The Red Veld

Nicholas Rinth
The Red Veld
Language: English
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2018-11-27
Revisión: 1.0
With the Drowned Tower in shambles and its practitioners left to wander the foreign lands of Ferus Terria, Sylvie and Jack set out to learn more about the stone’s history. Their first stop: the Red Veld. But finding answers isn’t as easy as simply inquiring. They quickly find themselves stepping into an entire Institute of uncooperative practitioners, banding with an eccentric auctioneer, and standing against a horde of hired Nebbin. Where they must carve a path for themselves or risk losing what little they have left—it isn’t much of a choice. The pair barrel blindly through the dark. While unknown to them, the Zenith Council stirs with revolts surging in the west and Jack’s closest friend is captured by slavers interested in learning the secret to magic. The world continues to spin. But together, they realize the mystery behind the rise of the First Zenith and uncover truths that could rock the very foundation of the Institute that governs them. Some secrets, however, should never be brought to light. And there are those that would kill to keep it that way.