusted man with a loving family, into a drug-dependent mental patient within three years. His death rocked the foundations of Hollywood, and the huge new industry that he helped build nearly died with “Dashing Wally Reid.”

Television Western Players, 1960-1975

Television Western Players, 1960-1975 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476628564
Author: Everett Aaker
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 1479 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 624943


Television Western Players, 1960-1975 by Everett Aaker Book Resume:

This biographical encyclopedia covers every actor and actress who had a regular role in a Western series on American television from 1960 through 1975, with analyses of key players. The entries provide birth and death dates, family information, and accounts of each player’s career, with a cross-referenced videography. An appendix gives details about all Western series, network or syndicated, 1960–1975. The book is fully indexed.

The 100 Greatest Silent Film Comedians

The 100 Greatest Silent Film Comedians [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1442236507
Author: James Roots
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
File Size: 930 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1537358


The 100 Greatest Silent Film Comedians by James Roots Book Resume:

This book ranks the top 100 silent film stars based on a scale that considers creativity, originality, chemistry with fellow performers, and other factors. The author also promotes some lesser-known performers, singles out each artist’s best works, and identifies key films available on DVD.

Biographical Dictionary of the People’s Republic of China

Biographical Dictionary of the People’s Republic of China [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476602980
Author: Yuwu Song
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 547 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3733347


Biographical Dictionary of the People’s Republic of China by Yuwu Song Book Resume:

This biographical dictionary is an indispensable research tool for information about the prominent persons of the past seven decades in China. The book documents nearly 600 Chinese individuals who contributed, for better or worse, to the development of Chinese life and culture since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Though the book is weighted toward political figures, it includes persons in business, the military, academia, medicine, social movements, the arts, entertainment and athletics. In addition to an objective description of the person’s life, an analysis is provided that identifies the individual’s contributions and importance.

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1101874708
Author: David Thomson
Publisher: Knopf
File Size: 1963 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9800560


The New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson Book Resume:

For almost thirty years, David Thomson’s Biographical Dictionary of Film has been not merely “the finest reference book ever written about movies” (Graham Fuller, Interview), not merely the “desert island book” of art critic David Sylvester, not merely “a great, crazy masterpiece” (Geoff Dyer, The Guardian), but also “fiendishly seductive” (Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone). This new edition updates the older entries and adds 30 new ones: Darren Aronofsky, Emmanuelle Beart, Jerry Bruckheimer, Larry Clark, Jennifer Connelly, Chris Cooper, Sofia Coppola, Alfonso Cuaron, Richard Curtis, Sir Richard Eyre, Sir Michael Gambon, Christopher Guest, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Spike Jonze, Wong Kar-Wai, Laura Linney, Tobey Maguire, Michael Moore, Samantha Morton, Mike Myers, Christopher Nolan, Dennis Price, Adam Sandler, Kevin Smith, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlize Theron, Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, Lew Wasserman, Naomi Watts, and Ray Winstone. In all, the book includes more than 1300 entries, some of them just a pungent paragraph, some of them several thousand words long. In addition to the new “musts,” Thomson has added key figures from film history–lively anatomies of Graham Greene, Eddie Cantor, Pauline Kael, Abbott and Costello, Noël Coward, Hoagy Carmichael, Dorothy Gish, Rin Tin Tin, and more. Here is a great, rare book, one that encompasses the chaos of art, entertainment, money, vulgarity, and nonsense that we call the movies. Personal, opinionated, funny, daring, provocative, and passionate, it is the one book that every filmmaker and film buff must own. Time Out named it one of the ten best books of the 1990s. Gavin Lambert recognized it as “a work of imagination in its own right.” Now better than ever–a masterwork by the man playwright David Hare called “the most stimulating and thoughtful film critic now writing.”

