21st Century Prometheus

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21st Century Prometheus

21st Century Prometheus [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3030282856
Publisher: Springer Nature
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21st Century Prometheus by Book Resume:

This book describes the evolving CBRN risk landscape and highlights advances in the “core” CBRN technologies, including when combined with (improvised) explosive devices (CBRNe threats). It analyses how associated technologies create new safety and security risks, challenging certain assumptions that underlie current control regimes. The book also shows how technologies can be enablers for more effective strategies to mitigate these risks. 21st-century safety and security risks emanating from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials – whether resulting from natural events, accidents or malevolent use - are increasingly shaped by technologies that enable their development, production or use in ways that differ from the past. Artificial intelligence, the use of cyberspace, the revolution in the life sciences, new manufacturing methods, new platforms and equipment for agent delivery, hypersonic weapons systems, information tools utilised in hybrid warfare – these and other technologies are reshaping the global security environment and CBRN landscape. They are leading to a growing potential for highly targeted violence, and they can lead to greater instability and vulnerability worldwide. At the same time, technology offers solutions to manage CBRN risks. Examples are faster detection, more accurate characterisation of the nature and origin of CBRN agents, new forensic investigation methods, or new medical treatments for victims of CBRN incidents. New educational concepts help to foster a culture of responsibility in science and technology and strengthen governance. New training methods help develop practical skills to manage CBRN risks more effectively. The book concludes that there is a growing need for a holistic framework towards CBRN risk mitigation. Traditional arms control mechanisms such as global, regional or bilateral treaties and export controls are still needed, as they provide a necessary legal and institutional framework. But laws and technology denial alone will not suffice, and institutional mechanisms can at times be weak. Given the pace of technological progress and the diffusion of critical knowledge, tools and materials, policymakers must accept that CBRN risks cannot be eliminated altogether. Instead, society has to learn to manage these risks and develop resilience against them. This requires a “softer”, broadly based multi-stakeholder approach involving governments, industry, the research and development communities, educators, and civil society. Furthermore, educating policymakers that cutting-edge technologies may seriously affect global strategic stability could create incentives for developing a more creative and contemporary arms control strategy that fosters cooperation rather than incremental polarisation.

American Prometheus

American Prometheus [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 0307424731
Author: Kai Bird,Martin J. Sherwin
Publisher: Vintage
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File Format: Pdf
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American Prometheus by Kai Bird,Martin J. Sherwin Book Resume:

WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR NONFICTION • “The definitive biography" (Newsweek) of J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the iconic figures of the twentieth century, a brilliant physicist who led the effort to build the atomic bomb for his country in a time of war, and who later found himself confronting the moral consequences of scientific progress. In this magisterial, acclaimed biography twenty-five years in the making, Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin capture Oppenheimer’s life and times, from his early career to his central role in the Cold War. This is biography and history at its finest, riveting and deeply informative. “A masterful account of Oppenheimer’s rise and fall, set in the context of the turbulent decades of America’s own transformation. It is a tour de force.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century

How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1788736079
Author: Erik Olin Wright
Publisher: Verso Books
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File Format: Pdf
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How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century by Erik Olin Wright Book Resume:

What is wrong with capitalism, and how can we change it? Capitalism has transformed the world and increased our productivity, but at the cost of enormous human suffering. Our shared values—equality and fairness, democracy and freedom, community and solidarity—can provide both the basis for a critique of capitalism and help to guide us toward a socialist and democratic society. Erik Olin Wright has distilled decades of work into this concise and tightly argued manifesto: analyzing the varieties of anticapitalism, assessing different strategic approaches, and laying the foundations for a society dedicated to human flourishing. How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century is an urgent and powerful argument for socialism, and an unparalleled guide to help us get there. Another world is possible. Included is an afterword by the author’s close friend and collaborator Michael Burawoy.

Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century

Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780080497532
Author: Ian Hore-Lacy
Publisher: Elsevier
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 286654


Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century by Ian Hore-Lacy Book Resume:

The onset of the 21st century has coincided with mounting scientific evidence of the severe environmental impact of global energy consumption. In response, governments and environmentalists on every continent have begun to re-evaluate the benefits of nuclear power as a clean, non-emitting energy resource. Today nuclear power plants operate in some 30 countries, and nuclear energy has become a safe and reliable source of one-sixth of the world’s electricity. This base has the potential to be expanded widely as part of a worldwide clean-energy revolution. Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century is an authoritative resource for educators, students, policy-makers and interested lay-people. This balanced and accessible text provides: * An inroad into nuclear science for the non-specialist * A valuable account of many aspects of nuclear technology, including industry applications * Answers to public concerns about safety, proliferation, and waste management * Up-to-date data and references This edition comes with a Foreword by Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, which attests to today’s worldwide re-evaluation of nuclear power. The World Nuclear University (WNU) is a global partnership of industry, inter-governmental, and academic institutions committed to enhancing education in nuclear science and technology. WNU partners include the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the OECD, and the World Nuclear Association (WNA). With a secretariat staffed by government-sponsored secondees, the London-based WNU Coordinating Centre fosters a diversity of collaborative projects to strengthen nuclear education and rebuild future leadership in nuclear science and technology. · Global in perspective and rich in data · Draws on the intellectual resources of the World Nuclear Association · Includes Physics of uranium; uranium enrichment; waste management · Provides technical perspective with an understanding of environmental issues

21st-Century Gothic

21st-Century Gothic [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 9780810877290
Author: Danel Olson
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1184928


21st-Century Gothic by Danel Olson Book Resume:

Selected by a poll of more than 180 Gothic specialists, the fifty-three original works discussed in 21st-Century Gothic represent the most impressive Gothic novels written around the world between 2000-2010.

Prometheus's Child

Prometheus's Child [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1466820896
Author: Harold Coyle,Barrett Tillman
Publisher: Forge Books
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File Format: Pdf
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Prometheus's Child by Harold Coyle,Barrett Tillman Book Resume:

In Prometheus's Child, the first in an explosive series from New York Times bestseller Harold Coyle and noted military author Barrett Tillman, a new type of war is being fought by private paramilitary companies at the beck and call of the highest bidder. With the military and intelligence agencies spread thin, the United States is constantly calling upon the services of these organizations--and Strategic Solutions Inc. is among the best. What begins as a relatively simply military-training mission in Chad turns into a high-stakes game of nuclear brinkmanship as the men and women of Security Solutions, Inc. stumble across a plot to extract and ship yellowcake—the base fuel for a nuclear weapon—to any number of countries hostile to the US. The in-country force tracks the operation to a supposedly abandoned remote mine in the desert. They strike, but a convoy carrying the yellowcake shipment escapes their trap. With time running out, the SSI teams must pull together like they never have before to find a ship in international waters and recover its deadly cargo—by any means necessary. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television

Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1988963168
Author: Cristina Artenie,Ashley Szanter
Publisher: Universitas Press
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File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6094761


Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television by Cristina Artenie,Ashley Szanter Book Resume:

This volume contains discussions and dissections of monsters across multiple media and geographical origins. However, the notable shifts in how we engage monsters and monstrosity feature heavily in this volume. Chapters tackle resurrections of previous series and conversations through films like Jurassic World and Krampus. Others gravitate towards the rebirth of some of the older, tried and true monsters like vampires and zombies, including analyses of Pride And Prejudice + Zombies, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, iZombie, and Teen Wolf – all of which reinterpreted and reinvented these creatures for the modern audience. While the text serves to address these new iterations of the “Classic” monsters in the cannon, others look at strangers, more fringe monster narratives like Pan’s Labyrinth, The Village, or even the very real parasitic monstrosities of Monsters Inside Me.