The Story of Film

The Story of Film [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1911663704
Author: Mark Cousins
Publisher: Pavilion
File Size: 690 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1841557


The Story of Film by Mark Cousins Book Resume:

An updated edition with completely new chapters of the most accessible and compelling history of the cinema yet published, and complements Mark Cousins' fascinating 15-hour film documentary The Story of Film: An Odyssey. Filmmaker and author Mark Cousins shows how filmmakers are influenced both by the historical events of their times, and by each other. He demonstrates, for example, how Douglas Sirk s Hollywood melodramas of the 1950s influenced Rainer Werner Fassbinder s despairing visions of 1970s Germany; and how George Lucas Star Wars epics grew out of Akira Kurosawa s The Hidden Fortress. The Story of Film is divided into three main epochs: Silent (1885 1928), Sound (1928 1990) and Digital (1990 Present). Films are discussed within chapters reflecting both the stylistic concerns of the film-makers and the political and social themes of the time. This edition includes new text that encompasses the further-reaching scope of world cinema today, and the huge leaps in technology that have changed cinema screens forever. Film is an international medium, so as well as covering the great American films and film-makers, The Story of Film

"Have You Seen . . . ?"

ISBN-10: 0307270521
Author: David Thomson
Publisher: Knopf
File Size: 1783 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 92864


"Have You Seen . . . ?" by David Thomson Book Resume:

In 1975, David Thomson published his Biographical Dictionary of Film, and few film books have enjoyed better press or such steady sales. Now, thirty-three years later, we have the companion volume, a second book of more than 1,000 pages in one voice—that of our most provocative contemporary film critic and historian. Juxtaposing the fanciful and the fabulous, the old favorites and the forgotten, this sweeping collection presents the films that Thomson offers in response to the question he gets asked most often—“What should I see?” This new book is a generous history of film and an enticing critical appraisal written with as much humor and passion as historical knowledge. Not content to choose his own top films (though they are here), Thomson has created a list that will surprise and delight you—and send you to your best movie rental service. But he also probes the question: after one hundred years of film, which ones are the best, and why? “Have You Seen . . . ?” suggests a true canon of cinema and one that’s almost completely accessible now, thanks to DVDs. This book is a must for anyone who loves the silver screen: the perfect confection to dip into at any point for a taste of controversy, little-known facts, and ideas about what to see. This is a volume you’ll want to return to again and again, like a dear but argumentative friend in the dark at the movies.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1461660912
Author: David Stenn
Publisher: Cooper Square Press
File Size: 842 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 2011195


Clara Bow by David Stenn Book Resume:

Hollywood's first sex symbol, the ' It ' girl, Clara Bow was born in the slums of Brooklyn in a family plagued with alcoholism and insanity. She catapulted to fame after winning Motion Picture magazine's 1921 " Fame and Fortune" contest. The greatest box-office draw of her day—she once received 45,000 fan letters in a single month, Clara Bow's on screen vitality and allure that beguiled thousands, however, would be her undoing off-camera. David Stenn captures her legendary rise to stardom and fall from grace, her success marred by studio exploitation and sexual scandals.

The Essential James Garner

The Essential James Garner [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1442278218
Author: Stephen H. Ryan,Paul J. Ryan
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
File Size: 337 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3320852


The Essential James Garner by Stephen H. Ryan,Paul J. Ryan Book Resume:

Since his television debut in the mid-1950s, James Garner entertained millions of fans on screens both big and small. From supporting roles in memorable films like Sayonara and The Notebook to leading roles in box office hits including The Great Escape, Victor / Victoria, and the feature film version of Maverick, the actor appeared in some of the most entertaining movies of all time. In The Essential James Garner, Stephen H. Ryan and Paul J. Ryan consider the prolific output of one of America’s most beloved actors. This book looks at the key feature films, made-for-television movies, and television episodes of Garner’s career. The authors discuss each of the actor’s most well-known films—The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily, Support Your Local Sheriff! and Murphy’s Romance, among others—as well as critically acclaimed television movies including Barbarians at the Gate, Breathing Lessons, Decoration Day, Heartsounds, My Names Is Bill W., and Promise. Each entry provides details about the film’s production, critical reception, and commercial success. The best episodes of Garner’s two iconic television, Maverick and The Rockford Files—as well as his highly regarded but little seen series Nichols—are also identified. The authors make clear why these choices are indispensable viewings, not only for those already familiar with Garner, but also for those who have yet to enjoy the work of this Oscar nominee and multiple Emmy winner. A tribute to the career of a Hollywood legend, The Essential James Garner will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about the actor’s best films and programs.