To Set Prometheus Free

To Set Prometheus Free [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1849433607
Author: A C Grayling
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size: 677 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3872547


To Set Prometheus Free by A C Grayling Book Resume:

In 2007 Anthony Grayling wrote Against All Gods, a collection of polemical essays attacking religion. Now in To Set Prometheus Free he develops those themes more comprehensively, unpicking the claims and arguments of religious apologists, summarising the views of his fellow secularist (Bertrand Russell in particular detailing the controversy over 'Intelligent Design' and outlining his personal, naturalistic world-view. He robustly calls for humanity to choose deliverance from religion because, as he puts it, 'large portions of mankind remain in some degree in thrall to myths dating from an ignorant and illiterate past.'

Creative Business and Social Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Creative Business and Social Innovations for a Sustainable Future [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 3030016625
Author: Miroslav Mateev,Panikkos Poutziouris
Publisher: Springer
File Size: 468 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 297430


Creative Business and Social Innovations for a Sustainable Future by Miroslav Mateev,Panikkos Poutziouris Book Resume:

The book presents high-quality research papers presented at the 1st AUE International research conference, AUEIRC 2017, organized by the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, held on November 15th-16th, 2017. The book is broadly divided into three sections: Creative Business and Social Innovation, Creative Industries and Social Innovation, Education and Social Innovation. The areas covered under these sections are credit risk assessment and vector machine-based data analytics, entry mode choice for MNE, risk exposure, liquidity and bank performance, modern and traditional asset allocation models, bitcoin price volatility estimation models, digital currencies, cooperative classification system for credit scoring, trade-off between FDI, GDP and unemployment, sustainable management in the development of SMEs, smart art for smart cities, smart city services and quality of life, effective drivers of organizational agility, enterprise product management, DEA modeling with fuzzy uncertainty, optimization model for stochastic cooperative games, social media advertisement and marketing, social identification, brand image and customer satisfaction, social media and disaster management, corporate e-learning system, learning analytics, socially innovating international education, integration of applied linguistics and business communication in education, cognitive skills in multimedia, creative pedagogies in fashion design education, on-line summative assessment and academic performance, cloud concept and multimedia-based learning in higher education, hybrid alliances and security risks, industry and corporate security significance, legal regulation and governance. The papers in this book present high-quality original research work, findings and practical development experiences, and solutions for a sustainable future.

Life 3.0

Life 3.0 [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1101946601
Author: Max Tegmark
Publisher: Vintage
File Size: 825 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 9335061


Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark Book Resume:

New York Times Best Seller How will Artificial Intelligence affect crime, war, justice, jobs, society and our very sense of being human? The rise of AI has the potential to transform our future more than any other technology—and there’s nobody better qualified or situated to explore that future than Max Tegmark, an MIT professor who’s helped mainstream research on how to keep AI beneficial. How can we grow our prosperity through automation without leaving people lacking income or purpose? What career advice should we give today’s kids? How can we make future AI systems more robust, so that they do what we want without crashing, malfunctioning or getting hacked? Should we fear an arms race in lethal autonomous weapons? Will machines eventually outsmart us at all tasks, replacing humans on the job market and perhaps altogether? Will AI help life flourish like never before or give us more power than we can handle? What sort of future do you want? This book empowers you to join what may be the most important conversation of our time. It doesn’t shy away from the full range of viewpoints or from the most controversial issues—from superintelligence to meaning, consciousness and the ultimate physical limits on life in the cosmos.

The Future of Media

The Future of Media [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1609800451
Author: Robert McChesney,Russell Newman,Ben Scott
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
File Size: 513 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 3134744


The Future of Media by Robert McChesney,Russell Newman,Ben Scott Book Resume:

Co-edited by acclaimed media scholar Robert W. McChesney, the book features chapters by Bill Moyers, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, Rep. Bernie Sanders, and Newspaper Guild president Linda Foley, among many others. With the American political landscape dominated by the influence of big business, the timing of The Future of Media could hardly be more precipitous. Endlessly pressured by lobbyists payrolled by corporate broadcasters, Congress is poised to reopen the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which will reshape every facet of our media as we know it for decades to come. Winners and losers are about to be decided, while at the same time new technologies are emerging which could truly revolutionize and democratize our media system-and our culture. From cutting edge analysis to blueprints for action, The Future of Media presents a diverse collection of voices from today's growing media reform movement.