Shakespeare on Silent Film

Shakespeare on Silent Film [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1134980981
Author: Robert Hamilton Ball
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1204 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9449668


Shakespeare on Silent Film by Robert Hamilton Ball Book Resume:

In 1899, when film projection was barely three years old, Herbert Beerbohm Tree was filmed as King John. In his highly entertaining history, Robert Hamilton Ball traces in detail the fate of Shakespeare on silent films from Tree’s first effort until the establishment of sound in 1929. The silent films brought Shakespeare to a wide public who had never had the chance to see his plays in the theatre. And Shakespeare gave the film makers an air of respectability that was badly needed by a medium with a reputation for frivolity. This work, first published in 1968, brings history to life with excerpts from scenarios, from reviews and from contemporary film journals, and with reproduction of stills and frames from the films themselves, including unusual shots of leading screen actors. This is a valuable source book for film experts, enhanced by full notes, bibliography and indexes; a fresh approach for Shakespeareans; and a vivid sketch of a world that has passed for all.

Alma Rubens, Silent Snowbird

Alma Rubens, Silent Snowbird [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1476616671
Author: Alma Rubens
Publisher: McFarland
File Size: 969 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8415600


Alma Rubens, Silent Snowbird by Alma Rubens Book Resume:

Dark-eyed and distant Alma Rubens was one of the first female stars of the early feature film industry in the 1910s. She was a major star by 1920, but before the decade was over her screen career was marked and marred by cocaine abuse. She died in 1931 at age 33—a Hollywood beauty, a casualty of Hollywood “snow,” yet much more. As an actress she was versatile, demonstrating a talent that was ahead of its time with her gentle and subtle expressions. This book contains Rubens’s autobiography, a text titled This Bright World Again that was serialized in newspapers in 1931. Ghost-written or not or somewhere in between, this long forgotten document deals with Rubens’s addiction and despair. In addition, a new biography of Rubens takes the reader from her birth in San Francisco through an impoverished upbringing, three short-lived marriages, and her career in pictures for Triangle Film, Cosmopolitan, Fox and other production companies. The story of her film career mingles with a tale of desperate drug addiction that led to hospital stays, violence and deception. A filmography lists her credits from 1913 to 1929.

The Sounds of Early Cinema

The Sounds of Early Cinema [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780253108708
Author: Richard Abel,Rick R. Altman
Publisher: Indiana University Press
File Size: 1414 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 8323230


The Sounds of Early Cinema by Richard Abel,Rick R. Altman Book Resume:

The Sounds of Early Cinema is devoted exclusively to a little-known, yet absolutely crucial phenomenon: the ubiquitous presence of sound in early cinema. "Silent cinema" may rarely have been silent, but the sheer diversity of sound(s) and sound/image relations characterizing the first 20 years of moving picture exhibition can still astonish us. Whether instrumental, vocal, or mechanical, sound ranged from the improvised to the pre-arranged (as in scripts, scores, and cue sheets). The practice of mixing sounds with images differed widely, depending on the venue (the nickelodeon in Chicago versus the summer Chautauqua in rural Iowa, the music hall in London or Paris versus the newest palace cinema in New York City) as well as on the historical moment (a single venue might change radically, and many times, from 1906 to 1910). Contributors include Richard Abel, Rick Altman, Edouard Arnoldy, Mats Björkin, Stephen Bottomore, Marta Braun, Jean Châteauvert, Ian Christie, Richard Crangle, Helen Day-Mayer, John Fullerton, Jane Gaines, André Gaudreault, Tom Gunning, François Jost, Charlie Keil, Jeff Klenotic, Germain Lacasse, Neil Lerner, Patrick Loughney, David Mayer, Domi-nique Nasta, Bernard Perron, Jacques Polet, Lauren Rabinovitz, Isabelle Raynauld, Herbert Reynolds, Gregory A. Waller, and Rashit M. Yangirov.