Prometheus, the Light-bringer, hurled down to the bowels of the earth

Prometheus, the Light-bringer, hurled down to the bowels of the earth [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10:
Author: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Publisher: Philaletheians UK
File Size: 601 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4112746


Prometheus, the Light-bringer, hurled down to the bowels of the earth by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Book Resume:

Annie Besant, one of the most intellectual women of this age, publicly announced her failure to find truth in the current wave of scientific materialism. Having entered upon the royal highway of true Freethought, she now stands on a secure spot, wherein every collateral path lies in the sunlight of Truth in Nature, and where no personal preconception, no partisan fanaticism, is ever permitted to overshadow it. Our Deity is a universal, Absolute Principle manifesting in Humanity as in Nature, the Spirit in both being one and inseparable, hence the true Spiritual Brotherhood of Man. There is a darkness thrown over the heathen word “theosophy” through the fanciful etymology it has been given in dictionaries compiled by monotheistic lexicographers. Slander and malicious poppycock levelled against Theosophists. From the London “Globe,” the “Weekly Times and Echo,” the “Christian Commonwealth,” a spiritualistic “weekly,” the “Evening Express” of Liverpool Our sincerest condolences to the Chief of the Detective Department of the Government of India. The antipathy between the Russian and British Governments is fanned by the Conservative party. English books proscribed in Russia. Angels and ministers of grace, defend us! A poor boast dictated by wounded vanity. From the New York “Sunday Times.” Beware! He who makes of the Science of sciences a sinful pretext for worldly motives should tremble. The Theosophical Ideal is so high, that few will fully realize. For the true Theosophist is he who makes Theosophy a living power in his life. From a “Pall Mall” interview of Grant Allen. Great minds think alike! From the “Methodist Times” and their Madras ally, the “Christian College Magazine” Amuck! In the name of Christ! An old fugue in the orchestra of slander. False accusations lavished on innocent men and women when the life and reputation of such became a danger to those who envied or feared them. More from the firebrand of the American Free Methodist Church and civic ethics from a French vivisector. Madame Blavatsky appeals to the law. The Theosophical Society and its detractors. À tous les Membres to la Société Théosophique en France. To all the Members of the Theosophical Society in France. The allegations that Madame Blavatsky was a Russian spy were quietly dropped.

U.S. Conflicts in the 21st Century: Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and the War on Terror [3 volumes]

U.S. Conflicts in the 21st Century: Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and the War on Terror [3 volumes] [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1440838798
Author: Spencer C. Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
File Size: 840 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1307251


U.S. Conflicts in the 21st Century: Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and the War on Terror [3 volumes] by Spencer C. Tucker Book Resume:

This three-volume reference work provides an up-to-date presentation and analysis of the U.S. wars of the 21st century, addressing their backgrounds, causes, courses, and consequences. It serves as an indispensable resource for students seeking to understand the role of the United States in the world today. • Provides up-to-date information on America's ongoing military conflicts and clear explanations of how these wars came about and the shifts in policy thereafter • Supplies comprehensive coverage detailing social, political, cultural, religious, ethnic, and military aspects of the 21st-century wars • Includes dozens of primary documents that are essential to understanding the events that have occurred, provide context to the text, and allow readers to examine the original sources of information directly • Identifies the key individuals and factors in strategic planning • Presents full information on the terror attacks visited on the United States and its key allies as well as the U.S. response to them

Middle East Conflicts from Ancient Egypt to the 21st Century: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [4 volumes]

Middle East Conflicts from Ancient Egypt to the 21st Century: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [4 volumes] [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1440853533
Author: Spencer C. Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
File Size: 354 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7269749


Middle East Conflicts from Ancient Egypt to the 21st Century: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [4 volumes] by Spencer C. Tucker Book Resume:

With more than 1,100 cross-referenced entries covering every aspect of conflict in the Middle East, this definitive scholarly reference provides readers with a substantial foundation for understanding contemporary history in the most volatile region in the world. • Provides more than 1,100 A–Z entries on various military, political, and social topics connected with conflict in the Middle East • Features contributions from approximately 200 distinguished scholars and independent historians from a variety of disciplines • Devotes a full volume to key documents relevant to conflict in the Middle East throughout history • Includes more than 100 illustrations depicting conflict in the Middle East, plus dozens of maps depicting major geopolitical relationships, large scale military operations, and individual battles on land and sea

Trajectory of the 21st Century

Trajectory of the 21st Century [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1606081292
Author: Lawrence J. Terlizzese
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
File Size: 868 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7959745


Trajectory of the 21st Century by Lawrence J. Terlizzese Book Resume:

Trajectory of the Twenty-first Century explores what many prophets of the twentieth century, such as Oswald Spengler, Paul Tillich, Aldous Huxley, Jacques Ellul, and others, have predicted would transpire in the current century. Their vision included an out-of-control technological system and a return to religious sentiment that will ultimately undermine the system to which it is reacting. This book aims to accurately present their positions and draw certain logical conclusions from them that pertain to the course of history in our time. The book's theme argues that modernity is a secularized version of millennial Christianity, which reaches its fullest development in the twenty-first century and will regress into what Russian philosopher Nicholas Berdyaev called the new Middle Ages or a new religious period. This will mean the twilight of modern technological society, as its values of rationalism give way to a postrationalist society. Ironically, decline will come through further technological advance. Omnicide threatens through religious world war driven by transcendent values and modern weaponry. Jihadist thinking and posthumanist technology both establish the omnicidal mentatlity. New technologies such as genetic engineering and artificial intelligence created under millennial inspiration to reach for immortality could potentially bring an end to the human species either through a slow, steady obsolescence or through environmental catastrophe. The titanic forces of technological progress and regress are on a direct collision course in the twenty-first century.

Prometheus Unbound - A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts

Prometheus Unbound - A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 147334753X
Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
File Size: 1785 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6339694


Prometheus Unbound - A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts by Percy Bysshe Shelley Book Resume:

This is Percy Bysshe Shelley's 1920 lyrical drama in four acts, 'Prometheus Unbound'. It concerns the torture of Prometheus, the Greek mythological figure who defies the gods by giving fire to humanity. Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 – 1822) was a significant English Romantic poet, widely considered to be one of the finest lyric poets in the English language. Other notable works by this author include: 'The Daemon of the World' (1816), 'Mont Blanc' (1816), and 'Original Poetry by Victor and Cazire' (1810). This volume is highly recommended for all lovers of the English language, and it would make for a worthy addition to any collection. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, high-quality, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.

International Handbook of Higher Education

International Handbook of Higher Education [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1402040121
Author: James J.F. Forest,Philip G. Altbach
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
File Size: 1506 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 1803450


International Handbook of Higher Education by James J.F. Forest,Philip G. Altbach Book Resume:

This book provides a central, authoritative source of reference on the most essential topics of higher education. The International Handbook of Higher Education combines a rich diversity of scholarly perspectives with a wide range of internationally derived descriptions and analyses. Chapters in the first volume cover central themes in the study of higher education, while contributors to the second volume focuses on contemporary higher education issues within specific countries or regions. Together, these volumes provide a centralized, easily accessible, yet scholarly source of information.

21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook

21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1506320589
Author: J. Mitchell Miller
Publisher: SAGE Publications
File Size: 548 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 7512354


21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook by J. Mitchell Miller Book Resume:

Criminology has experienced tremendous growth over the last few decades, evident, in part, by the widespread popularity and increased enrollment in criminology and criminal justice departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels across the U.S. and internationally. Evolutionary paradigmatic shift has accompanied this surge in definitional, disciplinary and pragmatic terms. Though long identified as a leading sociological specialty area, criminology has emerged as a stand-alone discipline in its own right, one that continues to grow and is clearly here to stay. Criminology, today, remains inherently theoretical but is also far more applied in focus and thus more connected to the academic and practitioner concerns of criminal justice and related professional service fields. Contemporary criminology is also increasingly interdisciplinary and thus features a broad variety of ideological orientations to and perspectives on the causes, effects and responses to crime. 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook provides straightforward and definitive overviews of 100 key topics comprising traditional criminology and its modern outgrowths. The individual chapters have been designed to serve as a "first-look" reference source for most criminological inquires. Both connected to the sociological origins of criminology (i.e., theory and research methods) and the justice systems' response to crime and related social problems, as well as coverage of major crime types, this two-volume set offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of criminology. From student term papers and masters theses to researchers commencing literature reviews, 21st Century Criminology is a ready source from which to quickly access authoritative knowledge on a range of key issues and topics central to contemporary criminology. This two-volume set in the SAGE 21st Century Reference Series is intended to provide undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference source that will serve their research needs with more detailed information than encyclopedia entries but not so much jargon, detail, or density as a journal article or research handbook chapter. 100 entries or "mini-chapters" highlight the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates any student obtaining a degree in this field ought to have mastered for effectiveness in the 21st century. Curricular-driven, chapters provide students with initial footholds on topics of interest in researching term papers, in preparing for GREs, in consulting to determine directions to take in pursuing a senior thesis, graduate degree, career, etc. Comprehensive in coverage, major sections include The Discipline of Criminology, Correlates of Crime, Theories of Crime & Justice, Measurement & Research, Types of Crime, and Crime & the Justice System. The contributor group is comprised of well-known figures and emerging young scholars who provide authoritative overviews coupled with insightful discussion that will quickly familiarize researchers, students, and general readers alike with fundamental and detailed information for each topic. Uniform chapter structure makes it easy for students to locate key information, with most chapters following a format of Introduction, Theory, Methods, Applications, Comparison, Future Directions, Summary, Bibliography & Suggestions for Further Reading, and Cross References. Availability in print and electronic formats provides students with convenient, easy access wherever they may be.


Guardian [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1927477301
Author: Deborah Cooke
Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke
File Size: 1777 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 6209038


Guardian by Deborah Cooke Book Resume:

At the end of the 21st century, the future of humanity hangs in the balance, caught between the radioactive waste of a half century of nuclear wars and the repressive authority of the Republic. Angels sacrifice their wings to join a secret fraternity of freedom fighters, risking classification as mutants and consignment to the Republic's slave dens. Each warrior is a volunteer, but no angel anticipates the full cost of his fall. The eyes of the Republic are everywhere. Delilah Desjardins knows she is fated to become the new Oracle of the Republic—even if unseen enemies will murder her to prevent that from happening. When her former haven is destroyed and she finds herself on the run, Delilah doesn’t know where to turn. Rafe is a fallen angel, charged with protecting Delilah and ensuring she meets her destiny—even if she doesn’t believe he’s only there to help. The powerful attraction between them makes Delilah doubt her ability to resist Rafe’s charm—and the price she could pay for pleasure. She flees Rafe’s protection, but that only sets assassins on her trail. As Rafe races to save Delilah, he knows he isn’t just saving her for the good of the Republic—he’s saving her for himself. apocalyptic, fallen angel hero, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, urban fantasy, action adventure, dystopia, romantic suspense, guardian

Europe's 21st Century Challenge

Europe's 21st Century Challenge [Pdf/ePub] eBook ISBN-10: 1317139054
Author: Didier Bigo,R.B.J. Walker
Publisher: Routledge
File Size: 1718 KB
File Format: Pdf
Read Count: 4473510


Europe's 21st Century Challenge by Didier Bigo,R.B.J. Walker Book Resume:

This volume presents the final results of the CHALLENGE research project (The Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security) - a five-year project funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of DG Research of the European Commission. The book critically appraises the liberties of citizens and others within the EU, and the different ways in which they are affected by the proliferation of discourses, practices and norms of insecurity enacted in the name of collective and individual safety. It analyses from an interdisciplinary perspective the impacts of new techniques of surveillance and control on the liberty and security of the citizen. The book studies illiberal practices of liberal regimes in the field of security, and the relationship between the internal and external effects of these practices in an increasingly interconnected world, as well as the effects in relation to the place of the EU in world politics.